Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Morning all (just!)
    Jean- Glad that Katie’s been okay! hard for you with clearing out to do…take it steady, hugs xx
    Typhoo- good you have a park close by…hayfever’s awful, son gets it so bad his eyes swell completely shut- although now he’s an adult & not forced out in the fresh air by his mum it’s not been so bad lol! Love hot cross buns too, none for me this year I think though!
    Dave- glad you’re getting used to the contact lenses! Never been to Paignton but it looks lovely!
    Hemmy- hope your roast is good with Kristy today!
    Nana- looking nice again, another BBQ?
    Minols- hope today’s service goes well!
    Kay- enjoy taking Tara to the field!
    Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone…
    A bit on the drag, had a lie-in, tried a different walk with Xena which was good, mist clearing & sun’s out, might take Xena to the beach this afternoon. Pork in the slow cooker for pulled pork later, will drop mum off some too. I am fasting, 800 cal day.

    Last time I stayed in a guest house in Paignton the owner said they had Christmas dinner on the beach😁The English Riviera they call it. Nice and sunny here, just had a quick nibble,sausage butty.Going to cook a chicken crown for Heidi, we are having beef.

    Good morning all

    It’s another fast day for me and the first of the new month I’m only expecting to lose around a pound on my next weigh in after last weeks good loss.


    I have suffered with sore and sticky eyes due to hayfever which is why I don’t think contacts would be a good idea for me plus it does seem alot of messing trying to put them in.

    Good luck to all those fasting today and remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

    Morning all – yes, Jean, it’s the best weight I declare…so I’m calling it as a 1lb loss (and I’ll spend the week safeguarding it!)

    HH – Valhund’s are another of the northern spitz breeds – if you cross my elkie with a corgie I reckon you get the Val! Or if you imagine the Val you saw on stilts until it’s the size of a collie…you get the picture.

    Had a lovely day off on Saturday – got the bikes out. I did an early run up to Tesco for the weekly shopping (a light week, so easy to get everything on the bike), and then we cycled out to the drive through starbucks for rolls adn coffee, and later I cycled into town for the butcher shop…so really felt I’d earned my steak pie and roasts on Saturday evenign!

    Things beginning to ease this week – I’m coming to the last of a course I’ve been leading – 3x per week since Crhistmas…so my diary will begin to have some nice wee gaps in it. Which is brilliant because I want to try and write some Palm Sunday and Easter stuff for kids and adults that will be fun and creative on zoom. I may even try to get ahead for April! I’d love to take a week off after Easter.

    Lovely to hear people starting to plan wee breaks – it’s great to have something to look forward to. I’m dreaming of the islands again…but the OH really nervous of booking anything. And tbh, even just aweekend in the sewing end of my study would be brilliant just now!

    Better go and see what the curriculum holds for us this mornign – I’m crossing my fingers for lots of long division – NOT!


    Morning all!
    Typhoo- hope your FD goes okay- I think you’re right that you probably won’t lose as much after your whoosh the week before!
    Minols- well done on another pound down, & with all the cycling! How on earth would a weekly shop go on a bike?! Wouldn’t in this house 😂 Hope you can get ahead with the Easter planning- something nice to look forward to! My hubby wasn’t so keen to book anything, but somewhere I wanted to go to last year had a cancellation, so have booked it for a few nights on April 12th- hope the lockdown eases as planned!
    Dave- yum, a sausage butty, & hope Heidi enjoyed her chicken!
    Jean- hopefully a lazier day for you, but probably not!!
    Nana- I bet it was busy in your village over the weekend with the lovely weather?
    Hemmy- hope you had a lovely few days with Kristy, back to earth with a bump now?
    Cold, grey & a bit drizzly today, my body feels just like that too! Not sure why, but very achy! Didn’t sleep well; cold & hungry! Xena disgraced herself by rolling again, luckily not too bad this time! I keep wipes in the car now to get the worst off, & then a shampoo when we get home. Some jobs to do & then seeing mum this afternoon…
    Will be a long FD I think 😬

    Good afternoon.Sunny here, a nice day so will take Heidi out and let her choose the route.She will go down what I call her path because she meets dogs of we go this way. Fast day for me today. I go to the opticians tomorrow and should get my contacts prescription.Its a bit fiddley putting them in but by all accounts it gets like second nature after doing it for a while.

    Well I was right,she took me where I expected and we meet one new dog.Its so warm in the sun, coat not needed.

    Afternoon everyone a FD for me today and it’s not been to bad so far but looking forward to my tea.
    Hedgehogs yes it was very busy over the weekend in our little village with walkers as it was such lovely weather on both days. OH cooked some very nice marinated chicken in the BBQ Saturday.
    Minols well done on the pound loss you seem to have been very active the last few days.
    Jean hope you’re taking it easier today.
    Hemmy also hope you had a good few days with your daughter.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Very hungry now, will take Heidi out again at 5pm then make tea😋. Everyone seems to be doing well on the weight loss. Hope I am.

    Hi FBBs Xxxx

    What a beautiful weekend.. it was really warm ..managed to be out with no coats.

    Had a lovely time with Kristy .. Pip and I have both missed her today.

    I was pleasantly surprised this morning to see I had no weight gain. So a decent eating day today and fast tomorrow.

    Well done to those that lost lbs last week .. Good luck to those fasting today ..

    Spring is around the corner and lighter clothes.. so lets make it a lighter us too. We can do this.

    Take care all Stay safe

    Happiness held is the seed; Happiness shared is the flower. Xxxx

    Evening all,

    Not been doing much here, although have been enjoying the lovely weather. It does help seeing the brighter days and sunshine.

    Some good losses last week. We are into March now, so big push for the coming weeks.

    Typh00 -3
    HH -1
    Minols -1
    Nana -0.5
    Kay -0.5

    Typh00 8
    Nana 6.5
    Minols 6
    Hemmy 6
    Kay 5.5
    HH 5
    Jo +3.5

    5 Weigh ins left!! 1lb loss for everyone, every week??

    Will Dave beat us all again with the biggest loss? Will anyone lose the full stone?

    Kay x

    Feeling very hungry now as it’s past my usual feeding time I have been watching some guitar stuff on YouTube and lost track of time.


    Yes the clocks go forward at the end of this month so we can all look forward to some lighter and warmer days.


    I think we’re all very much in the pot to lose the stone in the next few weeks only time will tell now. I’ll be happy to get as close to it as possible.

    Happy fasting day to those who are joining me just remember it’s only a few hours until we can eat normally.

    Kay…you’re really building the tension!

    Just had toast and honey this morning to give me a bit of energy for a mornign meeting. Most of my mornings I work around the boy’s schooling and don’t schedule having to talk to normal people! Or deal with anything more complex than the Battle of Britain or the difference between the feminine and masculine nouns in French…need to get my brain in gear a bit earlier today!

    Good luck fasters.


    Morning all!
    Minols- don’t envy you all that homeschooling! Hopefully not too much longer!
    Kay- thanks for doing the sofa count! I won’t get to a stone, never thought I would…just comes off too slowly for me, but good to keep account! Glad the weather’s been nicer for you!
    Typhoo- well done yesterday, good you kept busy with the guitar & the time went!
    Dave- nice for you to have sun for a change! Hope you can get the hang of the contacts…
    Jean- what are you up to today? More cleaning?!
    Hemmy- lovely for you to have had company for the weekend, well done staying the same weight! The lighter clothes are worrying me, I don’t want to do without big, baggy jumpers just yet!
    Nana- I guess it’s a gas bbq you have? Very easy to just light & do enough for 2, my hubby makes a big deal of washing it all though, so takes a long time!!
    Another 800cal day…not too hungry tho, but very cold! Not getting much done so far 😬 , have spent a while looking for bits for Mothers Day & seeing mum again this afternoon.

    Morning All..
    This mornings walk very chilly to the nines sort of walk..I was stood chatting for a bit..

    Fast day went well yesterday so must think before things jump in my mouth!

    Nothing much happening today, a hoover down stairs and a bit of shopping…

    My clearing out of office and garage, it’s more sorting and putting it where I can find it…. some throwing out too….after Steves passing I realise how much junk you keep, it needs to be more sorted before I go!!…not fair to who has to do it….I am not being morbid just organised….not today, lazy day..
    Pulled pork always sounds good, stuffing and apple sauce yummy.
    Have a nice afternoon with mum

    I always found contacts faffy….I think my eyes wasn’t good enough for them, should have tried when younger.

    It’s not warm here…a lovely sausage sarnie, fried onions too??

    Well done on staying the same weight. It must be quiet without Kirsty after she’s left….your weather us better than us, I did go lighter then my heavy coat is back on….

    Hope your walk today is warmer than here ..quite chilly.

    Lots of pounds moving..well done to everyone…

    The school work is very stretching..all back after Easter?…at least it’s not the birds and bees 😂

    Jean x

    Morning all

    It’s the usual breakfast this morning of porridge I can’t imagine a better way to end the fast than that.

    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to play guitar for a couple of days as I have a paper cut on my finger so spent time watching interesting things on YouTube.

    I would like to say the proof is in the pudding when it comes to the sofa results but that’s probably a bad analogy. 😝😂

    Stay safe and enjoy your day everyone

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A bit chilly today as the sun not really through after the morning mist.

    Had a nice walk and chat with a younger friend and her dog. .. I must admit I love being around young people .. I love to listen to their views on things… oh so very refreshing.

    Fasting today .. Full milk coffee, eggs on toast tonight and fruit. Just simple.. basically sticking to that fast days.

    Kay …Thank you so much for the update .. Are you still doing your 800 days.

    Typhoo.. What a shame you are unable to play your guitar .. hopefully your finger will soon heal.

    Minois… I think most will be glad to see the end of home schooling It must be hard going trying to work as well. Toast and honey is lovely it was one of my favourites when I ate breakfasts.

    Hedgehogs … How many 800 days are you doing per week is it 2 or more. Have a nice visit with Mum .. I miss mine dearly.Funny as its mostly her old sayings I keep hearing so she is still “keeping me on the right road” as she always added.lol

    Brads .. hope your day is going well any cobs in sight? lol How is Heidi today?

    Sym … It is very quiet without Kristy .. Hopefully back at Easter…

    Thinking about you sorting out Steve’s garage.. mine sits very much the same after nearly 9yrs. Trouble is I dont know what half the things are for. lol I just throw bits away when I feel like it.

    It is better to just get on with things really like you you say it needs to be done some time. Whats for dinner lol I bet you have something nice after yesterdays fast.

    Take care all…. stay safe
    Don’t wait to feel successful, you are already successful if you are putting out your best efforts Xxxx

    No onions on my sausage nutty, but I do like having them on. Couldn’t be bothered doing them, just put brown sauce on them. Been to opticians and ordered some contacts, doing it on direct debit.Ordered 20 pairs per month.Will use my glasses also to rest me eyes.More expensive than I thought but worth it for the freedom they give. Ordered some sun glasses(Polaroid) for when I am driving,better than putting great big clunky overglasses on. Heidi had all her food at 1am then we went to bed. Just cooked her a full chicken in the airfrier.She watched me cook it, it’s cooling now. Good fast day yesterday and no cobs today, trying to go a whole month without bread and butter. Lovely day here, nice and sunny again.

    It’s a chilly but dry day here hopefully the snow forecast coming soon will miss me completely.


    I go to specsavers and pay a little extra for the reaction lenses saves on the need for sunglasses.

    I’ve been shopping for some more fruit toppings for the porridge just sultanas,currants and cherries and bought myself a little Easter egg well it’s a Terry’s chocolate orange only a pound with my club card.

    Have a good day all whether you’re fasting or feasting.

    Steve I have transitions lenses in my glasses, had them for years, every time I change them I get more of the same.Minols do you use Duolingo app beer good for learning foreign languages.

    Evening everyone a quick check in. Just had to sign in to comment.
    Yes Jean it was a very chilly walk this morning for us. Have had a good nfd food wise. Nothing much else to report for today. Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Jean- good you’re thinking of others & clearing out! Mum keeps saying she will but hasn’t yet, despite offers of help! The things people wanted she managed to get rid of though!! Are you doing supermarket shops at the moment, did you not like the online shopping?
    Steve- hope the porridge was good! My son likes strawberries, raspberries & pecan nuts on his- with lots of maple syrup though! Hope that your cut soon heals…
    Dave- all sounds expensive with the contacts, but must be nicer than wearing glasses all the time! Hope Heidi enjoys her chicken!
    Hemmy- it helps keeping it simple on fds I think, I like to have the same meals. I’m doing 5 x 800cal days at the moment; I can’t lose just doing 2 fds a week, I think my metabolism is pretty slow! Not surprised that you miss your mum as you spent so much time with her, I know I’m lucky to see mum lots now, but it’s sad that the dementia’s changing her & making her very thoughless 😞
    Nana- Are you getting to see any of your family for a walk? I bet your daughter will miss the grandchildren when they go back to school next week, but I bet she won’t miss helping them with schoolwork!
    FD has gone okay, loads of veggies with dinner so fairly full now! Tried very hard to let Mum win again, but kept getting jokers, she would still spot though if I miss too much & be suspicious! Caught up on my jobs now.

    Morning all! First on? That’s a change for me these days!
    Another 800cal day, quite hungry but grimly determined…weight loss just feels painfully slow 😣
    Hubby was up early so he came with Xena & I- met 2 lots of lively dogs so she had to play with them, they gave her no choice!! I have told mum that we need to get on with pruning the tree so won’t visit her today…
    Have a good day all & keep strong anyone fasting!

    Morning all

    It’s a very overcast and dismal day here I don’t really see it changing anytime soon either.


    The porridge this morning was very good, that’s the best thing about having it for breakfast theres so many variations on what you can do with it.

    I’m not sure I could eat 800 calories a day it’s something that would need careful planning on meals I suppose.

    Stay safe and enjoy your day everyone

    I guess with 800 calories you can fill your plate with more vegetables which can only be good.

    The chocolate orange i bought yesterday for Easter I’m hoping will count towards my 5 aday of fruit and vegetables. 😂😂

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A very overcast day again here such a change after the sunny 15deg at the weekend.
    A good fast yesterday … Cottage pie today .. fast tomoz

    A nice walk very quiet a change today. Nice having company but I also love my alone walks with nature and can reflect on things.

    Decided this afternoon to give my car a lick and a promise for an hour. No more lolol Trying to do one extra thing to normal chores everyday..

    Brads .. Heidi must love having her personal very own chef cooking her fresh chicken lol Just how it should be too.

    Typhoo … your porridge toppings sounds lovely .. I haven’t had any porridge for years.. I loved it with just golden syrup. Yummy.
    Have you eaten the chocolate orange egg yet or will it survive to Easter. lol

    Nanafixit… Have you done a long walk again today .. I honestly think walking is the best natural exercise there is. I notice a difference if I miss a day which is very rare.

    Hedgehogs … Thats a lot of days at 800 cals. Are you still doing Keto you did so well on that. What about going back to start and doing 2 fds x 500 cals. It is strange though as the weight does seem to have a mind of its own without rhyme or reason. .. I ate more at the week-end but it seems like its going down well this week. My friend was losing brilliantly now at a stand still.

    Sym and Kay …Minois and everyone else .. hope you are having a good day.

    Take care all stay safe.. The only thing that will make you happy is being happy with who you are. Xxxx

    HI all – just an omelette so far today, and a tiny tea planned.

    School goes back here in 10 days time for the boy’s age group – yippee!
    Jean – birds and bees used to be my specialised subject…taught sexual health and drugs throughout the 90s for an HIV charity! The boy is mortified!


    Evening All…
    Park walk this morning on our own, a new car park being built lots of workmen, we need to keep away from them.

    A lazy day watching Nichola Sturgeon then onto the budget…I baked some cheese scones for the freezer..

    I am fasting tomorrow…I have had a couple days of heavy eating so need to get my act together.

    Hope your paper cut is healing they do take time..I must get the porridge out again..

    Steves best man sorted out garage and loft out under Steves supervision, loads thrown away.. he was too poorly maybe to think right…everything is everywhere. Lots of things thrown away which I have already looked for. I have all the tools but no screws and nails!!..I really need to go through it all and put away tidy.
    I enjoy walks on my own too..get into nature..

    The online shopping didn’t work for me, they didn’t send chicken and mince for Charlie so I had to go out to buy it the next day, should have gone to Lidl and bought the lot..it would have been £20 at least cheaper.
    How has the pruning of the tree gone?…your poor hand stupid girl 🤗

    Sexual health!! No wonder he’s mortified…wait till it’s his time….well done on your food today…

    A better day for your walk…bbqs will be off at the moment waiting for the warm weather again..

    Lovely to get your contacts..hope you get to wear them..

    Jean x

    Good evening everyone,late today been sorting a firestick out. Then the TV upstairs needed a software update, Heidi’s just seen off a full chicken breast +half a chicken breast, nothing left, she is sleeping it off now🤣.Good fast day today under 500 at the moment.I have decided to go without bread all this month.Its very difficult to do so I need to be very strong.

    MOrning all

    Well – you know I have to weigh in when you start talking porridge! Adore the stuff as long as it’s stodgy and covered in demerara sugar! The boy is only allowed honey and sultanas, and the OH is salt and cream/milk – horrified at my sugar!

    Typhoo – I’m with you on the chocolate oranges – definitely one a day…although the doctor recommends 5?!

    Having waxed lyrical about porridge, we’re going through a bit of a toast and honey phase at the mooment…just need to prep the boy’s school work, and then I’m going to put the bread in the toaster.

    A couple of time commitments today, and a loooonnnng list of things that need doing / writing / deciding / communicating, so a busy one for me.

    All the best to the fasters.


    Morning All..
    A lovely warm walk at the park no one to talk too..

    A cuppa now then colouring my hair … its so desperate for a cut…

    Fasting today, so a cuppa now and no breakfast see how I go…sliced beef tonight with my celery, apple and peach side.

    Office shredding later if I need to be busy….

    Hope all your TVs and fire stick are up to date and working….

    I am with you on the sugar, it’s only the breakfast stuff I use it on….far too much…..and baking.
    Marmalade on my toast, I am having more lately sometimes for lunch!
    Hope you fit all your work in…a long day…

    A coffee for lunch I think, if I have no breakfast….

    Have a good fasting day everyone…

    Jean x

    All technology up to date and running. Very happy with the firestick,I changed the launcher to one called the Wolf launcher much better than Amazon one. Still don’t know what to have for dinner. Maybe omlette. The suns just come out after I took Heidi out, bought some sunglasses yesterday, will need them if I ware contact lenses.Getting better putting them in, only 2 attempts for right eye but about 10 for left eye. Will Google dinner recipes.

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you Xxxx
    Another cloudy day here and quite chilly. I was hoping to wash my car as managed cleaning inside yesterday before a shower. Looks too damp to bother though.

    Fasting today ,, scrambled eggs on toast this evening. Lots of lemon in water.

    Sym… You are doing so well with that sorting… I think most of my friends are having a job getting motivated now.. me included. Every day seems the same. lol. So very glad I have the walk every day.. even wet days lol.
    I bought paint weeks ago and haven’t opened it .. I just do cream right through as low ceilings and darker plus easy to just freshen up. I should start now before garden time.

    Did you get some trees/bushes to go along that neighbours fence?

    Have a good day all….. you can do it fasters

    Take care and stay safe .. Almost Everything Will Work Again If You Unplug It for a Few Minutes, Including You xxxx

    Hemmy- how true, we all need to unplug for a bit! Well done with your FD so far. Must be very hard to get motivated, like you say all days the same- will soon be nice enough to get out in the garden lots though. I have to do lots of FDs to lose anything, 5:2s never worked for me, even when I first tried it, over 3 years ago, I think my metabolism is messed up! Even doing 4 x 800cal fds I only lose a pound a week! I’m keeping up with the keto as well.
    Typhoo- lots of veggies but mainly the leafy ones, spinach & kale; carrots, parsnips, beans etc are surprisingly high in carbs, I eat lots of salad too. My son is wanting to go veggie now, so will be looking at some new recipes!
    Jean- I do love a good clear out- only other people’s stuff though 😂 Dad had so much paperwork; printed out quite a few emails from years ago & kept them, plus cheque book stubs going back 30 years, etc! Hope you keep strong on your FD!
    Minols- counting down the days til son goes back to school- you’ve done really well juggling that & your job, hope you get lots done! Don’t mention toast & honey- my late friend’s patents have bees now & gave me a jar, it’s lovely but off limits now!
    Dave- glad you’re spoiling Heidi, & doing better with the contacts!
    Grey, cold & drizzly here, glad I have to take Xena out, I couldn’t motivate myself to go otherwise, but really enjoy it when I do go! Cut eldest’s hair today, had our asda order delivered, & have been out to a garden centre & used vouchers from Christmas. Bought a new pot (hubby didn’t complain!), & some aliums to plant. Plus lots of seed potatoes. Fasting okay, quite hungry today though, so had a little more for lunch, & then a small stir fry later.
    Keep strong!!

    All is going well…a latte at lunch time 96 cals and a cup of tea 30 cals…so 126 cals so far…..the tea cals seems to have gone up since I was counting last time….still I am still not counting I wasn’t sure on the homemade latte 😂

    Hair colour done, I feel better….a different colour tube my other one is discontinued …looks ok a touch different..

    Chatted on the phone with my sister for a hour, played pull with the boy….

    All looks well with your contacts..you are getting better..new shades too….

    Still looking for bushes, I think you put them in this month waiting for the cold weather to go….the man making my gate has just moved house so he’s behind with his jobs, so I am ok to wait…

    I feel if I am busy, it stops me from thinking over things which upset me, i know it will get better…
    At least your paints bought for when you feel like it. Then the gardening starts 😀…I need some moss cleaner for my block pavers to make it easy and I will buy some new buckets for the garage..Steves are all messed up with cement etc.. I like tidy and clean!

    Son joining you as a veggie again..it must be so difficult to cater for 4 different tastes, or is it 2 and 2 that would be easier. A new pot for the garden very nice..did you get the willow pruned or is it on going?
    Keep strong today..I think 4 x 800 days must be hard…office is pending today a pile of papers waiting for me to sort and shred 😂 slowly does it…all your shopping done, just to difficult for me online maybe better for a family shop.

    A couple of hours to go I am peckish, speak with Katie and then walk time…

    Keep strong fasters…

    Jean x

    Was going to be an eat a lot day today after 3 virtual fast days. But only had 261 calories so far. Now I have bought sunglasses it will be dull 🥺.Fast day tomorrow so I need to eat today.

    Kitchen closed…a delicious meal…well worth the wait…

    Hope the scales are kind after a naughty week….


    Good evening all

    I am very happy to inform everyone that the chocolate orange is still safely in my fridge. There’s probably more chocolate in that than a normal sized Easter egg.


    I’m all for eating more vegetables carrots,spinach, cauliflower and brussel sprouts are for anytime not just for Christmas 😂

    I go through phases of toppings on my porridge but you can’t go wrong with sultanas,currants or demerara sugar.

    Looking forward to breakfast tomorrow morning now.

    Good luck to all those fasting today and remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

    I wouldn’t of thought of currants and sultanas on porridge, Minols said that too…is it a Scottish thing?
    In India they put cut bananas in the dish with porridge on the top,I couldn’t get my head around that too…all just different..

    Chocolate orange is rather nice to have there when you want it…don’t tempt me 😂

    Jean x

    Evening everyone have had a good FD and my calories in total are 550 so hopefully it will result in a loss on the scales for tomorrows weigh in.
    Our daily constitutional walk this morning was both damp and cold. Kept myself busy for the rest of the day by catching up with some housework and ironing.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    It’s a dry but chilly start to the day here but hopefully it will warm up a bit at sometime.

    Being Friday it’s always weigh in day and somehow I have managed to lose another 2lbs that was a little more than i expected after last week’s loss.


    I’m not sure if it’s a Scottish thing having sultanas,currants on my porridge I was just looking for a sweet alternative for sugar and was the only thing I could think off 😂.

    Good luck to all those weighing in today and to anyone fasting.

    Stay safe and warm everyone

    Got on at least, was having problems getting on here. I have had virtually 3 fast days this week and doing another today. No idea how I am doing in sofa, will have to wait and see. At mother in law’s in Warrington at the moment. She’s bedridden and 91 years old.

    Typhoo- well done on another 2lbs off, that’s great!
    Jean- glad your FD meal was good! We are a difficult family to feed, definitely! Hubby likes plain traditional food mostly, younger son likes some of that but likes bbq sauce dishes, southern fried etc but not spicy like curries, & eldest loves curries! & me being keto is a pain too 😂 Making a green thai curry tonight for eldest & myself; it’s from a 5:2 recipe book, but will have to make it slightly differently for me on keto!
    How’s your sister getting on? Is she getting more forgetful?
    Nana- a very goof fd for you- hope that the scales are good to you too!
    Dave- keep strong at MILs!
    Hemmy- maybe you can get your car cleaned today? Mine needs it but will wait until it’s a bit warmer!
    Minols- hope that you got your work done & can take a day off tomorrow!
    Another 800cal day for me, 1lb off on the scales, so I’ll keep plodding on! Gad a lovely walk with some exploring this morning- lucky I didn’t get lost as I’d forgotten my phone! Made a pear crumble for the others, & a small one for mum- I think her diet that started on Monday has probably finished by now😂 She made me laugh- she said on Tuesday she was going to weigh herself to see if she lost- after one day of just cutting down a bit!! We’ll be hsving a game this afternoon.
    Have a good day all!

    Afternoon All..

    A good long park walk on a play date, we all stopped for a coffee, then I got stuck in traffic so back quite late. I spoke to my neighbour about someone I see on my village walk out of hospital after COVID…another 30 mins!

    I was thinking of visiting my sister but just too late to go today.

    I stayed the same this week, after all the naughties I have eaten I could have lost!!

    Well done on your 2lbs off, coming down very nicely..

    Hope MIL is fine, enjoy your visit.

    I thought I was bad feeding my lot when we were altogether..I think you are a lot worse 😂..I shall see sister Tuesday or Wednesday, I haven’t seen her since lockdown started in January, now the virus is low I feel happier going…weigh up how she is..
    Your Mum is like my daughter, a diet is a one day wonder 😂…daughters test is a small hiatus hernia, waiting for specialist to ring her..no operation for it, possibly tablets….or loose weight!

    Well done on your 1 lb off

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone am pleased to say that the scales showed a one and a half pounds loss this week. Don’t think I’ll make the SOFA challenge but I’m happy with how my weight loss is going. Well done to those of you who have lost weight this week.
    Hedgehogs might be a BBQ this weekend-it’s a gas one so easy to fire up quickly. Takeaway curry tonight decided on a King Prawn Balti with a Garlic and Coriander Naan bread.
    Enjoy your weekend everyone and stay safe. Be back Monday.
    Nana x

    Hi FBBs hope all is well with you. Xxxx

    A cloudy chilly day here .. but a nice walk and met up with a friend.

    Came back and went straight out and did a quick car wash before lunch.

    Well done to everyone for losing the lbs. I am pleased to say I have lost 2lbs this week. Hooray. lol Soo pleased with how its going. Being here with like minded people makes you feel accountable which is good keeps you on track.

    Sym… Its best to wait for the frosts to finish before putting the bushes in. I have Mums rose bush to plant ( Queen of the garden) perfect name for her rose.

    Hedgehogs .. your plum crumbles sound divine .. what a very lucky family you have. Hope Mum wins the game. lolol.

    Take care all and stay safe.

    Stop listening to what the world says you should do. Start listening to your own heart. Xxxx

    I think I’m going to give up trying to predict what my weight loss is going to be as I’m usually wrong lol.


    Well done on your 1lb loss you are losing your weight very steadily and it’s a step closer to your final goal.


    Well done on your one and a half pound loss this week.


    At least you haven’t gained anything this week so that has to be a positive for you.


    Another great weight loss this week It’s been a very positive week for everyone.

    Stay safe everyone

    Evening All

    Cheese on toast tonight with my side which everyone turns their nose up…delicious, I so like it…a baby bottle of Merlot which I got at Xmas….just one glass full.

    Enjoy your curry night…and fingers crossed for the bbq….well done on your loss it’s more than usual…

    Well done on your 2 lbs loss, you have got straight back into it….hoping to get my gate up before the bushes..just waiting for my man to come with it…..your rose sounds lovely…might venture to the garden centre next week….

    Enjoy your weekend…..hope your paper cut is gone and you can start plucking again 😂

    I stall be visiting my daughter tomorrow for lunch, I am in her bubble…

    Have a lovely weekend whatever you are doing..

    Jean x

    Well done Hemmy, good loss. Been a good fast day, not been hungry.Had a low week so that’s good. Day 5 of no bread 😇🥺🥺.Picked up my contacts from Specsavers.Will put them in tomorrow.

    Dave, you’ve had a good week, well done. Think you might be leaping ahead on the weight loss!

    Well done those who lost! No loss for me. I missed my last FD yesterday as I was giving blood and had to up the cals a bit.
    Fasting tomorrow and back to ADFs, after day off today.

    I think Wales has their COVID update next week, so hopefully I can then provisionally plan to see my mum in North Wales.

    Been very chilly here today and its already -1.5 I think we are due for a short spell of cold weather. But at least it will stay dry hopefully.

    We’ve been doing some online training with Tara and today we had a sign that things are improving. I was in the close doing some lead work and I dropped the lead. Tara ran off but didn’t go very far before turning round and coming back when we called her. So pleased. Little steps!

    OK so this week, here’s what I’ve picked up so far,
    Typh00 -2
    Nana -1.5
    Hemmy -2
    Kay 0
    HH -1

    Therefore SOFA is looking like this:
    Typh00 10
    Nana 8
    Hemmy 8
    Minols 6
    HH 6
    Kay 5.5

    4 Weigh ins left….

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