Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Good fast day then Minols. Back from Heidi’s favourite walk. She will be asleep soon I think. When she finishes panting 😁

    Minols- not sure how many cals in a keyboard! You’ll have to work it out! I am very hungry too 😬😬
    Dave- a good walk with Heidi then, better for her if it’s a bit chilly! How’s the calorie count going today?
    Jean- the pies looked very good! Hope this jigsaw’s not as tricky as the last one!
    Got the bathroom done, another job crossed off my list, plus cleaned the bottom of my wardrobe & tidied shoes- saw on one of the hoarding/ extreme cleaning programes a tip for keeping shoes today standing in pairs on end in a container, job done, much better! A few other little jobs done too, like clearing out the email inbox!
    Trying the SW ‘quiche’ recipe from Cakey tonight- not enough cals to add cheese to it though which would make it better!! Will manage 800cals today but not sure if I can do a 4th day. I know I’ve done longer before, but not feeling so strong!

    Evening everyone, not much to report as every day seems to be the same at the moment. Went for our usual walk this morning but not as far as usual due to my knee still being quite painful. Did a bit of housework and then spent the rest of the day resting my knee. FD planned for tomorrow.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Well the quiche thing was not great, I get cross when dinner isn’t good on a FD!
    May be a nonFD tomorrow, I’m hungry enough now!
    Nana- hope your knee improves soon…

    Sorry the quiche was not great. It’s a throw back for me to my 70s childhood…cheese and bacon that mymim would make in the summer. Loved it (hated that it always came with salad!)

    Well…zoom certainly helped me get through the evening. I’m fine if I can not use my calls during the day and then have a more or less normal meal with the boys.

    Looking forward to tomorrow night’s dinner- just got some chicken thighs out of the freezer and told the OH he’s cooking tomorrow night!


    Morning all!
    Got over my grumpiness last night, & feeling strong enough to do another 800cal FD. So will be joining Jean, Nana & anyone else!
    Minols- enjoy being cooked for tonight!
    Off for a wet walk now…

    Morning all

    Done the dog walk, put together the video for Sunday, eating porridge and feeling ahead of the game (don’t know how long that will alst!)

    My trainer (aka the boy) has asked that we try running at 9 today…not sure about this, but it has meant I’ve had a couple of hours in the study without him for editing which is useful. I’ve always believed I’m better running on an empty stomach – but who knows! Maybe porridge will proove to be the rocket fuel I need?!

    Watch this space…!


    Morning All..
    Beautiful day here….a good walk at the park, we were on our own today…Charlie’s Fitbit was about right…quite pleased up to now with it…..5 mins lower than I thought which I suppose allows for sniffing time 😂

    I am fasting today…Feeling a bit hungry must do something….
    Steves just said…..you are in food isolation today so what can Charlie and I eat!!…that’s a new take on fasting….

    The pies were really good, Steve said better than his shop, more filling inside…working on a system for the jigsaw, seems to be working, coming along nicely.,
    I do like a quiche, I had to put white cheddar into mine it still tasted lovely..do you eat tuna?..SW crustless quiche was nice with onion and tinned tuna, always filling, Steve doesn’t eat tuna….
    You seem to be sailing through all your jobs..got lots done..

    Interesting what your other half cooks tonight…something nice with the chicken thighs..
    Hoping you zoom past on your rocket fuel and your trainer works you hard today……

    You are fasting today?

    Are you up and running yet?

    What are you up to…are you back working…

    Hope babies and mum fine..keeping you on your toes….

    Cakey, Kay….hope all ok…

    Have a good day…

    Jean x

    Yes I am up, looks a nice day outside, the sun is shining. It’s looking like summer is on its way back. Making a pie today,Jean made some yesterday so I will do one today. A steak pie.The butter is a little hard yet so will do it this afternoon. May even try and make a toad in the hole.There is German football at the weekend so may watch that 😁.

    Dave- you want the butter cold for pastry, if it’s shortcrust? Or are you doing flaky? Hope they turn out well! My toad in the hole is often soggy, that’s how we all like it, when a friends child came for dinner he wasn’t very impressed, he told his mum he’d had sausages in butter to eat 😂.
    Jean- good praise for the pies! Enjoy fiddling with Charlie’s fitbit! I will eat fish occasionally, I like tuna- didn’t think of that, it sounds nice!
    Minols- how was the run! Hope the porridge helped!! And being ahead sounds very good!
    Didn’t get too wet on our walk, but it has been showery. Have made macaroni cheese for the others tonight & an extra one for mum, she’s missing coming here for dinner! And trying a new keto dessert recipe, a chocolate & cheesecake layer pud, has 4 layers so will do some today & finish it tomorrow.
    Off to see Mum in a bit.
    Keep strong fasters!

    Well, it’s official…I’m a ‘first thing’ runner! Didin’t finish!

    Dave – you’re tempting me with toad in the hole. I’ve got sausagesin teh freezer so that might well be Saturday evening’s dinner (tomorrow is takeaway – obvs!)

    Managing to be reasonably restrained today for a NFD. Off to do some filming soon, and a meeting tonight to stop me nibbling – hopefully. OH not saying what he’s going to cook…but given we have no veg in the house…

    Hope the fasters manage to finish strong!

    Back from Heidi’s favourite walk, lovely sunny day.Shes looking at me now because she wants feeding and fresh water.Still panting so I will drink my tea then feed her. I bought some Richmond’s meat free sausages on Tuesday at Sainsbury’s and Denise was complaining about them.She had two last night and said they were lovely.To me they were tasteless but she dosent like anything spicy,she dosent even use salt or pepper.Will bake after I finish my cuppa and feed Heidi.

    Afternoon everyone,

    Jean – glad Steve is feeling okay so far. Mmm pies sound great, food isolation less so!

    HH – wow, great work on all those B2Bs! Shoe storage technique sounds great – I’ve never found a tidy way for mine. I’m salivating at the sound of that layered pudding…

    Dave – I’m obsessed with Greggs! I love the vegan versions of sausage rolls and the steak bake, and their southern wedges, and their mince pies at Christmas. Sooo good! Can’t wait for them to be open again.

    Minols – hope there were no tech related casualties in the end with your keyboard! Too bad about the run, but at least you still went out. Good luck for the fast.

    Suffering today… woke up very tired and not in the mood to move. Stayed in bed for ages and began sneezing and sniffling, and feel generally a bit ‘off’. I’m still all pyjama’d and dressing gowned up, and feeling the cold. I’m not sure if getting up and out and working out gently will make me feel better or worse, can’t decide. But a bath is certainly on the cards for later tonight.
    It’s an FD for me today, and I’ll be making a huge batch of pea soup. I do a VERY easy cheats method – loads of frozen peas in a pan covered with boiling water, then sprinkle in some veggie stock powder and boil until the peas float. Then you just blitz it up with some fresh mint if you have it and seasoning, adding more water if it needs. So quick and easy, and incredibly delicious. Very filling, low calorie and high protein too.

    In happier news, yesterday’s quiz night was great, and I was a new low weight (just!) this morning. Silver linings!


    Dave- hope all your cooking turns out well! Shame about the sausages…nice the weather’s still good for you!
    Endellion- surprised that you like the Greggs stuff, being so healthy! My son got me the vegan sausage rolls when I was off keto- they’re much nicer than the Linda McCartney ones! Hope you feel better soon, hope it’s not the virus…good job you’ve not got work at the moment, take it easy.
    Minols- did the porridge weigh you down?! Hope dinner tonight is good…
    Jean & Nana- hope you’ve both been okay fasting today?
    Kay- I guess you’ve had a long day cleaning…
    Hadca nice afternoon with Mum…she’d got in quite a muddle with her shopping- she didn’t want me to help her- doubled on some things, ordered a few things by mistake! Her friend is trying to persuade her to come out for a day trip to the beach, told Mum no! She’s very easily confused with it all!
    Hubby had dog dramas at the park- had to use our spray on 2 dogs fighting (thankfully not Xena!). He said it stopped them instantly, he thinks one of the dogs would’ve been really badly hurt otherwise, the owners were very grateful! Glad we have the spray, good to know it works…
    FD okay, although slightly looser, picked a little when I was cooking 😬

    Evening everyone, FD completed came in at 750 calories. Pleased to say that my knee is not as painful today even after doing a longer walk this morning.
    Hope you feel better soon Endellion.
    Well done to those of you who fasted today.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning all!
    Nana- glad your knee is improving, & well done on the FD!
    Endellion- hope you’re feeling better?
    Minols- hope your dinner was good, & you enjoy your takeaway tonight! Have a good day off!
    Jean- is Steve up to coming out for a bit of a walk? Has he found a bike online yet?
    Dave- hope all your baking efforts were appreciated yesterday?!
    Hope everyone else is okay?
    Nice bright day here, going to take Xena to the beach again, eldest wants to come for a walk too, it’ll be better for his hayfever there. Youngest has worked silly hours again this week, there’s been a sick bug going round at work. A bit worrying that several have had it- they should be being extra careful with handwashing etc so it shouldn’t have spread!
    Nice to not be fasting today!

    Good morning and happy Friday everyone!

    HH – oh, I love Greggs haha! I like that it’s just comforting, cheap food, not pretending to be anything else. It’s not something I’d have every day as I love my whole foods and veggies, but you can’t go wrong with a quick £1 sausage roll lunch when you’re on the go.
    Good news about the dog spray being so effective! Enjoy the beach, and hope that your youngest stays clear of the bug. You must be looking forward to your NFD today! You’ve earned it.

    Thanks Nana – I’m feeling quite a lot better today. Glad the knee is doing alright!

    So, luckily I’m nearly back to normal today. Still feel a bit sneezy and not 100%, but I’m sure by tomorrow I’ll be back in business. Spent the day yesterday resting, catching up with friends, watching Netflix, and managed some gentle exercise. I slept a little better than usual post FD too. I made sure I had a cup of soup before bed, and then some warm milk. I still woke up this morning very early, but fell back to sleep, and didn’t have that gnawing hunger nagging at me all night. So I think I’ll be adopting this on all my FDs.

    Planning on a lot walk this morning while it’s sunny, making that cake at last, and writing another blog post.

    Hope everyone is keeping well x

    Morning All…
    Weather very nice lovely walk this morning…

    Seemed to have missed posting yesterday afternoon…

    Scales show 1 lb off..pleased on that after VE celebrations….we are going to daughters today to sit in the garden, grandson is going to get us haddock and chips..naughty but nice..just for 30 mins..daughter is interviewing on line so possibly won’t see her unless a spare 5 mins between interviewees..taking our own bread and butter…just need a drive somewhere…

    You do very well with your baking…I always use stork margarine for pastry, 8oz of flour use half stork which would be 4oz….up to you of course….throw hand full of sugar In if making sweet pasty …

    Pea soup recipe sounded good…hope you are feeling better this morning….good on the weight too…A good hot sausage always hit the spot….

    Good the spray worked…tried and tested now…nice to try on a different dogs 😂….shame on the shopping drama hope you sorted her out…Steve isn’t walking this week while on his medication week…he has held up good this session not fatigued at all…a couple of good nights sleep too which are a bonus…hoping your son doesn’t get the bug at his shop.

    Good news on your knee take it steady and rest up….

    Start getting ready to go to daughters, do the bread and butter…naughty!!…using common sense…..!!

    Have a good day…

    Jean x

    Time to take Heidi out, only a short walk today, her legs were going a bit although it didn’t stop her playing with her tennis ball last night in the house 😁.No baking today unles I do toad int towl🤤.

    We had a good visit and haddock and chips, I also had a patty..they were delicious well worth a 60 mile round trip..
    We only saw daughter for 5 mins as she was busy on line…lovely chatting with the grandsons just the four of us. We keep missing the younger one with Uni and working shifts….it’s 4 months since seeing him..he has been healthy eating, gym, cycling and running …he’s lost 2 1/2 stone, he looks great always quite fat really lots of bullying at school. A very slim Jim now, needs bulking out at the top but that’s age he’s just 20..shame getting fit for Uni cricket team bought expensive kit and all cancelled now..kit far too big for him now…

    Still quite full..not eaten yet maybe snack later…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, been a lovely day here again so spent most of it outside in the garden.
    Jean glad you’ve had a good day and got to see your family and also enjoyed fish & chips. You both deserved it. We were naughty and had a takeaway pizza to share delivered this evening.
    Hedgehogs another trip to the beach you’re so lucky living nearby.
    Dave hope Heidi enjoyed her walk and her legs weren’t a problem for her.
    Hope everyone else has had a good day.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Morning everyone, happy weekend!

    Jean – well done on the loss! Glad you had a lovely (and tasty) time with the family. Great news about your younger one making big efforts on the health kick. Shame about the kit, but maybe he’ll be able to sell it on next year to someone else.

    Nana – sounds like you had a great day and hope you enjoyed the pizza.

    Feeling back to me today. Slightly up on the scales, but I’m not too worried, as I know I’m in a deficit and I feel (and look) really bloated today. I think it’s TOTM, so it’ll all balance out in a day or two.

    Went for a long walk yesterday, and made a vanilla cake. It came out well but I found it really really sweet… It’ll have to be just tiny slices for me, I think, which I guess is a good thing. And it was so beautiful out I got a bikini on and read all afternoon in the garden. I’m not a sunbather really as I’m super pale and sensitive, and a huge advocate of SPF 50+… But I do build up gradual tan over long periods of time, and the three months I spent in South America have my arms and legs far darker than the rest of me (which is basically translucent). So I’m working on balancing myself out!

    Hope everyone has a great day today x

    Morning All..
    Looked lovely out this morning but fleece and coat on a bit chilly…Charlie met up with Oreo so they had a good run…4 1/2 miles….(Fitbit))…we didn’t do that….

    A bitty food day, some pizza out of the freezer left from our meal the other day a couple of pieces each, something on toast tonight easy day…

    Nice to get out in the garden not too warm here…it was nice our venture out it really broke the day up..Haddock and chips 10/10 worth the 60 mile round trip.

    I wouldn’t worry on the weight I always think if there is a reason why and you know why it’s not a problem..It will soon go…

    Lovely to get your bikini on and rest up in the garden..you deserve it when you work hard.

    Very proud of my grandson, he’s always carried a lot of weight and loved his food. The bullying at school just made him eat more food..different people at Uni maybe help him in a different way, getting into the cricket team has helped a lot. He is about 6’1 now getting tall ..

    It’s so nice to get on the beach for a walk with Xena..I hope we can soon…..National Trust I think are opening today, so as soon as we can with Steve we will get out and about.

    Good the dog adoption agencies are opening it would be lovely to find another dog…so many squabbles in families awful when it’s happening, we have our moments too, all quiet for us at the moment. It will pass eventually so hard on your Mum at her age..they should know better than upset her…

    Have a good weekend everyone..

    Jean x

    Jean- sounds like a good trip out for you yesterday! Grandson’s done very well with the weight loss!Glad Steve’s not feeling too bad. Will be interesting seeing how far Charlie does on his walks! Well done on the pound off too!
    Nana- glad you enjoyed your takeaway too! Are you going to meet up with any of your family outside now?
    Endellion- good you’re feeling better & enjoying the sun, not quite South America, but make the most of it! Vanilla cake sounds good! Have a good day today…
    Dave- did you make toad in the hole? Not fishing today then? It would’ve been an early start!
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Got stuck into gardening yesterday, dug over the veg plot ready for planting next week, & bean canes set up. Would’ve been a nice dinner last night but I dropped half mine on the floor dishing up, Xena enjoyed it! Pudding was good though 😀
    Son came with us for our walk this morning- he was helpful & played tug with Xena & a stick most of the way round so she didn’t have time to eat bracken! Had planned to do some jobs this afternoon but my neck’s painful again, will have to rest it, frustrating 😬.

    No I didn’t make toad in the hole, Denise not keen on it so I will make a small one for me😁.I thought I would leave the fishing for a week or two until it gets warmer,(fine weather fisherman)I sect off for my fishing license so I will wait until it comes. The sun keeps trying to come out. There was rain in the air when I took Heidi out.

    Morning all!
    Very warm already this morning, had a good walk with Xena, will cook breakfast for youngest soon- area manager has changed his shift & is sending him to the shop he worked at last week for a late shift 😬. Then Church online & seeing Mum this afternoon.
    Have a good day everyone!


    Afternoon All…
    A good walk this morning….I got back to looking at some Indian recipes and some on Utube…then busy housework and car cleaning…and back to more recipes..

    I thought I had posted this morning, I have just done one and it’s gone..maybe that happened before..

    Just sat down….

    A good planned day ahead…..enjoy.

    I am fasting tomorrow hoping there are a few of us…

    Have a good day..

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone!

    Jean – can understand why you’re proud of your grandson! It’s a great achievement.

    HH – oh no! Poor you on the half dinner. Hope it didn’t make it an inadvertent FD for you! Enjoy seeing your mum today.

    Dave – looks like it’ll be good weather this week so fingers crossed the licence arrives quickly.

    So, it turns out the hospital really don’t need me back at all. It’s a shame as I enjoyed the work, and now I won’t get to see my patients’ recoveries – they mostly had had strokes or similar and were relearning to walk/speak/write, etc. I had some lovely rapports going and I’m sad I didn’t get to say goodbye at all. But still, that agency has furloughed me. And some other agencies have pulled through in the end too, meaning I’ll get some alright pay in the next few months without doing anything. So, I can’t complain really!

    Spent a good chunk of time tidying and cleaning yesterday, and today went in on my jewellery. I decided there’s no point having things I don’t love, so some has been got rid of, and the remaining things have been polished and buffed til they’re shining. It’s a good excuse to fill some of the gaps with some new, higher quality things too. Amazon Prime is a quarantine godsend!

    Hope everyone is having a lovely afternoon x

    I can use the email if I go fishing before the proper license comes.Cant find my club license now, not seen it since I rejoined the club in February. Will have to go through the cupboard now 😭.Jean you posted similar on WhatsApp group.

    Evening everyone,
    It’s been a lovely day again – got our walk in early but there were a lot more people around today.
    Did some ironing and changed the bed and got that washed and on the line then did a little bit of gardening before sitting down to enjoy the sun whist having a couple of San Miguel 🍺 and some BBQ chicken and salad.
    Just come inside after watering the garden.
    FD planned for tomorrow.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Endellion- what a shame you can’t say goodbye to your patients, I guess they’re not letting in any visitors so yiu couldn’t pop in? You’re being very productive, glad that you’re getting some furlough pay 👍
    Jean- have you found some recipes to try?
    Dave- not a bad idea to leave the fishing for a week or 2 so it quietens down…hope Denise is okay.
    Nana- has been busy on walks here too. Glad you’re getting to enjoy the garden & your new outside furniture!
    Minols- hope your service went well today!
    Hope everyone else has had as good a weekend as possible!
    A lovely walk with Mum, although a bit hot for Xena, don’t normally take her out that time of the afternoon in the heat… Lots of people on the path too, & some big groups. Mum enjoyed it, she wouldn’t walk anywhere like that on her own.
    Fast day for me tomorrow- is it a mass Monday fast?

    Morning all!
    FD today- really didn’t feel like it 1st thing, but I know if I’d have ducked out that’s a slipoery slope & would happen another day, so need to get a grip!! Doesn’t help that a local WhatsApp group I’m on sent round a message of new Tesco delivery slots for 2 weeks time, so have had to book & do that, not good to be thinking about food already!!
    Good luck to anyone else fasting, & have as good a day as you can!

    Morning All…
    Up early too…dull day hope it improves…

    Charlie has lost 1 lb…still on our scales not the vets…see in two weeks at next weigh in…

    Walking shortly, Steve having a ride but not walking today…

    Lucky you are furloughed at least you have money coming in…shame at not saying bye to your patients

    I did similar on both sites as some can’t get on the other group…..good you can go fishing…

    Good keeping busy and doing jobs…Life is very the same each day….

    I have found a few recipes to give a go …..even Indian slant on cheese on toast 😂..

    Hope you get a food slot…chin up we can do the fasting together you will do it….

    Must go getting the look…seeing Oreo…

    Jean x

    Right first post for a long time. I finally feel up to fast days again as the situation seems? to be improving. Maybe I am just getting used to it but my mood is improving. Have been quite low but get like that anyway sometimes. Anyway FD800 for me which means no alcohol today for first time in a while. That will be the tricky bit tonight at ding! 7.00pm. I am like Pavlov’s dogs. Talking of dogs Jodie is back from her walk and needs her breakfast making. Will be posting regularly now I think.

    Im fasting too today and Mel, Im with you, no alcohol today!
    Im up and down in my mood and this has been affecting my fasting, which in turn has made me feel rubbish..

    Had a nice day yesterday, did some planting up in the garden, enjoyed a drink sat outside later in the day and had fun on a zoom meeting in the evening with a game of ‘Would I lie to you’

    Slow to get going today, cant decide what to do. Still only working one day a week, Thursday.

    Right, a shower and get dressed, that will be a good start!

    Here we go fasters!

    Welcome back things are so difficult at the moment…I am not a down person but it’s seems to hit me too at the moment on some days..
    Good you are going for a 800 day, hedgehog and me are fasting too..not sure who else at the moment…

    Just fed Charlie he eats after his walk too…maybe be needs toilet duties first and playing on an empty tummy..

    Nothing much planned today, a bit of ironing, I might visit my neighbour in her garden if it’s warm enough at a distance..her hubby has been ill for 10 years I think she is finding it hard, he doesn’t really speak to her at the best of times…common sense as Boris says….

    You are with us today too..it’s so hard and as you say the alcohol is creeping in, the baking doesn’t help..you had a good garden day it helps to keep busy if you find something to do…keep strong..

    Just going back on my recipes…I never know what to do on spices, the Utube chef she is Indian third generation family, she was very good explaining…I usually use the different Pataks curry pastes to start my curry’s off, I may have a go with my spices now…she showed how to make the basic sauce then half the recipe to make two different curry’s…I have all the spices in to have a go…😬…the meat curry has different spices to a vegetable curry..
    The other was using Pataks, Madras or Balti paste, adding to cheese with a few other ingredients, cooking on toast maybe a change for lunch…might try that tomorrow…

    We are all together keep strong everybody….
    Jean x

    Morning everyone (just!)

    Nana – sounds a lovely day yesterday!

    Jean – well done to Charlie! And good luck on the Indian cooking. It’s my absolute favourite and I make some sort of curry buffet at least once a week. I also go with Meera Sodha recipes, they’re incredible! I find it so hard to believe sometimes that by following the right combo and quantities of certain spices I came make something tasting so authentic.

    HH – nope, unfortunately no visitors allowed… it’s a shame because in that ward people are in for months recovering, and I’m sure regular visitors speeds some of them on their way.
    Still, they’re in good hands!
    You’re right, I think if you skip one FD it becomes easier to do it again. Better just get it out the way, and tomorrow is only just around the corner anyway.

    Mel – welcome back! Glad you’re feeling up to it and feeling better.

    Kay – glad you had a lovely day yesterday.

    It’s weird at the moment, and lots of people I know, myself included, are feeling down lately. I think I was somehow expecting the announcement last week to be a huge relaxing of the rules (not sure why, as it wouldn’t make any sense). So accepting it’s all here to stay is tough. But the only thing we can do is to keep on and be kind to ourselves, and remember it won’t last forever.

    FD for me today, which I’ve been looking forward to, oddly. Enjoyed my iced coffee in the garden, and will be tidying some more today, working out, and probably relaxing outside later on. Gotta keep working on evening the tan out! Making a huge stirfry for dinner tonight.


    Miserable weather here…you all seem to be having good…no neighbour visiting today…

    Looked at the recipes she is cooking veggie and vegan….I know more Indian recipes are that but I like some meat…I shall make something for lunch tomorrow on what I have found..surprise Steve 😂

    Fasting going well, I had an oxo to drink for a change …I have been doing my jigsaw coming along nicely, thats it for today…I have the boy snuggling on my knee, I don’t like to disturb him. A couple of hours before walking again.

    Keep strong everyone…

    Jean x


    Hi Lucia, welcome.I to am fasting today. Had 40 calories so far today.Formating my laptop at the moment so it’s passing time.56%done.

    Hi all!
    Going okay but tummy gnawing! Pottered about, had to finalise our asda order for Weds, making koftas for the boys, hubby & I having egg salad, but making french bread for all of them, that’ll be a test of resolve for me!
    Keep strong everyone especially those who’ve not done one for a bit!

    Hows it going everyone? Still going ok fasters?

    We were going to go for a walk on the beach but Neil has a dodgy tummy and doesnt feel 100% so I’ve just been sat outside.

    Going to make Jeans crustless quiche with salad for tea.
    Still aiming for max 800 cals today 👍

    Kay x

    I am doing ok. Only 60 calories up to now. Having a nightmare with passwords on my laptop.Driving me mad.

    Fast day been ok today. Just getting the wine devil in my head but it’s just habit. I will be fine. Not sure whether to do alternate days or have two days between fast days to start gently. I am afraid of blowing it if I go in all guns blazing. Will be controlled on non fast days though. Everyone seems to have had a good day!

    Jean – ahh, you’re right. I think she turned vegan in the past few years, but her older books/blog recipes have meaty things too. I always thought the wild garlic chicken curry on her blog looked good (and it’s the right time of year for it too).
    Hope Steve’s surprise lunch went down well…

    Dave – yep, defo good to keep busy. I barely felt hungry til dinner today because I was so busy!

    HH – good work dodging the bread!

    Kay – sorry to hear Neil’s not 100% and hope it passes soon.

    Mel – glad the FD has been okay for you! I would probably say to not go for alternate days, unless you really feel like it. This is just speaking from my own experience, but it was very intense. And because I only had the one ‘free’ day til the next fast, I would really overeat, so it didn’t help me to maintain at all once I cut down on how much I was fasting. At the moment I find it works much better for me to have more days to spread out enjoying the things I was dreaming of on my FD.

    Had a really productive day over here! Cleaned out a whole bookshelf, dusted my room… scrubbed the shower clean with an old toothbrush… did a very difficult workout, ordered some things online… Busy!


    Well done Fasters! We did it!

    Mel Im also not sure what to do with FDs!

    Going to be warm again tomorrow, plus we can eat a bit more!

    Kay x

    Just lost a long post…speak later off walking 😬!

    Morning all, a good day yesterday for fasters. I came in at under 600 calories and feel good today. First eve without wine for a while. I don’t get a hangover as we just share a bottle of good red but deffo feel perkier this morning. Lack of carbs helps too I think. Think I might risk a second one tomorrow as I don’t want to fast on Thursday as I am out and about doing a lot of shopping for people and I can get a bit stressed.

    Jean don’t you hate losing a long post, were you not logged in?
    Anyone going for a fast day today? If so, best of luck 😘

    Morning everyone, well the scales showed a one pound gain this morning think it was the San miguels that contributed towards it. My FD came in at 750 calories yesterday so maybe if I weigh again tomorrow I’ll might show a loss.
    Sun is shining here but there’s cool wind. Just had our daily constitutional walk and just wondering what to do with the rest of the day.
    Well done to those of you who also had a successful FD yesterday and hope everyone whether fasting or not today keep safe.
    Nana x

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