Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • I woke up at eight this morning and it was a chilly minus 5 I doubt if it will get much above freezing.

    Ordered some new bedding from Amazon that’s about as exciting as my weekend is going to get I don’t know what I could possibly do to better it.

    Keep safe everyone

    Hi FBBs Xxxx Another freezing cold day. Temps rising here to 6 tomorrow and forecasting 14deg next Saturday !!!! It will be tropical, lol

    This mornings walk was a 2 hr one .. met up with a friend and her little King Charles plucky little dog 9yrs old like Pip. He has heart failure yet drags sticks nearly his size. lol Oh I love these 4 legged friends more than humans dare I say. lol
    The village is soo very quiet everyone snuggling in.

    Brads , glad you didn’t have after effects from your jab.. sounds like Heidi keeps you on your toes.. so glad she is eating well.

    Typhoo It does sound very cold in your corner of the world.
    How about summers how do they work do they stay cooler than the average too. Good we all have Amazon what would we do without them. I just received my Cider vinegar from them the same price and easier then fetching it from town.

    Sym… I have put myself on holiday till Monday .. just doing usual chores nothing etc I just cannot get motivated at all.. after the walk thats it for the day really. Not like me. Yes the red wine is lovely but quite heavy .. makes me want to eat too.. lol Have been mixing white wine or a tot of gin to tonic water I dont mind that. Kristy coming the 25th for 4 days and will be hard then .

    Hope everyone else is enjoying the day .. Take care all stay safe .

    Make someone smile everyday,
    But never forget you are someone too. Xxxx

    Hi All…
    Another very cold walk…roll on next week and better weather…

    Lazy book reading afternoon, seems a longer day…

    Gammon, eggs and chips tonight, putting peach slices on the side and a bit of juice all cooking with the gammon..long time since I have done that…glass of red too…

    Nice bedding to look forward too…it’s hard to find what to say when we all are doing so much, picking the best bits😂

    Nice to look forward to Kirsty coming, I would have that time off and enjoy her being around… too cold to do much today and everything up to date for me..sort of..
    Tomorrow I need to sort the car out as a service on Monday…lots of Charlie’s things, car covers and hairs need removing, hoping the day is a touch better…

    Jean x

    Evening! Eek, didn’t realise I’d not been on today!
    Jean- glad you had a lazy day, the gammon & peaches sound interesting!
    Dave- glad Heidi is eating, wonder if you’ll get any snow? Blame Typhoo’s throwing if you do!
    Typhoo- what exciting lives we’re leading! Tried to persuade hubby to get some fleecy bedding from Next, would keep me warm, but too hot for him! Maybe you need it that far north! I’m guessing veggie sausages for your sarnies?
    Hemmy- how lovely to see Kirsty soon! And nice to have company on your walk- your friend’s dog is doing really well to get to that age!
    Nana- hope that you enjoyed the takeaway!
    Kay- shame for you with no snow, when we’re all fed up with it!
    Minols- hope you’ve had a good family day!
    Drove to the heath for a walk with Xena, but still quite slippery on some of the paths, & she was pretty hyper in the car having not gone in it for a week! Saw Mum this afternoon, & have made a tarte tatin for son. He’s happy- has been looking for the bits to build a new computer & managed to pick up a crucial bit today. That’ll keep him busy when it all comes, he built his last one 5 years ago.
    Food okay today, didn’t need lunch, not often that happens!

    Good morning all

    It’s another cold morning here but not quite as cold as it’s been in the last week.

    Rain has been forecast for Monday and Tuesday so hopefully we’ll see the end of the icy weather.


    Linda McCartney vegetarian sausages are perfect for a sandwich very tasty ok I’d better stop beginning to make myself hungry 😝.

    Stay safe and warm everyone

    Hi FBBs Xxxx Milder weather but its brought rain with it and very dark .

    A shorter walk this morning… Pip was limping a bit last night .. ok again today but he like us all is getting older so I will do a shorter walk on a Sat-Sun I think.

    With the intense cold this week I sort of put my self on holiday lol .. nothing more than usual chores hoover tidy. I will start again tomorrow… the can of paint I bought weeks ago keeps looking at me. lolol

    Sym … the cars get taken over with these furry friends lol .. Mine is old now I call it my dog cart.. I dont need to be to fussy with it .. always gets a good clean for service etc. Hope you manage to get yours sorted for tomorrow.

    Hedgehogs.. your son is so cleaver to build computer well done him. Do you cook a Sunday roast today. I cant make up my mind whether I miss doing it or not. Lol

    Typhoo… Glad it s a bit milder for you today .. the intense cold is very tiring somehow even if you are not out in it. I have got a Tesco pasta meal for dinner will see what it s like. I have still not tried my Linda McCartney veg pies yet.

    Hope everyone is well and enjoying the day… Take care stay safe ..

    May your day be peaceful, happy and filled with love. Happy Valentine’s Day!💘

    Good afternoon. Bit warmer today 3°, not sleeping well at the moment,I managed to take my contact lenses out ok yesterday, will ware my specks today.Time to take Heidi out, she can’t walk very far these days, usually behind me instead of pulling me.


    It’s a very nice 5c here this afternoon so hopefully it’s the beginning of the thaw.

    Will be a little roast dinner for me shortly before I start my fast for Monday.

    Stay safe and warm everyone

    Afternoon All…
    A nightmare walk with a naughty dog I think eating fox poop, we were on the riverbank and he wasn’t listening, not coming back, running away when I was going to him, a fast river I have to have recall!…a smacked bum and returned on lead, spoilt a good walk….and bed! .. when we got back…. Too right he knew he was in bad books!!…..

    I have cleared the car out of clothes and towels etc as a service tomorrow, hoovered out the dog hairs ish, it’s so cold…up early in the morning for Charlie’s walk, I have to leave here about 9.40.

    Cooking a chicken for tonight, a dinner maybe…I am not so bothered really, a couple of good meals the last two days….might go in the freezer yet…

    My 14 year grandson is making a computer he messes about, I don’t know were he is up too..had lots of bits bought for Xmas..might be a bit different from your son…
    You still seem to have lots of bad weather about…we are not too bad, bits of ice and snow but not too much.

    The veggie sausages sound good for you..you will have to buy some..

    The car is clean sort of..a bit of a vac, a bit of a wipe around with scented disinfectant, it could be better…we got rid of the caravan last year so down graded the car to a bit smaller..I have a waterproof cover on the back seat with a piece of carpet for Charlie to sit on…does smell doggie at times..I get the windows down 😂 the furries they are worth it…

    Some lazy days on these cold days, might feel better to do things next week….

    Jean x

    Roast beef for us and cooking a chicken for Heidi. Doing her chicken in my Ninja, it’s a bit big the chicken,I should have spatchcocked it but will do it a bit longer and test it with a food thermometer.Been out and seen 3 different dogs, the first looked like an Egyptian dog you see in drawings, not a clue what it was, the second a Chow puppy don’t see many of them and the third a pug.Heidi gets on with all of them.

    Hi all – tummy beginning to runmble with your talk of food! Did a big butcher shop yesterday so tonight it is their own stir fry which is amazing…think we’ll eat early! Need to anyway cos I’m workign tonight.

    If I haven’t lost anythign tomorrow morning, I’ll need to declare a ‘no loss’ for Kay…but give me another 12 hours!


    Lolol Oh I am in envy Typhoo. Sym and Brads I cant stop think about roasties gravy yorkshire and all. lol Xxxx

    I do so hope this pasta is a least a bit tasty lol Mum always requested a lamb chop roast on a Sunday … lol not a joint as according to her the chops were the tastier.Made the best gravy.
    I often cursed her but she was a colourful character and knew exactly what she wanted.

    Sym .. sounds like Charlie was being in their wilful little boy stage today. Sometimes they just get the devil in them. ( I expect we do too.) lol

    Brads .. Heidi sounds of a lovely nature with other dogs. Pips ok with most but never really takes to Terriers they a bit to in his face excited and barky for him. I am always careful.

    Typhoo.. enjoy your roast and hopefully you will soon be enjoying a sausage sandwich if the weather stays good.

    Take care stay safe all Xxxx

    The roaat was very good though I did cook enough vegetables for two but that’s not the worst thing in the world to over eat.

    No Yorkshire puds here but don’t think I could have eaten them anyway with the plateful i had.


    I hope you enjoy your pasta and it’s as tasty as you were expecting.

    Let the fasting begin it has come around quickly again.

    Stay safe all.

    Evening All…
    Rather very cold this evening, hoping tomorrow the temperature rises…

    Car service and up early for us….

    I ended up having a chicken dinner, some left over for tomorrow….fast day for me…

    Roast beef very nice..I have a large joint in the freezer, would serve us all..I might defrost and cook then freeze in portions in gravy…I don’t want it to waste….we got it in for Xmas.

    Enjoy your stir fry..hope the scales are kind tomorrow….

    I did do a chicken dinner..easy tomorrow with cold meat.
    Mums always know best just easy to go with the flow..😂…I like lamb chops too…
    We have made friends now…I feel he’s my soul mate now, very much my rock wouldn’t know what to do without him. I feel he’s been specially sent for me …he’s a love….
    You must miss your Mum it’s early days for you too, she was always about.

    Jean x

    Give Heidi a big bowl of chicken, don’t think she’s had it yet but likes eating at gone midnight.5°C here now so spring is on the way. Must buckle down now to get losing weight. Just can’t get my daughter out of my mind.

    Well surprise surprise the tomato and cheese pasta I had thought veg in it but not was really good and tasty .. Thumbs up Tesco I will get it again. I also bought the cheese and mac called Hearty Food Co both are under 400 cals and a decent serving. A good price too compared to others.

    Typhoo .. when Kristy my daughter is here we fight over left over veg. lol who can get to the fridge first the next day.. to top them with cheese and Micro them… Yummy lol

    Minois .. hope the scales will be kind to you tomorrow.

    Sym… I feel the same as you do re Charlie with Pip. He was 5 months old when Andrew passed .. 9yrs ago May 1st… he kept me going knowing he needed me… plus all the walking.

    With Mum it was her 94th year so no real sadness it was her time to go and as she would have wished it.

    I hope all goes well with the timing etc with your car tomorrow. Nice to get stuff like that done and dusted.

    Brads … I am sure Heidi will eat that chicken all up .. then have you out later lol . Hope your daughter is ok..

    Good luck fasters tomorrow morning … I think it will be my usual Tues /Thurs this week .. but .. lolol I always need to shake things up and I am going to try Tues and Wed the following week see what happens lol .

    Take care stay safe FBBS Xxxx

    Good morning everyone,

    It’s a very grey morning here but hopefully it will rain and wash the ice away though it is slowly melting.

    Looking promising for a trip to Tesco so I can get some sausages ready for breaking my fast tomorrow morning. Maybe not the healthiest breakfast but it’s a one off.


    Good to hear your pasta was a winner it’s always great to have something like that as a goto meal.

    Good luck to all those fasting with me today and remember tomorrow we can eat normally.

    Morning all!
    Minols- hope the scales are kind to you..
    Jean- hope the service gets done okay. Lots of chicken left for you & Charlie today! Hope grandson gets on okay with his computer, I remember it being all a bit tense when he made the last one, have to keep dust & hairs out the way (not easy here!), keep static down, magnetic scewdrivers…he’s really into his gaming so very expensive parts!
    Dave- hope Heidi enjoys her chicken too! There’s a chow chow puppy round the corner from us, he’s not like a pup though, very quiet!
    Typhoo- I like the Linda M sausages best too. No bread for me though! Ice melting here as well.
    Hemmy- your mum sounds a character! Glad you have Pips to look after you…my car isn’t old but a work horse (Suzuki jeep) so don’t feel bad that it’s full of dog hair! No roast yesterday, a day off for valentines day! Glad your pasta meal was good, some of the meals mum gets from Sainsburys are really nice.
    FD for me. Xena did a Charlie today & ran off towards a road, gave me kittens! & at some point rolled in fox poo, so has had a mini bath. Nice to walk properly again though, not shuffling over ice! Exciting day- some jobs to do & will see mum this afternoon. The birthday cake I’m doing is for Weds, so will make the cake tonight & decorate it tomorrow.
    Have a good day, keep strong fasters!

    Fast day for me today. Had a weekend off so must try hard now to pull it back. Fed up of people saying stop the lockdown now, it’s too early, look what happened last time. Let’s wait a little longer get lots more vaccinated then start relaxing the rules slowly.

    Morning All..
    An early walk and out early to take the car for a service, a two hour wait..Charlie was sulking when I left him he’s so used to going everywhere with me.

    A fast day for me…..brought a small flask of coffee with me as they aren’t providing drinks or mags..

    Hope Heidi ate last night she enjoys her chicken…sorry things aren’t going well for the family at the moment things will sort them selves out…but it is worrying times.

    I am not a pasta lover maybe it’s the way I cook it, always rubbery …M & S is on my way home depending on time I might have a look at the food hall see if there’s anything what temps me..not good on a fast day!

    All the ice has gone this morning, lovely and mild….hope you get for your sausages …

    Jean x

    Ive been out and got a quick shop which did include the vegetarian sausages so can anyone guess what is on my menu for breakfast tomorrow morning?

    I don’t know what it is with dogs and foxes poo my labrador who is sadly no longer with us had the same appreciation for eating it.

    Stay safe, stay warm and stay strong everyone.

    Hi FBBs Xxxx what a glorious day.. we are on the dizzy heights of 12 deg with sunshine and blue sky. After walking my neighbour was going home to sit in her garden with coat and woolly hat on for a coffee. lol .

    Its really made me feel like spring cleaning… I haven’t started but feeling like it. lol

    Fasting tomorrow. Good luck fasters you know you can do it you have proved it time over.

    Typhoo .. so pleased you have sausages at yours and will enjoy a lovely breakfast tomorrow. after your fasting today. Glad its warming up for you.

    Hedgehogs.. Oh I just hate that feeling when they run off its really a stomach turner. OMG That fox poo smell is horrendous I tried the shampoo but didn’t find it brilliant. I soak a wet cloth with vinegar it neutralizes it . Hope your cake all goes to plan …. Have a nice visit with your Mum.

    Brads .. I am with you about relaxing the rules .. slowly does it else we will be soon back to square one. Good luck with you fasting .. what are you eating. .

    Sym … Hope your car service went well. .. always good to know your car is ok living in village. I love the M&5 Italian range 3 for £7 .. Its in town though and Tesco is nearer.

    Enjoy your day everyone what ever you are doing Fasting or mindfully feasting lol

    Take care and stay safe all. Love who you can..Help where you can…Give what you can. Xxxx

    Afternoon everyone, the day started off dull and raining but turned into a lovely sunny day with a temperature of 12°C at the moment but Hemmy I’m not tempted to sit outside like your friend. Not fasting today or tomorrow as I’ve got a blood doning appointment tomorrow afternoon and need to have eaten well beforehand plus its shrove tuesday so pancakes again for tea. Going to do a b2b FDs Weds & Thurs instead.
    Tesco online shop delivery first thing this morning and then our daily constitutional walk.
    Hope everyone else is having a good day so far whether fasting or not and keep safe.
    Nana x

    Fast day going well, been steam cleaning in the kitchen so that’s passed the time. Need some batteries for the waste bin. Debating what to have for tea, scrambled eggs or poached,beans or bacon, decisions, decisions.11°C here so still nice and warm. No woolly hat needed today for our walks.


    It’s warming up nicely here too will soon need to get the shorts and tshirts out. 😎

    I am very tempted to have my sausage sandwich tonight but would probably be too many calories so probably pasta for me soon.

    My new duvet and bedding have arrived so looking forward to a very clean and warm bed tonight.

    Hi FBBs Xxxx

    So glad to hear its warming up everywhere… Lots of decisions about dinner tonight .. lol I know mine its going to be fried egg homemade chips and baked beans yummy .

    Nanafixit.. That sounds a good idea doing the back to back .. will see how you go and try it next week. No not warm enough for me to sit out either lol.

    Sooo annoyed as started my spring cleaning in my hallway .. Decided to take down the shade to wash .. I couldn’t undo the fitting for the bulb. Anyway thought oh just wipe the shade up there with a wet wipe… went against my gut feeling kept tugging and pulled the fitting off so just two wire hanging. lol So answerphone message out to electrician. I am always telling Kristy go with your gut feeling lolol.

    Take care all stay safe. xxxx

    Hi FBBs Xxxx

    So glad to hear its warming up everywhere… Lots of decisions about dinner tonight .. lol I know mine its going to be fried egg homemade chips and baked beans yummy .

    Nanafixit.. That sounds a good idea doing the back to back .. will see how you go and try it next week. No not warm enough for me to sit out either lol.

    Sooo annoyed as started my spring cleaning in my hallway .. Decided to take down the shade to wash .. I couldn’t undo the fitting for the bulb. Anyway thought oh just wipe the shade up there with a wet wipe… went against my gut feeling kept tugging and pulled the fitting off so just two wire hanging. lol So answerphone message out to electrician. I am always telling Kristy go with your gut feeling lolol.

    Take care all stay safe. xxxx

    Evening All..
    Kitchen closed a good day…

    Car all done, a touch early..popped to M&S picked a few things up to try in the food…I never go there but with being on my own daughter suggested a few nice things, tempt you when you don’t don’t what you want.

    Katie in the States has snow and a power cut from 4.30 am, so she’s been off 8 hours now..they never get snow!..children will be excited.

    Sausages sarnies tomorrow 😀..nice…….enjoy your new bedding tonight..sleep tight…

    Your neighbour was pushing it a bit..sitting in the garden..well done her.
    I bought at Marks, meat pie, 2 Kiev’s, 2 fish cakes, assortment of cold slaws, seeded loaf….I had a gift card 14 months old so started to use it…I need my daughter with me she knows the better deals.
    Vinegar is a good idea for accidents 😂

    Did you get your cake made?..has it been a games day with mum….hope she’s ok.

    Hope your blood giving session goes well tomorrow…pancakes again you spoil him….lovely day for walking, very Spring like.

    Well done keeping away from the Easter Eggs…I have bags of buttons in the fridge 😀

    Oh poor you..hate jobs what start then turns into a nightmare …pushing for Spring cleaning already…I would rather think a bit longer 😂
    Egg and chips my favourite…..brings me back to my Dad, it’s the only thing he could cook, he cooked them well…

    Going to see my daughter tomorrow just a couple of hours for lunch..I am in her bubble. Weeks pass without seeing anyone, just passing dog walkers.

    Play date with Oreo at 8 am at the park..it will be a mud bath..!!

    Jean x

    Good morning

    The sausage sandwich for breakfast was definitely a winner but not something I would have every day.

    The scales are saying I’m losing weight slowly which is ideal but I can already fit into jeans a size smaller that I could never have got into a few months ago.

    Good luck to all those fasting today remember it’s just mind over matter.

    The zip on my new duvet cover has broken already so have had a quick visit to tesco as it was the only king size I had.

    Bed now made and ready for me to collapse into later but on the bright side I have another clean bed for tonight.

    Was going to buy some hot cross buns but couldn’t find any at least i can’t the added weight on 😝.

    Hi FBBs sooo much warmer thank goodness.

    A dry walk but its now turned wet. .. bulbs are coming back to life after being frozen

    .Well my call still out for the electrician .. they say there is no work for building trade but you try to get someone. lol

    Sym… Those gift cards are so useful you can then treat yourself as you will.

    I hope you had a lovely lunchtime visit with your daughter .. I love being around the younger ones hearing their views on life etc. lol

    Did you manage a dry walk today.. so much warmer but muddy towels again. You cant win. lol.

    Typhoo… Lovely you got to enjoy your sandwich today .. plus a size down in jeans brilliant. I think when that happens its one of the very best feelings. Do you still have far to go .. I would be happy with another 7-8 loss now. Its so annoying when something is faulty such a shame about the Zip.
    Well done on not getting hot cross buns. lol

    Fast day for me anyone else? This time around maybe as not much to lose I am enjoying the fast days rather than dreading them. I had forgotten how good I feel the day after uplifted lighter within the body if not scales lol.. notice it walking too. Yay bring it on we can do this just for the one day.

    Good luck fasters .. enjoy mindful eating feasters .. Take care stay safe all.
    Today is the oldest you’ve been and the youngest you’ll ever be again… so just be happy. Xxxx


    I have another 21 pounds I would ideally like to lose, Im hoping to lose at least another pound this week and get under 14 stone for the first time in years.

    Yesterday’s fast was slightly extended to 40 hours by the time I ate this morning as I wasn’t ready for eating when I woke up.

    It’s not a bad day here all the snow and ice has gone and not too chilly.

    Good afternoon sunny here and 11°C. Done the Sainsbury’s shopping, wore my contact lenses so no steamed up glasses.Cant see as well with them but nice not to ware specks all the time. Was up while almost 3am this morning watching hockey. Definitely not a fast day today, pancakes later 😋😋.

    Afternoon everyone had our usual daily constitutional walk this morning and then I went to blood doning which went alright. It was quite busy but well spaced it was good that people are still donating. Only downside was that only cold drinks were offered afterwards no nice warm drink.
    Looking forward to our pancakes later on.
    B2B FDs tomorrow and Thursday hope I can manage it.
    Looks like we’re going to be in for a mild weekend weather wise with a temperature of 16°C expected.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Well done on the blood Nana,I can’t do it anymore. I never had a bit drink after giving blood, always orange juice and a biscuit. Got rain here now, looking forward to pancakes later, funny that we only ever have them on Shrove Tuesday.

    It’s a very balmy 10c here better be careful going out I don’t want to get sun burn.

    No pancakes here I actually forgot it was shrove Tuesday never mind I’ve eaten well enough with my sandwich this morning.

    10 °C here too.I will be having pancakes😋😋😋

    Evening All..
    Early park walk, a hour with Charlie then went to daughters, good chat ordered a couple of jumpers at next sales, daughter has bought loads of tops for school spent £50 over £200 in the proper price.

    Good news on going down a size, the weight will follow, sounds good…shame on your duvet glad you got it sorted…you enjoyed your sausage sarnie a lovely treat….

    Hemmy …
    A lovely mild dry walk, hat in pocket…could get used to it 😂…brought some snowdrops home from daughters gardens, shall plant them with Steve, they will be out for his birthday next year.
    Hope your fast day has gone well…

    The optician might tweak your lenses, give you better vision, they did it with me lost a bit for reading. You are doing well, it’s not easy.

    Good luck on the B2B it’s not easy…I might get in the garden I have a couple of bushes which need trimming back…

    I forgot the pancakes had a few biscuits instead…

    Jean x

    To be honest if I lose a stone and get around the 13 stone weight I would be very happy, that’s my goal as at 6″2 I don’t want to look too skinny.

    I hope everyone enjoys their pancakes while in Tesco’s I did look at the Easter eggs but walked away empty handed.


    I hope you’re biscuits were good, what’s your favourite or biscuit of choice?. Has to be something that can be dunked in a hot drink for me.

    Stay safe and warm everyone


    It’s got to be chocolate digestive my top one, that’s was tonight’s, custard cream although I don’t buy them much now..

    I started buying the biscuits again as I wasn’t eating anything after Steve passed…I really must put a stop to it…eat what I have then no more….
    Habits are too easy to start again 😬

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs Xxxx

    Fast went well 2 coffees and a cottage pie and a couple of satsumas. Just over 600 cals so ok with that.

    I am oh sooo very chuffed elated in fact lolol .. Pip and I managed 4-5pm in the garden troweling up the bulbs. So very happy this evening. lol

    Typhoo .. you did so well with a 40 hour fast .. you will soon be at your target. The better weather is such an inspiration. The hope of new growth and less growth for us all. lol

    Nanafixit.. well done you for giving blood its very much needed. Enjoy your pancakes you deserve them.

    Brads enjoy your pancakes. I often fancy one so will have one for lunch often savory rolled with ham and cheese then quick flash under the grill or with just sugar and lemon. My Mum put golden syrup on them.. squeeze of lemon. .

    Sym… Sounds like you had a good old lunchtime with your daughter and buying too. lol These youngsters know all the bargains free offers etc . Sometimes I do come unstuck listening to Kristy Lol like this shampoo for blondes lol supposed to tone down the colour lol £28 designer .. it to me was rubbish so she ended up with it lol.

    Have a good evening everyone. Xxxx

    Nana- well done giving blood! Pancakes well deserved! Hope you get on okay doing b2b…
    Typhoo- well done going down a size 😁 13 stone sounds quite low for 6’2″? You do well extending the fasts, I’m hoping when I get back into the keto I can do longer ones again!
    Jean- nice to have a catch up with your daughter, Next stuff very nice for the school children! I do like M&S food too, try not to go too often, too tempting! The snow drops will be lovely next spring…
    Dave- hope that you can get used to the contact lenses…did you enjoy your pancakes?
    Hemmy- lovely to get out in the garden for a bit! We had muddy towels too today! Well done with your fast today, you can eat tomorrow! How’s Pip’s leg today?
    Busy day- a lovely walk in the forest, decorated the cake- looks okay but it was a bit dry, I overcooked it a bit, extra buttercream on it! Saw Mum this afternoon, then a pancake marathon- american style ones for the others, keto ones for me, chocolate sauce, bananas, strawberries, raspberries, whipped cream, maple syrup…sitting down now for my favourite programme- Dogs behaving badly!

    Good morning all

    It’s looking very wet outside this morning but I would much rather have the rain than more snow.


    Apparently the ideal weight for someone my height is between ten and a half stone and thirteen stone 13lbs if I was the former i would probably look like a toothpick 😝.

    I wonder when the time eventually comes and I’m able to go into maintenance I will miss the two fasts a week strange as it sounds.

    Stay safe and warm everyone.

    HI everyone
    Don’t know where the week has gone!
    We’ve made it to half-term…all 3 days and a weekend of it. And to be honest, I haven’t made the most of no home schooling today. But I’m not too worried at giving myself a slightly quieter few days. I’ve got some practical things to do, and I’m speaking at the funeral of a dear friend tomorrow…so definitely not beating myself up over anything now.
    Might make some lemon curd muffins in her honour this evening – she was a fabulous cook.
    Didn’t lose anything btw last week but that’s alright – wtill got 10 days left of Feb!


    Afternoon All…
    A different river walk this morning with Oreo, the boys played and run a lot..both very tired…

    The weather is beautiful got out and pruned two bushes/trees, used a neighbours bin and mine so got quite a bit done.
    I called at the cemetery planted some snowdrops and took some flowers from Steves daughters..

    Waiting for daughter to call then off for our walk, a change of clothes is order of the day as very mild…

    A good fast day yesterday..well done..those coffees keep you going…fast day for me tomorrow you will be too..

    The Next stuff was for daughter..keeping her smart for school…pancakes sounded divine all those berries..

    Keep to a good weight not too thin….you are tall…you will know when you get there..

    Keeping sane in school holidays, take it steady..a funeral I don’t know how you do it especially for a friend, hope all goes well..a bit more of the month to loose some weight 🤞

    Walk time calls…M & S fish cakes for tonight…looking forward to them, they have parsley in I would rather have sage..but they will be fine…

    Jean x

    Evening all

    I haven’t done anything as exciting as many of you have today although with the barbers being closed for the time being I did get the clippers out and give myself a haircut.

    If I don’t lose anything this week I am putting the blame firmly on those sausage sandwiches I have had for breakfast 😂😝.

    Let the fasting begin again it has come around really quickly this week.

    Evening everyone my fd has gone well today just hope I can do the same tomorrow.
    Minols I like the sound of those Lemon Curd muffins.
    Jean a busy day in the garden been to wet here. According to the weather forecast we’re in for mild weekend weather.
    Typhoo if I can lose weight eating pancakes last week I’m sure a sausage sandwich won’t cause a gain.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    My fish cakes were delicious…they hit the spot..

    The sausage sandwich may give you a boost..fingers crossed for you…

    Hope you both feel better after your falls…take it steady..I walked without my winter coat, the temperature was falling I felt chilly…

    I am now fasting so joining you both as now for tomorrow…

    Jean x

    Hi FBBs Xxxx

    Another lovely warm day .. neighbour walked this morning a good catch up after all the intensely cold day s that were too much for her.

    I am really chuffed with myself as I have had a good mindful day.. well i say that but TBH I haven’t felt that hungry. lol

    Did a big shop at Lidl out of town store.. I couldn’t be bothered to go into town needed tealights as I use loads find them oh so very calming especially during the winter months . Will order on line. Find i am using Amazon more and more. lol

    Sooo a fast again tomorrow Sym,,, Typhoo .. Nanafixit and anyone else. .. Think I will try for a really good one 500 cals at the most.. So looks like an omelette lol Tried and tested. lol

    Sym… yes.. these ole milky coffees some how fill me up. I do full fat everything now… Its more filling in the long run.

    Enjoy your evening everyone. Take care stay safe
    When you love what you have,You have everything you need. Xxxx

    Evening everyone,

    Another FD done, just tomorrow left, before I can relax!

    Well done everyone for fasting this week, and good luck for tomorrow.

    Minols, love the sound of lemon curd muffins….

    Jean and Hemmy, good to get some stuff done in the garden. I did some stuff yesterday, even planted up some seeds.

    Typh00, well done on the haircut! I’m sure the sausage sandwich won’t cause a problem!

    HH, I’m sure the cake will be fine, love buttercream 😋

    Can’t see much on TV for this evening, got a couple of things recorded to watch, otherwise its more on the jigsaw! It’s extremely hard going, the most challenging yet, but I’ll get there!


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