Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Evening everyone, up early and out for our daily constitutional walk at 6:45am has made it a very long day and feeling tired now. Weighed this morning and was pleased to see a pound had been lost so decided against doing a FD today but have eaten sensibly.
    Dave hope you feel better soon – dos’nt sound very pleasant. Hope Heidi is alright also after yesterday.
    Jean sounds a sensible thing to consider moving to a more suitable location within your village if possible. Last one of the week for Steve tomorrow am I right in thinking that he’s got two more weeks to go. Does he have to be on a special diet ? Husband had to avoid eating or drinking anything that would create gas in his stomach but he was allowed a curry and a pint on a Friday evening.
    Hedgehogs you’ve been busy again. How did sons visit to girlfriend go ? A Tesco delivery for us tomorrow morning did the final additional items this afternoon and their site was so slow at least you can order 95 items now and some of the order item restrictions have been lifted.
    Endellion some thinking needed to be done by you.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Still in pain going to bed now, Heidi is good.

    Morning all!
    Dave- hope you got some sleep & that the aloe vera comes soon- can you put off going to MILs for another day?
    Nana- well done with the pound off- you are so steady, it’s great! Hope you get all your delivery okay today, hadn’t noticed it had gone up to 95 now! I did my asda one last night- stocking up fridge for the boys while we’re away- but was a bit tired so I got confused with the following week’s order & had to re-do both 😂. Son’s visit went well thanks; she guessed he was coming so it wasn’t a total shock!
    Jean- hope the tiredness hasn’t kicked in for Steve yet, good his hair is growing back! Hope the scales are good this morning!
    Endellion- hope your session goes okay, thinking of you…
    Minols- I’m sure you’re busy, hope everything’s going to plan, & hope your dog is still improving.
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Poor eldest son found a tick on him just as we were going to bed! Hubby removed it, hope it doesn’t get infected…think he must’ve got it from Xena; he played with her straight after our walk, rolled around the floor with her just in shorts!
    Supposed to be dry here today, going out for a long walk with the lady I saw last week- she’s amazing, she did a 14 mile hike in the heat last week with friends! Nothing else planned, might fiddle about with some packing…

    Good morning the pain is terrible today,not very nice.Had painkillers yesterday but they didn’t do a thing for it. Just hope that the Aloe Vera Juice works otherwise it could be doctors or A&E.

    Oh Dave – that sounds awful – give it until midday then make a decision?

    Trying to do a million things still so that I’m up for HC next week and then being off. Slight easing of the holdiay readiness operations as the ferry we’re originally booked on is not running, so booking been pushed out be 4 days. Lost the accommodation int eh Netherlands, but insurance will cover that and we’ll book something else…assuming ferry company think it’s worth putting the boat back on! But it does mean that while I want to finish work ont he same day, there isn’t the same domestic pressure to be able to run out the door as soon as I switch off the comuputer!

    Impressed people are still doing FDs and keeping things under control. We’re managing the control part, but not the FD part!


    Morning All…
    Rainy off and on..
    I went up to hospital to keep Steve company, we went for a walk through the grounds and I found a stile so I went further looked a bit like a orchard by the time I got back Steve was waiting for me. He was quick this morning. Continued at the park for the rest of his walk.

    I lost just under 2lbs, but I will log 1lb…Steve a bit upset as he’s put nearly a stone on since March, he isn’t walking or moving much..at least he is now realising why we fast!…give him a month then I will crack the whip!!

    Yes first week finished, two weeks to go, it soon passes. Steve on a diet, a see food diet!! he has a really good appetite, he’s eaten because he was told too, as they say you go off your food, eat anything he’s fancied to buck him up!..
    No bungalows in our village only a couple, we are in flood areas so have to be careful where you choose, we will keep looking or stay put..
    Hope your Tesco order has arrived and it’s all there, did you get out on your walk without getting wet…

    Hope you have come around this morning and you feel better..hope your juice works..
    Just seen you are still in pain, I would ring the doctor it could be something different.

    No side effects as yet maybe next week..😬…your poor son, hope you got the tick off easy..Charlie had one in his eye lash line the other week, I used my tweezers, I looked at it for 10 days before I decided it was one he stood and let me fiddle it out..
    Goodness a 14 mile hike is a bit far, is Xena ok doing that far…I did 98 k last week, possibly my highest. Good the girlfriend had an idea he was coming, hope he had a good time…must get my head on doing some work I have had a lazy few days…

    Hoping you can sort something out for your holiday and find some more accommodation…it’s all very confusing at the moment…it will all come together in the end….

    Jean x

    Minols perhaps we will see you on Van Der Valk if they record another series.I had to get Denise to tie my shoe laces 🥺.I said come on we will go to your mum’s but she had rang her up to say we were not going today. I took Heidi out the only problem was picking up her pooh, that hurt. My Aloe Vera Juice is coming in the next hour so I will have some straight away,hope it works otherwise it could be something else.

    Dave- thinking of you…hope it isn’t an A&E job…hope nothing serious xx
    Jean- well done nearly 2lbs!Seems to have come off easy or have you kept low all week? One third through Steve’s treatment, that’s good, a weekend off!
    Minols- shame about your trip, hope you can work something out 😞
    Long walk done- we didn’t do 14 miles, Jean, that’s what Monica does easily! I think we maybe did about 7, haven’t got a pedometer though…quite hungry, maybe a salad for lunch…

    My aloe Vera had just arrived.Will have some now then go to Sainsbury’s.

    Morning everyone!

    Dave – just looked at your phone online – it’s not a cheap one! Looks incredible though!
    I used to suffer very badly with IBS and can sympathise with how agonising it can be. Hope it eases up soon and you don’t have to visit the hospital.

    Minols – it’s a shame you lost your holiday.. but I’m sure something will come up.

    HH – I don’t mind the flying at all, really. I’m used to it, and I have amazing noise cancelling headphones and take my MacBook to watch Netflix most of the way. So it’s fun! It’s just the admin with everything at the moment.
    I’m nervous for tomorrow but it’s just a preliminary talk over FaceTime, presumably to hear about the way we’d go ahead with things. I ended up spending all of yesterday and today so far in bed. It’s a weird time, I feel like I go through feeling every possible emotion all in one day.
    That’s funny you felt yesterday was Friday-ish, I totally felt the same!

    Jean – great loss this week, well done!
    Poor Steve, can see why he’s upset, but considering all he’s had to go through I hope he’ll see it’s a temporary side effect, and it’ll be gone again.

    Nana – wow, you were up early, no wonder you were tired!

    I’ve been shopping online a lot and spending a ton. Reassuring myself that they’re things I do actually need, it’s just painful ordering so much in one go as I need to get several sizes to try on. Next up is a pair of trainers… Jean, I think I’m going Adidas, you’ve inspired me!


    If you go direct to adidas go on line and get a Adidas voucher code..(20 or 3O% off).. order a size up on your shoe size too….order a couple of sizes!

    Speak later I am cooking..

    Busy preparing evening meal, on now a slow cook, chicken chasseur, making garlic butter to go on the bread….just realised I need more veg for Charlie I have not enough fir his dinners, so have to pop out and buy him some..

    Nothing like pain if it doesn’t go you will need a doctor…

    Good luck on the trainers…mine were superboost..very pleased with them, never been off my feet 😂

    My weight, I never seem to loose..still it’s hard when Steves eating….Pleased this week just 2 oz short of 2 lbs…I was watching and being thoughtful on food…try hard again this week…
    Oh 7 miles is quite a long walk is it all off lead ?…I can manage a hour or so, then my feet get sore, I have to remember my next walk 😂

    Jean x

    Back from Sainsbury’s, just a small queue.Had my Aloe Vera,25ml once a day. It will take a couple of days hopefully.If not gp and possibly A&E.It hurt getting in the car 🥺.Will go back to fast days now,will get weighed every 2 weeks.

    Dave- hope the aloe vera works soon…shame you had to go out.
    Endellion- sorry, thought it was today your appt! Easy to spend lots online 😱 But you earnt all that money from the station jobs. Hope you feel better soon…hugs x
    Jean- hope your dinner is good!
    Just been out to a quiet garden centre, only one other customers, a good one way system. We got mum some bark for a corner of her garden, will give her something to do next week when I’m away! And I am happy as I’ve got a new washing basket- actually a big flexible bucket but have wanted one for a while! But Mum’s friend wasn’t visiting after all, so instead of just dropping off the park & going we got caught for a long chat! So having gained a day I think I’ve now lost most of it 😂😂 Must do the ironing now…

    Think I will join Heidi, she’s fast asleep. I got a text from the bowling club, the committee are meeting on Saturday and they think the bowling will open early next week. Hope I improve our I won’t be doing any bowling 🥺.

    Dave- hope you do feel better soon. Will be good to be able to bowl again…
    Jean- was the dinner good? Wine drunk? 😀
    Did another Hiit workout, made up my own. More fun than hoovering & washing the kitchen floor, they didn’t get done!
    Had a lovely veggie bacon carbonara (with low carb noodles instead of pasta), & my 1st lot of spinach out the garden, yum! Got to do the watering, we had quite a bit of rain yesterday but dry again already.
    Have a good evening all!


    Hope you soon feel better….and you can join the bowling..

    A good meal with wine, magnum and chocolate oops…😂
    The bark will keep your mum busy while you are away…..speaking to my sister saying Steve will collect some books she had on Monday, then she said Saturday, No Monday, then she had to write it down…she is getting worse..
    Good news on the bucket very useful, I had a couple for the caravan possibly smaller than yours..hope the boys will water while you are away, keep everything ok…

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Dave- hope the aloe vera works & that your pain is alot better today…
    Jean- sounds like a good evening, Friday’s your day off, so enjoy it! Sounds a worry too with your sister, is her son still living with her? Mum writes stuff down too, but doesn’t finish the note- there’s bits of paper all over the house with just a phone number or a date on but no explanation!
    Minols- I’m guessing you’ll be busy today, hope all your planning etc goes well…
    Nana- did you have your usual takeaway last night?
    Endellion- hope your chat goes well today, hugs x
    Hope everyone else is okay, & don’t go mad at the pub/ cinema/ hairdressers etc 😂😷
    Fast day for me, last one before holiday!

    Morning Everyone,
    Dave hope you’re feeling a bit better now.
    Jean sounds a lovely meal.
    Yes Hedgehogs a very nice king Prawn Bhuna and it was my turn to drive so only one glass of wine when I got home. I never have even one drink if I’m driving as my uncle was killed by a drink driver mounting the pavement and killing him outright. I was only 6 years old at the time but can remember it as if it was yesterday. He left my aunt with two children under 5 years old.
    Not much on today.
    Have a good day everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning All…just..

    A play date with Oreo this morning they went barmy not seen each other for a week, they went on lead a few times to calm them down…

    A morning watch of James Martin, then must move to do some housework..

    A lovely meal last night, then the extra things, I should learn if makes you feel wacky…so full up today not much food to be eaten today…

    Hope you are feeling better..you are a worry…

    My sister lives with her son, whether he notices I think it’s hard when you see people every day….have a good fast day..which day are you travelling?…are you nearly ready….

    A lovely meal out it nice to take turns with the driving…..we do to…Your poor Aunt, it hits home doesn’t it.

    Hope you make your custard…naughty, you have made me think in that direction, Steve likes it..I served it with squirty cream 😱

    Jean x

    Nothing much to report today. Should be a fast day but not in the mood, so will just try to be careful. Got a nice chicken to roast later. Good luck with yours HH. I will get a couple in next week before our holiday. I am now one and a half pounds over pre lock down weight. Seven and a half from goal.

    Nana how awful about your uncle. In the blink of an eye everything changes.

    Jean, good having two days without having to traipse up to the hospital. So glad Oreo and Charlie have had a good play.

    Endellion I have had problems with anxiety too, since my cardiac arrest (iPad wanted to put cardigan arrest). So I do feel for you 😘

    Hairdresser this afternoon. I am just having it cut, see what it looks like without dyeing it. Think I have made a grave mistake and am going to look like a bag lady.

    So glad Oreo and Charlie had a good play!

    Sorry repeating myself, but I am really glad Oreo and Charlie had a good play 😂😂

    Oooooh hairdressers so envious….two weeks to wait for me….are you staying the same or different…I am feeling fed up and a change but really don’t know what…..I try to go easy style…
    Really glad of the two days off from the hospital..

    Hoping Jodie improves soon, is she going on holiday with you?

    Getting near goal, that’s really good….a week before your packing starts too….

    Have a good weekend…

    Jean x

    With my hair there is no choice. It is just a frizz. Hated it when I was young but it is so easy, just wash, towel dry and go. It is the colour bothering me, I don’t know whether to dye it again, will see.

    Jodie’s leg looks better already. She always goes on our holidays, that’s why we don’t fly anywhere. Our holidays are always walking holidays so it would be silly not to have her with us. She loves it. In Spain and Portugal we would walk all day with her off the lead and not see a soul. Bliss!

    Enjoy your weekend Jean, and everyone.

    Photo before and after your cut…or is it too late….

    Glad Jodies leg improved..


    I will never have a drink then drive. If I have one drink I want more so I just don’t have any. I was very anxious too after my heart attack,but I thought to myself no point in worrying if it’s going to happen it will happen, I think worrying only hinders you. It’s been pouring down here, not been out with Heidi yet so I will take her now. Still in pain but got to give the aloe Vera a chance.

    Nana- so sad about your uncle…don’t blame you not drinking at all, I think even a little alcohol can affect your judgement. Dinner sounded good!
    Jean- lovely that Charlie & Oreo love to play so much! Enjoy a lazy day off from the hospital… We’re off on Monday.
    Dave- hope the tummy does improve soon 😬
    Mel- I think all cardigans should be arrested! Good that Jodie’s leg looks better already, is she washing it or leaving it alone? Hope your hair cut goes well, I have a week to wait, getting mine coloured as well though…
    FD going okay, although packing food for the holiday so it’s hard! Pretty hungry today & could easily be snippy at people- well hubby really; I’m busy with jobs & he decides to clear out junk in the spare room which has been there years. Once when I was rushing about getting ready to go away, he decided to repair the shed floor which had rotted a bit months ago! I think we might’ve had this conversation before- I’m sure I remember Cakey sating something similar about Mr Cakey?!
    Oh well, hoovering awaits, & asda delivery soon!

    Took Heidi out and got soaked, she was following me around the house so once I went near the front door she went mad. Rubbed her down with the towel which she loves 😁. United on TV now so will have to find something to do. I downloaded an app last night that tells you where everything is in the night thinking of getting some binoculars.

    Happy Saturday everyone!

    Jean – thank you for the tip on the shoes – it comes out much cheaper this way compared with JD Sports!
    Ooh, a magnum and chocolate last night… I’m really craving chocolate. Specifically these dark chocolate peanut butter cups I used to get when I was travelling in the states.

    Dave – fingers crossed the aloe vera gets to work fast.

    HH – glad the garden centre was quiet. My parents went out to one today and it was rammed!
    Workout sounds great, and so does your dinner.
    The chat was really nice! It’s quite overwhelming I suppose, but it’s amazing just talking about everything with someone who doesn’t know any of the people or situations in your life. I feel very validated and very safe in her hands. The only problem is she costs £60 a session!!! So I’m wondering whether it’s worth it for a few sessions before moving to something cheaper, or whether just to scrap it now and find something else…

    Nana – oh, how awful what happened to your uncle. That must’ve been a really tough thing to get through.

    Mel – sorry to hear about your anxiety (and cardiac arrest!). It’s not much fun at all, but I guess things can only get better.
    Enjoy your haircut! Maybe once it’s freshly trimmed you’ll feel fresh and not in need of the colour as well.

    I actually have a haircut tomorrow, my first since September! It’s a friend of my dad’s who’s come round and cut my parents’ hair for years. I had a chin-length bob back in September, and now it’s sort of collar-bone length. I like it, but I feel like the shape is not ideal. We’ll see how it turns out.

    Oh, also, they announced the all-clear for trips to the Azores! The only thing is you still have to quarantine on return, but I’m hoping that’ll change by the time it comes around. Otherwise I’ll just stay out there longer..? Anyway, I’m 95% convinced I’ll be going anyway. In three days!


    Evening All…

    Do you think you should go to see the Doc, it’s hanging about a bit…

    Nearly all set to go…safe journey for you, pass by if you can get Wi-fi…….how long are you away for?…..
    Hubby’s can get on your nerves a bit, I have a dripping tap in the downstairs loo, my plumber is ignoring it!!..I shall tell him I will get a man it..that usually sorts the problem out 😂…giving him grace at the moment…
    I have cleaned half the house the rest tomorrow …

    Glad the person helped you through your talking..the price is a bit steep…as long as she helps….three days to your holiday, safe travels to you and have a really lovely time….keep in touch if you can…unless you are too busy…

    How has your hair cut gone….what about your colour, any decision made?

    Jean x

    Jean doctors closed now until Monday so I will see how I am then, If I went to A&E tonight it would most likely be full of drunks.It feels like when you have A very bad stomach ache but I have had it now for two days. Taking co- codamol too but nothing is working at the moment.Maybe I should have a few pints 😁. maybe not 🥺.Sick of football now so not watching the last game.I have ordered some binoculars, they are coming tomorrow.Just need a clear sky now.

    Endellion- sounds like the chat was helpful- best to stick with someone you feel comfortable with, & you’d only have to start again at the beginning with someone new… Holiday’s coming round quick! V exciting, you’re obvs happy travelling by yourself? Hope you’re pleased with your hair cut tomorrow…
    Jean- poor Steve, finding him lots of jobs! We’ll have no phone signal for the first couple of days, but will be back in touch Wednesday, coming home on Saturday.
    Dave- hopefully the stomach pain will go soon 😞
    Mel- hope the haircut is good!
    Nana- did you get out for your walk today?
    Got lots done, so feeling quite organised. FD okay, quite hungry, but last day!

    Morning All..
    So very windy here but missed the rain…Oreo and huskies where at the park so lots of running..one of the huskies is challenging Charlie from top position, after about 10 mins they ignored each other, it’s been happening this last month, he is year old, testosterone is kicking in but he will done shortly……..

    Downstairs cleaning this morning, Charlie loosing a lot of fur more than usual…

    A lovely 5 days away, your little cottage will be no Wi-fi…..just so nice to get away…Have a nice catch up with mum and get her sorted before you go, still your sister is there, does she do her fair share?…

    Have a good Sunday everyone..

    Jean x

    Good afternoon everyone.Still in pain, I think I can rule out IBS.So I will call the doctor tomorrow and see what happens.My binoculars have come so if it’s a clear night I will be gazing at the stars and hopefully some planets.

    Can you still see the space station?….hope you can sort yourself out tomorrow and get some answers.

    Jean x

    Yes the space station is always on view at sometime or other.Jyst check on an app and it will tell you when it’s about.Sunny a moment ago but dull now.Had painkillers but they are not doing any good. Don’t know how it will work with the doctor, have to wait and see.

    Afternoon everyone!

    Dave – sorry to hear you’re still suffering. Hopefully tomorrow you can get some answers.

    HH – true, the only problem is the cost! £60 a session! So I’m not really sure how to manage it from here on.
    Haircut is great thank you! She’s a brilliant hairdresser. I so rarely blow-dry my hair, and she doesn’t usually either, which means she knows how to give me a great cut that really works well for my maintenance routine (wash, towel dry vigorously, and leave).

    Jean – Hmm, I was talking to the hairdresser about hair falling out as well, as I thought mine was falling out more than normal. She said I wasn’t the first to say so recently, and that it might be the time of year.
    Let’s hope it’s just that for Charlie too and nothing more sinister.

    Sorting out bits and bobs these next few days before leaving on Tuesday! Getting really excited now! I put a message on Couchsurfing (it’s a travel website, where people can offer or request places to stay anywhere in the world, for free), and a few people have got in touch. So I have a beach-side place to stay for at least my first few nights with a vegan chef. After that, I’ll figure it out!
    Feeling a little more peaceful lately. It’s funny how much even that one conversation, talking about my parents, previous relationships, etc, makes you think and start joining the dots.


    My son pays £35 to his therapist,he is doing well with her, she is a nice woman before covid he used to meet her face to face, she always made a cup of tea before they started. Now they do it on Skype.Just got soaked taking Heidi out.

    Endellion- glad you’re feeling better after your talk. & looking forward to your holiday, never heard of the couchsurfing site, not being a traveller! Hope it works out okay!
    Dave- a worry still being in pain 😞 Hope you can get an appt tomorrow. Enjoy stargazing tonight!
    Jean- poor Charlie, someone trying to oust him! Huskies are very dominant dogs…
    We’re just ‘off grid’ for the first few days, will be going to St Ives later Wednesday. Packing done, have more food than clothes in the rucsacs! Took Xena to the dog sitters, she dragged us up the path so happy to be there! Cass let me leave one cuddly toy for her so at least she has something, it’s a bit of a security thing for her I think. Can’t imagine what she’ll make of the kittens- I think it’s daft for dogsitters to get them, alot of dogs aren’t good with cats! Saw Mum this afternoon, she was okay. Going out to clap for carers in a minute.

    Evening everyone, been a lovely day here but very breezy my washing dried lovely.
    Not been a bad weekend food wise and FD planned for tomorrow. Went to visit the daughter yesterday and got my haircut and am pleased with how it looks.
    Dave hope you get sorted out soon and also hope you can get to use your binoculars tonight.
    Hedgehogs hope you have a good time away.
    Jean daughter said Poppy is losing lot of fur at the moment and she’s forever cleaning the floors.
    Hope everyone is doing okay and staying safe.
    Nana x

    Nana- very breezy here too, got all Xena’s towels & some of her toys washed & dried. Glad you like your haircut…a bit awkward if you didn’t if your daughter did it!
    Forgot to say that when I got on the scales this morning I’m now down to target weight again- shame about the holiday, I’ll put lots back on 😂😂

    Evening All…
    Absolutely hammering down with rain here but sun sort of out….April showers?

    All my jobs of the day done…F1 on the TV…we are fasting now…

    Have a really lovely time and have a safe journey down south…well done getting to goal you work really hard to do it…
    It’s good Xena likes to go to the sitter and she allowed a toy….

    Lovely to get your hair cut I am getting desperate, two weeks to wait 😬
    Must be time for the big moult..Charlie has his head bronzing back on the top of his head ( a dally thing)..he is on piriton I have just washed his head with special shampoo..he’s not happy. I think it’s a type of hay fever/ allergy…

    Have good night with the stars ..if you feel up to it….

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Dave- thinking of you, hope the stomach pain is better & no need for doctors…
    Jean- good luck fasting today, hope Steve’s not too tired & can drive himself.
    Keep strong if anyone else fasts…
    On our way now, a good start- woke early so did a workout! No breakfast either, but we have scones, cream & jam ready for when we get there!

    Have a great time HH, take photos! And well done on the target.
    Dave, how are you?
    Been reading about all the moulting dogs – hurray for poodles 🤣
    Fast day today but not feeling enthusiastic – nearly said stuff it, but will feel so good tomorrow if I do it. Plan to do another Thursday as well, so Jean and Nana keep me on the straight and narrow! My trouble at the moment is Paul’s new potatoes are all ready and have to be eaten at each meal with lots of butter on! Taking some round to a friend in a minute.
    Endellion, how are you doing?
    Is that all of us? We are a small band at the moment. We need Kay back, and where is Tammy? Cakey gone too.

    Morning everyone, have a lovely time away Hedgehogs.
    Mel will try to have a good FD not got much motivation today either🙄
    Dave please let us know how’re you doing.
    Housework calls have a good day everyone whether fasting or not and keep safe.
    Nana x

    Morning All..
    Raining and sunny, showers and stopping very heavy at times…

    We all went to hospital….I took Charlie through the hospital grounds to our wood/orchard, looked on line at google maps, and decided I could go further, really nice and secure for Charlie a 50 min walk with lots of bunnies 😂….called at my sisters to collect two carrier bags of books…cuppa now at home…

    We are fasting today with Mel and Nana..a bit of ironing to do but I have a new book to start..

    Have a good trip and safe journeys….We will be thinking of both of you…A photo from your little cottage please..or a few…

    How are you today…doctors?

    Well gal…it’s a keep strong day, only one day, only a few of us..😀..bacon, tomatoes and egg this evening, small amount..
    Moulting ..Charlie only moults …twice… day and night! 365 days a year!!..you have to live with glitter and not wear black!..he’s worth it 💕
    New potatoes with butter ummm..lots of butter…..home grown even better…Sprinkle of cheese melted on the top just a plateful on their own…ummm…oh stop it!

    A week to go for your holiday…hope all the planning is going ok…which ferry do you leave from…

    Whats planned for today…anything more than housework and a morning walk?..Are you going any further yet to meet your friends for lunch or still too soon……we were back at home for 10am we feel half the day is over…nothing planned for me yet..

    I would think packing like mad a couple of day’s to go….enjoy…are you going for 2 weeks or are you stopping longer…?

    How are things with you? Getting out and about with Tara…hows the training going?

    Cakey, Tammy…Keep in touch….

    Have a good day everyone..

    Jean x

    Good afternoon ladies. I am waiting for a phone call from my GP.Still in pain so hopefully something can be sorted out. I am fasting too today first one for a while. Weather wise it’s nice and sunny at the moment.

    Oh Jean, why did you have to mention those new potatoes with cheese on top 😩😩. Maybe tomorrow!
    Nana how is it going – motivation still clinging on? And Dave, good for you fasting when you are not on top form. Let us know how it goes. I am doing ok, food planned for rest of day. Just waiting for a wine delivery. Unfair when I can’t have any tonight….!

    Doctor called and put me on a laxative.Not sure it’s the answer but will give it a go. Taking more painkillers than I normally do not that they are doing much good. I will pick-up my laxative from Tesco now, I have to take two times a day.

    Evening everyone, a good FD in the end coming in at 650 calories but still feeling hungry. Hope everyone else who fasted today has had a good one.
    Jean we’re going to be visiting our widowed friend at hers tomorrow for lunch but aren’t planning on resuming our Weds pub lunchtimes for a while yet.
    Sounded like a nice walk this morning.
    Dave hope medication works for you.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

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