Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Typhoo .. Yes best to keep to Friday weigh ins it keeps us on our toes. lol

    H H .. I hope your 800 day is going well .. its so strange how sometimes we can lose quite well even in unexpected circumstances of over indulging lol Yet other times we can try sooo hard and we just seem to get stuck.
    Maybe the body saying Hey let me rest here awhile.

    Kay.. Mel.. Brads .. Kev Hope you are all doing ok. Xxxx

    Good Evening…
    A different walk along a canal today, shame he had to be on the lead as we headed out of the village/town I let him off, I enjoyed the walk it was a change, warmer than expected.
    Cleaned the house up and down stairs..a bit of a read…another walk…so exciting!!

    Cooked haddock and chips tonight very delicious and wine, chocolate pudding which is just cooking…

    Glad the bowling went well..hoping you are not too sore…

    You have done well with the weight loss…the line is on the horizon…

    Brothers visit was a quickie !!….that’s both of us cleaning…..so much fun….Monday opening up day hope we can do more..

    Weathers very changeable today, dry, rain and snow!!…..eaten a bit over two days back on track tomorrow..as you say summer us on its way..let’s get the weight off…enjoy your lazy reading day..

    Jean x

    Morning All..
    Chilly morning walk but bright.

    Hoping to have a light day as I have eaten a fair bit…I will be fasting Monday.

    Hope everyone is having a good weekend ..

    Jean x

    Morning all.
    Stuck to 800 yesterday so pleased with that. Not managing alternate days at the moment but any fast day is an improvement over the last six months. Got to sort out non fast days though, too much sugar going in. Looking back over my food diary when I lost the weight I had very little sweet stuff.

    A couple of pounds down so happy with that.

    Oh was going to look back over posts but we are at the top of a new page and I will lose this one, from bitter experience, if I go back.

    So will just hope all are well. HH are you fasting today? Only one maybe. My next one Tuesday.
    Dave hope Heidi’s legs are better today.

    Mel- well done with your FD yesterday, & losing 2lbs is great! The sweet stuff’s my downfall too, I think I’m better off with keto!
    Jean- you can afford to relax this weekend with your 3lbs down! Not many of us lead exciting lives right now! Silly of me cleaning before we go away, the boys will mess it up but I can’t not!!
    Hemmy- hope you get a dry spell for your walk! & maybe some gardening. Did you have a weekend indulgence?!
    Hope everyone else is okay ☺
    The extra 2 800cal days helped me shift 1.5lbs, so pleased with that! Breakfast was good this morning! Did Church online, have given 3 of the menfolk haircuts, seen mum for a quick visit (she’s very pleased with her bench, abit of a squash, just hope she doesn’t trip over as it’s right against her step & a flower pot in the way now too!) Ironing to do so the boys have enough shirts- they can both iron but wouldn’t think to check if they needed a shirt until too late! Made some keto cookies to take away- tried one when they’d come out the oven & burnt my tongue, serves me right for being greedy!
    Have a good evening everyone!

    Good evening,took Heidi out using a sling wrapped around her belly near her back legs. It saved her from falling once. About to take her out again, will try without her lead.

    Morning all

    Dave – the sling thing was the saving of our old boy many a time when his back was playing up. Good luck with Heidi.

    The boy is back at school, Ive done a run, and I’m about to head in to the office to start tidying up and keep myself busy on my first FD in quite a while. I’ll come home for an omelette before this afternoon’s meetings should keep me busy until I do something for the boys to eat – I think I’ll have a cup of stock with them – and then an evening meeting to get me through until bed time…that’s the plan, anyway.

    Anyone else on today?


    Fast day for me today. 5 calories so far. Just took Heidi out with the sling. She got round ok but difficult to get her to go where I want so had to put the lead back on her. She got round without falling though.

    Good morning all

    It was -3 here when I woke up but now looking quite nice outside probably not shorts and tshirt weather quite yet.

    Mel & Hedgehogs

    You should be very happy with your weight loss this week and that’s a big step closer to your final goals.

    It’s another fast day for me as it’s Monday I’m not too confident for this week’s weigh in as I have probably over indulged with the bread over the weekend but I did enjoy some tasty cheese on toast.

    Stay safe and warm everyone and remember if fasting it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

    You are in charge of your own self.

    Hi everyone, hope you are all doing good 🙂

    I have just been so busy lately with getting my daughter ready for school again. She was literally dancing for joy when she realised it was back to school…come to think of it so was I…I was dancing on the inside LOL…if I tried it on the outside then I would know about it :-O

    symba7 thanks for the advice about using a smaller plate and nice to know that somebody else likes celery. Our 2 minds certainly think alike regarding to your Texas daughters saying and mine and the ex’s

    Typh00 yes I have read the book, loads of recipes at the back with endnotes etc helped so I didn’t have to read them. YIPPEE!!!

    I have just been trying to catch up with the chat and I have finally got there, but, not going to read the first 200+ chat pages :-O I have just read a book LOL

    I have a couple of questions to ask, even though I have read the book until the words dissolved from the pages 🙂

    1) What measurements do you take before starting the 5:2 diet, for example, do you measure your neck, is that important?
    2) What weighing scales do you use, do they have to be with a ‘body fat’ measurement?
    These are the ones I have just purchased off Amazon (hope it’s OK to post the link, if not then I apologise)


    3) On both fasting days and non-fasting days what time do you have your last meal of the day? I ask this because it says in the book roughly about 7ish but I tend to have my last meal at 5.30 pm but with snacking from 9pm to 10pm. I know I’m naughty and I know I have to cut it out even when I’m not fasting.

    I have started properly today with Mondays and Thursdays as my fasting days and also incorporating High Intensity Training (HIT) as well on both the fasting days and also a Saturday, I need to rest even after 10 seconds of exercising these days LOL 🙂

    If I have any more questions then I shall post them up here 🙂

    Forgot to mention in my last post….GOOD LUCK!!!!!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A strange weather day here with snow flakes first thing then sunny and warmish for walking lol.

    I am into the universe is guiding us ( My recent reads) lol and when I saw the snow I thought Ah its telling me dont go out with the masses today charity shopping .. wait awhile and go later. Lolol

    Fasting tomorrow scales not to bad this morning but had a bit of a carbs wk end

    Brads . Heidi sounds such a plucky girl bless her. Are you eating bread now… or back without it. It did make a good difference.

    Well done HH and Mel on last weeks loss hoping for another good one for us all this week . .. Xx

    Minois.. good luck with your Fasting .. not easy to feed two males and Fast yourself.

    Kev.. Good luck this week.

    Typhoo … It sounds cold there .. Re You are in charge of your own self. Problem being sometimes I dont think I should be lolol

    Hope everyone else is doing well whether Fasting or being mindful . Take care and stay safe.

    Fear of change can prevent us from creating space for something better.Xxxx

    Hemmy yes I’m back on the bread. So keeping off the scales.Fast day today only had 15 calories so far so it’s going well. Just home from bowling with my son. Don’t ache as much more I have been a few times. Cobs tomorrow.Funeral on Wednesday so will make that a fast day.

    Brads .. Blimey 15 cals so far .. you will be able to have a good meal this evening.lol

    How are the other fasters doing?

    I have been in the garden from 3pm -5 lovely and sunny its got warmer the last hour.

    Jacket potato with cheese and a salad this evening .. Fasting tomorrow.

    I am loving all the old film of the Royals such a change from Covid. lol Xxxx

    Evening All..
    A fast day for me..a good day and kitchen now closed…possibly gone over a bit as I had to eat a prawn cocktail up before going out of date…just prawns and a bit of sauce in a sandwich, difficult to calorie count…possibly 600/700 cals tops.

    Kept busy, hair colouring this morning then this afternoon I re seeded my grass patches with new seed, my old seed wasn’t working.

    Feeling a bit better after an upsetting weekend, grief just hits you….

    You will get back on track it’s early days for you too..all the different clubs worked to a point but I put all the weight back on…for me 5.2 is the best..

    All your work and ironing finished…enjoy your break, hope it’s not too busy and I hope Xena is fine too. It’s a bit different for her.

    Poor Heidi hoping the sling works….glad the bowling went well and you are not aching too much.

    Like you I have indulged this weekend, I was up by 4 lbs at one stage…hoping it moves before Friday, just had a bad weekend in all ways.
    Freezing for us this morning, this afternoon short sleeve tee shirt working in the garden..strange weather!

    I eat breakfast after my walk which is 10.30 ( sometimes 9am) my evening meal is about 5pm/ 5.30..nothing to eat after this time…Friday and Saturday I might have some treats and a glass of wine or two..
    My hubby always measured his waist at his fattest part ( around belly button) they say do your neck but he didn’t…I hope today has gone well and not too bad, it does get easier…I will look at your scales after I have posted or I will loose my post.

    I agree keep away from the shops..plenty of time..although I must go for birthdays cards tomorrow…lovely in the garden so warm here..hope you got some jobs done…

    I am going for a low day tomorrow see if I can go for another fast…cooking some ham so keep on the protein…

    Keep strong everyone..

    Jean x

    The scales look good similar to mine..I did use all the bmi and other things for a while I just weigh now..
    Digital are the best…hope they are kind for your first weigh in..😂

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, kitchen now closed and I’ve had 550 calories today for my FD so am pleased and hope everyone who else fasted today has had a good one also.
    Kept myself busy which has helped. Have had a lovely weekend.
    Been seeing on our local news lots of people out and about shopping and drinking in Cambridge city centre some people even took to queuing outside Primark at 7am this morning. Just crazy. Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Good morning all

    It’s starting out as another chilly morning here I don’t know what has happened to the nice spring weather we had before Easter.


    I didn’t measure my neck before starting this way of eating the most important measurement is your waist size. How your clothes fit you is a great way to feel how much weight you are losing.

    I’m usually finished eating my dinner by 6pm and don’t have anything after that time until breakfast the next morning.

    That’s another fast day successfully completed so looking forward to eating and enjoying some nice food today.

    Stay safe everyone

    Good Morning..

    We had a play date at the park the boys went barmy they haven’t seen each other for about 10 days, Charlie was fussy to see Natalie wouldn’t leave her alone…

    A zoom coffee morning…

    A good fast for you ..everybody seems to be going out, far too busy…

    A good fast day for you too..mine went well…a chilly start but soon got a lot warmer better than I expected.

    How did you manage yesterday, did you get a good start?

    Have a good few days away, you find them a cottage on the beach with no people is my sort of place…Enjoy..

    A B2B tomorrow/Thursday I think unless I change my mine….

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A fasting day for me… anyone else? Sym did you say it was a FD for you again too.

    It will be my usual scrambled eggs on toast for dinner and some fruit. Saves fiddling about. lol

    What a glorious day really warm without that chilly wind. Garden for me again this afternoon. I am hoping I will soon get myself into gear to do some painting inside. lol A can of Magnolia is still sitting on my worktop with a pack of new brushes on top for weeks. lol
    I am following Mums and Granny’s footsteps preferring my time outside. lol

    Hedgehogs … enjoy your holiday .. You deserve a break always working so hard .. hope the weather is lovely for you.

    Kev… how are you finding the Fasting ?

    Nana.. Well done on your cals for yesterdays Fast.. Another good one and you will have a good loss again Friday.

    Typhoo… Well done on Yesterdays FD .. hope the sun has come through now. Whats for dinner today?

    Brads .. Ohh Cobs today lol.. OMG I do so hope they hadn’t run out . LOLOl

    Minois .. Mel Hope you are having a good day.

    KAY …. How are you doing this week .. are you doing 800 or changing format.

    Sym… Did you get some nice cards .. My local towns got A Card factory .. lovely cards at brilliant prices.
    How are you feeling now after the week-end.. the feelings come on and catch you unexpectedly. The sunshine is uplifting though after the winter months. Xx

    Take care all and stay safe ….Sometimes you just have to stop and rest. The world can wait until you catch up. Xxxx

    hemmy thank you and good luck to you also 🙂

    symba7 weighing scales were OK for me yesterday, not as bad as I first thought, still a lot of work to do though.
    Also, thanks for saying that the scales are OK, will be using them from tomorrow or Thursday…still using my old digital ones for now 🙂

    Nanafixit I am planning on going to Primark sometime next week hopefully the queues have dropped by then, it’s silly really when you think of it…Primark will still be there next week LOL.

    Typh00 I measured my neck but won’t be doing it regular…it was okayish at 16″ and I measured my waist across my belly button and also my weight…not going to tell you them figures though :-O LOL

    hemmy I found the fasting good really, I was surprised. I had roughly about 3 litres of water, some sparkling water and some tap water (placed into the fridge to make it nice and cold and refreshing the night before). I had 3 black coffees. And yesterday for my tea-time meal I had a tin of beans in a dish and a tin of tuna on a small plate and one slice of wholemeal bread (unbuttered). About 580 calories maximum. Every time I felt my stomach rumbling I quickly dashed to the food cupboard and stuffed my face with chocolate and cakes :-O Just joking LOL. I was quite a good boy I just thought of tomorrow (today) 🙂
    I got on the scales again today, because, in the 5:2 diet book it says to weigh yourself after a fast day in a morning and I had lost 2 pounds YIPPEE!!! I had lost more on Saturday though when my horses all lost in ‘The Grand National’ I think it was about 5 pounds LOL. Sorry for the rubbish jokes, I apologise 🙂
    Today, even though it’s not a fasting day, the only things I have had are 2 white coffees and 2 glasses of water. I am having a salad for tea with buttered wholemeal bread and a jacket potato. I don’t usually eat much anyway in the day, my problem was gorging on food at night like crisps, chocolate, cereals and fruit and this was about 10pm, so, I was going to bed on a bloated stomach.

    Good luck everyone and take care and stay safe

    Good evening everyone. Got the last cobs but must stop having them, way too many calories in them. Shopping done. Denise had her hair cut ready for her mum’s funeral tomorrow.I think it will hot her tomorrow, she’s just been normal since her mum passed away.

    Well done, Exc! That’s brilliant!

    Managed my day yesterday – the omelette at lunchtime really helped…didn’t have much more really. So lots of protein.

    Today has been glorious, and even almost warm for moments!

    I’m thinking I might do antoher FD tomorrow – or certainly really light, as I’ve got something fromt he butchers that the boys love and I can take or leave…so I may as well largely ‘leave’!

    Be thinking of you and Denise tomorrow, Dave.


    Feeling much better thank you..it’s a while since I have had a bad day, it was 6 months it just hit me. I have changed to fasting Wednesday and Thursday. I am going to the dentist for checkup tomorrow so will go for my cards after, I think mine is the card factory ..we have lost all the other card shops.
    The weathers lovely to get in the garden it does lift you, thinking of going to the beach Friday, see how we go.

    You have had a very good fast day, glad the scales are ok for you..I would do your weekly weigh in Friday morning 🤞..you should have a good loss the first week..

    Hoping all goes well tomorrow as funerals go…it will be hard going the next few weeks or even months for Denise..hugs to you all..

    We are fasting tomorrow together….I am throwing an extra one in…weathers better than expected..

    Jean x

    Up early again…not sure if it’s work disturbin my sleep or caffeine!
    Going to continue sorting cupboards at the church while the building is still empty…you know how when you’re sorting it always looks like you’re making more mess than progress? Definitely at that point…Good job no-one else is in the building just now!!

    Off to walk the dog as a warm up before today’s run…up to 5 minute segments now.

    Glad to have you keeping me ckmpany with the fasting today, Jean.

    Brads … Thinking of Denise yourself and family today. May peace be with you all. Xx

    Fasting again today, so will need to keep busy!
    Did ok yesterday. Fasting tomorrow too, but won’t think about that just yet.
    Focus needs to be on dropping back to pre Easter!

    Just had a coffee outside, a bit nippy still but sunny and pleasant.

    Thinking about you and Denise today, Dave….

    Fellow faster keep strong.

    Enjoy the sunshine if you have it


    Morning All..
    What a beautiful day…riverbank/ village walk..

    Dentist checkup and clean…might need a crown see what she says…

    My thoughts are with you all Dave…

    Always nice to have a good sort out..always remember when I was working there were three of us, we always waited for Elizabeth to be off as she wouldn’t part with anything, the two of us cleared it all out…then denied anything which went missing if we needed it!!😂
    Enjoy your run..

    Kay, let’s do it today Minols with us too..hoping for another one tomorrow…
    Enjoy the sun…

    Jean x

    Good morning all

    It’s a glorious spring day here the sun is out and not a cloud in the sky but being Scotland that is no guarantee 😎.


    All our thoughts are with Denise and yourself on this sad day.


    I don’t eat on my fasting days as I know once I start eating it would be harder to keep at a calorie allowance so I allow myself a little milk in my tea and coffee.

    Stay safe all and enjoy the good weather if you’re lucky enough to have some.

    Hi Everyone…just about to give up oon the ofice – what do you do with 10×100 poly pockets!

    Not really hungry, but feel I need a ‘something’? Had my omelette quite early, as I’d been up since 5am. I’ve found a bag of the boy’s hot cheetos in my desk drawer…tempted, but not really my thing, so I made myself look at the cals on the back…definitely taking them home for him to eat after school! And it will save me having to drop into a shop to pick up something for him, too.

    Hope all has gone well today, Dave.



    My fasting day going well..helps going to the dentist at 11.45, I need a crown on one of my teeth a very old large filling is crumbling and won’t take another filling..that’s on the 29th two appointments on the same day! Then second jab on the 30th !

    Hoping everything went as well as funerals go and Denise held up….hoping she starts grieving it’s not good holding it in..

    Is your weather still good?…after a brilliant start ours is now quite chilly..

    Well done on resisting out on the crisp things..good idea to let the boy finish them off…what’s poly pockets?..A4 sleeves?..well there’s a lot 😂

    Jean x

    Exactly, Jean!!!


    The weather is still nice here just a few grey clouds now but staying dry at least for now

    Funeral went as well as it could, Denise is still holding out all in. Maybe tomorrow, well today now.

    Morning All…
    So frosty and white over this morning, wrapped up well both of us, as we got out after 20 mins Charlies coat was off and I was too warm…

    Walking shortly with Ivy a new walking partner, just a hour, trying to network friends 😂she is older than me but very nice…no Charlie sleep time!..and sulking…

    I am fasting for another day…then back to two fasts next week I don’t mind throwing three in occasionally but it’s hard going…

    Thinking of you both it’s hard times ahead…

    You are fasting today..keep onboard here and keep positive…

    Safe journey home ..you have had some super weather…glad you had a good time and Xena was a good girl…

    Jean x

    I think I have put a lot of my weight back on. So much going on. Must get back to normal soon. Lovely and sunny here but only 6°C.Keeping an eye on Denise.

    Morning all!
    Dave- glad it went as well as it could do, hope Denise is okay…
    Kevin- well done on your first FD, are you doing another today? Hopefully you’ll have a big whoosh on the scales & that’ll give you the incentive to keep going! Is your daughter settling back into school okay? Hope you enjoy the workouts too…
    Minols- hope the clearing out goes okay! I like to have a few of the A4 pockets handy, but not that many!! Well done getting back into fasti g, & with the running!
    Jean- enjoy your walk with Ivy, hope it stays dry! Another FD? Keep strong…
    Hemmy- we have an independent card shop I try to go to rather than the chain ones, a bit expensive but lovely cards! No birthdays for a bit so will let the crowds clear!
    Nana- hope you’ve been enjoying seeing friends again!
    Steve- are the hot cross buns all gone now, or could you still face temptation?!
    Kay & Mel- hope you can both get into the swing of fasting again!
    We had a lovely break, some good games & walks on the beach, plus it stayed dry until we were on our way home- that would’ve been hard to get Xena clean & dry otherwise, no porch or hallway…She did decide to wake us up in the morning barking, got a bit earlier each day! But very good otherwise! All home, unpacked, washing on already. Attempting a FD today- my tummy has been very iffy over the last few weeks so should do me good! We have an Asda delivery coming soon & will pop in to see mum later.
    Have a good day & keep strong everyone!

    Heidi is on a fast day, upset tummy. It’s like a summer’s day here lovely and warm.Only water for Heidi and see how she goes. Bowling tomorrow so how the weather holds.

    Enjoyed my walk..didn’t really want to go but pushed myself…

    You have a lot on, get back into fasting as you can….I have been invited to french boules in the village, I may pass by on Tuesday afternoon and see who’s there and how it works, only a hour.
    Have a nice bowling session tomorrow..

    Nice to have you back, hope your tummy settles soon. A lot of work done on arriving back and shopping to follow 😀..it’s passed quick it will be the same for me, not too much for me to worry about..

    Getting a bit hungry now I have stopped..some cleaning to do but the boys asleep, I will do it later..

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A mixed day here sunshine but a chilly wind.

    Fast day today .. hoping by next week to just do one Fast per week. See how I do this week. lol

    Garden starting to look lovely with lots of colour .. yellows pinks and white of the shrubs.

    A big rolling session was had over the fields this morning .. I m thinking its the deer rather than fox. There are 2 herds out there Oh it does whiff. lolol

    Brads .. everyone grieves in their own time … it can take a while to sink in it does with me. .. I think its taken the year and all the occasions to go through without my Mum .. Now the year is up I am feeling very sad.
    Thoughts are with Denise.

    H H so glad you had some lovely away time.. it is nice having independent shops I remember knowing all the families that ran the local town shops. Lovely times.

    Kay .. Minois .. how did the Fasting go yesterday ..

    Tyhpoo Hope your weather stayed nice..

    Nana .. Are you doing a long walk today .. is it BBQ weather for you.

    Mel.. how are things going with you.

    Sym…Hope you had a lovely walk and chat with Ivy. I have just seen your post. Sometimes you just have to push yourself hard as it is.

    Trying to get myself into gear for the garden .. lol. Take care all and stay safe.

    Just look at the first step and not the whole staircase. Xxxx

    Another beautiful bright day. No sortign done, jsut loads of admin as I sat waiting for the gas man to come and service appliances.
    Chicken balmoral tonight – yum! Sorry, Jean, I know you’re fasting.

    Evening All…

    No cleaning done…but kitchens closed I had early dinner with Charlie…

    Feels chilly out this afternoon, all wrapped up…you are nearing one fast a week, I have never got down to that I don’t think I would hold steady..maybe one day…

    Is it another bath for mr pips naughty boy!!

    Oh don’t say another year and it hits you more, this last six months has been bad at times….🤗 to you if you are feeling sad, I don’t think people think you should be after the first few months..it’s get on with it!!..they just don’t understand..

    Chicken Balmoral?? …a new one to me….hope you got on top of your admin..

    Jean x

    Evening everyone forgot to log in on Tuesday and yesterday we had some friends around for lunch in our garden which was very enjoyable especially as I had wine. Managed a FD today but done think I’ll have a good result on the scales tomorrow morning. Yesterday was worth it though as we hadn’t seen these friends since October. Got my second vaccination tomorrow afternoon and then on to visit our Friday friends. Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning all

    It’s looking a little unsettled here weather wise but it’s still early in the morning so it can only get better.

    I weighed in this morning and have managed to gain a pound so all I can say is naughty naughty bread and the cheese toasties probably didn’t help lol.

    Only gaining the pound isn’t as bad as I thought it could have been but will be more disciplined this week and move on.

    Stay safe everyone and good luck to all those weighing today.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A cloudy start but hopefully sunshine later

    The scales were kind this morning and I had lost 1 pound.

    Typhoo you will soon lose the pound again ..bread is the down fall I reckon. Thing is its so enjoyable and life is for living .

    On that note it will be a fresh 3 cheese sourdough loaf this lunchtime . lol

    Good luck anyone weighing .Xx

    Take care all and stay safe ..Live life and forget your age its just a number . Xxxx

    Morning everyone a pound on for me this week but I’m okay with that think Wednesday afternoon with our friends may have contributed 😉 Well dine to those of you who’ve managed to lose and comiserations to those who’ve either stayed the same or gained like me.
    Am getting on with a bit of housework and some ironing to do later on. It’s a bit chilly here at the moment with not much sun. Will need to wrap up warm to sit outside our friends after my second vaccination this afternoon.
    Have a good weekend everyone and stay safe. Will be back again on Monday.
    Nana x

    Absolutely beautiful day here, no coat needed. Took Heidi out, she seems more confident with her band round her body. Going bowling at 2pm if my son decides to get out of bed. I don’t blame him having a lie in, normally he’s up at 5-15 five days a week.

    Morning All

    We walked on the River Ouse Riverbank this morning a really lovely peaceful walk I do enjoy it…Natalie and Oreo were with us..walked much further as so nice and we were chatting 105 mins on Charlie’s Fitbit.

    A good house clean an mop well needed…car and grass cut but maybe tomorrow??

    Hope you are feeling ok after the jab, lots of people are taking to their beds as so ill ..us oldies seem to manage it better..unless they have altered the vaccine??
    Enjoy your garden with your friends…

    Sorry on your pound on but the same as me, we did a lot off last week…sat in the garden it’s very nice here….

    Enjoy your bowing if you get there..make the most of the weather….

    I am going to Bridlington take Charlie on the beach, on Monday a touch warmer, check where I will be staying, parking etc, I am not confident driver only where I know….

    Jean x

    Bowling was good, great weather. Aching a bit more but it’s getting better. The first League game is on bank holiday Monday.

    Morning all!
    Well done to Hemmy losing a pound!
    Kevin- you’ve gone quiet, all okay?
    Jean- my aunt said the first year was hard when she was widowed, but 2nd year harder as everyone had forgotten all the anniversaries etc. You are very strong & doing very well, but we’re always here to listen when you have wobbly days, hugs xx
    Dave- hope Heidi’s tummy settles, don’t blame your son with the lie-in!
    Minols- what is chicken balmoral?! How’s the office cleaning going? Well do e for keeping up with the running!
    Nana- lovely that you can start to see friends again, hope you’re okay after the jab…
    Thursdays fd went fine, but probably over-ate yesterday! Cheesecake made for son (& me!) Made a pie for neighbour- his wife is home now but sounds like she’s pretty much bed ridden now, so sad…Picked up new glasses yesterday, but my family laughed at them- I’m no good choosing glasses! Saw mum, but sis is going today so an afternoon off! Fasting today, tummy is rumbling!

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