Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Minols- whereabouts in the Netherlands are you off to? I think they’re getting back to normal from what our friends have said… Hope you stay controlled the next couple of weeks & have time for exercise!
    Jean- how did Steve get on? Have they said how many sessions it often is before the tiredness kicks in? I did always like the band Wet Wet Wet, my sort of music!
    Mel- well done for the last 2 FDs, hope you can stay pretty controlled today!
    I’m usually up early, but today was a bit earlier- both boys up for work & I was too hungry to get back to sleep! We were lucky with a dry walk, popped out for more wormer/ flea stuff for Xena, & have a keto cheesecake to make- might have a small slice later! I’ll have a teeny lunch though & hopefully can do a work out. Dropping off some leftover pork for Mum, you can never just pop in, she’s such a chatterbox! But knowing the course of dementia, I’ll be grateful for these times…
    Keep strong Jean, Minols & Kay?

    Minols make sure your insurance is valid before you go to Holland.Rain again here. Wet,Wet Wet are a group, Marty Pellow is the singer. Looking like I will get wet again walking with Heidi. I don’t like going fishing when it’s raining, it’s ok once I am set up but not comfortable under a big umbrella, especially if it’s windy. I hear the worst for my weigh-in, definitely gained a good few pounds I reckon. 😫😫. Must go back to fasting next month, maybe have a fortnightly weigh-in in stead of monthly.

    Dave- I think if you weigh more often, you can’t avoid seeing if some’s gone on, & easier to rein it in after 2 weeks rather than a month…but we’re all different!
    Just waiting for my yeast to activate- making flatbreads for the others…skipoed lunch in the end, looking forward to one of my favourite dinners- warm goats cheese & blueberry salad…followed by a bit of cheesecake!
    Sorry fasters- my turn tomorrow!

    Afternoon everyone!

    Best Intentions – welcome!

    HH – well done on the pound! Congratulations! Have you got any old-fashioned pound weights in your kitchen? Lift one up, they’re heavy! Or have you ever googled what a pound of fat looks like? It’s a big piled-up handful!
    How’s your neck, and the rash?
    I didn’t do any shifts in the end this weekend. The hours are so long it’s quite the psychological challenge! I might do one or two next weekend though for some extra money. Although in updating my income spreadsheet today I actually saw things are far better than I’d thought and furlough has come more than I’d feared.

    Jean – oh wow, happy anniversary to you both for yesterday! Congratulations!
    I think I’ll be back in town this week for one or two holiday things. New trainers are beckoning! And I went a bit mad on the Asos sale, and have around £130 of bikinis on the way to me in the post! Hopefully I won’t like them all…!!!

    Mel – where are you going on holiday? Sorry to hear you’re not feeling your best lately. Be kind to yourself and take care. And well done on that extra fast!
    I have lots of ups and downs lately too. Trying to just allow myself to feel bad and do what I can to feel good. Baths, nice films or series, cups of tea, calling friends…

    Kay – did you find the plants you were after?

    Minols – ooh, The Netherlands would be lovely. Which part would you visit? My ex was from there and I’ve not been back since, but always liked it over there a lot.

    I’m not fasting today, for the first Monday in a long time! Last week I found I really overate on my NFDs. I’m not sure if it was frustration at not losing quicker that made me feeling like giving up. Which is totally counter-intuitive, of course (if you got a flat tyre, would you get out and slash the other three as well?!). Or if I was just tired of 5:2? I’ve seen lots of changes in my body that I love and actually feel pretty great. And I already passed my original goal (I’ve lost 8 or 9 pounds these past 11-ish weeks). So I’ve decided to have a week off, work on listening to my body, and enjoy the fact that I did what I set out to do. I want to enjoy the now, rather than always chasing ‘better’ and ‘next’. I think I might track calories just to keep an eye on things, but we’ll see. And I’ll still be checking in here, of course!


    Evening everyone,my FD today ended up as a total of 650 calories so not to bad. Not done much today apart from our usual daily constitutional walk and a little bit of housework. My sister rang earlier today and will be coming over with my brother in law to visit and said she’s going to bring cake 🌝 Haven’t seen her since early March so looking forward to a good natter and a catchup.
    Mel well done on the 3.5 pounds you must be well pleased.
    Hedgehogs remember being on holiday in Fuerterventura in 1994 and laying on a sun lounger by the pool and Wet Wet Wet were on repeat play most days at the poolside bar as the guy who ran it was a big fan.
    Minols hope the Holland trip is able to proceed. Our friends that we meet up with every Friday have a daughter and grandchildren living in Delft and haven’t seen them since Christmas so are hoping to visit them soon.
    Jean glad Steve got on alright at the hospital today no rain here but very windy.
    Dave weight might not be as bad as you think. I’m only to weigh once a week after my second FD and see how I get on.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Afternoon All…

    Good fast day…kitchen is closed….awake at 5.30 it makes a long day…..

    A plan for two weeks before your holidays, hope you can loose a wee bit of weight before you go…..the Netherlands sounds an interesting and busy holiday ….Hope the plans go smoothly with no hiccups..

    We are not sure when the side effects kick in, what other people say it’s the second week, hospital say everyone if different, he is having a heavy dose apparently..
    You were up early and busy, hope you completed everything….Flat bread sounds interesting..Well done on your pound off , did I missed that!

    I never know music ..I like what I like but don’t follow anyone…so very wet and cold here..shame on the fishing…

    Well done on getting below goal..I think it’s good to listen to your body…it’s just normal chasing another one or more, when you are there go with the flow, you have to come to an end sometime….love the sound of all your things coming, let’s hope you don’t want them all…..

    Enjoy your evening with your sister and BIL, enjoy the cake…I have had a lazy book reading day, I was quite tired.

    Jean x

    2nd post should have said sister visiting tomorrow afternoon not today 🤗

    Evening all,

    Minols, a plan before your holiday hopefully! I think you’re right…lists required!

    Jean, the final stretch for Steve now. Funny how the sea air can make you feel different when you not used to it. The ions will be rejuvenating you even if you are feeling tired, Im sure.

    Endellion, youve done really well. I dont blame you – have a break from 5:2 and see how your body feels.

    HH, goats cheese and blueberry salad sounds interesting..refreshing and tasty! Did you make the keto cheesecake?

    Nana, well done on todays FD. Enjoy your afternoon with your sister tomorrow.

    Dave, have you heard any more about the bowling restarting?
    Any more thoughts on a phone. Its a shame because you did all the research before hand. You dont know until you have it in your hand and start using it…I was going to consider one, but maybe Ill stick with Samsung.

    Mel, well done with your walking and fasts. Im sure your weigh in after a NFD will still be good.

    Well I didnt fast today and I feel pretty rubbish about it.
    I was home from work about 3.30pm and Neil had planned to make a caramelised onion flan, which I knew wasnt going to be very low. I should have just told myself its ok, I can just have a small slice and have nothing else. Of course that wasnt what happened and I ended up having a piece of bread and butter and a couple of crackers plus 3 chocolate brazils! The tart was lovely but all in all definitely not a FD.

    Getting quite fed up with myself now, as everything feels tight and Ive more or less wiped out all the good work Ive done over the last 2 years.

    I was hoping to be able to get some decent walking in now we have Tara, but because of her reactivity with other dogs, that is really difficult at the moment.

    I know Im not posting much on her anyway but Im going to take a break from the forum.
    Im always so negative these days and have nothing to add in respect to the fasting way of life at the moment.

    Ill be back.

    Keep safe everyone x

    Kay- don’t go, you’ve had some difficult times, we can’t all be positive all the time! & we’ve all gained weight back at some point- you kept us all focussed with the pebbles! You’ll get back into it I’m sure, get Neil on board & plan FDs together? We want to hear about Tara too xx

    Morning all!
    Jean- hope Steve’s treatment goes okay again today- is he driving himself again? Enjoy your nonFD!
    Minols- how did the eating 2 meals go, & no snacking? Who’s looking after your dog if you get to go away?
    Dave- exciting to get your new phone- will keep you quiet setting it all up again!!
    Endellion- well done with getting to your goal, & if you like the changes then that’s perhaps more important than trying to get rid of a couple of extra pounds on the scales! You should be pretty toned with all those workouts!
    Nana- have a lovely catch up with your sister!
    I’m fasting today, feeling good so far! Hope to do a workout as yesterday went too quickly & didn’t have time! Supposed to be dry here all day, but not looking very nice outside!
    Getting a bit jittery about our holiday- always seems alot to organise planning food for the boys as well as us, & have got an asda delivery for the evening we get back! Packing for Devon is a challenge as we’ll have to carry it all in rucsacs so need the bare minimum! But will pack more clothes etc for Cornwall & can leave it in the car.

    Morning All…
    A grotty day again, as my daughter said I was grumbling when it was too hot and now I am because it’s cold 😂…..I like it in the middle just right!

    Steve gone now on day 2…

    We both felt grotty yesterday, a bit of an upset tum but both a bit different, I felt just so tired we were in bed just after 9am, we thought maybe treatment for Steve? …I think it’s food…too many brown days, cake, wine and cxxp eaten….see how we go today…..

    Come on ..we come on here for more than fasting ..we boost each other through our problems of life, which usually causes problems with eating. Goodness we have been together a week a part since joining I think it’s 6 or 7 years ….please don’t go….when you leave the weight piles on trust me it’s happened to me..
    You have Tara now, she needs training into your ways, then she will be up on the cliff tops walking how you used too..
    Have a week or two off fasting but come back refreshed with a line drawn and get your head back to it….you have done it before you can do it again….I would do a straight 5.2 and keep with it….messing around with it too much isn’t a way of life…just do it slowly slowly…can you have one day off a week like we do ( or did and now do again!)( we all fall)…
    It’s the isolation, our problems, which has been unsettling for us all..you can do it keep strong and stay on here….

    Let’s get focused we are going into July…..do we need the pebbles in the jar on the go again?…keep everyone together?

    Have a good day everyone…

    Jean x

    A bit of a challenge on your holiday for packing…are you walking from place to place with a rucksack in Devon?….you are a good organiser it will be fine, it starts to all fall into place…Always seems so much to do and think about..boys are used to being left, they left everything clean and tidy last time…good idea on your shopping delivery when you come back, a job ticked.
    Steves driving his self at the moment, if he gets unwell I shall take him..I am walking Charlie while he’s gone…

    Jean x

    Lots of wise talk again from you Jean, you always manage to centre me if you know what I mean. Agree with all you say to Kay. Kay I know you are fasting today. We are all so with you in spirit, willing you on!

    HH I am so excited about your holiday, you are staying in one place, the little cottage on the shore? Love the way you have to take everything down to it, can’t wait for photos.

    Yesterday’s non fast day went well (in my eyes), perhaps the two finger kitkat and Penguin a bit much!
    Not fasting again today, then the plan is a back to back again. Time will tell….. I do know I feel so much better in myself if I get some FDs in.

    Didn’t ask Jean, do you both feel better today? Take it easy when Steve gets back.

    You are good thinking of taking everything down to the cottage for HH eg rucksack 😂…me thinking back packing 😂…
    Have a day off again, your holiday is looming…NFD for us today…. 5am awake again..I had my breakfast walked then came back and had a slice of toast and marmalade….just such an early start…it’s funny I miss not fasting if I don’t do it eg holidays or catching up with people.

    Thanks I think we are better today, Steve is not so sure 😂…not so tired for me… he is back home again..

    Jean x

    Jean- hope you do both feel a bit better…I think sometimes if you eat a bit more unhealthy for more than a day or 2, it can make you feel off…
    We park the car at the top of the cliff & walk down to the place at Devon, a bit steep so rucsacs needed. At Cornwall we can drop everything off at the place then park round the corner- I will let hubby drive through St Ives- tiny narrow streets & sharp corners!
    Just 2 nights booked in Devon, it’s roughing it a bit so we felt that’s enough, it’s fab if the weather’s good as you can sit on the beach, but not so comfy if you have to sit inside if it’s wet. No phone signal either! The St Ives place is very glam & luxurious so will be fine if weather’s not so good!
    Mel- keep controlled today! Did you do the early walk, or Paul?
    Was out for a very long walk with Xena, doesn’t seem to matter how long we’re out though, she always gets a bit loopy & wants a mad game when she gets home! Ought to get on & do something, last week my excuse was that it was too hot, can’t say that this week!

    Hi all

    Netherlands will (hopefully) be around Tilburg / Hague area. Tbh though, it’s the anitcipation and plannign I love as much as the holiday…so I’m enjoying the imagining of it all just now!

    Yesterday went alright – no snacking really – just one biscuit with a coffee. But I was ready for th OH’s curry creation! I’m liking this putting him in charge of the kitchen!

    Hopefully an omelette will appear soon as I need to head down to the church for a bit soon and I don’t want to embarass myself scrabbling around dark cupboards for custard creams! There are no obvious ones (checked that long ago!) but I know there will be some hidden somewhere!

    Off to hurry up the chef…


    I agree the planning is always a good start to the holiday, getting ready and maybe shopping….

    Are you enjoying your omelette everyday..does the chef wash up and leave it all tidy..😂..no searching for custard creams….

    Hope all your planning is getting sorted before you go away….Where are you sailing from Newcastle.?

    Jean x

    Morning everyone!

    Nana – well done on a good FD. Enjoy seeing your sister and the cake!

    Jean – exactly, I can’t keep going down forever. And it feels very peaceful and nice to be saying to myself that where I am right now is a great place to be!
    I’m impatient for the parcel to arrive! I got a message to say it’s out for delivery, so hopefully soon. Will report back…
    Hope Steve is bearing up alright through all of his treatment.
    Sorry to hear you weren’t feeling brilliant yesterday. Hope today is better for you!

    Kay – don’t go! We’ll all be here to boost you along if you stay! I think Jean could be onto something with just trying straight 5:2, and maybe 800 cal FDs on that too. Or if that doesn’t appeal other, just sticking to NFDs and your TDEE, focusing on what you really feel like eating in portions that feel good?

    HH – thank you! I mean, I think ultimately I would like to go a little lower eventually, but I’m not sure my heart is in it right now. So maintenance is on the cards for a while til I want to knuckle down for a few pounds more, whenever that might be. But you’re right, with the training I definitely feel more toned, and my friend commented my arms looked stronger. So that’s cool!
    Your holiday sounds brilliant! It’ll all come together, for sure.

    Mel – glad you had a good NFD. They’re the hardest of the two, I think!

    Minols – I don’t know that bit of The Netherlands that well, but I’m sure it’s lovely! Planning is half the fun, often. Although I am usually very blasé about it. I’m going away next Tuesday, in theory, and all I have is the flights (although I do usually just make it all up as I go along when I go away). Still in two minds whether to delay the trip another week, though, in case I have to quarantine when I’m back…
    Also where can I get myself one of these ghost chefs?

    Grey and rainy and gross this morning. But my boxing class managed to slink into a dry spell so I could do that outside, luckily. Then abs soon at 12, my favourite! I’ve been quite a busy bee the past few days, working a lot on my website and matching social media accounts. It feels good to be using my brain for something creative! I have til the end of the day to submit an article to a competition as well…


    Endellion- I do admire how busy you keep yourself! It would be easy to laze around, you have a great positive attitude! Hope the parcel arrives soon- is that the bikinis?! Haven’t worn one since I was about 20, I think !!
    Minols- lovely to have the cooking done, enjoy it while it lasts! Do you get any say in the menu?! Hope you can keep away from the custard creams!!
    Had more info about the Devon place- we can’t get in until later so they can clean more, have to leave earlier, they’re not leaving any instructions, so we have to print it all off at home (& printer’s not working!!), ugh, we’re only there for 2 nights!
    Poor hubby has finished his antibiotics & no improvement in his sinusitis. Will have to try another course 😞

    Paul walked Jodie this morning. I was on shopping duties for my vulnerable neighbour. Big list today. It’s good because I can see if he has missed something off and give him a ring to check. He is quite predictable and I know brands and sizes now etc so not too onerous.

    Jean, I don’t think I could cope with fast days getting up that early. I find it best if I don’t eat until about one o’clock. Have been doing that on these two non fast days too.

    HH our self catering has different times too, don’t mind getting there at 5pm but will find having to leave by 9am a bit stressful! They haven’t mentioned anything about not leaving instructions. Your St Ives place sounds lovely. I need to see it! Shame about Mr HH’s sinusitis, a horrible condition.

    Hi Minols, lovely having Mr Minols cook. Paul doesn’t very often as I don’t encourage him. I find it a bit stressful! If he was quiet and happy ok but he gets stressed and shouts at the utensils and stuff!

    Endellion you sound like you are in a good place at the moment. Busy! Enjoy maintenance and decide whether you really need to lose more? I think you can just hit that happy spot where maintenance is fairly manageable but any lower is hard. My goal is quite high but I have never been tiny. And I like food too much. But you are much younger and I think that has an affect on how you feel too so you may want to go lower. Sorry rambling again.

    Had a good day yesterday walkwise and am just deciding whether to go with Paul again. I should because it bonds us too as well as with the dog 😂😂.

    Think I will ……

    Have a good walk Mel! My hubby is the same in the kitchen, gets cross with things, & can’t multitask- he’ll be busy stirring one pan while the one next to it boils over!
    Quite pleased with what I’ve done- some good cleaning done, sorted out a problem on the site I moderate, done some scent work with Xena…& no food has been made! Fasting okay!

    Workout done- pushed myself to do a more challenging one. Dishes up cheesecake for son, without eating any 😇
    Hope everyone’s okay 😀

    Evening everyone, have had a lovely day my sister and brother in law stayed for almost 3 hours and the cake was a lovely homemade cherry and sultana fruit cake. Hadn’t seen them since early March and brother in laws hair is down to his shoulders. Off to visit daughter and son in law tomorrow morning then nothing much planned for the rest of the day. Well done to those of you who have completed a FD today mine definitely hasn’t been.
    Jean hope Steve feels better soon and the radiotherapy treatment isn’t affecting him to much.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Only women can multitask 😁been setting up my new phone,changed about 40 things, so pretty close to what I want now. The battery is going fast but I have not been of it for hours. Will get a better idea tomorrow. All this holiday talk, I want to get away for a few days but Denise doesn’t seem that keen.

    Morning all!
    Hope everyone is okay today…
    A sneaky peek on the scales showed 1.5lbs down so half a pound over goal, yippee! I’ll keep going with the ADF until we go away Monday- & then it’ll all go back on again as I won’t stick to keto then😣
    Have a good day all!

    Morning All..
    A dull drizzle morning..

    I am having a ride with Steve I think he wants company then going to the park…a bit early for moving and tidy at 7.30…

    A good shave for Steve and a bit of hair growing.. we are happy… he likes his hair…only downy bits.. time to go yet..

    Clean and polish at dentist at 12.30 so I will miss lunch.. a different girl so she will be told what she can and can’t do!!! 😂

    Good weight loss ..half a pound to go a big well done 👏👏👏👏
    I am showing half a pound down a bit more off before Friday hopefully…holidays are a pain for weight but life goes on and you have to enjoy yourselves.. you always walk a lot so it may level out..

    Speak later pm…must start moving..

    Jean x

    Sounds like you’ve got a busy day, Jean.

    We’re off to pick up the old banger the OH has re-built this last year or so…he popped it in to get checked over by a specialist before we take it away with us! Then I really must knuckle down…a tonne of things to right and have ready for posting out to the non-tech members to see them through July while I’m away…and if I’m sensible before I go I need ot have a few things drafted for coming back to. We’re running a virtual holiday vlub for kids next week – always do the madness in the first week of the hols, so we’ve gone on-line this year – so I know next week will involve a bit more juggling than usual.

    Suggested we pick up bacon rolls on our way into the big city this morning – NO – came the loud reply…we’re having omelette brunch all week…stick to the plan! So I’ve treated myself to scraping out the peanut butter jar! Shhh!


    You make me laugh.. hope you enjoyed the Peanut butter scraping …. glad you managing to your plan of omelettes… the protein always seems to move weight..

    A busy day to sort out lots of things before your holidays… a big sigh …..hhhhh… and close the door and go enjoy yourselves..

    This hospital is in the countryside, and a new cancer department and wards.. just walked Charlie around the back where the wards are.. it’s so beautiful with large lovely gardens and wicker seating.. we walked only around the edge away from it all.. gorgeous hedgerow with wild country flowers, birds singing and so quiet …it’s so amazing..

    Jean x

    Good morning, HH week done on the loss, I put off my weigh-in until Friday,I like Friday’s to get weighed. I will do fortnightly weigh-ins.Heidi’s birthday today, she is 14.Treating to chicken,bought a chicken just for her 😁.

    Jean- the hospital grounds sound lovely, hope you & Charlie enjoy the walk. Well done on your half pound off!
    Minols- sounds like next week will be very busy! Hope the children enjoy it after your hard work! Hope the brunch omelette is good, well done not going for bacon rolls. I’ve had peanut butter today too 😉
    Dave- happy birthday to Heidi 🎂 Hope she enjoys her chicken!
    We had a nice early walk, hubby was up earlier than normal so he came too…cleared out a load of toiletries, found some little bottles for our trip, & a phone calls to make. Eldest son is on furlough again for a week, they’re going to do 3 weeks working, 1 off for a bit. But today he’s gone down to see his girlfriend in Somerset, for the day, a minimum 8 hr round trip!! A surprise visit for her too 😱 She’s told him she’s put on quite a bit of weight in lockdown, & keeps telling him he won’t want to see her any more!

    Afternoon everyone!

    HH – your poor husband… I hope another course helps. Has he ever used a neti pot before? I’m not sure if it’s any help for him but it’s something I use every other day and has helped a lot with allergies and what was a frequently blocked nose.
    Well done on yesterday’s productive FD! Resisting the cheesecake is a win! What a loss, congratulations!
    Lovely that your son gets to see his girlfriend again. I’m sure she’s just being hard on herself. It’s sad how it can make us feel so low though..

    Mel – did you go for the bonding walk in the end?
    You’re right, I think eventually I would like to be about 2-3kg lower than I am at the moment. But I was talking to a good friend about it recently. She pointed out that in thirty years time I’ll look back to how I am now and with that perspective probably think I looked amazing (rather than, ‘I’d look better 3 kg lighter’), and would kick myself if I didn’t embrace it and enjoy it. I think she made a good point!

    Nana – glad you had a lovely time with family. That cake sounds wonderful as well.

    Dave – your new phone sounds great!

    Jean – well done on your loss as well! Those gardens sound great. It makes a really big difference in how you feel, visiting as well as if you’re inside. I think there was a study into that, how people got better faster if they were recovering by windows, and presumably even more so if there was something nice to see outside.

    Minols – peanut butter is my weakness too… yesterday I made peanut butter cookies and that involved giving a hand ‘cleaning out’ the jar too 🙂

    It’s funny you say how busy I sound. I suppose in some ways I am, but then I also think it just sounds like a lot when I write it all out. In reality I feel like I spend 50% of my time not doing much! I think I have some sort of idea in my head that my worth comes from being busy and achieving things? As opposed to being valuable just ‘being’, if that makes any sense? Anyway, I’m working on it!

    The bikinis are great! I’m very excited about them (not sure I’ve had that before ever in a bikini)! Maybe it’s because usually I’m trying them on in changing rooms with horrible lighting as opposed to my lovely room. Anyway, I think I’m keeping three of them. Yay!


    Good afternoon.Heidi is sleeping after her ordeal.Will take her out again soon. Getting used to my phone, it has a remarkable zoom on it,100 times I think. Not tried it outside yet, got a car for it and put a protective plastic on screen but finger print wouldn’t work so took it off. The camera as all sorts of things, white balance, iso speeds,one mode you take a picture and it does a short video and gives you about 5 different pictures.Can do an 8K video then take a still photo from it, it just goes on and on. Looking at the he pictures of you on here, non of you really need to lose weight, you all look good.

    Hi everyone, Endellion I did go on the walk and it was lovely and bonding! Just under three hours. Paul gone on his own today and I have just looked out the window ….. bucketing down! Re your weight, believe me if you are excited about getting bikinis you don’t need to lose any more 😀.

    Jean, the hospital grounds sound lovely, what a bonus. Glad Steve is doing ok and getting hair back. I remember from a photo that he has a nice head of hair usually. Something Paul had many years ago!

    Peanut butter – we have a little rat around and a friend suggested peanut butter in the humane trap we have. I said I daren’t buy a jar just to put a little bit in the trap so will have to think of an alternative. Chocolate has been mentioned, apparently rats are keen too.

    Dave glad you like your phone. Actually you must love it to have bought it a car this early in the relationship! Glad Heidi is ok, last think she wants on her birthday. Has she had her chicken yet?

    HH – poor girlfriend. She is young, she will find most men, decent ones, are not going to run off in disgust if she has got a bit um, porky! Glad you are getting sorted for holiday, and will go away at goal (half a pound you can do, and if not, stuff it).

    I was going to fast but not up for it. Head all over the place again. Tomorrow is another day ….

    Heidi as just scoffed her chicken, no doubt she will want more later 😁.

    Mel- re rats; we just used cheese, hubby said screw the trap down as (sorry about this!) they can thrash about with the trap on 😱
    You’re so wise with advice to Endellion! Meant to say that yesterday, not worth really stressing to go a few pounds lower. & I look back on my 20s when I kept dieting & think I wish I looked that good now! Hope you’re okay & can get your motivation for another FD. I’ll be fasting tomorrow, I’m sure Jean will too…
    Endellion- good that the bikinis are great! 👙👙👙 I hope the holiday is good! If you can xram all you do into only 50% of the day, that’s impressive 😂
    Dave- poor Heidi, glad she’s eating at least! Camera sounds great, not sure that I coukd be faffed enough! Good job we’re not all like me!
    Nana- hope you had a nice visit with daughter today?
    Hope everyone else is okay!
    Saw Mum this afternoon, she beat me at our game! Even though she kept trying to make words up 😂 Had an early dinner, Tesco order coming soon.

    HH – re rats. It is a humane trap which just catches them. Last time we used it our neighbour (a real country man) then drowned it in our water butt! Said it was a kinder way to go, hmm. The plan is this time to take it for a drive in the country and release it. Mad I know but I hate killing anything. We did this in our last house when we had mice in our garage. We would get home from work, find about five in it, back in the car and down to the river. The other side was all open fields so we released them, me singing Born Free to help them on their way.

    She’s been back to her bowl twice for more, I will give her a chicken breast next, that leaves her the other one for tomorrow. She’s had all the legs and wings and the bottom. Plus have a pkt of rice. I am going to try the camera on the church steeple,I will zoom in from a distance.

    Continued – previous years we have fed the birds more and got lots of rats and had to get ratman in. Cost a fortune and of course poisoned the rats 😞. Expensive and unpleasant.

    Evening All…
    Dentist wasn’t too bad, a new girl to me and she was gentle…I have re booked her again…

    Dave ..
    Hoping Heidi has had a good birthday and she can finish her chicken off…you are kind to us always a few pounds to loose us girls..!! 😂
    Glad the phones worked out this time it sounds good….

    Safe journey for your son and hope she appreciates a surprise….I wouldn’t!…..step daughter was going to come up and surprise Steve for her birthday on the 1st August, until we said he would still be on lockdown..No Suprises I hate them….
    Hope you are getting yourself sorted, small bottles a good idea for your beach cottage.

    Lovely you have three bikinis, I always wore bikinis..I stopped about 6 years ago went into full piece or two half’s…age catches up…
    What date are you going..in a couple of weeks time?

    Steve is always proud of his hair, a very slight thinness right on the top, he really misses it….are you fasting with me and Steve tomorrow .
    When are you going on your holiday?..it’s soon I think….
    We have a rat box in our garden, one jumped over the fence, so neighbour and Steve put one down but he’s not come back..we are near the river and with the February floods they could be moving about 😱

    Hope you get everything on your Tesco order….Mum winning you!!..you are slipping…our kitchen closed too..

    Going to view a bungalow tomorrow but We think it will be too small and needs a lot of work… it’s near the park…….Just thinking as we get older it would be better…possibly keep looking…I love my house and village..it would have to be good!!

    Fasting now….Hedgehog and Mel are joining me…anyone else?…..Kay?

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, ended up having a FD today as after a lovely visit with daughter and then collecting our repeat prescriptions by the time we got home it was mid afternoon and as I never eat breakfast and wasn’t feeling hungry decided to wait and just have an evening meal.
    Jean glad Steves hair is growing back – my sisters has grown back lovely and is much thicker than mine. Sounds a nice place to walk whilst Steves having his treatment will you go with him from now on.
    Hedgehogs not long to go now before your holiday.
    Dave hope Heidi has recovered from earlier bless her.
    Mel we were plagued with rats when they started building the new town of Northsowe because they were forced out of their natural habitat plus the next door but one neighbour keep chickens so they kept coming through our garden to get to they’re garden for the chicken feed. Neighbour inbetween us called in the council pest control who laid out traps laced with poison and they ended up catching over 30😮
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Well done on your fast day especially with visitors always a hard one…lovely to have a good catch up.

    I won’t go with Steve every time, it makes Charlie’s walk late..unless he’s too ill to drive…still may do a few to keep him company 😀

    Have a nice evening..

    Jean x

    Fast day today, joining Jean and HH. Who else? Up very early today. We are having problems with the building site opposite. It has been sold for a while but nothing happening. It is next to the one which caused all our flooding last year. Anyway three days ago an enormous digger arrived and lorries to take the earth away. They started work before 7.00am. So much noise. Council not a lot of luck so Paul has gone to block the site with the car. I am having a cup of tea and hoping he doesn’t come back with a black eye.

    Morning All…
    A very wet morning…

    Going for my walk and realised my fleece and two Gore-Tex coats are in the car and Steve has left…thinking what I could wear, I forgot I had bought another coat.. 😂..stupid! well tested now….and winter boots too lots of puddles…!

    Poor you, very inconsiderate time…..I have had banging for two days a bathroom is going in with our horrible neighbours still it’s not at 7 am …..that’s not good at all…hope Paul’s ok….
    Still look at the bright side if they are moving all the earth they will take the floods away from you possibly…😀

    We are in with the fast day today with everyone ….Tesco shopping later I shall have to be strong….we are not viewing the house it’s too small even to banging it about a bit….
    Steve has just text they are running 30 mins late!!

    Jean x

    Jean- shame the bungalow’s too small…would be nice for you to get away from those neighbours! Hope you didn’t get too wet! Keep strong fasting- you always do anyway! I’m impressed at how long you wore bikinis for!!
    Mel- I hope Paul survives! That’s ridiculous starting building work at 7am! Nice to have a humane trap for the rats, we did use one for mice, but felt rats maybe a bit too big…Hope you catch them quickly, they can do alot of damage 😱 a friend had one gnaw through cables in her car, v expensive!
    Nana- glad you had a good day yesterday & well done fasting!
    Dave- were you going fishing again? Or busy working out the new phone? Hope Heidi is okay after all the excitement yesterday!
    Endellion- have a good & busy day! Are you sticking around with us now you’re maintaining? Hope so!
    Was out very early with Xena for a couple of hours, came back & straight into cooking- breakfast for youngest as he’s on a late shift, then doing 2 different dinners tonight for the others so got ahead with that, made extra for Mum, she hates cooking! Lots of washing up, a bit of tidying, so didn’t sit down at all from 7am- 12.30! Fasting going okay. Hubby had to go & help Mum with her TV, she burst into tears on him because ‘everything was going wrong’- just the TV & a lightbub! All easily sorted…must be hard to not be able to do things yourself though 😞

    Good afternoon, phone more or less sorted, only problem I have not sorted out is the lights all around the edges are supposed to flash when you receive a message.No fishing this week. Weather not very good. Will go next week hopefully.Heidi enjoyed her chicken yesterday, just half a chicken breast left. I will give her that after her walk.

    Afternoon everyone!

    Dave – your new phone sounds incredible! Which one is it again? Hope Heidi had a great birthday.

    Mel – haha, maybe you’re right about the bikini excitement. Glad you had a good walk too!
    I’m surprised they’re allowed to make so much noise so early in the day. I hope Paul comes back in one piece…

    HH – I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed about the holiday if I’m honest. There seems a lot to think about. I’ll have to do a test on arrival and self-isolate for up to two days awaiting test results. Or take a test before I go, but I feel a bit cheeky doing one here, when you’re only really supposed to if you’re showing symptoms. Hmm..
    Wow, you’ve been non-stop! I hope you have a relaxing afternoon to make up for it.
    Your poor mum.. it really can’t be easy. Sending hugs.
    Yep, I’ll still be here! I don’t want to undo my progress!

    Jean – in theory I go on Tuesday! Eek!
    Exciting about starting to look for a new home! My gran had a lovely bungalow surrounded by a huge garden that she lived in for years and years, since she was about 60, I think. As kids we loved running riot outside but it was also very easy to live in. Worth looking until you find the perfect place…

    Gah, all this talk of rats! Are we done yet?!

    I spent a long time lying awake last night, thinking and worrying. I’ve booked a preliminary session in with a therapist on the weekend, to try and help understand my worries. It’s a bit scary but I think it’ll ultimately be a good thing.
    Despite such a late night, I woke bright and early, and although I wasn’t feeling it, joined for the 8am workout this morning… and loved it!

    I’ve just been tapping away on my laptop in bed the rest of the day. Sooo tired! Just browsing trainers, sunhats, writing a little bit… I’m thinking a little nap?


    Endellion my phone is the Samsung galaxy s20 ultra.I have it paird up with my watches, so all is good, almost got it setup how I want it. Changed about 40 things on it. Heidi had a good birthday apart from when a dog jumped on her back and knocked her down, then when she got up it mounted her, I had to get hold of it by the collar and move it away. It was a very broad staff/ pit bull type dog. Glad it didn’t bite me when I got hold of it. Weight in tomorrow, and it’s going to be very bad 🥺🥺.


    Shopping finished and got Steve back all fine just a delay with someone else…

    I have bought two nice taster whiskey glasses, they look really nice for spirits in general..they have arrived…I think Mel will like them..
    Been into Scunthorpe we had a problem with our back wiper on the car, Steve broke it…..It was repaired free.
    Three rounds of the park now eaten and kitchen closed….glad we have been busy as I got quite hungry.

    I always liked a bikini, we went on a cruise 5 years ago and decided the time had come for a one piece or two full halves…we will keep looking for a bungalow detached or semi not really bothered..I think Steve worries about the neighbours at a later date if one of us is left alone, also driving as we get older to go nearer shops, I can understand were he’s coming from but I do like my village.

    Lots for you to do this morning with different meal times, Mum does get upset easy, a good job hubby has patience …how is he, any better?

    What was the outcome this morning…did the builders understand??…it was a worry..

    Hope you are feeling better now….have you got your lights sorted on the phone?…our weigh ins in the morning 🤞

    Jean x

    Not looking forward to the weigh in.I think the pain I am having could be my irritable bowl as returned. Not sorted the lights out yet, not tried. Been pairing my watches with the phone and using smart lock to open my phone. Will try again with the lights maybe tomorrow.

    Endellion- alot extra to think about with the holiday then 😞 must admit going to an airport & flying wouldn’t really appeal right now, but you’re young & an experienced traveller, I’m sure you’ll have a great time! Hope the therapist session helps, I guess online?
    Dave- hope your stomach improves soon 😬. Have fun with phone & watches! If the scales are unkind tomorrow, you don’t have to share!
    Jean- moving is a real wrench if you love the area…are there any bungalows you could keep an eye out for in your village? Although obvs needing a car would still be an issue! Hubby’s sinuses do seem a bit better, thanks, hopefully no more antibiotics! I used to live in Scunthorpe as a child…Well done with your FD, hope you’re not too hungry this evening!
    Nana- hope you’ve had a good day!
    Mel- hope you’re okay, you’ve gone quiet again!
    Feel like I’ve been ‘on fire’ today- as the nursery teacher I used to work with would say, the poor children were never sure if that was a good thing! Have done lots of cleaning, a good workout, tidying…kept thinking it was Friday (because we had our shopping delivery yesterday & usually have it Thursday!) so feel I’m ahead of myself 😀. And no picking, even made my favourite seed crackers & wasn’t tempted.

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