Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Hello Vicky keep coming on here it really helps. It’s a bit like a kennel club on here sometimes😄I have made the Yorkshire pudding mix.Roast beef for tea 🤤🤤. Heidi ran today fo about 20 yards then pulled up limping after walking 100 yards,I gave her leg a rub and she made it home ok.

    Hello Everyone, apart from taking our usual constitutional walk early this morning and doing some washing I’ve not done anything much.
    Welcome Vicky hope you enjoy being on here as it’s not just 5:2 that we chat about.
    Way to go Dave well done on your loss by my reckoning I’ve lost 2Ibs this month.
    Hedgehogs hope noisy neighbours have quietened down for you.
    Jean glad you’ve had a different type of day for you both.
    Kay is it tomorrow you find out if the vets report was favourable. Hope everything is alright.
    FD planned for tomorrow and Thursday as usual.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Jean- we all need a treat, especially you & Steve! Glad you’ve had a good day! There’s always fasting tomorrow…
    Dave- hope the roast beef is good, & that Heidi’s leg is fine…
    Nana- Sunday’s should be lazy!
    Kay- still keeping everything crossed!
    Endellion- hope you’ve had a nice afternoon in the park & it wasn’t too crowded!
    Vicky- I do very low carb, find it hard but I can eat too much of them given half a chance, I feel better for not eating them! But would never say no to birthday cake!
    Neighbours music continued, but nicer stuff later so didn’t mind so much! Dinner’s eaten, will do the watering in a minute & then have pud. Will definitely be fasting tomorrow with Jean! Vicky, what days will you fast?

    Evening everyone,

    Jean – lovely to see Oreo again!
    Steve’s medications sound complicated, but glad they’re over for now. How long will the injections have to go on for?
    The KFC picnic sounds great!

    Dave – woohoo, great news on the scale for you! Congratulations! You’ve worked hard so really deserved it.

    HH – mm, I did one of those sort of soaks the other day and it really does the job. Rubbish with the neighbours’ music, but at least their tastes improved.

    Hi Vicky! Come and join us! It definitely helps checking in here and everyone is so lovely.

    Mm, last years’ jobs definitely were on the good side! Had some very glamorous ones thrown in the mix. But then again, I was working such long hours. Some weeks I even clocked up 80 hours. And in the heat my feet grew a whole shoe size from being stood up for so long! Plus I’ve done a fair share of terrible jobs too, including selling tooth whitening treatments (awful!), standing guard over a carpet during a storm (freezing) to washing dishes for six hours at a time in a kitchen (soul destroying).

    I’m excited about the English teaching course though – the content looks interesting as I’m really into linguistics anyway, and it’ll give me a good thing to focus on over the next few weeks.
    Seeing my friend today was amazing! It’s just not the same trying to talk to people with internet delays, etc. I’m lucky that there’s quite a few green spaces near where I live, so we picked a park people don’t go to much. It’s tucked away from the road and there’s barely any parking, so it’s always good and quiet. Unlike the park nearer me, which was invaded with an enormous party of around 100 teenagers yesterday. I saw police arriving but don’t know if they actually did anything, and there was a huge neighbourhood clearup today of all the (piles and piles of) trash they left behind. Sad..


    Morning all!
    Endellion- glad you had a good day yesterday in a quiet spot! Whereabouts in the country are you? Shame about the youngsters & the mess 😬, must be hard for the police with this especially since Dominic Cummings…I bet lots of people are making silly excuses like testing their eyesight…
    Jean- have a good FD, I’m guessing you’re out early with Charlie…
    Kay- hope that you hear something today…
    Dave- hope the new phone comes today!
    Been out with Xena, very hot already! No bracken eaten (yay!), but more noise in the front seat today (boo!) We’re thinking about maybe going for a little jaunt to the seaside today, hoping that more people will be back to work/ school & it might be quieter, if not we’ll come straight home & just enjoy the drive! Will avoid any icecreams, as fasting!

    Morning everyone, well a new month maybe a new me! My brief burst of renewed mojo went down in flames so I am now again nearly six pounds up in lockdown and 11 from target. Food (and alcohol) consumption getting out of control and don’t mention my steps! Yet again hauling myself back on the wagon and devoting June to health and fitness.

    Welcome Vicky, hope you stick with us. We have become quite close on here. I notice no one has asked the important question – have you got a dog? 😂😂. Ok if you haven’t but nice if you like them at least! Just for info, I lost two stone last year quite painlessly which was weird for me. Shows how well this way of life works. Had five pounds to go to target but could I? Nope so now I am up again. Let’s do this Vicky!!
    Well done Dave on the loss. Keep going mate.
    Good luck Steve on the chemo – last one I believe? Loved your lunch yesterday Jean, very classy 😂😂.

    So, me, Jean and HH fasting today. Vicky too. Are you doing everyday at the moment Vicky?
    Good luck to everyone, it’s nice to be back.

    Kay, let us know about Tara. Fingers crossed.

    Morning All…
    Lovely again….early walk met up with Natalie’s Mum, as she is working…

    I am fasting today with hedgehog…going to cook some ham for tonight’s meal, have it cold.

    On the to do list …windows Inside and out, two ovens to be cleaned and ironing ..start a book…..won’t be doing them all..😂

    Texas daughter, I said she was trying to trim off SIL too…they went to their friends house to a 6 course meal over 4 hours, small courses. That was last week, they all got on the scales, during the night talking of weight issues , so was weighing heavy.!….All of them decided they were overweight…..she is power walking twice a day for one hour each session, in high heat, drinking loads of water and eating healthy, salads etc.first weigh in 1 stone off!…she will be ringing me pm I think all fussy..she text me when I was in bed…

    Good luck today I hope you have some good news…

    Like you don’t feel like doing a lot, just a bit and save some for tomorrow …keep the to do list going…

    Are you fasting today..Monday’s are popular…

    Just 5 days of injections…then the chemo is finished…Steves in the garage working on his bike so must feel less tired today…
    Glad your meet up at the park was good and quiet, it does make your day having a chat…I have enjoyed chatting on my walks..our park is quite quiet…missing going further a field maybe another month…Enjoy your English course nice when it’s your sort of thing, my younger daughter in Texas likes her languages.

    Hope you get to the coast you know your quiet bits..I thought traffic was light today, maybe school and work for people….a hard one when fasting 😬keep strong…

    Glad you are joining us today…let’s go for it….after my daughter telling me to drink loads of water I am going for that too all week…join me on that…

    Let’s do it…

    Jean x

    Jean just came in from the garden where Paul was talking to me about water intake, then I saw your post. I do feel a lot better when I drink more water so let’s do it. He doesn’t drink any tea or coffee, just water and a lot of it.
    HH we have a lovely bit of coast, hardly anyone there ever. Near Cleethorpes. It’s called Saltfleetby. Heaven for the dogs.
    Endellion and Nana, forgot to say hello in last post. It is good to be back, I got very lax on posting here.

    Morning everyone, and happy Monday!

    HH – I’m south-east London outskirts, that corner of Kent. It’s quite a rural green area, which is nice. I’m sure there were plenty of people out this weekend ‘testing their eyes’ and ‘using their initiative’, poor police.
    Glad Xena stayed away from the bracken.

    Mel – hello again! You can do it! Maybe just focus on one or two goals for the month? I was beating myself up a few months for not getting more done, but we all need to cut ourselves more slack, especially with nothing being normal at the moment. So let’s start small.

    Jean – wow, your daughter sounds very motivated! Well done her on making such an energetic start on things.
    Okay, so he’ll be done by Friday… not too long to go.

    I’m drowsy today. Stayed up late talking to a few friends on Zoom yesterday which has thrown me all out of whack. This is why I like early nights! But still, a lovely sociable day. I’m all set up to make inroads on this English course. It says ‘120 hours’ which seems enormous, and I’m wondering if I might be able to get it done a bit quicker?!

    Fasting today as well – already on the coffee. I ended up about half a pound off my goal weight for May, but not too worried. I’ve got 5 to go now until my ultimate goal, but maybe because I’m getting close it might be slow progress, which is fine. Going to try and keep focusing on my sensible NFDs.


    Good afternoon yet again another sunny day,just seen a picture of the UK taken from the space station not a cloud in sight.I am waiting for two lots of fishing tackle and my phone to come today.Not heard anything about my phone,going for a medium day food wise.I will do a fast on Thursday all being well.Endellion you sound amazing, all the things you have done. HH going to the seaside I would feel much safer going to Sainsbury’s than the beach.Hope you find a quiet spot.Wont take Heidi to far today.

    Saltfleetby is that towards Louth and not on the coast…is it a Country Park?…love new places for Charlie, when we can of course…it’s in driving distance for us….

    I have had three glasses of water and a tea and coffee….I never drink water I am working on a half pint glass every hour…

    I like that I didn’t think Friday as the finish of chemo…daughter had the large meal and drink but if she had put 5 lbs on with the meal ..she has still lost the rest..she is always a 10 and some 12s..her hubby is at least 2 stone up, her too…She power walks with him in the evening. They are feeling positive..I was laughing she is having lots of leafy strange things…

    Hoping you feel more awake and feel like doing something…nearly finished all my windows just the downstairs outside to do, too sunny and hot now..

    Hope all your parcels arrive…my second pair of trainers seem tight and smaller than my first pair…I have ordered the same size again to see if any different, I wouldn’t want half size bigger..a bit disappointed they look good.

    Having a coffee and sit..

    Jean x

    Jean you will be spending half the day on the toilet,all this water.I know it’s very good for you but it’s not for me,flavoured water maybe.Or with hops in it.Took Heidi out,kept to the shade where possible.Two parcels came,one I ordered last night, a phone case, forgot about it😱.So still waiting for 2 more.

    Jean it is on the coast. Had another look on the map and it is between Cleethorpes and Mablethorpe. Think you were very close sometime last year in the caravan. Not a “beach” as such, in fact we never actually see the sea really. Dunes and marshland, so peaceful. I will WhatsApp a map photo.
    Half a pint of water an hour is a lot! Fast Day going ok today. Off for a walk soon with the pooch. Must get my steps up.
    Endellion, you made me think. I could be going in a bit all or nothing. Must calm down!

    That’s why I never drink water….trotting to the loo….just trying and make an effort..

    Thanks Steve found it…must give it a look when out and about….6 glasses of water…and plenty of walks to the loo 😂..Fitbit has told me I have reached my water goal!..?
    How is your water doing?

    Did you get to the beach?

    Any news???

    Sat a lazy few hours reading….I shall walk later far too hot here for the mutt…

    Keeping strong looking forward to my ham…not yet though..

    Jean x

    Dave – exciting day of deliveries for you! I get so impatient and spent a lot of time refreshing the tracking link!
    Sweet of you to say so – often I really feel like I’m doing great and living life to the full, but then occasionally I have those worries I’m missing out on settling somewhere…

    Jean – leafy strange things is right up my street too! Haha!
    Impressive loss for her regardless, and very motivating too I bet.
    Well done all the water. I drink a LOT as well, probably around 4 litres a day?! Which is odd as not much of it seems to make it out of me again. On FDs though I make more of an effort and I get sooo bored of peeing.

    Mel – it’s something I’ve been guilty of in the past, going all in, but then it not lasting. Sometimes somewhere in between and flexible is more manageable and keeps things nice and steady.

    I’m feeling hungryyyyy but am still on just black coffee so far today. It’s been productive! I made a start on this English course and did some of the initial assessments, and it has me at 22% complete already. So perhaps not 120 hours after all, thank goodness! Off to work out outside in a mo, then shower, and dinner. I’m thinking a veggie burger and piles of vegetables to go with it.

    Hope everyone’s FDs are going well! x

    I have received three fishing parcels forgot about one of them. Got a packet to put my old phone into to trade it.But the phone never came.I got onto them and they said it’s not in stock even though it’s paid for. Called to get a refund and they asked if they could call me back which they did. They don’t have any blue phones but have black.I am not worried what colour it is so it’s coming tomorrow 😁The case I bought for it came today.Not had much to eat today just toast for breakfast.When my phone comes tomorrow I will wipe my old phone clean and send it off.

    Hi all!
    We had a nice time out at the beach- nothing like some of the spots on TV, so we were on our own! The town area seemed quite busy so avoided that. On the way back hubby decided we’d stop & explore a footpath which goes through the marshes, I’d mentioned I’d like to go there one day, so we had a nice walk, but it was really sandy & I was wearing sandals, so my feet ended up filthy, hadn’t dressed for a hike!
    Enjoyed the sun in the garden briefly, then planted up the cosmos I’d grown & sowed some spinach. Cooked everyone else’s dinner, going for a liquid FD today. Going to walk Xena& then do the watering, will take my mind off it!
    Sounds like everyone is keeping strong!

    Evening everyone, completed my FD without feeling too hungry – maybe it’s because of the heat.
    Have had a slightly different day today firstly husband fancied a cycle ride this morning instead of our usual walk.
    Then we went to collect our repeat prescriptions and I took the opportunity to go to the fruit and veg shop and stock up so now my fruit bowl is nice and full. Husband wanted to give the car a good run so we went for a ride around for about an hour afterwards – roads were quite busy.
    Jean I find drinking water causes me to need the loo quite a lot so only do it if I’m at home.
    Hedgehogs sounds a lovely day you had despite not wearing the correct walking shoes.
    Dave what a muddle with your phone order fingers crossed it arrives tomorrow.
    Vicky I don’t have a dog but I do have a granddog called Poppy 😉
    Endellion what interesting jobs you’ve had.
    Mel I’m sure you’ll soon be back into the 5:2 way of life.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning all!
    Well done to everyone yesterday, a good FD done. No breakfast for me yet, hanging it out a bit longer!
    Been out with Xena, last hot day for us, nothing planned so may be sitting in the garden later!

    Morning everyone!

    Dave – annoying about the phone mix up yesterday but fingers crossed it’s with you today without any problems.

    HH – glad you had a lovely time at the beach and it wasn’t too busy, but shame about your sandals. Hope they clean up okay! Did you manage yesterday entirely liquids!? I’m so impressed!

    I decided to try and bring my FD yesterday back to 500 after being more like 750 on my past few. It was a mistake… It turns out the 750 amount seems to be the sweet spot for me, meaning I normally sleep just fine. Yesterday, though, I was so hungry in bed I couldn’t drop off for hours, and had to come down for a snack. Lesson learned!

    I’m going to tackle some more of my English course now, and try and get to about 40% complete. It feels good to engage my brain on something! Then I’ll be zooming with a Spanish family I au paired for a whole SIX years ago (I can’t believe it was so long ago!).

    Hope everyone has a lovely day! x

    Morning All..
    Cloudy and sunny day, early walk with Oreo at the park….so sad at the park last night, a few large groups of youths left the park in hell of a state with rubbish, cans and bottles all over. Someone put a message and photos on the FB park site, the park keeper was in at 6.30 picking it all up….it’s totally disgusting…

    Doing jobs off my to do list today…finish the front windows, door and garage door ..car needs washing too, that will be later too sunny at the moment…a bit of ironing ..

    A good fast day yesterday with lots of water drunk…must push on with water today and get my steps up going to the loo 😂..

    Daughters hubby made the stone off too!!..he loves ice cream by a family tub size !!..chocolate brownies late at night…so cutting things out like that will pull you back…!..still will power is still needed.

    A good bulk of your course completed that’s really good…

    Hoping your phone arrives..

    Good day on a quiet beach, lots of walking in wrong shoes hope you feet survived ..well done on your liquid fast and pushing it on too…a bit cloudy here but warm…rain tomorrow ☹️

    A lovely fruit bowl, I missing the fresh stuff…just ordered from my local shop for delivery later…I might venture out next week for some shopping, needing meat and a look around…
    Hope you are not aching after your bike ride..you haven’t done that in a while…

    Well done all the fasters….

    Jean x

    Morning all

    Camping and a weekend ‘off’ was great. HH – we did move ‘sites’, but only from one side of the garden to the other to allow the grass a bit of a reprieve!

    Loved to hear of your ‘meal out’, Jean…used to quite like a KFC and a Franke and Benny’s!

    The boy has 2 days off just now – I was hoping to keep him in the routine of working in the morning, so I hadn’t told him…but one of his pals on fortnite mentioned it, so I was rumbled!

    I’ve developed a new recipe (may have mentioned it before – sorry if I have!). I’m calling it Dunfermline MEss (after the Eton variety). Frozen fruit (partially deforsted in the micro gives a lovely mix of hot and cold) with loads of skyr, and a couple of broken ginger nuts (yes, I did drop the packet at the supermarket) – yum!

    Keeping it light today because we’ve got Balmoral pies from the butchers for tongith…again – yum!


    Morning Minols..
    Glad your camping went well and you had a different view from last time 😂…I think it’s lovely doing it with the boy…
    The new recipe sounds lovely but I would change the Skyr to double cream, a bit allergic to yogurt..but a good idea, sounds tasty..
    Just making rhubarb crumble and custard for lunch, just a change…Steves favourite still most things are 😂

    I fancy making some bread, don’t know if a good idea or not 😱…just thinking…Balmoral pies?? Not heard of those…

    Jean x

    Can you get any flour? Impossible to get any here. Going to Sainsbury’s soon and Denise is going too.My phone is being delivered between 1-30 and 2-30 today so I have said to my son DO NOT move until it comes.Sunny and hot here, Heidi fast asleep,but if I go and sit in the kitchen she will wake up and come looking for me 😁

    Hello to all!

    So nice to meet you. Yeah trying to do 800 every day this week to get me started. Already lost 5lbs, after my first two days. Got a bit of a keto headache today though, must drink a bit more water I think.

    I have got flour…Minols was buying flour pre isolation, I thought it was a good idea..so I doubled up.
    Bread not looking good maybe my yeast isn’t good, supposed to be rising…

    Hope the queues are not too long…and your phone arrives ..

    Jean x

    Afternoon all!
    Dave- hope the shopping goes okay & you get flour…managed to get more expensive brands a couple of times here. Farm shops locally have some too, are you a long way from any? Some of the bakeries round here sell flour too, might be worth ringing? Fingers crossed for your phone too…
    Minols- glad the camping was good! Hope your son enjoys his time off! And the pud sounds yum…
    Jean- rhubarb crumble for lunch?! Sounds yum as well! Don’t think you’ll want to be busy after that, a sit down might be needed! Hope your shop delivery is good today…
    Endellion- hope the English course goes well, sounds like you’re steaming through it! See how it goes with 750cals, if you don’t lose much on that you could do an occasional extra one?
    Nana- nice to have a full fruit bowl again! You are good with the exercise, walking & cycling, was your knee okay?
    Kay- have you heard anything?
    Mel- you were quiet later, did your FD go okay?
    Got the 2 sets of french doors cleaned inside & out- not sure when the window cleaner’s coming, but was fed up looking at the dust on them, so dry here! He’ll probably come tomorrow 😬. A bit of other cleaning done, so feel I’ve earnt a sit down outside. New hose has come, hubby & son putting the reel on the wall now. Will make my evening job easier! Just broken the fast with a very light lunch…

    Rhubarb crumble was nice..you get fed up of usual things, tea cake, crumpets, ham sandwich you go round in circles with the same stuff..maybe that’s just us..
    Just going to do my front windows don’t really feel like it now….so hot…I think it should be in the shade now…
    Charlie seems to be beside him self in the heat..he keeps going in the sun stupid mutt…
    The hose pipe will help tonight with all the watering..

    Well must move….

    Jean x

    One of my best friens- we met in antenatal classes so have known each other 21 years- is moving, down to Gloucs 😢😢 She told me it was on the cards as her hubby had a job offer, but all definite now as their house is on the market. I will really miss her…

    Hi everyone
    Yes HH my fast day went well. Did over 21,000 steps too and obvs no wine, so a good result.
    NFD today but eating mindfully re carbs and sweet stuff.
    Jean, I am with you drinking the water. I seem to get up three or four times a night though regardless of intake. Had a horrible throbbing headache in the night, not dehydrated so think it might have been too much sun?
    Had to take pills at 3.00 am.
    HH what a shame about your friend. Most of mine live in Kent so we don’t see each other as often as we would like but you just pick up where you left off. Easier now we are retired.
    Rhubarb crumble sounds nice. Reminds me of a B&B in France where we had homemade blackberry and apple crumble for breakfast!
    Sorry, stepdad just arrived. He is rebelling against being shielded and has come to sit in the garden for a while. He did the same with his lady friend yesterday. He was getting so low, I am sure the mental benefits outweigh any risk. We are in such a low risk area anyway. Speak tomorrow, fast day again then.

    Jean – sorry to hear about your local park. It’s just horrible!
    We had the same the other day, my neighbourhood collected 60 bags of rubbish from it all. Luckily the local MP has managed to put some special order on the area already, that gives police more powers to break up antisocial groups. So, maybe worth a strongly worded letter from a few of you…

    Minols – your camping sounds fun, and so does that dessert! I try and keep things exciting in my garden too by inching round to slightly different reading spots each time. Got to get our thrills from somewhere these days.

    Vicky – wow, what a great start! Well done you. Keep up on the water, especially with this heat. Which part of Cornwall are you from?

    Dave – if all’s gone well, your phone should be with you by now…!

    HH – you’re so busy as usual! Hope you enjoy the sit-down after all that. Really sorry to hear about your friend moving though, these things are so hard. But you’ll still be able to see lots of each other hopefully. Long weekends visiting..? It’s funny, I have friends who live in different countries I sometimes end up seeing more of than the nearby ones as you make more of an effort to meet up.
    That’s what I’m thinking too – if things slow down too much with 2 750FDs, maybe adding in a ‘low’ day once a week as well to keep the overall deficit? Might fast again tomorrow, then have a 1000cal day on Friday or something? There’d be room for dinner and some wine.. We’ll see.

    Mel – well done on your fast and moving so much! 21k is a lot! Headache doesn’t sound too good though, so I hope today you’re all back to normal.

    Pleased to say I got through to 40% of the course. Today was all about transitive and intransitive verbs, antecedents, compound-complex sentences… All this jargon! My brain feels ready to explode!

    Just a bit of Portuguese study to go now, then time to relax. I think another yoga session from my friend again, then maybe a short walk outside once it’s cooled down a bit too.


    HH we got some plain flour and there was no queue at all.I am typing this on my new phone 😄.As we got back from Sainsbury’s the van pulled up with my phone 😄.Took no time at all to set it up,all the apps transferred from old to new phone.Must trim then down.Got to get used to android 10 UI.It says the battery lasts for up to 3 days,don’t believe that but would be happy with two days. Got to delete everything off my old phone now and pop it in the bag they gave me.

    Hi All…
    Finished all my windows and washed the car…so very hot…spoke to Texas daughter, Zack ( he’s 10) was going on a play date today, his friend was playing with someone yesterday who tested positive for Covid .
    It’s a worry….he obviously isn’t going now….

    Well done on your 5 lb off a good start…

    My bread went in the bin…it was really bad…no idea why…and my food mixer too…I can’t do cakes in it or bread, waste of money and cupboard space..
    It’s sad your friend moving away maybe you could visit…

    21000 steps a good day…I haven’t been good on the water I forgot again…Enjoy your step dad visit, I do feel we are all fed up and missing people….just long days of work work work…
    Interesting crumble for breakfast…

    Jean x

    Endellion- I live on the Roseland in a small village called Tregony.Good luck with all the study, I’m just finishing a degree in Media and hand in tomorrow, looking forward to relaxing!

    Thanks very much Symba!

    Vicky- sorry, missed your last post, what a brilliant start! Will be good to get your degree finished, & relaxing from now on?! Is it nice & quiet in Cornwall or are you inundated with day trippers?!
    Mel- I could eat apple crumble for breakfast too! Well done with your fast yesterday & the steps, maybe the headache was the heat…nice for your stepdad to get out, I’m sure you’re isolated enough, some of the shielding people they’re allowing out now…
    Jean- shame about the bread, was the yeast new? A bit radical, the mixer going in the bin too 😂 A lucky escape for Zak & cancelling the play date. Your daughter’s doing well with the weight loss & exercise, how does she find the time for exercise with 3 children & Max?!
    Dave- good you’ve sorted the new phone already!
    Everyone having easy dinners tonight although nearly all different! Will take Xena to the park afterwards, does seem to be cooling down now…

    Morning all!
    Seeing Mum today, it would’ve been Dad’s birthday, so a rough day for her. She wants to visit the graveyard where his ashes are, & have bought her favourite cake, she seems to be comfort eating still! Going out with Xena in a minute.
    Have a good day all!

    Morning All…
    Drizzle this morning not full rain…..a different day so different jobs, I will have a think while out…leaving for the park in 15 mins catching up with Oreo…it will be nice when Steve can venture out and go to some Country Parks and we can go together…

    A hard day for all of you, sending you my thoughts and hugs…hope it all goes well for your Mum and with no set backs..
    The mixer has gone the only time it worked well was when you was working with double the mixture for cakes, I like my hand mixer best. ( I put it in the waste bin should it of been recycle?) I had the dough in the mixer then I took it out and started to do it by hand I possibly killed the yeast messing about with it…stopping and starting….

    Good you have got all your Uni finished…sit back and think of your future and have a relax….

    You are really pushing out with your course…well done

    I am so pleased about Tara…safe journey and keep us up to date…it’s so exciting…

    Jean x

    HI all

    HH – hope your visit with your mum has gone alright. So sad for her and you.

    Kay – I’ve clearly missed something…Tara?

    Vicky – hope your able to just unwound now the owrk is finished for uni.

    I’ve nailed the boy’s bum to the chair all morning with maths and literacy, so now I’m going to belt through my work for the next few hours – doesn’t feel too bad today, although I need to make some calls this afternoon. Pulled something in my back yesterday and although the arnica and nurofen combo eased things, I’m still stiff and sore today, so I should probably move around as much as possible.

    I think summer has left the building, too – grey and cool, fading to wet…!


    Morning everyone!

    Slow start for me this morning. Was in bed for ages with my mind whirring, ugh.

    Jean – sorry to hear about Zack, you must be worried…
    Not sure about bin or recycling for the mixer. I put things like that on Olio, have you heard of it? You just snap a picture of food or non-food things you want rid of, and other people who want it get it touch to come pick it up. I leave the things out the front and they just pop round. You’d be surprised the things people have wanted to take off my hands! Open cosmetics (the lady wanted them for a women’s shelter), old jars, books…

    Vicky – ahh, lovely! I know where you mean. I’ve not been exactly there but I’ve spent a week in various parts of Cornwall for 20 years now, most springs. I love it!
    Wow, you must be feeling so excited to have your degree finished. Congratulations!

    HH – sending well wishes to you and your family, it can’t be an easy day for you.

    Minols – nope, I’m not impressed with this change in the weather! Where’s summer gone?! Ouch for your back… I hope it eases up more today.

    Hungry and drowsy but going to have a strong FD today. Plenty of coffee, more of my course, then soup tonight plus the weekly quiz.


    Morning all. Minols, Tara is being collected to come to her new home as I write! Gosh you have a busy life, hope the back gets better soon.
    Fast day for me too, will think of you Endellion if I feel weak! We have got this….
    Thinking of you HH on not such a good day for you, dull and drizzly too. Rain not enough to help the garden, just enough to be annoying.

    Looking at my last post, it seemed that Tara was coming to me. Of course, she is Kay’s new dog.
    Jean, my water intake has slumped again. On my fifth mug of tea though 😂

    Hi all!
    Minols- is nailing son’s backside to the chair a tried & trusted technique? Did it work?! I thought he had a few days off? Hope you get the calls done & your back improves quickly…
    Jean- I’m sure you’ll think of some jobs to do! Have they said how long Steve’s immune system will be low after chemo? Dad’s was compromised for a while I think, but the treatment varies…the mixer would be in the normal bin for us.
    Endellion- we have freelyweely, sounds like your recycling site, but they’re only doing essential items at the moment, so can’t get rid of anything! Well done with the English course, hope the FD goes well & have fun with your quiz tonight!
    Mel- keep strong with your FD, have you got anything to do to take your mind off it?
    Dave- how’s the new phone, are you pleased? Hope Heidi is eating again?
    Kay- new doogy, so exciting!
    Vicky- hope you’re staying strong too…
    Mum opted to visit grave this afternoon, & didn’t want to do anything else…she was already in quite a state on the phone this morning, so not looking forward to it; decided comfort eating was in order for me too today 😞.
    Fannied about all morning trying to get an order of a cream tea for my friend’s birthday (after getting the idea from Cakeywakey), but as she’s in Belfast all the independent places delivery costs are exorbitant, so had to go through Amazon…ordered lots of birthday cards through them too. And the window cleaner came- I knew he wpuld because I did some of the windows yesterday! He comes about every 6 weeks but it’s a bit hit & miss…have done some other jobs but not accomplished much. Oh well, off to Mum’s now, thank you for your thoughts…

    Oh dear, struggling a bit so thought I would vent here. Felt fine this morning and full of mojo. Just had a nap and now feel low and missy. Perhaps it’s the rain and greyness that is back. Paul out with Jodie. I should have gone too, would have felt better. Just thinking of our favourite little Scottish hotel and how I wish to be there. Anyway HH my mind is taken off as I have started a new cross stitch. Suddenly realised our niece is pregnant. I knew but sort of forgot! As I did one for the first, obviously I have to do another one. I like starting new projects so I am doing that as it came yesterday. Perfect thing for fast days as you have to concentrate. Will put a photo on WhatsApp whether anyone is interested or not 🤣.
    Ok feel a bit better now. It does help, rambling on here. Will sit calmly and do a bit more.
    Vent over.
    Sorry this was all me!
    HH I buy books by the ton on Amazon but never thought of getting cards there! Good idea as very few shops here sell them. Enjoy your comfort eating! Much needed I would think. Hard to see your mum upset.

    Evening everyone, forgot to post yesterday and also forgot to weigh myself so will weigh on Friday now.
    Exciting time for you Kay getting your new fur baby as I call them. We got to visit our daughter and son in law this morning and Poppy went mental when she saw us – so lovely to see all of them. No rain here but it was very chilly sitting in the garden at daughters should have taken a fleece.
    Hedgehogs a difficult day for you with mum I’m sure. I’ve also taken to ordering cards from Amazon also got some more stamps.
    Mel glad you’re feeling a bit more upbeat now. It gets to all of us now and then.
    Minols Hope back is a bit easier now.
    Jean expect you’ve been a busy bee as usual.
    Dave have you mastered your new phone now and got it the way you want it.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening All..
    Kitchen closed and fasting now for tomorrow…

    Steves CT scan is on Friday so D day next Wednesday 😬

    Hoping your back improves for you..yes it is cold our heating is back on, Steve feels the cold at the moment, he is on his tired mode for a few days…

    My mixer is rubbish I wouldn’t even pass it on…good luck on your quiz tonight..

    Snap ..good water on one day..just tea on the others ..naughty me!…I started a cross stitch before Charlie, I don’t have time now…please post picture..

    Hope your days gone as good as they can..Steve immune system takes about 6 weeks to get back to normal, I think…I don’t seem to have done much today..sorted my sock drawer out, some thrown away, replaced with new ones…a bit of shopping done…drying washing on radiators…
    Hope you sorted something out for your friend, I never know what to buy…

    You must be warmer than here..I more or less had winter gear on!..lovely to see Poppy so excited to see you…I have had a day what never really got started..must get busy tomorrow..

    Are you all sorted with your new phone…

    Hope all your shopping is done and Tara is excited to be home…lots of cuddles tonight..

    Jean x

    Mel – ugh, its been a bit of a tough one for me too. Whenever I wake up to a grey day, it seems to really affect everything! Gave up trying to do anything productive really. Ended up forcing through my workout in the end, then having a very long relaxing shower, exfoliating, moisturising, lighting candles and doing makeup for a trip to the shops. Possibly excessive, but it made me feel better.
    Hope you’re back to yourself now! Everything for me feels better now I’m full of soup and getting ready to see all my friends’ faces on zoom.

    I was wondering why the soup I made for dinner turned out so runny – it’s because I missed out the peas! Only just noticed now reading through the recipe again. Still tasted good! I saw the recipe on another thread and I can recommend: https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/courgette-pea-pesto-soup

    Morning All…
    A grey day, very dull..
    I have a lot of aches this morning, hungry and tired?? Not a good start to a fast day…

    I have a pile of ironing growing, three lots on top of each other I think….I hate ironing …that’s the job of the day.

    I have a very lively bouncy Charlie this morning wanting to play..I feel I haven’t opened my eyes yet 😂…he’s looking out of the window which means walk time!!…a 9am playdate so he has to wait.

    I like the idea of a full treatment and getting ready to go out…that’s good… my hairs in a ponytail now its easy and looks cxxp …not like getting it blown, straightened and ready to go…always makeup on to start the day.
    Glad the soup went well even without the peas….and your meet up on zoom…

    Hoping Tara comes around more today and settles into your routine..looks like a lot of TLC and treats are needed…have a good day at work and you haven’t thrown a sicky 😂..I know you won’t want to go today…

    Anyone else fasting with me…

    Must dash running late now…speak later…

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Had a really bad night’s sleep so managed to sleep until 8.30, which is not like me! Going out for a walk with Mum soon, & then Tesco order coming later…fasting with you Jean, aiming for another liquid day, aim to repair the damage done by overeating yesterday 😰

    Good afternoon everyone.Phone sorted out now, almost got it how I want it. Trying a new message app for my new watch. It’s been a little tricky setting it up but I think it’s working now.If it is I can speak into WhatsApp to reply to a message. Cold and grey here today, at least it’s cooler at night. Kay what a lovely looking dog.Minols on your next service on Facebook bring your dog with you so we can see it 😄. Heidi’s legs are going I think, not too bad yet but monitoring her. Better take her out now.

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