Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Good Afternoon..

    A windy walk this morning…last night Charlie was quite unsettled I didn’t realise till bedtime it was the wind, he didn’t want to go out to the loo..he did but quickly..bless..

    I stayed the same…it’s strange as it’s to the same ounce, it’s as if your body is holding tight….

    A bit of shopping and then to Wicks to get a door strip to go between rooms, it had got worn and a tripping hazard…I have cut it and no nails it down onto some pegs…as Steve had done it before not an easy job so just copied him…so for me it was easier…

    Never mind no loss…lovely fresh donuts you can’t beat them…some movement next week…

    Yes I was ready for breakfast…lovely crusty bread at lunchtime with prawns, celery and mayo so delicious..
    Charlie had his moments at barking he can be good for awhile then starts, usually if I am not paying attention.
    Your muesli sounds lovely…well done on your 1lb off…we are together on the memory thing today….went to Wicks to get the door strip and look at gates, I came away not looking at the gates..then shopping at Tesco and looking at the phone shop, I came away with not looking at phones..definitely loosing it!!

    Well done on the 1lb off you are very consistent …the gate is still pending I will ring him back of next week see if he has sorted anything out…your wall is a long slow job the weather doesn’t help…

    Sorry you are feeling a bit down, I think we all are to a point..a good idea to have a break off fasting, we normally would have had a holiday and a break, we are just continuing on all the time..
    Hope the shop has given you people to chat too, it’s a change.

    Shame on MIL rambling is it a new thing, you haven’t mentioned it before..well done on the bread…

    Have a lovely weekend all…

    Jean x

    Evening FBBs Xxxx

    Brads .. Are you going without bread till the 1st April. It must be hard sorting out something lunchtime without a sandwich. Hope your MIL is ok .. does she live alone.

    Sym .. I have really got the bug now to get back to my happy weight. I am wearing some jeans today that had been a bit too tight for my liking. lol Like I said so much easier just doing for yourself.

    Wicks are usually good and helpful I find .. It must be that we are all losing it a bit after a year in solitude .. I had my Barclay card cheque returned today as I had dated it 2020 and six months out of date . lolol I am Losing the plot too.

    Kay… Bless you .. It is hard to get motivated some days harder than others. Every day seems the same and there seems nothing to look forward to.

    A nice pub lunch or afternoon tea and cake out… so we juggle our fasting days around but thats ok its worth it for the pleasure it brings.

    Come on Kay girly .. you can definitely do this you have proved it. Next Monday go back to what you did at the beginning .. back to basics .. Like my granny would have said ” Best foot forward” Xx

    My darling Mr Pips is looking for his dinner… mine is cold chicken and jacket potato and some long stemmed broccoli. Probably a funny combination but i love it all. lolol Oh and an almond magnum icecream.

    Hope everyone else is having a good day Xxxx

    Good morning,Hemmy my mother in law is 91 and bed bound.I hope it never happens to me.I couldn’t bare to be stuck in bed 24/7.Yes no bread until April 1, it’s almost impossible at lunchtime without a sandwich.Very windy here and cold. I wore my glasses yesterday but back to the contacts today.Hope they don’t blow out.

    Morning All…
    Started off a lovely walk then the wind started and it went very chilly…a bit of a lay in thinking of a plan for the day..
    A bit of ironing to clear it away, a couple of chapters of a book to finish….see how I go….I like to keep busy or my mind wanders…..

    My daughter is on her way to Egypt, I will miss her company this week, I have my afternoon cuppa, she has her breakfast cuppa and a lovely chat…

    A lovely feeling to get the jeans feeling comfy again if they have been snug…you are doing very well, as you say it’s easier on your own but you can still get tempted quite easy….as I am around goal I am a bit lapse at time…I have bought in a few cakes for over the weekend..one I have started the others have date life so can wait.

    It’s quite sad for your MIL, she must get depressed at times…..I would like a good life with no pain and being able to look after myself. I would hate going into a home.
    It’s sad Steves passed but he wouldn’t of liked being housebound with no life, it was getting that way, struggling to get up stairs to bed, dressed and undressed, showering, it was getting him down, he felt he was drowning, it was the best way for him to go before the heavy pain set in, …but not who’s left.

    Have a good weekend everyone…the better weather is coming ….Wednesday I think .

    Jean x

    Good morning

    It’s a very nice morning up here in deepest darkest Scotland so far hopefully it will continue throughout the day.


    I think how your clothes fit you is a far better and more accurate way to measure your weight loss than the scales.

    Stay safe stay warm and have a great weekend all

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx

    Well a funny weather day sun. blue sky… high winds and cold.

    I have been off wine for 2 weeks today..and seem to feel very cold all the time. Hopefully that will pass.
    It is helping with the weight loss though as not snacking at all now.

    Brads.. I feel the same .. I think its probably everyones dream to just go out like a light. Nineties is a grand age .. Its a shame for her now and a worry for you and Denise too .
    Well done with that bread situ .. I cant wait to hear how you have done April 1

    Sym… It is so much easier just catering for yourself.. although thats what I miss most eating with someone else .. more enjoyable.
    I dont cook big meals just for me now very often just a few different funny combinations I like. lol
    Just have a rest this week-end .. lots of reading for me. I am so glad in between lockdown and Xmas I stocked up at the charity shops with lots of books.
    My lastest read is about not being judgemental I am practising it but it is not easy at times. lolol

    Typhoo .. I think you are right its how your clothes feel that really counts not the
    number on the scales.

    I must admit though to being quite excited every morning to see the numbers on those god damn scales lol oh and last thing at night too dare I say. . lolol
    I hope your good weather day is continuing in beautiful Scotland.

    Everyone else enjoy your day whatever you are doing.Take care and stay safe

    Don’t dwell on what went wrong. Instead, focus on what to do next. Xxxx

    Afternoon All…
    I got my ironing and a few jobs done, hoovered through all the house and dusted, finished my book.

    Still very windy here…checked my wine I need a shop 😀

    Just looked at my daughters flight, just coming up to 15 hours she lands in 15 mins in Dubai, a few hours break before her Cairo flight…she does well with three children…hope it’s worth it and they enjoy the break.
    They were excited going, as they have done about it in school, the older two.

    What’s planned today are you into sport on the tv…

    I get a lot of books given by my sister she reads an awful lot…I do cook from time to time and still bake for the freezer….I still have lots for two in the freezer trying to work through them, I have a very large piece of beef, I may cook it and portion off in gravy and back in the freezer…I don’t want to waste it….
    I miss company when eating and sharing some wine, discussing what we fancy, where shall we go?…you get so used to your own company, do you get so you can’t be bothered to mix? every one is busy with their own lives.
    See how it goes when lock down is finished…

    Nice you are playing with your scales..a new friend ..lol

    Bright now but still windy…walk again soon about 4pm

    Jean x

    Hi everybody

    Typhoo – lovely day in our part of Scotland, too! OH washed the cars, the boy washed the front door and porch, and I jsut did a bit of gentle sorting!

    All the Hs seem ot be loosing steadily – well done Hemmy and HH! Kay – you and I will have to really stick in there between now and Easter…we can do this!!!

    The boy goes back to school on Monday, so I’ll have no excuses – and it must be about time I got back into couch to 5k – seems like every year around about now, I go back to it to get me through the summer.

    Got some candles ready to light this evening. Can’t bear when people are targetted because of their gender. I love walking at night, but hate having to double think it, walk with keys bunched in my hand, so as we can’t vigil together, I’m going down to the entrance of the park that is my natural cut-through to the church, and I’m going to light a whole load of candles there.


    Happy Mothering Sunday everyone…and Dave and Typhoo…

    A chilly wind again, out awhile about the village passed by cemetery chatting to my neighbour from a previous house, she had lost her mum she was upset…lots of people visiting the cemetery.

    A bit of paper work to catch up with, need to organise Green Flag, do the census, text my boiler engineer for a boiler service and mend a radiator.

    I love the idea of your park candles..just read the duchess of Cambridge was at the London rally last night before the police trouble she was mingling in the crowd unknown.
    It’s about time we all felt safe walking out..I never walk at night….still I have my crappy neighbour who makes me feel unsafe!

    Hope your service goes well today..something nice away from funerals…

    Jean x

    Afternoon all

    It’s been a chilly start to the day up here but it’s only a couple of weeks before the clocks go forward.


    I do enjoy the sport on tv and was a fantastic win in the six nations rugby yesterday for England against France yesterday. I’ll watch most sports except motor racing and the horse racing.

    Happy Mothers day to all the ladies and everyone else stay safe and warm.

    Absolutely baltic here. Couldn’t get warm in my office this morning, at all, and think I might slink off and crawl under a duvet to warm up before the dog walk!

    Only a little more work to do today, adn as we had a ‘Sunday lunch’, no significant domestic work either…I’d forgotten what a weekend could be like!


    Good afternoon,took Heidi out and got soaked☔☔.Cooked her a chicken,we are having beef some must go and make the Yorkshire pudding mix.Heidi gets the full chicken over 2 days. Two more weeks to go before I can have bread. Then I will be like a Tasmanian 😈 with the bread.

    Morning all!
    Dave- a worry about MIL, especially when she doesn’t have much of a life…keep strong with no bread, I reckon it’ll make a big difference!
    Minols- sounds like you had a good weekend. Nice to mark the vigil, I agree it’s tragic, but I think it’s going a bit OTT against men, most a decent, & don’t feel safe going out themselves at night either, so many innocent young men get stabbed, not all in gangs…
    Jean- hope you can keep busy today, you’ll miss Katie’s calls, I hope she has a good week.
    Hemmy- you’re doing well, weight coming off steadily! I eat the foods I like, weird combos sometimes!
    Typhoo- glad you enjoyed the sports!
    Nana- hope that you had a good weekend celebrating ☺
    Kay- sending you a hug…
    Weekend seemed busy, so not got round to coming on here! Baked a lovely keto lemon & almond cake to take to mum’s, had it with our cuppa while playing a game on Saturday, & a cuppa & mother’s day visit Sunday. A bit disappointed with my boys, not much fuss made yesterday, but youngest got my a nice plaque & eldest cooked me a meal- no cards though, I love cards 😞
    Had a good long walk with Xena this morning, but she found fox poo again 😣
    Mum said she’d be fine today, so will catch up with cleaning instead…
    Fasting today, quite hungry already!

    Denise as lost exactly one stone since the 5th of January. So she’s done really well.Nice and sunny today for a change. Fasting and not too hungry at the moment, but no doubt I will be soon. Internet as been down all night but got it going again now. Denise got two cards and presents so she’s happy.

    Morning All..
    A mild day here for a change…a park walk and play date, a good chat it does make a difference to my day.

    Just finished my zoom coffee morning, they are ok and I am getting to know people a bit boring at times, unless someone starts a topic difficult when no ones doing anything.
    I really must ring Ivy and go for a walk.

    I am doing a much needed fast day, I really must stop eating sweet stuff, I have really got back into the habit again, I feel Charlie is putting weight on too….

    I did speak to Katie yesterday, Wi-fi kept breaking down but I could still speak without her photo so fine, the children were shattered and asleep, she was waking them up to shower and eat dinner on the roof terrace overlooking the pyramids they have a light show as it gets dark the pyramids all changing colours. They are visiting there today with other things planned. Hotels good too and safe.

    The boys are tinkers, still they at least did something for you. A visit with mum and a lovely cake too. Even if keto you will still have to watch the calories I suppose?..we seem to be ok with fox poo or Charlie’s not bothered as yet…

    Denise is doing great a stone off is a big Well Done…hope your Wi-fi sorts it’s self out soon…

    Glad you could have family time on Mothering Sunday…hope you are warmer now.

    I am looking forward to the clocks going back…maybe given some more things which we can do off lock down …

    Keep strong fasters…I must find something to do….

    Jean x

    The clocks go forward so lose an hour. But lighter nights soon. Nice to take Heidi out in sunshine instead of rain. She’s just finished off her chicken so her belly is full at the moment, she’s sleeping it off. May wake her up and take her out again soon.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A lovely sunny dry day and not so windy. A nice morning walk hopefully ditching some of the weekends calories. lol

    I am ashamed to say I had put on 2lbs this morning… a bad eating day yesterday as I felt a bit down being first Mothers Day without Mum. There was a lot of years in 94.

    I ate cake .. chocolate and a very calorie rich lunch and dinner .. so easy to put on and oh so hard to take off. lol

    Sooo Kay I need to listen to my own advice and this week really go back to basics. lolol
    Soo a sort of fast today then proper one tomorrow .. hopefully should put me back to Fri weight . Fingers crossed.

    Feeling ok today .. some lovely flowers delivered yesterday from Kristy included some stocks which smell just divine.

    Everyone fasting .. good luck… everyone else be mindful .. Take care and stay safe

    If there is no struggle there is no progress. Xxxx

    Very lovely here today..going out soon just waiting for my meal to finish another 15 mins should sort it…
    Chicken casserole just have a small portion..

    Looks like we are all a bit naughty, I have eaten far too much of the wrong things, I think I have a snack for dinner then I start picking, that’s why I have made a casserole I can have it tomorrow too…

    It’s hard first anniversaries memories of happy times she was a good age, although it’s nice to still have them around..she visited you a lot and were close it makes it harder.

    Hope the weight moves..it will 😀

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone a long time since I’ve posted. Weighed myself on Thursday morning and I’d lost half a pound and then had a very enjoyable birthday and was spoilt by my family and friends who arranged for flower deliveries and also a chocolate one which was Lindt my absolute favourite. I did have a FD on Saturday as I felt a bit bleargh after the extra eating of birthday cake and extra alcohol. OH cooked me a lovely roast beef dinner yesterday so as today is a FD I’m having cold beef with a salad for my evening meal. Been a lovely day here and I’ve been keeping busy but did have a mug of low calorie soup and an apple for lunch.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening All!

    Started C25K again this morning – seems i have a habit of doing it at this time of year every year now! Thoroughly enjoyed my 8 single minutes of running…and my 90 seconds of walking between each one of them! And then once I’d packed the boy off to school I headed out to the beach with a book I need to read and a coffee!

    Nice morning but I got myself good and grumpy talking with a couple of colleagues this afternoon – harrumph!

    Ate mostly this morning and finished with just soup and oatcakes this evening.


    Morning all

    It’s a very nice spring like day here and looking positive for the rest of Tuesday.

    That’s another fast day successfully completed and without too many hunger pangs I wish every fast was that easy.


    At least you have a positive result on the scales so that can only be good news and a step closer to your final goal.

    Stay safe and enjoy your day everyone

    Morning All..
    A drizzle start but it turned out beautiful and mild….park walk on our own today.

    Good fast day yesterday…..going to see if I can sort a new phone out today….Tesco phone shop was closed yesterday. A couple of food bits while there..crusty loaf is calling.

    A lovely birthday for you, lots of favourite things and your lovely hubby cooked a nice meal too…spoilt in all directions but well deserved…….won’t be long before we can catchup with friends properly. Weight coming down gently …😀

    That’s a lot of running to practice for…is the boy going to be your running partner and coach?..I believe he was last time…good luck..

    A good day to look forward too, gently into Spring….well done on your fast day…

    Jean x

    Morning all! (Just!)
    Jean- glad that your walk turned out all right, hope you have better luck with the phone today. Shhh…don’t mention crusty loaves in front of Dave!!
    Hemmy- I’m sure your cake weight from the weekend will go by the end of the week, must’ve been hard missing your mum & not seeing Kristy either…
    Dave- sounds like Heidi is eating well even if you can’t eat what you like!
    Nana- glad that you had a good weekend & hopefully that extra FD on Saturday will offset any damage!
    Minols- hope your son is happy to go back to school, & ‘enjoy’ the running! You must’ve had nice weather yesterday if you could read at the beach!
    Typhoo- funny how some FDs are easier than others, mine was really hard yesterday!
    Kay- hope you did okay fasting yesterday…
    After doing alot yesterday I don’t feel very motivated today! Had a very long walk with Xena, she was badgered by another younger lab until she played with her, so quite worn out now! Seeing mum this afternoon. Making up a stuffed butternut squash dish for eldest tonight; unfortunately I can’t eat it on keto 😞 Another 800cal day for me, although it feels harder this week than last week!

    Good afternoon,up early by my standards.I had to wake Heidi up😁. Had a shower, took Heidi out then been to Sainsbury’s for the shopping.

    Hi FBBs Hope all is well with you Xxxx

    A damp day after a promising start … it kept dry for our walk though.

    I was happy to see I had lost 1 lb this morning off the weekends 2lb so hopefully with a good Fast day today i will crack it and lose the other one by morning . lol

    Mindfully does it this week lol.

    Well done all who Fasted yesterday. Enjoy your meals today.

    My wall is really coming on now and looking good hopefully finished by the week end. Hopefully not too expensive. lol

    Take care all and stay safe ..

    It is not how much we have, but how much we enjoy, that makes happiness. Xxxx

    It’s like a summers day, nice and sunny and warm. Took Heidi out again walked through the park. I went to Specsavers for my contacts prescription and when I got home and checked it, it’s for my glasses not contacts.I don’t think they want me to have the contact lens prescription in case I buy some online.

    Sorry, Hemmy, I’m with Dave – stunning day here! Mild and blue-skyed. So I cycled to the beach for a ‘meeting’…we really did talk just work for an hour and a half!

    Have to confess to taking it very easy this week…I’ll need to knuckle down soon or I’ll really regret it. I’ve never left Easter preps this late before, but quite enjoying not getting uptight about it for ages in advance.


    Weigh-in April 2nd but feel I have definitely lost some weight going off my clothes. Got to make sure I keep going until Easter. Day 16 without bread, finding it hard but think it will be worthwhile in the end.

    Evening everyone have had a good day spent pretty much the same as every day at the moment. Minols and Dave sounds like you’ve had good weather today unlike here. Dave I’m impressed with you not having any bread until 2nd April and I’m sure it’ll show on the scales at the end of the SOFA challenge. I had a Tesco online shop delivery yesterday and had ordered OH and I an Easter Egg each a Cadbury’s Creme Egg one for me and a Terrys Chocolate Orange for OH. Have hidden them away out of sight out of mind.
    Tea tonight was a Gammon Steak from Tescos with a few potatoes and vegetables – haven’t had a Gammon Steak in ages and someone on here mentioned having one a little while ago but I can’t remember who.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe and sound.
    Nana x

    Good morning all

    I don’t know what has happened to our weather today but it’s a very grey and slightly chilly morning so far.

    My Terry’s chocolate orange is still safely in the fridge I haven’t been tempted to eat it at all I don’t know what is wrong with me. 😂😝


    A nice gammon steak is something I really enjoyed when eating meat and usually with pineapple on top it seems a strange combination but just works so well.

    Stay safe and warm everyone.

    Good morning everyone,I do not like chocolate that’s been in the fridge.Absolutely spoils the taste. Day 17 without 🍞🤪.Dull day today.Mother in law still in hospital, she’s not eating or drinking enough so on an IV with antibiotics and hopefully she will be better soon. She has said if anything should happen she dosen’t want reviving.😩. Will take Heidi out now.

    Dave- I’m with you on the cold chocolate! Hope you get the prescription sorted for your contacts…Poor MIL, has she given up, not eating & drinking? 😞 You’re doing so well with resisting bread, maybe you’ll beat Denise!
    Jean- hope you can get your new phone set up okay, very brave of you, I wouldn’t know where to start!
    Minols- lovely having a meeting on the beach! Easter getting closer, are you going to wing it?! I’ve been looking at wreath/ cross designs for the front door, I might have a go at making one…
    Typhoo- well done keeping away from your chocolate orange still! Keep warm, cold here too, spring has disappeared again!
    Nana- It was Hemmy talking about gammon I think? I’ve only cooked it for hubby once, overdid it so never tried it again! Hope you can resist your Easter eggs as well as Typhoo!
    Hemmy- hope your wall is done soon & not too costly…well done getting the cake weight off quickly, surprised Dave’s not nagged you about not getting on the scales too often!
    Very chilly for my walk with Xena this morning although had warmed up by the end! Kept busy in the kitchen all morning, made bread & squash soup for eldest, & made spinach sauce ready for pasta for us tonight. Hard resisting the bread, smells so nice 😬 Fasting going okay, but have been cold though, kept waking in the night being chilly. Seeing Mum this afternoon, I hope she doesn’t start on at me like she did yesterday about how ‘it’s all right for you,you can eat what you like’ 😬😬

    Afternoon All…

    A very early walk as I had my new phone arriving…as I was returning I stopped the van leaving my house, bless him he came back and delivered it.

    It’s taken about a hour to set up, down load, transfer and reboot..a struggle to start with, I went on line and the chap on video was good…so all good to go now..the phone is quite a bit different from my other one, hard to find things, obviously so much better than the last design!!…or not.

    Daughter has moved hotels and the grandchildren are swimming, last day
    waiting for Covid results ..she is panicking as she has a sore throat!..still the cold wine seems to be going down ok 😂

    Thinking on cheese on toast for lunch…

    I usually cook my gammon in the oven, easy and it’s ready with the rest, soft and falling apart. I do enjoy it, I like pineapple on top too and a bit of cranberry sauce on the side.

    Hope MIL improves, the non eating and drinking is a worry..

    A struggle with the phone but I think I have done it now.. good mum thinks you don’t need to loose weight and you can eat what you like…😂…bless…goodness resisting homemade bread that’s a definite No from me oozing with butter….

    Very good with the chocolate orange😇

    Hemmy mentioned the gammon, then I bought some..must put it on my shopping list again.
    I have bought the Easter Eggs 10 upstairs…one for me and Steve..I shall eat his he won’t mind,..

    You are always so busy..time to relax a bit…

    Lovely to see your wall nearly finished, the weather is holding up…well done at moving the pound, the other one will soon go.

    A half done blog..disturbed by a phone call….

    Jean x

    Food done for the day. Can’t say I’m not hungry though, one slice of bread and butter would have been perfect. Got Easter eggs in the house, had them a few weeks. But still unopened.

    My turn tomorrow…well done to you..


    Not sure what to eat tomorrow,I don’t have breakfast and not always dinner, so see what I fancy when tomorrow comes.

    Good morning, first one on, very unusual.A dull day here but dry so can’t complain too much. Got my glasses on and not liking them at all. They feel awkward.Not a fast day today but no idea what I will have to eat.

    Morning All..
    Walked in the park this morning, I thought a bit chilly..

    I have woken up very hungry and with a rumbling tum!…it’s going to be a long day …anyone else fasting?
    I will have to keep busy and out of the kitchen…

    Daughter is on her way back home just arrived at the airport a long trip back home, but they have all enjoyed it.

    What did you eat for breakfast?…something nice later…I think a prawn, celery and mayo sandwich tonight I really enjoy it…

    Keep strong fasters..

    Jean x

    Busy morning, early long walk, long phone call to HS family, cleared out fridge, asda delivered & all put away…another 800 cal day for me, been very hungry so have had a couple of hard boiled eggs!
    Will see mum later, got some shopping for her too.
    Have a good day all!

    Jean I don’t have breakfast. It’s not a fast day today but not sure I will have dinner either since I stopped having bread. I do feel hungry but don’t know what to have.

    Good afternoon peeps

    It’s a very nice spring like day here so far at least let’s hope it continues for the weekend.

    Another fast day for me too and then it’s the weigh in tomorrow morning it will be interesting to see if I have lost the pound I gained last week but fingers crossed.

    I’m planning on a complete fast so no food at all but I do allow myself a little milk in my coffee usually just a teaspoon.

    Good luck to all those fasting today and remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A decent enough day with some sun and then cloud… Mild though.

    Tuesday evening my laptop went dead .. screen just went black and on off button wouldn’t turn off.

    I only have a basic pay as you go phone I have had for years .. I dont like gadgets at all lol simpler the better for me.. less to go wrong… so no internet on that.

    Anyway .. hardly slept kept checking the laptop .. still blue light on in the morning.
    Its about 6-7 yrs old so Kristy said she would order another and bring it on Saturday
    Walked with neighbour she said leave it with hubby as he was IT before retiring.

    All geared up to no net till Saturday and bingo she brought it back last night up an running. Kristy now leaving the new one till Easter when she comes. ( Had already ordered from Curry’s) I will now had a spare which is a good thing can transfer pictures etc.

    It amazed me though how panicked I was without a laptop. Sad really lolol

    Anyway .. fast day today 18 days no wine.. lol back to last weeks weight so pleased about that even with the stress lolol

    Brads.. you are doing brilliantly .. I reckon Denise’s got you in competition . lol

    Hedgehogs.. Have a good day on your 800 you work so hard you probably do get hungry. Hope Mum is well.

    Sym.. Glad your family enjoyed their trip nice to get away. My usual omelette this evening .. just simple a bit of cheese .. always not to bad at filling you.

    Typhoo Wow.. no food at all you are brave and deserve to lose that pound. Fingers crossed for you. Enjoy your spring day .

    Good luck fasters ..Take care all and stay safe .. Appreciate everything you have, some people have nothing. Xxxx

    Afternoon All…
    Still going strong…kept busy doing housework ..all done except the lounge and kitchen unit doors need a polish..I am cooking the boys veggies shortly for his dinner so I will do the doors later …

    Having a break and a cuppa, small brekkie this morning and prawn, celery and mayo sandwich tonight.
    It will be nearer 600 cals or so, I am ok with that.

    See what the scales say tomorrow I haven’t been on them so I have no idea.

    Enjoy your catch up with mum..you have been busy yourself.

    I am easy missing lunch, still my breakfast is usually 10.30 ish after walking.

    You are strong doing a full fast…I don’t think I would sleep I would be too hungry..I could fancy fish and chips tomorrow see how I go..

    Everything is ok while working…then a nightmare….my printer is playing up and not working..I don’t think its ink but I suppose it could have dried up, not really used it in 6 months..just remembered I have turned it off while cleaning I wondered if it would reboot. I always left that to Steve…
    18 days no wine..well done..I usually have a bottle starting Friday to last over the weekend..I like it while eating something nice…

    Keep strong…my tummy has been rumbling all day…

    Jean x

    18 days no bread🥺. Took Heidi out but no other dogs about this time. 160 calories up to now but it’s not a FD.Denise said after losing a stone she is going to lose another 2 stone,I have no doubt she will do it. So I must try and keep up with her.

    I decided to have some pasta as I was feeling a little weak and cold and much better now.

    It was still around 22 hours since I’ve last eaten so hopefully this will be shown on the scales tomorrow morning.

    Stay strong all those fasting today and everyone else enjoy your feeding day.

    Evening everyone finished my FD at 597 calories including my nightime choc options later on. Typhoo I’ve also been feeling very cold today. Have kept myself busy for most of the day after our daily constitutional walk this morning. Weigh in tomorrow morning to see what damage my birthday and mothers day have done. Can’t see me losing a SOFA but any loss is a bonus.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Mynfood all finished now, 740 cals, had a weird dinner of roast kale z& a bit of cheese, I really fancied that! Nice & easy after cooking everyone else’s- hunters chicken for youngest, chicken in breadcrumbs with mozzarella for hubby & quorn done the same for eldest! 2 different sorts of wedges too! All cooked at the same time, so not too bad 😂 Did some ironing while it was cooking as well, glad to sit down now!
    Will see how I feel tomorrow, this week’s been harder so might swap FDs & eat tomorrow instead of Saturday…
    Keep strong this evening!

    Hi all

    Essentially a disastrous week food wise…but loads of exercise. I think we can safely say there is no point goin gon the scales this weekend. I just need to stop the rot (and the sugar) and get my head in gear.

    Busy day finishing things off – it’s another beautiful day, outside, though, so I must find a reason to go somewhere!


    Good morning all

    It’s another spring like day here it would be very nice if it lasted for the weekend but I’m not counting on it.

    The scales weren’t too unkind to me this morning I have lost the pound gained from last week was hoping for a little more but 1lb is ok.

    Stay safe and have a great day everyone

    Well done Steve. A grey day here, is that a Madness tune? getting a little warmer each day, summer will soon be here. 2 more weeks to my weigh-in so 🤞.Got my contacts in today, gave them a rest yesterday. Better for walking around the supermarket. No steaming up so I can see where I am going.

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