Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Afternoon All…
    A park walk a few jobs this morning. Collected flea and worming tablets from the vets. The garden centre nearby has a change of ownership so not many bushes to choose from some looked diseased too. I bought a trough for my decking with some pansies to go in. A job after my cuppa..

    I stayed the same to the ounce again, that’s a month at the same weight. A kick start needed, I have had haddock and half a portion of chips for lunch, easy as I was out and about….having a wobble sort of day.

    Denise has the bit between her teeth and two stone would be great to loose…it must make it easier for you, if you are both doing trying…nice you have got used to your contacts…

    It’s good you have lost the pound, slow is much better…our weathers not bad a bit of drizzle off and on…

    Enjoy your walk this morning…I have just had a delivery of about 50 daffodils, just managed to get them in my largest vase, a few on the kitchen windowsill..Katie got the weekends mixed up…nice really as I had thrown some others away.

    What a lot of different meals you do…..are you fasting today or swapping?

    Sorry on your bad food week…still positive side lots of exercise done….it will come together.

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone I’ve managed to stay the same this week which I’m pleased about so think doing an extra FD helped.
    Typhoo well done on the pound lost.
    Jean a lovely lot of Daffodils one of my favourites – also well done for staying the same.
    Friday night takeaway delivery this evening will be Indian again – have decided to have Tandoori Chicken Tikka.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe , have a good weekend and I’ll be back again Monday.
    Nana x

    Page turned so I might miss stuff..
    Jean- sending you a hug…good idea to get out if you’re having a wobbly day, lots of memories even with the fish & chips, hugs to you…
    Typhoo- well done with your pound off, you’ve been steady so keep going…
    Dave- alot to do to keep up with Denise, but you’ve done well! The contacts should make wearing a mask easier!
    Pleased that I’ve lost a pound, having a nonFD today, was really hungry in the night! Will fast then tomorrow instead. Had a shorter walk as I had a mammogram today, my first a joyful experience! At least I got the right day this week 😂
    Want to get out in the garden this afternoon but won’t be peaceful- our noisy neighbours are having more work done & have a digger in the garden…we need to look at getting screening sorted as one of my big shrubs has died over winter, so have lost some privacy. Sorry- did the wrong order, not going to re-type it all!!
    Nana- you’ve done well keeping the same after you birthday & mother’s day ☺
    Minols- oh dear! Good you’ve done lots of exercise though!
    Hemmy- how’s the wall coming on?

    Well done staying the same on a birthday and Mother’s Day week..my daffs are starting to open they are a bit different like a rose in the middle not a trumpet.

    Well done on your pound off…you always work hard on the keto even if your mum thinks you fill your face with food 😂
    I am much better of late, things just hit you out the blue occasionally…25 weeks now, next week it will be 6 months.
    What sort of shrub are you getting for screening…it’s all over my head I just don’t know plants, I choose then change my mind, I need a 1 1/2 to 2 metre high..ideas…easy to maintain…evergreen in the winter
    If it says a metre will it not grow any higher?

    Cleaned the lounge all finished and I have my trough planted. Pink wine out ready to go in the fridge, incase of a need tonight.

    Weekend upon us yet again …have a good one all..

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you.

    A beautiful day sunny and very mild for March.

    Hedgehogs .. well done for losing your pound this week.. brilliant news. .

    Sym.. Typhoo … Nanafixit .. Well done staying on even keel.

    I also stayed the same .. pleased after last week-ends jolly time with treats. lol

    The wall is finished it looks lovely .. made my day. Came in at a good price too.

    Lunch time I took a little ride into town .. had a wonder around the open market .. hopefully lots of empty shops will be able to be filled again soon… So sad.

    It is nice that peeps are being loyal to the local market traders it would be a shame to see it go.

    I have just enjoyed a glorious fresh very jammy doughnut from Sainsburys with a cuppa .. having a lazy easy day today.. Yay.

    Take care all .. stay safe

    When we have a grateful heart .. life is very beautiful Xxxx

    Good afternoon.A dull day here and 10°C.Heidi had a lie in so I did the same😁.Day 20 without bread 😇🥴 it’s not been easy but think I will do it now. I have started taking Heidi’s bed upstairs so my plan is working. I have to put my hand behind her bum and shove her up the stairs then grab her by the collar to get her down the stairs.

    Afternoon all

    It started out as another great morning but it’s now looking a little grey.

    Nothing very exciting planned for today or the weekend really probably will be guitar practice now that my cut finger has fully healed.

    Have a great weekend everyone especially if you have some great weather.

    Hi all – busy day doing not a lot! Just normal food day. Then a bit lighter tomorrow…and then I need to start thinking seriously about fasting next week.

    Didn’t make it to eh butcher today, so can’t really plan food as just eating out of the freezer this weekend.



    I’ve had the good news that I’m having my first vaccine on Tuesday not something I’m looking forward to as I don’t particularly like needles.

    It’s still dry here and looking quite nice outside which is ideal as today i believe is the first day of spring. And the clocks go forward next weekend so an hour less beauty sleep for me and i need all I can get lol.

    I’m looking for my SOFA update from 13th March, which I can’t find….I remember writing it…

    Jean- a nice time with your daughter- more food!! Hope you’re okay today, 6 months has gone so quickly but I guess not for you… We’re just going to buy a screen rather than plants for our fence- it’s ours so can attach it. We had some big shrubs giving cover but one has died over winter, I think we’ll need a chainsaw to cut it down!
    Hemmy- glad that you’re pleased with the wall! Nice to get out to a market! Jam doughnut, yum!
    Kay- Sofa update must only be a couple of pages back? You’ve done well this week 👍
    Dave- keep strong with the bread, glad you’ve fpund a system for getting Heidi up!
    Typhoo- enjoy playing the guitar again!
    Minols- hope you find some goodies in the freezer!
    Nana- was it a takeaway last night?
    Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!
    Back on a FD today, going okay, have had a bad headache & neck trouble again this morning, felt quite sick so was okay not eating! Much better now! Have an Easter craft project in mind, so collected lots of sticks on our walk in the forest, spent a couple of hours there, Xena was happy! Saw Mum this afternoon. Dinner soon- salad for me, pizza for the others!

    Evening All..
    A busy day..
    Daughter visited this morning after I had walked Charlie..I made some chocolate brownies, only a small portion..we then decided to pop to the garden centre I bought three shrubs for the garden to screen me from my awful neighbour..they are small so if he sees them hopefully he won’t be too bothered but they will grow!…

    Glad the wall is finished and you are pleased with it, and reasonable…I like to support local shops.
    I got a trough planted yesterday with a mixture of pansies for my decking..looks pretty..I only have a small garden.

    I wouldn’t worry on the shot it doesn’t hurt at all, I kept looking at the size of needle on the tv it even hot me worried …it was fine…I am looking forward to the clocks changing…much brighter for us all…

    A plan for Heidi sounds a good idea..hoping MIL can get out of hospital Monday….

    Come on let’s get you back on track…no excuses!!….summer is on its way….

    Hope you found SOFA report

    It’s six months next week…it has passed quickly but it seems like yesterday…I always find Saturdays the worse I like to be in bed for 10 before the time he passed away….daft I know but I just don’t like it.
    Whether I have done right with these bushes, hoping they are not hard work, all our garden is easy..in some articles they say good keep and you can keep them under control then I have read today they are not for small gardens??

    Have a lovely night…

    Jean x

    Looks like I lost at least 1 post 😡

    Most important is the SOFA update…

    If I’m right…

    Typh00 10
    Nana 8
    Hemmy 8
    Minols 6
    HH 6
    Kay 5.5

    (Last week:Typhoo +1, HH -1,Hemmy -1,Nana -0.5,Kay 0,Minols 0)

    Typh00 9
    Nana 8.5
    Hemmy 9
    Minols 6
    HH 7
    Kay 5.5

    And this week…
    (Typh00 -1, HH -1, Kay -1.5, Minols/Hemmy/Nana 0)

    Soo…here we are….

    Typh00 10
    Hemmy 9
    Nana 8.5
    HH 8
    Kay 7
    Minols 6

    Although, I think Dave is going to storm it, particularly with the bread restriction and the Denise competition….

    Fingers crossed I do, I get nervous closer to the time thinking will I lose and if so how much. So I will have to try extra hard this week. Just under 2 weeks to the weigh-in😲😲.

    Afternoon All..
    Lots to do and nothing done…park walk, lots of chatting that was nice, chatting to a lady my age who had lost her hubby two years ago…looking on line at the shrubs not sure if I have bought the right ones maybe put them in and see how they go..😬not a gardener at all..

    A large piece of beef in the oven, thought I better cook it then freeze in portions or it would waste…smells lovely..

    Chilly out I was going to do outside jobs a bit late to start now…

    Fasting tomorrow, they do come around quick..

    The SOFA is looking very good..nice when you add it all up..quite impressive..

    Jean x

    Jean- did you say it was ragged robin shrubs you bought? We have one at the front, they like the soil here & has grown well, it’s about 6′ now, do need to prune it, lovely red leaves…
    It’s understandable being reminded of Steve on Saturday nights, you are coping really well…
    Kay- thanks for doing the Sofa update; nice how it adds up! Hope you get get back in the swing now you’ve found something that works for you.
    Dave- you’ve done brilliantly well!
    Hope everyone’s okay!
    2 weeks until Easter Sunday- I’ve treated myself to some high cocoa small eggs! Have plans to do some Easter vases & craft things the next couple of weeks, didn’t bother last year was all of a tizzy when the lockdown started, can’t believe it’s a year ago! (& I am still half a stone heavier than a year ago 😬😬)
    Been worried about our friends/ neighbours all day as there was an ambulance there & their son came home. Poor Marg has been getting worse, & not being treated really because of the NHS only treating Covid…don’t like to ring in case…
    A quiet day for us, hopefully slightly easier meals tonight, at least hubby & I are having the same thing!!

    Evening all

    It’s been another glorious spring day up here and long may it continue for a few more days.

    Just finished my dinner and this time I didn’t cook enough vegetables for a small army but still enough for two.

    Let the fasting begin again into a new week and closer to the April weigh in to see if we lost the magic stone.

    Stay safe and strong everyone

    Morning all!
    Lovely & sunny here too!
    Back to 5 days (hopefully!) of 800 cals. A quiet morning for a change, both boys working, eldest goes back full time soon…I might get some more potatoes going later & will see Mum this afternoon.
    Keep strong fasters!

    Good morning just about. Cloudy here today. Mass fast today. My last full week of fasting before the weigh-in the Friday after.

    Afternoon all

    It looks like spring is over for today at least as it’s grey and very overcast here.

    Fast day is going well so far it’s 18hrs down and only another 18 to go but of course I’m not counting.

    Stay safe and everyone and good luck to all those fasting today remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    What a beautiful spring day so very uplifting.

    I had planned to mow the lawns but there was a frost here this morning so will hold off till the end of the week.

    A good weekend of eating a few treats but no harm done. Hopefully lose again this week.

    Its a year on Wednesday since i lost Mum so sort of a sad shadow.. but at least then I will have done the year re anniversary birthday. Year one always the hardest.

    My walking/friend neighbours hubby has lost 1 stone in 3 weeks only eating natural carbs… He looks so good and more energetic.

    Have a good day fasters you know you can do it you have already proved it.
    Is anyone else fasting tomoz ?

    Take care all and stay safe,,,,,, Keep taking time for yourself until you’re you again. Xxxx

    Afternoon everyone it’s been a beautiful day here but a bit chilly. Have had a good weekend started off by a lovely takeaway tandoori chicken tikka friday evening. Tried to eat sensibly the rest of the weekend and made a bottle of Rose wine last two days. Fasting today and have had a low calorie soup and an apple at lunchtime and an omelette planned for this evening.
    Hope everyone is doing okay whether fasting or not today and keep safe.
    Nana x

    Lovely spring day. Spent a few hours outside gardening but it’s getting a bit chilly.
    Tara has been outside with us, so no nap! She will sleep this evening!

    I had a day off on Saturday and ate whatever I liked 😆
    Zoom chat and rugby (but I dont want to talk about that…lol)
    Sunday wasn’t too bad, food wise and I only had a small glass of wine. This morning had my weight up as though I’ve been on holiday…lol…I’m sure it will settle by tomorrow.
    5 days of under 800 cals now and I will have to be careful over the weekend too, as my last weigh in will be next Thursday, so 2 days short!
    I still have a stone to shift, so back on it after Easter…

    We are having our jabs on Saturday. I have finally decided to go ahead and have it after being unsure for a while. I can’t find a good argument against having it whilst there are potential advantages to having it…

    Tara has completed her 4 week online training and I can see some improvement in her recall and lead walking. It’s when there is a distraction, she forgets everything and it all goes to pot 😳

    Not sure whats for tea, but plenty of veg to use up!

    Hope everyone has had a pleasant day.
    Fingers crossed that you don’t have a reaction to the jab tomorrow Steve…

    Minols, come on, back to it, consolidate those pounds lost!

    Jean, enjoy your beef!

    HH, I’m with you. 5 days, we can do it.

    Nana, well done on stretching out that Rose! I had a few ciders on Saturday and just a small glass (100 ml) of wine yesterday, and that’s it til Saturday.

    Hemmy, you are right, it’s all the first anniversaries that are the worst….Will be thinking of you on Wednesday.

    Dave, how is your m-in-law?

    I received the invitation to my nieces wedding in September. That will be fun, considering my sister isn’t talking to me and things are frosty between my brothers family and my mum and me! Lol!
    Plus it’s in Ellesmere Port, and will have to have Tara in kennels for the weekend or Neil won’t drink and we stay at my mums…not going to decide yet..

    Right I’m getting cold now, so inside for a coffee and think about tea…


    Afternoon All…

    A busy day out early for a play date….I hit my car door on a wall I am so annoyed ..found a garage to do it, he is touching it up then a clear varnish over, otherwise an expensive full door, if it doesn’t look good I will have the door done….popped to the garden centre for some more plants but they told me I have enough for what I want, they advised me what to do on the pruning and planting…

    Fasting going well, I shall be having some cold beef shortly…

    Hope you got your potatoes planted and Mums ok…

    Getting close to your weight in…I think you will have some good results..

    Chilly here this morning brightened up for the afternoon….heating is on!

    Anniversaries and special days are hard, do something nice on Wednesday, if the weathers good sit outside in the garden and have nice thoughts 💕.I will be thinking of you…

    I have started drinking rose, quite refreshing, I still have my red too….enjoy your omelette tonight.

    The wedding may break the ice, I had it when my grandson got baptised, my sister hadn’t spoke to me for about a year it broke the ice..so it might work for you too, I hope so.
    Charlie will have to go into kennels at some stage, he is getting kennel cough jab early April, yearly checkup…I have no one to look after him and if I went into hospital I need to have him covered. Children go into child care when mothers go to work, it’s life, or so I keep telling myself.
    I am sure you will be fine with the jab.

    Well meal time now peckish…too busy to think of food….

    Jean x

    Morning All..

    A good long walk on the riverbank not been on this stretch for a while..Charlie got close to the edge a couple of times, a bit naughty, frightens me, a big tidal river…

    My awful neighbour is out, I think, so I will go out and plant my three bushes, the square of grass I take up on each hole will patch a few of Charlie’s burn marks..

    Grandson has a high temperature and feels quite poorly, he has had a COVID test it has come back negative this morning, see how he goes he may need another one…

    Fast day went well, next one Thursday…

    Take Care everyone..

    Jean x

    Good afternoon not a great day outside but dry at the moment it normally rains when we go to Sainsbury’s so fingers crossed it stays dry.


    It’s a very grey chilly day here and wouldn’t be surprised if we see some rain.

    Yesterday’s fast was a success so looking forward to a day of normal eating today.

    Hopefully I won’t have any problems with the covid vaccine jab later today but I am expecting a sore arm which is quite normal after an injection.

    Stay safe and warm everyone

    Afternoon all!
    Hemmy- will be thinking of you this week & hope you’re able to focus on the happy memories with mum…
    Steve- hope that your jab is okay, well done fasting yesterday.
    Jean- I’m sure the car door will be fine! Hope you get the shrubs in okay before the neighbour comes back, but he can’t object in your garden? Hope grandson gets better soon…
    Kay- glad you’re seeing improvements with Tara, & got some work done in the garden! Keep strong with your 800cal days!
    Dave- hope you can resist the bread when you’re shopping!
    Nana- sounds like you had a restrained weekend, hope it reflects on the scales this week!
    Minols- hope you can keep up with the running!
    Planned to finish pruning our willow tree, wriggling my way round the back but there was a birds nest with chicks in so had to abandon that idea! Cleaned windows instead! Not seeing mum this afternoon as I thought I’d be busy, there’s plenty of ironing to do though! Fasting going okay; having a salad tonight I had at a wedding ages ago- spinach, pecans & dried cranberries, not sure if it’ll be filling though!
    Keep strong anyone else fasting!

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A cloudy afternoon after a sunny morning at least dry.

    Just going to mow the lawns as rain forecast for tomorrow. Hopefully no more frosts.

    Fast day today .

    Kay … Thank you Xx hope your 800 days are going well this week.

    Hedgehogs .. Thank you Xx.. Yes good memories of Mum and our times together. Hope your fasting is going well.

    Sym… Yes its good to be able to get in the garden… hope you get your bushes done before the neighbour returns.

    Hope everyone is having a good day … Take care and stay safe.

    Small steps in the right direction can turn out to be the biggest step of your life.


    Afternoon All…
    I have got my shrubs in and re seeded the grass all of Charlie pee spots, garden roped off now he won’t be amused.
    Very cold out but got it done with no arguments, neighbour was out…

    Cuppa to warm up…..grandsons COVID test negative and he is now back to normal…

    Poor Charlotte has a bad UTI at 7 it’s hard going, she has been bleeding and crying in pain, she told no one at school yesterday, she has antibiotics a bit improved today but off school.

    Those cobs look delicious well done on resisting them..

    Hope your jabs fine…not as painful as the flu jab I thought, I could still lay on it in bed. Just a bit sore.

    Nesting already they are a bit early…you will have to wait till they have flown the nest, unless she has a second sitting. What bird any idea, Blackbird?
    A big job windows have you got them finished….

    Thinking of you, hope you have kept busy, some happy past memories ….I am finding it hard to tune into memories, they may come back, I think it was the trauma of Steves passing.
    Finish my cold beef off tonight with potato salad, easy…

    Feeling chilly heating has gone up…

    Jean x

    It’s funny that when I was having those cobs they wasn’t always any left.Since I stopped eating bread they are always there. A fortnight today and I will be munching on them. It feels cold today will have to turn the heating on.

    Afternoon everyone another lovely day again.
    Steve hope you’re vaccination went okay for you.
    Jean good news for your grandson hope he feels better soon.A good days work in the garden.
    Dave those cobs will taste so good when you get to have them again.
    Hedgehogs birds have been very active in our garden the last few days.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Good evening

    The vaccination was fine not feeling any side effects so far and hopefully it will be the same tomorrow.


    I love the cob of a nice bloomer with a nice load of butter of course it’s definitely one of the pleasures in life. I’m so easily pleased 😂😝😂.

    Yes what I wouldn’t give for a cob smothered in lurpak.

    Morning all – jabs at lunchtime for us today – yippeee!

    And a day of recording and finishing Easter details – last big push for work for the next 10 days, then I’m taking 5 days off to tidy up. Study/sewing room/home school room looks like a bombsite – and the office at the church isn’t much better.

    One big treat – I’m having a fact to face with my colleague this morning – haven’t seen her except on zoom so far this year, so really looking forward to it.

    Not managing to be disciplined at all, except for small portions in the evenings (guilt portions, essentially), but I am running again, so probably stable rather than gaining as such.


    Morning all,

    Steve, glad you have had no side effects from your jab. Fingers crossed you stay fine today too.

    Minols, hope you get everything done today before time off. Good to hear you are running again. That should help you keep hold of those pounds lost. Are you going to wait and weigh in next week with Dave?

    Jean, sounds like you have the garden sorted, with the fence shrubs and the lawn. Our tiny patch of grass is absolutely ruined from Tara weeing on it. We have no idea what to do with it. We re-seeded a few patches last year but it’s well beyond that now. If it was ours we may have considered removing it all, but I don’t think our landlord would appreciate that.

    We have a sainsburys order due today. I had emptied the trolley with the intention of cancelling it, but forgot to check out again, so my changes weren’t saved. My own fault, really annoying, but luckily not a big order, just some things we don’t need…lol

    This morning, my back seems worse! Can hardly move. Hopefully it will ease off as from being lay in bed overnight.I don’t think I have any of my strong meds left, so just have to take paracetamol. Will dig out my TENS machine too. Not sure if heat will help as I think it’s in spasm, so it just needs time to calm down. Maybe worth a try though.

    I think the weather is due to change today. Looking back to last year, it was very different…high temperatures! Let’s hope we have a pleasant April, to be able to spend time outdoors.

    I think we will do another 4 week online training stint with Tara to build on what we have been doing, although we really want to address her reactivity to other dogs, otherwise we won’t be able to go anywhere with her once things reopen.

    I’m not sure if to just stick on 800 cals right through to next Thursday morning, although that’s a long stint. F1 starts this weekend, so maybe I will have a drink whilst watching the Race. Also, there is a 12 month anniversary of watching a local dj stream 2 hrs of 80s music live on Sunday evenings, so will join in with that!

    Hemmy, thinking of you today, take time to remember some of those special times 🤗


    Good morning, nice and sunny here today. A fast day for me so only had a cuppa up to now.May have a salad for tea. Not very filling though.

    Hemmy- thinking of you today, hugs xx
    Jean- hope your memories do come back & cancel out the traumatic ones…Poor granddaughter, hope she gets better son x
    Kay- our lawn is pretty grim too! We did try a product called Happee lawn- you put it in the dog’s water & it stops it burning, worked out at £11 a month though, so a bit pricey! Stopped it partly because of the price & also it really stained the water bowl, worried me what it might do to Xena’s insides! Good idea to keep up with another online course for Tara…I hope you get your back better soon- maybe alternate ice & heat, & try ibuprofen too? Hubby has disc problems as well, painful…
    Steve- glad that you’re feeling okay today!
    Minols- hope you get the work done okay, & can tackle the house!
    Dave- typical about the cobs! Enjoy the salad…
    Nana- do you feed your birds? I don’t now, worried Xena will eat them or eat the food!!
    Poor son’s accident on his bike last night has given his a radial fracture of his elbow, no cycling for a bit so he needs TLC & a lift to work. Hasn’t put him off food though! A lovely spring morning so a good walk, fiddling about with silly jobs this morning, no lunch yet so fasting going okay…my roof rack has come, hubby & eldest getting that on, nice to have some muscle at home!
    Still worried about the neighbours- she’s been in hospital but her husband & their son went up last night & all today…hope someone popped back to let their dog out, we don’t have a key!

    Afternoon all

    The weather is much improved here today we actually have some sunshine again.

    The only possible side effect of yesterday’s jab is I have the feeling of a slight head cold but that could also be purely imaginary 😂. I had the much talked about AstraZeneca vaccine.

    I did a Tesco shop yesterday and when I came home I found some hot cross buns in my bag I wonder who put them in my trolley. 😝😝

    Stay safe everyone

    Afternoon All..
    A very beautiful day a riverbank/ village walk..

    Busy in the garden making a fence around my shrubs to stop Charlie peeing on them !!..just bamboo sticks and string…
    Fish cakes for this evening so making them at the moment…

    The good weather must be on the way if the birds are nesting, not a lot doing here yet.

    Hoping your arm is not too sore and no side effects..enjoy your hot cross buns 😀

    Enjoy your catch up this morning, hope you get sorted for Easter….

    Hope your back soon improves, my daughter likes her tens machine when she sore…a bit more on line training for Tara, is it helping at all…Charlie isn’t too bad but has his moments barking at people or dogs, I think a lot more people out who he doesn’t know…not good.

    Enjoy your salad….better with eggs and bacon more filling especially for a man..

    Hope you are ok thinking about you…

    Hope your son son soon feels a bit easier…what’s your roof rack for? Sounds interesting..poor neighbour too…speaking to Katie shortly I think Charlotte was hoping to go to school today, the doctor thought she may be ok, they have a nurse at school so they can soon call her…I thought another day off myself.

    Must get the fish cakes done before Katie calls…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A lovely spring day again although going chilly now.

    Just come back from town.. treated myself to a Lidl bakery little Veg pizza .. very tasty.. eaten in the car for lunch. lol

    Not very busy so had a good stock up there and Aldi. I was very surprised that neither Lidl or Aldi stock any Non alcoholic wine, So will have to pop to Tesco tomorrow. ( They do a decent selection. )
    24 days N/A today. Really helping with weight loss.

    Mowed lawns yesterday and creosoted a big tub.. Its nice freshening up things. Forsythias look vibrant .. yellow is my favourite garden colour.

    Good luck any one fasting ..enjoy your meals non fasters.

    Take care all and stay safe ..

    It takes five minutes to consume 500 calories. It takes two hours to burn them off. Xxxx

    Evening everyone spent my day much the same as any other at the moment. A FD for me tomorrow.
    Typhoo those naughty hot cross buns 😉 Son in law also had his vaccination yesterday and it was the Astrazenica one he’s not had any reactions so far apart from tiredness.
    Jean hope the fence keeps Charlie at bay.
    Hemmy you’ve been busy. Hope today hasn’t been too sad for you.
    Minols hope you had a good catch up.
    Hedgehogs a worry with the neighbour and also your son.
    Kay nothing worse than back pain rest up
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hemmy my last alcoholic drink was new year’s eve.Considering I used to drink like a fish I am doing well. HH I fell about 6 years ago and the outcome was my left arm which I had fractured in the past was fractured again and ended up in plaster.I went back because my other arm was hurting and it turned out I had a radial fracture of that arm.So I come out of hospital with a sling on both arms, and on the way out I needed to go to the toilet for a wee.I had to stop a nurse and ask her to help me out of my sling so I could go😚😚😚.

    Hi everyone
    Sorry to hear about your son’s cycle accident! Elbows are funny things to hurt – and i’m not making a joke…I know it from experience that the funny bone aint!

    Typhoo – I’m about 24 hours behind you with the jab, I think…don’t feel great, but not too bad really…although if the people I’m workign with tonight are awkward, I may well claim post-vaccine syndrome! OH has a day off today, so is annoyed that he really does feel achey. Still, if he’s stays on the sofa all day it stops him being a nuisance for those of us who still have to work!!! If he wanted sympathy, he should have married one of my sisters!

    Finally geting some training on ‘Teams’ today. Haven’t bothered to use it because zoom is so straightforward, but it apparently does have some useful other functions, and its the preferred gadget for the church…so I’ll give it a good go! Again – I always have post-vaccine syndrome to claim if I get fed up!!!


    Morning all!
    Dave- ouchee, both arms broken! Keep strong with the bread, hope you fpund something to make the salad more filling!
    Minols- hope you’re okay today & hope that the meeting was good yesterday!
    Jean- fingers crossed you can keep Charlie off your new shrubs! Hope your zoom talk is good today! The roof rack will be useful if we get to go on holiday, wecan get everything in my car then, don’t want to take Xena in hubbys car. Not much of a boot in my Jimny!
    Hemmy- I recommend Nosecco if you want alcohol free wine- it’s lovely! Glad you’ve been able to get out in the garden ☺
    Kay- hope you’re back is improving! Nice to have a wedding to look forward to ☺
    Steve- that’s weird someone putting hot cross buns in your trolley 😉 hope they were good!
    Nana- it’s hard to find some difference with the days right now…enjoy the sun this morning!
    Son seems a bit more comfortable this morning although didn’t sleep much, he can move his arm a little, so is going to work again. Met my nephew with Arnie on our walk this morning, so Xena had a lovely play with her cousin! Ringing HS family in a minute, then asda order coming. Had to knock off alot of the chilled & frozen stuff yesterday after breaking the fridge door- hubby fiddled with it so it’s holding for now, new one delivered Monday. Seeing mum this afternoon. Fasting again- 800 cals. Keep strong, fasters!

    Good afternoon a lovely sunny day today.Day 25 without bread,can’t believe I have been able to do it.Not a fast day today.Getting closer to bowling, and looking forward to it.

    Afternoon all

    It’s a lovely wet day here today but I have no plans for going anywhere today so I don’t care 😂😂.


    I know it’s weird someone randomly wandering around the supermarket putting hot cross buns in people’s trolleys what is the world coming too.

    Didn’t sleep very well last night as I couldn’t lie on the arm I had the jab in it doesn’t hurt any other time though.

    Good luck to all those fasting today and remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

    Stay safe and warm everyone

    Afternoon All…
    A very beautiful day here, a play date at the park..someone was very tired when we got home.

    I am fasting today all is going well up to now, just sat down and I think I could be hungry…a cup of tea will have to do.

    I have been sorting my garage out and cleaning the shelves, our best man sorted and threw away loads of stuff just before Steve passed he was lethal, things I still needed too. I was walking Charlie and missed what was going. I was helping but by I was there it was mostly Steves stuff…everything kept put back all over the place so I have been cleaning and putting it in a bit of order so I can find things. I have still loads to do but I think it will be easier now.

    Sitting having a cuppa before walk time at 4..

    I bought a pizza just a cheese and tomato topping from Lidl bakery it was really lovely…enjoy doing your jobs out in the garden, it’s lovely here sat with my french door open….

    My make shift fence seems to working as yet..we will see…my daughter in Texas has gone to get her jab, hers is on a first come first served basis..not heard from her as yet, hope she gets it.

    Two arms in slings that’s a difficult one…well done on the bread it’s hard to do, I have done it a long time ago I think I managed three months but it was really hard as I really do enjoy it…

    Hope the jab arm is ok, it’s much better than the flu but you are too young for that…hope your people aren’t too awkward today at the meeting and it passes quick.

    Getting ready for the big get away, good idea on the rack…a bit different with Xena with you, hope it works well..I am looking forward to mine hoping it goes smooth..

    I think it’s about three days for your arm to hurt in bed…I am getting hungry!!

    Stay strong everyone..

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A sort of April showers day here today. Beautiful sunshine and then showers.

    Fasting today.. On Tuesday I did a no carb day … well only carbs in my satsumas. Just cheese and eggs. A good difference on the scales yesterday. .. So repeating today.

    No carbs or low is harder for me .. Brads .. going without Alcohol I find is easier than not having my sourdough. lol

    Hedgehogs.. Where can you get the wine you mentioned. Just been to Tesco .. got some sparkling white like in a champagne bottle.. Plus Elsberg Rose .. and a Hardeys Chardonnay .. Keep trying different ones. Week days just have Coop low cal ginger ale which I enjoy.

    Typhoo… Hoping you continue to feel well today after your jab.

    Minois .. Hope you are not getting fed up today . lol

    Nanafixit .. I was ok yesterday .. just remembered the good times.. Did you do a long walk today.

    Kay… How are you doing .. is it 800 all week.

    Sym… Ohh I just love those little pizzas .. They go very quickly .. its my reward to eat in the car after shopping. lol Mind you I have also had a couple of their Portuguese tarts too when the mood takes me. lolol

    Good luck anyone else fasting .. we can do this we know we can.

    Take care all and Stay safe The only person you should seek approval from is yourself.Xxxx

    Sister in law just rang. Denise’s mum still in hospital.She’s had the strongest antibiotics and they are not working. She has fluid on one of her lungs, they don’t think it’s cancer and said they could drain it but she is to fragile for them to do it. They said they are treating her as terminal but she would have to have palative care or go in a home. She won’t go in a home so will have to wait and see what happens.

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