Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Hi all

    Been gutting the study today – well, decided to move the desk nearer the light for the sake of warmth…which meant a whole load of stuff had to be sorted…one of those quick jobs that 3 hours later leaves you feeling ‘purged’!

    Haggis truffles from the butcher tonight – yum…then the slightly nervous countdown to zoom church tomorrow.

    Glad everyone’s enjoyed the weather…be prepared to wrap up in the morn!


    Afternoon All…
    Lovely hot day..struggled for pm walk for both of us..

    Shopping dropped off with vanilla slices, fast day was going well..it will be nearer 1000..an extra thrown in day so not too bothered still low ish…

    Well done on your tarts looked very good….I put a tea spoon of jam in then top up the jam when they come out while boiling hot…

    Enjoy your bbq your pudding sounds tasty…interesting on your gin, I am not keen on vodka as you say tasteless…

    Enjoy your bbq too…yes winter gear back on tomorrow…lots of people on the roads here again although quiet today…

    Lots of lovely plants they will keep you busy…

    A too lovely day for gutting your study…hope it’s all sorted and looks nice for you to work in and warmer….I am sure the zoom service will be fine

    Have a lovely evening…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, had a good day yesterday but not food or alcohol wise I joined you Jean in having a bottle of wine to myself. Our cakes that were delivered to us were lovely. We had our We’ll Meet Again sing song on our doorstep at 3pm and then we and all of our neighbours went and sat at the bottom of our cul de sac keeping a safe distance apart and had a lovely chat for a couple of hours enjoying the sunshine.
    We then came home and had a BBQ. It’s been another lovely day here so another BBQ not sure what’s happening tomorrow weather wise.
    Lots of lovely conversations and photos on WhatsApp yesterday and today. Dave could just eat a lemon curd tart now.
    Have got an Iceland delivery slot for Monday 🤞 everything arrives. Couldn’t get a Tesco delivery slot as nothing available for the next three weeks. Son in law said it was crazy at work yesterday both on the click and collect and massive ques for the store.
    Wonder what we’ll hear tomorrow about easing restrictions.
    Heard that my cousin continues to be improving but still in hospital.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Kay – hope you had a lovely bbq. And let me know what Neil thinks of the gin if you get around to making it!

    Minols – hopefully your mammoth clear-out will be worth it, especially on the chilly FDs.

    Jean – mm, vanilla slices sound delicious.

    Nana – cakes and a singalong – perfect weekend! Hope you enjoyed.

    BBQ went down a storm yesterday. Ate well, not too much. However, drinks-wise… a few glasses of rose while cooking, then some red during the meal… followed by several g&ts over a video catch-up with one of my best friends. Lots of water on the cards this morning!


    Had too much yesterday,all the tarts have gone,my son took a particular liking to them.Weekends seem to be the worst.Dont know why because every day is like a weekend.Waiting to see what Boris comes up with tonight.

    Afternoon All…

    Long walk with Charlie this morning I was well wrapped up, just leaving when Oreo arrived so did 4 rounds of the park in all ..a bit much for me…

    Hair colour morning looking better shame on my hair length…

    Asked daughter to bring me some fresh haddock fillets to make fish cakes, there wasn’t any so brought me some in breadcrumbs…so that’s for tonight …umm

    Your VE Day sounded wonderful, I enjoyed our day it was such a change…a bit of a food and wine day, only once in a while…interesting on Boris tonight I would think it will nearly be the same…letting us go out more, parliament law says we can and not only once! it’s only the tv says different!…
    Good your cousin is still doing well it’s been a long process…

    Glad all the pies are gone..you did very well following a recipe..they looked very nice…cake next??

    Lovely you had a good bbq VE day it all sounded a blast…lots of food and drink…lots of water possibly a good idea…

    Jean x

    No more baking,I eat to much when I do. Might do a meat pie possibly but no more goodies🤤😬😲.Don’t know what to do next, I am sure if I asked Denise she would have lots of ideas, but not going there 😆.I couldn’t get a wall socket with usb so bought a power strip with 4 usb’s and 4 plug sockets.So now I can name each socket and control each one with Alexa.Can control the usb’s but not individually.

    Afternoon all!
    Forgot I hadn’t posted this morning- went out early with Xena, it was hot, all the people we passed were carrying coats & jumpers & complaining about the forecast being wrong! Stayed for a while at the lake, joined by another couple of labs. Xena went in deeper, still too nervous to properly swim, but she wanted to join the others!
    Church was nice, they’d asked people to send in videos to say hi to each other, but we didn’t, hate seeing myself on camera!
    Pulled pork for them tonight- did it in the slow cooker overnight.
    Jean- how’s Steve; is he feeling rough? Nice for Charlie & Oreo to have a good game.
    Minols- how did your zoom Church go? Ours does a zoom prayer meeting, haven’t been brave enough for that. The services are on YouTube. Well done clearing out the study! Is your son’s birthday this week?
    Endellion- glad the bbq was good, hope you’re not too hungover!
    Nana- fingers crossed for your delivery tomorrow! Our last Tesco one was better, have another one next week & Asda the week after. Son got us flour from his shop too, can’t get any online- all they could source is an expensive local brand!
    Hope everyone else is okay- don’t hold your breath for Boris’ speech tonight then!

    Much nicer today than I expected although the breeze is getting up a bit now and its clouded over.

    We have loads of white seed fluff blowing around…lol….Im sure it has a name! But its getting everywhere!
    Done a bit in the garden and took all the VE day decs down.

    We didnt get a bbq last night in the end as Neil went for a nap and by the time he woke up it was a bit late to light a bbq. We did have a nice tea though, and mojitos.

    Im thinking of doing ADF this week, starting tomorrow, not sure, but clearly need to get back fasting regularly. Once a week isnt enough, given my average consumption on non fds 😀

    Time for a tidy up inside a bit now x

    Kay- we have lots of the seed stuff blowing around too. Wafting in the house & getting caught on the weashing line! Had a Sparrowhawk in the garden this afternoon, luckily it didn’t catch anything!
    I’ll be fasting tomorrow too- hope to do a 500cal day & then maybe some 800days, have quite a few veggies to use up next week, not sure what else for me!!

    Evening everyone, what a difference with the weather today from yesterday so cold on our walk this morning. Blossom that looked so pretty on the trees and hedgerows yesterday is now mostly lying on the ground. When we came back from our daily constitutional walk I had lots of it in my hair.
    Have been naughty and opened a bottle of wine to enjoy whilst watching tv this afternoon. Husband was feeling the need for a curry so has made a chicken and prawn one to have shortly. FD planned for tomorrow.
    Lovely photos of Charlie and Oreo Jean they obviously enjoy being together.
    Hedgehogs just added a few things to the Iceland delivery for some of the neighbours 🤞 it arrives. One of our neighbours is struggling to buy golden syrup wasn’t any on Iceland.
    Enjoy the rest of the evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    It’s hard when you bake…you eat…I have that problem..

    Do you mind her swimming if she does…….our river here is too fast flowing I am glad Charlie isn’t too keen 🤞
    Pulled porks sounds nice..always nice long and slow…our fish which daughter brought us, I wouldn’t bother again, we ate it…Steve starts his injections tomorrow, by Tuesday or Wednesday he might be feeling rough, just two or three days…you are lucky getting Tesco and Asda deliveries, no chance here..

    I shall be fasting tomorrow ..good luck on the AFDs if you can manage it..

    Lots of blossom about here the cars are covered..a mess really.. I was pleased with the photos nice keep sake of them both.. hope you enjoyed the bottle of wine, I may have a glass soon..

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Nana- hope you get your delivery okay- it’s weird the things that are hard to get hold of! Son says they are struggling with quite a few products, & never get everything they need.
    Jean- good luck fasting today! Will you be cleaning the car again then? I don’t mind Xena swimming in the lake, I wouldn’t want her to go in a river. It’s good exercise for them if there’s somewhere safe…
    Dave- no more baking then? I’m sure that you’ll get back to calorie counting today. Will be good for you to be able to get out more, not just your walks with Heidi!
    Kay- when will you go back to work? ADFs sounds like a good idea…
    Endellion- any more work at the moment?
    Hope the hangover wasn’t too bad…
    Quite bright here today, but a very chilly wind. Will see Mum later- I think she’ll be very fed up at things continuing, we did talk about how not much was likely to change, but she’d still got her hopes up that she could meet with all her friends.
    Fasting today, how many of you are today?

    Morning All..
    Dull here…..a later walk this morning we will go about 9 am….must do some cleaning waiting for the miserable day’s…looks like Sunday will be at 20 degrees again…

    I am fasting today so must keep busy…hoping Charlie’s Fitbit comes to play with it’s only for fun….

    So we can go out for a drive and have picnics then, meet up with family and friends with a two metre rule..as long as we stay aware….and don’t catch the virus….ummm

    No car cleaning today but my little House Martins are back and they are mucky things especially catching the car at times…I can’t get hold of glazed cherries none to be had anywhere.
    Mum could meet up with one friend at a distance, shame on the cafes yet..where does she go with her friends?

    You may manage to adopt one you can drive….

    Hedgehog and me dating …anyone else?

    Jean x

    Are you and HH speed dating Jean😁.I still calorie count whatever I eat 😱 HH. It’s just when baking the count is over 2500 calories 😭. Up early, couldn’t sleep, went to bed at 2-15 am.

    Morning all

    Beautiful day for a run this morning…but freezing!

    Sunday’s are prooving to be a bit exhausting. I had trouble getting the video put togetherfor Facebook and the website this weekend, so I was up very late, and then down at the church at 7.30 to make sure all the tech was ready for zoom quiet service at 8.30, then letting the Sunday School into zoom at 9.30, then main srevice at 10.15…aarrgghh. It’s going well, I think, but the nervous energy floors me! It’s almost like when I started out – Sunday afternoons were regularly spent in bed recovering!

    Anyway…now I’m in my nice tidy study 3feet nearer to the window! Can’t remember who asked, but tomorrow is both the boy’s birthday and MIL’s funeral, so we’re all taking the day off.

    Nothing to eat today until whatever the OH cooks for tonight.


    So cold out..I did one round of the park then went back to the car for my hat, much better then for the next two rounds..

    Having a sit before house work starts….

    I always check what I have put on as everything changes as I go…..HH and me just like that..😂
    It’s when I put ‘Have a good fasting day’ and it changes to ‘ have a good farting day’..although if the cap fits 😂….
    You don’t count calories on baking !!!…that’s why we shouldn’t do it..😬

    It sounds like a nightmare all your planning..you sound very much like my daughter for school!!..she’s pulling her hair out…
    Hope tomorrow goes as well as funerals go..shame for your boys birthday too, hope he gets time to celebrate it too MIL would of wanted him too…

    Jean x

    Morning Everyone, a cold windy day here also but sun is shining so that makes it better. I’m having a FD today just haven’t decided what to have for evening meal yet.
    Been for our walk as usual and now having a cup of coffee before doing a bit of housework.
    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or not and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Minols- hope that the funeral goes as well as it can- are you taking it or MILs minister? And I hope that something can be salvaged of son’s birthday…eek your zoom Church sounds like quite a juggle & stressful, can’t see Church’s being able to meet again for quite a while, can you?
    Jean- bit tricky dating right now with social distancing!! They keep changing what they mean with the new rules- this morning they were saying no getting together in gardens…just with one person outside of your household in a park etc. Mum got together with her friends sometimes in houses, but at cafes & clubs too.
    Dave- that’s the only trouble with counting calories every day, you don’t have any days off! Not much sleep for you either then, do you get more hungry if you’re tired?
    We let Xena have a bit of a run to start with on her walk, she was good about the bracken initially but then got a bit too interested! Hubby going out for some more food for her later. But no food for me!

    I had the day off yesterday food wise. Had over 2500 calories😲😲😲 only had 20 so far today. Been out with Heidi, it’s freezing.Will have to see what more we can or can’t do this afternoon.Dosent seem to be an end to this virus,hope they can find a cure soon.

    Morning everyone!

    Jean – hope Steve’s injections go okay.
    Haha, enjoy the dating!

    Dave – I love baking too, it can be a struggle though… whenever I do cakes, I slice it up and freeze it. Then I have to make a conscious choice to have a (sensibly portioned) piece. Or things like cookies work well in small batches, and you can even freeze the dough in cookie-sized balls, then cook one or two directly from frozen.

    Minols – oooff, your Sundays sound intense! Hope you can use today to recover.

    HH – luckily the hangover passed quite quickly! Went for a long walk and that helped a lot. No work at the moment, but my furlough pay from various agencies is coming through at last. So that’ll tide me over for now.
    At least your mum will be able to meet up with one friend at a time for now in the park if the weather’s nice. By the sounds of it, anyway. They keep changing their minds!

    Kay – good luck on ADF if you go with it! I did it for a few weeks 3 years ago, and the weight really does drop off.

    FD for me today. One of those unfortunate ones where you wake up hungry… and the cold today isn’t helping the FD chills! Still, I feel positive, and plenty of things to be getting on with. Plus a long walk on the cards this afternoon followed by a full-body stretch.

    Evening All..
    A good fast day I was a bit hungry but not too bad..kept busy..hoovered and dusted top to bottom of house, Steve sorted the office out..

    Started our next jigsaw…..

    Kitchen closed now…had chicken today..

    You seem to be doing today what I have done….hope you have something nice to eat…

    Hope you got the shopping done and your fast day has gone well…hoping mum is feeling a bit better about things now…

    I shall plod on as usual won’t really effect us….might try the shops in a couple of weeks see what the virus is up too….

    We are waking very early 5.30 to 6am it makes a long day….hope you had a good walk and exercise later too…

    Have a good evening…

    Jean x

    A nice game with Mum, helped her with her shopping list although she can be a bit stubborn with what she wants, chops & changes her mind & she forgets what she’s planned for dinner!
    Ended up an 800 day- Mum had got salad stuff going out of date but something else for dinner, so I said I’d have it!
    I’d like to do a few 800 days on the trot, we’ll see…

    Evening everyone, FD completed but I struggled with it and all though I’ve had my evening meal I’m still hungry and feeling cold. Pleased to report that my Iceland delivery only had a couple of things missing and cupboards are nicely stocked up. Another neighbour has been to Aldi today and managed to get my other neighbours golden syrup for them.
    Did a small amount of housework and got caught up with the washing which dried really well in the strong wind today.
    Weigh in tomorrow but not holding out much hope for a loss after my alcohol consumption over the last few days.
    Happy Birthday to your son for tomorrow Minols.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Minols you have a lovely voice,just watched the service. We had the hymn at our wedding with the original words,I picked that hymn.Its turned into a lovely sunny evening now.Had 1400 calories today so not bad.

    Minols, hope the funeral goes ok, as much as they can. And hope the boy has an enjoyable birthday.

    Jean, hope Steve got on ok. Fingers crossed for the next few days.

    800 cals achieved today 👍
    25 min walk/run done 👍

    Need to work out my current TDEE out as Im about half a stone up again and thats what I will try and stick to tomorrow.
    ADFs for this week and daily exercise to get the heart pumping.

    Kay x

    Morning all!
    Minols- thinking of you today, tough especially in these circumstances… happy birthday to your son 🎂
    Kay- well done trying ADF & upping the exercise!
    Nana- glad that you got everything, & well done with the FD, strange how some are extra hard! When would your holiday to Sheringham have been, was it June? When they said you could travel now I thought that maybe we’d be able to have a holiday but now they’ve said only there & back in a day, so no trips away yet!
    Jean- hope that Steve doesn’t feel too grim, & is still okay with the needles 😖. I guess he gets some bruises with his bleeding? Enjoy food today, you’re doing well fasting on your own!
    Dave- sounds like a good low calorie day yesterday for you; what’s your TDEE? I know you’ve posted it before but can’t remember…
    Endellion- did you do okay yesterday?
    Another 800 day for me, nice & sunny & have plenty to do 🌞

    Morning everyone!

    Jean – good busy day for you yesterday.

    HH – glad it it was nice with your mum. And well done on a good FD. I’ve never tried the FDs back to back – best of luck and let us know how it goes! Glad the sun’s out for you. Here too, and it makes things so much easier.

    Nana – was a tough FD for me too yesterday! But we got through it. Excellent news on a near-complete delivery too. Hope the weigh in goes alright.

    Minols – sending you thoughts today – hope it goes okay, and hope your son has a nice birthday.

    Kay – congrats on a successful fast! Sounds like you’ve got a strong week’s plan too.

    Had a good day yesterday, long walk, and very veggie-filled dinner for my FD. Was tucked up in bed with a ‘hot chocolate’ (a FD last resort, of 5g cocoa powder, hot water, splash of milk and sugar-free syrup) nice and early with a film… then hunger kicked in half way through, I struggled to sleep, and I woke up 5.30am.
    Not sure how to resolve this… I’m sure it’s hunger related, so I’m wondering whether a mug of veggie soup just before I sleep might fill me up enough to get a proper sleep?

    Still, I had a delicious breakfast (porridge, blueberries and peanut butter). And yesterday’s 30 mins of YouTube yoga felt so good I did it again today. Why don’t I find time to do it more often?! Now, coffee, and hopefully I’ll feel human again soon.

    HH my TDEE is 2644,I very rarely get near to that (unless baking).Still 3 weeks until my weigh in almost.Thinking of you today Minols.Not been out yet but it looks cold and grim outside. Heidi’s got the best idea,fast asleep 😄.

    Morning All…
    Chilly this morning…met Oreo at the park..birthday boy 1 today…good play time…

    Nothing much planned today…read and jigsaw??..i am on top of my jobs, just the car needs cleaning but too cold!

    Nice you have topped up cupboards, I think for me Iceland is the one I can book but you are limited….is it a good weigh in today?

    Happy Birthday to your son…hope your funeral goes as good as they can…

    Michael Mosley suggests a glass of milk before bed, for sleepless nights..is there something like that for a veggie…a hot drink usually works too..

    My couple of pounds I am struggling to move…I think your body holds on to it sometimes…good luck on this weeks plan…

    Steves still fine second injection today..thanks you reminded us, he had forgotten 😬..have a good day you sound you are going to be busy…

    Have you walked out yet…

    Lazy day for me…

    Jean x

    Sunny here but I think its chilly, not ventured outdoors yet!

    Tidying the spare room up, then will have a bit of a chill out before my shift in the shop this afternoon. I hope its not too quiet, it was a bit last week.

    Kay x

    Jean – it’s a good reading day. Cold out yet sunny, so nice to look at from a window! Happy birthday to Oreo too. Does he realise he shares a birthday with Minols’ son?
    Well, there’s a brand called Oatly that makes the most amazing oat milk. They do lots of different types (skimmed, semi, whole, barista…) and I’m obsessed. It sounds odd, but for me it’s the perfect balance of sweet/savoury just like normal milk, and sooo creamy. My dad always says it ‘sounds disgusting’ but whenever I cook with it to make thick creamy sauces for the family he says it’s delicious. Little does he know…
    So, I could try a little of that before bed. I’ll have to try a few experiments and report back.

    Kay – it’s so cold today! Took me all morning to get the feeling back in my toes! Hope it’s the right level of busy for you in the shop – makes it go quicker too.

    The advantage of waking up at stupid o’clock is that I’ve got so much done already. Pretty much all the usual things I normally spend all day doing! Thinking of reading, maybe, or doing some baking or crafts…


    Back from Sainsbury’s,we had to queue about 30 in front of us. We both went in today,Denise just can’t reach the shelves.I told her off because she doesn’t wear her glasses and keeps picking things up. So she’s a bit grumpy now 😲😲.Not took Heidi out yet.The local paper says bowling is now allowed so I contacted Olwyn who teaches us Spanish,she is also on the bowling committee.She rang the park manager who thinks it won’t be open for bowling this season ☹️☹️☹️.The fishing club is opening is water on Saturday but we can only fish alternate pegs so that cuts out down by half.I must check my fishing license.

    Dave- hope you got everything at Sainsburys…they have notices up in son’s store asking people not to keep touching things unless they’re going to but! Hope Denise forgives you! Shame about the bowling, hopefully yiu can do some fishing, & at least you can go & sit at the reservoir for a while now, take a picnic! Can Denise walk that far?
    Jean- did Oreo like his card? When Steve’s up to it if it’s quiet you two could take a picnic to the park now…not quite a cafe!
    Endellion- a busy day as usual for you! I do wake early after FDs too. I’m doing the 800cal FDs this week so not as tough as B2B 500cal days…
    Kay- did you ever get a reply from the dog rescue people? Hope that it’s a bit busier in the shop this afternoon…
    Minols- thinking of you…
    Went out to the beach a day early, naughty us! So it was a longer trip than our usual walk, did a cooked breakfast for youngest on his day off, & then it was lunchtime, so didn’t feel like tackling any big jobs, will still try to keep busy though, quite hungry!! A pile of ironing to do, but am very chuffed with my new iron so don’t mind!

    Took Heidi for her long walk, just over 2 miles. She’s asleep now 😄. Still cold outside though. I think if I am going to go fishing next week I will have to be up at 4am😲😲😲.

    Evening All…
    A jigsaw afternoon and a good chat to my USA daughter over a cuppa…Charlie sulking as he doesn’t like me doing jigsaws, so we had to have a a good tug play for my penance to cheer him up ..lol….

    Definitely a chilly day..better tomorrow..

    I must of admit I didn’t think of the two birthdays…I always have milk at bed and never count it, something in MM book said have it at bedtime…
    Nice to get up early and getting jobs done..

    Good you can now fish….I didn’t know you did that…..

    Natalie was fussy on Oreos card…they had a lot of running, Charlie was shattered..
    I wouldn’t worry of the beach I think just get on with life do what you want and keep the 8’ distance…too many rules and all different, they expect people to work then isolate at weekends, children to go to school but parliament isn’t sitting yet, meet one person in the park/ public place but your garden isn’t safe enough.
    Glad you like your new iron.

    Jean x

    Had 1700 calories today, so maybe another. 100 and that’s it for the day. So at least 800 under TDEE.The sun comes out in the evening again 😡

    Hi all

    Thanks for all your support and care today. I think the boy has really enjoyed himself! What he asked for he got and it’s all worked first time, plus a couple of wee surprises. And I’ve really benefitted from having a day off. Someone else took the service and it was actually really lovely with just the four of us. I always associate funerals and sausage rolls so I made some last night, packed up two bags with doughnuts and flasks of strong coffee and afterwards we stood at our respective cars 2 metres apart and had a wee picnic! It’s been a beautiful day here.

    Back to work recording and beginning to edit tomorrow with meetings and stuff beginning again (Dave – thanks for your kind words!). This week will be my first practice for sorting out youtube as well as Facebook 😬

    Very full of macaroni cheese and double jelly (boy’s request) so definitely fasting tomorrow.


    Evening everyone, no loss but no gain either on the scales so pleased about that. Had an extra long walk this morning and my knee is very painful now think it’s going to be a shorter walk tomorrow.
    Minols glad that the funeral went okay and that your boy enjoyed his birthday.
    Jean glad you had a good chat with your daughter – we enjoy facetime with our daughter every day.
    Hedgehogs don’t think you’ve been alone in going to the beach a day early wonder what tomorrow will bring.
    Have a good evening everyone and stay safe.
    Nana x

    Just a quick post to say that I’ve just been told that my cousin has finally been allowed home from hospital today.

    Evening All…
    A disaster…I ran out of milk!!!…I never do that…I ventured to Tesco with mask and gloves, very quiet only me masked up…had a lovely walk round spent £50, I only went for 7 things 😂 but a happy girl…
    I shall go again at this time..travelled 8 miles round trip, shopped there and back all in 35 mins unbelievable…

    What a good idea a pack up at this time, when you can’t socialise…nice you could join in the service properly without ‘ working’ as a family…Glad it went well….
    Good the boy enjoyed his Birthday with plenty of surprises…

    A good food day well done..

    Hope your knee feels better tomorrow …take it easy…my toes soon hurts if I go over a hour walking…good on maintaining..
    Good news on your cousin back home I have just seen it…

    Have a good evening..

    Jean x

    Good news about your visits Nana.😁😁😁

    Nana, pleased to hear about your cousin being much better. Such a relief fir everyone. Take care with your knwe.

    Dave, shame about bowls. Might be just a bit of fishing this year then?
    Have you done one of your ‘gym’ instructors live work outs yet?

    Minols, glad today went well and that the boy enjoyed his birthday.

    Jean, how is Steve? Hope he’s doing ok with the injections.

    HH, I didnt hear anything back from the rescue centre. Maybe I’ll try ringing again tomorrow. Ive also been looking at the local rescue centres, although cant adopt until they re-open, and they are still full of either lurchers or small dogs and I dont want either of those.

    It was really quiet in the shop this afternoon until the last half hour!

    If its sunny tomorrow after Neil is home from work, I think we are going to head over to the beach for a walk. Cant wait!

    Endellion, well done on your fasting and hope the milk works on helping you sleep.

    An early night for me, quite tired.
    Hope its not too cold tonight as the tomatoes are outside in the plastic greenhouse. They have been out there for almost a week now, so hopefully they will have developed some hardimess!! X

    Morning everyone!

    HH – ohh, lovely to be at the beach! I agree with Jean on this… get on with life as long as you keep the public distance. Your happiness is important!

    Jean – how are the injections going?
    I’m always the same at the supermarket.. suddenly notice all these things I ‘need’!

    Hi Minols – sounds like a really lovely service, and glad you got some downtime as well. The birthday sounds great too!

    Nana – well done on the maintenance. Hope your knee eases up. Amazing news on your cousin! You must be so relieved.

    Dave – you’re staying low! Must be on track for a good loss this month.

    Kay – how is ADF going for you? Wow, I’m jealous of all of you close to a beach! I miss being near the water… When I was living in Rio I could just pop on down to the sea by bike. Those were the days!

    Ended up making homemade pizzas, then scones last night. Plenty of salads with the pizza, and small sensible portions for me, which is getting more automatic by the day. So think I was within TDEE.
    In the end yesterday I got a new phone! I’ve been without a properly working one for about a month now, which has been a nice break, but also made keeping in touch a bit tricky at times. Spent a while downloading everything from before and now I’m all set.

    Think I will go for a long walk today, do yoga… and do some crafts. Tonight is my weekly quiz night with old uni friends so will look forward to a beer or g&t ‘with’ them.


    Morning All…
    A lovely morning not quite so cold….met up with Oreo they both had a piece of vegetable birthday cake ..that went down very well…

    Pit Pat (Fitbit) just arrived for Charlie 😀…will be playing with that in a minute….

    At least you can go and pick a dog up now, it’s just finding the right one..hope it’s not too long for you…enjoy the walk with Neil on the beach, that would be so nice.
    Steve is on day 3 of injections he is still feeling ok, 2 more to go….

    I did enjoying being out shopping..I got glazed cherries and mincemeat both wanted for a while…Tuesday night seemed a good time. I am really stocked up now…homemade pizza sounded rather nice..New phone very exciting glad you have it all up and working…
    Steves looking for a second hand folding bike on line, so when he’s well he can come with me and Charlie..I am fitter now so I walk further, he can struggle at times.

    I mentioned meat pie for tonight, a little face lit up…but he does like Lancashire pasties…can I be bothered??..I have hit them off to a tee, they are spot on….

    Well Fitbit Setup time….

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Minols- glad yesterday went well! Hope that you get your work done okay today…
    Nana- good news about your cousin…hope your knee is not too bad today. Well done maintaining too!
    Jean- is Steve okay? Good idea getting a folding bike. Hope he enjoys the pie/ pasty, whatever you make! Well dine with the shopping, don’t tell your daughter!
    Kay- I hope you can find the right dog…such a shame, as experienced owners I would’ve thought the rescue people would’ve been really pleased to find you a dog, maybe it was just timing & distance…renting can go against you sometimes too 😟
    Dave- doing well calorie wise! 4am is a bit early for the fishing 😱 would be awful if you got there at that time & there were still no places!
    Endellion- have a good day! Lots planned, enjoy the quiz!
    800cal FD again for me, am thinking of trying Cakey’s recipe to use the cottage cheese up. Took Xena somewhere with very little bracken, she still found a couple of shoots so went back on the lead! Silly girl 😬
    Spring cleaning the bathroom soon, putting it off!!

    Good morning. Jean what’s a Lancashire pastie.I am a Lancastrian but have never heard of them. I do like Oggies myself but not had one for ages. I will try for a lower day today,around 1000/1200 calories.Its a nice sunny day today but not that warm I don’t think.Not been out yet so will see.

    It’s a ‘Waterfields pie’ from their shop..maybe just from his area, my describing is possibly wrong..it’s like a rough puff pastry, inside is cooked steak mashed to a mush, a touch of gravy with added mashed potato, salt and lots and lots of pepper, quite spicy…A bit too much pepper for me…still I will be joining him tonight as it’s easier…he dashes to the shop when we are anywhere near, gets a barm cake and makes a sandwich…😱…never heard of making a sarnie with a meat pie!!

    I make it into a pastys but today with be into a pies as they will be smaller …

    Good you have found a different walk…what does the bracken do? I am wondering if that was wrong with Charlie’s coat last year when he got all those bumps/hives, as it was when we went into our local wood we have never been back there….
    Have a good day in the bathroom they can be faffy to do….pastry resting then back to finishing the pies off.

    PitPat has come and its up and running…..a bit of a false day, start properly tomorrow….

    Jean x

    I used to buy a meat and potatoe pie and put it on a muffin, lovely.I sometimes had that when I worked in engineering in Salford. Plus a pint of channel milk.Very creamy milk.I do like my pepper.Greggs steak bakes are very nice, if I stop on service station on the motorway I always look for Gregg’s.

    Hi all

    Struggling to get to the line today…by which I mean fish from the freezer and waffles and veg…not…had…anything…yet…might…eat…the…keybo…unch…munch…yum…

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