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  • Morning!
    Minols- thinking of you with your difficult calls today…the zoom nativity sounds really funny, that should be good for everyone, very creative! ⭐ πŸ˜‡πŸ΄πŸ‘ πŸ‘Ά hope you can keep on track today, FD for me…
    Jean- hope you get to do some jobs today if Charlie’s not too snuggly!
    Dave- is it a FD for you? Hope it doesn’t rain on you…
    Weather nice here today, we have a dentist appt in a minute & might get out in the garden for a bit…oyrs is shaded though & always dsmp this time of year, not very appealing, but some leaves need raking & pots emptying…
    Soup planned for tonight.

    Yes a fast day today HH.I am starving already. Had some rain but stopped at the moment,took Heidi out and got wet but not too bad.

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely mild walk this morning suns been out most of the day…

    I have got doing my cleaning just a half of my lounge to do then finished, Charlie is watching me closely he will be up stairs in a minute I am getting too close to him.

    I am feeling stressed, heart going fast or it seems it, tearful…don’t know whether I need to speak to my doctor..I really don’t do tablets, trying not too…I seem to be getting worse. I will get the BP machine out and see what’s happening.

    Glad grandsons back home…have you had a waterpick before?

    Nativity sounds really good hope it all goes ok…yes invite your family why not…good luck on your fd, starting well….hoping phone calls/meetings don’t kick you off eating…

    Xena has gone off you πŸ˜‚ doubt it..when he’s at work she will come back to you….very fickle aren’t they…I am getting the eye, Charlie will move upstairs as I finish the cleaning…

    Jean x

    Hi Jean

    SOrry you’re feeling the stress today. Grief can do really wierd physical things to us. It’s worth a wee call to your gp – I know you don’t want medication, and it may be they can give you some pointers and strategies before taking that step. But you also just want to check it’s not something else that does need a bit of treatment.

    HH – hope the dentist was alright…guess there are new protocols in place there jsut now.

    Got all my parcels away this morning – yippee! No idea if they’ll arriveon time, but that’s not my problem – I feel virtuous just having done the packaging and posting!


    Afternoon Everyone, finding 16:8 okay at the moment and having around 1200 calories daily ,however, an aiming for 800 today.
    Jean it’s been a lovely sunny day here also so we went for a nice long walk and whilst out we were texted by our Chemist to say our repeat prescriptions we’re ready so included picking them up in our walk which was about five & half miles in total. Think you should definitely phone your Dr just to get yourself checked as you would advise any of us to do it wouldn’t you.
    Minols thanks for your kind comments regarding my weight loss am hoping 16:8 daily will keep it going down. Well done on being organised and getting all of your parcels away.
    Dave good grandsons back home again fingers crossed he keeps okay this time around.
    Hope everyone else has had a good day whether fasting or not and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Jean- sending you hugs & thinking of you. Probably is understandable stress, but best to get it checked, I agree, might be something they can suggest. Mum did some sessions of bereavement counselling with Cruse, would it help to talk to someone?
    Dave- oh no, not wet again! Keep strong on your FD!
    Minols- well done getting your parcels out! Was pleased that my one to Holland got there safely & on time- our little post office has been piled high with stuff!
    Nana- well done with your FD too, & the long walk! Are your knees not too bad at the moment?
    Pleased with what I got done today- dentist wanted me to go & see the hygienist for a descale, did ironing in between appts, then as it was a lovely afternoon spent a couple of hours in the garden- cleared out pots, cleaned up leaves & picked our last 2 tubs of potatoes. Finished the ironing too! Mouth very sore now, soup was a good plan! FD has gone okay!

    Hedgehogs my knees are a bit easier now that I’m not carrying quite quite as much weight but do give me a bit of pain when I finally sit down for the evening.

    Good evening everyone,fast day going ok. Still under 700 calories. My watch as lost connection so I am on YouTube trying to sort it out.

    Morning all!
    Jean- sending you a big hug…
    Nana- glad the knees are better in the day…
    Minols- I have a packet of emergency custard creams in the cupboard if ever you need them, I’ll send them to you?! I could resist jaffa cakes- can’t stand them!
    Poor hubby slept in the chair most of the night- sinuses playing up again, worse laying down. So we’re all up early! Quite hungry but teeth still sore so nothing is appealing to eat, that will help!
    Got to go into our little local town for a few bits today.
    A bit worried hearing the news- more countries in lockdown over Christmas & some of our MPs calling for them to change our Christmas rules 😱 not that it would make much difference to us, as only seeing mum, but would feel for other people…

    Good afternoon everyone, done the shopping at Sainsbury’s, most have masks on, went into Tesco yesterday and lots not wearing a mask. Nice sunny day here for a change.I think Christmas should be cancelled, or at least the covid rules.

    Dave- I guess your son might have told you, I don’t know if shops are the same but at son’s shop they’re not allowed to ask if people aren’t wearing a mask if they’re exempt…I’ve only seen one person wearing one of the lanyards.
    Ended up out alot longer than planned with Xena- they closed the road while we were walking, so had to do a good 10 mile detour, round country lanes…stuck behind a cement mixer lorry so we had to keep stopping to let people past. Xena doesn’t enjoy being in the car, but a strange lady was giving out Christmas presents to all the dogs, so she got a little packet of biscuits & that kept her quiet! Then mum asked me to pop in as she’d got in a muddle with things, she did realise today that she’s not remembering things properly, & was upset about that.
    Had to pop out for some bits in town, queuing to get into shops, so took a while. Altered some trousers for son, stabbed my thumb knuckle 4 times, they were thick material! Fasting okay though, same food as yesterday, teeth still sore…

    Not a FD today but a very good one yesterday,only 647 calories. Will do another one tomorrow.Only 9 days to weigh in 😱😲🀞. Football on Amazon prime tonight, got that so no problem.

    NonFD for me today- I’m meeting a friend for a coffee today, we’ve not met up in ages…we might take our drinks to the park so might indulge in a hot chocolate!
    Poor hubby had to sit up all night again, getting frustrated, I know seeing a GP & getting tests done is hard but he could still try…

    Good evening, fast day going ok 720 calories so far. A day off tomorrow then try and do another on Friday. 8 days from tomorrow until my weigh-in πŸ€”. Forget where the scales are, not used them for so long. Horrible day weather wise today, it was dark at midday.

    Evening everyone – have had a FD today instead of tomorrow due to the fact that my planned FDs for next week were going to be Monday and Wednesday but I’ll be visiting my sister on Wednesday to drop off Christmas presents for her family and mince pies will be on offer so will do Sunday and Tuesday instead.
    Hedgehogs how was your meet up today hope you enjoyed the hot chocolate.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hi all – manic couple of days, and the oby off with a sore throat…I’m being saft, as they say up here, cos any other year he’d be in school, but he’s tired, and I’ve just let him watch youtube while I have zoom after zoom…

    Really want to be up very early one day this week so I can finish off the writing for Christmas Eve before the weekend. That would leave me next week to nail the first 5 weeks of the New Year ready to posted out…sorry…thinking through my fingers again, and you – poor patient things that you are – get it all pouring out of my head and onto the keyboard and thence to your screens…

    You must raise your eyebrows heavenward and say – oh it’s just one of those manic times in the church calendar again…she’ll come down soon! You’v eseen it all before !


    You will get a text soon Minols.

    Last message as gone missing.It should say rest Minols😁.For once it’s a sunny dry day. A week until my weigh-in 😬I have tried very hard so hopefully I will have lost weight, I think Nana will have lost the most though, she as done very well.

    Jean- hope you’re feeling a bit better? Hugs xx
    Minols- even you are allowed a day of rest…don’t overdo things, you don’t want to be getting ill yourself! Hope it’s a minor thing- he’d probably only be watching a film at school anyway!
    Dave- does sound awful weather for you, good you have a nice day today! I’m sure you’ll have done well weightwise, you’ve been careful…
    Eldest came with Xena & I for our walk, picked lots of greenery for making a wreath with mum this afternoon. Lots of cleaning done, rang my HS family, & have got loads of stuff ready to take to mum’s- will have to drive round! Decided not to do a FD, am taking stollen round to make it nice & Christmassy, feel like I’ve had to make her do things alot recently so will nice to just enjoy our afternoon!
    Hubby has finally agreed to get an appt for his sinuses, at last!

    Well so much for the weather it’s raining 😩.It is Manchester so what do you expect.Very nervous about my weigh-in but I have tried my best. Looking forward to it so I can have chocolate πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.

    Dave- you’ll enjoy that chocolate at Chrstmas…hope it’s worth the wait!
    Had a nice afternoon wreath making, rescued lady birds & a spider which crawled off the greenery- I actually held the spider to put it outside!
    Have now put the oven cleaner in so that’ll be my day tomorrow…I always refuse to cook when I clean the oven, so it’ll be a takeaway tomorrow!

    Takeaway 😱.I will enjoy it, Denise said it will last me until next year but I have my doubts.

    Afternoon All…
    Sorry looks as if I have missed a few days…I won’t comment on the posts there’s quite a few but read them.

    Just shopping and doing a few things…Steves mobility scooter has gone so faffing getting it back to the shop….collected his ring today, so I have it on….adjustment on my glasses.

    Dark day here and raining, it should be finished for walk time…

    Thinking of starting a few jobs in the kitchen, wipe cupboards out, fridge and the double oven, that’s not too bad.

    What do you do with someone who has found his Christmas presents, sat near the drawers in the back bedroom crying!!….they will be wrapped and moved!!!….naughty.

    Half a pound down this week…😬

    Lots of people coming off for the holidays, daughter finished school at about 2pm today..

    Jean x

    Good evening all, been to see mother in law.Denise cut her hair and washed it. All done while she was in bed. Baught a bottle of wine for Christmas Day, I could even up drinking it all 😬. Should have been a fast day but had biscuits at mil’s.So day as gone downhill since then.

    Jean- thinking of you…hope you’re pleased with the ring, hugs…naughty Charlie! Would you like some of my pounds, I have some to spare?!
    Dave- nice Denise could do MILs hair, shame about the biccies, hard to keep focused. Red or white wine? What will Denise drink at Christmas?
    Minols- how’s your son? Hope you get a day off with the family tomorrow!
    Had a successful day- took Xena for an extra long walk, she found another ball & had a play too. Shut her out the kitchen so I could clean the oven- did them both; although I rarely use one of them I must’ve spilt something in it so that got done too. Cleaned the sink & washed the floor, got some presents done & washing! Son has taken Xena out for a short run as well as her usual afternoon walk with hubby, so hopefully a quiet evening!

    Morning all!
    Brother’s popping round- well to the doorstep!- to drop off presents. Shock! Have some cooking to do- pudding & nut loaf, & need to wrap the boys presents. Hubby’s been trying to sleep on the sofa & is really tired, grumpy & fed up, he’ll have to try more steroids but they affect him too…
    Hope everyone’s okay x

    Morning All..
    A bright chilly day, river quite high coming off the Pennines, so muddy on the river bank thinking of Christmas Day walk not the best of ideas…

    Just having my cuppa, I should really cook some mince pies and the ovens still need cleaning. I got most of the other kitchen jobs done yesterday. I can’t get motivated….

    Nice Denise got MIL hair done…mine is such a mess and long 28th for my cut…unless Boris changes things.

    No you can keep the pounds…you will soon loose them….not sure on my tablets I feel strange see what I am like on Monday.
    Thinking of hubby not nice feeling rough and sleeping downstairs.
    Hope your visit goes well with brother…does he not visit your mum?..

    Jean x

    HH I got white wine, I like it cold.Denise may have some, I don’t know. If not I will have to stop it going bad myself 🍷🍷🍷.Bright and the sun is trying to come out. Not long until the big day now.🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫

    Afternoon all,
    Getting fed up of lying on the sofa doing very little trying to keep my leg elevated.
    I was up again in the night in a lot of pain, taking more tabs. Checked my BP as my leg was throbbing. It was fine but pulse was 120!!

    Neil has received another cheque as refund from his mums finances. Just the gas and electric to get refund for and to hear from DWP to see if we need to pay any monies back, like the winter fuel allowance.
    Now awaiting the ashes and then to decide what to do with them. Neil hasn’t decided yet.

    Good job I’m keeping an eye on my BP as it is up this afternoon……149/98. Its usually 120/80. Don’t know what to do about it though, just ensure it doesn’t go any higher I guess as inflamed blood vessels could well cause restricted blood flow.

    I have little patience at the moment and no tolerance to noise, so Tara being wingy isn’t going down very well! She was the same yesterday but that was because she wouldn’t go out in the garden due to the torrential rain but obviously wanted to! She has been out several times today but hasn’t ‘performed’ and Neil keeps pandering to her and letting her out – just ignore her for a bit!! 😑

    I’m going to read a bit of my book to switch off and reset my mood πŸ˜†

    Morning all –
    Just been through to the Sanctuary to record the book for this evening…nearly had me in tears!
    But now I’m sat nervously at the desk double checking all the tech for the Nativity…should really be going and changing in to my shepherd outfit – borrowed a very bushy beard!
    Trying really hard not to think of all the changes that came in for everyone last night…really hoping that while there is a lot of disappointment, maybe a lot of us had already made decisions well within the guidelines so not as up-skittled as the media make it out? That’s me deperately trying to be optimistic for folks this week.


    Good afternoon,Minols it’s been lockdown here in Manchester for months.Well almost.Miserable wet day here, it’s so dark already. Soon be Christmas,roll on getting vaccinated. This new strain seems to be spreading so fast.

    Afternoon All…
    A lovely river walk this morning..beautiful day…

    Busy this afternoon doing my chocolate muesli buns which easily last three weeks and 36 mince pies for the freezer…

    Feeling a lot better today I have stopped the tablets, I feel as if they were messing with my head I felt awful on them.

    So sorry you are not getting on top of your leg, hoping they can soon sort your blood test out, before Xmas hopefully.

    You are always up to scratch…all set for the big day? Your boy will be getting excited….

    How’s hubby any better with his sinuses, is he getting upstairs to bed. Good you sorted the chocolates out and not from Father Christmas πŸ˜‚…

    I would think it will be February before I get the injection….hope it’s a good one…

    Walking out with my clippers need some more Laurel and holly, it’s died on me, freshen it up for Christmas.

    Jean x

    Jean- glad you’ve found plenty to do today…I’m guessing you’re reducing the tablets slowly & not right off them? Hubby still on the sofa (me in the middle of the bed 😱), he’ll try to get some steroids tomorrow which might help. Brother did see mum, but hadn’t let her know beforehand!
    Kay- feel for you being in pain & a whiney dog…hope you can get that blood test sorted. Would Neil rather have a stone/ plaque somewhere to remember his mum, or did she have a special place she liked to visit?
    Minols- hope you can enjoy the nativity too after so much work, & hope it all goes well, no hitches! I think there will be some disappointed people- son can’t visit his gf now, poor Cakey’s daughters can’t visit…
    Dave- hope you enjoy your wine, & mabe Denise too. Not long for you now!
    A lovely walk with Xena, & she made friends with a piglet through the fence! Did Church online this morning & a carol service this afternoon. Cut eldest’s hair today, as he was at work when I did the others’. & then fell asleep, & I’m not the one not getting much sleep!
    Have a good evening…

    Evening everyone I feel exhausted just reading your posts today you’ve all been so busy. My FD today wasn’t too bad have come in at 820 calories so a bit over.Last FD of the year for me will be on Tuesday. Will still go to my sisters on Wednesday to drop off Christmas presents but will stay outside.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    HI all

    Nativity went down a storm – everyone’s pre-prepared stuff was loved, and the ‘volunteers’ and kids doing live bits were just BRILLIANT! Unfortunately, the laptop that runs things in the Sunactuary in the afternoon struggled like a wheezy old man going up hill…but I’ve just gone and ordered a new big, powerful machine with a great graphics card for the New Year…I’ll explain to the |Treasurer another day!!! (Actually, that gives a false impression of him, he’s lovely, and always says ‘yes’ when I want to spend money…which just makes me hyper-cautious about abusing his support!)

    Anyway, the OH helped me get through the day by donning Santa’s spare suit (he keeps one here, jsut in case something goes wrong on THE NIGHT!), and driving me round all the kids in the Sunday School to give them a surprise early present – even the bigger kids managed to get in the spirti – a bit sheepishly!

    And then I collapsed in a heap. just need to write Christmas Eve…and the start of next year, and I’m done! Might up end my day as sometimes these things are easier written through the night…or it could be that I jsut love afternoon naps!

    Look after yourselves, everyone.

    Morning- just!
    Minols- glad the nativity went well! You must’ve been exhausted! I think in the current times a new laptop would be justified- can’t see that anything will change for Churches for a while yet…
    Hope you can get your writing done!
    Nana- well done fasting yesterday! Filthy weather so guess you might not have a walk today?
    Attempting a FD today! Got very wet with Xena, & then again when we popped to the shop where son works- the roads were getting quite flooded! Got what we needed, had planned to go to M&S or Waitrose for some fancier mince pies & stollen, but can’t face it- will be better for the waistline! Making leeks in cheese sauce for the freezer, have a pile of ironing to do as well. Hubby’s got prescribed steroids so hopefully it’ll help his sinuses & he can get some sleep.

    Good afternoon everyone.My daughter just told me my grandson is back in hospital 😫. Trying to do a fast day today, but could do with some good news for a change. Wet here so we will get wet, Heidi and I on our walk, fortunately she can’t walk far these days so won’t get to wet.

    Afternoon All..
    All shopping finished …then daughter has been here for a few hours, which was nice.

    I took half a tablet then stopped them..I only had had taken 4….just not me at all…I am fine.
    Hoping hubby starts feeling better with his tablets and good for Christmas..is he a good patient?

    Have a good meet with your sister tomorrow…keep your distance and have a cuppa…

    Glad your nativity went well, they are nice to watch a different one this year…did your family join you?
    New laptop ordered, a nice Christmas present for your church….

    Your poor grandson..hope he is soon sorted out…are they pushing people out too quick?

    Jean x

    Jean- glad that you had a nice afternoon with your daughter, & that you’ve got your shopping done…hubby is a stubborn patient & quite the martyr- I suggested a week ago he tried the steroids again, but he ignored that & has suffered a week without hardly any sleep!
    Dave- hoping your grandson gets better soon & home again…πŸ™ Rained pretty much all day here.
    Kept busy this evening helping the boys wrap presents- they’ve both been extravagant with their gf’s. Eldest going to Somerset for the day on Christmas Day now 😞 Took Xena out to deliver a few local cards, took us an hour, so she’s worn out now! Fd has gone well, about 600 cals!

    Morning all – just about.
    Up writing unitl 5.30 this morning…got some good stuff done, I think, and really enjoyed the solitude and the peace and quiet to concentrate. Just two more things to actually write, and a couple of things just to sketch out, so feeling positive!

    OH has now finished for the holidays, so I’m about to meet him for lunch. The boy finishes this afternoon.

    HH – hope your husband ‘tobers up’…no idea what it means, but it’s what they say up here for getting a bit of sense, and does himself some good!


    Minols- glad you got the writing done, hope you weren’t too tired & it makes sense when you read it later! Have a nice lunch with OH & hope your son is pleased to be breaking up!
    Hubby finally had a good night’s sleep, steroids doing their job!
    Woke early, hungry after yesterday’s FD, & was out early with Xena. Been out to get a present for son’s gf as he’s going to see her & I’d forgotten, dropped off cards & had a catch up with a couple of friends on their doorsteps. That’s today’s jobs on the list done, but plenty of cleaning & tidying to do!

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely morning walk really nice but frosty…

    My sister was so upset over a calendar her son had bought, it was the wrong one, I bought the one she wanted and took it to her…she is getting bad with dementia anything upsets her…she only wanted it so she would know which day was Friday, her tablet day…all sorted, she was very emotional today over past deaths and in a bit of a state…I thought this should be me upset but I was ok.

    I feel much better, I had lost Steves β€˜face’ and memories in my mind, with the trauma of his death and numbness what had followed…I can β€˜see’ his face again I feel much happier…not the memories yet…step daughter said it was like PSD.

    Getting all the last bits done, you seem busy. Good hubby has at last had some sleep, stop any grumpiness πŸ˜‚

    Getting cracking on all your paperwork, sounds like you are nearly on top of it…the boy finished school and a nice lunch out…lovely.

    Jean x

    Good afternoon everyone, not a day today. So filling my face with all sorts 😱.Last fast day of the year tomorrow then weigh-in on Thursday. I hope you get some rest at Christmas Minols.

    Morning everyone.
    Already been to Tesco for the veg for the next week, and I’m at my desk nice and sharp this morning so the photocopier man can fix the machine. I’m going to crack on with a a bit of filming this morning, meet the boys for lunch and hopefully get a bit more done this afternoon…have to say, I’m beginning to slow down a bit now!

    Jean – I know what you mean about ‘losing Steve’s face’…so glad you’ve got him back…the rest will come too. PTSD is a good way of describing it. Interesting that your sister being upset put you into ‘caring for another’ mode – I’m glad you weren’t upset yourself.

    HH – glad your husband got a good night’s sleep – that alone makes a big difference.


    Morning all!
    Jean- must’ve been hard yesterday with your sister, sounds like you coped well! Sounds like a step forward with coping with your loss too, I hope you can remember good times soon with a smile. Difficult situation with your sister- we were recommended the book Contented Dementia & it’s really helpful, helps you understand a bit how people feel & how to manage things, it might be useful for you & especially your nephew?
    Minols- good that you’re slowing down, you mustn’t be so busy that you can’t appreciate Christmas Day yourself!
    Dave- hope today’s FD goes well, keep strong!
    Got pretty wet walking Xena this morning, then it absolutely poured down getting out the car- fumbling about taking in boots & towels & car keys, soaked! Then the sun came out & it stopped when we were in 😬
    Some cleaning jobs to do, sausage rolls to make…hubby had a not so good night so he’s had to go back to bed, so I’ll have to tiptoe about!

    Morning All…
    A couple of busy days for us all…..a panic if lock down comes I need hair colour so off to buy a few tubes..
    A cleaning up day later..

    I have weighed in the same today…lost 34 lbs overall….maintenance now…could put a couple on…

    Hoping grandson is feeling better and he can get home for Christmas..

    I am glad you have heard of what I described, that really upset me…I feel much better he’s back with me..
    Hope you get the photo copier sorted and your last few jobs too..

    I will have a look into that book after Christmas…looks as if we need it…we got soaked this morning too…have a good baking morning…poor hubby hope he soon improves..

    Jean x

    Good afternoon,dry here but it’s getting cold. Going to drop to-2Β°C in the night, brr. Last fast day this year, but it’s going to be difficult today because I am hungry all ready.Just 1 cuppa so not doing too bad.

    Good morning, bet you are all busy today. Nice weather for once. Fasting finished for the year so will put any weight I have lost back on probably 😩. Heidi had a great day yesterday, she met 2 Dalmatians on her first walk then a dog I call the wolf from our street then a boxer at 10-30 pm.

    Almost did my challenge of losing a stone by Christmas.I lost 13.4 lbs, so very close but very happy.

    Afternoon everyone , just want to say I hope you all have a nice Christmas during these trying times. My last FD was Tuesday and I stayed the same as last week. Have managed to lose 9 pounds since the end of September but the gold star goes to Dave for his amazing loss.
    Take care everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

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