Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Can’t believe I’m just getting on now…and Zoom meeting is about to ping at me!
    Busy day doing not a lot – if you now what I mean…oh well, good job I get a whole new day tomorrow to try again!
    Sounda like some good fasting going on and Nana – great loss!

    Start again tomorrow.

    Well done on the 2 lbs off that’s a good number…I must up the water I never drink enough. Your carrot cake muffins sounded lovely too…it’s nice to please people on these mundane days…

    Dave ..
    Hope your watch soon arrives..a long week for you to wait….no wine till Friday….

    Enjoy your zoom meeting…they drive my daughter crazy, far too many…

    Jean x

    Nana- well done you; that’s a good loss! Nice neighbours you & Jean have!
    Jean- so pleased that Steve is feeling good this time, hope the blood test is fine tomorrow & he can crack on with the last(?)treatment!
    Dave- enjoy your new watch…don’t envy you new gadgets to get used to, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy playing with them! Hope Heidi picks up…
    Minols- hope your meeting goes well…
    Thanks for asking about Xena- looks like it’s healing well, hasn’t bothered her at all, but I think we’ll leave chasing a ball about for a few more days…took her out for a late walk again out to the forest, very hot here earlier. Stuck to the FD & under 800cals, think I’ll have a nonFD tomorrow. Did some more in the garden, we nipped to a garden centre near us, it was nice & quiet, bought some cauliflower seeds & sowed them in pots, see how that goes! Otherwise was quite lazy & enjoyed sitting in the sun! Off to bed soon, night all!

    Hi all.

    Yesterday was an enjoyable afternoon on the beach and some catch up tv in the evening, like gardeners world!

    This morning we went out for a walk/run and were out on our feet for about 70 mins and according to the map covered about 5.5 miles. Quite chuffed with that. Only running the downhill bits and a bit of the flat 🤣

    Today was ok food wise. 852 cals so just a few over my plan of 800. Tomorrow is a NFD, not sure when my next FD will be, Thursday or Friday.

    Nana, well done on your 2lbs.
    Everyone seems to be doing ok on fasting at the moment too.

    Not sure what Im going to do tomorrow, apart from washing the back downstairs windows and brushing down the woodwork and cleaning my car. Neils in work til 2ish and I was going to drive over to the beach with my book but it could be busy again. I hope its warm again tomorrow though, at the moment I cant see much outdoors, the sea fog has drifted in and the temperature has dropped.

    Id forgotten about the fishcakes Jean, I enjoyed them!

    I need to make a note of the recipes Ive had from different people!

    Hope everyone is ok.


    Good morning everyone,not often I get on here before HH 😁.Just getting things ready for fishing.The sun is out so not great for fishing but at least I won’t be cold. Definitely a high calorie day today😲😲.

    Morning All..
    A beautiful day again.. early river bank and village walk …now sat at hospital in car..usually 30 mins or so..

    Start of last treatment tomorrow ..8 days then it’s chemo over.. waiting for CT scan they are doing 7 a day instead of 30 so it’s getting him in the queue…then seeing consultant on results 😬… then depending.. a few weeks off to let his body recover before radiotherapy .

    Glad Xenia’s leg is improving it takes time.. like you a lazy day I think today… trying to buy sage to make fish cakes tonight…
    My coriander In its pot is doing well everything else died!!!..They take a lot looking after 😂 not so green fingered… hope you get your seeds planted later.

    Enjoy your fishing today.. don’t get burnt…

    Your beach walk looked very nice lovely you found empty areas… out already for a run/walk well done on that..
    Katie and hubby in Texas are on a loosing weight mode both have put a lot on, they are running everyday and bought home second hand gym for all the family to use…

    Sea fog always brings in the hot weather or goes in or out with the tide… have a good lazy day..

    So hot in the car.. doors open..

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Dave- enjoy your fishing day! Hope it’s not too hot for you…
    Kay- well done with the exercise! Hope you get the jobs done & can find a quiet place to sit! Any more work coming up?
    Jean- hope the blood tests are okay & you can get the last chemo done. Shame about the seeds- my 2nd cress lot did really well, haven’t done any other shoots as the tray I ordered still hasn’t come! Lettuce & carrots outside are doing well…
    Endellion, Minols, Mel, Nana- hope you’re all okay & have a good day…
    Not sunny here now, but still muggy, think I’ll wash the car, has been too hot the last few days. Asda order coming later. Enjoyed my breakfast this morning! Have already been out for a very long walk with Xena.

    Morning everyone!

    Dave – hope your phone comes soon… is it a smart watch? Enjoy fishing today.

    Jean – what brand of trainers did you get? They sound amazing! And the Bakewell tarts do as well.

    HH – gah, losing a post is the worst kind of punishment. Well done on powering through the hunger and having a successful FD yesterday, and I’m glad Xena is doing okay too.

    Kay – ahh, so jealous of your beach! Whereabouts are you?

    Minols – busy days doing not a lot is pretty much how I would describe every day at the moment!

    Nana – congrats on the two pounds, that’s brilliant!

    I just weighed and no loss yet compared to last week. So I’ll be keeping an eye on things to lose that last pound to reach my May goal.

    I was FaceTiming the Brazilian I was seeing in Rio last night. He asked me if I wanted to move out there, become his business partner and start a hostel with him. My mind is whirring! I’m not sure what I’m going to do yet, there’s definitely a lot to think about.

    More bits and bobs to do today. Hoping to make sauerkraut today (first attempt ever), workout, then there’s the weekly quiz tonight. Hope everyone is having a great day! x

    Endellion- wow, a huge decision, but what an offer!! Although I would guess that tourism is going to be majorly affected for quite a while, so maybe the timing’s not great! Enjoy making the sauerkraut & hope the quiz goes well!
    Got my car finished just as the sun came out, so at least it didn’t dry streaky! Asda order came…hubby not happy as one of the things which didn’t come were his pizzas! Nor did son’s low sugar icecreams, so guess it’ll still be me making him a pudding! Kitchen floor washed & drying, just sitting in the sun as there’s not alot else I can do 😉 Have finally finished the CS Lewis book I started early on in lockdown! Something more fluffy next, then will re-read the Contented Dementia book to remind myself how to handle Mum 😂

    Evening All…
    We have had a good day, just 30 mins at the hospital, a run round to three supermarkets to find sage, nearly gave up but found some…bought Charlie some cheap toys which he has destroyed, which we expected gave him some fun and annoyed our neighbours which was a bonus 😂

    Made my mums fish cakes which were absolutely delicious…three have gone in the freezer…

    Hospital for chemo in the morning then take Charlie to the park..I shall be fasting..

    Things missing from your Asda order, it’s hit and miss…..you seem to be doing well on the outside plants…I like easy fluffy books usually given to me from my sister….I read a bit in the garden a good temperature out……does your mum knows she has dementia, or is it skirting around it…my sister is getting worse, she doesn’t drive now but won’t get rid of her car??..she did about 500 miles last year, 800 the year before…she doesn’t have much conversation now, when she never stopped talking before..it’s hard…

    I bought Adidas Ultraboost 19..(last years style) they were £160, then with 30% off, then there was SHOP30 prom code as I went on the adidas site, I put it in at the end..my first pair £83 and my second pair £78…unbelievably comfy…with all the walking I do I need a good pair. I must admit seems they are a bit round at the front but getting used to the shape…you have to go up a full size…I then sent for socks too, I shall send for more of those too 😂 naughty!

    A lot to think about to join your friend in a venture….it sounds exciting though…It’s the waiting to do all the travelling and when it starts moving again….

    Jean x

    I have spent a fortune on trainers,but the most comfortable are Sketchers.Caught lots of vitamin D but only one fish, way to warm.

    Morning All..
    A dull start this morning trousers back on….going to drop Steve at hospital then pick him up about 1.30..
    Then walking Charlie at the park..cutting his walks down today he has been really busy these last few days he looks tired and lots of miles covered..more than usual…a lot of less sleep…
    A bit of cleaning to be done when I get back, I will go from there…Fasting for me today…

    Sketchers are a bit too flat for me, looking at what the grandsons wear…so pleased with what I have found.
    Shame on the lack of fish yesterday maybe too hot…don’t they bite more when chilly?

    Have a good fasting day, I am sure there will be a few with me…

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Jean- thinking of you & Steve today, hope that the last chemo goes okay…enjoy your walk with Charlie, glad he liked his new toys 😂 Bought Xena some Kong tennis balls, supposed to be harder wearing. I love my Nike trainers, although don’t wear them for dog walking, they’re too nice! My walking boots are looking very battered, so I’ll need to get some new ones soon!
    Dave- shame about the fishing, but at least you got a change of scenery, & your Vit D…
    I’m fasting too, will walk Xena in a moment. We went for a walk we’ve not done for a bit last night, the path was much better maintained, you do do a really long loop down to a road & back through the forest, might try it one day!
    Might be the last clap for carers tonight…

    Good morning everyone.Sunny again here, definitely a shorts day.I may take Heidi on her favourite walk but I will keep her on the lead I think. I am very impressed with my new watch. I charged it up 2 days ago and it’s still on 60% .Not used it yet because I am waiting for my new phone to pair it with. Had millions of calories yesterday so better stay low today.

    Morning All…
    Walked and back now, a shorter walk today….Steve is waiting for more blood results looks like he may have to have a blood transfusion again, so maybe a long day or back tomorrow …🤞he gets away with it….

    I must admit I felt like that, to expensive for dog walking, Steve told me to use them and not put away in a box like I do 😂…keep my walking boots for mucky rainy weather, keep these for dry days…😂 they feel like my slippers!!

    I feel lacking in different walks with Steve not walking with me, hoping we can get about when he is feeling more like it….good you have another walk to go on…how is her muzzle going?
    I suppose the clapping has to stop at some time…the roads are nearly back to normal and parking charges are back on at the hospitals with the barriers are back down and full too…( we don’t pay as cancer)..these last 9 weeks were all free, lucky to see a dozen cars parking…

    Glad the watch is working well and keeping the charge nice when you can pair it up…my trainers are due today, must leave a note on the door when I pick Steve up…where go you go fishing? Steve was asking.

    Well cleaning is waiting must move…..

    Jean x

    Afternoon All..
    A productive day all dusting, hoovering and washing floors done, bathroom done..Charlie is sulking, no food eaten and sat in Steves place…..joined me outside now….they are funny…

    Made a 4 egg tuna quiche for me this evening I shall have half with salad garnish 250 calories..so not bad and a change…

    Steve has to go back to hospital tomorrow for a blood transfusion, he is supposed to be very tired but he isn’t..something is really low in his blood…normal with chemo it’s how it effects different people..he has been very well these last three weeks so I will have that as a side effect…

    Very quiet on here…everyone ok….Fasting going good here…is anyone else fasting today? Just hedgehog and me?

    How are you doing? You sound busy or sat in the garden 😂…like me now…

    Jean x

    Jean- a shame Steve has to go back tomorrow…but that should help him keep well, very good that he’s felt okay recently!
    Dave- enjoy your walk & fiddling with the phone!
    Walk with Xena was going well- we’ve given up on the muzzle, she spent the whole ‘walk’ sliding along the ground trying to rub it off! Josie got used to hers after a few walks but not Xena! Holding a stick had worked well, but she hadn’t been trying to eat the bracken recently, until today when she had a munch! So back on the lead today! Did put her in the front with me on the way home, & she was much quieter, a bit distracting though! Did some ironing before it got too hot, have made spag bol for boys & Mum, & nipoed to our little chemist- one of my eyes is all inflamed so have some drops. Going to see Mum soon. FD going fine so far, salad again tonight…

    Heidi met a young Labrador on our walk and it just lay down in front of her 😁.She got home and ate all her tuna and iams mix, then drank lots of water.A beautiful day here, I expect thunderstorms some time in the coming days, but hope they stay away. No food yet today so who knows it may be a fast day.

    Afternoon everyone,

    HH – shame about the order not all coming – hopefully they’re not too disappointed! Mm, love a fluffy book. Could do with one the moment. I’ve taken on one at the moment that I’m really not in the mood for.. bring on some chick lit!
    Sauerkraut seems good thanks. It was very easy and just needs to sit for a few days until it’s ready. I’m excited to try it!

    Jean – ahh, I’ve had a google and they look amazing. I’ve always been tempted by Adidas after hearing good things from friends. I’ve never tried them before though, and have always stuck with Nike – I’ve done promo work for them and got freebies. Which I adore!
    Glad to hear Steve is feeling okay all things considered.

    Dave – enjoy the sunshine in your shorts. Don’t get too ‘rosy’ like I did this morning!

    Ugh, tricky day. I had a fall out with a friend and it was all down to something I did. So I feel pretty terrible, and need to find some way to make it all okay.

    Otherwise, I’m okay, and have already made some spiced sweet potato and pumpkin soup for FD dinner tonight. Think I’ll be off for a walk soon then an online yoga class later to think things over and calm my mind.


    All home now..a pain for tomorrow but never mind as long as he’s ok…..just having a cuppa…walking later tonight too hot today, he’s still upset with him self no food yet..Sulky..

    My trainers have arrived, very nice..strange they look smaller an allusion with the colour…😂..hope you sort it out with your friend don’t leave it too long…it can fester…have a good yoga class later is it easy to follow on line..

    Steve is looking really well at the moment hope it continues..it’s awkward with the bracken, I can understand how she doesn’t like the muzzle, I wouldn’t want one on 😂…hope your eye improves do you know the cause…

    No rain forecast this month…..Steve didn’t know Debdale Centre sounds good lots of activities..

    Tuna quiche made getting a bit hungry now..I shall have the other half tomorrow…

    Jean x

    Endellion- hope that you can sort things with your friend… Have you though about doing a food blog? Your cooking always sounds delicious!
    Jean- hope the new trainers are as comfy! Well done fasting, quiche sounded good.
    Dave- well done if you do a fast today- not long until weigh in!
    Dinner eaten, still hungry! Taking Xena out soon, that’ll distract me, & it’s only one day, will be a nonFD tomorrow😀

    Evening everyone,
    What another lovely day it’s been. Have completed my FD having 700 calories.
    Jean as you say a pain for Steve especially as he’s looking well at the moment. New trainers sound good need to sort myself some new ones as my sketchers are starting to wear out now.
    Endellion hope you’ve been able to sort things out with your friend.
    Hedgehogs how’s the eye now easier I hope.
    Sounds like a lot of us have completed a FD today well done.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Mornign everyone…where are you all? Nearly 11am and I’m the first on?

    Sorry to have been absent last couple of days…hope Steve the vampire does alright with tthe transfusion today, Jean.

    Seem to have missed a whole trainer conversation…my key thing is always something that doesn’t rub at the heals. I got really annoyed when my last pair didn’t start rubbing until I’d walked for 30 mins…too late by then! Funnily enough, though, they’re fine for running…just not walking!

    Been up hours trying to get a writing block of work finished…one thing to pull together this afternoon…then 24 hours off hopefully, and maybe camping this weekend.

    Take care everyone.

    Lost my post, noooo!

    Morning everyone,

    Jean – glad your trainers are here! Getting deliveries during lockdown is basically the highlight of my day haha! The yoga class was great – my friend is the teacher and she went to drama school, so she’s very good at explaining everything clearly as well as demonstrating.

    HH – woohoo, the NFD is here! I do have an instagram page for food – do you use it? if so I can share the link 🙂

    Nana – congrats on a good FD.

    Minols – odd about the trainers. Maybe it’s something to do with sizing? I read somewhere that for running you want the shoes to be slightly bigger than for walking, so maybe that makes them slip around a bit more when you’re walking. Just wondering!

    Hope everyone has a lovely weekend. I had an alright FD yesterday and slept well. Oddly wasn’t hungry at all when I woke up today, but had a small piece of banana bread with my coffee as I want to work out soon, and I’m always a bit limp doing that when I’m running on empty. Going to do my best to have a good busy day, and take time to give myself a pedicure in the garden. No loss for this week, but usually it shows for me the day or two after a fast. Fingers crossed for tomorrow…


    Good morning, HH what are your. I virtually never get on here before you. Another sunny day, Sainsbury’s shopping when I get dry from shower and have a cuppa.

    Morning All….just 😂

    I decided to take Charlie to the park first then straight to hospital…poor Steve has waited two hours for the blood to get to the ward, now it’s about 3 to 4 hours to have his 2 pints!…not a happy bunny.

    Just finished making my dips to go with our Indian tonight, our curry is a leftover in the freezer, I thought the dips would stretch the meal..not sure how much is left…

    My daughter is popping to see me tomorrow Steve will stay inside..we will keep our distance..I have made some tiffin it’s one of her favourites…it will live in the fridge through the week carefully eaten 😂

    The vampire is not happy!!…I never find anything to fit on my feet everything makes them rub or sore..Grandson has just sorted my daughter out with trainers and she told me how good they are, I bought one pair and sent straight away for another pair, they are like slippers!!..with the walking I do with Charlie I was prepared to pay more for comfort….they are actually running shoes…Adidas ultraboost19 60% off direct from adidas.
    Enjoy your camping this weekend it’s so lovely at the moment…I am having a lazy day did loads yesterday just taxi driving Steve today…enjoy your time off too…

    Your yoga sounds good, too old to do it now I think I could have been tempted if younger..I like the sound of meditation/ mindfulness, I have a few books on my kindle I never seem to get to read them..

    I have stayed the same like you, I don’t mind while in lockdown up and down an odd pound you would expect…enjoy your workout and pedicure later…

    Hope your shopping day goes well…lots of cars about…

    Hope your eye is much better today…lovely day for walking still I suppose too hot now, early was lovely..

    Have a good day..

    Jean x

    Back from Sainsbury’s, Still can’t get any flour, shelves always empty.Its very warm today so Heidi’s only going to get one walk I think and that will be later this evening.Have you looked on m&ms website for trainers,very cheap on there.

    Afternoon! Not quite sure where the morning went!!
    Minols- hope this weekend’s sermon goes well! And enjoy the camping, in the garden presumably, or are you going somewhere else to check your eyesight?!!
    Jean- hope Steve gets sorted soon, very frustrating. I remember all those waits when we’d have to take FIL in- he’d be given an appt to get in for, but they were always surprised when he came, & never ready for him! Will be good to see your daughter…
    Dave- flour is still tricky to get, weird. Was it in here, not sure where but someone said it’s not the flour that there’s a shortage of but the packagine…not sure about that as there are still some bread products we can’t get.
    Endellion- well done with the FD, good you slept okay this time. Enjoy your work out! No, sorry, I’m not on instagram, a shame.
    This morning was busy- didn’t have a good walk with Xena as she was naughty, but am trying her in the front seat, & she seems better! A bit weird her right next to me, she’s clipped in but not sure how well it’d hold her if I had to stop suddenly! All 3 of them wanted haircuts, so did that, cooked youngest a breakfast before he went to work, & half way through making a cheesecake too. Mum’s latest whim is getting cordless phones, we brought them back to ours to stop her fiddling (she does that with new things, unpacks bits, puts them somewhere & loses them!), so have been sorting them out, & writing out easier instructions for her…will take them over & see how she gets on!
    Right, need to finish the cheesecake & mop the floor!
    (Eye is improving thanks, still a bit sore. I get very dry eyes, I think as it’s so dusty out walking that combined made it get inflamed.)

    HH there was a program on TV about flour.The company who mill it said 90% of all flour goes to baking business and the other 10 percent to supermarkets.One firm cut open their large bags and started weighing out smaller amounts and selling them to the public.

    A lovely meal feel full, opened a bottle only one glass…up to now….

    Charlie needs his walk, first time ever I feel as if I can’t be bothered too late, different if Steve was with me.

    Are you after trainers…a very hot day here..

    Getting a dab hand at haircuts…who will be standing when they open again…one thing for sure you are cheap 😂
    A struggle with your mum with the phone..hope she can manage it…good Xena is good in the front seat, maybe you can transfer her on the back seat if she gets used to it…

    Well trainers calling take my boy out..I wouldn’t leave him you all know that….

    Jean x

    Jean if I get anymore trainers Denise would kill me. I have a lot more shoes than she does. Just took Heidi out,it’s still very hot. 😅😅😅.

    Hope your walk is good, Jean! Must admit we’ve had a nice meal tonight & hubby’s had wine- he took her out earlier in the heat as he didn’t want to come for a walk after dinner!
    Poor Mum was in such a tizzy; she’d decided to get rid of her car just before lockdown, so obvs hasn’t been able to…my cousin has said he’d like to have it, & they’re coming tomorrow while they can! That & the new phones is all a bit much- she was teary this afternoon, the car going will remind her even more that Dad’s gone, & it would’ve been his birthday next week which she’ll get worked up about 😧
    Good job I’ve got cheesecake to look forward to!

    Evening everyone, just finished watering the front and rear gardens this weather is lovely but it would be nice if we had a spot of rain overnight. Now just chilling with a nice glass of chilled pinot grigo .
    Jean enjoy your walk I’m sure Charlie will.
    Hedgehogs a busy day for you with your mum bless her hope she’sbeen able to master the new phones. Enjoy the cheesecake.
    Minols enjoy your precious time off and enjoy camping.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening everyone.

    Not sure where today has gone! I went to the garden centre this morning, not sure how it would be, be actually it was fine. I managed to get a few pots to put the rest of my tomatoes in and to start some peas off. Also couldnt resist a few more plants to fill out my border 😀

    Then I visited Lidl to see if they had anything in their offers. I was surprised that they have started getting people to queue up with 1 in 1 out, about time really as they have been quite bad with their control. Still not brilliant at the tills, but better!
    Morrisons was unpleasant! Didnt have to wait long to get in but it was quite busy in the store and a huge queue for the checkouts and when I get to the checkout, the cashier was having a good old chat with the customer over a slow checkout. I was glad to get out!

    This afternoon I was doing my stint at the community shop, but it was quiet.

    Im not volunteering next week, Im having a week off. Neil is off for a week as he has to take some of his holidays. Obviously we cant go anywhere or do much but at least we will have time off together and go for walks and to the beach.
    Im still going to do my paid work on Thursday as I dont want to miss out on the money at the moment!
    I applied for universal credit last month as I knew that I wasnt eligible for the self employed grants that people are getting as I hadnt earned enough in the qualifying years. I was awarded the princely sum of £130 universal credit for the month of April 😀
    Neil has continued to work and we do have a bit in savings, so I guess I was lucky to get that. It hardly covered my loss of earnings though! For working one day 8am til 4pm I invoice the company £84, so 4 days in May, so that will be £336, so worth doing that and forgetting the U.C. Still not enough to cover the rent but luckily we have the savings to dip into for now. Roll on October when my endowment matures and I get my pay out! Back into retirement then! 😁

    Im loving this weather. Sad that I cant see people still and Im not convinced that this easing of lockdown is right just yet, but we will see…

    Still waiting for news on the rescue dog we want to adopt. Staying positive and as long as the drive to where ever she is and back is doable in a day, it will be all systems go!!

    Just realised Ive yet to water the garden!! Must go. Hope everyone is ok.

    Kay x

    Morning All….
    Love these lovely days….walking soon waiting for a bit of heat in the sun..then shorts and strappy top….

    Daughter coming pm for a cuppa in garden with distance in place and Steve inside..

    A steady day food wise..we had quite a lot yesterday…

    Your Mum seems to get her self in a tizzy a lot, things must upset her and it’s hard to handle for her…she must miss your Dad a lot, he maybe carried her for a while without you all realising how bad she was getting..now she has deteriorated more…quite sad for her now…and hard for you….

    A late walk was nice it’s just getting going after a meal and wine….

    Our gardens are feeling the no rain issue, I think we have some on Wednesday don’t know how heavy…enjoy your walk this morning…

    Hope you are camping while it’s nice weather..rest up if you can enjoy family time..

    Our Lidl seems to be organised, foot prints, lines and arrows..someone at the door too…might start venturing out again at a good quiet time….once a week or longer if I can..
    Have a lovely week off with Neil, some walks on the beach…hoping you hear about the dog, about time some luck was in for you…..you deserve a new baby get you walking out again…….

    Charlie is averaging 10 to 11 miles a day..he did nearly 14 the other day he was shattered it was too much for him…it’s nice to see what he’s up too…

    What are you doing today…cooking some nice things bbq?

    You sounded as if you where looking for more trainers…have a good walk…

    Have a good weekend..

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Kay- everything crossed for you & hope you hear about the dog…a nice week off with Neil to look forward too. Difficult to know what to do about the money, good that it will get easier to manage in October! Managed to pick a quiet time to pop to the garden centre this week too; not going anywhere else!
    Jean- well done with all the walking! & Charlie! Normally Xena covers probably about 4 x what we do running about, not so much at the moment as she’s on a lead or playing with sticks…have a nice chat with your daughter later!
    We did know Mum was getting worse when Dad was still here, he’d tried to get het to see the Dr but she wouldn’t, he was definitely her rock & she’s quite lost without him 😧
    Dave- hope you can get out a bit in the nice weather & enjoy the sun! Glad Heidi’s eating okay now, I wonder what had upset her?
    Endellion- hope you can enjoy your garden again, what are you cooking today?
    Nana- glad you’re enjoying wine in the garden! Watering is taking me quite a while too- saw an expert on the news saying it’s best to give them a good soaking every few days rather than little & often, helps the roots grow stronger…I guess that it won’t make much difference with plants in pots though, have alot of them! Hubby has ordered a hose so hope it comes soon, Xena wrecked the last one!
    Had a nice walk with Xena, she was good today! Will pop & check on Mum & take her cheesecake shortly, not sure what else, a bit hot for doing cleaning…

    Heidi didn’t have much to eat yesterday but is eating ok today.Another scorching day.Just deciding where to take Heidi,if I leave it up to her it will be Debdale park.Watching a George Formby film at the moment.

    Happy Saturday everyone!

    Jean – ooff, poor Steve. 2 pints?! The only time that quantity sounds appealing is when it’s beer, and it’s going INTO my body. Hope he’s alright.
    Curry sounds great, what dips did you make? You inspired me with the tiffin and I had to make some myself yesterday too! Did a mix of digestive biscuits with dark chocolate and stem ginger, utterly amazing.
    Well, my friend teaches all ages, and is very hot on reminding everyone that there’s no such thing as being good or bad at it, and that we all have our own way. Mindfulness does sound good, but I’ve never got into it either… I need someone to force me!

    HH – mm, that was me talking about the machines for packaging. And I’m sure there’s bakeries struggling to make their business social-distance friendly so that could be why they’re lacking things too? Just guessing, anyway.
    Glad your eye is getting better. Do you use daily saline eye drops? I have a friend who studied optometry and she advised me to use them as mine are very dry as well, which just makes you more susceptible to frequent soreness and infection. You’re keeping busy as ever! I Hope your mum is okay.. How did the cheesecake turn out?

    Kay – honestly, the government payouts are terrible. Despite being self employed, there’s a few agencies that pay me directly rather than me invoicing them, which means they eat into the ‘over 50% of your income coming from self employment’ qualifying threshold. So in the end, I’m dependent on the few agencies that have chosen to furlough me. Which isn’t all of them, funnily enough. Ugh!
    Fingers crossed for your rescue dog!

    Haha, love that everyone is asking what I’m cooking! Am I so predictable?! Yes, I am!
    No bbq today, but I think I’ll be doing a massaman curry (a thai-indian fusion) with coconut milk, aubergine and sweet potato.
    Feeling good today – did my pedicure yesterday and manicure today, posted some old books for eBay buyers, and filled my room with peonies. They smell incredible!


    A lovely oops 4 hours with daughter, a good chat in the garden and SIL (very surprised) popped on his way to work for about 30 mins…

    Strangely after complaining they never bother with Charlie, daughter was chatting and stroking him…which was nice…

    Easy meal tonight, fish cakes for me with bread and meat pie and peas for Steve…I will enjoy that…

    My Indian dip is, mayo, garlic and red onion, and few other things added, I do it early to mingle flavours…we think it’s amazing we both love it served with poppadoms..
    The other I do, just chopped cherry tomatoes, seeds taken out, small amount of chopped red onion a shake of white vinegar, a touch of sugar, quite plain to go with the curry..
    The 2 pints sound a lot better in beer !, 😂

    I always use rich tea biscuits for my tiffin a totally different taste….maybe for you another time….I threw a handful of raisins in this time..( more like a chocolate finger taste)

    Enjoy your curry tonight…it’s strange I only have been eating curries for about 5 years…I really do like them now, better me cooking them I know what’s in them😂….

    Have a good night..

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, just come in from sitting outside and having a lovely BBQ and a couple of glasses of wine.
    Jean glad daughters visit went well and that they were kind to Charlie bless him. Looking forward to seeing daughter and son in law either Weds or Thurs this week as they’re son in laws day off.
    Fingers crossed it’ll be lift off tonight husband looking forward to it if he can keep awake after having a few🍷.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Jean- glad you had a good time with daughter, maybe like you said they don’t like to make too much fuss of him in front of SIL? Hope the tiffin’s good!
    Endellion- the cheesecake was good thanks; I put the melted chocolate in a bit too hot to the cheese & cream, it solidified so I put the bowl in the microwave & warmed it, the chocolate melted again, & it still set!! Your curry sounds lovely, again! Do you make the padte yourself? I’ve got a jar in the cupboard but do usually make my own curry base. The tiffin sounds great with the ginger, I might try making that for mum! I use Xailin eye drops for my eyes, they get very sore otherwise…
    Dave- hope Heidi is okay, & it’s just the heat putting her off it. Where did you go for your walk?
    Minols- how did the camping go?
    Kay- really hope the dog is right for you…
    Hope everyone else is okay!
    Been busy, Mum was a bit teary, keep reminding her why it’s right for her to give up driving…one of my aunts very unhelpfully suggested she could get a smaller one! They both know she has dementia, I don’t understand why when we’re trying to make her life easier & less stressful, they try to complicate it 😬😬. Jean, I think you said your sister’s getting less talkative, thankfully Mum is still easy to talk too, even if I’ve heard it already!
    Got quite a bit of pruning done in the garden, lovely in the sun. All the bits stuck to the suncream on me though so ended up grubby & sticky! Took Xena to the beach later on, nice & breezy there, she had a good run about. Just had dinner, & sitting down, feet ache!
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone!

    Good morning everyone, and happy sunny Sunday!
    Isn’t it just so beautiful at the moment? My absolute favourite time of year! I’m reminiscing back to this time last year, when I could go out and work. Lots of hostessing at beautiful private parties, in the most insane houses and gardens you’ve ever seen… Always with so many flowers covering every surface. Including one of my favourite jobs ever, working for an Italian Prosecco company. It was a luxury food and drink festival in Regents Park over five days, I think. Gorgeous marquees everywhere showcasing all sorts of delights, and my job was helping out serve Prosecco during masterclasses… Then the rest of the time sipping Prosecco (or gin from our next-door stand, or chilled French rosé from across the way). Just one long, summer outdoor party.

    Jean – that’s lovely your daughter stroked Charlie – you must be happy!
    Both those dips sound brilliant. I definitely want to try the tomato one. And get experimenting with the tiffin combinations too!
    The curry came out amazing yesterday – so rich and delicious, not one for everyday but great for a Saturday takeaway-style one.

    Nana – bbq sounds great, hope you enjoyed.

    HH – ooh, that sounds so good! I had a similar issue the other day when I forgot to take the cream cheese out the fridge in advance and it made the coconut oil solidify too soon, oops. I think a chocolatey cheesecake like yours is on the cards for this week, with those biscoff lotus biscuits as the base. I use a vegan cream cheese for mine usually and my family can’t tell the difference at all, success!
    Yep, the curry recipes I use from Meera Sodha are all from scratch. But they’re easy, usually caramelising onions, garlic, ginger or chillis and adding in a few spices, then tomato or coconut milk or whatever it might be. Although yesterday’s did have a paste, but a quick one whizzed up raw in a blender before cooking.
    That’s tricky with your mum. My gran had dementia and she found it really hard to accept she wasn’t able to do all the same things as before. Your aunts are probably saying things like that to her because they don’t want to accept things are changing either, or see her upset. It’s such a hard thing to go through, but it sounds like you’re doing wonderfully.

    I’ve decided to start studying for an English teaching course, so I can give lessons online. It’s not an ultimate passion of mine, but I can’t think of many other income possibilities stuck at home, and it’s usually around £20 an hour, so worth getting into, I think, even if it’s just short term.
    Off to do some sprints (ugh), then meeting a friend in the park this afternoon for some sun and a catch up.


    Morning All…
    Same as same as…a lovely day again and quite hot already…a meet up with Oreo which is always nice and I have a lovely chat with Natalie…

    Nothing much planned see how we go…Steve a bit tired, he took a late tablet as he forgot, shouldn’t take after 6pm it was 9 pm, so he didn’t get any sleep…I had to remind him on a few, his head wasn’t in it….quite complicated really…13 tablets all at different times some with food and some before food…finish today then injections start tomorrow.

    You are always doing something..the English course sounds a good idea….last years job sounded amazing, seeing how the other half live…we all wish 😂

    Have a good day..

    Jean x

    Good afternoon,had my weigh-in and I have lost 5.4 lbs so that’s good. I will do the same this month but will try to add the odd fast day.Very warm here again.I will take Heidi out later and try to keep in the shade.Yesterday we went to the nearest park and I thought she would try and walk to Debdale park but to my surprise she turned off where we normally get on the path and came home.

    Afternoon all!
    Dave- well done on the loss, glad you have something to show for all your hard work! Good that Heidi can still surprise you!
    Jean- nice to meet up with Natalie & Oreo. Hope Steve’s okay the rest of the day! Enjoy the sun, a late walk again tonight?
    Endellion- last year sounded amazing! I guess even if restrictions end there won’t be as much money thrown around now, so the English teaching sounds a good idea! Enjoy your time in the park!
    Sitting outside with my feet in soak (vinegar & listerine, smells lovely!!). Not peaceful though as new neighbours have awful acid house style music going constantly, yesterday they had a builder there again with music blaring out & saws going, not sure what they’re doing, they’ve had work done most of the last year while it was empty too! Hubby has now put on some music to cover theirs, not too loud though, we are considerate!

    Hi there,

    Hope I’m ok to join in, I’m a newbie here from Cornwall UK. I have done the old 5:2 years ago. I managed to lose 2 stone last year using a calorie counting, taken my foot off the gas recently (particularly during lock down!) and have gained 10lb. So I am starting again today with the Fast 800. I am now 12st 10lb. Ideally I would like to lose two stone. Thought I would come on for a bit of support. Good luck everyone with your weight loss journeys! Nice to meet you all!

    Hi Vicky, you’re welcome to join us! Lockdown’s been hard, I did well the 1st couple of weeks & despite still fasting have eaten a bit much nonFDs so am feeling like I need to get a grip! How mant 800cal days are you doing a week?
    Watched our Church sernon late as I had a mishap & we’d have missed the start, & it was all about a lady who’d baked some amazing cupcakes, so thathas made me hungry 😧

    Hi Hedgehogs, Nice to meet you!
    That would make me hungry too! Was daughters Birthday yesterday so stuffed lots of unhealthy carbs. Thought today, enough is enough! I wanted to start my first week doing everyday really to give me a bit of a weight loss boost.

    Afternoon All…
    So hot here…..Don’t laugh…we went out at lunch time, Steve is so good to me 😂..we packed table and chairs, plates, chutney and sauces…we had a Kentucky Fried Chicken drive through…we camped outside Frankie and Bennys…enjoyed our meal…

    Just had an ice cream from a van outside the house….definitely fasting tomorrow…

    Well done a great weight loss for the month…..you must be so pleased…..so hot for walking…

    Yes it will be late walk tonight it’s steaming out side….you must be a bit cooler than us or braver…these DIY neighbours are doing my head in, all bored men!..quiet here today…I am working on my feet every few days they are getting much better, soaking and creaming…

    Welcome come and join us we are a chatty lot about all different things…I have slipped these last three days, lockdown and hot weather doesn’t help at all…birthdays don’t help too…I shall be fasting tomorrow….lots of support if you need it….best to nip weigh gain in the bud while it’s still low…

    Jean x

    After my second delivery, I am facing the issues of constipation. I am also having severe stomach pain. When I consulted my doctor, she prescribed me several home remedies. But nothing works out. I had heard about colace products9https://www.colace.ca/), which helps to get rid of constipation. But I need to know more about it. Does anyone have experience of using it? Or any other option for this illness?

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