Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Morning All..
    A bit rainy now..all done at the hospital and we did the new walk I have found.

    Having a slice of toast with a cuppa, we had our breakfast at 6 am it seems ages ago…

    We have a curry in the freezer, I did an extra portion so an easy meal tonight…making Charlie’s chicken and beef dinners soon get the freezer packed into his single portions, it works very well, last about 3 weeks.

    Weigh in for Charlie he has lost 2 lbs in two weeks 👏👏👏

    I shall be having new potatoes with butter and cheese on tomorrow, bought some more today..won’t touch your home made ones though..

    Hope the tablets work for you…

    Enjoy your meet up with your friend and lunch today, does hubby go with you…
    It’s a worry with the pubs, three closed down already with the virus, I think as we start going away self catering would be the best at the moment…or watch your areas.

    Have a good day all…

    Jean x

    I got sachets from the doctor, not doing any good at the moment. Is been pouring down all day not took Heidi out yet. What a miserable day. Heidi is watching the telly, she must be fed up to.Ill give it another hour,if it doesn’t stop raining we will both get wet.

    Took Heidi out in the pouring rain, she was keen to go, if it ever stops I will take her again.

    Managed a dry walk 😁. It’s gone dark though so more rain to fall I think. I feel very tired but not going to bed for a few hours yet.

    I think I am taking over this forum 😁. Still in pain so just been online to my doctor’s surgery for another appointment.Think I am getting used to the pain, but wish it would go. Dry at the moment here so I will take Heidi out for a dry walk hopefully.

    Morning All…
    Drizzle day, not too wet…walked around the village and river walk..Steve away with the car, half way through his treatment and managing to still drive, no side effects at the moment…a bit more sleepy but he never sleeps at night, so not sure if it’s his treatment or not…

    Sorry to hear you are still not feeling too well ….hope you can get an appointment..

    Enjoy your lunch catch up today with your friend

    You too are are meeting up with friends, enjoy your day too..

    What are you up too, I have nothing planned really, started a good book so maybe a read at some point through the day.

    Where are you not been about for a bit…

    Hedgehog and Endellion both on holiday, Minols chasing in a circle trying to get ready everything tidied up for leaving and getting ready for her holiday..

    So just of a few of us left…I am fasting Thursday….

    Jean x

    Typical waiting for cricket then rain stops play 🥺🥺🥺.

    Hi everyone!

    How are you all getting on? It’s been a busy past few days for me, packing things up and travelling yesterday. Sorry I’ve not been on to say hi!

    It feels a million miles from a pandemic over here… Yesterday I went to eat, have some beers out… It’s a breath of fresh air! This morning I did a quick workout in the garden, then had a quick dip in the sea, which is just 100 metres or so away from the house. Heaven! I’m thinking of heading to the island highpoint later on if some of the clouds clear from up there, and do some hiking around a lake.

    Dave – hmm, £35 is much more affordable. I think I’ll be shopping around!
    I hope the laxative is at least a solution for now.

    HH – hope you’re doing well and enjoyed your days off grid!

    Nana – glad you like your haircut! It makes such a difference feeling good and fresh.

    Jean – I hope your wait for the cut passes quickly!
    It’ll be two weeks at least, but I might stay longer depending on how I go.
    Well done to Charlie on his loss!

    Mel – did you stay strong on your fast? I’m sure those buttery potatoes tasted even better after as a result.


    Evening everyone, had a lovely catchup with our friend yesterday and have been for a visit to our daughter and son in laws. Weather has been awful all day with rain but not cold.
    Dave hope you get sorted out soon can’t believe that you’ve got to wait a week to see a Dr.
    Jean glad Steves not having a reaction to his treatment so far apart from tiredness and hopefully it’ll keep that way for him.
    Endellion holiday sounds heavenly.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    That’s quick a week.Usually a fortnight.We have four doctors to.

    Have a lovely time..a dip in the sea sounds lovely but the Atlantic brrrr…enjoy your hiking around the lake and roaming around..keep in touch..

    You always sound busy catching up with people and doing things…glad both days went well…

    Hope you can get sorted….

    I am fasting tomorrow anyone else?

    Jean x

    Jean yes I’ll be fasting tomorrow 😉

    Monring all

    Been quiet on here – sorry for being absent myself – a bit distracted by Holiday Club. All going really well, and certainly not as intense as doing it ‘in person’, but a lot of fun!

    Dave – sorry you’re still in pain…constant nagging pain is horrible. HOpe the dr can think of something.

    Holiday postponed until next Thursday, but at least the ferry is confirmed and we’ve managed to book places to stay. This will be a first experience of Centerparcs for us, and we’re going to dip across the border into Belgium for it.

    Endellion – sounds like you’re having an idyllic time! I can’t wait for ours. But I’m going to try and be sensible and use the extra time we have to wait to get the house and garden a little bit sorted so that wehn I come back everything is more manageable, cos I’ll be straight into a whole raft of decisions about opening up then.

    I confess my only aim foodwise this month is to stay under the big stone marker…I hovver 2-3 lbs under just now, and if I can come back from holiday still under I’ll call that a win and get serious in August – promise!

    Have a great day everyone – wherever and whatever you’re doing.


    Morning All..
    A very wet walk for us this morning, I did the river bank and village, a bit of lead training he is off lead for most walks, didn’t fancy going with Steve this morning, getting in the car both so wet.

    Endellion and Hedgehog have a great time while away..

    Glad you pulled the holiday back so it’s a week to go..where are you sailing from?….a bit of time to get a few jobs done…Centre Parks always sound so busy and fun, the boy will have a great time…

    Hope a few of us fasting it helps along…enjoy your morning walk and for better weather than us..

    Hope you feel a bit better today…

    Nothing planned today….getting a bit four walls ish…a bit fed up….

    Jean x

    Dave- not good still in pain…& to have to wait that long too. Feel for you…
    Minols- sounds like the holiday club is going well, great that you can still do it online! & glad you’ve sorted the holiday- I’m sure your son will love it!
    Jean- over half way through Steve’s treatment, glad he’s not feeling effects yet. Hard for you being kept ‘locked down’ still/ again. If Steve carries on feeling okay hopefully another beach trip soon? Keep strong fasting, are you on your own?
    Endellion- happy holidays to you too, sounds great!
    Was nice to be away from it all at the Beach hut for a couple of days, all too crowded at St Ives, but have a wonderful view so not complaining! Sea looks so lovely, might wait for a quiet time on the beach below us & nip out for a paddle! Won’t say too much about food so I don’t upset the fasters, but have been making the most of the lovely fruit, don’t get to eat too much on keto usually!

    Watching the cricket, were not doing too well. Pain still with me but I think I am getting used to it. Still dry here but it will rain later I imagine. Had a bowl of rice crispies, not had them for years. Didn’t put sugar on them but think I would do if I have them again. Tempted to try bowling.

    Been out for 3 walks, dodging the drizzle, we can get on the coadtal path just round the corner from where we’re staying, can keep apart from people along there, avoiding the town though. Eating well!
    Keep strong Jean, Mel & Kay!

    Evening All..
    Drizzle here all day…Steve did a late park walk with us just a short bit, I continued on with Charlie..

    A hungry day but managed…ham salad this evening..kitchen closed now.

    The cottage looked lovely with the private beach..now another sea front, you always seem to be attracted to the sea…good you managed a few walks, you have the gear so it’s no problem….a bit of a cheat in wellies for your paddle 😂..enjoy your fruit…

    Steves managed to fast with me today, he doesn’t always these days…..6 more treatments to go, it’s passing ..no side effects as yet..

    I must have sugar on Rice Crispies…shame on your pain…

    Jean x

    Morning All…
    Going with Steve this morning, doing our wood and bunny walk, drizzle here but I think it’s stopping about 8 am…possibly going to park for coffee before coming back depending on weather, as still eating outside …just like feeling doing something we are both feeling housebound…

    We have both stayed the same this morning, a week to go with Steve but we must really put our minds to eating or not, after next week. Charlie puts us to shame when he lost 2lb!

    Have a good day everyone..time to go…

    Jean x

    Good evening, been to mother in law’s then Sainsbury’s for shopping.No queues at Sainsbury’s.Mother in law has not been well today but was in good spirits. Not had much to eat today, no dinner or breakfast.For tea I had haddock goujons six chips and mushy peas.Didnt enjoy the fish so it went in the bin.

    Haddock and chips for us, really nice..will have a glass of red shortly, our day off.

    You won’t recognise Denise after her hair cut tomorrow ..mine next Friday..

    Hoping MIL picks up if she’s under the weather…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone , scales showed no loss but I’m okay with that. Met up with our friends again this evening which was nice. Came home to find a message on our answer phone to say that my cousin passed away this afternoon bit of a shock as he’s not much older than me and I was a bridesmaid at his wedding.
    Feeling a bit down now.
    Nana x

    So sorry on your bad news…we are getting to that age it’s quite frightening…

    Glad you had a good day with your friends, enjoy your self while you can…it makes you think….hugs to you.

    Jean x

    Morning All..
    A beautiful day here, feeling up beat about jobs..

    Bed stripped and made, Washer on, hand washing soaking…play date for Charlie at the park at 8.30, feeling organised…
    Grass to cut when dries out…car to wash and vac needs freshening of dog!

    Roast beef dinner tonight…

    Safe journey home, after a good relax and holiday…

    All quiet on here….

    Jean x

    Morning everyone,
    Well the day I thought would never come has and I can say “going on holiday today”.
    My half hearted attempts at fast days have had a result although I didn’t do as many as I optimistically planned. I am back to my pre lockdown weight, five pounds above that ever elusive target. Think this holiday will do some damage as I want lots of treats!

    Well HH you are home today, hope the holiday lived up to expectations, although I think the weather could have been better.
    Nana so sorry about your cousin, I gather it was unexpected. No wonder you are a bit down.
    Dave how are you? Is the Aloe Vera not working?
    Endellion and Minols, how are things? I have never been to a Center Parcs. Will want a full report!
    Endellion how is the anxiety, have you decided to keep with your therapist. Worth any money if it you can manage it and it helps.

    Lastly a big cheer for Charlie on his 2lb. What an inspiration that dog is 😘!

    Good morning.Aloe Vera not working so it must be something else.Git an appointment on Thursday but the latest message says you surgery appointment so not sure if it’s at the surgery or over the phone again. The surgery is locked up when I go past it with Heidi. Got aches and pains all over, think I need putting down 😁.A light day food wise yesterday, lamb for dinner tonight, will try not to have any dinner again. The sun is out so I will take Heidi out when it’s lunch at the cricket.

    I actually seen a Robin on our walk, so nice to see them. My favourite bird.Quiet again on here, everyone busy or just relaxing.

    Dave- a worry that you’re still in pain…I hope you’re able to see a doctor next time, there’s a limit to what they can do over the phone!
    Mel- have a safe journey & a good trip! Really well done shifting the lockdown weight! Were you going for a week?
    Jean- so pleased that Steve’s feeling okay still, just one more week! Well done to Charlie on his weight, & you 2 staying the same! How long have you got to isolate for, until the end of treatment or a bit after that too?
    PS was in bare feet for my paddle, no wellies! Just sturdy legs 😂😂 & yes, we do love to be near the sea…
    Endellion- hope you’re having a great holiday!
    Minols- hope the holiday club finished well & you can become the domestic godess & holiday organiser now! I guess your dog is back on form & okay to be left?
    Safely home- left at 4.30am to avoid traffic, house doesn’t look too bad at all, not much food seems to have been eaten! Plants are all okay, the boys didn’t need to water as we’ve had some downpours! A lovely break, but glad to be home too, this virus has definitely made us want to keep away from people!

    Afternoon All..
    A busy day got lots of washing done most ironed, just last lot on the line…grass cut..leaving the car for tomorrow…
    Steve very tired today and also heartburn, which are side effects..it’s expected, see how he goes…

    Beef dinner tonight, a large joint so beef tomorrow too…

    Hoping it’s not a telephone appointment, I think you need to be seen…Robins seem to disappear in the summer nice you have seen one.

    It’s nice to go away but nice to be back….was it hard to keep away from people in St Ives…still unsure what we will do when we can book….
    I think the side effects can last a couple of weeks after finish of treatment …he wants to see his two daughters beginning of August in Leigh, stay over in pub/hotel but it’s a hot spot at the moment, I don’t think it’s a good idea and I think a bit early….it’s hard to say what you think at times…the only good thing we can’t find anywhere to take dogs 😀
    Glad the house is clean and tidy..food too!!…still you have a food order booked..
    Your two accommodations looked really lovely, you can really find them. The colour of the sea was amazing….I need to look about more and decide what we want…

    All packed and ready to go..your accommodation looks fantastic too…have a great holiday, relax and enjoy yourself…some great walking with Jodie….
    I must get some tips on where you can take dogs..
    I am looking at cottages, pubs and beach caravans, having our caravan I have never looked in ages on where people go…

    Sitting down before our walk gaging a cuppa…

    Jean x

    The girl in the checkout at Sainsbury’s said her caravan which she bought in October is opening next week. It’s in Wales, so she is going there after work today. The amenities are not yet open so no club. I just want to get away for a few days but wouldn’t go yet, to early. But I think you have to be brave or stay in. The virus could still be here in ten years time so you have to make a decision one way or the other.

    I quite agree the virus will be around for a while…get Steve better and his treatment finished..we may go away in September..I think self catering for us will be the best for us to start with..

    You will have to twist Denise’s arm to go somewhere….

    Jean x

    I will have to start moaning all the time, she would say I do that now 😁😀.I need the club’s or bars to be open and safe before I would go anywhere.Lanzarote is opening up now but it’s getting on a plane that’s the problem.

    Fed up now, need to get out more. Will go fishing next week and maybe bowling, need a change.

    Evening everyone, have had a nice day early morning walk then a visit to daughters followed by an afternoon pruning and weeding in the garden. Not such a good day calorie wise but not going to worry myself about it. Weather for tomorrow looks good so BBQ is planned.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    I keep getting a post from 2017 then an up to date one from people I don’t know then they disappear.Whats going on.

    Evening All..
    A lovely beef roast this evening, Charlie joined us but he didn’t like the wait…a bit of a twist to his usual meal, a treat.

    A bit of gardening, grass cut and weeding lots of washing done and dried….a good day…

    Having a mask on for 7 hours going to Lanzarote doesn’t sound good….I can’t go to Texas at the moment but 14 hours with a mask on puts me off too…Looks like next year for me…

    It’s not good calorie wise for us but not too bothered..BBQ sounds good for tomorrow, we sold ours maybe not a good idea..looks like the weather is going to be hot…enjoy..

    Jean x

    Yes I hate wearing a mask,if I go to Lanzarote I would have to wear a mask that’s easy to breath in. It’s our wedding anniversary in just over two weeks and it looks like we won’t be going out to celebrate it. Denise as bought a bottle of Pymms but I don’t really like drinking in the house.

    Morning all

    Nana – So sorry to hear about your cousin. It gets really tough when it hits our ‘generation’.

    Just got the HC service to do with the kids this mornign…my desk to tidy and I’m outta here!

    Going to have coffee with the boys from costa afterwards…takeaway and sit in the park – almost like the old days! Then I’ll start nagging tothem to ‘find this’ tidy that’…dan’t wait!


    First morning in our self catering, beautiful converted church in a peaceful Cumbrian village. The sun coming through the stained glass windows and reflecting on the shiny modern floor looks amazing. Wasn’t too bad food wise yesterday, but had my favourite fruity pudding (I usually like chocolate) Summer Pudding with crepe fraiche. I love the way the juice oozes through the bread.

    Got some nice mango for breakfast and maybe eggs and avocado, or bacon. Like a good breakfast on holiday as we only have a small snack for lunch. Brought some of our lovely homegrown potatoes for dinner, maybe chicken. Going for a good walk today as it might be the best day weather wise.

    Enjoy your barbecue Nana, I like them but don’t do them ourselves and rarely go to one.
    Glad Charlie enjoyed his roast. Does the get the potatoes as well?

    Morning All..
    A lovely morning here, shorts on….a lovely cafe morning, had lunch at 10 am a bit early 😂..we sat outside tables were out today and a few inside……nothing else to eat till tonight…

    Washing car inside and out in a bit, my Fitbit battery is nearly dead so just boost it before I start…

    Hoping you can find something to do on your anniversary, things are so hard at the moment…I notice Lidl is back to normal nobody queuing, do your own thing!

    Glad you are about nearly on holiday, enjoy your coffee in the park before the packing starts…

    Your church looks beautiful it looked amazing on the floor….enjoy your walk later, you have got all your food planned…nearly..😂..weathers good tomorrow too. Tuesday a bit cooler no rain this week.
    Charlie had beef, Yorkshire pud ( they are small), one roast potato, his own 4 different veg ( potato, carrot, sprouts, green beans, a drizzle of gravy, which he shouldn’t have, a treat.

    Have a good day…

    Jean x

    Good afternoon, lovely weather here today. On the plus side it’s getting easier to go to the toilet but still got the pain so I don’t know what is causing it 😬.I might take Heidi for a walk to the bowling club, she loves that walk, sees lots of dogs.

    Evening everyone, been a lovely day here started off with an 8 mile walk first thing. Went along the road beside the guided busway for a lot of it but it was so busy with joggers and cyclists so won’t be doing that walk again for a while.
    Haven’t done much else apart from sitting in the garden and having a BBQ.FD planned for tomorrow.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning all!
    Jean- will you have to drive Steve this week, is he feeling more tired now? Sounds like you had a good weekend with a few treats. Lots of dog friendly cottages about for self catering if you look for somewhere to go in September…keep strong with your fast today!
    Dave- hope your stomach pain doesn’t stop you getting out a bit this week, can you bowl okay? Hope you enjoyed the sport on TV…
    Minols- have a great holiday, hope you were able to organise the men to do their packing!
    Mel- have a lovely break too; it looks & sounds lovely!
    Nana- your bbq’s are making my mouth water, we must get our gas! Did your long walk hurt your knees? Keep strong fasting today!
    Endellion- hope your holiday ir going well!
    Joining the Monday fast- started off eating quite healthy & not too much last week but this weekend has not been good! Will go back to ADF this week…
    It’s Xena’s 2nd birthday today! So she’ll be spoilt, she has a new little watering can to play with in the garden, hope she likes it as her old one was well chewed & getting sharp edges! & a frisbee too, plus a steak (cheap one!) for dinner later.
    Have a good day everyone!

    Morning All..
    Dull start here…

    Going with Steve for the ride but he’s still driving, likes the company…going in our wood and bunny walk…

    I am fasting today…

    We have found a few dog friendly cottages about, waiting and seeing what’s happening with Steve but hoping for September..he has only had two very tired half days, so it seems to be going well…
    Happy birthday to Xena the last two years have passed quick…enjoy your steak Xena 🎂

    Goodness 8 miles so early in the day well done…shame on too many people about..hope the bbq went well…

    How are you today? Hoping a bit better…

    Must dash speak later…

    Jean x

    Morning all, had a lovely first day yesterday on holiday. Didn’t start off so well. Paul took Jodie out for her poo walk and she seemed to pull a muscle or get arthritic twinge on one leg. Went for our long walk but she was obviously struggling so turned back. Sat in a field halfway back for a snacky lunch then she was suddenly fine and raring to go! So Paul looked at the map and worked out a nice extra bit from where we were so we had a good walk in the end. Back to the church and sat in the sun with our books. So nice didn’t go back in until gone six so dinner was a bit late. I had some ice cream (can’t remember the last time) then three Lindt balls 😔.

    Happy birthday to Xena ❤️.
    Jean, last week of the hospital 😀.
    Dave – get yourself to the doctor, although I think they are all doing phone appointments initially. Give them
    a ring.

    Oh hi everyone else – got to go and wipe poodle paws. 🐩

    Ugh, quite hungry, hard after my week off! Doesn’t help that I had to do supermarket orders for next few weeks while I could get slots! & have done youngest son’s hair again as he’s not managed to get an appt, I don’t think he’s really tried, it’s easier to ask me! Kitchen floor cleaned, quick cuppa now & will see Mum later…

    I already have an appointment with the GP on Thursday Mel.Going to try bowling today so hope the rain stays away, going at 4pm with my son. He is going to have is hair cut today, Denise had hers done on Saturday, must get mine done.Just saying to Denise it’s about 20 years since we have been to Blackpool.I always liked it as a kid, first holiday I ever had was there.

    Afternoon All…
    Feeling hungry at the moment..having a coffee nothing eaten so far…looks like Steve isn’t fasting, I am leaving it up to him to decide, no problem…

    Been out shopping to Tesco and Lidl, all arrows are off floors now, so you decide how you go, only place is around till area seems to be distancing is in place…not good….

    Having a lazy day, can’t be bothered, must look on my shelf to start another book, Steve sleeping…Charlie still sleeping …

    Hope Jodies leg is ok and doesn’t stop you walking…picnic lunch in a the field sounds good…. how far do you walk?..I do like an ice cream all part of your holiday….on our last four days of treatment, I shall colour my hair tomorrow ready for hair cut Friday 😀 so he will be going on his own….

    Still cutting hair 😂…hope you have sorted your food orders out…I am hungry too…

    Are you going to Blackpool?….good for a walk around…..can you tempt her?

    Jean x

    No not going to Blackpool, I like it there but she dosen’t.Will try for a premier Inn and see if she’s interested in that. Heidi cat get to me quick enough if I hold a towel 😁.Will leave it until September I think.

    Dave- shame about the rain this afternoon…I bet Blackpool’s changed a bit since you last went! Must be somewhere you could tempt Denise with?
    Jean- your boys all sleeping! Hope dinner has filled you up now! Finished 2 books on holiday, 3rd half way through! I missed icecream on holiday, to busy & too long queues! Hope you wore your mask when you went shopping?
    Mel- glad Jodie was okay for a long walk today! And that the weather held…
    Having a coffee, managed a liquid FD today, so pleased with that for 1st one! Watering done, shoukd really be doing some ironing but can’t be bothered. I think Xena’s enjoyed her birthday so far, she had a good game at the park ( pestered by this silly cockapoo though, then it peed on my foot 😵), she’s had a couple of games with her new toys, lots of food treats…
    Did look at a lovely cabin by the beach near Southwold, had hoped to go somewhere close so we could take Xena, but the dog friendly one was fully booked 😞 Can’t find anything else very appealing!

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