Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Hi all!
    Minols- hope the back gets better soon, have you seen a chiropractor or osteopath before, I can’t remember? Might help if it doesn’t improve soon, & definitely take a sickie for a bit, you don’t need to be sitting at a desk…Bribe the boy to find your hottie for you?!
    Jean- hope Steve gets his medication & cough sorted…keep strong! Xena’s tail was kept under control yesterday, so no bleeding, but eldest is coming back soon, she’ll go loopy when she sees him so hope it doesn’t hurt it again. Tried a bandage yesterday but as it’s right on the tip couldn’t get it covered well wnough & kept on!
    Dave- did you say you were fasting today? Hope it goes okay…
    Out early with Xena, then on to a car boot, got some hyacinths for mum, but it might be too late to do them indoors- dad always did them for her birthday in November. Fasting going okay, pretended the donut van at the car boot wasn’t there!

    Jean have some time off until Steve gets home.Minols put some rice in a sock and heat it up in your microwave, then put it on your back. Lovely day here warm again but a nice breeze.

    Evening everyone, another nice day here but definitely cooler now and aren’t the nights pulling in quickly.
    Went to the garden centre yesterday to collect a new bottle of gas for the BBQ and have a look around but didn’t buy anything else. Been to visit daughter and son in law not forgetting Poppy as usual today.
    Have been mindful of my eating the last couple of days and planning on a fast day tomorrow.
    Well done to those of you who have completed a fast day today.
    Minols hope your back is easier now.
    Jean hope Steves sorted out soon and back home with you and Charlie.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Weird weather here today- cloudy & some rain this morning, hot & sunny this afternoon, then chilly, misty & windy tonight! You’re right, Nana, getting dark early πŸ˜–
    Managed to keep Xena from knocking her tail, that’s 2 days now, hopefully it’ll heal, fingers crossed!
    FD done, 817 cals with a cuppa tonight taking me just over. Hope I can do another one tomorrow…

    Morning all!
    Feeling really hungry today, hope that goes 😞 Feeling pretty frustrated too- scales show the same as this time last week, 4 days of 800cals to just maintain?! Was hoping to lose 3lbs before we go away for hubby’s birthday in October, shouldn’t be that hard, but at this rate it won’t happen!! Sorry for the whinge, hope everyone has a good day!

    I am also very hungry, not a good sign this early. The weather is lovely again today. Bad news about the covid outbreak in Yorkshire.Hope it dosen’t stop our holiday.Dosent seem to be an end to covid 😩.My son is making his dinner now so that dosen’t help my hunger.Minols hope your back is improving.

    Keep strong, Dave! I’m doing my best too!
    Jean & Kay as well!

    I am trying HH.Finding it difficult today but so far just 1 cuppa.

    I’m hungry and have just eaten an apple

    2 cuppas and a ginger stem biscuit.So under 100 calories so far but a real struggle.

    Afternoon All..

    Might be missing a bit..bad news on Steve, the cancer has returned, he has been told three to six months as there’s no treatment, it’s quite aggressive…..could be more or less…
    Just got to process it, hoping to bring him home tonight if his oxygen stays above 90…
    House has come off the market..

    Jean x

    Jean- so very sorry for you & Steve, terrible news, hoped it’d gone, he did so well with chemo & radiotherapy. Sending you love & hugs xx

    Good morning everyone, couldn’t sleep, got on the scales and have lost 5lbs.Very rare I am on here first.

    Walked Charlie…I didn’t sleep very well maybe 5 hours…Charlie knows I am upset, he is too..

    Steve didn’t come home yesterday, I shall collect him later if they don’t release he will discharge his self, he wants to be home.

    I have stayed the same this week.

    Well done on 5 lbs off

    Thanks everyone

    Jean x

    Posted something earlier, it’s disappeared!
    Jean- hope Steve gets home without too much hassle, you need to be together…could they sort out oxygen for him at home?
    Dave- well done! Seeing MIL today? Are you stiff from bowling, or is it getting easier?
    NonFD for me, been picking rather than proper meals! BBQ for us tonight. Xena had a run in with another dog on our walk this morning- the other dog started it & nipped her, she turned on him & sorted him out! Luckily didn’t need my spray…
    Spoken to my HS family this morning- they’re having an unbelievably crap time, mum was in tears, was close to it myself tbh, nothing I could say to help, just listened 😞 Feel the same with you Jean, thinking of you xx

    They can organise oxygen but if you over do it, it can poison you maybe for the future..I feel much better this afternoon not so many tears…I have had a nap.
    Still waiting to go for him..hospitals are so slow.

    Glad Xenia’s got out of her do, I don’t like the squabbles they have sometimes.

    Sorry on your HS family, you feel like your the only one…

    Jean x

    Back from mil. It’s another warm day here, soon be winter.I don’t know if the country will go into full lockdown, but if it does I hope it’s after my holidays.I think it’s the only way to stop the virus.Too many ignore the safety factors when alcohol is involved.

    Evening everyone, am getting bad at posting on here but to be honest there’s not a lot of difference in my life at the moment as I’m sure it’s the same for everyone else. Scales showed no loss yet again this morning but at least there was no gain. Trouble is now fingers crossed we get to go away on the 26th for a holiday to celebrate our Golden Wedding anniversary and I’m already starting to feel in the holiday mode.
    Jean thinking of both of you
    Hedgehogs well done to Xena. Sad about the home start family.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and stay safe.
    Nana x

    What you going Nana? We go away on the 28th to Yorkshire.Just 4 nights in Skipsea.

    We’re off to the Norfolk coast to stay at the same place that we spent our honeymoon

    Morning all!
    Jean- thinking of you & Steve…hope he’s not coughing all night.
    Nana- lovely to be going away, we’re lucky that the virus rates are low here, hopefully it’ll be okay. & a golden wedding anniversary should definitely be celebrated!
    Dave- how was MIL? Did she feed you lots of biscuits again?
    Had a lovely walk with Xena- out for a couple of hours, & quite a few people wanting to stop & chat!
    Hopefully a low day for me today…

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely day…

    A small walk, Charlie was walking lopsided, shaking his head, just 30 mins, he won’t be going far today..unless he picks up.

    A vets visit with sore ears flapping for three hours overnight, he was beside him self..steroid injection and ear cream all in one go..Β£51..we have to go back next week.

    A bit of shopping and some naughties for Steve….and I suppose me 😬

    Soon be holidays 🀞…..quite a bit of virus around us….Scarborough is bad…

    Hoping your golden wedding anniversary goes ahead…things are changing so quickly…

    Coughing seems much better..long slow breathes if it starts…I am keeping away from people at the moment, I don’t feel like talking..people are always asking after Steve..

    Have a good weekend..

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Jean- hugs to you, hope you got some sleep. Just go with the flow with what Steve eats, it’s not important right now. Hope Charlie’s ears are better soon. Must be hard bumping into people & them wanting to talk…
    Dave- hope your bowling goes well today! A roast tonight? Are you cooking today?
    Nana- it’s nice to hear from you, days the same quite often here too!
    Minols- hope your okay & Church service goes well!
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    A long walk with Xena, naughty girl found some manky things to eat! Listening to our online Church later, hubby on the drag!
    Son quiet, court case for his speeding has come up sooner than he thought. Presumed we’d take him, but he wants to deal with it on his own so will go by train…it will do him good to have to go to court & face up to it properly. Will be a relief when he can’t drive, especially as his new car is so powerful!
    Hoping for an 800cal day- yesterday wasn’t the low day I’d planned though πŸ˜‚

    Not cooking today, only the Yorkshire pudding.Bowling was good and playing again on Tuesday, were play the team who beat us last week. A lovely day yet again here, holidays a week tomorrow, just 4 nights. Jean stamp my passport. We will stay away from Scarborough. Going to Whitby and Bridlington though. Haddock and chips πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.

    Afternoon All..

    A chilly start for this mornings walk….winter coat out in another month…😬

    Busy morning collected a Dyson Amimal, my cordless gave up….cooked a batch of steak pieces for the freezer it makes it easy for meals…

    A worry for your son do you think he will loose his license, would he have to take his test again, it’s a worry.
    Looking at buying a mobility scooter for Steve to go in the car, so we can go places as he feels up to it.
    We are both sleeping reasonably good considering…

    A holiday soon, passport stamped ….hoping the weathers better than last time….

    Everything ok…you are missing a bit…

    Cold chicken with chips tonight, I am cooking the chips, Steves job usually I do them in the garage then they don’t stink the house out…..πŸ˜‚

    Jean x

    A bit of sunshine this afternoon. Will take Tara out in a bit but she is having a snooze at the minute.

    Doing some research into laptops as we want to buy one and get rid of our desktop pc.

    Also trying to find a small wooden cabinet for on the landing, but its not easy!

    Still hoping to go visiting family next Sunday, although expecting an announcement tomorrow about further restrictions. Its so annoying that this could have been prevented! Too many people with the ‘we are fine and its ok’ attitude. 😑

    Eaten and drunk too much this weekend!! FD tomorrow. Not lost any weight this month as yet. A week to go!!

    Kay x

    Jean how do you cook in the garage??

    I use an air fryer for chips, looking forward to using the new Ninja cooker when it comes. Looks good for breakfast, you just put everything in the air frier and it takes 5 minutes, obviously the eggs are doing seperatly.The bacon goes crispy sausage well done 🀞

    Evening everyone , been a lovely day here and made the most of it. Started off with our usual daily constitutional walk and then did a bit of tidying up in the garden. Have got a busy week ahead planned which includes a visit from my sister and brother in law. Flu Jabs booked for tomorrow afternoon. Am starting to feel in the holiday mode so 🀞 we’ll be able to go away.
    Jean glad both of you are managing to get some sleep and also that Steve feels up to going out. Hope you manage to get a mobility scooter sorted for him.
    Kay hope you manage to get away also.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Jean- glad that you & Steve have had some sleep, & hope you can get a scooter to go in the car…Yes, son will definitely lose his license, that’s why he has to attend court, he had hoped to plead guilty in absence, he’ll have to take his test again.
    Nana- exciting getting ready for your holiday! Hope you don’t usually get any side effects of the jab? Enjoy all the visits!
    Kay- hope you do get away too…good luck with the laptop- our ‘technical advisor’ (eldest!) recemmended ours, saved us trying to do the research!
    Dave- well done with the bowling, & hope the roast is good! The amount of fried breakfasts I do I think I coukd do with one!
    Had a lovely walk on the beach with Xena, although as she goes loopy & charges all over the place when she’s 1st let off we have to keep her on the lead a bit longer, it’s been so busy this summer. She found yet another ball, getting very good sniffing them out everywhere we go!
    Got rather hangry cooking dinner tonight- disgraced myself & said a very rude word which of course son heard, I don’t let them say it at home 😱 I won’t hear the end of it now! Feel better now we’ve eaten. Hoping to go back to ADF liquid FDs for change next week, although after today’s hangriness I don’t know if I’ll manage πŸ˜‚
    Have a good evening!

    Morning all!
    Early & long walk with Xena, quick cuppa & then taking mum out to an outdoor market, she was to look at plants, & then on to look at dishwashers…she doesn’t know that yet, will surprise her with that one, she’d make excuses otherwise & I’ve had enough of her moaning about having to wash up!
    Fasting going okay…

    Good afternoon.My Ninja cooker is being delivered today, pity it’s a fast day but it will help, especially the air frying. Can’t wait to cook a steak, I will use the probe to get it how I want it. Definitely won’t be pink(yuk).Minols how is your back, better I hope. Going on a mini holiday next week, 4 nights unless we go into lockdown 😫.

    Afternoon All…
    A busy morning, a blood test, cancer nurse chasing tablets and GP rang…park walk for Charlie..
    Bought a lovely mobility scooter for Steve so we can get about while he feels like it, take apart in 4 bits and I can do it, fits in the car…Β£400 like new…

    I might give fasting a miss for a few weeks, see how I feel or cut a meal or two out…just hard at the moment.

    Hope you find a unit for the landing, hard finding the right side….we have a chip fryer, use it on Steves work bench, stinks too much in the house I wouldn’t cook chips inside, Steve usually cooks them although I did this time as he was fancying them, possibly twice a month.

    I think my daughter cooks with a air fryer, has for a while..good luck when it arrives.

    Flu jabs for us Saturday…hope you get away such a worry as is it on or not 🀞

    We get so cross with them, hope a lesson learned for your son… a costly one!…good luck on the dishwasher…

    Jean x

    Hi All

    Just catching up on the news, cos weekend was busy – domestic Saturday, and full on work yesterday.

    Sorry to hear the news about Steve, Jean – we’ll be hear as much as we can be, we’ll try not to keep asking, so just know in the background you and he are never far from our thoughts, and post as much or as little as you like.

    Scooter sounds fab! And of course, with your biking history…! My scooter is currently in rather more than 4 bits just now…OH got bored the other week when I was working hard, and as all his cars are currently all in perfect driving order but not allowed out for the winter, he started taking the moped to pieces to just deal with this little bit of rust, then that little bit, then replace the mirrors, then put yellow stripes on my perfectly lovely black mudguards…he’s a nuisance that man. Why he can’t just help with my de-stressing jigsaw puzzle I don’t know!

    HH – hadn’t picked up on your boy’s speeding…which takes me back to my plan for the scooter…figure if that’s the first vehicle the boy has in 6 years time…! Nuisance you were caught out swearing! I have 2 favourite words, one beginning with ‘s’, and the other with ‘b’ – really effective when used in repetition over a short burst! Dreading the day the boy hears them, so reduced to fierce muttering!

    Trying to keep nice and low every day this week – another month is nearly up!


    Jean I have said before forget the fasting for the time being, if you put a little on so be it, it will give you a target once you start again. I am sure I will gain next week on holiday, hopefully not 10lbs like last time, but I won’t hold back. Good you have got the scooter for Steve, you’ll both be able to get out hopefully.

    My ninja is all set up ready to go. I am having salad so will try it out on Denise. Sausage,bacon. Will experiment with timing to get the bacon and sausage to her Liking.

    The Ninja worked well. Not tried it for me but Denise had food off it and my son did haggis,bacon, sausage, and hash browns.He said it was much nice, especially the haggis.

    Evening everyone, not had a FD today as we had our flu jabs this afternoon but kept it low and have come in at 1250 calories allowing for a cup of choc options later on. Decided to walk over to get the jabs done so have walked 7 1/2 miles today as we also did our usual daily constitutional walk this morning.
    Jean glad you’ve managed to get a scooter for Steve will be nice for both of you to get out and about. My uncle treated himself to one a few weeks ago and it’s really made a difference to my Aunt and Uncle being able to get out.
    Hedgehogs a good day with mum by the sound of it.
    Dave how was the Ninja.
    Hello everyone else and hope you’re keeping okay and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Dave posts crossed glad Ninja was a success

    Jean- just take each day as it comes, enough things to worry about right now without counting cals & feeling guilty. Scooter sounds great, glad you could get one!
    Minols- always thought it must be nice to have a handy husband, but not so sure now! Hope your scooter is done soon! Back in the days when Skoda’s & Lada’s first came over here, my cousin got caught speeding in Grandad’s old one…who’d have thought that it could go that fast! So your son might manage it! Hope you can have a low week 😁
    Dave- I’m sure the ninja will be good, I hope Denise enjoys her dinner; very good of you to cook it & not eat any πŸ˜‡
    Had a nice trip out with Mum, got lots done so very successful! She enjoyed it too, I guess it’s the dementia, she spends days dithering & not getting round to anything. Kept me busy enough to not miss food- Mum said again how easy it is for me & how I can eat what I like, grrr! & then said I was fine & didn’t need to lose any weight- lovely!- but then turned round & said ‘mind you, your thighs do look quite big’!! Bless πŸ˜‚
    Any way, managed a liquid one today, maybe at some point my thighs might shrink πŸ˜‚

    Denise said it was nice so I will try it tomorrow, just cleaned it, you wouldn’t believe all the fat in the bottom. Don’t need to put anything on the food for airfrying.My father in law always had Skoda.And in Europe they have a very good rating.Only here where they get called.

    Breakfast was good this morning! A bit earlier than I’d like though, was awake at 5am. Eldest is off early so is coming for a walk with Xena & I.
    Hope you all have a good day…

    You’ll be in bed at 8pm tonight HH 😁. Saying that I will be in bed early after getting up too early.Nice sunny day so I will take Heidi out now.

    Route march with son, needed a sit down when I got home! Sat outside for a while- will be the last sunny day for a bit. Dug up some more potatoes, still getting a few courgettes & beans, cauliflowers are a disaster though! Planted up some more pansies, did housework & ironing again so busy afternoon. Eaten well today πŸ˜–.
    Sounds like not too much altering with the new rules- at least your holidays should be okay Nana & Dave?! Just no going out until 1am clubbing…

    See you even go home early from the club 😁😁😁1amπŸ™„.

    Morning All…
    Drizzle sort of day, we got wet on our last 5 mins of walk…a bit of a late start so the morning has gone..

    We are going out to a local restaurant tonight for a meal, It’s usually very nice..

    Our jabs on Saturday, I suppose best to be done….lovely surprise in the garden for you..a happy 50th Anniversary, not sure when your date is…

    Will the license effect your sons job, just thinking when I was walking….your poor legs I am sure your mums wrong…a busy day for you yesterday..well done..

    Nana and Dave..good the holidays can continue…

    A miserable day ahead…keep dry…

    Jean x

    Drizzle here on and off.Fighting off the holiday feeling,6 days until we go. Enjoy your meal tonight Jean.I feel very hungry now so will maybe try for a low day today and a fast day tomorrow.

    Jean- hope you have a nice meal out! Is Charlie okay being left, or is it dog friendly? Josie didn’t mind being left in the day, but in the evening seemed a bit bothered! I don’t think Xena minds!
    Son can hopefully bike to work, although coming up to winter won’t be good, I guess we’ll take him in sometimes. He won’t be able to drive the delivery vans obvs, he’s helped out a bit with that sometimes, & he won’t be able to go out to other stores to help with training like he did last week. Public transport is rubbish here so not an option!
    Dave- do not get into holiday mode yet, too early! Did you buy any steak for your ninja? I did used to stay out later than 1am back in my younger days…
    Nana- not long until your break, when’s the actual day?
    Doing another liquid fast today, not too hungry so far. Stayed mostly dry for our walk so did a long one, & some scent work in the garden too. Have been given a few books, one’s calling me!

    You have my admiration HH,liquid fasts are so difficult.I have bought a ribeye steak to try on the ninja. Been reaching up what I can cook on it, pretty much anything. Even toasted sandwiches. Might try new potatoes in it tonight. Denise was not happy when I bought it but think she is coming round seeing that I wash it out after use straight away and then do all the pots😁. It’s so easy to use. I wasn’t to experiment with it 😁. Not gone mad food wise so hopefully I won’t gain before I go away, definitely will in Skipsea though. Haddock and chips in WhitbyπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.Nice pub a mile away but unsure if Denise can walk that far, don’t want to go in the car.

    Evening everyone it’s turning out to be a busy week so far and definitely too many calories as have had two wedding anniversary cakes made for us so far this week and the champagne that goes with them.
    Jean hope you and Steve enjoyed your meal out.
    Hedgehogs our anniversary is not until Saturday. Is it your sons court case this week.
    Dave sounds like your getting into using your Ninja.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

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