Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Only 6 to go🥺🥺🥺,not at all confident I have lost anything😔.Too much going on.My daughter goes to look at a flat today so will see how that goes. I did notice on Facebook that my daughter as gone on a diet and lost 9lbs,I told her she is behind her mum who as lost 11lbs.Time to take the beast out for her walk.

    Come on Dave! Can’t let your wife and daughter lose and you don’t!

    Afternoon all

    I’m not sure what happened to the weather overnight but it went from a spring type day yesterday skipped summer and back into autumn.

    Yesterday’s fast was a success so hopefully fingers crossed i will lose at least a pound this week.

    The good news is with the few ounces i lost last week I’ve reached one goal of being under 14 stone, so just 14lbs to go and I’ll be happy.

    Stay safe and warm everyone.

    HI Everyone

    Just poppoing in to say I’m still around…just been a bit ‘absent’! No news on the loss front…so sticking with the tally you’ve got up, Kay – and haning onto it by my finger tips. Probably because I haven’t been here so much – as Jean always says…dropping in is always helpful, even if you’re as stable as she is!

    Just off to catch up wiht the Scottish news – see what the plan is!


    Hi FBBs Xxxx

    A funny weather day here… dry but very windy which makes it feel chilly.

    A good walk this morning got around faster alone as no chatting . lol That can add another 30mins to an hour on. lol

    Came back and had a good clean through bedrooms bathrooms. Nothing like company for making you get off your butt. Easy to just settle for things a bit when alone. lol

    Well done all yesterdays fasters .. Thank you very much Kay for the up date. Well done on your fast. Very hard when cooking/baking up a storm. lol Xx

    Brads… Do you eat when you stay up so very late. lolol If so maybe 9pm bed lol

    Typhoo … Well done on yesterdays fast .. Brilliant news that you have cracked getting under 14st . Thats a lovely feeling when you go down a level.

    Fasting for me today… just my milk coffees and eggs, tomatoes on toast this evening… just keeping things simple . Anyone else fasting today?

    Take care all stay safe We don’t have to agree on anything to be kind to one another. Xxxx

    Afternoon All..
    A good play walk with Oreo at the park, a good natter for me with Natalie….zoom coffee morning at 11am.

    Continuation of cupboard cleaning..13 shelves done today, just 3 drawers for tomorrow…quite pleased with myself…
    Supposed to be a lovely day tomorrow might change to be a garage day??

    Upsetting times but she will be better on her own..you can’t live together but separate lives that must be hard…
    Good weight loss for both of them….

    Well done to be in the next level always sounds better..well done..you see a finish line coming 😀

    Keep strong today with your coffee and simple meal tonight…yes you get moving when company is coming I am the same whether it’s daughters or friends…I have the Spring cleaning bug, lots got left over the last couple of years with Steve being unwell…but I don’t mind at all..

    Gardening for you…lots of movement in weight all going in the right direction…

    Are you busy?…

    A cuppa now and then walk Charlie..looking like rain ..I hope not…

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone and what a lovely sunny day it is although the wind is a bit keen. Took advantage of the lovely weather and had an almost 8 mile long walk this morning. Weather forecast for tomorrow is pretty much the same as today so looks like it’s going to be another BBQ in the afternoon.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hemmy I must admit I had a bowl of cereal at 2am👿. Was starving and had too much bread lately 😔. Can’t put my mind to fasting, must try harder. I may try 3 days of 1000 calories after I get weighed. See if that works better.

    Even my son as lost 3lbs🤪

    Quick post, will catch up properly tomorrow! Have made a chocolate cake & got it all decorated (Batman cake!) for my friend/ ex HS family’s son. As well as long forest walk with Xena, feeding up youngest son & keeping mum amused this afternoon. 😇 I have resisted all cocolate cake- made enough for cupcakes for my lot too. & it was a FD, must remember to not fast when decorating cakes again, it was very hard work!!

    Morning All..
    A lovely day but very windy…we had a good village walk lots of people and dog walkers. Charlie is under training for being reactive to some people and dogs, lots more since lockdown… he was very good today so very pleased with him.

    Lots of more cleaning planned not sure if I am going off the idea..I could clean out three drawers and the utility part of the kitchen will be complete. I feel tired after my long morning walk, had a couple of very busy days.

    Chicken Kiev tonight with new potatoes…then my fast day tomorrow…

    That was a good walk yesterday…the weather does make it so much better…

    I good idea on shaking it up a bit 3 x1000 might do you good….with no holidays we are not getting any breaks off fasting…

    The cake looked delicious, you are very clever doing all the creative designs ..

    Keep popping by, it’s always good…hope you have some better news than us on lock down…

    Having a snuggle with Charlie, he doesn’t like me doing jobs, I think he’s missed me these last couple of days.

    Jean x

    Good afternoon, miserable day rain and wind🥺 going to the opticians at 3-30 about contact lenses.I am hoping they will give me an eye test especially for wareing contacts.Fast day today going to have a chicken stir-fry for tea. Heidi only had half her food yesterday, think she’s holding out for chicken but she will have to wait until Sunday. I bought a chicken crown from Morrisons.Its more like a pigeon crown 🤪.So we will have roast beef and I will cook the chicken for Heidi.

    Jean- you’re so good doing all your cleaning, I need to do some but can’t get enthusiasm for it…I didn’t know that Charlie was a bit reactive, Xena’s got so much better now, lots of treats!
    Dave- your family’s doing very well with the weight loss, I guess Claire’s is stress? Hope you can find something to work for you…
    Hemmy- definitely a good incentive to do some cleaning! Hope your FD went well yesterday.
    Nana- a really long walk for you! Hope you get another bbq in today!
    Minols- hang onto that weight loss! Sounds like you’ve got a longer road to ‘freedom’ than us…
    Had a lovely walk this morning- explored a different bit of the forest, amazing that I’ve walked there for 14 years, & still not found my way round it all! Dropped the cake off in the way to town, the lad was really pleased 😁
    Boring banking stuff, some cheese bought for the weekend, dog food bought & more petrol, longest we’ve been out for a while!! Plenty to do here, but Mum’s asked me to come round, despite saying I don’t need to come as she’s fine on her own!
    Another 800cal FD, going okay.

    Just been out with Heidi. She met up with 3 new dogs, some bigger than her and a Pug. She just gets on with all dogs, she dosen’t like people but never barks at them, just ignores them😁 feeling hungry now but will wait until 5/6 pm.Stopped raining now, hoping to play bowls in a league this year but will see what happens.

    Hi FBBs Xxxx

    Its very dark here rain not forecast but it looks very much like it.

    The cleanest walk for awhile this morning .. so nice not having all the mud for a change.

    A good fast yesterday .. last one till next Tuesday… This evenings dinner is Melting cheese haddock fishcake ( Lidl chunky ones) .. small potatoes in parsley lemon mayo .. peas.

    Sym Like you I feel tired today… Think I have done too much with the spring cleaning. Calling it a day today.
    I think we probably dont realise the exercise we are already doing walking the dogs every day.
    Oh I now fancy Chicken Kiev haven’t had it for ages…lol. Enjoy your meal.

    Nanafixit .. 8 miles it a long walk you did do well. Do you walk far every day… Hopefully lots of BBQ days for your hubby now .. lol

    Brads … Bread is my down fall. I just love it. I expect staying up late your body gets tired and its easy then to give into a bowl of cereal etc.

    Its a shame your sport isn’t on earlier. As Sym says shake it up a bit change the cals and days around.

    Hedgehogs …I dont know how you can make your lovely cakes on fast days . Ohh must be hard. Were you always a Mary Berry from an early age. lol Hope you are having a good day and you are letting Mum win. lol.

    Typhoo how is your day going.. and everyone else.

    Take care all stay safe …

    Love and kindness are never wasted. They always make a difference. Xxxx

    Good afternoon all

    The weather isn’t too bad here today it’s dry at the moment anyway but it can change easily.


    I would never attempt to make cakes at anytime but especially when fasting I can guarantee the only evidence that any had been made would be the crumbs 😝.

    Not really sure what I’m having for dinner later will have to check in the freezer see what I have.

    Stay safe and warm everyone

    HI all – made it this far on an omelette…and a packet of very old chewing gum I’ve found in my desk! Oh, and lots of tar-like coffee!
    I got some chilli chicken things out of the freezer for the boys for tea…not enough for me, so planning to have soup…I just need to get through the next couple of hours! I have a meeting tonight that I have to be at but I’m not responsible for – hope that will distract me enough to make today a really low day…

    That’s my plan – and now I’ve told you all it, I’d better try and live up to it!

    Now to ake the dog out and get some fresh air – it’s very fresh today.

    Afternoon All…
    I did get my three drawers cleaned out, one easy the other two a mess, they are the itty bitty ones where all the rubbish is pushed…

    I had a stirring do with Charlie he wanted to play he also had a good brush outside..

    Nothing much else done…

    I can’t understand why you haven’t had an eye test for your contacts as so different from wearing glasses??..they need to know how well your eyes are too…

    Charlie has been reactive for the last month or so, on lead, I don’t know whether he is looking after me or with lockdown as a lot of different dogs/ people walking….I am working on him this last week, doing a Graham’s Hall, it seems to be working.
    A few hours out for you, getting your jobs done, it’s strange I know when not just doing one shop…

    Keeps going dark here but no rain…walking again soon…M&S chicken Kiev I hope it’s nice….yes I feel tired as you say you forget the walking too, I shall have a couple of days off and hope to start again. What I have done was possibly the worse bit.
    Have a lovely few days with Kirsty tomorrow…

    Good your weathers better….will you be fasting tomorrow, I shall be..

    Keep strong…an omelette is good to have it keeps you full….hope your meeting goes well…have a good blow while you walk, enjoy..

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone another nice sunny day here again but a bit of a cool breeze but not enough to put OH off doing another BBQ.
    Hemmy we love to walk everyday if we can usually around 3 – 4 miles a day if possible but since Covid our tiny village gets a lot of people from surrounding villages coming to walk every weekend so we don’t bother then. We’re spoilt around here with lots of nice walks to be had.
    Hedgehogs we need to get to our bank to pay in a cheque we’ve received.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe. My next FD is tomorrow.
    Nana x

    You are very brave cooking bbq, not warm enough here..although I had got rid of some layers when walking..
    You can pay a cheque in at a post office if that’s easier….Santander wasn’t impressed when I went with a cheque, it was a big one I needed to hand it over and get it stamped.!!..I wasn’t happy with the girl.

    My chicken Kiev was very nice, I roasted a few tomatoes with it too and new potatoes..🍷🍷 very nice too, I felt the need 😂..enjoy your break…

    Jean x

    Just eaten my dinner of two vegetarian sausage rolls with spuds some very nice veggies and gravy.

    Let the fasting begin again I don’t know why but the second one seems to be a little more difficult but this time will hopefully be different.

    Have a great evening everyone.

    Evening All Xxxx

    Nanafixit … Its so lovely to live in rural space especially this last year.. I thank my lucky stars each day.
    Did you have the BBQ … very mild here for Feb but its been very windy.

    Minois Hope the rest of your Fast day went well.

    Typhoo .. Gravy makes all the difference to a tasty meal.. I know it is silly but I am sort of enjoying fasting days.. maybe its because I had a break from it.May feel different later date. I seem to feel so much more alert after those days. lol Good luck tomorrow .. hide any choc. lol

    Sym… I am going to enjoy these days with Kristy. .. Have it all planned out. Lol Because there is not much we can do … Friday .. its .. Dog walking which she will do alone gives me a break. .. Then McDonalds … recycling centre to take a garden chair that has seen better days… plus see if there is any other people rubbish we can bring back. lol

    Then a trip to a M&S in Banbury. So looking forward to it. Saturday chill out watch films Take away. Sunday roast then home for her.

    It makes you realize as Kristy said we took all those lovely lunches and shopping in Stratford upon Avon for granted.

    Brads .. Bowling days will soon be here for you.

    Hedgehogs… Hope your day is going well ..

    Mel hope you are ok.

    Take care all and stay safe see you Monday .. Xxxx

    Yes Hemmy husband cooked the BBQ whilst I stayed indoors. Enjoy your precious few days with Kristy.
    Nana x

    Nearly there – definitely helped coming on her today!
    I made some celery soup – put quite a bit of chili in it…given my lips were numb by the end of tea, I MAY have overdone it! I didn’t have bread with it as I only had sliced, and decided the calories weren’t worth it, so I stirred a generous amount of chees into it – that was before I realised that the chili meant that too would disappear.
    Still, I think I probably have cals for a couple of wafer thin chocs with my bedtime mug of tea, adn then I’m done.

    Hemmy – sound like you’ve got a lovely weekend planned – enjoy yourselves.


    Morning all

    It’s another wet and wonderful day again here but managed to go shopping without getting too soaked.

    I’m hoping with my good dinner yesterday evening I should be fuller for longer today but will have to wait and see. No chocolate in my fridge at least to tempt me.

    For all those fasting today remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

    Morning All..
    A walk at the park on our own…

    I had a presentation on zoom ..The rise and fall of Butlins..I really enjoyed it, very interesting..Billy Butlin worked his passage from Canada to England, he was paid £5 when he left the ship, he was 20 years old with no more money.

    My fasting day today..egg, bacon and tomatoes for tonight…

    Have a lovely time with Kirsty, hope you do everything which is planned..

    What food was on the bbq?…a bit chilly here..

    Lovely soup…I was just thinking of celery wondering if it was in season…I like celery, apple and tinned peaches ( drained), chopped into Mayo, lovely to have as a side with meat.

    Lots of chocolate about here, some left from Xmas, I had it upstairs but it’s now in my utility room 😬..my day is quite nice but chilly…dry…

    A few phone calls then see what I am doing..keep busy ish..

    Jean x

    Good afternoon had the battle putting my contacts in, but managed. These new ones are better. One is multifocal and the other is for distance, they seem to be ok.Will have to put sunglasses on now when I go out😁. Not a fast day today.Had 650 calories up to now. So will try to keep it as as I can.

    Jean- the zoom talk sounded interesting, was that a U3A one? You want to be busy to help with the FD but sounds like you could do with a lazier day, hope you find the balance!
    Hemmy- have a lovely time with your daughter, very different times, but enjoy yourselves!
    Typhoo- hope that your FD goes well today! I don’t like gravy, but son told me recently that Bisto beef gravy is vegetarian, really surprised!
    Minols- Well done yesterday, hope you enjoed the meeting not being in charge! Celery soup sounds grim though, celery’s something I can’t stand!
    Nana- hope the BBQ was good! Not nice enough today…hope you get your cheque paid in okay when you go- like Jean says they’re funny now, ours wanted hubby to pay it in with an envelope but he likes to make sure it goes in properly!
    Dave- hope that you can get some contacts sorted…how’s Heidi’s eating?
    Kay & Mel- hope you’re okay…
    A new loop of a walk found with Xena today, jobs done, an hour’s phone call to my new HS family- they’ve had an offer on their house & are hopefully moving to Essex, all exciting. Had our Asda order delivered, fridge crammed full! Forgot to order steak for hubby’s steak & chips tomorrow though 😬 Will have to be scampi, have plenty of that! FD for me- pretty hungry today though! Stir fry tonight…

    Afternoon everyone, not quite as sunny here today but at least it’s not raining.
    Jean had a lovely piece of salmon cooked on the BBQ yesterday.
    Hedgehogs I’m with you regarding celery can’t stand it cooked or raw and the smell ugh.
    Dave sounds like your getting used to the contacts.
    Last FD of February for me today and Sausage casserole for tonights meal.
    Will see what tomorrow mornings weigh in will reveal.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Fasting going fine…thought I would clean down stairs loo then that corner near the utility would be finished..then I went though kitchen and lounge …all done and dusted and wiped!!

    Sitting now Katie should be ringing anytime now, a cuppa when my floor dries..

    Dave ..
    Glad the contacts are better, she discussed having odd ones for me but I managed with a matching pair!

    Yes the talk was with the U3A..a good speaker apparently he is very well known…next month it’s a lady who’s parents are from India, I like India as you know I hope she’s good, it could be interesting..
    I like celery, Steve hated it so I never bought it a lot, I like it on the side.
    I am with your hubby, like the cheque stamped, in and a receipt ..she wasn’t very nice the lady at Santander, huffy!
    Steak and scampi, I have them both in..I was thinking of steak over the weekend…

    Good luck on the last weigh in..I was up a pound in the week I hope it’s gone by tomorrow, wine and chocolate!! it doesn’t help 😂

    Floor dry cuppa time….get the doors and windows shut had a blow through….very chilly now…

    Jean x

    Apart from the shopping it’s been quite a lazy day but I have finally got around to putting a new hole in my belt.

    I will need to start exercising a little bit once we can get out more just to firm up some wobbly bits.

    The weigh in is tomorrow morning so fingers crossed the scales will be very kind this week.

    I don’t think I have ever tried celery and not thinking of spoiling that record 😂.

    HI all – a nice normal food day…but I’m going to just have soup again this evening while the boys have beef olives. Really want to have got started on loding again after a couple of no-loss weeks.
    I get what you’re saying about celery – could never eat it as it is, but in a soup is satisfying and really light, so as long as you completely whizz it up it’s alright.


    I like celery but Denise dosen’t so we never have it.Soup🤮🤮🤮.Just booked a week in Paignton, last Saturday in June.So something to look forward to if covid dosen’t get in the way.

    Mum used to have celery & dip the stalks in salt- yuk!
    Glad you’ve booked a break Dave, you could do no chocolate between Easter & the holiday?!
    Jean- your house must be spotless! You do so much cleaning…how’s the weather for Katie now, has it calmed down? Hope their electric bill isn’t too high, saw that the companies have whopped the prices up for lots of people- into thousands of dollars in some cases!
    Nana- fingers crossed for your weigh in tomorrow!
    Typhoo- lovely to need a new belt hole!
    Minols- hope you lose this week too- sounds like you’ve been very strong not eating with the boys!
    Hemmy- hope you & Kristy are having a good catch up!
    Got some pruning done- our tortured willow is due it’s annual trim- new neighbours have their caravan right underneath it their side though so going to be tricky not dropping anything on it!! Stir fry eaten, still a bit hungry…hopefully can manage another 800 cal one tomorrow!

    Good morning all

    Yesterday’s fast went very well and now looking forward to some very tasty porridge for my breakfast.

    It was my weigh in this morning and I managed to lose 3lbs this week when the only thing I changed was no chocolate on my fast day

    Good luck to all those who are also weighing in today and to anyone who may be fasting.

    Stay safe and warm everyone.

    Well done on the 3 lbs – that’s brilliant! Quite possibly shows that you were about to have a loss the week before…and then it’s all tipped into one week in a whoosh!

    I start weighing in on Friday…and finish on Monday morning! So I’m not declaring yet!

    Another funeral this mornign, and the meeting for one this afternoon…and I just want to get caught up on some admin so that I can sign off for 24 hours.


    Im still experimenting with this way of eating to see what the best things are to eat before and during my fast for the greater rewards.

    Morning all!
    Typhoo- that’s great, 3lbs! I don’t think sometimes you can understand why it happens, no rhyme or reason! Enjoy your porridge!
    Minols- hope you can get everything done today & the funeral goes as well as it can…have a nice day off tomorrow!
    1lb off for me this week, sooo slow! Swapping FDs & having today & tomorrow off, start again on Sunday, will do a run off 800cal days again…
    Lovely & bright, met a Swedish Valhund (Minols, is that what your dog is, or did I dream it?!) so Xena had a play with him. Apparently he’s friendly with the girls but hates boys…I’m sure Xena thinks she’s a boy, but he obvs didn’t notice 😂 Cooked youngest 2 breakfasts already- porridge with fruit & nuts, then full english, he can eat when he puts his mind to it!! He had a traumatic bike ride- 2 mastiffs ran across a field, into the road & chased him down the road; luckily a car came & the dogs stopped, son says he thinks they’d have got him otherwise 😬 Didn’t put him off his food though!
    Seeing mum this afternoon.


    A 1lb loss is a good steady step closer towards your final goal weight. I know it can be quite frustrating but as you say there’s no real rhyme or reason behind

    I bought some new scales in January that give me all sorts of measurements from BMI to weight so maybe they are making a difference.

    Afternoon everyone a half pound loss this week so looks like I’m back to my usual but slow weight loss. Well done to Typhoo and Hedgehogs on your losses also.
    It’s been a lovely sunny morning here but it’s starting to cloud up now.
    Indian Takeaway delivery tonight our Friday treat. Have watched the Michael Moseley programme that was on last night and found the part about weekend eating interesting but I’m not prepared to give up our Friday evenings that we have been doing for over 40 years. Before Covid we would meet up with a couple of good friends for a drink and a Takeaway every Friday and are so looking forward to being able to start it up again.
    Have a good weekend everyone and
    enjoy the rest of your afternoon everyone and stay safe. Can’t believe it’ll be March when I next post on here.
    Nana x

    Afternoon All..
    I always seem busy in the morning…walk at the park then I had a latte and two homemade biscuits lovely and sunny sat on a bench.

    A bit of washing blowing on the line, first out for the season..I did some more sorting between bedroom and garage, I had some bedding which was in the loft which came down to the garage but it needed to be brought into the house.

    A lazy afternoon now.

    I have put on a pound, I am back to goal weight…I have lost my wriggle room I have been a couple of pounds under for a while…I have allowed myself two up or two down…I really need to stop biscuits and chocolate, it’s getting a bit of a habit again!!..I have to watch myself 😳

    I have booked three nights away in Bridlington for Charlie and I, it will be strange going on our own it’s at the end of May. Plenty of cafes and a pub I know where we can go in, as dog friendly. A trial run see how we both manage. Plenty of beach walks and coffee stops.

    A good loss 3lbs, strange how the weight goes off, your line is drawing closer 😀

    Katie is all good now, she lost a bit of pipe in the swimming pool heating system, it was leaking but easy to fix..she did well, she threw blankets and bedding onto the pipes to insulate it, she did well as Johnny was away at the time. I told her to wrap them up the best she could, could have cost her a few thousand dollars to fix.
    I am only keeping on top of cleaning, lots of reorganisation to be done especially in the garage, I haven’t a clue where anything is…the office is another area, Steves office skills wasn’t his best. 😂
    Good luck on the willow tree doesn’t sound an easy job and it’s getting rid of it all too..I ended up using three dustbins!!, some good neighbours..
    Well done on your 1 lb off all in the right direction…

    Hope the scales are kind to you on Monday..is it the best weight you declare 😂..
    Hope your funeral goes ok and the one you have to sort…..sad times for people.

    I quite agree with you, I like my Fridays off too…enjoy your takeaway tonight..I have rack of ribs for two people ??..I would disagree with that only enough for one!!
    I found MM interesting, a few points hit home….😂

    My daughters dog Oscar going to vets tonight, he’s quite poorly..🤞for him….not eaten for a few days…she wouldn’t let grandson take him…just in case…

    Jean x

    Good afternoon

    I’ve been out for a nice walk as it’s dry and I want to incorporate a little exercise into my plan just to make those wobbly bits less wobbly.


    A half pound loss is still a positive result so be proud of yourself and enjoy your well deserved Indian. I watched that Michael Mosley programme too it’s amazing how much weight you can gain over Christmas.


    I think like you I will probably go a couple of pounds under my goal weight just to give myself that little bit of wriggle room.

    Steve well done on your loss.Been at mother in law’s so the signal is hit and miss. Had 750 calories up to now. A few fine losses so well done to you all. Still over a month to my weigh-in. Had the usual struggle putting contact lens in but getting slightly better.

    Good morning,first one on 😲. The sun is out but clouds about too.Will give me eyes a rest today and ware my specks. Only got one days supply of lens left.Booked a week in Paignton at the end of June,so hopefully it will ok and can go. It’s free cancellation and I don’t pay a penny until we get there.

    Afternoon all

    It’s a very nice and dry day here as we come to the end of February and another month closer to the S.o.f.a.


    I think I’ll stick with the specs contacts seem to be too fiddly and I just can’t be bothered with it 😝.

    You can’t go wrong with Paignton especially if you are lucky enough to have some great weather which in June you should have.

    Stay safe and enjoy your weekend everyone.

    Afternoon All…
    A lovely day here, a long walk this morning…

    Popped out to a couple of shops, a new Lidl which was rubbish, loads I didn’t get….I shall have to go out again next week…I did get my garden bird seed..

    Debating what to do, a few things on my list….having prawns for tonight’s meal, easy with crusty bread.

    SOFA is till Easter I had forgotten, so another month…

    Glad the contacts are getting better, good to have a day off too…

    Hope you are enjoying Kirsty and you are getting out and about a bit..

    Jean x

    Afternoon all!
    Nana- well done on your half a pound off! Haven’t watched MM, but do agree that you need a night off, life’s for living!
    Typhoo- good to get some exercise- have you got anywhere nice to walk near you?
    Dave- the contacts sound a palava! I don’t think I could be botheted, like Typhoo…
    Jean- still sorting out to do to keep you busy- Charlie will be put out! Going to Bridlington is a good idea as you know it well- lots of memories for you though, hugs xx
    Minols- hope yesterday went okay & fingers crossed for the weigh-in!
    Hemmy- hope you’re having a lovely time!
    An extra long walk with Xena in the sun, lots of people & dogs to see…then son took her out for a run, & she ‘helped’ in the garden, so very tired now! Off to Mum’s shortly, need to start saying no occasionally I think, especially as she’s been seeing a friend for a walk in the mornings now it’s nice! Eating well today 😬 back to fasting tomorrow!

    Still lots to sort in the garage, wipe all the shelves down..then put away so I know where everything is..office is another story…
    Windows need washing inside and out but I don’t feel like doing anything today…walk soon
    Good Xena runs with out with your son, it should tire her out especially after her walk…enjoy mums later.

    Jean x

    I suffer with hayfever in the summer which definitely make contact lenses a bad idea for me.


    There is a park nearby so that’s always good to have a walk around or if the weather isn’t looking so good i have a route around the block which can take between 20- 30 minutes.

    I really don’t miss having a garage to clean or clear out. 😂😂😂

    Having a couple of hot cross buns today but what I want to know is when did they become a year round thing instead of just Easter it really isn’t fair on my waistline. Lol

    I’m safe from hot X buns don’t like them. Contacts are great, so much freedom and I am getting better with them, can take them out first time easily.Looking forward to Paignton, not been for a few years but more or less know where everything is. The only dodgy part is there is no parking at the hotel so it’s either a multistorey or find a street.

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