Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • It should be a FD checked the calories.Starving so may have a few cherry tomatoes now.To keep me going. Might take Heidi out again first.

    Jean- hope Steve gets the test back soon…& that the antibiotics work. Hugs & prayers to you both…
    Dave- keep strong, sounds like you’re dping well, & the dinner sounds good too! Hope it stays sunny!
    Minols- how’s it going, keeping strong?
    Rang my Homestart family- it’s never-ending for them- only back to school a few days & now one has a high temp, so they’re all back at home! Waiting to get a test done, the schools won’t let them back until it’s done, the drive thru ones are fully booked so it’ll have to be postal one. Took Xena into Woodbridge, we had a game at the park with her & then a river walk, she was just so scatty today, didn’t dare let her off there…she’s fast asleep now…getting pretty hungry, had decided I’d treat myself to a cake at the cafe, we’ve not been there since last summer, but luckily it was closed, so FD intact!

    Evening everyone, Jean hope you and Steve are keeping okay and hope Charlies not missing Steve too much.
    Welcome back Minols is the boy fully recovered now?
    Didn’t get to visit daughter today as the car was at the garage for a bit of work needed all fixed now so will be visiting tomorrow. Just finished speaking to daughter on the phone and Poppy is in bad books for eating the still growing tomatoes and trying to dig up the real Christmas tree.
    Well done to those of you who have completed a FD today my turn tomorrow.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning all

    All back to ‘normal’ here. All temps down, all coughs gone, we older members have the usual stiff joints (I can’t currently touch my toes – darn that sofa…I should never have stood up on Sunday morning!) but even the dog is in fine fettle. In fact, it’s been a suspiciously calm week…better go and make some calls and either discover what’s going on behind the scenes, or cause some trouble myself!

    It’s hard for your HS family, HH…we had it when schools started last month. It does settle dwn, but it seems to have to go through the entire class, and if a temp is involved and any kind of cough, it’s best to get checked. We’ve had one child case in a neighbouring school, and the thinking is that it’s best to keep on top of all bugs this year.

    Praying for you and Steve, Jean. Spending a large chunk in the Sanctuary today – mostly by myself, doing some experimenting with recording and zoom stuff, pottering through the things I’ve written for the next couple of weeks while I have time. Although I have one pastoral meeting that either needs to be in a garden or a well ventilated large space…our Sanctuary has enough draughts to qualify!

    Porridge this morning, and leftovers pie tonight…haven’t made it since last winter, but feeling the change in the weather a bit up here, so I had a roast ham the other night, and cut up a cold chicken for the OH’s lunches deliberately so there’d leftovers to make pie tonight! I made stock from the carcass for the sauce…I even remembered to check I’ve got suet in the cupboard instead of making pastry pastry! Starting to salivate just thinking of it!

    Hope everyone else is tempted to pop over this evening…!


    Minols- glad that you have had a calmer week, & are all well! & the pie sounds tempting, even for a veggie like me! Hope you get lots done today & csn have your meeting!
    Nana- hope you have a nice visit with your daughter & Poppy is better behaved! Keep strong fasting!
    Jean- hope Steve is improving, hugs & prayers…
    Dave- well done yesterday, hope tge lemon chicken was nice!
    Everyone else okay?
    No fd for me today- too much worry with mum, hubby got someone out to sort her electric out, was something simple thankfully, all a bit weird, as what was tried before hadn’t worked…mum was switching things & fiddling about, maybe she did something?! She’s got herself in a real stew about it 😞 Have spent a couple of hours with her…
    Going out later, we’re hoping she’ll come out too & take her mind off it!

    Morning All..
    A lovely sunny day and a good walk…a nasty man had a go at a fellow walker as her puppy ran fussy up to a him, he was so abusive and the language was terrible then he reported it to the park ranger. Saying out of control dog, she is under training and was let off to play with Charlie for socialising…he had a go at me about 10 days since..The ranger said try and avoid him or put on lead while we pass, he wasn’t over bothered but had to talk to us as he had it reported.

    Trying to be busy, upstairs cleaned, I really must go and get birthday cards, one for grandson in America get it on it’s way…

    Steve is about the same I think he’s a better colour, looks like he will be in a few more days maybe to next week. His oxygen levels are up to 94 with oxygen then drop when they reduce it, they are not happy it needs to be higher. I suppose they are waiting for the cultures to get grown and looking at which infection is showing in his bloods, 13 phials of blood taken up to now…the vampire nurse keeps calling!

    I am fasting today….Steve loosing 7 lbs last week I would think he will match it again this week he’s not been eating much at all…not good..

    A shame on your HS family it must take it out of them…saved by a closed cafe….good mums electric is sorted she would have been upset about it..

    Charlie is sulking a bit I think he is missing Steve, Steve didn’t say goodbye just disappeared, he likes to know where you are….naughty Poppy eating things and digging up, she’s still only a puppy…

    Glad alls well at your house again. Schools are so bad at this time of the year loads of different bugs…you seem to be very organised on the food front 😀

    Hope your fd went well yesterday..

    Jean x

    Jean- fasting would be the last thing on my mind right now, but good luck to you on your FD! Will you not be able to visit Steve at all, even if he changes wards? Shame you can’t bring him in some decent food! Hope the treatment work’s soon…
    Dave- you’re quiet today!
    Mum wouldn’t come out with us, still fretting, keep trying to get her not to worry, pointless! Made a list of all the birthday cards for the whole of the rest of the year, & got them all in one go, save keep going out! Came to nearly £40 though, it’s surprising how they all add up! Enjoying a nonFD, but will probably still have a salad tonight, really warm here!

    I kept trying to get on here but to no avail,On now so all good, been bowling today so that’s why I am quiet. Got a bit wet bowling and don’t feel quite as stiff today. Going again on Sunday. Still not won a game but will keep trying.If at first you don’t succeed and all that. The green I played on today was great, the bowls went like bananas it turned so much. Not at all like our green which is being dug up.

    Evening everyone, a quick check in whilst husband is cooking our evening meal I’ve been really hungry today so thought I’d come on here to keep my mind away from thoughts of food.
    Poppy was a very well behaved girl today whilst we were there.
    Jean well done on having a FD with all you’ve got going on at the moment and hoping you’ve managed to find the paperwork needed for the solicitor.
    Hedgehogs mum being a worry for you – well done on getting the cards sorted out.
    Minols glad all of you are now recovered.
    Dave glad you were able to have a game of bowls even if you did get wet again.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning all!
    Nana- glad you had a nice visit with daughter, hope you managed through the evening if you were hungry!
    Minols- hope that the pie was good! Did you get lots done yesterday? Must be lovely to be on your own in the sanctuary!
    Jean- hope things improve for Steve…& I hope Charlie gets over his sulk & is better company!
    Dave- are you seeing MIL today? Did you manage your FD okay yesterday?
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Lost just under 1lb this week, quite frustrating as I’d had one liquid FD, & 3x800cal days…Had a lovely walk with Xena, have met several puppies recently, Xena ignores them!

    Yes going to mil soon, didn’t do a fd yesterday, will try and do one today.Had no intention of doing a fast day yesterday, need the food for energy for bowling.

    Dave- sorry, thought yesterday was a FD…hope that MIL doesn’t tempt you with biscuits today!
    Very hungry today 😬 have made a veggie lasagne for son to take to gf’s, & a small one for mum, not taking hers round til later, she’s messaged to say her dishwasher’s not working now, I despair! She’s gone round in a flap when her power was off turning everything off & unplugging it all, I think it’s maybe got messed up through that, although it was coming on okay yesterday…big sigh, deep breaths!

    Hi all
    Yesterday went a bit mad and I didn’t draw breath until I switched off zoom at 9.30 – aarrgghh! So no pie made. Imagine me sitting there in a zoom meeting – knowing it’s important stuff, but not taking my eyes off the little clock int he corner and realising that there’s now no way I have time to make a pie…then realising that there’s actually nothing else in the house to cook…as soon as I got off the zoom I phoned the chinese and they did us proud…dinner ready when I walked throught their door, my husband ready when I walked back in our front door…time to watch a Middle with the boy while we ate and then back on zoom.

    And today’s not been much different, except…that I’m putting off writing Monday’s funeral (I may regret this and have to change my mind), switching off the tech and walking away for at least 24 hours. The boy needs taking out to the shinty pitch at the coast, and I’ll get an hour to either call my sister for a catch up, walk along the beach, or listen to the radio…oh the bliss of getting across the line on a Friday, knowing I’ve got 24 hours ‘off’ (laundry, cleaning…coffee, bacon rolls!)


    Afternoon All…
    Sorry late on here…lovely sunny day..

    I have lost 2 lbs this week well into maintaining now…hard part keeping here…

    Steve is much better today, still waiting for scan…on medication for his pneumonia from his radiotherapy or Covid, no results as yet…same medication for both so they have started the treatment before tests have come back.
    Very cheery today I think the steroids is helping with the coughing.

    Just very busy just having 20 mins sit down before walk time… 20 page thing to fill in from the house solicitor, Steve said we will sit down and go through when I have a couple of hours!!…he must be joking as I snapped at him, I wish!

    I think it’s no visiting through the hospital, I thought it would be easier but it isn’t. Phone calls and texting…I think I am covering 11 people some on what’s app group then others on message..
    No food is allowed in.
    Mrs organised Hedgehog!!…birthday cards…good job done…Well done on your loss.

    Hot bath and soothe your aches…Hope MIL is fine gave a nice visit..

    You are spoilt with all this cooking done for you…do you wash up? Have a nice night.

    I feel like you at the minute no time at all…enjoy the beach and time out…..lovely meal they the best last minute…

    Enjoy the weekend everyone…

    Jean x

    Funnily enough I don’t ache today, not had any food so FD going well. Not sure what to have, I have 760 calories to play with. Hungry now so I will take Heidi out and then maybe have some food..

    Minols- poor you, sounds so hectic, juggling work & family, glad you could get a takeaway! You need to have a day to switch off, so enjoy tomorrow…
    Jean- glad Steve is brighter today, hopefully home early next week? Lots of letting people know for you…well done with your 2lbs, you’re doing great!
    Took Xena out for an extra wood walk instead of hubby taking her to the park- her back legs look a bit scuffed again where she skids along the ground after the ball, it’s so hard & dry here, so will be good for her to have a break.
    Fd abandoned, a neighbour dropped off cakes as a thank you to hubby, was going to let him eat them all but he wanted company eating his…oh dear! I’ll see when I next do a FD, probably Sunday.
    Have a good evening everyone…

    Evening everyone, just a quick check in.
    Just eaten our Chinese takeaway my turn to drive tonight- strange how we’re always later home when husband is having a drink 😉
    Jean glad Steve is feeling brighter today. Husband is very good but only washes up items that can’t go in the dishwasher.
    Hedgehogs I would have gone for the cakes as well.
    Dave sounds like your doing well with your eating.
    Hope everyone is doing okay.
    Nana x

    Morning all!
    Not been out with Xena yet- hair’s a mess, hubby still fast asleep so don’t want to wake him…she seems happy on the sofa with me anyway! Not had any breakfast, hungry but trying to make up for yesterday! Part of me is fed up with having to work so hard for every pound & thinks oh stuff it, if you’re hungry then eat! But the sensible part thinks don’t spoil all that hard work…sensible is winning so far!

    HH ware a hat problem solved.I think it’s a good idea to have a week off now and again breaks the monotony of constant fasting.Football starts today,as it ever gone.

    Evening All..
    A busy day I don’t know where the time goes….Steve very improved today and he has been moved in a two bedded room within the same ward….his Covid test has been sent to Leicester to be checked, everywhere is so busy…still waiting for a scan.

    I popped up to take some solicitor stuff to sign and a bit more to fill in..just left it at the door and picked it up after a hour.

    I got the grass cut looks much better.

    Good no aches today..I like a wear hat idea for hedgehog 😂

    Good Chinese meal last night……do you always use the dish washer when there’s only two of you or is more when the family come around?..I don’t have one.

    Keep strong it’s hard when you are nearly at target….the hardest pounds to loose…and easier to put on 😬

    Jean x

    I am the dishwasher today, we had one once on holiday but never used it because we didn’t know how 😁. Just had steak and chips, lamb roast tomorrow so won’t be losing much if anything. I could just eat a big bar of chocolate now but will settle for an apple and a yoghurt.

    Evening everyone, been a lovely sunny day here and it’s a beautiful evening.
    Jean we have a slimline dishwasher and run it every other day. Glad Steve continues to improve.
    Hedgehogs hope you’re managing to be strong.
    Dave evening meal sounded good we had chilli and pasta.
    Hello everyone else and hope you’re keeping okay.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Jean- so pleased that Steve’s feeling better, hope he doesn’t need to be in much longer…lots for you to keep up with too 😬 I used to have form phobia, but cured of that from doing so many for mum!
    Dave- I wear a hat in winter, did think about a baseball cap but I look awful in them! Glad you weren’t too achy, & well done resisting chocolate! Did you enjoy F1?
    Nana- been a lovely day here too, did you sit outside at all or watch the F1 with hubby?
    Minols- hope you’ve been able to have a day off…
    Hope everyone else is okay 😁
    Did lots of cleaning, fell asleep on the sofa after some lunch! We took Xena to the beach again, had to keep her on the lead to start with as there were quite a few police about, not sure why, but didn’t want her to run up to them barking! (Although quite tempting to wind her up & do the ‘stand still or I’ll release my dog’& send her off that the boys do with her!)
    Have been better with food today, sensible won!

    HI all – so glad to hear Steve is feeling better with his medication kicking in. I sympathise with the forms, Jean…we had to do it too. I think we might be nearly at the line (not over it yet!) with selling the cottage. A trip up tomorrow to see if they want the furniture too…the boy not happy as we just got the game he’s really been wanting to work on playstation today, and he has homework to do, and life is rubbish…have to type that quietly as he’s just next to me doing his spellings!

    Had a pretty good day pottering through the house – could always do more, but really enjoyed making the leftovers pie – finally!

    I think I might try and make tomorrow either a FD or an extremely low day…sort of depends on if we have to eat on the road, or can make it home for some really thin pieces of schnitzel I picked up at the butchers today.

    Well done on beign sensible, HH! Tomorrwos’ a whole other story…!


    Good evening everyone.F1 was a bit dull, don’t expect much tomorrow but ever hopefull.Bowling tomorrow at 1:30HH almost tempted to put the heating on bit will leave it another week or two.

    Minols- poor son, a bit rotten on his weekend & a new game to play having lots of homework to do…how was shinty? Hope you get things sorted for the cottage, & can keep it low today.
    Jean- hooe Steve keeps improving & that you & Charlie are managing…
    Dave- enjoy the bowling!
    Nana- enjoy your garden again today, should be warm!
    Xena’s tail is scabby on the end, wonder if she’s caught it on a bramble, keeps bleeding when she wags it & knockes it. Nice & sunny here again, will sit out in a bit, done Church online as usual. Making WW salmon burgers for dinner tonight, so hopefully an 800cal day.
    Have a good rest of the weekend!

    Lost a big post I give up…back later!!

    Back from bowling, very hot. Having a cuppa, roast lamb for tea 😋😋😋. Yorkshire pudding mix done. Will see if I can get F1 on when the football ends.

    I am hungry 😬😬 Lots of lovely smelling bbq’s here, decided not to have one ourselves as boys not about…
    Youngest has been sent to a store in a rough part of Ipswich, as he was leaving a man ran out the pub with a load of others chasing him, armed with baseball bats!! Luckily the man barricaded himself in another shop, son rang 999 but was put on hold for ages!! They’d gone by the time the police answered!

    Evening All..
    A very busy day, cleaned the car in and out, over a hour for the inside Charlie boys hair!!..my washing, dried…..bits and bobs….

    I will be fasting tomorrow ..

    Must have a think on the dishwasher a slim line might suit…always seems like a hood idea, this kitchen here I couldn’t get one in…

    Hope Xenia’s tail soon settles down. Hope it doesn’t go on too long.

    You are much further on than us..it doesn’t sound easy, searching for dates etc, wanting hard copies of bills when everything is on line…
    My daughter has been to the shop for advice on parental controls for phone/ gaming..she is now in charge from her phone, three children limited to time, between bed and homework, she us fed up of no socialising as a family, the 14 year old is not happy at all..she can also see what sites they are visiting.

    F1 looked lively ..think Steve was trying to listen to it…

    Steve is having another Covid test, his room mates had a test yesterday through today…his must have got lost…

    Jean x

    Jean- poor Steve, having to have the covid test again…hope he could listen to the F1, sounds like you’ve kept yourself busy!
    Minols/ Jean- many discussions (arguments!!) had in this house over the years about the games with the boys growing up, most of their friends had 18 rated ones even as young as 9! When eldest was about 10, he went to a youth club where they could go online, the club thought they’d got proper controls but his friend found a porn site! Friend had an older stepbrother who’d showed him how at home! All very uncomfortable for the leaders & other parents, some awkward questions from son about what he’d seen!
    Finished Fd 800 cals, will hopefully do another tomorrow, but have been very hungry today!

    Morning all!
    Hoping for another 800cal day, woke up hungry already though!
    Jean- I’m sure you’ll be fasting, anyone else?

    Morning everyone a fast day for me today. We’re going to have a BBQ today as the weather is so lovely. Been for our daily constitutional walk early this morning before the day heats up. Didn’t get around to posting yesterday evening due to emailing back and forth to our credit card company to claim back our Shearings holiday deposits which we originally sent off in May.
    Jean poor Steve another Covid test is he still brighter in himself though ?
    Hedgehogs how’s Xenas tail our daughter had a boxer at one time and she was forever having to bandage it’s tail because it kept damaging it and making it bleed and in the end on the advice of her vet she had her tail docked.
    Kay hope backs easier today.
    Dave what did you think to the F1.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and hope those of you who are having a fast day don’t find it too hard.
    Stay safe everyone.
    Nana x

    Nana the F1 was better than I expected, but all the cars that did not finish probably helped make it a better race. Roasting here, going bowling at 1pm😅.Could do with this weather in 2 weeks time.Jean organise the Yorkshire weather in a fortnight, I will settle for dry weather.No F1 next week so I won’t miss that one. I watched yesterday’s at midnight, so it was like the likely lads yesterday trying not to see the result.

    Afternoon All..
    A beautiful day….very hot…Walked Charlie at the park, shopping and dropped paper work off at the solicitor.

    I am fasting today…

    Steve may be home Wednesday if they can get the scan done and yesterday’s Covid test through.

    Children a pain in the bum can cause loads of problems…I am with you fasting just having a coffee…how’s the tail?

    Steves chirpy complaining a lot he wants to be home…Hope you got all the Shearings money back its a worry..

    Enjoy the bowling…lovely here…you must go to Bridlington and Scarborough, if you feel like a drive..

    Have a good day..

    Jean x

    Jean- glad Steve’s feeling better, fingers crossed for Weds. Alot of extra stuff for you to do on your own for the solicitors…
    Nana- hope you can get your money back for the holiday, it’s a hassle! Keep strong fasting, hope your bbq is nice! Hubby likes to wash all the bits on ours & pack it away under it’s cover, lots of work, so not worth the trouble for us 2! Forecast good for the rest of the week so maybe we’ll have one when both rhe boys are about!
    Dave- hope it’s not too hot for you bowling, roasting here! Not long til your next break then, hopefully this one will be better for you!
    Minols- quiet today, guess you’re busy as uaual!
    I’ve been extra hungry today, but keeping strong…made a bacon & cheese quiche for the others tonight, resisted the cheese 😇 Xena’s tail has been okay today, we’ve been trying to stop her wagging it near door frames! She was v embarassing on our walk- she kept going after a puppy’s ball, then he would run off chasing her, the owner was trying to work on recall with him 😂 Then she met a black lab boy that she likes, she played with him & then kept trying to hump him, even on his head 😱 Fortunately he didn’t mind!!

    Jean we are definitely going to Bridlington and Whitby not sure about Scarborough.It was roasting on the bowling green but got there at 1pm and left at 3pm.Had a couple of breaks.HH put a couple of socks on her tail with a bandage to hold them on.Only had 2 cups of tea so definitely a fast day.

    Dave- well done with your FD! Will try bandaging Xena’s tail tomorrow, she’ll be okay overnight. I just wondering if maybe she’s got a grass seed in there, can’t see, might be a vets job!
    Jean- has your FD gone okay, & Nana too?
    Been hungry but okay…tomorrow we’ve got to take hubby’s car in, so will pop into town as well, hopefully keeping busy will help.

    Evening everyone, managed my fast day as with it being so hot I didn’t feel as hungry or cold as I usually do.
    Early morning walk planned for tomorrow before it gets too hot and then plan on going to our favourite garden centre.
    Jean good news re Steves Covid test results and that he’s managing to maintain his oxygen levels.
    Hello everyone else and enjoy the rest of your evening and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning All..
    A lovely day again…Fast day went well yesterday, being on my own I am not eating a lot not too bothered.

    Steve having his scan this morning, I think a pow wow at the chest clinic in the morning he will be discussed, then his forward treatment will be put in place…he has changed wards, 8 bed, a very long walk to the loo quite challenging for him…

    I shall pass by my sister she is not answering the phone but I know she’s in, spoke to her this morning.

    A worry on Xenia’s tail, it could be a long job, a good idea bandaging may help. Hope all is well with the car service.

    Robin Hoods Bay is very pretty but a steep walk down, smugglers cove…Steve can’t make it down now, no cars are allowed, it’s near Whitby. Let’s hope the weather holds.

    Enjoy your early walk this morning…..mine seem to be getting later 😂 lazy girl…

    Jean x

    Jean- hope that Steve’s scan results are okay…& that they can get him home quickly. Enjoy seeing your sister!
    Nana- glad your gas ran out at the end of the bbq! What are you getting from the garden centre?
    Dave- well done with the FD, hope the weather’s nice today too!
    Minols- hope you’re all okay!
    Hubby’s car passed MOT okay, we went to a few shops while we waited, got some autumn plants & crocus bulbs.
    FD okay, hubby fancies bacon & egg for dinner, so should be able to have a veggie version & eat together.

    Will give Robin hood bay a miss. Don’t think my knees would take it. Very warm again here, Heidi asleep most of the time these days. Will take her out and hope there is a breeze.Hopefully Steve will be home soon. Good that you talked with your sister Jean.

    Afternoon All..

    The scan showed no blood clots, as I thought it’s going to the chest clinic see if a plan can be put in place… he won’t be home tomorrow maybe nearer the weekend or even next week..

    A good couple of hours with my sister, she seems quite lonely, she did a lot of repeating of what she’s told me, it was nice to catch up…she isn’t the easiest at times but fine today…

    So very hot 25 degrees looks like a late walk for us see how it goes…

    Possibly wise on Robin Hoods Bay it’s very pretty hard on the legs…

    Nice to get some plants and the cars fine…thinking of plants too but a bit early for my new garden…under orders from a Katie (USA) to not remove all the bushes like I usually do 😱😂….I need new garden trowels hoes etc..

    Enjoy the heat who can cope…

    Jean x

    This is the 5-2 diet you have posted on the wrong forum.

    Here here Dave…well said…

    Hi all – yes, busy just now, HH…but not helped by having put my back out again…just 2 days after the last one got better! Grrr!

    So sharing the hot water bottle with the boy. Comes with me during the day and he has it at night, although having been up since about 3 this morning, I confess I snack into his room and stole it from the bottom of his bed, and sat working with it wedged against my lower back!

    Working a little now, with the boy doing his homework…has to do a brochure for Yosemite Park, so I’m making him do it on Publisher…he needs to learn how to do more tech, and even if he’s not really learning much about the park (just cutting and pasting), an actual task to do on publisher helps you learn how to make it work!

    back to my own stuff soon!


    Minols- poor you & your back…I think maybe you need your own hot water bottle? I have 2 all to myself, use both in winter! Hope your son’s project goes well, a beautiful place!
    Jean- poor Steve, hope things improve for him quickly. Are you doing okay on your own, good job you have Charlie?!
    Dave- Robin Hoods Bay is lovely, but definitely steep! We did the steam railway from Whitby to Pickering, really enjoyed that & Pickering seems a nice town. Did you watch Heartbeat? We liked seeing Goathland…forgot to go & see where The Royal was filmed at Scarborough when we went there. You’ll have a packed few days at this rate!!
    Nana- hope tonight’s bbq was good!
    Did sit & enjoy the sun in the garden while we still have it, took Xena for a walk in the woods, we’ve been to the park in the evening’s as it’s been so hot, but I’m getting bitten to pieces! FD gone okay, resisted the toblerone hubby was eating 😇. Not sure about tomorrow; maybe out early for a car boot, so that’ll make me hungry, they have food vans there!!

    HH you could give minols one of your hot water bottles, she would have to tear it away from you though. Hoping to go bowling again tomorrow 🤞. Very warm here so no bottle needed.

    Thanks for your sympathy! I have a hottie somewhere…I just can’t find it, which means it’ probably low down or under a bed…and I can’t get down that low to look! And if did, i wouldn’t get up again!
    Just done a quick zoom meeting, but now I’m walking away from my desk and contemplating taking a ‘sickie’ until tonight’s mjeeting! Although I might try a gentle walk later. Thought walking the dog this morning would loosen things up, but didn’t today…grrr!


    Morning All..
    A chilly start typical September day..nice when walking…

    Waiting for the chest clinic meeting this morning hope they can find something to do for Steve, and nothing sinister 😬…still on his oxygen….he is stressed he has had no tablets in two days, antibiotics and phosphate and others, he is supposed to be on them!!…chasing them up at the nurses station no one is listening to him…

    Poor you hoping your backs improving, have a sickie and rest up…

    Thanks I am ok, Charlie is missing him off and on…on top of work at home so better, a bit more relaxing, popping by to Steve with clean PJs later, I think he wants me to wait till after lunch incase he comes home but I doubt it…hows Xenia’s tail?

    Eating too much sweet stuff must stop 😬, weight up in a blink of an eye ..oops..

    Jean x

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