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  • Morning everyone, a horrible rainy day here and it’s a FD also. Plan on finishing off writing my Christmas cards to help keep busy.
    Jean a sad situation with your daughters not nice for you especially now. Hopefully they will resolve their differences. Sounds like you’re getting on okay with zoom – have never tried it. Hedgehogs good that your mum seems to have sorted out Christmas. As usual you have a busy day planned.
    Dave annoying about Currys.
    Minols enjoyed watching day one.
    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or not today and keep safe.
    Nana x

    Read my article about the foods you should at a diet: http://gestyy.com/erMMlh

    Good afternoon, miserable day here. Nothing from Curry’s so it will have to be tomorrow now 😲.Three weeks until my weigh-in. Not confident but hope for the best. Going to see Denise’s mum tomorrow and shopping at Sainsbury’s so will have to find time to go to Curry’s of it ever turns up.

    Hi all – thanks to those who watched the book..kind of you, but don’t feel you have to watch it. You might find reading it more fun, because the characters talk with variations of your own voice! The boy and I still love listening to Harry Patter in the car, but much as I love the books, and Stephen Fry, he voices Hermione all wrong!

    Done my back again, low down this time, and that meant that when I was cycling through mud earlier and lost my bablance I couldn’t hold myself upright…fell and came home both the bike and me absolutely covered! I’d like to say I haven’t looked like that since I was 7years old…but I’m so clumsy it’s not a one-off occurrence!

    Need my back better for tomorrow because I’m the ‘muscle’ for putting up a Christmas window display in the town centre.

    Looking forward to stirfry from the butchers tonight – no idea how they make it so good…and don’t really want to know or I might feel I have to make it from scratch!

    Three weeks to go off diffiuclt family situations being magnified…so sorry your brood are finding it diffiuclt, Jean. I’m convinced that being at three different ‘ends’ of the country is what has made my family quite like each other…although there’s always two out of three of us girls getting on better at anyone time…over the course of the years, thoguh, it’s probably evened out. It propbably helps that deep down we each have a suspicion that the other two are pretty brilliant – if completely wrong about the current issue (whatever that might be!)…and husbands stay out of it!


    Took mum into our little local town- weather awful but she still decided to go…round in circles about what Mum’s getting for Christmas, same conversation, she gets in a tizzy about what to get, tell her to get everyone amazon vouchers, she’s happy then, a few minutes later she starts worrying again! I hate it that she’s spending so much time worrying 😖 I can’t help her though, if I try to organise her she cries & says it’s all too much, she can’t cope, if I say let me do it for you she cries & says she has to do something for herself, can’t win! Came home & ate biscuits!!
    Sorry, got it off my chest though!

    Evening everyone have had a good FD calories were 711. Made a nice King Prawns and red lentils dish for our tea which was quite filling. Weigh in tomorrow morning and next FD planned for Monday.
    Hedgehogs a stressful shop with your mum but feel free to vent on here anytime it’s not good to bottle it up.
    Minols ouch on the back hope it eases soon. I’ve had a few tumbles off my bicycle and the first thing I do is check if anyone saw it happen.
    Dave hope you can fit a visit in to Currys tomorrow.
    Hello everyone else and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening All..
    A very rainy day but not really cold….

    Christmas is sorted Sam my dog walking friend is coming for the day with Twiglet a whippet. She has lost her parents, sister is down south somewhere with no one else. It seems stupid us both on our own, she has been very good over the last couple of years with lots of support for me.
    I feel more uplifted, Steve wouldn’t want me to be sad and on my own.

    After two days of not talking my daughter has rung me as if nothing has happened, no talk of Xmas..but that’s ok.

    Hope you and your cycle are not hurt too much…a few bruises possibly..and your poor back…
    That’s two of us being 7 today, my optician said I was like a 7 year old, answering questions before he had finished asking them 😂…new glasses needed but no injection for my filling at the dentist which was a bonus.

    Hope curry’s order arrives…fingers crossed for weigh in….keep positive..hope Heidi sleeps through too..

    Your mum does get in a muddle and upset..good you can keep her on track..sort of…such a worry…shame that she can’t just forget about presents…it would be easier for you.
    Hope you can sleep through tonight with Xena and she settles..

    Well done on your fast day..lovely meal…

    Another day another dollar, Friday yet again….Saturday will be 8 weeks since Steve passed away…💖

    Jean x

    Morning Everyone woke up to a covering of snow ❄ first thing and enjoyed a walk in it to post off our Christmas cards. Snow has now changed to a light rain so I guess the snow will soon disappear.
    Am pleased to report a one pound loss shown on the scales this morning.
    Jean sounds like you’ve got a nice Christmas Day planned so pleased for you. Can’t it it’s three weeks today it seems to be going really quickly now. Also can’t believe it’s been eight weeks since Steve passed away.
    Minols hope you’re not to bruised and sore this morning.
    Not planning on doing much today and have placed an order for a Chinese take away delivery this evening.
    Hope everyone else is keeping alright and have a good day.
    Nana x

    Morning All…
    What a wet day, soaking wet down to my boots!!…I have put lagging on my CH pipes which run outside the garage , it was taken off for painting and I have just realised before the temperature drops and freezes…it would stop my water and heat…15 mins job it went better than I thought.

    I have lost 1 1/2 pounds, unfortunately for me the wrong direction!

    Lucky you having snow, I would like to see Charlie in the snow, in the two years we have had him, no snow.
    Well done on your pound off…Sam coming at Xmas is making me think of baking etc..upping my mood a bit. Steve would be pleased.

    Popping out for a bit of shopping, hair colours and a new blanket for our bed, upped my duvet weight but still a bit chilly..we both will benefit 😂

    Hope you feel ok today not aching too much..

    Jean x

    Hi all – you’re so kind. Back still really sore, unfortunately, but can’t blame that on the bike. And yes…I did look to see if anyone had seen me, and then felt really stupid comign through the park COVERED in mud!

    HH – it’s hard, isn’t it, with your Mum at the stage she is. So frustrating, but so glad she’s got you.

    Jean – good news both on the Christmas Day and and insulation! Both really important – but in such different ways.

    Weather vile here, so shinty is cancelled. Going to hunker down with a movie, I think.


    Good evening everyone, been to see Denise’s mum today so not had chance to come on here. Still no delivery from Curry’s, was out on hold for half an hour so I hung up in the end.I will go to the store again tomorrow 👿.Just took Heidi out and she tripped up on the pavement,fell on her side so she’s covered in muck,not sure I can get her into the bath.Good fast day around 700 calories so far. Well done Nana,how much have you lost now, don’t think I will be close to what you have lost but you never hope you are not in too much pain Minols.

    Minols- poor you & your tumble, & your poor back, hope it gets better soon…enjoy the movie!
    Jean- so glad you’ll have company on Christmas day- is this the policewoman friend? You did well lagging the pipes so quickly, good you remembered in time! Can I give you some of my pounds? Not going near the scales right now myself! Maybe with some Christmas baking you’ll get a bit of appetite back, hugs to you…
    Nana- well done with a pound off, you do so well! Enjoy your Chinese tonight 😀 glad you enjoyed a bit of snow!
    Dave- so frustrating with Currys, hope you can get it sorted tomorrow. Hope MIL was okay? Poor Denise after her blood tests, & poor Heidi with her tumble, hope she’s okay…
    Good news- Xena slept through 😂 Had a freezing walk in the snow & then sleet today, even Xena was shivering on.the way home! Took me ages to warm up, I did feel a bit rough! Got rid of my ironing pile today, & had a haircut. Sis & I were swapping Mum stories- I don’t know why, but Mum gets quite stroppy with sis, she works so can’t see mum as often as me, it’s good of her to give up one of her days off to spend with mum, but mum forgets that!
    Waiting for I’m a celeb final tonight!

    Better get the hot water bottles out HH.😁

    Evening All…
    T V looks terrible tonight..might watch another episode of The Crown.

    I have been out and bought a fluffy double blanket for our bed, although I bought a heavier duvet still feel chilly, Charlie will love it…..I needed hair colour that’s been discontinued, panic stations!! I have bought a different make so fingers crossed, I have an old tube to use first…new year new colour.
    Took Katie’s wreath to cemetery in the rain…

    Enjoy your movie, hoping the weather doesn’t get too bad for you…they must think of you as the mad vicar covered in mud 😂

    Yes she is a policewoman, I am seeing her for walking on Sunday morning…she is bubbly we will be fine..seems daft both being on our own, she has been a lot of support over the last two years as Natalie has..lovely girls…I shall do some baking which I can put in the freezer, I can’t eat it all 😂..my weights dropping again, I am watching it.
    Xenia’s funny guarding her bed, the dogs must get cold in this weather, I struggled with my coat, still damp for the second walk..

    When Heidi’s dry the mud might just brush out…Charlie had his first bowl of water of winter today he was filthy…I used the car mitt on him it worked a treat.

    Jean x

    Minols, hope your back is improving. I woke up with sciatica yesterday…unbelievable… my neck/shoulder pain is only just starting to improve 😡
    Back on the diclofenac but not convinced its doing much. Too painful to stretch at the moment, hopefully it will start easing before Sunday, as we are driving back to South wales and I don’t fancy 4 to 5 hours of discomfort and not being to move.

    Finally was able to register mum in laws death today, luckily over the phone, so that unlocks the other stuff.
    We are meeting a housing officer on Monday morning and we have the British Heart Foundation coming on Friday afternoon to collect some of the larger items from the bungalow, which gives us the rest of the week to sell, move or ditch the rest of the stuff, sort out Bank etc, clean bungalow etc.
    Its going to be another tough week, but it has to be done quickly, so bungalow can be handed back before Christmas.

    Goodness knows how my weight is going, lost the plot, but hopefully I will reach christmas eve lighter than the beginning of Oct….

    Jean, so sad that your daughters are falling out. I’m sure they are thinking of you but they need to respect your wishes too and what really is going to the best for you x

    Dave, I can’t believe Curry’s are still stringing you along 😡

    HH, hard for you with your mum, whatever you suggest could be wrong sadly.

    Nana, well done on more weight loss and more importantly, you have snow!
    Hope we get some so I can see Tara in it!

    I won’t be going to see my mum on her 90th birthday this week as we will still be in South wales, so will have to make up for it at some point next year 😔

    For tonight I have had pizza from the pop up wood fired pizza oven in the village and red wine….

    Final of I’m a Celebrity tonight and then bed probably x

    Morning all!
    Kay- hope your back improves for the journey & busy week ahead- are you staying there all week? Tough times, thinking of you…might get snow in Wales for Tara?
    Minols- hope your back improves too!
    Jean- hope your coat’s dried out today! & hope the blanket was warm last night!
    Dave- good luck with the Chinese!
    Nana- rain, sleet & hail here today, no more snow, I guess the same for you?!
    Off to mum’s later, had a cold walk this morning but not as bad as yesterday!

    Morning All…
    What a beautiful day, a bit chilly but sunny..walked with my coat open..so different from yesterday.

    A lazy morning breakfast while watching James Martin, I do enjoy him…..must start moving a cleaning day, bed changing…

    Sorry to hear your sciatica is playing up, hope it holds well for the journey it’s so painful……
    A bad week ahead for you, lots of sorting out to do, I think with the virus lots of things easier than normal to do across the phone instead of trailing around..you both will be in a daze at the moment…not a good Christmas for you both too …it’s easy to say, maybe you expected it, but it doesn’t make it any easier as I am well aware.

    Yes the blanket did make a difference lovely warm and cosy, Charlie still needs his blanket on the other side so I can wash his easier…coat all dry today, first time ever so wet…
    Hope Mums visit goes well today..will you be gaming with her?

    How are you today…aches and pains, are you more back to normal?

    Have a good weekend everyone..

    Jean x

    HH good luck with the Chinese??? Not a clue what that’s about.Heidi as managed to get round her walk on all four legs. Going to Curry’s again later, got to get my Christmas and birthday cards for Denise, usually have them by now but lockdown blocked that.

    Think it was Nana who ordered the Chinese takeaway and its Dave who has the curry problem, or rather Curry’s 😄

    Dave- oh goodness, Mum’s dementia is definitely catching- like Kay said, it was meant to be good luck with Currys & to Nana hope she had a good Chinese!! No.hope foe me, going to book.my care home place I think 😂
    Mum had got decorations out all over the place when I went round today, so put some up for her- she’s not bothered much the last 2 years. & then we played games & had millionaires shortbread- she’s remembered I’m not doing keto at the moment so keeps buying stuff for when I come round!
    Walking Xena in the evening is definitely helping her at night, but she’s a bit jittery & nervy going out in the dark!

    Still struggling with Curry’s,I went round to the store again and they said do it online, they couldn’t help in the shop.I tried to call them but after 30 minutes on hold they hung up. Apparently they have been doing similar things to lots of people. I tried to log in on Curry’s website and they said my email address is not recognised even though they have sent me 4 emails.

    Good afternoon everyone, extremely quiet on here, F1 dosen’t start until 5ish.Where are you all?Just took Heidi out and she had her fix. Chicken for tea so she will be camped out in the kitchen later 😁.

    Afternoon everyone, not much happening with me . It’s a horrible foggy day with an outside temperature of 1°C at the moment. Sausage casserole in slow cooker ready for our evening meal.FD planned for tomorrow.
    Take care everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening All…
    Nothing doing here too…a good walk this morning then had a coffee with Sam, the boys where very lively in the house..hope they are quieter at Christmas!!

    I was going to see daughter but one of the grandsons had been sick all over the bed including the mattress, she was so stressed we cancelled.

    Jean x

    Good afternoon, finally got my Curry’s delivery 😁.I cancelled it last night and it came today, so will wait and see what happens.Fast day today had 60 calories in drinks, nothing else. Could eat an horse now but will settle for baked potato and baked beans.

    Evening All…

    A busy day..a good play date at the park with Oreo, very chilly this morning.

    Food shopping all the bits and pieces for Christmas day, 3 birthday cards then onto to choosing glasses, it was a quick pick and they fitted me from the start…the payment a big ouch in my pocket…

    I called at the jewellers to drop Steves wedding ring to be down sized for me, I got upset.

    Good your Curry’s delivery arrived…a bit of a mess around for you.

    Hope you are feeling better, rest up….

    You too hope your sciatica is easing so very painful…

    A long walk for you this morning….have you been resting up today 😂

    You will be busy…are you doing school concerts on zoom this year?

    Jean x

    Hi all.
    Opticians this mornign to renew an old contact lens prescription. Decided I’m going to have some none-computer time over Christmas, and want to be able to wear a face covering without steaming up.

    Managed a reasonable fd yesterday…so obviously woke at 3am and got on with some work! Managed to wait, though until 6 befoer I had toast and honey!

    Jean – not surprised taking Steve’s ring to the jewellers got you upset – but I think it’s lovely that you’re getting it re-sized to wear yourself.

    No school work this year – although all 1500 angels finally got delivered yesterday, along with a wee video message and a zoom angel nativity I did with some of my young women – hysterical…but not a patch on a kids nativity.

    I have nearly 3 whole evenigns off this week, and I spotted a wee on-line ukulele course…the boy got a uke a few years ago when they were all the rage at school – didn’t last, so I’ve purloined it and signed up! Had to squeeze a last minute meeting in last night before it, but tonight I have the joy of finishing my tea, kicking back for a couple of hours and then strumming along like I’m George Formby…just NO cleaning windows!


    Minols turned out nice again.I have been to the options,I tried them throw away contact lens, not sure if I put it in the wrong way but was not comfortable.Should try again, it would help when waring a mask. All good at the opticians,I paid for a 3D scan and she said my eyes are healthy, the beginning of cataracts but nothing to worry about. Heidi had her dinner and decided to go upstairs on her own, Denise was calling her Sherpa Tensing😁

    Morning all!
    Sorry I’ve been awol, 24hr bug, all better by yesterday afternoon- but yesterday’s lounging about taking it easy wasn’t good for the waistline as nothing to distract me & being ravenously hungry…so I ate far too much! Today hopefully will be a FD!
    Wet walk with Xena, asda delivery in a bit, & must catch up on the jobs that didn’t get done the last couple of days…

    Good afternoon,fast day today, I must stop eating so much on Tuesdays.Its stopped raining now so I will take the beast out for a walk. Got my Nvidia shield pro all set up so very happy with it, needs a bit of fine tuning.My phone as just updated to android 11 so noticed a few changes.Minols what you up to.

    Minols- hope all the angels & the messages go down well, that’s a huge amount done, well done! Enjoy the ukulele course- do you ever not want to sit & veg?! You always have a project!
    Dave- glad you’re pleased with your new toy, after all the wait! Hope your fast day goes okay, keep strong!
    Jean- how’s your day been? Are Sam & Twiglet coming to you for Christmas, or you to hers? Has Charlie had any doggy friends back to play? We looked after a friend’s dog once & Josie was very put out, although she loved playing with Gem at the park!
    Fasting okay but will definitely be nearer the 800 rather than a 500cal day. Cooked stew & dumplings for the family & I had a salad 😇 I’d like to do another tomorrow…
    Have spent the afternoon doing the Christmas cakes & enjoyed pottering with them 😀 Decorating all 4 differently!

    Fast day gone ok had 800 Calories, my son’s birthday tomorrow so will like the calories back on with cake 😲😲😲. May try another FD on Friday or at worst a low day.

    Evening …
    I have had a bad three days or so, maybe the numbness has left me and hitting me more…

    You are always busy looking for new things to do…just settle down and rest up..good idea on the contacts.

    Enjoy your sons buffet tomorrow make the most of it…hope grandson is soon on the mend..

    Sam is coming to me, very hectic at her house when I went in for coffee..boys play fighting, humping each other, very noisy on the hard floor….hope the boys settle down or I would have been better on my own!
    We had Oreo in for 10 mins, he was fine, Charlie was so fussy to have him visit….testing in case I was dog sitting him in the future.
    Long time since I decorated a cake..nice when you can faff about..

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Jean- hugs & thinking of you, glad you have company on your walk today so at least will see someone…take care of yourself xx
    Dave- hope your son has a good birthday & enjoy the buffet!
    Minols- hope you have a good day, & not too busy!
    Had a walk with Xena, got back & hubby still in bed! He doesn’t sleep well so good if he can catch up…eldest as well- he’s got the odd furlough day off here & there so there’s not too many in at work. Ringing my HS family in a minute, not much else planned, fiddling some more & getting the cakes finished hopefully!
    Fasting again.

    Good morning everyone.A bit warmer today 5°C.The sun is trying to come out. Denise is busy in the kitchen so I will take Heidi out for her walk.

    Afternoon All…
    A good walk and meet-up this morning it does make a difference ..feeling a bit brighter.

    I am struggling to eat, just no appetite at all..managed half a toasted tea cake for lunch..I have got my chicken wings out for tonight I usually enjoy them, very hot chilli and spicy..not over faced.

    Last of my posting sent off this morning……Anyone sending parcels and letters off needs to be done now, the post office isn’t coping with the quantity what’s coming through..my first class letters taking 5 days!..there is a mountain of parcels some which will not be delivered for Xmas….SIL who works there says it’s horrendous !!

    You are getting on with your Xmas stuff, hope you get your cake decorating finished. Good the boys could sleep in, terrible if you can’t sleep.

    Enjoy your buffet day…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, haven’t posted for a couple of days but haven’t been doing anything different. My fast day has not been as low as I’d have liked but I was so hungry and cold at lunchtime that I caved and had soup and toast so around 950 calories today. Strange how some fast days are easy and others are like today was.
    Jean glad you’re feeling a bit brighter today.Good to get your posting done. December seems to be going quite quickly. Hope you enjoyed the chicken wings.
    Dave was the buffet good.
    Hedgehogs my mum always used to make mine and our daughters Christmas cakes for us and all though I now make them no matter how I try I can never decorate them as lovely as she did.
    Hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe.
    Nana x

    Buffet was lovely, feeling very full now, but saved room for some cake, but not right at this moment.Heidi as had 2 walks, all ok with her. She’s got used to going again at 10pm

    Dave- glad the buffet was good, any leftovers?! Will you be seeing MIL tomorrow?
    Jean- glad the walk helped, & hope the chicken wings were good! Thanks for the heads up on the post- certainly seem to be piles of sacks at our little post office at the moment! Thought I’d done all ours & then remembered one more still to do…
    Nana- I find the same- some FDs easy, others really hard. Finding them all hard at the moment, I think I got used to eating more on holiday!
    Got 2 cakes finished today, a bit more to do with the others. FD gone okay, have bought some Grapenuts cereal for tomorrow, haven’t had that for years!

    Morning everyone am pleased to report a half pound loss this week making a total of eight and a half pounds since the end of September. Dave and Kay don’t think I’ll make a loss of a stone by Christmas but I’m happy to keep losing albeit slowly.
    Enjoy the day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Nana- well done to you, you’re so consistent! That’s a great loss altogether!
    A very wet walk with Xena, hubby was up today when I got back, but he had to pop Mum’s before breakfast as she had done something to her lights! Turned out a bulb had gone, she said she’d changed it & the light wasn’t working…she hadn’t put a new bulb back in! Good job she hadn’t got hold of an electrician!
    Got the Christmas cakes finished, I can tidy up my table now!
    Nonfd for me…

    Good afternoon everyone,my grandson as had to go back into hospital.A worrying time, he only came Home on Thursday.So hope he is ok.

    Afternoon All…
    Visited daughter today for lunch, I nearly turned round as a bit upset…no talk of Christmas and SIL very sheepish, not really talking to me, a lot more than usual… stayed two hours then thought I better leave not over stay my welcome, Charlie was a good boy as normal.

    Just sent away for a couple of tee shirts with 3/4 sleeves, just to tidy myself up.

    Chicken wings were nice, I do enjoy them…good when you are not fancying anything..daughter bought me some haddock fish cakes from M&S, she thought I could give them a try…well done on the weight loss you are always consistent.

    Sorry to hear grandson is back in hospital….possibly sent home too soon..hope he’s ok, it’s a worry.

    Your cakes look fantastic, have you been to classes?…the decorations are very very good…good hubby sorted mums lights out…..

    Jean x

    Morning All…

    A village river bank and around the village walk, onto the cemetery. I was checking some head stones out to make sure my choice is right, which it was…stonemason told me to have a look…Steves all tucked up 💕

    Hair coloured this morning, a nightmare as using two different colours hoping it’s ok…my colour is discontinued…I have been told to use another make which isn’t the one I am using, too expensive to just throw away…could be a tantrum brewing 😂

    A bit of ironing and a house clean up if I can be bothered…

    All quiet on here…

    Have a good day…

    Jean x

    Hi everyone.
    I opened the page earlier…got caught up, and have just finished zoom service…so I’ve told the boys to pick me up and tke me out for soup.
    Always good to catch up on the chat.
    Nana delighted for you on the weightloss front. It’s so tricky when it takes it’s time, but looking back – how brilliant to be 8 and half lbs lighter! I was talking to one of my sisters the other day, and we both concluded that half a stone can make such a difference to breathlessness, and mobility…need to get myself motivated, but you give me hope!



    No tantrums….every thing fine with my hair…

    Need to do jobs Charlie wants snuggles….looks like he’s won…heavy rain here wet walk later…


    Very wet here, managed to take Heidi out when the rain stopped. My grandson is home again from hospital and my daughter said he’s ok. It’s so dark here, the barometer is off the scale😩. It’s not cold though. Made the mixture for the Yorkshire puddings, it’s in the fridge now waiting to be used. Has HH said Germany going into lockdown from the 16th of December until the 10 of January.I think we will be similar after the easing of the rules at Christmas.Saying that here in Manchester were in lockdown anyway.

    Where has the weekend gone?!
    Dave- glad grandson is home again, poor lad, must be grim having a catheter in at his age 😱 Hope you didn’t get too wet, & enjoy your roast later!
    Jean- I’d take snuggles with Charlie over housework any day! Glad your hair colour is good! Hope you didn’t get too wet as well, not as bad here as they forecast…
    Minols- out for soup? I think I’d prefer to be taken out for cake!! Are yiu finding the tech easier now? I’ve lost track of Scottish restrictions; is your Church open for reduced numbers?
    Son took Xena for a run with him thos morning, then he came with us on our walk, talk about cupboard love, Xena snuggled up with him when we got home & kept gazing adoringly at him, ignored me!! Did Church at home, had strange texts from mum, but sis was visiting her later so hopefully all sorted out! Cooked a roast chicken, hopefully will clean my oven ready for Christmas next week. Got another set of lights from mum, so we put them up today, they look lovely.
    Still got pud to have, & then aiming for a few 800 days next week!

    HI all

    Local place does good soup, and lighter than my usual bacon roll!

    HH – we have a different tier system, but more crucially, no travel between areas pretty much, except the very lowest. The good thing is that those really rural and island areas that are practically clear right now can both stay clear and pretty well continue to function as normal – although there is a strong tendency to keep pretty controlled about lost of mixing, I guess.

    We’re in tier 3 just now – shops and cafes (v. imp to yours truly) are open, but no booze and nothing after 6ish, I think (but I’m not often out socialising anyway…it’s cold and dark!) Church here open with distancing and no more than 50 (20in teir 4), no singing and shorter services…so we’ve gone with a fortnightly service in the afternoon, and the main event remaining on Zoom – lots of people who aren’t out and about prefer that, those that are out working don’t want to put others at risk, so have stuck with zoom too cos don’t want to bring any risk to more vulnerable people, so Sunday afternoons are a quiet, gentle, reflective service, with a lot of frailer people who can’t access zoom or don’t find it so helpful. They generally use the weekly printed service, but would get really isolated without the forthightly trip to the building.

    Really looking forward to the nativity next week! I parcelled out several key elements to particular households, and just told them to film it! Got some really interesting things! Wise men zooming grandparents (Herod!), epilogue done as Smith and Jones (!), puppet show shepherds…we always do it as ‘come dressed as…’, so I’m sure most people will. And a whole load of people have particular bits to read…but no-one knows the whole thing except me, so everyone should be able to enjoy most of it as a ‘show’. Can’t wait! Toying with inviting some of my English family…after all, they don’t need to leave the comfort of their armchairs!

    Meanwhile…giving some serious thougth to how to build some motivation and discipline over the holidays to get next year to be healthier than this year has been…typically, had to eat a load of jaffa cakes while I contemplated! Could be worse, could have been custard creams!


    Morning everyone.

    HOping for a super low day. I’ve started with an omelette, and hoping that will get me through to stock and oatcakes tonight…we’ll see!

    Meetings a lot of today, and difficult phone calls, so plenty to distract me!


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