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  • Afternoon All…
    Hunger seems to have passed by…kept busy and finished my ironing …my adidas socks have arrived and quite nice as socks go…my second pair of black trainers have arrived too, just too small and tight…same as first so both ready to go back. I am disappointed as my first pair is so comfy….next time I will send for two different sizes but shall leave it for now.

    I have harvested my coriander and frozen it for the freezer. Looking quite dark and miserable outside.

    Just having a cuppa..think I might re organise my inside freezer it’s a bit untidy, won’t take long…that’s it for the day…

    How is your day going..I would find it hard to do an all liquid day, you do well. Chicken for us tonight…we are both awake at 6 am every day, it’s quite shattering…I feel tired today….maybe back to the jigsaw, I haven’t done it in a few days.

    Jean x

    Denise didn’t get to until 10am😱 usually 7-30.took Heidi out legs ok, definitely nothing wrong with them when she saw a cat 😄.The sun is trying to come out but still cool. Not had any good yet today, and managed 1800 calories yesterday. I do feel hungry now so maybe a cuppa and a biscuit.

    Afternoon everyone!

    Jean – I feel the same today, very achey and tired! But still, did another elaborate ‘getting ready for nothing’ ritual today and I have to say it helps. Even if it’s just the time it takes to yourself, or being able to catch yourself in the mirror throughout the day and noticing you look your best. Sometimes that’s worth it!

    HH – sorry about your night’s sleep. Good luck with the fast today. How do you find them? Do you find it hard to sleep after because of being hungry?

    Dave – hooray on your phone, it sounds great!

    Made an absolute killer cheesecake today. It’s huge, with a biscoff lotus layer, then a chocolate layer, and melted lotus and chocolate drizzle on top. Soooo excited for a (small) piece later… Otherwise not sure where the day so far has gone. Will do some English, then head out for a walk and take it easy, think.


    Jean- a quiet afternoon with a jigsaw sounds good…shame about the trainers, frustrating when the same size doesn’t fit! Well done with the coriander; my seed tray has finally come, so can grow my peas etc. Keep strong fasting!
    Dave- glad Heidi’s legs are okay! Are you planning to go fishing any more?
    A bit hungry, but tbh it’s no worse than just having a little to eat!
    A long walk with Mum, except she tripped on a branch & fell over again, luckily not hurt but makes me wary of taking her out now. At least her bones are stronger, she’s been on calcium tablets for years as she’s broken both wrists before at different times!
    Fiddled about with emails & ordering more presents, hopefully all done for a bit…very black here, no rain yet!

    Evening All..
    I have had a good day a bit hungry, decided on reading my book ..time passed

    Just got back from my walk as it’s started to rain, dark and miserable here…

    Texas daughter is thinking of doing supply teaching, if it goes well maybe train to teach, she has to do 300 hours course work and class room..she is chasing her transcript from her degree at Leicester University, she needs it to prove how many hours she completed and grades through her course. Then it goes to the Education Authority in Texas to go over it and check it all, sometimes they don’t pass it, without a reason..at least she can try..

    CT scan tomorrow morning may be late posting unless I have spare time, hair washing and Charlie walking to fit in too…Results Wednesday 😬..

    It’s funny they can run when needed, she’s an old girl now…We saw three cats the other day fortunately we were in the car he was very interested…

    Cheesecake sounds delicious…I still have HH chocolate cheesecake recipe to try, it’s getting to the shops to buy the ingredients…I am shopping a bit now so must remember when I am out shopping properly..

    Poor mum tripping up, it’s easy to do in the forest…good your trays have arrived, it’s nice the growing but it takes time twice a day watering and mine is just a tiny amount!

    Eating shortly I am ready for it…

    Jean x

    Jean- hope your dinner fills you up a bit! And hope all goes smoothly for Steve’s scan tomorrow, & of course Weds! Has your daughter done teaching before? Will be lots of juggling for her to go back to work, does SIL still travel alot for work?
    Endellion- the cheesecake sounds lovely, have you made it vegan? Sorry, I missed your post earlier…I quite often don’t sleep well after a fast, although after Monday’s one I was fine- it’s a bit psychological with me, if I go to bed thinking about what I’ll have for breakfast I’m sure it wakes me early!
    Rang Mum to see if she was okay- she has a big bruise on her knee, so feel very bad now 😬. Got started on the chocolate layer dessert I made recently as son has requested that again…
    Not too hungry just yet!

    Evening everyone had a good FD again but as usual felt really cold.
    Jean hope all goes well at hospital tomorrow then hopefully a good outcome on Weds.
    Hedgehogs poor mum hope her knee isn’t to painful for her.
    Dave glad the phone is sorted.
    Lovely photos of all the dogs on WhatsApp today and Kay hope Tara is continuing to settle in with you.
    Hope everyone else is keeping okay and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Daughter likes the school hours which would suit…she taught English in a German Secondary school for a year, as part of her German degree and has done a lot of Flight training sessions for new crew for a good many years..she does home work with the children, when I say home work I mean it 3 or 4 hours a day, it’s been a bit lighter in Texas. She is very people oriented…it’s an idea.

    Poor Mum she sounds sore…she will be stiff tomorrow..

    Thanks for your wishes for Steve..I must admit we both are getting a bit anxious now…

    Jean x

    Morning All…
    A chilly morning..

    I am up 1 lb this week…I am picking so I know why…Charlie walk..it feels like a nice September autumn morning….

    Speak later…

    Jean x

    Morning everyone. Enjoyed yesterday, nice walk and food and a bottle of wine.
    Fast day today, not doing a lot. Will do some cross stitch to take my mind of food!
    Good luck today Jean, hope it doesn’t take too long. Don’t worry about your lb, that will soon come off.
    How is Tara today Kay, you aren’t working so can concentrate on her.
    HH hope mum is better today.
    Endellion hope you are feeling less achy. I think you are right about getting gussied up a bit and makeup on. I am very bad, live in the country and if no one is going to see me I can’t be bothered. Ashamed to say not a scrap of make up has hit my skin since lockdown!
    Nana you fasted yesterday too. I am out of sync with everyone! Anyone else doing it today?

    Morning all!
    Jean- hope it doesn’t take too long…keep safe! I am up a little this week to, blaming Weds!
    Mel- I think you’re probably on your own today! Although I have extended my fast from yesterday with no breakfast. Hope you stay strong!
    Endellion- getting made up again today? I can’t wear any; it flares my eyes it too much. Not that I mind too much! How’s the English course is going okay…
    Dave- you’ve been quieter the last few days; have you thrown in a FD at all this week?
    Nana- not so nice for your walk this morning…well done with your FD yesterday!
    Kay- hope Tara didn’t have any mishaps last night? Is she settling?
    Minols- you’ve gone quiet again too, hope your back’s better?
    Got back with Xena just before a downpour, I guess we need the rain though…Fiddling about with the pudding for son (& me!), one layer to finish. Seeing Mum later for a game, sis has gone back to work at school now, so won’t be able to see her as much.

    Mel, Denise doesn’t ware makeup ever,not done for years.HH I have been playing around with my phone and watch.Thought I had the watch sorted but it keeps losing connection.I emailed the Dev and he replied to me telling me to change something on my watch which I did. At the moment it seems to be working ok, 🤞🤞. Waiting for Amazon delivery,it’s just come up on my watch 😄.Better have a look where it is.

    Afternoon everyone!

    Jean – your daughter’s course sounds good, and like she’s perfectly suited to it. Hopefully there’s no problem getting it all approved with the authority.

    HH – yes, it was vegan, to everyone’s incredulity. The vegan cream cheeses are really good and you can’t tell at all since it’s all mixed up anyway.
    Yes, I’m back with a natural smokey eye today. It’s quite ridiculous really since I’m barely seeing anyone, but still, I guess it’s nice to practise.
    Hope your mum is doing okay, and don’t worry too much about the blip… it’ll be on its way down again soon.

    Nana – it doesn’t help that the weather is turning too, my chills were creeping back as well.

    Mel – don’t worry, I think no makeup is a good thing too! It’s good to give your skin a break and everything as well, and embracing your own natural beauty is important as well!

    There’s no change on the scales for me, and maybe part of that is that I’ve been picking a bit more this week as well. But saying that, I’ve been taking pictures as another measure of how things are going, and I really think they look different over the past two weeks. So I’m feeling good about that.

    Only just signing in now to get started on my course… x

    Having a short out of me fishing tackle, I have Far to much.We have a storage space under the stairs and it’s full of my fishing stuff and a few jigsaws.Some old cine film stuff too. Think they’re is some films of me when I was a boy,I had blond hair then 😄.My mother always had me coming down a slide in the park then she used to reverse it and make me slide up it 😱.1200 calories yesterday and 1900 the day before so not bad. May try and do a proper FD soon.

    Evening everyone, been a day of mixed rain showers and sunny intervals even had hail stones at one point also quite a cold breeze for our walk today.Weighed myself this morning and was the same as last week. We were going to be having a garden meeting up at our friends this evening for a drik and a chat but decided to cancel due to the weather.
    Nothing much done today apart from having our Tesco delivery and no items ordered unavailable so that was good.
    Glass or two of wine planned with a curry this evening.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    No flour in Sainsbury’s yet again so ordered some from Amazon, lots on there.Took Heidi out again so that’s her done for the day. Weather the same here but no hail stones.Still sorting my fishing tackle out and the tip is open from Monday so I will be going there.

    Supposed to be cooking dinner but youngest has fallen asleep! He did a late shift last night & then an early today…he & hubby are having steak & chips, eldest & me are having a tofu stir fry. Played a scrabble type game with Mum, getting a bit harder as she takes ages to think & then forgets what word she wants to play, much patience needed!

    Evening All..
    We had a take away pizza tonight, very nice but not really us…still a night off on cooking…bottle of wine cracked..

    Hospital took about 20 mins in and out…

    A good day and wine yesterday…my turn today….my makeup always on and hair blown and straightened, but ponytail a lot now as driving me crackers on length….I have booked a pre appointment for 17th July if the ok is given from Boris….

    Hope you got the layered pud done…mine unfortunately is shop bought but enjoyable…

    Glad the watch is sorted, it takes time to sort it all out…hope you get your flour on line..

    I am with you makeup all the time…I sent for more on line it would depress me if I wasn’t made up…everyone is different..
    I am pleased my daughter is thinking of something, I think your course was 200 hours, so 300 isn’t much more, I told her how you pushed on she said she would do that too, maybe when the children are back at school would be easier.

    We have had a lot of mixed weather not to wet with the walking….shame on your meet up with friends, we are thinking of doing the same..

    Lazy day but nice…a bit chewed up about things..

    Jean x

    Enjoy the wine Jean.Sunny but very windy here, and so is Heidi😵😫😵😫.Could do with a mask in here 😷.Sorted fishing tackle out.So will see if the young lad up the street wants any of it otherwise I will take it to the tip.

    Morning All..
    Lots of rain overnight and this morning….blue sky now …hoping for a dry walk ??

    Nothing planned as yet for the day….I will find some jobs to do…roast beef dinner later..

    Hope you got the fishing tackle sorted it sounded a dusty job…maybe something for the boy..

    Have a good day..

    Jean x

    Morning everyone!

    Nana – hope the curry and wine was good!

    HH – your son must be exhausted working hours like that. Hope he’s feeling more rested today!

    Jean – I’m so pale, so my eyelashes and brows just disappear into my face – I like to give myself a bit more definition! And even just the ritual of sitting down and getting ready feels very therapeutic.
    Sweet of you to say, I don’t always feel like I’m getting much done but I suppose some progress is better than none!
    Fingers crossed the rain holds off for a walk later for you.

    Tired and sore today, so going to take it easy. Zoom yoga in a minute (can’t wait for a proper stretch and a breathe), then will focus on some writing, I think, and a walk this afternoon.


    Lovely walk this morning, just had a slight shower..lots of people walking, a few runners, more than I expected..

    Cuppa, marmalade and toast just going on as I walked in, I had my breakfast earlier …a late lunch/dinner …
    Sat watching my favourite chef James Martin, so no jobs started…

    I feel my face looks boring without makeup..Just like to be different….hope you improve on your aches and soreness, a lovely relaxing yoga stretching hoping it helps..have a lovely day..

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Jean- thinking of you, difficult waiting for the results, hope Steve’s not feeling too tired…hope you get a dry walk & the roast beef is good!
    Endellion- enjoy your yoga, hope it helps with the aches. What’s on the menu tonight?
    Dave- well done having a clear out, will be nice if you can ‘recycle’ the stuff rather than dumping it. Can you just turn up at your dump? We have to make appts at ours, so won’t be bothering!
    Nana- shame about your meet up- typical after all this nice weather, now we can meet outside it’s rainy! My sis did manage a bbq for her family last night though, the weather turned out good.
    Minols- hope that you’re okay, yiu’ve gone quiet again! Hope that all the stuff you prepare for tomorrow goes smoothly!
    Fasting until tonight- our Church are doing a prayer & fasting day so will join in that, although not on Zoom, don’t fancy that! Timed Xena’s walk well, got back just before it rained.
    Have a good day all!

    Steve seems to be better today a few days tired but it’s passed..not looking forward to Wednesday we are not really talking about it between us..both not feeling good…

    Had a good fast and prayer evening that sounds different…too cold here for bbqs, your sister was lucky.

    Trifle made for tomorrow, I forgot to do it yesterday for today 😬…may be ready later…

    Jean x

    Just lost a post on here 😵😵. Just started raining so was lucky with our walk. The weather is more like winter than summer, cool and wet.Feeling hungry now so may have a buttie.

    Hungry here too…!

    Evening everyone, so cold here we’ve turned the central heating back on. Been raining on and off all day some of it very heavy but at least the garden will appreciate it. Husband doing a roast chicken dinner with roast potatoes and Yorkshire pudding.
    Have had a very lazy day must be more active tomorrow.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    All these roasts on a Saturday?! Cold here too, have had my hot water bottle & blanket out 😂
    Hubby had to run for it coming home with Xena- got back just before hail stones & then torrential rain. Glad I didn’t go with them, I can’t run 😂

    Hi all, cross stitch day and walking Jodie. Had some lamb koftas (mini) with avocado and feta cheese for lunch, fattening but lovely and not carby. Paul trying to keep away from bread, I find it difficult not doing sandwiches ever, finding different things. Liked this, and like falafels and hummus. I could eat avocados every day.
    Jean, thinking of you both. It must be horrible waiting for Wednesday, seems ages away. Enjoy your roast.
    I do look a lot better in make up (I think) but just can’t get bothered when it’s only Paul who will see me all day. We are talking about visiting a couple of friends in their garden soon, he is not well so must be very careful. Arranged it today and I thought, ooh I will put my face on and maybe even a dress. Anyway, Endellion thank you for referring to my natural beauty, you have obviously not seen a photo 😂😂.

    Actually is avocado carby? And maybe the koftas?

    Evening All..
    Having like a Christmas dinner here…just because we can…We had it at 3pm, beef all the trimmings, In serving dishes, Charlie joined us, we had wine ( not Charlie), I took Charlie out ….then had apple pie and custard when back, opened another bottle shared half a bag of giants buttons to finish off Christmas!

    Spoke to a Texas daughter I have given her an ear bashing…they have lost 5 lbs each this week I have told her to slow down they are loosing too much weight!!
    She says they have realised their large portion sizes, wine, beer, ice cream and cookies, they have just eaten far too much, they are eating but normal and healthy…the hours power walking a day they both do, she is now doing an extra three mornings in the week.

    Our heating is on too quite a few days now..glad you have had a good meal too..

    Finish my meat off tomorrow before fasting Monday…every day is the same to us..good job you wasn’t out in the hail…very windy here but got away with the rain.

    We have arranged to meet friends in our garden just waiting for better weather…..it’s been an emotional day for us, a lot of talking…a lot of upset..it’s very hard…

    I can’t help you on your carbs..not my things to eat…

    Jean x

    Morning All..
    A very drizzley morning but warm…Steve joined me on one round of the park then I continued for another two…

    Nothing much happening here…see how I go…see if I fancy doing jobs or maybe leave until Monday to keep me busy..

    Have a lovely day..

    Jean x

    Good afternoon,dull here and miserable.Jean have boxing Day today get the wine and chocolate out again,enjoy.Chicken tonight so Heidi will be pleased. Denise calls Alexa but if she gets stuck doing her crossword she asks her or when she goes on the kitchen as he e heard me ask Alexa to play music from a certain year so she does it now, and it’s very happy to get here to turn the lights on and off 😄. Will take Heidi out before the rain comes hopefully.

    Yes Boxing day here…beef, gravy and chips…and there is a glass left…no chocolates.. ☹️

    Enjoy your walk still drizzle here from this morning….enjoy your chicken meal…

    Fasting tomorrow…..

    A productive few hours two ovens cleaned…pleased all sparkling now…

    A bit of a read before getting wet and walking….

    Jean x

    Jean – thinking of you and Steve. It must be awful just sitting around having to wait for news. Hope you’re feeling okay today.
    Love the idea of your Christmas dinner! It sounds incredible!

    HH – part of me wonders whether they’re timing various announcements on purpose, just so we can’t all go out and have bbqs with friends even if it’s allowed now. Although that’s maybe giving them too much credit for their planning…
    Yesterday I cheated a bit for dinner, as my mum was making lamb moussaka. So I just nicked some of the aubergines and layered up a quorn version instead.

    Mel – I’m obsessed with avocados as well! I think it’s quite low carb, and mainly fat? The ones I had in Brazil could be almost as big as my head, so rich and buttery, and cost about 50p…
    Your meet-up with your friends sounds great, and a good excuse to get all dressed up!

    Dave – haha, Boxing Day! Not a bad idea, you know…

    Good news is I finally have some movement on the scales this morning! At my lowest now for a good while, so I’m pleased, and looking forward to keeping on the trajectory. I had a nice day yesterday with the yoga, then some writing, some wine and a film. The only problem is I’m really struggling to sleep lately, and feel like I’m in a constant daze. I think it’s anxiety, and I noticed lots of strands of hair falling out today as well… So I’m a bit worried about that, and trying to just get on with things calmly.

    Had a lovely catchup this morning with an old friend, and am just waiting for the rain to stop for a walk.

    Hope everyone has a lovely Sunday! x

    Thank you it’s a hard time for us…Wednesday will be a nightmare when we go…Christmas dinner so daft but we enjoyed it and Boxing Day..too much eaten and drunk but not too bothered at the moment…

    Good the scales are being kind to you, and a busy day ahead…enjoy your friend catchup, it’s always something to look forward too..

    Jean x

    Evening everyone!
    Jean- lovely to spoil yourselves, but sorry it’s such a hard time right now- try to take comfort from the fact that Steve’s not been too ill with the chemo & could finish the course- I know a couple of people (one lung & one breast cancer) who were too ill on it to finish their chemo- I hope that helps a bit! Hard not to dwell on it though…
    Mel- avocados very low carb, koftas are too depending if they have breadcrumbs in them- my recipe has toast in it, strandely! A very good keto meal by the sound of it! Hope the weather improves for you to meet up with friends…
    Dave- glad Heidi’s enjoyed her dinner too- Xena has just enjoyed a leftover kofta!
    Endellion- you sound so chilled & organised all the time, surprised you’ve mentioned anxiety…but funny times for you, can’t plan anything, hope the yoga helps…Well done with the weight- I’m on an upward trajectory right now!
    Nana- did you get a bit more active today? Not good weather here, I’m guessing yours was similar?
    Sorry I’ve not been on- early walk with Xena, then Church, a long phone call with one aunt who’s on her own, then more frustration with mum…again 😬 just seems to be one thing after another! Hopefully I can sort her out tomorrow, it’s got me down a bit today. Eaten well today so looking forward to a FD tomorrow!
    Enjoy your evening all!

    Aubergines and avacardos are way too high in calories as I found out last week, won’t be having them again. Jean wait until Wednesday then work from there, treat yourselves.Heidi didn’t take any prisoners with her giant bowl of chicken. Sleeping it off now.

    Minols where are you, should I send out the dogs? We have enough of them on here now 😄.

    No late night tonight, got to take my car in for a service at 8-30 am😱.I have to post my keys through the letter box and pay over the phone. Will have to come up with a big bag to put the keys and log book in. Will go to bed around midnight.Can take Heidi out for an early morning walk, she’s not had one since I retired.

    Good morning everyone,Feeling sore this morning.I was changing a light bulb last night so i put my slippers on to climb up on the steps,but the velcro strap came loose on one shoe and stuck to the other so the ladders went one way and i flew through the air the other way.I landed on my hip so i am a bit tender around my hip and shoulder this morning.I turned my watch and phone off and put them to charge,went to bed at 11pm with a cup of hot chocolate and two co codamol,taking another two now.I am on my laptop now,just hoping my phone and watch are ok.Got to take my car in for a service then a half mile walk home while i wait for it to be done.I think Heidi will be walking faster than me today.

    Morning All…
    A lazy start before walking..still chilly..

    Socks pulled up and fasting today…a bad three days food wise…

    Sorry you are having a hard time with mum and aunt..when listening to you I think I hope I am not causing problems for my daughter, not yet I don’t think…Hope you can get her sorted out today…

    Hope you are feeling better this morning, it’s a bit to walk if you are sore…I have just changed my slippers as they were a bit floppy I thought a bit unsafe..

    Who is fasting today?

    Jean x

    Good news phone and watch still working. Better get ready to go out.

    Morning all!
    Dave- poor you, hope the painkillers help & you’re okay for your walking today. Hope the car service is all okay & no problems!
    Jean- hope your FD goes well, always a bit hard if you’ve had a few days of eating well! I’m sure you’re not giving your daughter any trouble!
    Hope everyone else is okay?
    I’m fasting too, hoping for a liquid one, not sure about the rest of the week yet though.

    Morning everyone just back from our walk dull here but a bit warmer. Joining in with a FD today as did overindulge yesterday. Have a good day everyone whether fasting or not.
    Nana x

    Jean – I can’t even imagine how tough it must be for you at the moment. I hope a few nice foody days were enjoyable and helped take your minds off things even just a little bit.

    HH – it’s funny as 98% of the time I am very chilled and content, and then about once a year I fall into this panicky, anxious spell where I feel awful. Usually it’s caused by something external like when I graduated uni, my gran dying, and this time all this uncertainty. Maybe I’m speaking too soon, but I think I might be on my way out of this one. So that’s good!
    Sorry to hear you had a tricky time with your mum. Does she have any carers coming in to help?

    Dave – ouch, sorry you fell! Hope the pain eases up today.

    Nana – yep, fasting with you today as well.

    I’m feeling motivated to have a good productive week. Tonight I’m making a lentil dal and a spinach and tofu curry which I’m excited about! My aim this week is to keep an eye on my protein intake and make sure I’m getting enough, as I wonder if that’s why my hair’s been suffering lately.

    Hope everyone is doing okay x

    Feeling hungry now I had two wheetabix at 7-15.I will have a sandwich at noon and that will keep me going. Waiting for a phone call to pick up my car.

    Morning all…Dave, the dogs found me! Well…one particular one. The guide dog puppy who was in ways in church was at zoom yesterday and apparently got really excited at my voice, then settled as usual when the music started. Saw him being walked later so I pulled over to say hi to his owners…he stopped, looked…and then went crazy! Fine, but he’s not a little puppy any more…such a joy!

    Sorry I’ve been off line for the last few days…big day yesterday to have communion – took a huge amount of work and I went to bed yesterday afternoon.

    At a conference today in my study…really great to be able sneakily multi task!

    But not going to eat until tonight.


    Good your back, the dogs can rest now.Mine is fast asleep 😄.

    Evening everyone – FD completed and kitchen closed except for a cup of choc options later on which I’ve allowed for so will come in at 780 calories still feeling hungry after having eaten though.
    Dave hope you’re not in as much pain now after your fall.
    Hope everyone else’s FD has gone well for you.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

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