Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Morning All…
    Park walk with Steve walking one round, then I continued for another two…

    We are fasting today..a bit of ironing to do…very cloudy and it keeps drizzling…

    We want to go nearer the park but the properties never really come on the market unless they die, the other area is the next village to ours again never much movement…Just think it will give us something to do and keep you motivated, it’s a touch nearer daughter ….may look in Skegness area in the Wolds, we saw one but too much to do, may go and look at it…possibly stay where we are!
    Have a lovely day out…

    You would get on well with my daughter in Texas, she works on earning screen time In a morning to be social and mixing…family bike ride a couple or three hours, Golf, or helping out with gardening/ grass cutting all hands on deck it’s huge or book reading/ schoolwork ….equals then the afternoon is then free..
    Hoping you soon get down to your low eating portions, always hard after holiday….

    Hope your zoom meeting goes well and not stressful…keep strong today..

    Goodness it’s midday and I am feeling very hungry…a cuppa to drink and then I must get moving and busy..

    Jean x

    I can’t get into fasting at the moment,no doubt the pounds are mounting up 😬.I just want to feel better, waiting for blood test results and hoping that I don’t get a phone call from the GP.I took Heidi’s bandage off again, she’s had two on now. Let it breath a bit. Will put a new one on now to take her out for walkies.Dull here think you have the weather down south.

    Dave, I really hope you start to feel better soon. Also, the sun is shining where I am now, so hopefully the same for you too now? Tomorrow is supposed to be really warm.

    Hope the fasters are staying strong. I’m still going, but am SO hungry! More tea and hope the feeling passes.

    Zoom meeting went well earlier and fingers crossed in time Steve will be able to do them on his own and talk a bit. Its a long way off though I think.


    Sorry DF & Jean- the fast didn’t heppen today! Sat in big traffic jam so couldn’t get where we wanted to, another place queued for ages & the car park was full, gave up & came home in the end 😂 But noisy neighbours had more workmen in so not even great in the garden! Was just too hungry & narked so I needed food! Not eaten too much today though…will try for a 16:8 day tomorrow & then another FD on Saturday!

    Evening everyone, managed my FD today due to being busy visiting daughter and son in law and as a surprise the great grandsons were there so lovely as hadn’t seen them since early March and then on to drop off a birthday present for one of our nephews and didn’t get home until nearly 4pm and as it was so hot we didn’t have our evening meal until 7pm.
    Still quite warm at 23 degrees outside.
    Hedgehogs shame about your day out.
    Jean good that Steve is able to enjoy a little walk now.
    Dave sorry about your pain still hanging around it must be so draining for you.
    Weigh in tomorrow what will be will be.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    A hard day, very hungry but finished…I had a small fairy sponge bun with fresh cream a neighbour brought it over..but fasted generally…

    It’s hard to fast when you are unwell, I would just try not to go mad and just tick over till your scan..Steve is the same he’s been off and on fasting..although he is more positive than me at the moment..he will be weighing in tomorrow..

    Very hard for you both at the moment..he will get better it’s just a slow process…try and do your best with fasting..you will wobble sometimes..

    What a day you have had and your neighbours too..hope tomorrow is better..hope Xena had a good play.

    A lovely visiting day for you and fasting too, you did very well….weathers warm here but very cloudy and some drizzle…hoping for some hot weather tomorrow

    Jean x

    Yes I will try not to go mad Jean.Just so fed up with it going on and on.

    Morning all,

    Seems so many of us struggling at the moment. My FD turned into an 800 day again. Not terrible, but not keeping to the rules yet. I will get there, I’m sure I can do it and get back into 500 days again. Next one will be Monday.

    Going to be warm today, but I’m stuck in working!

    Our area has new lockdown restrictions in place, I think Dave too. Just as things were getting back to normal. So frustrating, and the rules seem very confusing. Will this ever end!

    Have a good day all xx

    Morning all!
    Dave- really feel for you at the moment with the pain & feeling ill…& now looks like another lockdown for you too 😢
    DF- & feel for you too; I guess you’re not going out too much with looking after Steve, but all very frustrating. It seems so rough for people stuck in local lockdowns but better for the economy than the whole country being locked down…Well done with your FD yesterday!
    Jean- hope you did okay fasting, & Steve too. Hope you can get Charlie walked before it gets too hot!
    Minols- I think you might get some good weather today too? Hope you get to enjoy some family time!
    Nana- did you have a good day yesterday? & are you seeing your friends tonight?
    Been out with Xena, really hot already, so not out that long. We saw a window cleaner & she went loopy- he came down she calmed down enough to say hello to him & was very pleased with herself, funny bean! Have a pile of ironing to do, might do that in a minute…
    Having a bbq tonight, have invited mum as it’ll be nice enough to sit out & eat.


    Started today after reading about great result, does anyone have any hints or tips? fasting going well, but it’s only 10.20am!!

    Thanks in advance

    Hi Jordy- usually it’s busier on here, so there’d be some of us about to give you support, sorry!
    We’re all different, but rather than little meals through the day I prefer to wait & have cals all in one go! Are you doing 500 or 800 cals? If you’re new to it you could do a couple of 800 cal fast days until you get used to it!
    I found it easier to just have simple meals, nothing that would take too long slaving over. And just remember- it’s only one day, you can eat tomorrow, that’s the beauty of it! Good luck 👍

    Afternoon All….goodness…

    Very late in posting, early out at 8 am….a bit of house hunting and sat discussing things, we saw one but it’s sold ☹️
    We have someone valuing our house on Monday…It will then be a stay or go depending on the value…..I promise I will stop talking about it 😀

    I have come in at the same weight today..although Steve is 2 lbs down this week overall about 9 lb up from March..he is positive and he’s on board again…Charlie needs a weigh in, I forgot maybe tomorrow.

    So very hot here I don’t like it…opened the windows and french doors for a blow through just like a hot hairdryer, windows are now closed.
    Rest up too hot for work….enjoy your bbq tonight it sounds about right…I am not doing anything…!!

    Shame you are working in this heat…this lock down is bad again, the rules just don’t make sense.

    Sorry too on the lockdown..hope you can catch up with a MIL later…..

    Welcome to our corner, we are a friendly bunch…first I would say is pass by here every day it helps a lot, to state what you are up to and declare what you are doing..Most of us weigh in once a week after our second fast day, just say if you are up or down or the same…just helps.
    As Hedgehog says, just eat simple and smaller portions, don’t look into it too deeply, on fast days eat protein and salads, you can eat enough of that on a fast day…. keep off the carbs when fasting.
    Do it a good few months like that to start with.. A bit later you can start changing things……good luck it does work….

    Have a good day all….any weigh ins this morning?

    Jean x

    Jean- well done staying the same! I’m sorry, I’m a coward, I’ve not got on the scales 😬😂. I know it won’t be good as my clothes are getting tighter…next week I’ll get to grips with nonFDs! I like hearing about houses, I love looking round when we’ve moved, love packing & unpacking, just the waiting bit in the middle I hate! Shame one’s been sold that might’ve been okay…
    Did 2hrs of ironing, had all the doors open & it wasn’t too hot. Went to Mum’s & sat out with her for a chat (dropped shopping off, can’t just pop in even when she’s coming later 😂), & have done quite a bit of pottering in the garden- veg picked, round 2 of the potatoes planted, a couple of big shrubs pruned…now I need a shower! Too hot even for me to sit in the sun, & I love it!

    Afternoon everyone, checking in now instead of this evening for a change. Pleased to report a loss of one pound this morning so one and a half pounds for July- I’m definitely a slow coach in the weight loss department but am down two stones from when I first started 5:2 a few years ago.
    Welcome Jordy we’re a nice bunch on here non judgemental and it does help to visit us every day.
    Hedgehogs yes usual Friday meet up with our friends again this evening and my turn to drive ☹ but a nice bottle of Pinot Grigo chilling in the fridge for when we get home 😀
    Jean be interesting to see how much your home is worth. Very warm here also 😎
    Dave hope you got to visit your mother in law.
    Dragon Fly and Dave shame about the new lockdown restrictions imposed for you.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Quick post as getting ready to go to Kent tomorrow into our bubble with friends. Just on really to say a hello to Jordy. As Jean says we are a friendly bunch and support each other very well. I am just concentrating on maintaining for the past few weeks (um months!) but am working up to a big effort week after next to lose a bit in the four weeks before our (hopefully) Scottish holiday. When I am in the zone I lose weight well and last year lost two stone. I tend to do 800 calories, alternate days and have pretty much what I want within reason other days. I only count calories on FDs. As the others will tell you, red wine is my downfall 😔.

    Jean we like hearing about your house stuff, in fact we like chatting about any stuff! Going to bath Jodie later and cut Paul’s hair too. Having chilli tonight.

    DF I normally allow 800 as I find 500 too restrictive but usually come in about 700.

    HH two hours of ironing 😨😨!

    Dave thinking of you in this new lockdown. Hopefully won’t last too long. I haven’t looked properly at the rules. Thinking of Heidi too in this heat with her thick coat. Not much walking for her today.

    Hi everyone else, Nana, Minols 🥰

    Too too busy for all that work..2 hours ironing you are mad……well done for it all…..I am sat with a rose wine in hand, ice cold and nice…hope I am ok later…no idea what food to do later, we were going to book to eat out but too hot today..unless we change our mind but the boy will need a late walk, so maybe It’s a no….

    Enjoy your friends meet up, nice to have the wine waiting when you get back….will it be curry tonight??..phew hot 😂

    Have a great time away….enjoy your friends and your wine too…on the pink as red is giving me water work problems, just can’t go tea total!!
    Goodness doing the B for Jodie it can’t be mentioned here 😂..I get the😱look…as for cutting the hair, Steve is needing a straight across the bottom of neck..it’s growing back nicely 😀

    How is it going….keep strong only one day…..first couple of weeks seem hard….then later you miss fasting eg when on holiday..

    Jean x

    Afternoon update!!

    Got through without my cream cakes, but had some reduced sugar chocolate instead lol. On the whole I’ve not overdone it, so am proud I’ve got through this week!

    Welcome Jordy .. a day at a time, fast days do get easier. If I really struggle an oxo or some Bovril helps, sometimes you need the salt, gives you a real boost on a fast day.

    Hope everyone has a great weekend, its been warm today but clouded over now. Very humid.

    Back next week, stay strong anyone fasting this weekend.

    Jean .. enjoy the Rose! I’ve not had wine for ages.

    Take care all and stay well xx

    We went to Denise’s mums not certain we should have but think it was ok,she is in our bubble.I gained 5lbs☹️so a total gain of one pound in the last 4 weeks, considering how I have been I will take that. Denise fault baking plus beer I don’t normally have, still got some beer left.

    Welcome Jordy,I would try and do Monday and Thursday 800 calories.Work out your TDEE and on non fast days try and stay below it I try and keep a minimum of 500 calories below it.If you don’t know what TDEE is Google it is on here somewhere.Lots of us have dogs,do you have one?

    Yes Jordy, we need info! Are you male or female? How old dare I ask! I am glad Dave (Brad) asked about the dogs, I was trying to resist but would have broken soon! I have had quite a good day food wise, I do try to limit carbs, easier now because Paul has more or less given up bread.

    Not cooling down much here. Just watering the garden before dinner.

    Hiya Guys

    Thank you so much for making me feel welcome.

    I’m Sarah, 45 from Bristol with a 3 year old cross Bichon/Shitszu and have two sons.

    Thank you for your support today.

    Have a fantastic weekend

    Yes another dog lover 😁. Lots of dog owners on here.

    Mornign all – and especially Jordy / Sarah!

    Sooo hot yesterday – our midday walk meant I went for a milkshake instead of a coffee – delicious, but given that I gave up milk in my coffee when I got back from the holiday…!

    Anyway, the good news is, I’ve lost the 2lbs that took me over my post-hol target, so really hoping to settle in to a slow and study loss this month – you know me…I’m ecstatic if my body will let go of 1lb at a time since I hit the half century. Not terribly patriotic by nature, but trying to consider losing weight part of my civic duty and my own personal battle against becoming a covid statistic…I’ll look anywhere for that extra bit of motivation!!

    Dave – really rough you’re still feeling so bad…but considering everything, so glad you haven’t put more on this last month.

    DF – I spend a lot of time on Zoom and think I’m beginning to get a bit more used to it…but it is really draining – they’re starting to do studies on it! Somethinig to do with not being able to read all the subliminal cues that we normally read with ‘in-person’ contact, and the fact we can’t interact naturally – over-lapping speech etc. The rea l up-side for me is that I can do a meeting for an hour with people who would all have to travel distances to get together in a room. And I have a number of older people who are really very tech savvy who haven’t been able to leave the house much for years…who are now able to join discussions etc. It’s no where near perfect, and I’m desperate to mix in personal contact but I really think my job is going to have to become a creative mix from now on!

    Oh, and by and large, the seating is more comfortable and the coffee better at zoom meetings!

    Having a day away from the screen today with my boys – we need to pop up north to check on the cottage later, so a beautiful bright and breezy day is just what I need!

    Btw – dog-talk…the old boy came back from his ‘holiday’ absolutely full of beans. Age has made him a bit of a nutter, then we had that glitch before the holiday, from which he recovered, but a fortnight with his carer and he is feistier than ever! I’m going to have to stop saying he’s 14.5 soon and switch to ‘nearly 15’…soemthing we never thought we’d say when his back first went 3 or 4 years ago!

    Have a great weekend, everyone.


    Morning all!
    Jordy- I have a 2yr old lab- she’s really quite strange & not your usual lab! 2 ‘boys’ also, 19 & 21! How did yesterday go for you?
    Minols- have a good day out today; were you thinking of selling your place, or did I imagine that? Well done with your loss, & hope that yout dog stays as lively!
    DF- well done with your week, a great start! Hope you can relax a bit this weekend…
    Mel- have a lovely time away, enjoy the cheese!(& the wine!)
    Dave- one pound up is good considering the rough time you’ve had…
    Nana- well done on your loss!
    Jean- hope that the rose doesn’t upset you…I have to be careful with sweeteners, they have that effect on me too!
    Thankfully hubby’s temp is normal today after his scare yesterday! He doesn’t feel 100% but better than he was! Early walk in the forest, feeling much lazier today so won’t do too much! Trying to sit in the garden, noisy neighbour likes to make phone calls outside, right beside the fence, I can hear every word…she& her family are from up north, sounded like you on the phone to her earlier Jean, & Peter Kay now!

    Good afternoon everyone.Its been pouring down here so I will have to put a good bandage on Heidi’s paw to keep the damp out.I have to get her on the sofa to do it and it’s not easy getting a German shepherd up if she doesn’t want to get up, then she usually has the cut paw under her belly😬.It’s best if I can get her on her back with her legs in the air 😬.The F1 qualifying will be on soon but don’t worry I won’t give anything away.I will try fast days again starting Monday.

    Afternoon All..
    A busy morning, at the park and cafe called ..someone wanted a sausage!..his Friday treat..quick tidy around….F1 on shortly Steve pleased it’s on live….

    Congratulations on finishing your first week and you managed your Friday…my rose wine went down well too well 😂..it’s getting your head back in the swing…
    Very humid down here but cloudy, lovely at the park, Steve people watching from a bench, he walking 1 1/2 rounds it’s good for him, Charlie and I do 3…

    After a hard month 1 lb on isn’t bad..we all go through it at times the lockdown has put pressure on us all…glad MIL was pleased to see you, I am sure you are ok in the bubble, you don’t go out far a field and you stay safe.

    Hope you got the watering done…..safe journey today while travelling enjoy your holiday….Enjoy your lovely cheese and plenty of wine…

    Hope your first fast day went well, it really does get easier after a couple of weeks..keep busy on your fast days..

    I have a Dalmatian 4 year old Charlie, a rescue…he’s our baby 😂..4 children between us, 2 girls each.

    When is your next fast day?…are you weighing in weekly?..We shall be fasting Monday ( with Steve my hubby)….We always have Friday off as it’s our weigh in day and it’s our treat day, it’s the carrot for being good all week 😂

    So far up north you can’t cope with sun 😂….I am glad you got some of the good weather…a belated Happy Birthday and a well done your body has let go of 2lbs, that’s great considering you have been on holiday too..
    Glad the boy is frisky as ever and enjoyed his holiday…nearly 15 goodness…..we saw someone at the park yesterday their dog is just 18..again he’s up and down, he didn’t look his age..
    Enjoy your ride out to the cottage today.

    You made me laugh..I am a bit loud, I think it goes back to my switchboard days speak once without having to repeat yourself….Peter Kay is more like Steve ( and Dave), I think I have picked up twang from Steve.
    Rose wine hasn’t made me ill I have bought two more bottles this morning ( for next Friday) 😀
    Glad hubby feeling much better it is a worry at times..
    Talking of noisy neighbours my horrible neighbour has had a paddling pool electric pump going now for two hours there must be a leak…wish I could pop it!!

    I have joined you on your Pinot Grigio, lovely ice cold, it seems to go down well with you 😂..have a good day..

    Have a lovely day everyone make the most of this lovely weather…

    Jean x

    I loved phoenix nights with Peter Kay.Its stopped raining now so must get Heidi’s bandage on.Will have to wake her up first.Now she is 14 she sleeps a lot.



    Yesterday was ok thank you, I did go to bed early yesterday as I didn’t want to be tempted by the kitchen, 9.45pm my mum rang asking if I could pick her up from a friends – What’s that all about? I’m glad hubby is getting better, where are you from? I only ask as you refer to ‘your neighbour from up North’

    I am from Manchester and have a 14 year old German shepherd called Heidi.I will let the others tell you about themselves. The F1 qualifying was very exciting, won’t say anymore. Time to take Heidi out now while the rain as stopped.

    Jordy- I love it, that you have to pick your mum up from a night out?! How old are your boys? I’m Suffolk, so anyone further than me is north 😂 Seriously I can’t pin down the accent of neighbour, Yorkshire or Lancs I guess, hope I don’t offend anyone by not telling the difference! Noisy neighbour’s parents are in the new lockdown area anyway, they were moaning about it on the phone- it was on speaker phone so couldn’t avoid hearing! Where are you from?
    Dave- sounds like fun to get Heidi’s bandage on! And more rain, poor you…enjoy all the sport!
    Jean- park walk sounds good, glad there’s few cafes where we walk, it would be too tempting! Enjoy some more wine tonight!
    Mel- hope you get to your friends’ safely & have a great time!
    Minols- hope you had a good day out & the cottage is all okay…
    Nana- hope you’ve had a good day..
    Forgot to say earlier I was fasting! It was very tempting to wait til Monday, so am pleased I’ve managed another liquid one! Did a workout too 😇 A few jobs done but not as much as yesterday. Xena has been subdued today, although still enjoyed her walk & food, but she looked as if she was feeling a bit sick this afternoon- maybe she has hubby’s lurgy! He is much better, he did a bit of gardening & took Xena out.

    Eeh by gum,ecky thump can’t you tell the difference lass😁.All the trouble putting Heidi’s bandage on and when I got home it had come off,I didn’t do it as tight this time. F1 over,fa cup over just the cricket then I hope to watch the Tom Hanks film Greyhound.Denise had pork chops so Heidi brought the bones in to the living room and crunched then on her bed.

    Well I am up at 1.30 a busy head and too hot!!…having a cuppa then back to bed, I never usually get up but been awake since 11pm..

    I am from East Yorkshire, 5 miles from Goole in a small village..I laughted at picking your mum up it’s usually the other way round…

    No wine tonight and there’s some left!….well done on your fast I would think hard on a Saturday….hope Xena is ok and picks up tomorrow (today) maybe a bit warm for her..

    Dave ..
    Are you up…I am joining you tonight…😂

    Jean x

    HI all – just between services…desperately trying not to raid the last of the biscuits here since pre-lockdown! Obviously, I’ve already been through all the good stuff!

    Good day yesterday, despite getting caught at the cottage waiting on a viewer (yes, rather half heartedly trying to sell!), so the boy was starving. Finally got to the pub we’d ear-marked for food on the road home – too full, so went to an Indian we’ve been to before…an hour later, no food arrived, and increasingly antsy that tables in our part hadn’t really been separated, so having got no joy when we asked how long things would be, I'[m afraid we walked out and went to the chippy and ate in the car…at least there the air was only seasoned with eau de dog…not everyone else’s breath! Home late and my eyes are on stalks this morning…with a major zoom starting in 5 mins – aarrggh! Sunday School, then sharing service with another zoom church while colleague takes a break, so hoping with got enough ‘screens’ on our package.

    Sorry – niche issues…hoping not to eat until I get home this afternoon.


    Morning all!
    Jean- poor you, I hope you got back to sleep in the end, or you’ll be snoozing along with Steve later!
    Minols- sounds like a bit of hassle for you yesterday…hope that the people want to buy the cottage- if you all really want to sell it! Not bothered trying to eat out ourselves yet, alot of places here you have to use their app & pre-order, all a bother…
    Dave- hope you enjoyed all the sport, ice hockey last night too? How is the cut healing on Heidi’s paw? Hope she doesn’t need the bandage too much longer.
    Hope everyone else is okay?!
    Xena’s walk was really busy, she barked at several people including a tiny little old lady- very embarassing! It’s usually a very quiet place… Church in a few minutes & then seeing Mum this afternoon.
    Have a good day!

    Good afternoon not used to Jean being up that late, I went to bed just gone 2am, can’t stay up as long as Kay although it could be 4am in the morning.Dull weather now it was nice and sunny when I got up. Will have to wrestle with Heidi again to put her bandage on🤪.Will do it after the F1.Way too hot last night didn’t get to sleep until after 4am🤯.

    Afternoon All..
    A terrible nights sleep, back to bed at 2am I got off about 3am and cuppa at 6.30 😬..just a busy head…like a worm, couldn’t shake it off..
    Walked in the park, a car boot on, so had to watch Charlie and put his lead on, off and on but managed, car park full, just managed to find a spot………cleaning up, washer on…F1 just about to start..so I shall go up stairs and finish off…

    Oh you are selling your cottage..that’s a shame..a nightmare over the food, chippys nice anyway…..have a good day you seem busy….

    It does seem hassle to eat out, I rang a coffee shop near my sister to meet up but it’s only half open with not much to eat, so I am glad I rang first before we went…
    I am still moving about I think if I sit I will be asleep…the estate agent is calling around tomorrow so I need it looking reasonable just for a value and chat…could be all off then at least it will settle us..
    The paddling pool machine has been at it again for two hours, they are a pain!
    I don’t like the barking it’s even worse when Charlie nicks balls out of pockets 😂

    How is Heidis foot is there any improvement, Oreos foot is sore too, so not meeting up to run, he’s resting it with a sock on…

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone, having a FD today instead of tomorrow as I’m donating blood on Tuesday and not sure how it will affect me if I fast on Monday. Not eaten yet but I’m really hungry. Left over chicken from yesterday’s BBQ with a salad. Have made a large batch of courgette pickle this morning the bungalow smelt like a pickle factory but had doors and windows open and it’s cleared now. Not been doing much different otherwise.
    Jean hope you sleep better tonight it’s currently 23 here and due to drop to 13 overnight.
    Hedgehogs hope visit with mum went well this afternoon.
    Minols 🤞 you’re able to sell your cottage.
    Dave how’s Heidis paw now ?
    Jordy I don’t own a dog but am nana to a black Labrador called Poppy who’s 15 months old.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Heidi’s paw is getting better.took her out before and going again now. She’s had chicken and keeps going back to see if there is any more. She can have some more later or tomorrow.

    Morning all, just time for a quick check in as the girls are coming round to go off for a good walk, bit of a drive so an early start. Enjoying our staycation with the people we were booked to go to Northumberland this week. Nobody working so all free. Sitting in the garden for dinner in the evenings. Oh dear I can feel the weight coming on, ate my body weight in cheese last night.

    Jodie very happy with her friends, she loves them all. Both the other husbands don’t walk so Paul is in charge of a gaggle of girls.

    Can it be I am actually looking forward to some good fast days starting next week ………? Is the mindset coming in ……..? Watch this space 😂

    Morning all,

    FD for me .. starting 2nd week. I didn’t go mad over the weekend but did have a few treats.

    Minols – yes, the Zoom meetings. I’ve noticed the overlapping of speaking is difficult. Work-wise I’ve not had to be involved in many of them, but I imagine the more you do it, the easier it will become. Definitely comfier than in an office I agree! The therapy meeting with Steve last Thursday was quite nice actually as it wasn’t a massive group so felt better.

    Anyone else fasting today .. good luck!

    There’s a programme on this week with Michael Mosley, lose a stone in 21 days. Might be worth a watch, think its on Wednesday at 9pm (Channel 4)


    Morning all

    This week is one of my ‘write like crazy’ weeks – 4 services must be written, printed and posted by Thursday at the latest…and I’ve gone and left my prelim work down at the church – aarrggghhh! Normally I’d try and do them by tomorrow, but determined not to give myself such a hard deadline now I have someone else who can help with the copying etc. Still feel like I’m behind, though – but that’s partly because at this stage of writing it’s hard to tell how long it’s going to take.

    Managed to switch modes to less food now, so i was genuinely eating from hunger when I had porridge this morning…there’s a sort of point I want to get back to of eating from ‘need not greed’, and then add the true fasting back in to the mix.

    Heidi’s paw has taken a while, hasn’t it – so hard to get them to heel! Glad she’s on the mend.

    HH – never think of Xena as a lab…I guess because of your descriptions of her energy when she was younger, I sort of have in mind as a wee bundle of wriggly cockerpoo or labradoodle!

    We’re due horrendous rain tomorrow, so I need to add cutting the grass to today’s list – it’s got that ‘my owner has been away on holiday and doesn’t reely care for me’ look about it at the moment…funny how intuitive my garden is!


    Morning all!
    Minols- good luck getting all your writing done, as well as all the other jobs…well done getting back to eating for hunger, trouble is I don’t seem to ever have a hunger off switch 😂 I think Xena sees herself as a German Shepherd- very much on guard 😬.
    Mel- enjoy your walk, your break all sounds lovely! Looking forward to FDs?😱
    Jean- hope it goes well with the estate agent today! Maybe your neighbours have got one of those inflatable hot tubs if it’s very noisy?! Hope your FD goes well…
    Dave- hopefully Heidi won’t need the bandages much longer, if they’re a battle! Are you allowed to still go fishing with the lockdown?
    DF- hope your FD goes okay, well done for the weekend, sounds like it was restrained! Thanks for the reminder about MM programme- Mel had mentioned it last week but I’m bound to forget!
    Jordy- good luck if you’re fasting today!
    I’m fasting too, quite hungry already though! Waited for the rain to stop before I walked Xena, & don’t seem to be getting much done so far today!

    Good afternoon everyone.I cant turn on my phone yet because i was tired this morning and went to bed at 2am.So i recorded the ice hockey,and it would come up on my phone.Got to shod Heidi again soon so wish me luck,may try a different method and do it while she is in her bed.Fast day today,got to try and get back into it.I can still go fishing and bowling as far as i know.I tweeted the Mayor of Greater Manchester yesterday but i wont hold my breath for a reply.I did email Manchester City council about bowling and got a reply,a week after the greens opened.Not often i use my laptop these days.

    Afternoon All..
    Sunny start but dull now..

    We are fasting today, quite hungry at the moment…just having a cuppa..

    Estate agent came and it went quite well, about what Steve thought…see what people think now 😂 possibly go on the market after hols…
    Going to look at house at Bridlington tomorrow and around the area, then heading to Lincolnshire coast on Wednesday to look at that area..

    Thanks I slept well last night and bobbing off before I got to bed….all your pickling I was laughing I cooked some chutney once and that was the same….enjoy your walk, see if you decide to fast or not…

    Good Heidis paw is looking better….

    Keeping busy, hand to mouth 😂..enjoy your walk with the girls…and Paul..

    Thanks for reminding us of MM…I like to watch him….have a good fast day….

    Hoping you get all your writing sorted and printed off…a busy day for you…

    It’s only a paddling pool, it wants popping !!…Steve said the motor may burn out 🤞…it’s not on today…….
    I feel hungry too, it will be a long day…..Charlie needs a longer walk later, I needed to square round a bit.

    Are you fast with us today?

    Have a good day all…

    Jean x

    Sorry Nana, I forgot to include you earlier! Pickled courgettes sounds interesting! I usually manage to eat mine though or give them away…
    Jean- lots of days out househunting! I’m sure Bridlington would be lovely, is it more expensive near the coast? Keep strong fasting, is Steve with you?
    Dave- hope you manage to fast today too! Wouldn’t hold your breath waiting for replies! Would Heidi keep still having the bandage on if she had some chicken in front of her?!
    Black clouds here, no more rain yet, it’ll probably start when hubby takes Xena out 😂 Have done some scent work with her, she loves doing that- for food! Not got alot else done, time has flown by though, made seed crackers, been on amazon for cards & present for my friend’s baby, no name yet! Fasting okay…

    Evening everyone, just had a nice evening meal of Liver and onions with gravy with mashed potatoes.
    Jean a busy day house hunting planned for tomorrow and Wednesday.
    Hedgehogs a busy day for you – you’ve reminded me I need to sort out a birthday card and present for our son in law.
    Tesco delivery order arriving tomorrow morning and then blood doning in the afternoon.
    Well done to those of you who have completed a FD today and stay safe everyone else and enjoy the rest of your evening.
    Nana x

    HH Heidi would have open heart surgery if you put chicken in front of her. Just had our second walk of the day still very sunny but not that warm. Fast day gone ok about 700 calories so far. Will do another on Thursday or Friday.

    Mixed bag on house prices depends on the area, Lincolnshire seems to have better choice of good size bungalows, both seaside ish, must be on the edge of towns away from tourists ..
    Baking seed crackers on a fd, getting like me …😂 No rain here yet..

    It’s exciting and scary changing house..it has to be right though. I don’t like liver glad I am not staying with you tonight 😂
    You are still getting your food delivery..did you always do that before the virus?

    Well done on your fast day…I am possibly nearer 600 calories I was hungry….

    Jean x

    Jean- well done with your FD! Bungalows are so expensive in our area, when Mum & Dad were looking they would’ve paid the same price for a 2 bed semi detached bungalow as their 3 bed detached house, & still wanted to do work, very glad it didn’t work out!
    Dave- well done fasting too- don’t stay up late or you might get tempted!
    Nana- yep, you can keep that liver & onions! Cooked some liver for Xena the other day, she loves it though! Hope you’re okay donating blood tomorrow 👍
    Minols- hope your day’s been successful, sounded alot to cram in!
    FD has been okay- helped by when I swept & washed the kitchen floor this afternoon, I found a couple of maggots, then some more, & then more 😱😖, eventually found them in the bin, they’d obvs wriggled out the bin & were crawling around the kitchen by the back door, made me feel sick & still do now! So it helped the FD along, yuk!
    Thunderstorm this afternoon, so pleased Xena seemed curious & not scared like Josie was…hubby didn’t get wet 😁

    HH send the maggots to me going fishing Thursday.Me go to bed early🧐!!Liver and onions,Yuk.Denise loves it but I feel sick just looking at it.

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