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  • Morning all – well, I declare it a bruise on bruise on bruise on bone day! Sitting at my desk and trying to keep moving so I don’t seize up after another fall this morning! My own fault…I was just finishing the thought ‘I love that comforting crumping sound of stepping on fresh snow that you can get a good grip into…’ – of course, I should never have let myself start that thought! 10 minutes after that fall, I was striding out again and caught the thought starting again…stopped the thought and only slid rather than falling again! I have to stop my thoughts!

    Up early watching the disaster that is America and comforting myself with custard creams…the last of them, thank goodness!

    Internet is terrible this morning – can’t wait until my ethernet cable arrives. So I think having done the absolutely neccessary, i’m going to kill all sorts of birds with one stone and tidy / re-arrange the study. Seriously toying with one of those ‘stand up desks’ things to sit on part of my work area so I’m a bit more mobile at least for some of what I do…but that requires some sorting!


    Minols you better get some stabilisers 😁.Snow here but nothing to shout about. Not a fast day today and Friday may have to be cancelled it’s Denise’s birthday so there will be cake 🤪😱😋😋.

    Weighed in this morning and 2lbs down. Not bad for short week.
    Weighing in on Thursdays up until my birthday, so 12 weeks of SOFA.

    Take it carefully Minols, it sounds bad up there…ice on snow.

    Sun out here. No snow and frost gone.

    Finding it a bit hard to get motivated today,have been doing 1 tidy/clean task last 2 days. Today’s task may be a tiny one 😄

    Morning All…
    A very slow wary walk this morning..-2 when going out…I just feel so guilty not taking him out…he’s all settled wrapped in his blanket now..so much easier then playing all day!!

    Going to batch cook some buttered chicken curry for the freezer, first lot of one portions!

    I know what you mean nothing to say as nothing is happening ..I have arranged a walk with someone next week off my walking group, just one to one as it’s allowed, ringing her Monday to organise time..a walk and chat hope it goes ok.

    Poor you…we will have to compare bruises or not..😂..mine from Sunday is still very painful to sit, I was told a few people fell at the car park and someone broke her ankle..so we are both lucky in a painful way.
    My hot water bottle keeps having the water changed !!…take care…no more thinking, it’s not good for you….

    How old is the birthday girl?..is that three years you have been with us?…my weight is going up, the fasting may start on Monday…join the sofa?

    Well done on 2lbs off…a tidy job a day, a good idea….might join you in that idea…a few things to do here, next week the weather is better I will get more motivated ..

    Take care and keep safe everyone..

    Jean x

    Afternoon all!
    Minols- poor you again…hope it doesn’t aggravate your back, take it easy! Oh, & keep away from the custard creams! Even though the US is a mess…
    Jean- still slippery out there for you, hope it’s better this afternoon. Good you have your appetite back, enjoy the chicken…
    Kay- well done to you with 2lbs off already! Hope you can find some motivation for jobs!
    Dave- is Denise baking her own cake, or will you have a go?! Keep safe if you do get snow!
    Nana- enjoy your walks, hope it’s not too crowded. Would you be able to meet your daughter outside, one to one?
    Too icy to drive somewhere to walk Xena this morning, & footpath from here will be a mudbath so took her to the park, she loves her ball! Rang my HS family, but difficult for her to talk as all 4 children are at home now. Have tackled a big pile of ironing, a little sit down now & then asda order coming. Another 800cal FD for me, stomach still gnawing after food though 😬

    Denise will be 69 on Friday, I have 19 days where she is 3 years older than me 😁.I volunteered to bake a cake but she said she would buy one in Sainsbury’s.Took my boots off now, will use shoes at 10 pm for the final walk of the day, Heidi’s started telling me it’s time to go out at 10pm🤪.

    We took Tara for a walk this afternoon rather than leave her to the garden and as predicted it was a big struggle! Even with her double clip lead on her harness, she pulled like a train! And lunged and barked at people and dogs close by.
    We can’t drive over to see our dog trainer at the moment and we’ve lapsed in our training – Tara is very reactive at the moment. Every sound outside has her barking and barking – it’s very waring. Going to have to do some more reading on desensitisation!!

    HH, hope your Asda order arrives OK. We have a sainsbury order due tomorrow. Im very keen to avoid the supermarkets.

    Jean, glad you managed to walk today and it sounds like you are slowly improving from your fall.

    Minols I hope you aren’t too bruised from yours!

    I think its going to be even colder tomorrow and then we can hopefully see an improvement, although that could see us with rain.

    Dave, enjoy your day with Denise tomorrow. Cake day!

    Good luck to those weighing in tomorrow on the SOFA! x

    Mornign everyone

    Kay – sorry to hear Tara is struggling with life just now…and that means you are, too!

    Denise – happy birthday…from your extended ‘friend-ly’ (a bit like an extended family!)

    Well, I’m on the way to my SOFA – 2lbs off this morning and absolutely chuffed! It’s been a while! Trying not to be too excited!


    Argh, just lost my post 😬
    Dave- happy birthday to Denise 🎂
    Minols- well done on your 2lbs off! Hope it’s not too slippery for you today!
    Jean- same for you!
    Kay- can you do something online with your trainer? It’s hard to keep it up all the time, especially if you have to walk her on your own…how’s your leg now? Hope you get your shopping okay!
    Nana- are you having a takeaway this week?
    Very cold walk with Xena, now have to cut boys’ hair, & seeing mum this afternoon. Having a low day today, maybe not 800 cals, didn’t get the stuff for a stirfry tonight, so will be a few cals more than planned!
    Have a good day all!

    Happy Birthday Denise! Enjoy your cake Dave.

    Minols, fantastic start! We’ve all done well.

    SOFA so-far 😄
    Nana 3
    Jo 3
    Minols 2
    Kay 2

    Julie you are doing well with 800 days, are you weighing in or like Dave, waiting a while.

    If anyone has icy conditions be careful!

    Sainsburys order due later with a few substitutions.
    Fast day today and then a more relaxed but careful 2 days.

    HH, I think I might email my dog trainer and see if she can send me some tasks.

    There is a new Fast 800 book out, recipes I think. I have had an email newsletter with a couple of recipes in. I might have a look at the book. Could do with some inspiration for different meals.

    Still feeling quite tired, so is Neil, don’t know why. No late nights at the mo. Maybe we aren’t being active enough.

    I think on the whole, my leg is much better. Still a bit of numbness in my foot but less pain on my skin on touch and the rash is just visible in places.
    I’m going to just carry on and ignore it. From what I’ve read vasculitis can take a while to go, but in mild cases just clears on its own, so I’m going to see how it goes.

    Right better do something I guess!

    Stay safe all x

    Evening everyone, am pleased to say that the scales showed me a 3lb loss this Morning so that’s the Christmas gain disposed of now to keep on losing each week though obviously not going to be the same loss each week. Well done on your loss Minols.
    Well done to the rest of you who’ve also lost weight this week on our SOFA challenge.
    Hedgehogs yes just enjoyed our first takeaway of the new year an Indian and very nice it was too.
    Have gone over my calorie allowance today so will need to keep it low for the next few days.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Good afternoon everyone, cold here but not slippy.The sun is out and it’s 1°C so still very cold. Clear blue sky so the hat and gloves will be on for our walk.

    Afternoon All…
    A very cold slippy morning again, I feel very frightened to walk out..I managed to wait till 10 but the boy was waiting and I felt mean..I have bought some grips for my boots so hoping they will make me feel better, although the weathers improving from tomorrow.

    Batch cooked the boys chicken and mince for the freezer, 36 portions for dinners keep him going for nearly three weeks, throwing some scrambled eggs in.

    My back still feels really sore, improving I think but sore…a week now. Hot water bottle out day and night.

    I am walking out with someone next week from my club I have joined but not sure if it’s a really good idea with the virus and what we really should be doing or not doing..I am thinking about it but must ring her tomorrow with my decision…I could always see her at a later date…

    Keep safe everyone..

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone, a horrible foggy day here with 0°C. Have been busy making bread rolls and some three ingredien peanut butter biscuits.
    Now going to sit down and might have a glass of wine.
    Take care everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Afternoon all.

    Grey and cold here. I think its due to get warmer after tomorrow but I hope we don’t have grey wet days.

    Got bread baking in the machine. Made pastry earlier in prep for pasties for tea.

    Definitely a relaxed eating day today! Just opened the Panatonne I received for Christmas! Will try and get the rest of it into the freezer if I can get Neil away from it!

    Just had a chat online with my mum, she’s a bit down so will have a facetime with her later.

    We have caught up with a few dramas on TV so don’t know what we will watch tonight or do.

    I’ve picked up my online photography course that I started ages ago and did a unit yesterday. So will carry on with that for something to do.

    Still doing small house tasks every day. Today I tidied out a couple of kitchen cupboards.

    Watched The Dogfather last night. He makes training seem so easy!
    We have a session in the secure field tomorrow so we are going to try some recall on a long lead after she has had a run around and play!

    Jean you are allowed to exercise outside with 1 other person if you maintain distance but I know what you mean. This 2nd strain is so vigilant that it makes you really want to stay away from everyone!
    Maybe delay it a couple of weeks, see if things improve.

    Nana, you’ve been baking too.
    I’m going to join you in a drink. I’ve been good all week.

    Minols, hopefully you have had no more falls. Have you got a timetable worked out for work and home schooling?

    I think it may be time to start preparing the innards for the pasties…..

    Keep safe all x

    Nana- well done with 3lbs off! Glad the takeaway was good! I love peanut butter biscuits, save me one?! ☺
    Kay- glad your leg seems to be improving! Hope that you can get some help from the dog trainer, & glad you can still go to the field with Tara.
    Jean- it’s been slippy here all day today! I’m sure you’ll be fine meeting the lady, just keep a bit of distance, it’s nice to meet someone to chat with…that injury will take a while to heal, you could even have cracked the bone, but there’s no treatment for it 😬 you could try icing & heat alternately, with a break inbetween?
    Minols- hope you’re having a family day?
    Dave- where are you, all okay?
    Had an icy walk with Xena this morning, all fine round the fields. Made cheesecakes for the boys, & have seen mum again this afternoon, too much of a risk for sis to see her now, not that mum can understand it! Not a FD for me today…I’ll weigh perhaps at the end of next week!
    Have a good day all!

    Good afternoon, watching the football on BBC iPlayer. Heidi gets me up at the Same time every day🤪.So no chance of a lie in 😵, it’s like summer here 4°C.

    Afternoon All..
    My first ever Morrison’s delivery slot…I have one for the end of the month…I just can’t get a Tesco one. When is the dead line for last add ons??….anyone.

    Walking out shortly looks dull, sun shining earlier but cloudy now.

    I have spoke to my walking lady, I have decided to leave it till after lockdown as it’s about 8 mile drive, it goes against the guidelines and I feel I must be safer…

    Bread and biscuits sound lovely..

    Your pasties looked tasty..hope your training went well today..

    Still feeling very sore, maybe easing very slightly..I have found some Deepheat which I have rubbed in…
    I have decided to keep away from everyone, it’s so bad now….hope Mum was fine yesterday..

    Summer at 4 degrees!!..a bit colder here…hope you enjoy your sport today…

    Walk time for us again, he’s fast asleep…

    Jean x

    Just been out with Heidi in the rain☔☔. Didn’t see any of her pals, nobody out. Roast chicken for tea deciding whether to make Yorkshire pudding or not. I have stopped having gravy with chicken. Watching never the twain in TV😁.

    Good afternoon people.Wet and miserable today 🙄.Fast day today but feeling hungry already. So 🤞I will last out until at least 5pm.

    Afternoon everyone…

    No ice today – wahey! Just done the daily walk with the boy…his last trip to Greggs as we’ve decided that’s one risk we still have that we don’t need, so we’ve picked him up a stash of sausage rolls.

    He’s been great keeping to task for home-schooling this morning and is just finishing his maths so that I can run a zoom group at 2pm. It cramps what I can do, somewhat, but there’s always bits and pieces that wouldn’t normally be a priority… and I’m working every evening this week, so I’m probably still ‘working my hours’!

    Decided against fasting today, but eating healthily and aiming to decrease intake through the day (an idea from a book on menopause I’m reading!)

    Catch you later.


    No custard creams I hope Minols. Got soaked taking Heidi out for a walk. Warm here, no heating on 🥴. Waiting for an Amazon delivery, it’s showing 7 stops away.

    Afternoon All..
    Play date this morning at the park, 75 mins, fast and running tired him out.

    First fd for me in 13 weeks, as I fell asleep over lunch that made it easier…very bad heartburn in the night so bad nights sleep…totally due to me drinking 3 glasses of red wine and a box of chocolates so it was well deserved …🐷🐷🐷

    Day has gone fast and nearly next walk, feels like a wasted day…….my USA daughter will be ringing shortly a chat before we go.

    It’s not bad here a cold wind…no frost…I am still really sore, it’s been a lazy week…

    Must be so difficult doing home schooling and your job too..sausage rolls seem a good idea..make things easy…

    Jean x

    Jean- glad the playdate went well! Hope your tummy’s okay now after last night…
    Minols- glad your son’s doing okay with his school work & hope that the zoom went okay! Keep strong this week if you’re decreasing food intake- do you mean like having more earlier in the day & less later?
    Kay- did Tara enjoy the space at tge field? Does it wear her out well?
    Dave- a shame you got wet, not surprised nobody was out! Don’t ever have gravy, but son showed me the other day that bisto beef gravy is actually vegetarian 😂
    Nana- hope you’ve had a good FD, & did you get a walk in before the village got too busy?
    A later walk for me, messing about with the boys as they were up earlier, had to pop out for some more food as they’ve eaten all the bread & bacon! Saw mum in the afternoon- she said she’d be okay on her own yesterday, but then hadn’t gone to Church as usual & spent all morning in bed, which she does on her down days😬 Had sent her round a roast yesterday though & she’d enjoyed that. Had a good afternoon today.
    Dinner eaten, still hungry! 800 cals, will hopefully do a week of that…

    Evening everyone have had another good FD next one Thursday.
    Hedgehogs had an extended walk today as we needed to collect our repeat prescriptions from the next village – met lots of people going there and back.
    Mainly dog walkers and cyclists.
    Jean sounds like Charlie has had a good day and should sleep well tonight.
    Minols keep up the healthy eating.
    Take care everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening All…
    A good first fast day in 13 weeks…finished about 600 calories quite happy with that..Thursday will be my next one….

    Charlie is top note tonight playing…he has too many toys, too many to put away for me 😂

    Tummy all well now, it will keep me off chocolate and wine for a bit but still sore on my butt..a few yellow bruises coming out which I missed before..
    Beef bisto I can take to the USA but chicken bisto I can’t!!…no meat products in the first!
    Does your mum have a lot of low days, is it the dementia, virus or missing your dad?..

    A good walk for you, it’s nice living rural….I do think a lot are people are out and about and not staying in like they should, lots of cars on the road.

    Charlie’s crashed out thank goodness..fast asleep.

    Jean x

    HH I have gravy , just not with chicken, don’t like the bisto chicken gravy. The beef gravy is lovely with all the meat juices.Still pouring down, never stopped once, don’t think Heidi will be going far at 10pm.

    Another 800 day for me, going okay. A good long walk this morning but more people about, Xena’s getting more nervous with other daogs now, she never used to be…Have got a stew going in the slow cooker, salad for me! Going to see mum again. Jean- she’s having less low days, it’s a mixture of missing dad, but the dementia is making her more emotional & anxious, although she’s never been a very strong person…
    Have a good afternoon all ☺

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely day today …beautiful blue skies and bright…looks like we are getting a bit lighter on the nights too….good for the late walk..A change tomorrow slippy again and sleet or snow for a couple of days.

    A light day food wise again..trying to think before it jumps in my mouth…Charlie’s not happy as no biscuits are coming out at cuppa time…I seemed to get into the habit again after Steve passed as I wasn’t eating.

    I was wondering about your Mum, thinking how long the grieving lasts, I know it comes and goes. She’s mixed with the dementia as well. You obviously miss him too.
    I think I am doing better than I expected I would, it’s hard to know what to expect. It’s 13 weeks now, I am getting more used to being on my own with the boy, I don’t mind my own company. I miss Steve terribly I sometimes can’t believe he’s not here. I feel lost at times and not busy.

    It will be better when the weather improves and virus gets under control…hopefully …

    Jean x

    Good evening,a dry day today for a change. I have been adding storage to my firestick,I have added a 64 gig pen drive half went to internal memory and the other half to external memory.

    Morning all!
    Jean- I think everyone’s different with the grieving; we saw a change with FIL after 6 months he definitely coped better. Mum & Dad were like you & Steve, they were very close & spent lots of time together, so it’s harder, but then as Mum’s not strong & has the dementia it makes her worse…she’s never been a coper & has always relied on others to look after her 😞 Obvs the virus has made things worse too.
    Dave- hope you enjoyed playing about with the firestick & sorting out more stuff for the TV…
    Hope everyone’s okay…
    Another 800 cal day for me, very hungry now, had a couple of rice cakes. A good walk with Xena, muddy though, the ice had melted on our way back so it was soggy! Catching up on some cleaning, not seeing mum today, her friend’s popping round with Avon stuff, hopefully they’ll just chat on the doorstep & not inside!
    Anyone else fasting?

    Good afternoon,got the computer back up working but not tried it today. Managed to add extra storage to firestick, about 30 gig internal and external so shouldn’t get you don’t have enough room to download this app or that. Still got a one terabyte hard drive to use yet.

    Hi all – quick post cos the dog has just butted his nose into the study and pacing pointedly!

    Starting to snow here, and cold if I don’t move regularly, but coping alright. Still trying to eat more int he first half of the day – the old breakfast like a king, lunch like a …don’t remember – middle manager? and dine like a pauper! Still trying not to start eating too early, though, so porridge is around 9ish. Tyring to eat reasonalby at lunch…enough to wait until the OH is home, and then make sure mine is the smallest portion on the table. Still not sure how to have a FD with the boy around though – partly because of the temptation to eat, partly because it’s easy to prep for us both, partly cos I’ve never wanted his abiding image of womanhood to be dieting! Maybe I’ll get a tub of chorizo soup out for tomorrow or Friday, and he can have a treat of breakfast ceral and fruit…we’ll see!


    Hi everyone…FD going alright so far, so having got to this point, I’m going to have an omelette as my main meal, full of protein in the hope that will keep me satisfied! Then a discussion group this afternoon that should prove an interesting distraction…it’s all about the distractions!


    Minols- hope your FD goes okay…very hard with your son around I know the feeling! Good point about not wanting him to see you always dieting, I must admit I’ve never worried about that with my boys, their favourite one I did was Slim Slow- Slim Fast, but it was never fast for me- nothing’s changed!
    Another attempt at 800 cals today, have had sitting down jobs to do so hopefully won’t have a low sugar wobble later! Very, very cold though! Seeing Mum shortly…

    Hope you’re mum’s alright, HH – I know it’s a mixture of good and bad. You know where to draw your strenght.

    Good afternoon, didn’t get to bed until almost 3-30am, was watching ice hockey.Saturday and Sunday is ice hockey again, so depending on where they play it will be 2 late mornings or if it’s to late a start maybe no late mornings.Wet here but no snow. Heidi is eating better after having nothing the day before.

    Evening everyone a quick check in. Have had a not to bad FD as I caved in and had soup at lunchtime as I was so hungry and cold. Weigh in tomorrow morning and see how I’ve done.
    Went to have an Eye test on Tuesday as I need to renew my driving licence and needed to prove I’d had a recent eye test felt nervous going but it was fine with very good safety precautions in place. No need for new glasses and no need to go back for two years unless any problems occur.Also everyone walking around the streets were all masked up and keeping a safe distance.
    Hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe.
    Nana x

    Hi all

    My dream came true I lost 40 kg in 2 months! In this video, you will see how I did it. What products need to be removed there are only 4 of them!!! https://stfly.me/vmxImYu9
    No I am very happy)) Will go on

    My dream came true I lost 40 kg in 2 months! In this video, you will see how I did it. What products need to be removed there are only 4 of them!!! https://stfly.me/vmxImYu9

    Evening All…

    What a awful day, -2 all day with freezing fog and the cold biting your ears..slippy this morning but not tonight.

    I am down 1 lb at weigh in..I am trying to keep within 2 lbs up and down maintaining about at that..so my SOFA is different for me…I am getting my appetite back so must cut back on my biscuits, which I was eating more of, as not having proper food.

    I feel for you all the cold and snow…hope the new system works eating breakfast like a King, I know it’s hard to diet with the boy at home…keep safe when you are roaming about….

    I don’t know how you cope with late nights..I have been in bed 5 hours when you go to bed….

    Keep strong you have got the weight off before you can do it again…maybe the keto suits you more…

    Good news on the eye test and you have got the license back already…our surgery text us to say they have the vaccine, starting on the last few people of the over 80s, lots have been done at the local hospital..then the start of the over 75s…so that’s good news…

    Daughter may come tomorrow for a couple of hours depending of the weather and results of Yorkshire virus tonight,, she has had no one ill in the last two weeks, but we will keep our distance…we are in a bubble.

    I am now getting so used to being on my own I am ok about it..

    Curry tonight and one glass of wine..all very nice…..made some tomato soup, for tomorrow’s lunch with daughter then I will freeze it…

    Take care and be safe everyone…

    Jean x

    I just read this amazing book and its completely free!

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    Evening everyone weigh in this morning showed a half pound loss.
    Been very cold here today and snow is forecast for tomorrow.
    Have had a very nice pizza takeaway this evening along with a nice glass of rose wine.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hi I am fasting very little, in the morning coffee and all day waters or soft drink, when get home then meat with a potatoes and then one hour before bed some salad or fruits.

    Sounds like you getting hang of it….keep going!

    Didn’t sleep too well last night, I think the heavy rain kept waking me up. Sun is shining at the moment. No plans for today, see how the day unfolds.

    Minols, how is the King, Prince, Pauper approach working?

    No loss for me this week. Managed 3 FDs but obviously eating too much on NFDs!

    WEEK 2: SOFA
    Nana 0.5
    Jo 0
    Kay 0
    HH 1

    SOFA so far:
    Nana 3.5
    Kay 2
    Jo 3
    Minols 2
    HH 1

    Plus Jean is 1 lb down too

    11 weeks until April/Easter…

    Had an early start- out with a friend who’s doing a walking challenge, we walked across the field to another village, cuppa from a cafe & back again, snowy but muddy too! She’s a nurse, not under pressure yet to have the vaccine but she won’t have it, we’ve both been reading up alot about it so are very anti. All a bit different for Xena, she wanted cuddles! Freezing when we got home, had a bath & a nap as we’d been out early 😂
    Seeing Mum this afternoon.

    Good Afternoon All..
    A beautiful day here the best of the week…chilly but sunny, no snow for us…lovely blue sky.

    Daughter cancelled visiting as it was quite bad at 7.30 this morning, a bit early to shout but she sounded shattered..

    Home cooked tomato soup for dinner, then I have prepared a leek gratin with cheese for tonight’s meal, sliced potatoes on the top, a suggestion off Cakey to serve with peas..it’s the nearest I have got to a veggie meal..😂 ever….

    Possibly trying for 15 mins meditation sometime today, for my Friday sound healing class, I have to do every day if I can.

    Some reading of my book…

    Must get some rose wine again, lighter than red…lovely evening again..well done on your half pound off…

    Come and join us it helps to do as a group…sounds as if you have a plan ..good luck…

    Thanks for logging…shame on a bad nights sleep hard when sleeping with someone without disturbing them..I know from the past…

    Snow for you….I would love Charlie see some snow…Xena seemed upset hope she’s settled now..
    Interesting about the vaccine, I think us oldies have no choice vaccine or catch the virus, it’s a worry..not much choice we would be dead, unless you are lucky…how does your mum feel?

    How’s it going your new plan?…keep warm and safe…

    Have a good day everyone..

    Jean x

    Good afternoon raining again here🙄.Sick of it now, may have to get the Herr Flick coat out😁. Don’t think my SOFA attempt is going very well, I must try harder.I can’t wait to get the vaccine.

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