Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Evening everyone didn’t manage a FD today as I was so hungry this morning that I had breakfast which is something I rarely do, no lunch but had my evening meal and allowing for a mug of choc options later on I’ll be around 1000 calories.
    Kay I’m knitting an Aran style jacket, it’s from an oldish knitting pattern that I found amongst my late mums knitting patterns that I saved from being thrown away when we cleared out her bungalow after she passed away. It has two separate pattern panels one of 14 rows and the other 6 rows plus a twisted rib sides.
    Jean any news for Steve yet ?
    Hedgehogs when we were moving house the time before last we had a six week wait before we could move into our new home so lived with my parents along with our golden Labrador. At the time I was working nights so would sleep during the day and he would sleep on the bed with me, anyway one day I crawled into bed and forgot to close the curtains and when I woke up their was a note through the door from mums window cleaner to say he’d cleaned the windows but didn’t like to knock on the door for payment as he didn’t want to wake me up! My dog never made a sound.
    Tammy hope works going well and ankle is improving.
    Hello to everyone else and well done to those of you who have completed a FD today.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    I love Aran but have never knitted it, looks too complicated…well done you…heard nothing for Steve yet hoping it’s not tomorrow as looking at a house…
    The back garden is the problem as block paved with pots and a shrub border down one side..we have put it aside from looking but now going to look with open mind, old house post war possibly…I always seem to go for newer 25 years or so…I am thinking of Charlie…still lots of beach / forest walks..

    I laughed about the window cleaner goodness she could of been on the top of the bed with not much on 😂
    Have a good night..

    Jean x


    Feel whacked this evening. Busy day. 2 of us doing final thorough clean through of a house which is due to have people moving in tomorrow. All the paint work was coated with fine plaster dust so we deduced that it hadnt had its big 3rd clean through, so almost 6 hours later, more or less finished 🙄 Still got a couple of trades to go in tomorrow morning to finish stuff off, so it will need some more cleaning no doubt!
    Not by me! Im on holiday lets tomorrow. I dont know which is better to be honest!
    At least the Bovis work is cleaning houses after trades have been, so no furniture and kitchens and bathrooms are new and unused. However you can spend ages in one room, scraping paint off switches, sealant off windows etc
    A nice sense of satisfaction when its done though.

    Still got a headache, not major though. I think it may be coming from tension in my neck.

    FD complete so thats it til Monday.

    Neils holiday has been agreed for the end of the month, so its all systems go for visiting the “mums” and Neils dad.

    Jean, it can be hard finding dog friendly rentals, but they do exist. Have a look on Right Move, set yourself up with a search with the requirements you have and then get alerts as places come up. At least it will give you an idea of whats available.

    Nana, Ive done aran and cable before but would probably struggle to do it now!
    I laughed about the window cleaner 🤣

    Page turned…so catch up tomorrow.

    Night all x

    Morning all!
    Nana- 😂😂 window cleaner watching you sleep 😱 not much of a guard dog! Well done with keeping low…
    Kay- hope the holiday lets aren’t too bad today, but lots extra for you to do with covid…good you’ve got the holiday booked, will you still try to camp, are you hardy?! Hope you can get the neck & headache better.
    Jean- enjoy the house hunting, would be nice if you did find somewhere not needing much work. Hope if Steve hears anything, it doesn’t muddle your plans up.
    Dave- you were quiet yesterday, hope the scales aren’t too unkind today…
    Tammy- sounds like you’ve done well this week!
    Minols- is it your day off today?
    Have had more neck trouble, so not much sleep & have taken painkillers again, decided not to do another 800 day. Will maybe be low, today & tomorrow, & back on Sunday, will see. Scales were good, just short of 2lbs off.
    Have a good day everyone!

    Morning All…
    A dry day blustery…

    Steve slept till 4 am pretty good for him…

    I have lost half a pound but kept at the same weight, Steve lost 7 lbs good but worried!….he hasn’t been eating well this week…will chase cancer nurses up today see if any results are in….he is quite unwell..we are looking at a house I shall drive and come straight back, no choice we must find somewhere to live.

    Hoping we don’t have to rent it’s the cost too, as we don’t have a mortgage…what a busy day you have had hope you are feeling better, dust etc not very good for your throat…lovely you can visit family and have a break at the end of the month…

    Sorry your necks playing up again…is it just tablets and time to heal it…your 800 days are going well, looks like you will get a good result.

    Must walk the boy before we go, then get him on the beach before we come home…it was torrential rain last time he was so excited and I short changed him..no walk ☹️

    Have a good day everyone nearly the weekend..

    Jean x

    Morning all
    I’ve just found a load of posts from last night, this is twice now, it seems to hide the posts till the page turns, so my apologies to those that I probably appear to be ignoring, I’m not, it’s so annoying, I should of realised when I was reading other people’s and couldn’t figure out what they were speaking about.
    Am ready for this lot of shifts to be done, I’m tired, made the mistake of going for a walk after work last night, my legs were done, stabbing pains the lot, varicose veins dont help, wont be doing that again.
    Fast day again, see how it goes.
    Jean well done it’s still a lose, but a worry that steve has lost so much, hopefully you will get news today.
    HH, Kay and Nana think it was all your posts that I missed, hope you all have good days.
    Will catch up later
    Tammy x

    Tammy have you put the tick in the box at the bottom? Scales were ahhhhhhhhhhhhh.Gained 10 lbs all the fish and chips plus beer and chocolate.

    Dave- you’ll lose it again…you needed that holiday & it was rubbish weather for you…your stomach pain is probably getting you down too…
    Jean- hope the house is nice; have you heard if there’s been any interest in the one you wanted to put an offer on, there were lots looking rpund it this week?
    Tammy- hope work is okay…
    Hope everyone else is okay!
    Have thrown myself into the nonFD, picking while cooking, had my fave kale & tahini salad for lunch, & a satay stir fry for son & I planned for tonight (& cheesecake!)Found a lost dog at the car park this morning, was just about to ring the owners when they turned up, not worried about him! Cut hubbys hair, some other jobs, nothing exciting!

    Back from Denise’s mums, she’s fed up being stuck in bed all the time. The sun is out and it’s quiet warm. I think I will feel better when I get notice about my scan.I can put up with the pain but your mind plays tricks and you start worrying about things it could be.

    Hi all – day off is Saturday, HH…but spent this mornign driving sick males to a testing centre an hour or so away! The boy’s temperature has been steadily rising and the OH have is really rough, has a fever and both coughing. I’ve just had a sore throat and I had a temperature, but fine now. So we’ve all been tested and i’m just hoping I get the results within 24 hours so I know if I’m taking the our first ‘in-person’ service on Sunday afternoon…or if my assistant is!

    Managed to get through quite a lot fo work this afternoon, though, so with just one more thing to do, I should be able to have most of tomorrow off…even if no-one is fit to do anything! Although to be fair, nothing really stops the boy…


    Hi All..
    The offer we put on a house someone else got it….their chain was smaller….we will speak to our estate agency on Monday and see where we are..I thought we were in a good position…what’s the point in chasing about if you have no chance!

    We rang the cancer nurse she didn’t realise she was suppose to ring us. The results show he has a type of pneumonia caused by radiotherapy and a chest infection. We have collected medication from Scunthorpe hospital. If he gets any worse over the weekend we have to go to A&E.. she will ring us Monday to see how he is.
    A scan is being organised for Wednesday if it’s possible.
    They are so good, she stayed 90 mins after her leave time to sort it out…

    Hoping your legs soon start feeling better…

    The house last week they are still viewing and there’s a much larger offer, could be 20 viewers..we have pulled out, needed nearly £60,000 spending on it..just too much for us…shame about today’s we both liked it..
    You have been very busy…

    Time they got their act together and sorted you out…

    Hope you are all ok, Steves test came back in 24hours…best to make sure…you will be looking forward to your service…🤞..enjoy your day off…

    Have a good weekend..

    Jean x

    Jean- so sorry,poor Steve, & the house too…hope the medication soon helps, that nurse needs an award, she sounds amazing! Your way the housing market must be very strong, I’m sure it’s just bad luck with this house…
    Minols- poor you & the boys! Hope the test’s negative 🙏 & you all feel better soon- very bad timing with your service 😖 I hope you can have a day off tomorrow, unless you’re having to be nurse!
    Dave- poor MIL; must be rough for her being in bed & mostly alone…I don’t know whether I’d rather be in a home, at least you get company?
    Nana- hope you’ve had a good day…
    Kay- hope the cleaning hadn’t set your headache off again…
    & everyone else- Mel, you’ve gone quiet!
    Working on getting Xena to take food more gently, she’s a bit rough at times, typical lab!
    Have a good evening…

    Quick hi
    Fast went good, but am starving, looking forward to tomorrow.
    Minols, hope all comes back clear.
    Jean, such a shame for Steve, hopefully the drugs kick in quick.
    Dave, it’s not nice when your worrying about something, hopefully appt comes soon.
    HH what a busy day, try to relax tonight.
    Right see you tomorrow
    Tammy x

    Hi all

    Test back first thing this morning and all clear! Which is great, as there wasn’t really enough food in the house to sustain us if we were locked in! Well, pancakes and omelettes, possibly!

    Have a great weekend.

    Morning all!
    Minols- good news on the test results, that was quick! Glad you can do the service tomorrow…hope that you can do some shopping today, feed your boys!
    Tammy- hope that your tummy’s okay today after your fast…well done yesterday fasting!
    Jean- hope Steve improves quickly with his medication…
    Dave- what sport’s on today? Any bowling happening?
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Rough night for me, up at 2.30am, mind too busy! & everyone else up early, youngest working, eldest frurloughed for a day (weird!!) so him & hubby went out early to a car boot, I took Xena out to the beach. Longest trip I’ve done with her in the front seat, she wasn’t too bad. Beautiful at the beach, calmest I’ve ever seen the sea there! She got scared by a huge german shepherd, he was old but very interested in her! Fast asleep now…I’ll join her later!

    Good morning, I will try to go bowling on Monday and we have a friendly match on Thursday.England play football tonight so will be watching that. My stomach pains are worst in the morning before I get out of bed ☹️.Fed up with it but nothing I can do, just wait. A fast day on Monday for me and I will do a few low days too.

    So no loss this week, but thats ok as I think a slight flare up of my ibs might not be helping. Cant possibly to do with my NFDs!! 🤣

    Off work for a couple of days now, so chill time.

    Jean, heres hoping Steve picks up quickly with the tablets. Another house to view on Monday, at least there are still some available which are suitable.

    Minols, good news from the tests then. And you can do your ‘in person’ service.

    Dave, heres hoping you hear something soon. I know what you mean about learning to live with it though. It kind of becomes the norm.

    HH, I guess an early night for you tonight.

    Mel, its years since I had my nails done. Nice pamper.

    Tammy, well done with the fasting.

    Think I might bite the bullet and colour my hair…last time for full colour was end of November and I did a root touch up at beginning of lock down so it should be fine!!

    Will let you know!

    Have a good weekend all x

    I just cut all my hair off, much simpler.No lockdown problem for me 😁. Bowling on Monday and Thursday so that will keep me from seizing up.F1 qualifying was interesting, hope it’s a better race tomorrow with some overtaking.

    Afternoon All..
    A sleepy day in bed for Steve today with Charlie with him…I have been busy cleaning downstairs lovely and peaceful for me, just the usual up and down stairs nursing!

    Sat reading outside for a bit then came inside, a couple of glasses of wine, almonds and cheesy biscuits no one to share with makes a change…

    All clear good news, you can take your first service tomorrow 😀

    Hope your day went well and you had a snooze..a lovely beach walk that might soon be me 😀..another house on Monday looks very nice, still post war older than I usually have it will make a change.

    Bowling, thought it would be a bit late now or is it inside…we will be fasting Monday…

    Houses are very few at the moment but like the look of this one..goodness you have done well on your hair if you haven’t coloured it since November just a touch up,..

    Have a good evening…

    Jean x

    Kay- you’ve done well not needing a colour for a while! Hope it looks nice!
    Jean- a quiet day for you, hope Steve is better tomorrow…fingers crossed for the next house!
    Dave- enjoy the F1 to.orrow, & foorie tonight!
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    I did have a nap, still feel a bit jaded! Did a quick clean through this afternoon, gets dirty so quickly! Had a bbq tonight, forecast wasn’t great but it turned out nice…Mum loves a bbq but hadn’t asked her in case it rained! Sis saw her today though so she’s not been on her own. Eaten lots today, hopefully can fast tomorrow!

    Evening everyone,enjoyed our usual Friday catch up with our friends and enjoyed a nice curry and a drink or two.
    Not been very active today but have stayed in my TDEE calories.
    Minols good news regarding your family test results.
    No loss on the scales yesterday when I had my weekly weigh in.
    Hedgehogs envious of you being able to enjoy a beach walk.
    Jean hope Steve starts to feel better with the steroid medication and that the house viewing goes well on Monday.
    Dave yes hope F1 is a better race tomorrow it’s boring with Lewis Hamilton in front all of the time and not being challenged.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Well the England football game was like watching grass grow. Watching Belgium and Denmark now. F1 tomorrow.As for the bowling I think it’s still going on because it’s not been that long since we could play.

    Morning guys
    Yesterday was fine ,last shift of the week, dug up a load of tatties from my raised planter, bonus was I never planted them, they grow from what ever I missed last year, and I’ve totally ignored them and it’s been my best crop ever!!!!
    I’m off to Edinburgh today, tent shopping with my walking pal, am looking to the trip out.
    Weighed in today, 1lbs on, but it wasnt after a fast, so I’m not concerned.
    Dave, hope the F1 is better than the football.
    Jean is Steve feeling any better.
    Minols hope the service goes well.
    Kay, hope your colour comes out, I like the home stuff, but then I go purple, so mistakes dont really matter.
    HH hope your feeling a bit better.
    Nana good you have your Fridays to look forward to.
    Still looking forward to the bbq bean recipe, cant remember who has it!!!
    Right have a good day
    Tammy x

    Morning all!
    Quick post before online Church…definitely a FD for me, might do a liquid one as tummy is a bit grumpy today! Seeing Mum this afternoon.
    Hope everyone has a good day!

    Morning All..
    Steve had a good night only up once…a bad coughing fit to start the day on for about 90 mins, I got him sipping cough medicine and it eased..

    I have walked Charlie around the village as there’s a car boot at the park…

    I can’t believe Steve is going to be watching cricket and not F1 it’s unheard of….early walk for you this morning, as you say a long day….

    Enjoy your sport today…

    Your tub of tatties look lovely…loads of them….enjoy your shopping day out in Edinburgh, hope you find your tent…a good lunch maybe?

    Hope your tummy settles down..enjoy your day..

    Have a lovely morning with your flock..enjoy the service…

    Hope you are feeling better with your sore throat and IBS..

    Have a good everyone…

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone.A sunny day here,just having a cuppa.Its me doing Sunday dinner today so we are having roast beef, Yorkshire pudding,cabbage, carrots and mash potatoes.A man’s work is never done 😁.I must try harder before my next weigh in.

    Jean- hope Steve has been okay through the day & a lazy one for both of you…
    Tammy- lovely to have a whole tub of extras! We’ve had the odd few I’ve missed sprout again. Enjoy your shopping trip & hooe you find a good baragain tent!
    Minols- hope today’s service went well, I guess you’re still putting it out online for those who can’t come? How many can you fit in Church?
    Dave- hope your dinner is good! Lucky Denise getting it all cooked, are you doing the pots as well or is that her job?!
    Kay- hope you enjoy your day off…how’s Tara doing with training?
    Nana- has hubby been asleep in front of the tv again? Have you had a roast too?
    Mel- where are you?!
    Jason- hope school was okay last week, a full week back this week…
    Took a different game round to play with mum for a change, she was okay. Not eating has helped my stomach! Was supposed to be wet today, but has stayed dry, will have to water!
    Have a good evening everyone!

    I will do the pots too.All on now except the Yorkshire pudding.Feeling hungry.

    Does Denise hire you out…I have lost my helper at the moment … I am missing him…. we got your rain, sunny until I took Charlie then the heavens opened!!

    Glad your tummy has settled…hope mum didn’t mention the bbq…😂

    I cleaned up stairs, a bit of shopping then had a lazy day …Steves not eating so eating light, I don’t mind.

    Jean x

    Just been out with Heidi, a lovely sunny evening, met a couple of dogs. No rain this time, want it dry for bowling tomorrow.

    Evening everyone, was up and out for our daily constitutional walk very early today and then we got back we gave our decking another coating of anti slip paint all before nine. In answer to your question Hedgehogs hubby has just woken up from just resting his eyes for around an hour and a half. No roast dinner for us but a nice piece of salmon each with some of our own home grown potatoes and a bit of salad. Hope tummy has settled.
    Dave and Kay what a good F1 for a change.
    Jean has Steves coughing eased up now and is it tomorrow your viewing a house.
    Hope everyone else has had a good day. I’m just enjoying a very nice G&T before FD tomorrow. Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Yes a very good F1.Enjoyed it.Hope for more like that. Going bowling tomorrow weather permitting.

    Morning all!
    Jean- sending you extra hugs, pass some on to Steve…hope you can still do the house viewing. FD for you?
    Dave- what a star doing the dinner & the washing up! Hope Denise appreciates you! Enjoy the bowling & glad that the F1 was good.
    Nana- sounds like a productive day for you yesterday! Have you got many veggies growing still? My courgettes are slowing now, bean & potatoes still going. Have a good FD today!
    Tammy- how was your shopping trip?
    Hope everyone else has a good day…
    Had a sunny walk with Xena on the heath- she embarassed me by going loopy at a couple of soldiers, full on barking, running at them, hackles up! The heath’s opposite an army base, they’d been out for a run this morning! Not eaten yet, so hopefully a low, maybe 800cal day. A bit of shopping soon…

    I have to admit Denise washed the pots yesterday, I took Heidi out and she had done them when I got back. Jean I hope you have some luck with the house and Steve is ok. Going bowling this afternoon if the rain stays away. I will take Heidi out now.

    Dave- keep strong, hope you get to do bowling…
    Just had a little lunch, doing okay so far. We went shopping for a few bits that we can’t seem to get online, so got well stocked up! I thought it would be quiet but shops were fairly busy, very little distancing but at least most were wearing masks.
    Still gobsmacked at the high school shooting, my HS family live right nearby, she got her son home from primary school as it’s right near, they hadn’t caught the person who’d done it, police everywhere but the school were still letting the children out to play!
    Raining here, was supposed to be dry!

    Went bowling and got soaked but had an hour. Terrible about the school, on my second cup of tea so doing ok that’s only 40 calories.

    Dave- hope you’ve been strong this afternoon? Shame you got wet…
    Hope everyone else is okay?
    FD done, just under 800 cals, very pleased 😁

    Evening everyone, FD finished here but I’ve left myself enough calories for a warm mug of milk later on.
    Jean how’s Steve now and also how was the viewing.
    Hedgehogs upsetting business regarding the school. Still got tomatoes, lettuce and some carrots but haven’t checked oo how the carrots are doing lately.
    Dave glad you were able to have a game of bowls even if you did get wet.
    Well done to those of you who have completed a FD today.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe. Nana x

    Fast day gone ok still got 90 calories to play with. So a very good fast day. Will try for a low day tomorrow then another fast on Wednesday. Jean hope your ok, quiet today but can understand why.

    Evening All..
    A busy day for us hard going as Steve is still unwell…we have bought a house at Bridlington, we are so pleased and fussy…takes all the pressure off.
    It would be nice to be in before Christmas..
    Just measured our walking to the beach 1 mile… about 15 mins??

    No fast day some 🍷soon to celebrate the house…fast day tomorrow…

    Steve seeing his oncologist on Wednesday have him checked over and waiting a scan hopefully tomorrow if they can juggle it..

    I laughed at Xena going loopy at the soldiers something Charlie would do…Very upsetting on the school..

    Glad you got back to the bowling ..shame on the rain…

    Our cancer nurses are so good, one call and they chase things up, we are very lucky. I still feel he needs a blood transfusion or oxygen.

    Jean x

    Hi guys
    Really late tonight(2am)
    Shopping trip was good, it was my friend buying, she got her new tent and sleeping bag, it took all day but was good to get away.
    Late up today, took mum for lunch, I was nice and let her pay lol. Then a bit of housework, more bloody feathers.
    Then out for a short walk with my pal, her feet are bothering her and my tendon plays up when I walk, but am doing exercises to hopefully help it.
    There it not much doing.
    Jean well done on getting a house.
    Dave, well done on the fast
    Nana enjoy your cosy milk
    HH I’ve missed something with the school but doesn’t sound good.
    Right hopefully get on at a decent time tomorrow
    Tammy x

    Morning all – brilliant news on the house, Jean – hope Steve can cope with your excitement!

    Our internet went down on Sunday night and apparently we need a new router (not that they can find anything wrong with the current one by their automated diagnostics…talks to them, won’t talk to our telly, phones or computers any more, though!) The boy was distraught as he’d taken the brave decision to trade one gadget in to get another one that is more compatible with what all hs friends use…and he and the OH had been trying to set it up all afternoon (with only limited success…)

    So I can only work down at the office, and the boy is reduced to watching a limited number of programmes, or helping me with a jigsaw puzzle! He’s going to come down with me tonight and watch youtube on the other computer – poor lamb!

    Have a great day everyone.


    Denise was laughing at me on holiday because I could not get a signal on my phone. She said I am lost without it 😲.I did miss it though 🤯.But in the end just turned it off.Miserable day here wet but not too cold 18°C at the moment.I am a bit stiff after bowling and play again on Thursday, then the next 3 Sundays, think the women are playing on Sundays too so if I bowl to far I will get told off😁.

    Morning/ afternoon!
    Minols- hope the new router arrives soon & your son can get back to his games! Good job hubby’s not still working from home!
    Jean- so pleased for you, hope the house all goes through smoothly! Hugs to Steve too- has he had to cough up a sample to see what infection he has?
    Tammy- hope you can keep up with the walking, annoying when you’re getting into exercise & something hurts…the school thing was a shooting at a high school near us, a quiet area, it’s shocking…just seen on the news that they’ve arrested someone else in connection with it in a road I used to live in, that’s a nice area too!
    Dave- I’m sure you’ll soon be back used to bowling & less sore afterwards!
    Nana- well done with your FD yesterday!
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Had a later walk as eldest is off & wanted to come, nice to have his company! Another 800cal FD for me, salad tonight.

    Jean- hugs to you, hoping Steve gets better soon, best chance in hospital…
    Salad eaten, egg & cress, I do like that! Had a good afternoon- we went to the beach with Xena- she was totally loopy, even though she’d had a long walk in the morning! Had to keep her on a lead while we went past a group doing some sort of wildlife/ plant survey, or she’d have charged through them all barking! Fast asleep on my lap now!

    Morning all…up with the lark today, but have a clear schedule until tonight, so I think I’ll crack on with some admin, and then take the reports I need to master and some reading out to a cafe. Then a decent cycle to drop off some books with a lady who’s had an op and desperately needs more to read!
    So that ticks the mind expansion and the exercise boxes…going to try for a FD too, so just lots of black coffee until arrabiata tonight – which hopefully the boy will cook…?

    Router arrived yesterday and for once the set up was a doddle, the boy’s new gadget is affording plenty of ‘wow’ moments and he’s quickly forgetting the ‘trauma’ of the last few days!

    Jean and Steve – hope all goes well with the oncologist today.


    Oops, not morning it’s now afternoon!
    Minols- glad you’re back on okay! & son…hope your FD goes well! Jean’s Steve in back in hospital Minols, bad chest infection/ pneumonia, don’t know if Jean will have time to come on here…
    Another 800day for me. Up early, so a longer walk with Xena, picked blackberries & have made an apple & blackberry crumble for son, lots of washing done, kitchen floor next. Youngest is sitting getting impatient for his new car to be delivered, a BMW M4, more sleepless nights for me 😬

    Thanks for bringing me up to speed on Steve, HH. Worrying times.

    Afternoon All..
    Sorry I feel like going in circles with Steve in hospital, with telephone calls and texts from family..walking Charlie.

    He is on his second bag of antibiotics if this doesn’t work they will have to drain his lung. Carol his cancer nurse is passing by tomorrow to see him and she has already been speaking to the nursing staff. Still waiting for Covid results then they will move him to lung ward or Covid that ones the worry. Waiting a CT scan too…
    He is looking at kitchens on line so he must be feeling brighter although the coughing still stops him talking.

    Fast didn’t happen so annoyed at 9.30 a bag of chocolate buttons jumped in my hand…stupid!

    As you see Steve went in hospital on a 999 on Tuesday he was so breathless and can’t stop coughing, He was so ill, his cancer nurse told us to ring a ambulance..I couldn’t go with him…he seems brighter I think and happy to be in he was getting passed him self…things seem to be moving and getting sorted.

    A lovely crumble Steve will be round…

    Enjoy your holiday

    I will try and pass by…

    Jean x

    Somebody as chopped down lots of blackberry bushes 😫.Minols good to have you back. I just drove to where we are playing bowls tomorrow, wasn’t sure of the way. There was a bloke playing on his own. He played very well, hope I don’t get him tomorrow. Nice sunny day here, took Heidi out before. Only had 2 cups of tea so looking good for a FD.Lemon chicken and new potatoes for tea so I will have to check the calories in them.

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