Fat Busting Brits!!

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    Unfortunately I haven’t been able to see her and not really sure when it will next happen as I don’t drive and as she doesn’t live in the same town I’m not really keen to get a train at the moment.

    Typhoo- that’s such a shame not being able to see her, but very sensible not going on trains…
    Jean- how’s Steve? Did you get on well with the jigsaw over the weekend?
    Hope everyone’s okay & lots of us fasting- keep strong, not long left in March!

    Good morning. Not feeling like doing a fast day at all. Lots of things breaking down, microwave,watch, Logitech hub.Cant find my receipt for my Fossil watch so unless I find it out will be a very expensive paperweight.My son said they are queueing at Tesco but have plenty of bred today. I hope it’s not 6 months in lockdown, that would be very hard. They are saying on TV right now that there are lots of people seriously ill aged between 20 and 60. So the young are not invincible.

    Morning all

    It’s a bit tough – isn’t it?! I’ve been finding a few things on line about trauma and fight/flight adrenaline responses…all very interesting, and really good for helping to normalise how we’re feeling. A bit like the grief cycle stuff if any of you have come across that. You’ve still got to just go through it all…but it helps sometimes to recognise what’s happening to send us tearful, hyper…help us believe we’re not going mad (or no more than is normal in my family!)

    We found Saturday quite tough in our household. Determined not to work but have a day off, we started early as usual. I’ve started up the couch to 5k again, so I was out running, then we needed a replacement for going out for rolls, so that seems to be pancakes (!)…and we did this, and we did that, and it felt like we must surely have filled a day with gardening and things…and it was only 1pm!

    I’m supposed to be taking the week off after Easter…I might still, as I do have a lot to do in the next 2 weeks. But as a friend of mine said (who is currently on his annual leave), it’s really just so I can visit a corner of the living room I haven’t been to for a while!

    I must say, I feel really lucky to be leaving in a small-ish town, next to a park. There’s not too many people around to make it hard to avoid others when we do go out. I can’t imagine how this must feel like in big cities…and it’s there that the worst numbers are going to be hit, I guess.

    Anyway, enough of that. The boy has done two drawing challenges and an investigation into devolved and reserved powers already, and I haven’t even started writing the materials to enable people to mark Maundy Thursday in their own home…can’t have the boy working harder than me!

    Trying not to eat until tonight – stir-fry from our butcher. You can phone an order in to minimise time in the shop now…and they’ll deliver for free, too. Just brilliant!

    Have a good day – whichever corner fo the living room you decide to visit!


    Minols- have the bikes been prepped yet? Sounds like a nice area you’re in, good you can get deliveries in…alot for you to juggle, hope that you get your work done.
    Dave- you can do it, there’s lots of us fasting today, easier in a group! Hope you can find a receipt…not a good time for everything to stop working 😞
    Okay about fasting, I can be motivated for that, but feeling a bit lethargic & not like getting much done! Cold again the last couple of days, that makes me worse! Will finish my drink & try to get moving, big girl pants on as Mel says!

    Afternoon All..
    Cold out but better when walking, a touch of rain more like March rain and not winter rain if that makes sense….quite nice really..
    A park to myself, later saw Jasper unfortunately on a lead ( dad taking him out).. then the two huskies, keeping our distance although 9 month puppies quite big now, one a bit bitey, nipped Oreos nose and caught Charlie’s face, blood both times!

    Hair done, looking like a beaver…desperate for a cut, pony tail!!…booked a delivery with our Costcutter for tomorrow..about 12 things ..all coming..a bit more money but safer…daughters rang told me to get a list together for end of week from Aldi…

    Fasting today with a few others…

    Sorry thought you meant south of England didn’t read it properly…apple pies to make later and a half portion of tiffin 😬maybe…Steve enjoys it..he’s a bit off today..

    Is it shop car parks or parks?…shame on all your broken things..hope you find your watch receipt…

    It is hard but a few of us in small towns or villages not too many people…lots of people being kind around me so hard to let go of independence, I feel guilty when I am well and sending others for shopping putting them at risk…
    Keeping the boy must be hard away from his friends…enjoy your stir fry this evening…

    Very hard not being able to see your daughter…do you do face time with her..

    Fasting going well ….just made lunch for Steve…hair just done, running a bit late but does it matter…

    Jean x

    I took Heidi out, and she met Bella her little friend. A Yorkshire terrier.I have been fiddling around with my watch and I think I have got it going again. Very hungry and my son having toasties dosent help 👿.Still food free so looks like it’s a fast day.

    Excellent, Dave – love it when you don’t feel you can and then before you know it, you’re nearly done with a fd!

    Just had porridge…really cold here. But bikes are out, HH, so we cycled here this morning. Pretty much down hill all the way which means…uphill allt he way home!

    The boy finished all school work by lunchtime – a bit slapdash! So now on his typing course. I reckon I can have one more hour of peace before we’ll need to blow this joint – er, church!

    Fasting today along with most of the group. My veg box came yesterday and I promptly cancelled it though I have already paid for one more so that’s still to come. Just not good quality except for some nice kale. Making a big soup with most of it. Ah well thought I’d been so clever. Good you can get deliveries Minols.

    Daughter doing ok with her 3 but the school is being great and the boys are getting on better than in the last year. The children are actually loving it…so far…I think having 3 helps but obvs she is very busy with home schooling and I think there is huge reliance on chocolate etc. I know the feeling!

    Well done Dave. Stick with it. Maybe if you can lose a bit like my mammoth half pound might get you in the swing a bit more.

    Jean, I know what you mean about hair. Managed to get a box kit from amazon, one of the few left so thank goodness the colour seems vaguely suitable. Dreading doing it! I used to do it about 20 years ago. Have told hubby he has to do the back. Heaven help me. It’s too long already and was about to have 2 inches chopped off just before lockdown. I can put it up and have a few hair claws…feel a bit old for plaits. Hope Steve feels better as the day goes on.

    HH that’s one nice sounding cheesecake recipe. My croissants were an unmitigated disaster. I think I overworked the gluten according to google. The last of my bread flour and a lot of butter so a waste too and it also took the best part of a day and my (only 5 year old) mixer burned out in the process. I think the birds will like them. Very despondent and I don’t know why I try these things. I am well known to be rubbish with yeast. My hot cross buns last year were lovely smelling hard little pellets too. Best for me to stick with what I can do so I’m making chocolate and tahini brownies tomorrow and will drop half off on daughter’s step.

    Typhoo so sorry you can’t get to see your daughter. That must be very tough indeed.

    Hungry today but weirdly feeling a bit thinner again. Must be that half pound…

    Come on fasters we can do this. Despite what’s going on and the cold snap, the sun is coming and there’s dresses to be worn…not Dave or Typhoo obvs although that would provide some much needed cheer x

    Jean- hugs to Steve, hope he can enjoy the food you’ve made. Good the huskies kept away by the sound of it! Good you’ve got help with shopping, let people help!
    Dave- keep strong, just one day! Hope Denise feels better soon. Well done getting the watch sorted!
    Sarah- shame about the veg box, I guess nothing will match your allotment veg! Shame about your croissants too- it’s strange how there’s recipes that work for some of us & not others, I’m no good with pastry…The brownie recipe sounds good, can you post it? Do you make your own tahini?
    Minols- good getting the bikes out, & well done to your son for working hard.
    Have kept busy, managed to find some omph so have cleaned downstairs windows inside as well as other cleaning, not sure when the window cleaner will come back- he’s in the middle of buying a house & his wife is expcting a baby in the summer, poor chap. Been to see Mum again & played a game. She’s trying to get a Sainsburys order sorted.
    Very hungry now 😒

    Evening All..
    Egg, tomatoes and bacon for me tonight..Steve ate more than me he had 2 eggs, bacon, mushrooms and beans, bread…he is very weary, not too good today…

    River walk saw quite a lot of people, walking up and down the riverbank to keep a distance, a pain…

    Apple pies in the freezer…I would like to make mince pies but I don’t think you can buy it away from Xmas…

    Good the watch is working…

    Porridge for lunch, it’s nice and filling……daughter in the States has just been told children off school till September 😱

    Glad you managed to get a box of colour..Steve did my back of hair once when out of hospital with a shoulder operation..it was good physio for me 😂..what you do for beauty!….i now feel better with my hair now done.
    Shame on your veg food box…yours will be so much better..a bit of rain and sun needed, voila!
    My bread is always iffy, the Italian bread I made turned out well..

    Steve enjoyed his meal, strangely, just the hot drinks a problem.
    Must get the cheesecake made it sounds very nice..after lockdown to get ingredients…it’s hard letting go of independence I am used to doing it all…you have got lots of jobs done today,I need the kick to start..

    Kitchen closed all done…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone , a successful FD next one planned for Thursday but will weigh tomorrow for the end of the month.
    Jean hope Steve picks up soon bless him.
    Those apple pies looked lovely by the way.
    Hedgehogs how are the food supplies holding up with the boys around.
    Minols enjoy the cycling – lots of people doing the same around here unfortunately a few large groups far to close together.
    Hope everyone who was fasting today has been successful and not found it to hard.
    Hope everyone is doing okay.
    Nana x

    Jean- poor Steve, but good that he’s wanting to eat so far…you could get all the ingredients from Aldi if your daughter doesn’t mind? Well done fasting with Steve eating!
    Nana- well done to you too, hope the scales are nice to you in the morning…have asked youngest to bring home food from work as they’re better stocked now, the poor love’s so tired he keeps forgetting! Have enough I think though, it’s just nice extras I’d asked son to get. It is hard fasting with eldest at home though!
    Poor sis has just messaged- they’re having to get shopping for her in laws, they did a big shop Friday, then the other son got more on Sunday, & they want more again!! Then Mum asked when they’re next going shopping, as she wants things, despite telling me she has enough…aargh! Sister’s older dog is very poorly too…
    Fasting has been okay, although I feel quite full now, wondering if I’ve miscalculated calories 😂😂
    Keep strong this evening everyone!

    Good luck on the scales tomorrow…my fasting has gone well today…I found a recipe on Pinterest making a loaf without yeast…similar to your recipe…

    I think I will have to make the cheesecake when we have company looks a bit large for two..unless I can cut the recipe down…
    Thinking of making your biscuits tomorrow..did you do them individually in squares or make a square sheet and cut them when hot? What is the oven temperature?
    Curry for us tomorrow, I am being frugal and using things up for different meals…cream on last two days so curry it is…

    Well to bed…

    Jean x

    Got the ingredients for the cheesecake but as Jean says, a bit large for 2 of us, so may have to half or quarter it..lol

    Now did some one mention biscuits?!

    Finally braved the shops today and I have to say things felt more normal than as I was expecting, not sure thats a good thing 😢

    March in terms of weight loss has been a write off!
    I think Ive got my head back in the right place though and April is going to April Attack!! Might break things down into separate weeks too,

    Are we still doing the challenge Cakey?

    Steve, sad you cant see your daughter but I think the right decision to avoid public transport.

    Minols, sounds like you have things under control up there. Usually a busy time for you, maybe still busy but in a different way.

    Jean, I hope Steve has a good sleep and feels better tomorrow. Whens the next day of treatment?

    Going to try and get some sleep, had several very late nights and Ive lost my routine, so need to get back on it!

    Tomorrow we would have been going away for 3 nights as its my birthday on Wednesday so might be having a staycation!!

    Keep safe and well all x

    Shopping later when I get up, hope there is some stock on the shelves in Sainsbury’s. Heidi’s just gone to bed, no tennis ball tonight 😁.Yes April is a month to lose weight.

    Morning all!
    Kay- yes, probably a bit large a cheesecake for 2, although it does last for a few days…I halve the recipe if it’s just us. What shop did you go to? All the big supermarkets round here are spacing people apart. Have a good staycation the next few days!
    Jean- hope Steve’s had a better sleep, not surprising he’s feeling tired…the biscuits you’d need to make the shape- I usually just do circles with a cutter- I think I cook them about 170°, in a fan oven. My oven’s 12 years old, not accurate at temp now!
    Dave- hope you get your shopping, I think the shops are getting more stocked now.
    I’m feeling pretty motivated- 2lbs to get back to goal, so will do another 800cal FD today. Will weigh tomorrow to see if I’ve shifted the 3lbs I’d pledged for March…

    Morning All..
    A lovely morning…up and walked early at the park no one about really 6 people this morning, 3 were running…

    Shop delivering later am seem to have a lot for £21 although just a top up not bad for a local small shop…

    Interesting what size you reduce the cheesecake too…half would be a good size…what size tin?…are you making it today.
    Steves quite unwell, waiting for a return call from the hospital…he has three more injections to finish this course, I think it’s the injection upsetting his stomach and bowels…chemo starts again on the 15th.
    I am trying to do Cakey’s challenge, a couple of ticks up to now..

    Get on track for weight loss in April..

    I really thought the biscuits was square?!..round shapes perfect..I shall have a go today…
    It’s nice you see goal in sight….with no one going away on breaks we really have no excuses…keep off the nibbles 😂…good luck for tomorrow…

    Jean x

    Morning everyone, pleased to say that the scales were kind to me this morning showing a one pound loss so if my memory serves me right I’ve managed to lose the two pounds goal this month.
    Jean sorry Steve’s still feeling unwell- I do remember my sister having a few days of not being to far away from the bathroom. We’re also going to be having a curry this evening husband is making a potato and mushroom one. Let me know how the bread turns out.
    So sorry for those of you who should’ve been going away.
    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or not.
    Nana x

    Well done on the 1lb,a good result.Denise is back with the shopping, they wouldn’t let me in 😁

    Shortbread.. Hedgehog

    4oz plain flour, (6oz)
    1oz caster sugar, (1 1/2 oz)
    3oz butter. (4 1/2 oz)
    8 squares of mixed plain & milk chocolate

    I did 1.5x the recipe makes 12 biscuits


    Then I added in maybe 8 squares of mixed plain & milk chocolate, chopped up, not cooking chocolate. You sift the flour & sugar, cut the butter up small & rub it in, it should all come together to a dough, then add in the choc chips. I chilled it for 20 mins, then rolled it out quite thick between 2 sheets of baking paper, it made about a dozen biscuits.
    Bake on greased tray 10-15 mins. Fan 170

    Jean- I might have made the biscuits square specially for you, I can’t remember, easier to use a round cutter! Poor Steve, hope he can enjoy the biscuits…
    Nana- well done on the 1lb off!! You’ve done well!
    Dave- hope Denise can get everything you need…
    Kay- shortbread recipe:
    4oz plain flour, 1oz caster sugar, 3oz butter, maybe 1oz chocolate cut into chunks, until it looks like enough anyway! Seive flour & stir in sugar, rub in the butter, add the choc chips & bring together. Roll out between 2 greaseproof paper sheets & cut into whatever shape you want. Put on greased tray, bake 10-15 mins until golden, 160° (sorry Jean, thought it was a bit hotter, yours turned out good though!!)
    A good walk, we explored a bit of the forest we’d not been in before, & didn’t get lost! Then youngest wanted me to cut his hair, he was very pleased with it, a relief! Did hubby’s as well but his is a grade 1 all over! FD going okay…

    Hi all
    2lbs in total for me in March I’m afraid. Way off my target which was 5 or 6 I think ☹️

    A bit incongruous to be posting this on a fasting forum but hey desperate times = desperate measures

    HH LOL no I don’t make my own tahini and didn’t even know such a thing was possible. I do search out the Israeli/Iran version though and I use it a lot (from those world ingredients shops or online) as it is about a million times nicer (runny and luscious) than that claggy Greek/Cypriot stuff you get in most supermarkets. Think I’d still make this with the claggy stuff though.

    Choc, tahini and halva brownies

    I’ve made them with halva once but also swapped out that for walnuts when I couldn’t get any.

    Oven 180 fan or gas 6

    Grease and line (or just grease if you use nonstick or like living dangerously) 23cm square tin or 30 x 20 tin.

    Melt 250 gr unsalted butter and 250gr 70% dark choc in basin over simmering water for the minimum time. Take off heat. Stir through til you have thick shiny sauce and set aside to come to room temp.

    Place 4 large eggs and 280gr of caster sugar in large bowl and whisk til pale and creamy and whisk leaves trail. (About 3 mins in electric mixer or longer by hand. Add choc mix and work through gently with spatula. Don’t overwork the mix here

    Sift 120gr plain flour, 30gr cocoa and half teasp free flowing (not seasalt flakes) into a bowl and fold into choc mix. Add pieces of halva or nuts or nothing and gently fold again.

    Scrape into tin. Dollop small spoonfuls of tahini in about 12 different places on top of mix. Use a skewer to marble and take this right to edge of tin.

    Bake for about 23 mins (can take 22-25 mins. If using the rectangle tin it takes a couple of minutes less. There needs to be a slight wobble in the middle and be gooey inside. Keep a close eye towards the end of cooking time.

    They firm up on cooling. If you want to serve warm and gooey cut into squares to serve or leave to cool to room temp before cutting.

    These are from Sweet by Ottolenghi and as with everything I’ve ever done from him are gorgeous.

    It’s going to get all too easy to get well into cooking/baking mode at the moment. Stay safe out there people and I don’t just mean Covid 19…..

    Ps meant to say to serve warm and gooey leave for 30 mins only to cool. Don’t try to get them out immediately or you’ll be cursing me 😬

    Ps jean I like your flour butter ratio for your biscuits!

    Think I would buy them in the supermarket,😁.But being honest I don’t really like them. Prefer cake.Hoping to lose 4/5,lbs in April.

    Evening All…
    Steve much better…no curry tonight nurse thought a bad idea…maybe tomorrow night…

    A few jobs done, ironing all my caravan bedding..Why?..it’s going in the loft..it’s a duvelay mattress attached to the duvet, all rolled up for when a Katie visits much better than sleeping bags…baking of course..very nice…jigsaw coming along nicely…two walks…

    You’re made round and they spread and became square!..mine did a bit..I cooked at 160 my oven is hot..
    Yes Steve is enjoying anything you call food especially naughty things!!..glad the hair cut went well..

    Well done on your pound off…well done when it’s hard times…

    Well done on 2 lbs off..it’s good…brownies sound good..laughing at all these recipes when we are supposed to be fasting 😂😂…(sugar and fat shouldn’t be the same in baking as it’s addictive )

    I like everything you shouldn’t eat!!

    Jean x

    Jean pleased Steve feeling a bit better. Long may it continue xx

    Bought some crumpets 😱and biscuits 😱.Bad boy.Having a blow out before April.

    Evening everyone, nothing much to report as every day seems to be the same at the moment. Have copied the biscuit recipes to try out tomorrow.
    Pleased to say son in law is much improved and all being well will return to work on Saturday.
    Jean glad Steves feeling better.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Cheesecake made and chilling in fridge!
    Halved the recipe though. Yummy! I licked the spoon 😁

    Might wait a few days before making the biscuits!!

    Volunteered at our shop this afternoon and it was quiet. Managed to potter around, filling up shelves etc but struggle to stand about with nothing to do.

    Neil making fish pie for this evening, nice smells coming from the kitchen..

    Jean, glad that Steve is a bit better. Yes I agree that curry might not be the best option.

    Well done Nana and Sarah, for weight loss and good luck HH for tomorrow.

    Ive avoided the scales as I know Im up from the start of March 😩

    Never mind, birthday tomorrow, but after that its back to it.

    April will be to get back to where I was, plus an extra 2lbs, so that will take me down to 146lbs.

    I also have some non diet goals for April:

    4 units of my online photography
    Finish the current picture Ive started colouring
    Crochet as many forget me nots as possible for Dementia Awareness

    Best add an exercise to the list!

    April has 30 days, so thats 30 days of exercise! Mixture of fast walking, cycling, resistance and maybe some jogging.

    Thats it, Im committed! In more ways than one!

    Kay x

    Jean- glad Steve’s feeling a bit better, must’ve been the biscuits 😂
    Sarah- well done for 2lbs off, that’s steady…thanks for the brownie recipe, sounds lovely! I’m sure you’ll be burn them off in the allotment!
    Dave- very bad! Crumpets, yum, just butter on them? I used to love them with honey…
    Kay- enjoy the fish pie, & the cheesecake! Goals sound good for April!
    Nana- days are very similar right now 😂 Every night we say to each other well, what shall we do tomortow? And turns out it’ll be the same as today…
    Made profiteroles for the menfolk, not touched them, how’s that for willpower?! Just had soup tonight, so it’s been a good FD.

    Morning all!
    Hope everyone is okay today…anyone fasting? Jean, are you doing your usual days?!
    Weighed this morning for end of March, another half pound off so 3lbs off fot the month, I’ve met my target, measly though it was!!
    Are we doing weight targets for April? I know it’s tough for us this right now…I want to lose one more pound to target, at some point another 2lbs for wiggle room, but as I’m having to fit a big battle for every pound we’ll have to see 😂. So a nonFD for me today, but hopefully not an overeating one!!

    Well done on the loss HH, very difficult during the present times.My next fast day is Thursday.I am eating to much on non fast days and also the wrong stuff ☹️.I must buck up.

    Hi everyone

    Glad Steve’s feeling a bit better, Jean. From memory of my friend – a few bad days buys a good number of good days.

    Well done to all the losers! Really impressive given the up and down nature of the last month! I’ve stayed the same…so I’ll take that.

    Might try a fd tomorrow – also have a wee funeral tomorrow. Only immediate family – so hard on folks.

    Spent the start of the week being creative – a card to go out for Holy Week to everyone…but now I really need to knuckle down!

    Catch up later.

    Morning All..
    Lovely morning…at the park for 7.30..lots of dogs to play…really surreal everyone at 20 foot apart..some walkers too…so very odd….

    Charlie shattered and asleep ..that’s the way we like it.. 😂..shower and breakfast, cuppa now…

    Steve seems brighter today he had had a good sleep best in 4 years!!…(sleeping tablets)

    Happy Birthday….have a lovely day and meal this evening…enjoy the cheesecake…some goals for the month….

    We always have crumpets on the go..lovely with cheese on…I suppose I am a bit loose with food on non fast days, it could be better..

    A bit risky to do the biscuits..so nice…the recipe doesn’t make a lot so that’s good…I would do 6oz of flour…1 1/2 times the recipe…..bake little and often…thinking what to do today, feeling a need of a plan for a few hours at least..

    I have never made choux pastry, is it easy…I am getting a bored, a bit up and down..thinking of jobs to do then can’t be bothered doing them..🙁

    That’s really good 3 lbs off over the month, it’s hard when you are nearing goal ..1 lb to go..well done…I still would like another 2lb off wriggle room but it’s not moving, I am still 2 lbs under…well before the biscuits 😂

    Have a good day whatever is planned…

    Jean x

    Kay- hope you’ve had a good walk & your birthday is as good as it can be 🎂
    Jean- glad Steve slept well, that’ll help…not like you to not want to do your jobs! Enjoy the jigsaw instead! Choux pastry is really easy to make, I can post profiterole recipe if you want? 2lbs under for wiggle room is good…
    Dave- not too many crumpets!
    Minols- poor families having funerals right now…hope you’re okay too, hard on you keep supporting so many people 🙏
    Hubby got us some shopping, will take some to Mum soon. Very productive morning- got youngest son’s room spring cleaned! Not an easy task, so much junk in there, plus a big TV, & a weights bench too, moved the weights a bit & was so close to putting them through his TV 😱. All cleaned now, just his bed to make.

    Afternoon All…
    Caravan bedding and pillows all sorted and wrapped in dustbin bags to put in the loft, Steve’s sorted the office, lots filed and some thrown away..washing in and another waiting to be spun..dinner ready to go on..chicken…

    Forgot to say I fell up the back step today, cracked myself on the sharp step…bleeding knee and wrist, all quite bruised feels very sore, sore to walk too…my patience is not at my best with people shouting for fetching and carrying!! 😬..I don’t feel good.

    Must be very hard on people going to funerals at the moment not good for you too….you must be stretched in all directions…

    It’s good hubby will go shopping, is it easy getting extra for mum….interesting to see the choux pastry recipe, it will need piping 😬…maybe have a go when all the isolation is over..

    Busy spring cleaning day in sons room, my daughters rooms were always a nightmare….we might as well get it all done plenty of time…must get some of my Spring/summer clothes out, I put them away for winter, I need to reverse my wardrobe. 😂

    Jean x

    We are having chicken to,cooking now, Heidi will be happy, but she must eat her tuna first. It’s so cold the last couple of days, roll on summer when the sun is out. There was a proper mask on the floor when I took Heidi out, but left it will alone, you don’t know who as been using it. Heidi looks fed up so will take her for a walk.

    Jean- poor you hurting yourself, it must be tiring having to do everything, take care of yourself…sounds like you found some omph to get the jobs done, but make sure you rest up too 💞.
    Profiterole recipe:
    65g plain flour, 150ml water, 50g butter, 2 beaten eggs. A little salt, or don’t worry if you’re using salted butter.
    Sift flour twice. Bring the water & butter to a boil in a saucepan, remove from the heat & tip in the flour. Beat well until it forms a ball & leaves the sides clean. Cool a bit, then add the eggs gradually, beating well each time, should be shiny. Pipe or spoon 20 equal amounts onto a greased baking tray (that’s what the recipe says, I got 1.5 x the recipe & only made 20!). Bake 200° for 25 mins. Put a small slit in each one & return to the turned off oven for 5 mins to dry out.
    Whip 300mls double cream & when the buns are cooled fill them.
    My family like a hot chocolate sauce over them:
    Melt 4oz plain chocolate with 1tsp butter & 1tbsp golden syrup in a non stick pan. Then stir in quarter pint of single cream, heat through & pour over.
    You might be able to get all the ingredients & make them sooner!
    Enjoy your chicken, & Dave too!
    Dave- the paper masks are only meant to be used once anyway. Hubby has a better one he can re-use, he wore it shopping today. Hope you had a good walk…
    Mum was very down, she’d not done her hair or makeup, I know it was only me visiting but she usually looks really nice. It would’ve been their wedding anniversary on Friday so that’s probably part of it too 😢 Enjoyed my nonFD, I think I’ll do 2 800cals FDs & then a nonFD Saturday.

    It wasn’t a paper mask, it looked quiet expensive. Got lots of stuff recorded, but half are soaps, ☹️😱.Got Netflix and Amazon prime video so must be something to watch.

    Early morning all

    Have decided I need to get a grip. Fasting today and it needs to be a good one. I’m just mucking about at this. Although I lost 2lbs in March a pound and a half was right at the start so I went three weeks losing half a pound. I’m just eating and drinking far too much on NFDs. Really need to reset the start button here from today.

    Target for April is to lose 4lbs. I have a stone to go so surely I should be able to do that. A pound a week! just need to stop faffing about with it!

    Jean, your fall sounds horrible. It really shakes you up falling like that. HH is right. You have so much on and always busy and doing jobs too. Try to make sure you are getting enough rest and relaxation.

    Kay hope you enjoyed your birthday. Not sure how far you’re off goal or if you’re maintaining but new month, new start for you too. Wondered if you watched or might like series called Mum. Such lovely gentle poignant humour. This Country reminded me of it although subject matter quite different. Oh it’s hilarious actually and It has my all time favourite actress Lesley Manville in it who I met once in a train to Avignon and who couldn’t have been lovelier or more normal as I fan girled around.

    HH feel sorry for your mum, even though it’s so good you can still see her and help her so much. The hair and makeup thing is quite telling I think. So hard for people all this and so frustrating too as we see the shortcomings of our European countries in dealing with it. The death toll yesterday so horrific. My Aunt who lives in Ipswich is of an anxious and intense disposition and a lifelong smoker in her mid seventies is not coping well either. One of her children live locally but they have a very strained relationship. All I can do is text and chat a bit.

    Dave we need to make a pact and ditch the crumpets. I really feel it would be easy just to relax into comfort eating and we will regret it.

    DF, hope you’re still enjoying the new commute and Steve continuing good progress.

    Nana, Mel, Minols Typhoo and Tammy if you’re out there hope you’re all fine and having an ok week. I’m really losing track of days now. Apparently ordering stuff online is now much harder. Daughter said that she’d ordered stuff on Amazon prime and was now told it wouldn’t come and that delivery dates for lots of things were end of April, plus some people at allotments were saying they couldn’t find beetroot seed online. So all the garden centres are closed and most seed companies either not operating or out of stock.

    Bit worried about son who tells me he is getting better but did sound a bit rough yesterday on phone. He is young (ish) and very fit etc but whatever it is he’s had it a while now and has a bit of lung pain. He insists he is ok.

    I know I am one of the lucky ones and that some people are really suffering, not least with losing loved ones and with sheer loneliness but it feels easy to be despondent right now. I guess we just have to keep calm and carry on and look forward to better times.

    Take care outside and in the kitchen people….

    Morning all!
    Sarah- sorry, you said about son yesterday, & I meant to ask more; it sounds like he does have it, hope he soon gets better. How’s his partner, is she okay? Good that you’re motivated, it would be very easy at the moment to ruin all the good work…it’s hard with relatives being on their own, I’m sure hearing from you will be a help.
    Jean- hope you’re less sore today, & hope Steve had another good night’s sleep. Are you fasting as usual today?
    Dave- are you fasting today? Hope it goes well…
    Minols- thinking of you with the funeral…
    Kay- can you drag the birthday out another day or are you going to get back on track? Hope that the cheesecake was good!
    Nana- how are you, & your family?
    Hope everyone else is okay?
    Doing an 800cal fast today. Forgot to say another April goal is to get back to doing the 100 squats a day challenge I’ve done before, just did 50 yesterday to ease into it, hopefully will remember every day!

    Morning Everyone ,am having a FD today also.
    Face timed son in law and daughter yesterday evening and he feels fine but still has a mild but not troublesome cough so rang his own Dr who said to call 111 again for advice as he’s due back to work tomorrow. Grandson who was also poorly has recovered but is not working as he works at Vision Express and they’ve closed but he’s still being paid as normal which is good news.
    Sarah hope your son gets well soon. My late mum used to say you never stop worrying about your children no matter how old they are.
    Jean no baking today I can’t resist sampling.
    Have been trying to get a delivery slot on Tesco and last night just after midnight they released 22nd April so clicked on a slot and at that point Virgin Media decided to do work on the internet and went offline 😡waited an hour for it to come back on but couldn’t stay awake any longer. It’s back on this morning but of course all the slots have gone😐
    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or not.
    Nana x

    Morning All..
    Lovely morning again….a very restless night I couldn’t get my leg comfy without it hurting..a very slow river bank walk, think it’s slightly better on the going upstairs…not doing a lot today..
    Good job I wasn’t at the park, police where there early this morning….a sixth sense my daughter and I we seem to have it……I could park at Oreos house just across from the park…I shall give it a miss at the moment , I think the virus will explode these next two weeks, so play safer…

    I am fasting today…it looks like a TV day ..about car mending…it drives me batty!!…might be jobs now 😂

    All these lovely recipes we are sharing…it’s only the cream I would want…Thanks I shall try…
    I feel sorry when your mums on her own and not well in her self..I think my sister has gone down hill a bit even these last few weeks..I think she thinks there’s only her in isolation, she speaks as I haven’t a clue about it…

    I agree being at home and doing extra baking because we do…I like crumpets, we have 1 1/2 each for lunch a couple of times a week, I think that’s fine…you have to have something you fancy…I am being a bit loose with NFDs but maintaining, I think the dog walking is helping me this last year…I really do need a couple of more pounds off..
    The world isn’t a nice place at the moment and a great worry..the news this morning showed families in London high rise flats, sharing washing machines in the basement, a lady with hubby and three children on the twelfth floor, sharing a small lift to take rubbish out, it must be a nightmare for them.
    We are lucky in our villages a bit away from it all. We must remember them on our low days..

    You are fasting today..we must remind you 😂

    Anyone else fasting today….

    Jean x

    Morning ill.

    Wake at 2am, got up about 3…I know it’s all the reaction to adrenaline, and understanding it helps…but doesn’t make me less drained! So no fast today, just going to eat sensibly. Roast chicken tonight so I can make stock for soups.

    Jean – it’s funny how bits that don’t even touch the ground are jiggered by falling – take care of yourself and go gently.

    HH – funeral went off as expected, only 6 there, but the undertaker was sayng they’re having real problems limiting the numbers and if people don’t get a grip then soon no one will be allwoed to accompany the deceased. So hard on folk. Felt inhumand not to be able to go and give the teenager a wee hug…but she doesn’t know if I’ve got it, and she doesn’t know if she’s got it who I go on to…grim, grim, grim.

    ANyway…the boy is happily facing the day with no youtube on the promise that if he batters through all his school work today and tomorrow mornign then it will only be games, gadgets and books for 2 weeks! Hooray!

    We’re also having a family film every night…currently working through all the Marvel films in story order. OH and I have to promise to commit to family time by not having our phones with us to check work emails during the movie!

    Made curry last night, so the freezer has a couple of days worth of leftovers – depending on how many of us get sick at once. Now I need to plan what lovely food to order from the butcher. Last week we got these amazing sausage meat and haggis balls – to die for…but can’t have them every week (COULD eat them every night!) – I’m sure he made them extra large ones for us!

    Just thinkig about them has cheered me up…or coud that be the coffee (with caffeine) I’ve just consumed? Hey ho – soon be sausage rolls!


    Nana..( posts crossed)

    It’s a worry with son in law and grandson..hope they soon feel better…I have been trying for a Tesco slot just given up now, how do you know what you want in three weeks??Shame on loosing your slot..
    My corner shop is doing my deliveries now, see how they go as not enough choice but we won’t go hungry.

    Keep strong fasting today….

    Jean x

    Jean- good you’re taking it easy…some of the TV drives me up the wall too, Car SOS etc…annoying with the shopping that we can’t get all our usual stuff, I need to be grateful for what I’ve got! With the online deliveries you have to do an order when you book the slot, but you can add to it or change it up until a day before, so if you can book a slot then I’d give it a go. Mum was naughty & told Sainsburys she’s over 70, on her own & hasn’t got anyone to do her shopping, they found her a slot after a few days! Your poor sister, it’s hard. And like you say, unimaginable being stuck in a tower block with this going on…
    Nana- they do seem to every so often release slots so best to keep checking…SIL shouldn’t go back to work if he’s still coughing. Hope your daughter’s okay…
    Minols- hope your son cracks on today then! Nice to have family time…enjoy your sausage rolls & hope you don’t fall asleep later!

    I am thankful I can still do my own shopping. It’s the most dangerous time of the week doing it, but I stay well clear of people. When you drive to the park or wherever do you think the local people are happy that you are doing it, it’s like you see signs like Wales is closed stay away or stay away from the Peak District.Just a thought.I have 5 parks within easy walking distance but never go to them, the reason being if the dog goes in the park and you have to pick it up in a bag, sometimes you can’t always get it all and the residue could actually make a young child go blind if they were to come into contact with it. Nice sunny day here today, fast day is a reluctant one today but going ok so far.

    Have tackled the kitchen drawers, pleased to get that done, much cleaner & managed to throw a few things out! Done my 100 squats too. Teeny lunch eaten.
    Hope everyone else is managing their FDs okay!

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