Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Evening everyone, a successful FD today just as well as we’re visiting the friends that we usually go to Norwich with every July tomorrow afternoon and on Wednesday visiting the daughter and son in law as usual in the morning and then my sister and brother in law in the afternoon.
    Hedgehogs sounds like Xena has had a good birthday. A four mile walk this morning my knees are now very achy so have applied my magnesium oil spray at lunchtime today also. I only usually need to apply in the morning.
    Mel sounds like you’re having a good time away with lots of nice safe walks away from lots of people. Glad Jodie has recovered.
    Jean last week the time has gone really quickly since he started.
    Dave hopefully you can persuade Denise to go away somewhere in September. Also hope you get the pain you’re having is sorted out soon.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Hope you can get Denise to go away even a few days…it’s just different surroundings..

    I have found quite a few dog friendly cottages, we have to decide where..maybe North Yorkshire moors and you can get to the beach, further north, Whitby, Richmond but more remote..
    Yes my mask was on during my shopping trips…just had my daughter going barmy over masks for over half a hour, why now when hardly any virus about, when it should have been in April when it was high..no answers for her…
    Glad Xenia’s had a lovely day with lots of treats, shame on the cabin you found…

    I have had a good fast day…

    Jean x

    Enjoy your visiting Tuesday and Wednesday busy days…hoping your walk doesn’t hurt your knees too much and your spray helps.
    Steves treatment seems a long time but quick in another way…I can see a break on the horizon which will be nice..

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Jean- counting down the trips to hospital now, nearly done! Will be lovely for you to have a break to look forward to, remote sounds good!
    Nana- hope the knees are better today, have a nice sociable couple of days!
    Dave- hope your pain eases up…is it still wet,can you go bowling today instead?
    Mel- happy holidays, hope today’s walk is as scenic & you can keep dry still!
    Minols- can’t remember when you were going but hope that your holiday is good!
    Endellion- yours too!
    Taking me a few days to get out of holiday mode, I could be very lazy! A muddy walk with Xena, it must’ve rained all night ☔ Getting my hair done later, boys off so I guess feeding them up will be done too!

    Morning All..
    A nightmare for Steve our motorway is closed meaning all traffic is going through our village…took him a while to get out but he was on time for his hospital appointment…he has called at SILs for a cuppa, ( he won’t like that) but he is on his way back now as traffic is the same, he will use back roads but he will have to hit the traffic to get into the village…
    Poor grandson has been sat on the motorway just near our junction for 6 hours, he has text to say he is just moving he thought but he is being turned around and off…

    Walked Charlie then through the village the traffic is awful…came back and coloured my hair, ready for hair cut Friday….

    It’s always hard after holiday to get back in fasting mode…lovely to get your hair done we will be together again having it cut😂….have a lazy day….nothing planned for me…I am in a lazy mood too…I really must get my head around fasting it’s the NFDs which snooker me….maybe when the treatment stops…side effects are kicking in, sore food pipe, swollen and inflamed, tired..see how he goes.

    Steves daughter has gone to A&E last night and they have kept her in, in a lot of pain sickness and bowel trouble not sure what….

    One of those days which can only get better…

    Hope your knees a bit better today…maybe a rest up and no walk today…enjoy your visiting..

    How are you?…you sound like Steves daughter…

    Mel, Endellion and Minols enjoy your away time..

    Jean x

    Jean- hugs to you & Steve, lots of worries, hope his daughter improves…

    I go regularly to the toilet now but still have the pain. Got another phone consultation on Thursday, I don’t think it will do much good but we shall see. No queue at Sainsbury’s again. Not looking forward to wearing a mask while shopping next week, and it’s a £100 fine if you don’t ware one.

    No news on daughter..she is waiting for a transfer to another hospital she is one of five waiting…her temperature has come down now…knowing how hospitals work she will be possibly discharged !!..she went in at 1am in the morning, so 13 hours now…
    We are both sleepy so not doing anything, I have another book to start but I might be too tired to read…we are awake at 5.30 every morning…

    Have you got you hair cut? What time is your appointment…mine is so long, I have it down at the moment.

    You haven’t worn a mask as yet…they are not too bad a bit warm at times, steam your glasses up..do you wear glasses?…I think we will have to get use to them…

    Jean x

    Yes they steam up my glasses,I ware one when we go to Denise’s mums.I can’t breath properly when it’s on, could do with one that has a thing that helps you breath better.

    Don’t mind wearing a mask, getting used to it now, kept mine on while I was in the hairdressers, they had visors on. Pleased with my hair, nice to cover up the grey! Got reading while I was in there, can’t put it down now!
    Jean- hope Steve’s daughter gets some tests done & answers before they discharge her…& Dave, you will need to get stroppy with the doctors on Thursday. As long as everyone wears masks they can still see patients!

    I don’t mind the mask either I feel safer with it on, I only use inside Tesco or Lidl, if I am queuing eg fish and chips and cafes.

    No news yet on daughter, she is like a plane…in a holding position!…she texts us saying ‘she’s alive!’

    Pleased your hair is nice and your grey has gone..my grey is gone too, I am so long….I didn’t start my book but it’s here on the floor…

    Eaten too much today just bad all around…..

    Jean x

    I like my grey 😬don’t have much option really.Gp on the phone Thursday morning then bowling Thursday afternoon.Denise is on about doing a buffet the day before our anniversary then who knows what we will do on the day, it’s a Sunday.My son loves it if she does a buffet.

    Evening everyone lovely visit our friends this afternoon I usually drive when we visit as alcohol is usually involved but husband said he’d drive so shared bottle of wine. A lovely catch up. Not much else to report for today apart from almost finishing the jumper I’m knitting.
    Jean a nightmare journey for Steve and so sad circumstances.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Steve likes his grey, he likes me as I am maybe I will change at 80 😂

    Hope doctor can help you, be firm?…

    Jean x

    Morning All…
    Dull day…popping with Steve to the hospital…doing the bunny walk…….side effects are starting although he seems better this morning…It’s his food pipe which is very sore and fatigue, comes and goes….

    Steve daughter was moved at 11am last night to the larger hospital, 1am scan shows either Crohn’s disease or diverticulitis…so may get to the bottom of this today…

    A good catch up and a shared bottle of wine sounds good..nearly stitching up your jumper well done on getting it finished…

    Speak later

    Jean x

    Wet here and cool.So much for summer.Need some sunshine, totally fed up at the moment.The restaurant where we go is open so I thought we could book a table for our anniversary but Denise won’t go 😬. Don’t know if she is afraid but wouldn’t admit it if she was.

    Morning All….
    Pouring down with rain here…a bit of cleaning to do…you seem to have the zoom when the weathers better and sunny.
    No more news on daughter….
    Steve has two more sessions to go…it seems a long time but really quick ..it doesn’t make sense. He is fatigued and his food pipe is sore more near his heart but we expected it, it could be 10 days to two weeks after treatment stops, before he feels better…

    I have not had a good week food wise, maybe I needed a week off…that’s how it goes, fasting isn’t a problem it’s the NFDs …finish this week off and try and get back to some normality…

    It’s shame Denise won’t go out for a meal for you anniversary but I can understand…it will be a while before we do….I don’t mind cafes sat outside but I would be wary inside…self catering holidays we would do but not hotels/pubs, not at the moment. It would be no to flying too. My daughter is flying on Monday to Spain, staying in a hotel, I have my reservations on that.

    Jean x

    Dave- hope the weather improves for you 😞 I can understand Denise not wanting to eat in a restaurant, like Jean says outside better. Do love a buffet! We always did them for family on the boys birthdays, they like to do their own thing now. Always had loads left over for the next few days!
    Jean- poor Steve, but good that it’s not put him off eating! No harm in having a few eating nonFDs, difficult times for you! Yesterday was bad for me too!
    Nana- glad you had a nice catch up & time out! Hope you get the jumper finished soon…How’s the knees?
    We took Xena to Sizewell beach again, was lovely & sunny for a while, wished I’d had my cozzie, so only a paddle. Xena really enjoys a paddle now but can’t quite get brave enough for a swim! Fasting today, the smell of bacon at the cafe made me really hungry! I can manage FDs I think, but the nonFDs are a challenge!

    Hope your daughter is ok in Spain.It came up on my phone yesterday that Brits were sleeping on the beach in Spain because the hotel was shut. I think if we are going to go out it should be now in case there is a second spike what they keep talking about. The speedway in Poland started up a few weeks ago but now it’s cancelled for two weeks because someone caught the virus.Denise went to get a card for our anniversary so I called in Morrisons,mistake,came out with a big cream cake😜🤪.Got soaked taking Heidi out before,good job it dosen’t rain for 40 day’s and 40 nights being Saint Switherns day.

    Afternoon All..
    Cleaned right through..so looking much better I didn’t wash the floors they look ok….

    Walking shortly but looking very dark, it keeps belting down like April showers…when I do my bunny walk at the hospital woods, although walking 45 mins slowly, Charlie does a lot of smelling and sniffing but not a lot of running. ..he comes back absolutely shattered it must take it out of him…

    S Daughter staying in hospital as still on antibiotics drips and anti sickness drips, sounds very sorry for her self, just a little voice….( I’m ill me) 😂

    Lovely to be able get to Sizewell beach, sounds warmer than us and fancying a swim…you are brave girl thinking of it…a lovely little cafe…goodness men can eat well or not, he might be sore but he is still hungry!! Chicken chasseur tonight…
    Steves piling weight on I bet at least a stone, some stupid nurse gave him the green light to eat everything!!! He took that at face value…..

    I enjoy a good buffet always nice to choose and pick….and then puddings 😂…I would prefer my daughter not to travel, they are both complaining about face coverings already…I think Spain is much stricter than here.

    It is dark as night here..my rain app says no rain!…I will test it soon…

    Jean x

    Dave- ummm cream cake, very naughty!! Hope that you remembered Denise’s card!
    Jean- I guess for Charlie it’s mentally tiring…Xena does alot of sniffing on her walks doesn’t seem to tire her that much! Hope you don’t get wet- poor hubby did when he took Xena for her 2nd walk! Poor Steve’s daughter, hope the antibiotics help! Can’t see the point of flying somewhere right now to be squashed in a plane, & then the beach might get closed where you go cos it’s too crowded! But I’m sure your daughter’s ready for a break, must’ve been a difficult time at the school for her the last few months!
    Fasting still going okay, hard making macaroni cheese for the others, gave Xena the cheese instead of me picking!

    I already had Denise’s card.Heidi drives me mad sniffing every 5 yards. More so when it’s pouring down. Cake was good but not big enough 😬.up early this morning and same again tomorrow 🤯.

    Dave- I used to find the stopping hard when Josie couldn’t walk far, I’d get so cold! Not fun in the rain!
    Been messaging my friend in Belfast on WhatsApp- she’ll be having her baby by Csection next week; I had wanted to go & see her but don’t want to risk flying now, even just there 😞
    Fasting well, have treated myself to some very nice coffee, so have a big mug in the evening, lovely! The place we stayed in at St Ives had a nesspresso machine, am thinking I’d really like one…

    Evening everyone, been a busy but enjoyable day visiting the daughter and my sister. Always take my daughter a half dozen eggs which we get from a farm just down the road from us as they’re lovely and Poppy obviously thinks so as well because she managed to sneak into the kitchen and silently get the box off of the worktop and eat nearly all of them shells and all before daughter caught her boy was she in trouble.
    Jean poor Steve hope it passes soon plus a worrying time for both of you with your daughters.
    Hedgehogs knee easing – husband has ordered a mini motorised exercise bike from Amazon but it’s not meant as an exercise machine but more for strengthening muscles without being load bearing so hopefully will help knee pain. Reviews were favourable so will see what happens. Another trip to the beach we’ve not been to the coast since February.
    Dave how’s the pain now – must admit I’m not in a rush to eat in a restaurant at the moment.
    Nana x

    Morning all!
    Dave- hope you get somewhere with the GP today, don’t be fobbed off…hope you get to do some bowling today!
    Jean- hope Steve gets his medication today, & that it helps, nearly done now…Are you fasting today?
    Nana- sounds like you had a good day, naughty Poppy!! Hope the exercise bike thing helps…
    NonFD for me, will try to be a bit more controlled!

    Morning All…
    Nice walk this morning he chased two bunnies, he can’t understand where they go!..lots of sniffing loads of wild animals are about different from usual…

    Having boiled eggs tonight, it a long time to wait…..

    Steves throat a lot better today strange how things come and go, he now has a carrier bag full of medication !! Possibly won’t use it all…
    I think daughter will be disappointed going away, wearing the mask while walking on the sea front, in hotel, bars and shops, SIL is a pain he will be grumbling all the time shooting the bullets getting everyone wound up, they are going with another couple. I have a worry with her she keeps falling very badly, about 5 times this last year, she is waiting for a X-ray, she has just fell again…
    Exciting time for your friend, it will be nice to you be able to visit, maybe in a few months time. I think it’s her first?
    SIL has a coffee maker, he has had three I didn’t like his middle one, the one he is using now is very ‘Costa’ very nice..he buys pods on Internet in all different brewings. He uses it a lot.

    Charlie sniffs a lot generally, I think this wood has been very different for him…Glad you have Denise’s card, which date is it?

    Oh dear..big trouble for Poppy, they are little monkeys…..our village shop has farm eggs much better than Tesco..the exercise machine sounds quite good hope it helps you…
    Steves daughter is still in hospital waiting for doctors rounds this morning…it’s a worry..

    Have a good fasting day everyone…
    Jean x

    Hope all the fasters are staying strong?!
    Jean- doesn’t sound like your daughter will have much of a holiday! Why does she keep having falls? A worry, Steve’s daughter too…
    Dave- nice if it’s dry enough for you to bowl!
    Mel- lots of walking for you, my hubby can’t walk too far so probably do less on holiday!
    Nesspresso mini is ordered, you get some pods with it, will see what I like although they taste the same to me!!
    Harvested another big tub of potatoes, made one of hubby’s favourite dinners, cheese & potato ‘pie’, his mum’s concoction…I’ll have courgettes out the garden. Seen Mum this afternoon, ironing to do next, although could quite happily have a nap as son let Xena run upstairs at 5.30am- she hurled herself at our bedroom door! She was naughty on our walk too- kept running up barking at people, had to put her on a lead after the 3rd time! She’s weird how she has off days like that, probably the bump on the head when she ran into our door 😂😂

    Heidi only met one dog on our walk, a big German shepherd, it wasn’t friendly like Heidi so kept them apart.It lay down in front of her but the owner said it can be naughty so Heidi walked up to it and wagged her tail but the other dog didn’t do we left it alone. Bowls was good, had two games with my son then came home, was there almost two hours.Anniversary is a week on Sunday.

    Evening everyone, really struggled today calories about 800 but never mind.
    Jean last day for Steve tomorrow you both must be pleased. Hope your daughter’s time away won’t be too stressful for her and hope steves daughter is sorted out soon.
    Dave glad you got a bowls game in.
    Hedgehogs an early start to your day and a busy one by the sound of it.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Stiff from bowling but got to take Heidi out again. Will walk like a Zombie 😁. Still watching cricket then football.

    Just had a lovely dinner- courgette from the garden, cooked in sage butter, with walnuts & parmesan, yum!
    Jean- will be good for you & Steve to get tomorrow over with! Will you be celebrating?! Be kind to yourself & keep away from the scales!
    Dave- hope the bowling was worth the aches for! Nice that you could play with your son…
    Nana- well done getting through your FD, hope you have a good day tomorrow, are you having a meal with friends in the evening?
    Won’t be fasting tomorrow- do want to do ADF, but easier to eat same as hubby tomorrow & to miss dinner on Saturday. Wasn’t quite as controlled as I’d hoped for today, but getting back into keto…

    Evening All..
    It has not been the best fast day about 650/700 calories, I was up very early and so very hungry..

    Steve last treatment tomorrow so that’s really good..last bunny walk for Charlie too…hair cut at 1pm start looking more like myself…hate it this length…then I must tidy my self up!!

    Just had a good hours phone call to daughter in Texas, it’s hard with the children about they must have been on their gadgets it’s all quiet…

    Just booked a week away in a mobile home near the coast in Lincolnshire 15th August…looks quite nice location set in 14 acres.

    My daughter could do to loose weight so she falls heavy, some falls were, wet floor at school, pupil tripped her up, fell down a step, then she fell on her knees from two steps up in Spain in February both knees, with the virus, doctor couldn’t get her an X-ray, she just went again last week for no reason, I think her knee caps could be damaged…
    Steves daughter may come home tomorrow..Celebrating with a leg of lamb Saturday finish of treatment.

    What a lovely tub of potatoes, I fancy the potato and cheese pie, that’s me 😂..I think they all have their naughty moments, Charlie not as much as before..poor Xena in bother. I usually have a latte pod, nice little treat your coffee machine.

    A few of us struggling today fasting…it’s how it goes….enjoy your evening…

    Good you enjoyed the bowling, you are bound to be sore….

    Have a good evening

    Jean x

    Morning All…
    So warm very early this morning..

    Last bunny walk….Last treatment 😀

    I have had an argument with the scales this morning , I lost…..1 lb up..( really 4oz) …ok a bad week!…

    Hair cut after lunch that must loose me a stone at least lol…..then back to blowing hair again swings and roundabouts…long, easy and crxp or short, faffy and hopefully looks better ??

    Speak later..

    Jean x

    Jean- 4oz is nothing! You’ve done well to do fasting all this time with Steve’s treatment, you should be proud of yourself! A worry about your daughter’s knees, my sis has had some lovely bruises from falls, hers is 🍷 & weight! Hope you’re pleased with the haircut later!
    Dave- hope you’re not too sore today!
    Very warm & muggy here, Xena very hot on her walk, didn’t see anyone today so no barking! Got more gardening to do, veg to pick 😁
    Hope everyone else has a good day!

    We had a power cut a hour before haircut, hairdresser rang and moved me to her other shop where she gad gone…I feel more me now and booked two further appointments in case we have another lockdown.

    Easy meal tonight, new potatoes, cheese and sausage..looking forward to that….

    Your potatoes looked lovely hope you get the rest of the gardening finished..very muggy here too. Charlie’s walk shortly hope it’s not too hot or I shall go later…

    Jean x

    Jean- glad your hair’s done! Too hot here for Xena’s 2nd walk Too will have to take her later…
    Suceesful morning, lots more potatoes ready, spinach picked, courgettes & runner beans coming on nicely!
    We finally got our bbq gas- found a farm machinery supplier a couple of miles away that stock it, lovely & quiet! So bbq tomorrw, FD will be postponed until Sunday! Made another cheesecake for eldest son- he’s happy! He was pleased with himself too as he’d been worried about an injured baby seagull he’d found at work- he managed to get the RSPCA out for it, luckily as I think it might’ve been brought home otherwise!

    Good evening everyone, first post of the day.Been to mother in law’s so no signal in her house. I call the doctor for results of test yesterday but they have not come back, she said call again in an hour but didn’t bother.Will have to wait until Monday now. After my cream cake on Wednesday the scales would be bad I thought but I lost 4lbs😁.No calories in cream cake Julie 😀.

    We manage our normal walk time quite ok…just had a hours mad play in the garden, trying to tire him out..
    Nice to have a bbq tomorrow will it be for all of you, does hubby take charge? Steve never did but he fetched and carried for me…I sat with a glass of red cooking 😀…we have sold it now ☹️
    Good the baby seagull is sorted, nice to look after wild life..

    Step Daughter is in hospital till Sunday at least, her white blood cells are still really high…

    That’s great 4 lbs off and a cream cake ..wow……hope MIL is as good as she can be, nice for your company…It would cheer her up.

    Lazy night soon to bed..

    Have a good weekend

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, a nice catch up with our friends again this evening and such a lovely evening to sit in their garden my turn to drive would’ve been nice to have enjoyed a chilled glass of white wine. Scales showed a half pound gain but the visits to my sister and our other friends far outweigh the weight gain incurred.
    Jean a nightmare for getting your haircut. How was Steves last appointment.
    Dave four pounds well done.
    Hedgehogs BBQ planned for us tomorrow as well.
    Stay safe everyone.
    Nana x

    Morning All…
    Raining off and on here, walk in the rain at the park??

    Lamb meal tonight celebrating the finish of treatment….Steves feeling unsure now, 16 weeks of getting on with the treatment and it’s now finished…has it worked or not..he says it’s a strange feeling…We have to push on with life and move forward but it’s hard….

    I might do a bit of shopping later..me shopping..I need face moisturiser and a look…

    A lovely evening for you, I quite agree nice times balancing against fasting..you have to live..half a pound is nothing…
    Steves last appointment went all fine, he has been a lot better than I thought though all his treatment, the worse his hair loss, still it’s growing now about 1/4” long, a covering.
    I thought though 16 weeks of treatment he would be laying about asleep all the time but only half a dozen sleepy half days at the most.

    Hedgehog and Nana enjoy your bbqs today…

    Hope your work day goes well….a wine tonight for you….

    Have a good weekend

    Jean x

    Let’s hope Steve is on the mend now and it’s all behind him.I still have pains in my stomach.I will see what the results of my test are on Monday and if they are ok I think I will go to A&E.Dont want to go there but can’t see any other way. Phone consultation is as much use as an ash tray on a motor bike.Raining here so no cricket ☹️.

    Thanks, he possibly feels like you did after your heart attack..

    Step daughter is now having a camera looking at her gut and bowels on Monday, she is in a lot of pain, I wonder if it’s something like you have…That will be a week in hospital then…

    Hope it soon gets sorted out..

    Jean x

    Yes I felt very nervous after my heart attack,every little strain and I thought I was having another.But now I have put it all behind me, I just don’t think about it any more. I don’t want to go to hospital especially now with the virus about but if I don’t feel any better I think I will have to go. Can’t see any cricket being played for the next few hours,not according to my weather app. Think you will be getting plenty of rain to Jean.

    Jean- hope your meal tonight is good! Must be a weird felling with the treatment finished, it does take over your life for a while…the CT results after the chemo were really good though, so that’s reassuring… Hubby likes to do the bbq, the only thing he cooks! I have to do the running around 😖
    Dave- well done with 4lbs off! Perhaps it should be the cream cake diet , instead of the chocolate diet 😂 A worry waiting for your results, is there anyone you could complain to at the GPs, rather than have to go to A&E? The GPs must have to see some people, they can’t put everything off forever?!
    Nana- sounds like you’ve had a good week & never mind the half pound! Enjoy your bbq tonight!
    Kay- busy time for you, hope Tara doesn’t miss you too much!
    Was supposed to be nice here today, but no sun out, very muggy though. Done a few jobs & am enjoying my lovely coffees!

    Hi all…just checking in from sunny Utrecht. Lovely city and just had a fabulous biryani sitting by one of the canals. Been cycling everywhere but heading out of town in the car tomorrow. Lots of hand sanitizer…not a lot of distancing but it’s so lovely we’re outside most of the time.
    Not fasting…!

    Enjoy Minols.I liked going on the canal in Amsterdam.Denise still got the diamond ring I bought her there,glass diamond I think but we was young then.

    Evening everyone,hope you’ve all had a good day. Didn’t have a BBQ because the weather clouded over so cooked in the oven instead. Just finished eating.
    Jean hope your meal was good you deserve it.
    Hedgehogs hope you were able to have your BBQ.
    Dave plenty of sport on this weekend husband in heaven as it’s Moto Go tomorrow plus F1.
    Minols sounds like your having a good time away.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Not watched the Moto much,used to like superbikes when Foggy was riding. Will watch the cricket if it’s on and record the F1.

    Evening All…
    A lovely lamb dinner, wine and a Aldi pud..Steves throat a bit sore but being a brave boy he likes his food..
    Weather very rainy but I managed not to get wet on our walk…

    Managed to buy my creams for my face trying to help it along 😂…only cheap..

    Enjoy your travels cycling sounds lovely on the organised cycle lanes ..Utrecht I remember passing through on the motorbike McDonalds was a toilet stop 😂..hope the weather keeps kind..

    Shame on the weather hope your meal was enjoyable…

    Did you manage the bbq…our weather was quite bad today but muggy…

    Enjoy your sport…Steve will watch the F1 tomorrow..

    Jean x

    Well home again. Good journey back then Paul watched last week’s qualies and Grand Prix and then this week’s qualies so he is up to date for this afternoon’s race. I watched a bit but find watching the talk and post race bits depressing because of the masks. Wish I could just ignore them but find it difficult then it gets me down. Think I am going to have to get over that one.

    A very good holiday, lots of walking – five days over 20,000 steps and two just under. Lots of nice food too although we didn’t go out at all to eat. Weighed this morning and put on a pound which I can live with! Thinking do 5:2 this week and next as we are going down to a Kent friend for a week to live in her ‘bubble’. The others will come round and we will all sit in the garden. She has bought one of those outdoor heater things for the evenings. Paul not impressed as very bad for environment!

    Hi Minols, glad you are having a good holiday and also to my other lovely friends on here. Have a good Sunday and Jean and Steve you can have a lie in tomorrow.

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