Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • And one more post!

    DF…so nice to see you back but so sorry to hear about Steve. Heres hoping he makes good progress now. Thank goodness you can still work at home, although also hope you have your own time too x

    Sounds like a fab holiday. And now back to usual fast pace! A lot of writing to be done and zoom meetings still! Things are ever changing, masks mandatory in churches..

    Nana, well done for maintaining! Another bbq tomorrow..enjoy.

    Jean, nice to hear Charlie enjoyed the beach. Ellie used to enjoy the flat open space to run on, less so the sea! Keep looking at areas and bungalows, the good thing is that you arent under pressure.

    Mel, sounds you are having a fab time. Back home soon to regroup before next one 😉

    Dave, did you have steak tonight? Are you feeling any better? Could it IBS?

    HH, any news on your nephew. Really feel for him. His anxiety must be through the roof. Really hope it doesnt end up in emergency surgery.
    The nosy neighbours…didnt you start by saying they had liverpool accents 😀
    Or maybe Jean type accent, or Peter Kay accents. I shouldnt laugh, Im just as bad!

    Who have I forgotten??? Sorry Im out of practice x

    Morning all!
    Nina- welcome! Nice to have some new ‘faces’! I live in Suffolk, so not too far from you, we have a 2 yr old lab, she thinks she’s a German Shepherd, quite fiesty! Are you doing fast800 or 5:2?
    Kay- nice to have you back! Hope you & Neil get to Wales! & that Tara enjoys it 😁
    Jean- sounds lovely to have a day out at the beach, & nice you’ve found another area to look at…
    Dave- glad you enjoyed the cricket, sounded a great test match, was your steak good too?
    Mel- enjoy the musgoes! Not heard of that, but I like the sound of it! Safe journey home!
    Nana- have a lovely day with your daughter today!
    DF- hope you get to put your feet up a bit, but I guess that you have alot to catch up on, or is Steve up to helping out?
    Minols- hope that your service goes well today!
    Fiona- hope you’re having a good weekend with your fur babies!
    Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!
    Nephew’s had surgery, not until about 5pm though, poor love! Neighbour was feeling better thankfully.
    Had a lovely bbq, a few wasps about, hubby flaps like a windmill! Mum really enjoyed it, she’s so much happier now, very forgetful still though. Hubby was so patient listening to her explaining all the TV programmes she watches (all re-runs, she doesn’t actually watch much but it seems to be a regular topic of conversation!) Xena was straight back into the habit of walking her home! Turned cooler in the evening, I was chilly! Supposed to be hot again, so will take Xena out soon!
    Have a good day…

    Welcome to Nina too. Are you up for The Push on Monday? A few of us are feeling the need to pull our socks up! I am going home today after a week in a “bubble” with friends.

    Will be regularly posting from tomorrow so bye for now.
    Sorry so brief. 🥰

    Morning All..
    A bit damp looking….
    Walking Charlie as Steve finishes the last bit of painting, last small trellis to do and some floor kerbs which keep the stones off the grass..see how he goes I may do them.

    Must tidy around as visitor staying a couple of days, more jobs tomorrow which he is helping to do and he is doing the gutter painting for us….
    Then big tidy up before photos get done hopefully Thursday if they can do it 😬

    Worried on Charlie he is not eating..changing things around but sniffs and goes..he will eat his treat biscuits!…no treats today!…he enjoyed his ice cream yesterday, the only thing he ate all day….
    He is bouncing about playing so he is ok..

    Welcome nice to have you and to join us, it’s a couple of weeks hard then it gets easier, don’t look too deeply into its quite easy….do your couple of fast days eating protein keeping off the carbs, the other days keep under your TDEE, (top corner of page on the right it will tell you what yours is)..I had every diet book going, visiting SW and WW classes….this is the best out of the lot..all the books thrown away..

    I am Jean with hubby Steve, we both fast together, Charlie is our rescue Dalmatian he’s 4, live in Yorkshire in a small village near Goole. Just house hunting to move to Bridlington by the sea which is scary. I have lost 2 stone, kept it off now for 2 years, I go up and down a pound here and there but in maintenance..just!

    Hoping you get to go camping and visit your parents , Wales is still got some rules in place, 🤞for you that you can catch up…
    Very hot for working. We are away on the 15th just for a week going near Skegness…

    We have had the fan out, thought Charlie might be frightened but he was ok..

    Turning page now…Jean x

    Morning Again…
    He loved running on the beach couldn’t get over him going in the sea, usually frightened of getting wet…looks like another house, bungalows are scarce…..spotted another one…

    Hoping your nephew is more his self today and not in too much pain….you sound as if the BBQ went well wasps as well..we were painting late last night I have a few bites to prove it…

    Fasting might be difficult Monday..I did have a very low day yesterday just breakfast and a late sandwich.

    Have a good day all..

    Walk time

    Jean x

    Afternoon all!
    Jean- you’re so busy, glad you’ve had time on the beach though, Xena likes a paddle now too…I’m sure he’ll eat soon.
    Mel- hope you have a safe journey home, nice that you’ve got another holiday to look forward to!
    Dave- are you having a roast today?
    Hope everyone else is okay?
    Made scones after Church, took them to Mum’s for a cream tea: she’d been saying how my aunt had had one & hubby mentioned last night we’d had one, think it made her mouth water! I’m not normally good at scones but today’s were really yum! I think fasting will be definitely hard tomorrow; 3 days of eating too much!
    Enjoy the rest of the day, baking here again…

    Evening All..
    The weathers lovely now 19 degrees, it took its time arriving..
    Bit of a relax and decided on pizza tonight I really couldn’t be bothered cooking, we share so it isn’t as bad as it sounds..

    See what tomorrow brings I hate not fasting, I think it could be difficult with visitors but it’s another busy day..

    Scones are easy, glad they turned out well and Mum enjoyed them….I always like a batch in the freezer, for emergencies. Cakey never liked them that way but I think they are fine.
    I have the grass to cut tomorrow besides the other jobs before the rain comes on Tuesday.

    Charlie eventually ate his breakfast about 3pm…he has left his dinner!..still I suppose he will be full…

    Jean x

    21°C here been roasting all day, bowling tomorrow 24 tomorrow but possibly with thunderstorms 😲.Heidi lovers her cool mat as you can see on WhatsApp 😁. Roast beef now 😋😋.

    Evening everyone currently 24°C here. Just got back from the BBQ and now enjoying a nice chilled glass of White zinfandel as I drove today. Had a lovely time especially as army grandson turned up as he’s just starting 2 weeks leave. Poppy was on her best behaviour and spent a lot of the time laying at husbands feet.
    FD definitely planned for tomorrow.
    Husband is watching or should I say sleeping through F1 highlights.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Good morning everyone 15°C here already 😓. Watched the ice hockey, unfortunately lost 3:0😭Back later, bedtime now.💤💤💤

    Morning all, first FD800 for a while. I am going for alternate days as it worked so well last year. Building myself up to it last week seems to have worked. Didn’t weigh myself this morning, won’t probably until we go away (four weeks to go). Just watched the Michael Moseley programme. I love seeing how different people cope. I have two nice soups for today, lots of water. Was going to go for a long walk this morning before it got hot but Jodie just wanted her usual. Still about 40 minutes.

    So, me, Nana and HH fasting today, Jean not sure I think … visitors? Anyone else?

    Im in for the big push!!
    So yes fasting today.
    Not sure what Im going to do yet. Normal 5:2 or ADF 800 or flat out 800 days…

    Morning all!
    Glad you’re in the zone, Mel, & Kay back too! Jean- you have enough to do & company, so won’t matter if yours is postponed! I’m hoping for a liquid FD today, & will do ADF, got some keto things to use up so can’t do fast800- I’ll plan it for next week & try a week or 2.
    Timed my walk well (apart from the heat!)as hubby was up earlier than usual, he’s done the washing up, hung out 1st lot of washing & is now cracking on with painting the shed, while I’m sat in the garden like lady muck! I shall do some bits in a minute though…

    Glad to hear from you this morning Kay. I decided I can’t do every day but wanted more than 5:2. Whichever you decide will be good. HH is going to do ADF like me.

    Here’s to The Push!

    Morning all, already very warm here today,
    Hedgehogs – have started the 5:2, first fast day today, have found recipe for beetroot and Bramley apple soup, so has have grown beetroot in the garden and Bramley tree Apples are already ready, thought would give it ago, apparently freezes well

    Melfish- yes on for the’big push’ today

    Symba- thanks for the advice

    Stay cool and safe everyone


    Good afternoon,I am fasting too today.The TV has no sound so Denise is using subtitles 😁.Loose women on so not all bad from my point of view. I will see if I can fix it. Going bowling at 3pm, going to be a bit one. 😓😓😓.

    Keep strong everyone!
    Nina- hope it goes okay, only one day!
    Dave- hope you can fix the TV- or maybe not try too hard?! Enjoy your bowling! Hope your FD goes okay too…
    Have done ironing, all the windows open & got a good breeze through. Squashed my finger in a door though, luckily not too bad. Hubby finished so will have a cuppa shortly 😁

    Afternoon All..
    So hot here again…early walk and I got busy..

    We are fasting today…..Tony arriving tomorrow so hopefully before the rain starts in the afternoon…

    I am quite enjoying the rose wine on these hot days, lovely when ice cold…lovely you caught up with grandson..

    Good to have a plan, it worked so well for you last year…I must get more of a plan after my hols, need a few pounds off, hate to let them linger…

    Getting a plan together too…..

    I laughed nice to get the men motivated, Steve did a wack of painting while I walked Charlie, a slow walk I must admit 😂
    Grass to cut for me and ironing too, the bedding and some more to hang out, not a lot…
    Well Lady Muck enjoy your moment…..Ouch on your finger..
    Steve put butter on Charlie’s last nights dinner which he turned his nose at and again this morning..it worked he ate it all…monkey!!

    That soup sounds very different…two of you on soups on a hot day…I can do soup on hot days too..possibly eggs for us this evening, with what, bacon and tomatoes??…boring but easy…

    Enjoy your bowling…get your sun cream on it’s very hot..

    Keep strong everyone..

    Jean x

    I’m getting hungry now! I did look at the clock & think only 6 hrs to go until bedtime 😱😂 How’s everyone else doing?

    Hi all, bit of a late post from me today!

    Nina .. welcome!!

    Had to re-think my FD today as I had something planned at lunch. Its been a low day, with exercise, so not too bad. I’ll probably only do Thursday as a proper FD this week.

    Hope everyone’s okay and staying strong if fasting. Its one day!

    I’ll update properly tomorrow, but wanted to post at least something to let you know I’m still here lol


    Just back from bowling,a draw 1-1.fast day going well only had one cup of tea all day, nothing else.About to have another cuppa now.

    Getting hungry too but haven’t stopped all day…egg and bacon for us…just been told Tony will be here at 6 am 😬 in the morning ..goodness I will want my cuppa in bed…

    Hi looks like a busy day for you…nice for a wave by 😀

    How is everyone else doing?

    Jean x

    Struggling a bit now. P in a bad mood this morning. Always makes me anxious. I won’t give in though. Got a few calories after my soup tonight to play with if necessary.

    6.00 am. What is the man playing at!?
    Hi DF, at least you haven’t pigged out 🐷!
    Dave, well done!
    HH think my bedtime might be quite early tonight!
    Oh and Nina that soup sounds lovely. Think my grumpy husband would like that one.

    740 calories, Kitchen closed.make up to 800 with a few drinks of tea.So a successful fast day.

    Evening everyone, Was so hungry today but held off eating until this evening. Had a couple of boiled eggs and salad followed by a couple of lovely fresh figs given to me by our neighbour. So hot today still 30°C outside.
    Jean an early start tomorrow for you. Glad Charlie’s eating now dogs are so crafty.
    Dave glad you were able to play bowls must have been hot though.
    Mel hope your husbands mood improves soon.
    Hedgehogs you’ve been busy again unlike me – hope the fingers not too sore.
    Well done to those of you who have completed a FD today.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    FD complete…590 cals according to MFP.
    So almost a 500 day rather than a 800 so I’ll take that!

    Im going to do alternate days, like Mel, although I was tempted to do a straight 800 week! Lets see how this week goes with ADF!
    I need to shift over a stone to get back to my lowest. Annoyed with myself for allowing the weight to go back on, but I know I can do it! I did it before!

    Looks like we have had a successful day between us! Yayy!!

    Going to be another hot and sticky night. We did have rain and then it was bright and sunny this afternoon but its gone really humid again. The weather station is saying its 92% humidity outside, so it might as well be raining!

    Early night for me. Working again tomorrow but not until 10am, but I do need to walk Tara first and get her sorted as Neils working too.

    Jean, you have an early start! 6am!! For goodness sake!

    Anyone fasting tomorrow or have we all fasted today?

    Kay x

    He has to travel over a hour to get to us!!….hoping for a cuppa in bed 😀
    Hope Paul improves..what’s up with him?

    Well done a good one for you…

    I gave Charlie some rice tonight with double quantity of chicken and kibble..he ate it!..they are crafty at times. A few of us hungry today…

    I might leave the men to it, I have to walk Charlie, a slow walk 😂…I suppose I will be doing butties and drinks…see how Steve goes he has done a lot today..he possibly won’t be able to walk tomorrow!.
    A plan made, that’s good…so hot to be working…

    Jean x

    Just doing paperwork and stuff. He gets very frustrated with the iPad not doing what he wants. He can be a very impatient man sometimes! Not grumpy with me really but I get the brunt and I don’t deal with it very well. Fine now, beer and snooker!

    I came in at 500 calories and as I was aiming for 800 very pleased. Did consider a small kitkat but don’t need it as I am full with my soup and am trying to swear off chocolate until holiday.

    Bed for me soon. Good book on the go.

    Don’t know what to do tomorrow, not a fast day but if I can get past dinnertime it should be a low day. I would love to go to the pub now, but it would be a few thousand calories of I did. 2 weeks to hollibobs, no fast days then.

    Morning all – so impressed with your fasts yesterday! I think I kept fairly light – 3 meals but my last one mainly cauli mash with a tiny piece of the boy’s schnitzel.

    Today looks like being damp around the edges. The OH is supposed to be packing up his computer and heading back into the office (although I can hear the exercise bike whirring!) and it’s the boy’s last day on his bottom in front of fortnite – school starts tomorrow and I’ll need to start remember to get a sausage roll out of the freezer tonight for his lunch…what else did I used to give him??? might need to do a wee shop-run today – definitely out of the habit!

    Have a great day everyone.

    Morning all!
    Minols- hope your son enjoys his last day of freedom! Hope it goes okay, I’m sure he’ll manage the changes. & hope you can find him food for his packed lunch!
    Jean- go steady today, hope Steve is okay…enjoy the company when they’re not working! Glad Cheeky Charlie is eating again!
    Kay- hope Tara’s okay while you’re at work…& hope you don’t get too hot!
    Dave- well done yesterday, hope today goes well too!
    Mel- I have an impatient one at home too! Really well done yesterday, & resisting the kitkat!
    DF- sounds like you did well with a low day too, frustrating when you have food to eat up!
    Nana- well done as well, fresh figs sound lovely, I didn’t know we could grow them here…
    Nina- how did you get on?
    All our other newbies disappeared?
    Sailing had been pencilled in again today, but storms forecast later so it’s off again! Not sure what to do today, it’s so humid I’m not working too hard!
    Have a good day all!

    Morning All..
    A busy morning everything looking good…a problem with the drive in parts a re think going on there…some bricks are slightly wrong colour thought the sealer would sort it out but it hasn’t, I think just go with it…… off to Bridlinton shortly, Tony would like to go he’s never been…fish and chips, fish only for me….a walk around the harbour and holiday maker stuff….it’s very nice if you haven’t been…rough and ready seaside, candy floss, rock, rubber rings, chips and people.

    Hope Paul’s ok again, men don’t seem to have patience..Steves not so bad….he gets upset when he can’t do what he could do when younger…

    We are having a few more salads this week making it low few days…not today though…

    Thinking of your boy….you all go back earlier than ours….You can get back to fasting properly just a reminder, we let you slip on school holidays only..!!..😂
    Have a rethink on the school lunches…

    Shame on the sailing again….have a good day what ever you decide …Steve is doing too much but about done now then holidays…

    Jean x

    It’s so hot again.I went to bed at 2-30am and it was still roasting.My son’s mate asked him if he enjoyed the rain and thunderstorms but we never got any. Apparently they did a couple of miles away. Not taking Heidi out until tonight its to hot.Only had one cup of tea so far, so possibly a low day😁

    Hi everyone. Minols I keep meaning to try cauli mash but forget. Is it literally just mashed cauli with a bit of seasoning?
    HH your sailing is obviously doomed!
    Just back from Waitrose and had a yummy lunch after no breakfast. Avocado, tomato, a bit of a whipped goats cheese and sweet potato concoction and four quails eggs which I saw in Waitrose (obviously!) And couldn’t resist (ready peeled). Luckily I forgot to buy custard tarts. Roast lamb and Rioja tonight.
    Jodie bathed and clipped and smelling gorgeous.
    Jean don’t think I have been to Bridlington. Sounds a bit Skeggie?

    I’ve been to Skeggie as a child & got stuck in sinking sand…never been to Bridlington.
    Decided on just a lazy day enjoying the weather- borrowed a paddling pool sis had got for her dog & he didn’t like (cleaned it well 1st!!) so have sat in that, & laid in the sun. Lovely & quiet here, the noisy neighbours have gone out 😉

    We got a pool for Heidi but she didn’t like it. Doubt I would fit in it 😲.Still only 2 cups of tea, nothing else.Going to be poached eggs bacon sausage and beans for tea plus toast.So a low day not a FD.Starving now but will hang on for another hour or so.

    Lovely afternoon about Bridlington, a couple of beach walks, fish and chips not up to standard, we went to a different one…Tony liked our areas, he will say it how it is…

    Brid not as straight as Skeggie, theres a north side and south side with a lovely harbour in between, lots of money being spent on the promenade A beautiful leisure facility on the beach front for those cooler days. Something else is being built next to it I have no idea what …each time I go I am liking it more, busy today so hot, these 6 weeks children’s holiday would be the worse time.

    Keeping looking for me…nearly there on St James Ave, just no grass for Charlie, no down stairs loo..a bit cheaper maybe 😂 well done on the fasting..

    I can see you sat in the paddling pool ..thought of you at the beach I could of had a paddle or a bit deeper 😀 now sure on swimming I am not a very strong swimmer..

    Tony not staying over, so a lazy day tomorrow, a hour or so messing with a few block pavers to darken them.

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, been a busy day as husband had been having problems with his eyes he managed to get a cancellation appointment for this morning in St Ives so we went on the guided busway for the first time since early March and we were the only passengers on the bus. Went into a few of the shops to kill time whilst he was at the opticians which felt weird and then went and sat by the river to wait for him got very warm waiting for him.
    Had a nice ice cold Amstel lager when we got home and have just worked out my calories including the Amstel and have come in at 1200 calories so a nice low day.
    Mel we went into Waitrose whilst in St Ives for a few things but no quail eggs were purchased.
    Jean shame about your fish and chips disappointing when that happens. Only been to Bridlington once and that was driving home after a holiday in Whitby to celebrate my 40th Birthday so almost 20 years ago.
    Hedgehogs you can grow fig trees here as we used to have at our old place but our garden here is too small for one. A nice quiet day for you.
    Minols hope you’ve managed to get everything in place for the boys first day back tomorrow.
    Dave well done on a low day.
    Annual blood test tomorrow lunchtime for a thyroid and cholesterol levels check after visiting daughte ,son in law ,and great grandsons.
    FD planned as will be busy.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Nana- it is weird shopping now, the bus must’ve been strange too…Well done on a low day, glad you got your cold beer! Hope your blood tests are okay tomorrow.
    Jean- a long, busy day today, a long day for your friend too…shame about the fish & chips!
    Dave- you’ve done well keeping low today…
    Mel- lunch sounded good! Enjoy your lamb…
    Hope everyone else has had a good day…
    Still hot here, hubby went to the park with Xena while I did the watering, she’s shattered now! A nice dinner, & a low carb 100cal icecream all gone!

    I would be nervous going on the bus, shopping is strange too…so hot in your mask..hope hubby’s eyes were sorted. I need an eye test I should book, I think I have changed don’t want to pay out for new ones….

    Yes a long day but enjoyable..a lazy one tomorrow. No walk for Charlie tonight, he’s walked over 12 miles today it’s still so hot and he’s asleep…
    The plants keep you busy, lots of watering….

    Have we lost the newbies…I hope not


    Started munching grapes,and may finish off the beer so not so low😬.Fast day again still very humid,fan been on all day😓😓😓.

    Morning all!
    Walked Xena in the forest, even early was still hot!
    Fasting for me, nothing planned today either, doing easy dinners this week, too hot to spend long cooking!
    I think a few of us fasting today, keep strong!

    Jean Bridlington sounds nicer than Skeg. One end of it is nice, tends to be just dog walkers, dunes and beach, Jodie likes it. I don’t like the busy area.

    Got to go to Tesco this morning for my neighbours shopping. Not looking forward to it. Too hot. Think I will be lazy afterwards. Have walked Jodie but too hot already and she was sick. Had to laugh, she moved around a bit while she was heaving and then did it very neatly into an upturned Costa lid!

    We are having a big chimney taken down, where the leak into our kitchen was coming from. A bit worrying as he hasn’t had to get a hammer or anything to it, just pulling it apart with his hands. We are lucky it hasn’t come down by itself. Paul enjoying a bit of labouring. He forgets he is 67.

    Well must get on, keep strong fasters.

    Mel- that’s a bit worrying with the chimney! Lucky indeed! Hope the shopping goes okay, hopefully will be quiet! Given up doing shopping for our 2 older neighbours- they were both popping to the shops themselves anyway after we’d gone for them!
    Jean- hope you’re having a quieter day…
    Dave- hope you didn’t go too mad with the beer last night! Too hot for fishing I guess?
    Nana- enjoy your time with your daughter!
    Minols- hope your son got off to school okay, & have a peaceful day!
    Got my jobs done, can’t say before it got too hot cos it was already too hot at 10am! Sitting & baking outside now, paddling pool out again! Hubby is putting spikes on the gates & fence beside the house- there’s still been houses marked potentially for dog thefts so it should put people off, we have 3 bolts/ latches on each gate too! Not that I think Xena would go off with anyone willingly! Worryingly there have been some attempted thefts while people were out walking dogs too, at least Xena barks at people & won’t go near them…

    Another day in work today, so thats 3 in a row, was only supposed to be booked in for Monday, but its quite busy here on the Bovis site and lots of messy tradesmen!
    I could have worked tomorrow but I need a day off with Tara. Im already working Friday and Saturday, so 5 days is enough!

    I was shattered last night and ended up in bed early again.

    I took Tara out early this morning, just drove her out of the village to avoid distractions but it was only a short one and she was quite pully on the lead. Hopefully I will give her a long walk tomorrow as long as weather is ok.

    Fasting again today, along with a few of you. Yesterday wasnt too bad, probably under TDEE and that did include a bottle of cider.

    Neils mum had the paramedics out on Sunday evening as she is struggling with her breathing again. I guess this humidity isnt helping. She seems fine now although she has made the decision to have her cat rehomed as it is getting too much for her to look after in. Its a shame as I think she will miss it.

    I keep checking on Tara but shes out of camera shot. We think she has taken to lying on the landing. I have left the fan on downstairs for her though…silly thing!

    Still need to get a plan together for next week, in case we are able to have a break and visit family…

    Best go and do it a bit of work although I am taking it easy today after a really busy, late on yesterday.

    Stay cool and safe everyone and for those fasting, stay strong!

    Kay x

    Fasting today not going to be easy as I am hungry already.Its so hot, not taking Heidi out until 7pm at the earliest. HH I only had 1 bottle of Bombardier 😇.Got one left so may have that Friday.Heidi asleep as usual on her cool mat.Not doing a picture because she is in her usual pose.If Denise as her dinner it will be even more difficult.

    Afternoon All..
    A bit busy again, sorted the block paving, just needs sealing soon, one metre by 20 metre to do which we were walking on, let dry, after when we are in for the day, this evening the second coat the full lot to be done again..

    Snack at Morrison’s for lunch, picked up a couple of bits, two charity bags dropped off..My three coats which have been in the charity bags on many occasions and hung up again…have now gone!!..my daughter will be impressed, she’s says I have talked about them for the last 5 years !!

    Hope all your beer and grapes gone…hope your fd goes well..hard after a day of treats…

    A worry on stolen animals..the cocker poos are running at £2,000 so no wonder they are taken, at the end of the day they are mongrel but popular.
    Good idea on the spikes everything helps…so hot here uncomfortable..

    We will be visiting Skegness, Bridlington is busy in town, harbour and the two beaches North and South but at both far ends where the cliffs start are where the dogs can go, much quieter. The harbour where the visitors congregate Is busy, sitting on the harbour wall people watching can be nice..
    A worry on the chimney coming down so easy, good job there was a problem and you have got someone to look at it.

    A busy week for you, nice you can take it easy a bit..far too hot for working….glad you have a plan in place.

    Relaxing pm

    Jean x

    A good FD so far,3 cups of tea.Salad for tea, no beer tonight.Will take Heidi out later if it goes cool.Food time😋😋😋.

    You are doing well lately Dave!

    Jean re Bridlington, I would like the harbour bit. I love a harbour!

    I am feeling hangry now but have my dinner to look forward to. Early bed I feel.

    Evening everyone have any of you been lucky enough to have rain ? None here so just got back in after watering the garden. Lovely visit with daughter and son in law, great grandsons not forgetting Poppy. Then off for my annual Thyroid, Cholesterol and quite worrying when the nurse said we’d better check your Liver function also 😟 My usual FD meal of chicken and salad followed by a lovely wedge of refreshing honeydew melon.
    Hope everyone else has had a good FD and a good rest of the evening and stay safe.
    Nana x

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