Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Morning all!
    Minols- glad you’re having a goid holiday; sounds lovely!
    Mel- glad you had a good week & kept safe, well done with the pound on 👍
    Jean- glad Steve can still eat, sounds like he’s been ‘lucky’ with not feeling too bad through treatment!
    Nana- shame about your dinner, still had ours as it stayed dry.
    Dave- enjoy the sport!
    FD for me today, have a good day!

    Morning All…
    A lovely walk this morning at the park then sat outside at the cafe and had brunch, a bit early but that’s it till this evening…
    Steve is having a problem eating and drinking so I don’t know what we will have…looks light so it suits me…if he sits and stretches up and straight it seems to help a bit, maybe straightening his pipe. He is in the garage faffing so must be ok ish…

    Your holiday sounded wonderful and all those steps and walking..definitely balanced the calories…1 lb on is very good…the Kent holiday soon lovely to catch up with your friends again you must have missed them, nice to go in to their bubble and can catch up with others too…

    A good breakfast for your growing boys….It looked good…thought I could tempt Steve with it but he’s not sure, he normally would have snapped my fingers at that …shame..have a good fast day, mine tomorrow as usual…

    Enjoy your day off and have fun at the beach…will Tara be left at home? or can you juggle her between you both…sounds good either way..

    Enjoy your holiday and the Centre Parks too, the boy will be excited to go….

    What are you up to…enjoy your roast today….

    A good walk for you this morning, very up lifting to get out in the countryside…

    Have a lovely day all…a few missing…

    Jean x

    Sat outside then got productive..I decided on cutting the grass, sweeping and tidying…washing drying lovely…going to read now…

    Warm, muggy and cloudy …


    Watching F1,took Heidi out before and will take her again at 5pm.Sunny day here for a change. Chicken for tea.Think I will definitely go to hospital tomorrow.☹️

    Hi everyone!
    How are you all?
    I’m several pages behind and had a quick flick through – probably missed a lot but think I got the general gist of things.
    Dave – how are you bearing up lately? Any sign of improvements?
    Mel – thank you so much for asking! Being away has worked wonders for my anxiety. The therapist let me have the first two sessions for free, and said she’ll leave it up to me to get back in touch with her for more regular sessions if I want when I get back.
    Your holiday sounds great – all those steps!
    HH – your trip sounds great as well. Love Cornwall! I’m not surprised it was so busy. Seems the whole world is escaping down there at the moment. Hope you all felt safe and comfortable.
    Minols – well done on the loss and have a fab time away!
    Jean – horrible news about Steve’s daughter. I hope she’s doing okay, you must be worried…
    Nana – really sorry to hear your news as well. Thinking of you.

    I’m currently in Genova on a terrace with an Aperol spritz. Heaven!
    They didn’t change the rules, so flying back from the Azores I would have had to quarantine for two weeks. So a few days ago I flew to Portugal, then Italy (very cheap flights) where I can go back to the UK in a couple of weeks without self-isolating. Yes!
    I loved the islands so much! I highly recommend a trip there. They’re volcanic so you can swim in the sea in a few spots and the water is like a hot bath. Then there’s lakes and mountains, hydrangeas everywhere, and brilliant, cheap food. I made some great friends (a few travellers and a few more locals, thanks to my dodgy Portuguese) and we went out for drinks, made bbqs at panoramic picnic spots… it was idyllic.
    Then I stopped over in Lisbon to visit a friend, went to the beach, went out with her friends…
    Now I’m in Italy and will be for two weeks. It’s amazing in this part and I’ve never seen this area before. I’ll be heading to Cinque Terre tomorrow, then maybe some time in Lake Garda after… not too sure. Playing it by ear!
    Sorry, that’s a lot all in one go! I feel like a lot has happened and I haven’t been on to update. Re weight/food – I had about five days in the Azores where I felt like I was eating non-stop and couldn’t help myself, and constantly full. But now I feel like I’ve got my balance back, I’m eating all sorts of lovely things calmly and with moderation and feeling good. I actually hopped on a dodgy set of scales this morning and was only one or two pounds up. Not sure how much I trust them to be honest, but it was reassuring to see not too much damage has been done, and that I can hopefully stay around here for the rest of the trip.
    Yesterday I treated myself to a floaty shapeless dress that I fell in love with. I always thought I’d look like a potato in something like that but I think I’m rocking it today. Maybe it’s that holiday carelessness.
    Hope you’re all doing okay, sending you all a Ciao from Italy!

    Eveni g!
    Endellion- sounds like you’re having a wonderful time! Enjoy the sun, food, scenery & meeting new people!
    Jean- a shame Steve’s finding it sore do eat at the moment; has he tried the medication, is it a bit soon for it to help? I reckon another rice pudding should slip down well?
    Minols- when do you go to the Centre Parcs?
    Dave- a worry about your stomach, so frustrating the GPs won’t help, you can’t diagnose everything over the phone, need to examine people…Hope the chicken is nice & Heidi enjoys her bits!
    Nana- hope you’ve had a good day & kept dry if you went for a walk!
    Kay- how was the beach? Did Tara come too?
    Did eldest son’s haircut after our Church- he’s got a week off & going to Somerset to see his girlfriend, luckily I didn’t make a mess of it! Saw Mum this afternoon. Fasting going well, keeping strong, another liquid one.

    Quick post to Endellion. Your holiday sounds blissful. I can’t remember but get the impression you went on your own? Something I have never done but think I could if you know what I mean! I have never drunk Aperol so will have to google it. Have a feeling it won’t replace red wine though 😂.

    Just had an utter panic. We had a rat problem before we went and someone put down poison (last resort) for us while we were away. Thought it was fine as it was in sachets in pipes and the rats take the sachets away. Anyway Jodie found a bit of pipe that was well hidden and ran off with it. A bit of rat powder fell out and I saw her licking at it. Managed to get in touch with an emergency vet and she said at her weight and just having a lick she should be fine and didn’t need to go to them, which is the other side of Lincolnshire. Although I would have gone to the moon if necessary. I was shaking like a leaf. You try to be so careful and then that happens. We can be infested with rats now and I am not doing that again. So stupid.

    Oh Endellion…your holiday sounds fab- wonderfully free and easy.
    Doing lots of steps and cooked this evening so hope I’m not putting to much on.
    I was forgetting you and Steve have been everywhere on the bike, Jean….still the OH’s dream. But he’s enjoying driving the old banger although the old sat navs is driving him crazy…thank goodness for my phone and google maps.

    Down to Belgium tomorrow for centre parcs and a bit of indulging the boy…although he pronounced himself pleasantly surprised with th both the railway and the military museums here…more interesting tha he’d thought!


    Evening everyone, been a lovely day here had a lot of rain overnight but it had cleared by 9 so an enjoyable walk was had. Husband has enjoyed his afternoon of watching Motogp and F1. Had a nice roast chicken dinner and am feeling full now. No alcohol today but it’s not over yet 😉
    Mel what a scary thing to happen with Jodie.
    Mel & Endellion sounds like you’re both having a good holiday.
    Hedgehogs well done on another LFD I’ve never tried doing one.
    Jean hopefully Steves discomfort will ease for him soon. Will be strange for both of you tomorrow with no hospital visits.
    Dave you really should go hospital tomorrow it’s gone on too long now.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening All…
    A lovely walk, lots of chatting to different people I was out rather long time….nearly a good dog fight with Charlie and a dog he hates, well they both hate each other, a husky type but not, a bit bigger…she is never off a lead, I was talking with my back to her so didn’t see her coming, Charlie went like a rocket ..I must buy some dog fight spray on Tuesday from Pets at Home..it got quite angry with teeth showing …

    Your holiday sounds lovely all the different places you are going too…..weight under control ish too..a floaty dress sounds just right for travelling when it’s hot…enjoy the rest of your time away…
    Step daughter is still in hospital going for camera into her bowels and gut on Monday..she had a bad allergy reaction to medication and has a rash all over too..thanks for asking…

    Steve can’t even drink water comfortably, his medication doesn’t seem to help, it’s grin and bare it..
    Nice you are still the hairdresser of choice….you are good doing a liquid only day….did you put much weight on while away? Fast day for me tomorrow..

    Jean x

    A few of you jumped in, while I was tapping….

    What a nightmare for you, hope Jodie is ok..it’s such a worry with the animals about, keep a close eye on her…..
    We had to put rat poison down under our decking a couple of months back, we have a resident hedgehog so Steve had to dismantle the decking and look before I would let him put it down, it was in a locked box…

    Enjoy your centre park tomorrow…Your OH can dream when the boy grows up, he can then go on his motorbike with you on the back 😀..good the museum’s went well…

    You must go and see someone if you are still in pain….it’s been a while now..

    Jean x

    Yes I will ring the doctor and see if I can get my results, then depending on results go to hospital. ☹️.

    Morning all!
    Mel- what a worry with Jodie, hope that she is okay. Rats can do alot of damage though so don’t blame yourselves putting the poison down…
    Dave- hope that you don’t need to go to hospital today 😬.
    Minols- have fun at Centre Parc- our boys loved it at that age! Hope the car goes well!
    Jean- enjoy a lazier day today, no hospital, yay! Strange how some dogs really dislike each other, hope you get some spray sorted, the one hubby bought really worked a treat.
    Nana- sounds like hubby had a good afternoon yesterday, do you watch with him & catch up with the knitting?
    Endellion- enjoy the rest of your holiday!
    Hope anyone fasting keeps strong, nonFD for me after yesterday, woke early & hungry! Popping to see a friend today, her birthday, but she’s been to London over the weekend meeting friends so don’t want to get too close! Weather looks nice today!

    Morning All…
    Gone cloudy after a good start…park walk for Charlie lots of dogs about and Oreo lots of running…Charlie hasn’t done any humping for a couple of months, this morning humping about 4 dogs putting them in place new dogs on the block…naughty!….he is shattered now…

    Fasting for me today and ironing to do too…

    Feels strange not dashing off early…….

    Hope you get some results today or go to hospital…

    It’s awkward catching up if people have been out and about…enjoy seeing her the best you can..

    The Akita dog, on line it says it’s banned in most of the US States for being too aggressive …I must keep a distance from it. A dog walker at the park we were talking to, said, when she had her dog grooming/ pet shop, they were bit three times and they were all Akita’s!
    I think Charlie was looking after me…

    Anyone else fasting?

    Jean x

    Yes I won’t go near an Akita, very aggressive dogs. Still in pain but got to wait until 2pm before I ring for results.

    Jean- don’t see many about here, but would be wary of them, the old one down the road has died now, (& the owner not long after, very sad 😞) I kept away from it when I saw it though, even though it was old. We have a new ChowChow pup round the corner, not sure what they’re like, he seems quiet & aloof, he’s only 4 months but is bigger than Xena!
    Dave- hope you get the results…
    Stayed in the garden with my friend, can get round the side so I didn’t go in at all- she’s been eating out, meeting up with others, more than I realised! Her little one is used to not going near anyone from time at school so she kept her distance too, sad, funny old world now 😞
    Keep strong fasting, Jean!

    I looked after a Chow for my mum’s friend,it had my dad pinned up against the wall, I was about 19 at the time. I walked in on them and shouted at Chan to get down and come to me which he did fortunately.He was the dog who hated the rain,if out with him when it rained that was it he would shelter but you couldn’t move him,had to wait until it stopped.

    Dave- funny dog- with the rain, not funny him attacking your dog…hope the wait’s not too long at A&E 😬
    Jean- hope your FD is going okay? & how’s Steve’s daughter?
    Just done a work out, 1st since being back from holiday, feel a bit iffy now!
    Eldest is going to gf’s after work for a week, youngest also has a gf now, has been quite secretive but will talk about her now, won’t bring her round yet though! So he’s out with her most of the time, but he did pop home after work, filled up the laundry basket, & ate lots of food, so have had to change what we’d planned for dinner!

    He attached my dad not my dog, I didn’t have a dog at the time. well he had my dad pinned against the wall.Still no better after going to A&E.Got to make another appointment with my GP to be referred to hospital.

    Evening All..
    Fast day gone very well…it’s the NFDs which are the problem..
    Beautiful evening..Charlie is in a very playful mode after sleeping all day…

    Step daughter is staying in hospital waiting for test results and a plan on medication..still on antibiotics and pain relief…

    Both boys with girlfriends now..funny how they go secretive….you will have the house to yourself, that always feels strange…

    Hope the GP can get you sorted..

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, a quiet day for us today. Had our usual daily constitutional walk and then did a bit of housework. Food wise about 650 calories as we had leftover chicken and salad plus some of our own home grown potatoes for our tea.
    Hedgehogs I usually sit and do my codewords whilst husband watches his sport as I’ve just finished my latest knitting project. Will have to find a new knitting project.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Watching football but must admit I am getting fed up with it 2or3 times a day. Nearly finished now so will have a rest until next season.

    Dave- hope that you don’t have to wait too long for your appt. I did read it was your dad attacked, not dog, sorry, a mistype!
    Jean- hope your nonFD is controlled, mine wasn’t yesterday! Hope your shopping trip goes okay, not too much queuing- I can’t be bothered with it!
    Nana- haven’t done codewords for ages, I do like them, tend to play more on my phone now. I thought of you missing your holiday as we saw Sheringham on TV, had you got anything else booked, were you going aeay in September? Sorry, I can’t remember!
    Have found a charger which works, but very slowly!
    Took Xena to Sizewell beach again; had a lovely swim in the sea, couldn’t quite get her to come in with me! At St Ives we saw so many owners dragging their dogs in who were scared, made me so cross! Hopefully she’ll get brave enough one day! She managed to roll in something, but at least could wash her a bit in the sea! FD going okay, sea air has made me hungry though!

    Afternoon All…
    We have been out and about this morning in the local town, surprised at loads more people wearing masks..I think when you get it on we seemed to keep it on, you get used to it…we had lunch at our cafe not very happy with paper plates and cups, not good for the environment and I hate them…finished with a caramel slice which I have missed, it’s a good homemade one….We got most of what we wanted, Steves new razor was a must and birthday cards…

    Step daughter is coming home today, waiting for biopsy results, Doctor thought meals at home would be better, she is not right but much better, she can go back in if she feels she needs too.

    I have never done codewords, is that word search?…any thoughts on your next knitting project…

    I agree too much sport all or nothing….you were quick at the hospital yesterday…

    Lovely to be able to swim in the sea, Sizewell must make a difference….we have Drax Power station near us it gives us a mini climate, better weather than most, no snow, no rain it comes close then disappears…not every time..
    I wouldn’t force the dogs to swim, take it steady they will if they want too…I am not keen on Charlie swimming our river has a 14 ‘ rise and fall, I prefer him not to like water…
    Maxi swims with the children in the swimming pool, he so wanted to go and play with them, we were in a Florida when he had swimming lessons with SIL, he was nearly 4 months, we had Charlotte just off swimming at 5 years..so all eyes watching them both, for safety…

    Well cuppa time ….

    Jean x

    Good afternoon, I just called my surgery and have another appointment for Thursday afternoon.I will get a referral to go to hospital for a scan then. I may go to Morrisons to see if they have any beer, selection at Sainsbury’s was rubbish,all Budweiser which is like drinking water. When I used to take my other dog to the resavoires there used to be two big German shepherds that swam the full length of the resavoire.

    Dave- did you got to Morrisons, or are you going another day? Amazon otherwise, do they do beer?
    Getting hungry now…roll on tomorrow morning! Enjoying my coffee though 😁

    I didn’t go maybe tomorrow, going bowling tomorrow afternoon.There is an offer in the local paper where you get a password each night and you collect six different ones and You Can then book a caravan for 3/4 nights.That would be perfect and we could also book four nights another time, Denise seems ok with it 😁😁😁.

    Evening everyone, not been a low day calorie wise as husband cooked us a nice steak meal with the usual accompaniments followed by a plum crumble with cream with a bottle of prosecco to celebrate the 55th anniversary of my husband asking me to go out with him.
    Jean not sure what next knitting project will be yet. Codewords is a bit like a crossword but no clues its the alphabet instead but each letter isn’t numbered in order. The crossword grid has numbers randomly in each square and you have to work out which number is which letter. The books I buy give you 3 random letters to start you off. Will post a picture on WhatsApp in a bit. Hope daughter is now back home from hospital.
    Hedgehogs very envious of you being able to have a swim in the sea.
    Dave hope you get a different Dr on Thursday. Sounds like Denise might be coming round to the idea of going away for a holiday.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Yes looking good for a short break or two 😁. We would have to book the first one on Monday, so that would give us something to look forward to. Not going too far, Yorkshire if Jean will stamp my passport then maybe Lincolnshire for the second one.

    Morning all!
    Early start for me; often wake early after a FD but pleased I did as youngest’s alarm hadn’t gone off & he had to leave for work at 5.30! Breakfast is done already!
    Dave- really pleased that Denise is on board with going away, will be nice for you to gave a change of scenery!
    Jean- hope SD got home okay & improves…has Steve’s throat improved at all yet?
    Nana- meal sounded nice, congratulations on 55 years together! 🎉 Have you got much veg growing in your garden, you’ve grown potatoes, anything else?
    Minols & Endellion- happy holidays!
    Nothing planned today apart from picking more veg & potatoes, & a pile of ironing!

    Morning All..
    A lovely walk and catch up with Oreo…Lovely and warm…

    Steve is getting ready to take his motorbike for MOT, thank goodness it’s all together again, it’s been in bits for a couple of years…Minols will know what I mean…..

    I am not happy with my scales I am going up a pound daily 😱!!…I think I shall fall out with them….

    Hope you can twist Denise’s arm, a few nights or a week away would be nice…I will stamp your passport into Yorkshire , Mel can stamp going into Lincolnshire……..
    I am looking forward to ours just hope it’s not too busy with children as it’s school holidays…they never leave Charlie alone.
    Hope you can get a scan sorted.

    What a great meal…goodness 55 years on first meeting…Congratulations…
    The codewords sounds hard..don’t think I would have patience….I never seem to have much time for anything, I have a book on the go, haven’t picked it up for two days….
    Daughter is home and taking it steady, a bit better control of food at home instead of hospital.

    Hedgehog …
    Daughter got home at 5 pm, waiting for medication…Steves throat was quite painful last night, irritating cough too..an assistant was saying her mask on all day leaves her with a dry cough..we had ours on for three hours shopping it’s maybe why….seems to be ok this morning…fussy going off on his bike…
    We are awake very early every day, between 5 am and 6 am…good job you were today and got your son up…

    Nothing planned yet…

    Jean x

    Ironing done, veg picked, a few more potatoes planted, & too much food eaten courtesy of the early start!
    Hope Steve’s bike passes it’s MOT, Jean! I think these dogs take up alot of our time! Best ignore your scales until they can behave, put them in the naughty corner!

    I didn’t know 5am exists, the only time I see 5am was when I worked nights. Heidi met 2 new dogs so she was happy.I hope you holiday girls are still having a great time. No fast day yet this week, I keep trying but not managed one so far.

    Not much room in the naughty corner.🤪

    Only two cups of tea today up to now.So a low day at the worst, hopefully a fast day. I need to have one. Hungry now but will hang on a bit longer.

    Well done Dave, you’re nearly there, hope you can do a FD…
    Lovely dinner for me tonight with lots of veg! FD tomorrow though.
    Hope everyone’s okay 😁

    Evening everyone, usual Wed visit to see daughter and son in law not forgetting Poppy and the cats.
    Jean hope Steves feeling a bit better now.
    Hedgehogs we grow potatoes in large pots and as our gardens not that large we’ve got a small vegetable plot with lettuce, carrots, tomatoes,peppers,chillies,garlic, basil and coriander.
    Dave have you got a holiday booked yet ?Hope Drs goes well tomorrow.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning all!
    Slept late this morning, until 8am! ( I know some of you will think that’s early, but it’s very late for me 😂) Which is nice, as it’s a FD for me! Jean- I guess you’re fasting too?
    Dave- did you manage a FD yesterday? Hope you’re not too stiff after bowling, & hope the doctors get your referral sorted today.
    Nana- glad you had a good day yesterday, sounds like you do well with a small garden too!
    Hope everyone has a good day- off out with Xena in a minute, then another walk this afternoon with sis & Arnie, & Mum.

    Morning All…
    A warm and cloudy day…early walk at the park…

    Needing to print holiday stuff off, and printer isn’t playing…we don’t use it much, so the ink dries up and Steve buys cheap ink, what the printer doesn’t like!! Men!

    I am fasting today..Steve eating what he can at the moment mashed potatoes with something…ham omelette for me….scales are being kind after the telling off…

    Just booked a 3 night stay in The Kings Head at Newton Under Roseberry, on the top edge of North Yorkshire Moors, in November…good walking for Charlie and we can get to the beach too…risking the eating at the hotel hoping it’s started to calm down by then. New area for us looks nice..

    Hope your GPS appointment goes well and a scan can get organised for you….

    A good Wednesday visit catch up with everyone and the furries…
    Lots of produce in the garden is it hubby or you doing the growing….?

    Wake up at 8 am…I wish…yes I am fasting today hoping for a same on weigh in tomorrow….MOT was passed.
    I was walking at 8 am, Natalie text she forgot she had an appointment, I fell out of bed and joined her..
    We have 7 dogs at the park all the same age starting wanting to be top dog, poor Charlie might loose his status…all these pups now about 14 months ish…all males, going to have their ops soon, might calm them down. 🤞

    Enjoy your walk later…are you still going to the forest, is it still safe…

    Nothing planned today, a bit of hoovering, dropped loads of grass off my boots as I came in…possibly do dusting and down stairs….

    Jean x

    Jean- yes, do walk in the forest, the seasonal illness starts end August, although with school holidays it might get a bit busy- not sure if the campsite is back open.
    Nice you could have company with your walk, poor Charlie 😂. Sister’s dog hasn’t been done, he’s coming up for 2 but no humping or aggressive behaviour so far…I think they should use him as a stud dog as he’s so calm!
    Hope you get the printer sorted! Break in November sounds good- we have one already booked for then, will have to see if we all get to go!

    Jean I get told off for buying the best stuff, you get what you pay for. Doctor should be calling in under 30 minutes so got the phone ready. Dull here with a drop of rain. 8am😵🤯 HH.

    The doctor called me and the outcome is I have to go to the surgery next Wednesday for blood pressure and blood test. She is going to make an appointment at the hospital for a scan for me but warned it could take months because they are not doing them because of Covid 😵😵💩. Always look on the bright side of life.

    Feeling hungry….had a very lazy day with a lazy Charlie laid on me…it’s hard to move him he’s so comfy.

    You seem to have things moving…I can’t understand the scan they are doing them….sorting the ink out tomorrow and collecting Steves shoes they have come into the shop, for a try on..
    Any news on any breaks for you or are you still thinking…

    Where are you going in November?…I always think they are different type of holidays…we were going to book one for September to see daughter in Wales but she’s still quite unwell..have a rethink after our Lincolnshire break see how she is then..she is eating baby food at the moment 🤢

    I am starving!!

    Jean x

    We are collecting passwords from paper for first break then have to book it in Monday. If it’s ok will pay the full price for another. Hope the ink is ok for my passport Jean.

    Jean- poor SD, must be rotten for her, but at least she’ll get more sleep at home. The scans are delayed because they have to space them out to clean between each one, you can’t have a crowd ready in the waiting room either, they can only do half the number they would normally. We’re hoping to go to Sheringham in November- booked close to home as the weather can be iffy, one year was thick fog & mayhem on the roads & airports!
    Dave- hope the holiday looks good…
    A nice walk with mum & sis, did lots more ironing- 8 T shirts for youngest son, he has so many, all designer ones!
    And did a workout…hungry but managing my liquid FD again.


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    Morning all!
    Minols & Endellion- hope you’re having lovely breaks still!
    Jean- how’s Steve’s throat? Hugs to him…hope you enjoy your Friday ‘day off’, are you having fish & chips?
    Dave- has Denise got much work to do for your buffet tomorrow? Lovely to have something to celebrate!
    Nana- hope you & hubby have a better day, are the anniversaries out the way now?
    Kay- hope the holiday cleaning goes well, alot extra for you do to.
    Up fairly early, always a bit hungry after a FD! Took Xena out, supposed to be nice here, but some very black clouds coming over…did a workout, have cleaning to do but not very appealing!
    Have a good day everyone!

    Morning All..
    A beautiful hot day, a lovely walk and a lot of chatting…

    I have lost 1lb which I am surprised at….no weigh in for Steve..

    Going to the local town Steve shoes have arrived, we will go and see if they fit…then go for a coffee..

    Feeling a bit down see if it lifts my spirits…

    Chippy tonight…Steve will push his self to eat it, have some medication before he eats….

    Have a good day all…

    Jean x

    Afternoon All..

    So hot here….collected Steves shoes, fit well and look nice, from Clark’s, nothing in the shop but Steve said there were discounts on line, so he ordered them…£60 down to £23, good bargain for leather shoes, memory foam inners and very light.

    Stopped at cafe, we had lunch and a sausage for the boy, he’s fast asleep now….

    Changed my mind on a coffee machine, I need to pay a bit more for one which does lattes, SIL may have an old one in the loft, if he has I may use it and see how I go…

    Hope your weather stays fine, it’s beautiful here..have a good day…

    Jean x

    Well done on the 1lb off Jean! Hope getting out has lifted your spirits a bit…Steve’s shoes sound a bargain! Lunch out, hope Steve found something he could eat?
    Dave- you’re quiet today! Not aterted on the beers?!
    Not so nice here- been cloudy but very muggy. Had a shower after my workout, but shouldn’t have bothered, got pretty hot cleaning 😂😂 Have a chicken to carve up & cram in the freezer, I’m sure Xena will help! Then Asda delivery coming…hubby fancied a gateau, I don’t think he can eat it on his own, not very keto though 😖

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