Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Happy sunny Tuesday everyone!

    Kay – woohoo, good job! Enjoy your day of foodie freedom.

    Jean – ugh, sorry to hear it. That’s happened to me sometimes and it is SO annoying. Hope your walk is extra lovely to make up for it.

    Mel – well done on the FD and avoiding the wine. It’s a shame it’s so delicious… Before I started up fasting again I was having a drink of some sort every single day. And I’d really look forward to it even if it was just the one! Now I’ll have at least three days off a week and definitely feel that bit fresher for it.

    Nana – I’m sure you’ll be back down again after your fast. Easy on, easy off…

    Had my typical FD sleep last night – trouble dropping off, then wide awake at 5.40am. It’s so weird how it’s nearly always the same time?! Will have to keep working on a solution for it…

    Haven’t weighed in a little while as I got cross with the scales last week haha! So I’m staying away for a little bit and sticking with the plan, to be sure I have a good loss next time.

    Still, otherwise in a great mood today. Did some admin, washed and cleaned all my makeup, brushes and makeup drawer. More added to the ever-increasing pile of things to get rid of, somehow! Will be reading in the sun today, and putting photos up on the wall, I think.

    Hope you’re all doing well x

    Morning All…
    A miserable day who has got all the sun as it needs sharing!

    Just back from our walk a busy walk for Charlie, he is very tired..hoping he’s not running too much..

    Going to make a quiche for tonight, Steve likes it with pastry….my Indian new recipe for cheese on toast, so prepare the topping…

    Lost a long post this morning..a pain!!

    Welcome …are you coming to join us, it would be nice….

    Is it hard to format the computer ..ours needs doing…

    Glad the tuna quiche went well, I have just had a delivery of food, I have a tin of tuna now….but for another day…

    Well done you are back on board…a day off for both of us…thoughtful!…no idea on the lost post, it doesn’t happen often…

    Must look for some older recipes….busy bee, you sound like you are in the army cleaning with a tooth brush 😂..still a job well done with the shower, a pain to do…
    What another busy cleaning day..a nice one sorting makeup that job never seems to be on the to do list….

    Enjoy your day whatever you decide..nice and early for your walk…

    Jean x

    You ladies always seem to be on the scales. I just get on once a month, I personally don’t think it’s a good idea getting weighed to often,it changes the way you think. Off to Sainsbury’s now, hope the queue isn’t too long. Will take Heidi out when I get back.

    Very dull here, no sign of any sun yet.

    Working in the shop this afternoon.

    Think we have some quorn escalopes in the freezer, will have them for tea with salad.

    Think I’ll aim for another 800 day today. Day off tomorrow, then another FD on Thursday.

    Dave, I need to get on the scales regularly, otherwise I end up convincing myself Im fine when Im not!

    A few of you already been for walks. Not done anything yet! I was going to go for a short bike road…we’ll see.

    I think I might have to give up with Sharpei Rescue UK. I spoke to him again yesterday and he was going to send my a couple of photos of a dog, but nothing.
    Its rare to get a sharpei through the ordinary rescue centres, so maybe I need to rethink the breeds and then start looking at Dogs Trust etc.
    This is the ideal time to get a dog whilst I am at home most of the time.

    Still in PJs 🤣 Must got motivated to do something!

    Kay x

    Hi all!
    Glad everyone did okay yesterday, gold stars all round!!
    Had a later walk with Xena again, had to wait for hubby & son again. She’s shattered now, played with son all the way round, very hot bur she hasn’t rested as I’ve just cooked them both lunch! Have to make steak & kidney pie for them before I go to Mum’s, so nothing much will get done today!
    Doing okay, 800cals again…

    I hope you get your pillow sorted and it can help your neck…

    Talking to a Sharpei owner this morning he had a rescue….he said you wouldn’t have much trouble as loads waiting to be rehomed..lots of people take them on then don’t want them, don’t think things through…I wouldn’t give up trying….although through someone who helped him get his first one, they sent him direct to the house, she was a grey 1 year old, never been out on the lead just children playing with her in the garden, it’s so sad for them.

    A late walk for you..enjoy mum later….

    My Indian slant on cheese on toast turn out well, quite tasty mango chutney lifted it…we would have again….

    Jean x

    Quiet on here today, hope you’re not all enjoying your nonFD too much!!
    Hair cut for son & hubby when I got home, ironing, cooked dinner & just washed the kitchen floor…still got to do some watering. FD gone okay though!

    Good morning everyone, ridiculous time to be up🤯.Hope I catch a few fish🐟🐟🐟🎣🎣🎣.Just having breakfast then I will be off.

    Morning All..
    A beautiful day..up early and out before it gets too hot for the boy….on our own today sometimes it’s nice.

    Ordered some new trainers hope they come today they are at the local depot…

    I am doing nothing today!!…the decision is made ….I am having a cuppa with my neighbour at 10.30 just 30 mins or so, at a distance…catch up with local gossip she is good at that, she us very lonely her hubby doesn’t really talk to her…

    Hope the hair cutting has gone ok….hope Steves hair will be growing in two months, get him back to normal. His CT scan will be early June they are just starting to sort an appointment out.

    Have a good day fishing..make sure you have sun cream on…..

    Enjoy the lovely sun…..

    Jean x

    Morning everyone!

    Jean – I have to say, I did find myself questioning myself and my life choices as I sat on the bathroom floor scrubbing with the toothbrush, but there we go.
    Your Indian cheese on toast sounds amazing!

    Kay – hope the sun has come out for you today!

    Dave – enjoy fishing!

    HH – well done on all these low days! Sounds like you’ve been keeping very busy too. I’m so impressed with the haircuts. I’m going to come out of lockdown with the longest hair I’ve had in years haha!

    Was feeling a bit ‘stuck’ the past few days, and felt like I was eating a little bit more than usual on my NFDs… but I decided to force myself back on the scale for some perspective. Luckily I’m back at my last lowest weight, so that’s a relief. It’s nice to feel like I’m going in the right direction, and I’m motivated to keep at it after the scale stalling this past week. Not sure if I’m still on track to lose the 2 more pounds I’d hoped for by the end of May, but either way I’m not far off.

    Another beautiful, beautiful day, and will be a surprisingly busy one for me too. Off to workout in a moment, then am off to meet one of my best friends in a nearby park for a picnic. Then tonight’s the weekly quiz. Will probably be quite a boozy day… Drink of choice will be ‘tinto de verano’ – that’s cheap red wine, lots of ice, mixed 50:50 with diet lemonade. That might sound nasty but it’s really refreshing and not too high calorie either.

    Enjoy the sunshine everyone x

    Morning all!

    The sun is out so I am going to lay outside and read! Maybe a bit of pottering amongst the plants too, although I do need some more large pots!

    Jean, enjoy the cuppa with your neighbour.

    Endellion, enjoy your picnic including the spritzer!

    Dave, looks like you are already going well with the fishing. First one to post here in the morning, thats a first!

    2 successful 800FDs under my belt. Not fasting today but want to count the calories and try and keep within the TDEE. And fasting tomorrow.

    Zoom chat tonight and its round 2 of the world cup of biscuits and my choc chip cookie is still in the league. Im going to make a few so I can showcase how much more fantastic my entry is against the pink wafer 🤣

    Enjoy the day everyone x

    Eek, forgot to post this morning!
    Dave- quite a shock for you being up that early! Hope the fishing & weather are good…
    Jean- enjoy the chat with your neighbour, & hopefully nicer weather for you too…
    Kay- what is the world cup of biscuits? Doesn’t sound too good for the waistline, especially if you are going to have to make more!! Have a good potter about too outside!
    Endellion- scrubbing away with your toothbrush doesn’t really compare with the travelling you’ve done, but hopefully it was a bit satisfying when it was done! Your parents must love having you home, cleaning & cooking…Really well done with the weight loss too! Have a lovely picnic & quiz!
    Nana- hope you’re okay & finding things to do, enjoy your garden too today!
    Hubby woke early for a change so we went out together with Xena- shared the stick playing to keep her away from the bracken, son’s started something now, she’s a bit obsessed with it! Have planted out my runner beans & courgettes, my task for the day! Will enjoy the sun for a bit, Asda delivery this afternoon.
    Fasting still going okay…


    My trainers have arrived..very pleased I find it so very hard to find any to fit me…Grandson sorted me out with colour and size, I went with his choice…very comfy….

    Steve thought I had cooked mushroom pizza 😂 it did look like it..I don’t like a lot of strange things, a couple of mouthfuls I thought it’s fine, different, a bit of mango chutney seemed to lift it..we would have again….

    A lazy day for me, leftover quiche tonight..so no cooking…

    Well done on your weight loss and enjoy your picnic…I used to drink red wine with ice and soda water that’s was refreshing when hot or on a diet…

    I enjoyed my chat with my neighbour about a hour…she is very lonely….

    Hope you get all the gardening done, some sitting too….I was out for a hour I have come in so very hot..

    Love your quiz name..World Cup of Biscuits…my team would be Jammy Dodger or Custard Cream..my favourites. 🤣😂…hope you come top….

    How are you doing anymore fish?..take care it’s very hot….

    Might have another sit out soon, gets so hot for me…Enjoy time out everybody…..

    Jean x

    Fishing was good, caught my biggest ever bream and Carp but it was too hot. I use ultrasun which is the best I have ever used. Only put on once and it dosent leave any stains on clothes.Some of the English cricketers use it.

    Evening everyone, what a hot and still is day it’s been. Took our walk early this morning and have not done very much today apart from sitting in the garden for a while. Had BBQ for evening meal.
    Spent all day yesterday on and off checking Tesco online to book a delivery slot but they were all unavailable until 8th June so decided to stay up until just before midnight to see if I could get one for 9th June was waiting in que for 10 mins then it said to book but there were none available so planned to stay up tonight and try again. Logged again this morning just to check and a full day of slots were aavailable for tomorrow just like that so booked one. I just don’t understand how they work.
    Jean good news on the trainers it’s always a job to get them just right.
    Hedgehogs hope all of your shopping arrived this afternoon.
    Dave good result with the fishing.
    Hope everyone else doing alright.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Evening all!
    Jean- hope that you’ve enjoyed your lazy day! And no cooking tonight…
    Nana- well done getting the Tesco slot- they do release them at random times for ours too, seems to be more early in the morning! I reckon that they get overtime shifts confirmed so can get more workers on & release more slots! I am cross that hubby didn’t get more gas for our bbq before lockdown, so we won’t be having one for a bit!
    Dave- did Denise enjoy getting rid of you for the day?! I’m sure that it was good for you being out…
    Enjoyed sitting out in the sun for a bit, making the most of it! Most of the Asda stuff came except for some veggies; was going to complain but I’m sure they’re rushed off their feet, son comes home saying about customers nitpicking about their orders, so decided not too, just grateful we don’t have to go ourselves! Salad again tonight, lovely to pick my own…FD gone well but more hungry today…

    Denise said she did enjoy getting rid of me😲😲😲.Just took Heidi out now to the resavoirs.My son went passed warming up for his jog.Still very warm.

    Looks like Im first today!

    Full day of work today. It sounds like my main task will be continually cleaning over all touchable surfaces in small ‘welfare’ area and same in building plots between tradesmen. Hope its not too boring and slow as Im there for 8 hours.

    Yesterday wasnt a too bad a day calorie wise, although slightly higher than I would have liked for a NFD, but much better than my usual NFD.
    Today is a FD 800. At least being out all day will control the food intake. Wont eat until I come home from work.

    Cooler out there today and cloudy at the moment.

    Right need to finish my coffee and get sorted. Have a good day everyone and if you are fasting, make it a good one!

    Kay x

    Morning All..
    A better temperature this morning too hot for all of us 3 yesterday…but not complaining…

    Walk soon..

    Fasting today, they do come round quick…Something on toast..?

    A good day yesterday and lots of fish caught…peace and quiet for Denise, nice once in a while..

    Well done on the Tesco slot..I don’t know how you get them….I shall go again on a Tuesday evening it was very quiet, but all stocked up at the moment….good to have lazy day too hot for me in the garden….

    Shame on the bbq gas..I would think it’s hit and miss on orders at times, even on my little shop a few times she doesn’t have it all…I am down to one pot of coriander growing they say very hard to grow it’s the best out the bunch!!

    Have a good day hope you keep busy…..away from the food is pretty good for you…hope you take a flask or something to drink.

    Have a good day….

    Jean x

    Mornign all – quick post – don’t know how I’ve got this far into the week without touching base with everyone…sorry!

    All good here, although I had a bit of an achey bug at the start of the week. Instantly labelled by the boy as you know what! But probably just one of those things, maybe over-doing things, or having too much bread (treated us to a loaf of white from M&S and given we never really eat bread…?)

    Haven’t been up to running either, until this morning. Weight is back up, so I need to do something there, as well. Meanwhile, the OH has managed to lose 6lbs on a diet of Abernethy’s, coffee and a main meal. He’s remarkably able to have a large packet of crisps at his desk and make them last the best part of a week! Love him…hate him! (Obviously over-stating the second part but seriously…to have crisps close by and not have eaten them all within 30 mins???)

    Hope you all have a good day.


    Morning all, I am fasting with you Kay and Jean, decided on the two days off, one day on so will see how that goes. Drive to Sleaford today (about 40 mins) for stepdad and his lady friend’s shopping. Then hopefully garden and book pm. Trouble is with all the planting Paul has done, watering is taking up a long time early eve. Our water bill is going to be enormous!
    Dave, pleased you got a fishing day in, it will have done you good to get out.
    Minols glad you are over your bug 🐛. What are Abernethys? I too could not leave open crisps around!
    Jean, yes much too hot for doggies yesterday. Not much walking for Jodie. Good luck on your fast, although you always seem to get through ok 😘.
    Right, better get dressed!

    Morning everyone!

    Kay – hope you had a lovely day out in the garden yesterday. Well done on your FDs! How did the biscuit wars go?! Hope work goes well today and passes quickly enough.

    HH – sounds lovely – homegrown courgettes are my favourite!

    Jean – great about the trainers. I always find a new pair very motivating…

    Nana – it’s so weird how all these algorithms work for online booking. No idea if there’s any logic to it at all… Still, good news you got one in the end.

    Minols – sorry to hear about the bug, but glad it’s on its way out.

    Mel – fasting with you too!

    The picnic was so amazing yesterday. Sat out in a quiet field with my friend, laughed a lot… he said I was looking great and healthy. It was just so nice to spend time in person even if from a distance.
    Quiz went well too, and decided not to drink for it. All in all a great day but being out in the grass has got me very sneezy!

    FD for me today. Not sure what I’m going to get up to… weather like this just makes me want to be outdoors all day long! Going to get suncream on and begin with a black iced coffee.


    Morning all!
    Dave- Hope it’s not too hot for Heidi, good that your son is going jogging!
    Minols- glad you’re feeling better! Hubby can lose pounds cutting down a little too, very annoying! I’m with you on the crisps, they wouldn’t last long with me either!
    Kay- hope it isn’t too boring for you today, 8hrs with not too much to do…good you haven’t got any food!
    Jean- hope it’s a bit cooler for you all today then! Thunderstorms forecast for us…
    Endellion- enjoy the weather again, sounds like you had a lovely day yesterday!
    Mel- hope that the shopping trip goes well & isn’t too stressful…good luck fasting! I’m spending quite a while watering too, have a waterbutt but it doesn’t last long, so our water bill will be high as well!
    Nana- enjoy another day in the garden today…
    Joining the mass fast, another 800cal one. Weight this morning is maintained, but still a few pounds over where I want to be 😰 I need to be controlled more on nonFDs…Walked Xena, too mant people about this morning, may be because of the forecast here. Xena found a ball again she’d played with before, she couldn’t carry it & pant, but wouldn’t leave it so I took pity on her & hid it in my bag, brought it home & she was so excited, she went loopy!
    Seeing Mum later; saw her quickly yesterday as she’d had a scam phone call, they’d nearly tricked her, but luckily she put the phone down & called us. Sounds like they were quite convincing, told her that her amazon account had been hacked & if she went online they’d talk her through correcting it 😱. She was pretty upset, so had to ring her bank for her to put her mind at rest that all was okay…
    Have a good day all, & keep safe!

    Slapped hands for not checking in….you should know better..glad you are feeling better and it’s not that….laughed at hubby nursing crisps all week, still I have Steve nursing a bar a chocolate for ever, 1/4” bit sucked for ever..mines gone in 10 mins flat when he is on his second bit 😂..keep strong and with us…

    Good luck on your shopping expedition…Charlie seemed awake all day yesterday, he’s a bit tired today…
    Really thinking Charlie walking and fasting, the week is planned for you, it’s no excuses!..Still you have the watering to put into your day too..
    Thinking we may go for haddock and chips again tomorrow they were so lovely…

    Trainers are very comfy..I always have bother with comfort…quite bouncy underneath 😂
    No idea what I am up to today…nothing maybe..I don’t want to bake 😬..jigsaw and book…
    Your picnic sounded lovely a good chat and laughing works wonders…hope your sniffles calms down…

    A good day really I think hotter later, a small shower this morning not enough to get wet..no coat on so a good job..no more rain for us…
    I have had that amazon spam a bit concerning and also an Apple spam, I have accounts with both..the Apple one I was so unsure about, in the end I deleted it without opening it….I thought it would come again if important….
    How exciting to have the ball you have found appear …was Josie loopy like Xena, is it the breed….

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone,it’s not too hot here and thunderstorms are predicted.My son is walking around like a zombie,all I can hear is him moaning in pain.I feel a little stiff after yesterday’s fishing.I have just realised that I have not took any painkillers for 3 days.I bought some vitamin D capsules last month and there is now lots of talk about how good they are in the present times,so I thought I would buy some more,guess what they have sold out. Had to get some lower strength ones which cost almost 15 quid.I did buy a years supply last month but if this virus is still going this time next year I hate to think how much they will cost. It said in the news in Britain you only get enough vitamin D for 6 months of the year. I will check if I can get them on prescription.Still no news about our cruise from TUI and we would have been due to go in under a fortnight.Tried calling them and the number as now been disconected.There is another number we have found but it will probably cost the price of the holiday using it.To make matters worst the kitchen sink is leaking so will have to have a look at it.

    Dave- that’s such a pain about the holiday- can’t remember if you’d paid on credit card, if so they can take it up for you. Hubby’s finally been able to get through to someone for our credit card, they’ll sort getting a refund for our March trip. He’s got to ring about the short break we should’ve gone on to Yorkshire next week, see if we can get our deposit back for that…I had read about the vit D, supposed to give your immune system a boost. (Working on mine now, outside!) Vitamin C has been tried in high doses if you get the virus & seems promising, but that’s really expensive now too! Hope your aches & son’s improve!
    Jean- Mum’s thing was a phone call, & coincidentally she’d just been looking up stuff on Amazon, I think that’s why it seemed so plausible, emails are easier to delete I guess…
    No, Josie wasn’t as excitable as Xena- she loved visitors, but not so much over toys. Xena has got ocertired & silly & grumpy now, being protective of her cushion toy, not the new one, she is so weird!
    Cleaned a couple more windows, dusted & hoovered, too hot to do any more now. Will enjoy the sun while it lasts…

    I went to B&Q to get stuff to repair the leaking kitchen sink.What a nightmare,100 in the queue before me,took about 30 minutes.On the food side of things only had 3 cups of tea, nothing else.Heidi not been out yet but it’s been quite hot so will take her later.

    Evening everyone, FD would have been around 750 but caved in just now and sitting in the garden enjoying a lovely large glass of chilled wine 🙄
    Pleased with Tesco delivery everything arrived with only a couple of substitutions which were items I’d ordered for a neighbour but they were happy about it.
    Well done to those of you who fasted today. Will aim for one tomorrow.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Nana- can’t be much over the 800, so still well done! Enjoy the last bit of sun…good on the Tesco order!
    Dave- shame you had to go to B&Q, hope the repair holds!
    Jean, Mel, Endellion, Kay- hope you’ve all been okay fasting!
    Got eldest to come round to Mum’s to help her with her computer; her security thingy had run out so he sorted that. Had a bit of a sit with Mum in her garden, then a friend popped by, so left them to it…had to make a card for sister’s wedding anniversary, couldn’t find a nice pen so ended up sorting a cupboard out, went through all the boys old felt tips & chucked all the duff ones- can’t throw them all as use them sometimes for homestart families. Filled up the bin again!
    FD has been okay, will be pleased to have breakfast tomorrow!

    Sorry no news on holiday, it’s very bad service I hope everyone remembers the good companies when re booking their next holiday……hope you have sorted the sink out…100 in a queue goodness!!

    Hope mums ok now about the spams…that’s the thing when you have bought, that makes you think, my Apple I just had paid for my storage, a couple of days later I got the email….it’s so easy to bite!
    You are still working hard..I have had two lazy days …
    Going to daughters for haddock and chips again tomorrow while the weathers good….Grandson will go again, daughter is getting me a top up food for me to bring home…

    Lovely evening sat out…..a glass of wine would have been nice…..playing ball with Charlie..

    Fast days gone well….I shall have a wine tomorrow …

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Jean- have a lovely lunch & time with your family again…your daughter must be really worried about the school going back, it’s a big school isn’t it? Must be hard keeping them in small groups, even just 3 year groups?
    Nana- if you do a FD again today, good luck!
    Dave- back to late nights & lie ins? How’s the calorie counting going, I know you don’t weigh too often, do you feel any slimmer?!
    Minols- hope things are going okay, are you back to running daily?
    Kay- hope yesterday wasn’t too long & boring?! Did you keep to a FD?
    Mel- hope the shopping wasn’t too stressful & your FD went okay…
    Endellion- did you do okay yesterday?
    A bit showery & much cooler here today, waiting for the lazy ones to get up so we can have a walk together. Might see Mum again- I want to help her with her Sainsburys order this time, the only way she lets me do it is if I say I need stuff too!
    Enjoyed my breakfast today!

    Hi everyone, yes cloudy and cool here. Fast day went well again, just under 700 cals. Tried the new scales. Seem about the same as the old ones except these go to quarter pounds, the old ones only did to the pound. Down a couple of pounds since I stopped the rot and had two fast days and stopped with the chocolate and nuts! Expecting a Hotel Chocolat delivery soon (my two monthly standing order treat) so will have to be careful. Should stop them really but never actually get round to it 😂.
    Good luck HH with mum and Nana with the fast day. That chilled glass of white wine sounded nice. We never have white because it gives Paul indigestion but it’s lovely when it’s hot out.
    Have a good day everyone, I am looking forward to my two days not fasting. Then looking forward to my fast day. Think two/one ratio is the way for me at the moment.

    Morning all

    Back into control mode. Porrideg for breakfast, cos I had nothing else to give the boy. It’ll be wraps for lunch, and maybe salad for tea, or a tiny portion of schnitzel. There is one bar of my favourite chocolate left and I didn’t stock up when I did the shopping this mornign…the plan is to have just the one piece each night. Didn’t re-stock my biscuits. I’m not allowed the boy’s sweets or crisps. If i need something savoury then my bag is the popcorn…again, the bag to last the week! The one treat will be pancakes on Sunday…but only if I haven’t eaten during work in the morning.

    I love a plan!

    It’s a day of finishing things off today, and a big webinar thing…I should have been at the General Assembly all this week, but that was called off…so a whole lot of stuff condensed into this webinar…I anticipate feeling throuroghly fed up by the time I finally get a late lunch!

    Your postsDave, have been really interesting on the price hikes you’re noticing when something gets suggested as an ‘aid’ to protect against C19…all these things help general health which I guess is what helps everybody with C19. But mentioning one of them at a time does help clear the shelves!

    Meanwhile – still no flour on the shelves, or treacle…fortunately someone left a bag of flour on my doorstep this week, so that’s why I can plan the pancake treat!

    Have a great day, everyone.

    Morning All
    What a windy day…Going to daughters for haddock and chips ..don’t know if we can sit in the garden our meal would be cold…in the garage? In the car?…I have to collect my shopping from her..

    Weight maintaining so ok…would like to see some movement down..really struggling under lock down…no wriggle room.

    Daughters Academy are opening about the 10th for children…teachers in before that to sort out…depending on Boris….it’s taking 18 classrooms to put all the groups in with teacher and their own dinner lady…..if they are wanting the full school in it’s not possible…it depends on staff and unions too!
    Daughters not bothered about going back, she thinks get everyone back,,they are mixing with each other’s families now at home. They are missing to much learning..

    Your Mum seems to do a lot on line shopping for one person, unless the weeks are passing so quick I am not noticing…hope you sort her out..

    That’s good 2 lbs down..you are back on track…..the two monthly chocolate experience delivery sounds yummy….looking forward to my Friday off….your scales are different mine go up in .2 ounces..

    You sorted me out in flour…you bought as we were going in lock down a good idea so I followed you, I still have enough…
    A good plan in place..I like a plan….it must be hard when you have wee ones and their sweets about..

    Jean x

    Hello and happy Friday to all!

    HH – ugh, it’s so awful that there’s people out there making their money in such a horrible way… glad you were able to sort it out. Good news someone’s sorting out your refund for you too!

    Dave – hope the pain your son is feeling is ‘good’ pain… my brother joked the other day that I all I ever say is “ugh, I’m SO tired” or “ugh, my body aches” haha! I didn’t realise I was so repetitive!

    Nana – I ‘caved’ on yesterday’s FD too with a glass of white wine… hey ho, it’s not too much in the scheme of things. As long as it’s not every FD, I think it’s fine to be a little bit flexible sometimes to make it work for you and enjoy yourself.

    Mel – wow, a Hotel Chocolat delivery sounds incredible! I’m so jealous! And it’s great you’ve found a fasting routine that’s working.

    Minols – good plan! What’s that phrase? Fail to plan, plan to fail?!
    Flour has been a struggle for us too. We’ve had luck in smaller shops and the nearby Asian and Polish supermarkets. And I’ve seen Morrisons selling 16kg bags too! I read that there’s actually not a shortage of flour, as such. There’s apparently just a shortage of machines able to package flour into the retail sized 1kg bags, as opposed to the 16kg industry ones that aren’t getting used as much lately.
    Lucky you on the flour fairy paying you a visit!

    Fast day went okay yesterday – not too hungry and ended up around 700-800. Hopped on the scale this morning, gearing up for another ‘same’… but I actually dropped 1 1/2 pounds. Which means I’ve managed half a stone so far! I’m really pleased and also motivated to keep it up now. My initial goal is 5 pounds away… at which point I’ll assess how I look and feel and decide how to proceed.
    The other non-scale-related victory was that I thought I’d give a handstand against the wall ago since I’ve been doing arm workouts lately… and I actually managed it! So… a happy morning for me!


    Can someone remind me of the plan?
    I DON@T get to eat biscuits with my coffee after lunch? Is that right?

    Minols DO NOT EAT BISCUITS with any drink.Mel I have a hotel Chocolat machine,I drank all the milk and ordinary dark chocolate drinks but still have the very dark chocolate.Only used it a few times then looked how many calories there are in a drink so it never gets used now.HH difficult to tell if I have lost any weight. still 9 days to my weigh-in.I will take Heidi out when she wakes up 😁

    Afternoon All…

    Lovely haddock and chips, garden well sheltered at daughters. Lovely chat for a good hour. She is so busy we left her to get on with her work…dings on emails and another meeting to start……chasing vulnerable children up on the phone, she may have to go and do home visits after 4…

    So very windy here the garden furniture is blowing about, hot in the sun…

    Well done on your half stone off…another 5 lbs you are well on your way….
    A handstand, I don’t think I ever managed that a well done on doing it…
    A glass of white wine why not sometimes just go with the flow as long as it’s not all the time…

    Biscuits !…..we have been eating them here is our downfall no more will be bought!!….I really don’t know why I have bought them…….I haven’t really bought them in years, only an odd packet for visitors.

    So No biscuits they don’t go with lunch!!!

    No loose clothes yet to notice….hope a bit shows at the end of the month….when’s the next fishing trip?

    Jean x

    I hope to go fishing next week.Clothes feel the same so fingers crossed I lose some weight. I must check online at TUI they said it can now be done online but then they usually make an excuse because we booked the holiday In a store. Almost got blown away taking Heidi out on her walk.

    I’m not particularly hungry hungry…probably more boredom or habit? How come bad biscuit habits form on just one repeat…good habits take forever?!

    Refused the biscuit craving at lunch…on here again becuase it’s tempting to have one just now with my post-dog walk coffee! I’ll sew buttons instead while I take a break before cooking. Haggis truffles from the butchers tonight! no spuds, just peas and carrots.

    Sorry to bore you with all the details…just trying to keep tight control.


    Keep strong it’s only one day…Enjoy your haggis truffles tonight…

    Hope you get the holiday money sorted out.

    Jean x

    Jean – glad you had a lovely time with your daughter! It’s so windy here too. My window keeps slamming!
    Luckily I’m tall so my TDEE is quite high, around 2200… so it means I can sneakily get away with the odd thing here and there. But I try not to make a habit of it, especially on FDs!

    Dave – fingers crossed for the weigh in, and for the refund…

    Minols – keep going, you’re doing great!
    I’ve often wondered about why I find myself really wanting certain things when I don’t need it. In my case it’s usually emotional – maybe I’m bored or stressed… and having a ‘treat’ feels like something I ‘deserve’. I’ve been keeping a diary to record how I’m feeling and make some connections which has helped a lot. Or I try to really ‘feel’ the feeling and then tackle it. Bored? Ring a friend… Stressed? Cup of tea and some fresh air… Also thinking about how I will feel afterwards if I do choose to eat something. Sometimes the right decision IS to have the biscuit, other times I remind myself of the end goal, or that eating because of a feeling won’t resolve it…
    Another thing I remember reading was the technique of visualing this ideal (yet realistic) way of how you want your habits to look, and then pretending to be that person until it’s natural.
    I always used to want something sweet after a meal, but that’s faded.. a trick is chewing gum or a mint to ‘close’ the meal.
    Just some ramblings, hope some of it might be helpful…

    Felt a bit blah this afternoon but did some more tidying which always helps, and posted things on Olio for people to come round and collect. Cathartic!

    Really REALLY looking forward to a glass of wine tonight.

    Thanks, Endellion – that’s some really helpful stuff!

    I always find if I am desperate for food I brush my teeth, that soon stood the urge. It worked for quitting smoking too.I can’t do anything about getting a refund from TUI until they send me an email.The voucher they send to use for a future holiday runs out October 2021 so that’s no use at all. Probably still in lockdown then. And if we are not I very much doubt there will be insurance that covers Covid19.So it’s impossible to go abroad until they find a cure.What gets me is nobody is asking questions about insurance for the future.

    Evening everyone, been a very blowy but sunny day.Had a low day eating wise instead of a FD but will make Monday my next one.
    Jean another lovely visit with your daughter plus Fish & Chips. Can’t wait to be able to visit our family. Had a text message from our eldest grandson earlier checking to see if we were both alright and that he’s missing seeing us made me feel a bit emotional.
    Dave hope you get sorted out soon with your holiday. Just seen on news that Shearings Holidays have gone under and that’s who we’ve booked with to go to Cornwall in September so will have to see if we get our deposit back.
    Hope all of you are keeping okay.
    Nana x

    Busy today!
    Jean- glad you had a good day, lovely to be able to see your daughter outside…
    Minols- keep strong, glad you’re back on here, it does help! No biscuits except one day of the week of your choosing might be an idea? Popcorn’s a great & low cal alternative! Enjoy the haggis truffles tonight…
    Dave- frustrating with the holiday, hope you can get it sorted soon. They said on the TV you’re entitled to a refund, you don’t have to accept vouchers, if you can!
    Endellion- have decided I’m an ‘any excuse eater’- stress, boredom, just like the taste of it…! Really, realy well done on the weight loss! Enjoy your wine tonight!
    Nana- your family are so close, lovely that they’re missing you! Well done on the low day too. Such a shame for your Cornwall holiday, & you missed your Sheringham one too…
    Mel- well done on your loss, that’s a great start! A Hotel Chocolat regular order? Ooh, I’m envious! Love their chocolate…
    Sorted Mum’s order- she has one about every week-10days or so, Jean, she eats lots of fresh fruit & veg so needs one often! Had time for a game & a cuppa outside, was better then forecast…hubby got a nosebleed on the way to the park so Xena didn’t get her game, so I took her back after dinner. Met one of her doggy playmates, so she played ball for ages! Nice to get home & put my feet up now!

    Dave…heard one travel correspondent suggesting that we go for refunds rather than vouchers anyway as no-one knows if the company will last to redeem the voucher!
    One company that has impressed me is Admiral…got in touch to give £25 refund for every car insured with them. I never even thought about it!

    Yes I want the money, mainly because this virus could be around for years or even decades.When we are allowed to go abroad I am pretty sure the travel insurance will not cover Covid19.So in other words we will not be insured.Should we then need to go in hospital abroad it could cost us thousands of pounds.

    Dave… I don’t post on here , but read posts occasionally. I too had a holiday booked with TUI, due to travel on 30th may. I had an e-mail saying it was cancelled and to await a further e-mail with a refund voucher 4 weeks before travel date. This never came but I rang 02034512868 and although I had to try 34 times to get through to a queue, and then wait 50 mins to speak to an advisor, my refund was sorted quickly and the money refunded to my card in 5 days. I only needed booking number.I have seen that this can now be done on line but this number is worth a try. Open from 9am -7pm.
    Sorry to but in, but thought it may help!

    Thanks Ann we have not had the email yet so can’t do anything until we get that.We are due to go on the 2nd of June.You should come on more often,a nice bunch on here.

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