Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Jean – I had a friend doing the on again off again treatment…so glad Steve’s got you keeping him together. And doing it at this time without the temptations to overdo it might be a bit of a blessing for him. You – of course, must not overdo it, either!!


    Minols- lovely to hear that you’re okay, must be very busy. Really feel for parents trying to fit in home schooling with reluctant, bored children! Saw a bit on the news last night following a few famies- lots of yummy mummies, daddies & children having a lovely time counting & writing, doing art & exercise classes, just to make the real world feel rubbish 😂
    Have done lots of cleaning as well as my 2 hr walk, doesn’t really show though!

    Thanks Minols I will look after. I got a letter from my local vicar at St James church asking if I need anything,bit of a suprise as they have never been in touch before. The weather is YET AGAIN sunny and warm,it’s almost tropical☀️☀️☀️☀️. Decided to only take Heidi out once today,will try and go to the reservoirs it’s lovely there and there is a bench to sit on. I have just put zoom on my laptop,my son is going to use it for his therapist session hopefully.The dentist as just cancelled my appointment on Monday.I will get weighed tomorrow so will try to do another fast day today, I don’t think I will be lighter than before I went on holiday but you never know.

    Morning All..
    A lovely morning ..three rounds of the park weather beautiful only had a fleece on supposed to be 1 degree but so warm…Charlie crying and getting excited as we got close to the park he gave me face licks saying thank you…only about 6 people in the full park…no Oreo…

    I am fasting today….I gave gad a few biscuits this week, Steve fancying and leading me astray..must stop that.

    Goodness is that where all the food is…I passed Lidl this morning no one hardly in, I suppose Tesco would be the same…things are being put in place the TV has said, queuing outside might have put people off…

    Have a good allotment day it’s looking very good…

    A good day to finish your oiling of the furniture…lovely out…

    It’s 12 weeks of chemo, a 4 hour session at hospital, injections, steroids and tablets over that week at home then miss two weeks to start again… then three weeks of radiotherapy 5,5,5. sessions.
    7 days before side effects start ☹️
    Hope hubby gets all the shopping in…glad the throats feeling better…

    Glad you got the loo paper…early at shops I find a good idea..we are awake at 5.30 every day no idea why!

    I am fasting with you…a bit of jigsaw ( I am in Charlie’s bad books he doesn’t like us doing it!)….tiddle about and see what else I am doing…enjoy your soup later…

    Looks like a lot of juggling for you but nice to have the boy at church with you…a trying time for us all but I think we will shall fall into a routine what suits each of us…even doing some of hobbies what we never have time to do…hope your sewing can get out and you can do a bit too…

    A bit of patience is needed here, a be trying at times but we will get through it. We are both strong together, I feel I need my two dog walks to clear my head a bit and give me, me-time, naughty but keeping a big distance with people.

    Have a good walk sounds lovely, have a sit on the bench and I hope the therapy session for your son works on the zoom app..

    Have a good day everyone..

    Jean x

    Fasting today and pretty darn hungry.

    Cakey and anyone when you do homemade soup or anything else home made for FD dinner do you calculate every calorie or guess and if so how. Worried about guessing wrong but fed up of Kirsty meals. I have a couple I do like omelette that I do calculate but just wondered if you can guess pretty accurately.

    Minols quote is opening lines of Tale of Two Cities…now doubting myself and wondering if it’s actually NN but think it’s the first.

    Typhoo happy wiping

    Right now for French…sorely neglected for sake of allotment a bientot x

    Ps Jean such an undertaking and pleased first session done for Steve even if the side effects haven’t statted yet. Bless Charlie!


    Sarah – I have calculated my soup once before and it worked out 150 – 200 calories a bowl. Carrots, potato, lentil, onion and bacon – makes 6 bowls full. It lasts 2 days and I’m quite happy with one bowl each day, H finishes the rest 🙂


    Sarah if you want to be exact weight everything.Had a lovely walk with Heidi, out for an hour in the warm sunshine. She seems ok not limping.i keep getting cramp in my calf so I will have to get the revitive out I think. Fast going good had one biscuit and two cups of tea so far. I had to laugh,in e way home from our walk we met a lady with a pug Heidi was keen to see it but the pug want sure and started making a funny noise eventually heid effect up to it and it day down then it rolled into it’s back with legs in the air 😁 Heidi didn’t know what to do so walked away.

    Minols is your church in Dunfermline? There are a few with the same name, Catholic and church of Scotland.So not sure which one is yours.

    Sarah- I’ve weighed & then calculated the soup recipes I make regularly. Enjoy your French, I admire you for doing that! Tell your grandchildren that you’re doing your homeschooling bit!
    Jean- enjoy the jigsaw, don’t feel bad about going out twice, you need it right now & can take Steve’s turn!! It’s good that you’re so close…
    Dave- nice for you to get out a bit further, the reservoir looks lovely! I think Minols said she was Chirch of Scotland, no women in the Catholic Church! Xena just ignores pugs, they’re beneath her!
    Hope the fasters are keeping strong, I’ll be fasting tomorrow.
    Nipped to Mum’s with her shopping, had a recap on the WhatsApp, think it might be a step too far for her…although she’s not seeing anyone she still had plenty to tell me!! Throat hurting again while I was there- she’s got a really strong scent diffuser, I wonder if it’s that, I’m a bit sensitive to chemicals 😬

    Evening everyone, had a nice low day food wise. Garden furniture all finished now so turned to catching up with a bit of neglected housework. Then we had our daily constitutional walk. We’ve both got repeat prescriptions to collect tomorrow so will also visit the greengrocers and Co-op to get some milk if they have any.
    Jean poor Charlie not liking you doing a jig-saw. Glad Steve still feeling okay at the moment-when my sister had chemotherapy she sailed through the first session with no side effects but had them after the subsequent ones but everyone’s treatment is unique to them of course.
    Hedgehogs hope it’s the scent diffuser that’s affecting your throat and nothing else.
    Dave glad you had a nice walk with Heidi in the sun and hope the scales are kind to you tomorrow morning.
    Have a good rest of the day everyone.
    Nana x

    Uh oh looks like I will have to weigh and calculate. Really need to do a batch of counted calorie soup.

    Jean I heard chief med adviser say the point of all this is breaking the transmission between people so if you are not near people that has to be fine. He also said allotments fine if you can be the 2 metre distance from other people. They have to have rules but I think you can interpret sensibly. I wouldn’t feel bad about 2 walks at all, and especially not with what you’re having to cope with.

    HH those perfumed things can make me feel a bit throaty too. Hopefully it’s just that.

    Nana Well done on your garden furniture. A nice glass of something in the sun soon hopefully.

    God I’m starving now. Dinner and back episodes of Line of Duty which we’re binge watching. We don’t usually watch things twice but desperate times and we’re enjoying it.

    Hang on in there Dave, Jean and any other fasters. Roll on tomorrow!!

    Evening All..
    Fasting has gone well…kitchen closed a glass of milk later…

    I make veg soup, I don’t think the calories are too high..a bowl 200 cals tops …depends which soup you make and portion size… I used to always count every meal, lots of our meals the same so you have a good idea..depends how strict you are and were you are on your weight loss…enjoy your Line of Duty tonight.

    What a pretty church you have..the old ones are the best.

    Glad Heidi managed the walk..

    Good your mums a good chatterbox, I think when they are on their own they have to get all their words in
    ( like my sister 😂) hope your throat soon feels better, hate it when it comes and goes.

    Hope you are pleased with your furniture good weather to give it a good try out…a few people are saying it’s the second cycle when the side effects kick in…hope he’s not too bad.

    Weigh in tomorrow a few biscuits had this week..we never do 😬

    Jean x

    Watching a film called contagion, all the thing’s they are saying on the film made 9 years ago is what they are saying now.Social distancing, wash hands, don’t touch your face it’s weird.

    Morning all,

    I’m still here, although things have been crazy trying to get set up for working at home, still not got any final word yet. I feel anxious most of the time.

    Fasting has been zero for me. I did Monday but that’s it. I’m trying to keep it low today, but things are getting to me a bit and its hard.

    Not sure how often I’ll be able to update when I’m working at home, I’ll try and get on once a day. I need to keep to my fast days when I’m at home, so that will be another test, as its harder when I’m at home!

    I feel there are so many obstacles at the moment.

    Sorry for being miserable lol, I miss normality, as I’m sure we all do.

    Take care all and stay well x

    Morning all,

    I’m still here, although things have been crazy trying to get set up for working at home, still not got any final word yet. I feel anxious most of the time.

    Fasting has been zero for me. I did Monday but that’s it. I’m trying to keep it low today, but things are getting to me a bit and its hard.

    Not sure how often I’ll be able to update when I’m working at home, I’ll try and get on once a day. I need to keep to my fast days when I’m at home, so that will be another test, as its harder when I’m at home!

    I feel there are so many obstacles at the moment.

    Sorry for being miserable lol, I miss normality, as I’m sure we all do.

    Take care all and stay well x

    The scales were not kind. I have gained 6lbs which i suppose it’s not too bad after being on holiday. I don’t think the present climate helps either. Decided we will go to Aldi instead of Sainsbury’s today they seem to have more stock on the shelves. Not getting much just bred and milk and maybe something we missed on Tuesday.Not sure if I should do a monthly weigh-in or a weekly one.

    HI everyone

    Well done on the detective work, Jean! St L’s is a stunnign building…but I can’t take credit for that, and it’s actually not that old really, but built when looking old was the fashion(!) so designed to look old.

    So I’m trying a serious fd cos I’ve been being a bit loose around the edges and I’d really like to get through the month having stayed the same – sorry Kay, all bets are off on the aims I declared for March! Made the boys eat without me this mornign while I tried to sort out easyjet refunds for the flights to my niece’s wedding – should have been marrying tomorrow, poor thing. Haven’t managed to talk to anyone and there doesn’t seem any way of doing this on-line…just an endless loop. But it’s not the most improtatnt thing in the world right now given how hard everyone is having to try to keep up…it’ll all come out in the wash – as grandma used to say.

    Also most get stuck into writing…but I’m finding my hands are suffering a bit from too much texting – plays up the arthritis. I might investigate some voice to text apps – they must exist!

    Good luck with Aldi, Dave – haven’t tried there, so I’d be itnerested to know how they’re doing.

    DF – chin up…new patterns WILL emerge (said through gritted teeth!)


    Google does voice to text, works pretty good.https://www.movavi.com/learning-portal/best-speech-to-text-software.html
    For pc but Google works well on my phone. Give them a try Minols.


    Sorry things are so tough DF, hope once you get set up to work from home it gets a bit easier.

    Hope the arthritis subsides Minols and you can get your messaging and writing done.

    Managed a good fast day yesterday so feeling positive in that respect. Just been out for some groceries, had naive expectations of going to M&S but queues were round the block. Abandoned that and went to local co-op. Realised there’s no point in making a list of planning meals as just need to get what’s available and the plan the meals around it. Felt lucky as able to get some fruit and veg though.

    Going through ups and downs and being so thankful that we have a safe home and a plentiful supply of food, realising that in 50 years I’ve never experienced a shortage of anything, recognising that many people don’t know the abundance of food and it’s a constant worry for them.

    The sun is still shining and the house has never been so tidy.

    Take care


    Morning All..
    A beautiful day again…debating to colour my hair umm…bought 25 kg of potatoes keep us going for the duration…Costcutter in our village will deliver to me even if it’s only eggs, bread, milk and vanilla slices..shop is quite empty of goods today, so see how it goes. Daughter hopefully may do a full shop for me in a couple or three weeks time.

    I am staying the same I think it’s 6 weeks now ..so I am maintaining at the same level.

    Out early doing a park walk only 6 people in the full park, so was really lovely..Charlie was fussy when home you could tell he had enjoyed it.

    Strange on your film…hits home…hope your shopping goes better..the weight will move, holidays get in the way.

    It will feel better when you get organised and in a routine…I think we will have our ups and downs as we go..I think I was a bit yesterday a bit more upbeat this morning…take it steady as you go…don’t forget to fit your walk in it’s up lifting…

    How long have you been at St Leonards?…do you get moved about a lot…what a shame on your nieces wedding, there must be loads of disappointments about..good luck with the writing today…

    Trying a new recipe of the week..chicken chasseur, it’s absolutely ages since making it, one of James Martin…first tick of the week….

    I shall keep going out in the car until I am told different..nice the boys joined you for your walk, good to get them out too…any climbing trees today 😂…good luck on the fasting day..

    Nana, Kay, Mel, Sarah, Tammy and Typhoo…hope all is going well….

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Dave- shame about the 6lbs, I can easily put that on on holiday too!
    Jean- hope things are okay with you…
    DF- hope things get set up soon, at least you can keep an eye on Steve! Will be hard to fast, but you were really strong at the office & resisted cake temptation, you can do it!
    Minols- hope you get everything sorted & a new routine…maybe not the sewing though if your hands are playing up? Hope you get flights refunded- I guess all the airlines are inundated- & feel for your poor neice…
    Trying a FD today, not really feeling it either! Quite hungry, which is annoying because I haven’t so much recently! We did go out in the car today with Xena, saw no-one, so quieter than walking from home like I’ve been doing all week. The boys are both at home today, so did them a cooked breakfast & they came too. Need to get out in the garden this afternoon…

    I think I will have an eating day today but must try harder in the coming months. Got to leave the toast alone 🥴🤯.I went to the local shop and got everything I needed, no queueing.Time to take Heidi out, she keeps looking at me when she’s awake 😃.

    We did have plenty of food…but the rate the boys are both eating there won’t be any left 😂. Not easy to fast either 😬.

    Evening All..

    Chicken chasseur turned out really well…wasn’t happy half way through but it pulled together at the end..served with mashed potato and garlic bread…red wine ..all delicious….

    A good day for gardening…a full nest is it all going well …I got my caravan bedding washed as the day was good…looks like a ironing day tomorrow…hope you survive your fast day ..

    Is it a local walk day?….good you have got all your shopping…have you had beans on toast!!

    Jean x

    Yes it’s a local walk, it’s about 2 miles there and back, so a nice walk which Heidi loves. Denise made meat and pot pie,🐽🐽🐽.

    Evening everyone , went to collect our repeat prescriptions a small queue outside only one person allowed in at a time same at the greengrocers everyone good natured whilst waiting and chatting to each other observing the distancing rule. Like you Jean we got a 25kg sack of potatoes and 10kg bag of onions plus got some fruit and salad stuff so we should be alright for a while.
    Had a phone call from son in law last night to say that he’s in self isolation for 7 days following a phone call to 111 as he was aching all over has a cough and runny nose but no temperature and the nurse he spoke to yesterday said that there’s a nasty cold going around at the moment but as he works at Tesco he had to self isolate just to be on the safe side. Spoke to him and daughter this morning he sounds dreadful daughter is having to play with poppy in the garden as she also has to self isolate now so no walks for her.
    Just having a glass or two of wine as i usually do on a Friday evening but no takeaway had a couple of Heck sausages salad and new potatoes.
    Sorry to see on the weather forecast that this lovely weather we’ve been having is changing over the weekend.
    Stay safe everyone.
    Nana x

    What will you do with all them spuds would last us all year.Same with onions 😆.I had to go out again, didn’t get the chicken for Sunday so nipped in Tesco and bought a chicken joint boneless.

    Meat and pot pie…very nice…

    I am joining you with a red wine or two or three..my day off 😀 Steve only can have one small one so it leaves more for me…😀
    Sorry to hear about SIL hope he goes on ok and keeps it to his self….it’s a worry…the weathers changing but it will keep people away from walking, I worry when there’s a few people about..

    Have a good weekend….still every days the same…

    Jean x

    So weighed this morning and lost the grand total of half a pound. Now I know this is truly pathetic but actually it’s perked me up no end! It’s certainly not down to my sorting out NFDs so it must be the digging!

    Dave, meat and potato pie…very yummy

    Nana hope SIL ok

    Jean enjoy your wine. You certainly deserve it and maintaining so well

    HH you have a lot to feed. Grown boys eat so much!

    DF hugs. It will pass and get better.

    Just watching Friday Night Dinner which I find hilarious.

    Nighty night xx

    I think today could have been the last of the nicer weather, although it has been quite cold here today, lovely and sunny though.
    Neil has had a day off and has been ‘tinkering’ about, building a bird nesting box, tidying up the front porch area, although he decided that renovating the current post box on the wall is a no go and another has been ordered. The think the rental agency were going to look at replacing it is it looks quite tatty, but we would wait for ever for them, so will just buy it ourselves.

    Did my 2nd afternoon in the shop here in the village. It was quite busy, lots more people doing a bigger shop rather than just popping in for 1 item. Luckily it was dry because at one stage there was quite a queue outside! Only 2 people allowed in the shop at once and 2m gap marked on the floor. People outside were 2m apart. Our village square looked busy!

    I find this all very surreal. I keep thinking that maybe it wont be as bad here and things will get back to normal, but sadly I know its not true and this is going to get worse before it gets better.

    And fasting….whats that?!
    I start the morning with good intention but then all resolve has gone about an hour later! Gone into comfort eating mode!!
    Its almost April and I would like to be at least the same as I was at the end of February, even better I would like to be a pound down.
    At the moment its up. Not helped by lack of exercise. My job kept me quite active and I find it hard just to go for a walk around here, just for the sake of it. More than ever I need a dog now.

    I did contact the sharpei rescue centre and they said they were having discussions about what to do, but Ive not seen anything on their fb page or website. More non essential travel I suppose. Just hope they have enough dog foster families available.

    Its good that you all seem to be holding up ok, well as much as we can do.

    Jean, hope Steve doesnt suffer too much in this first phase. It must be hard at the beginning, not knowing how it will go etc.

    Nana, hope your sil has just a cold, but there again, with no test, has to act as though its the virus, cant take the chance.

    Off to see if there are any online shopping slots, which there wont be, but I do keep checking!

    Keep safe, look after yourselves. Particularly Steve, Typh00, as I think you live on your own x

    Morning all!
    Jean- hope you enjoyed the wine & with more for you, I’m sure you need it! I hope Steve isn’t too tired & can perhaps get a little walk in.
    Sarah- the boys have put on Friday night dinner on at times, I do like it but never think to put it on for me! Glad the digging has paid off with a little loss, glad you’re pleased with that, right now it would be easy to eat lots!
    Kay- lovely to be able to do something & help in the shop. I hope everyone remembers how useful it is & supports it when this is over- have you got enough stock?
    Nana- the Heck sausages are good, we get them sometimes. What will you do with all those potatoes & onions?!
    Dave- lovely to have that reservoir to walk to close by.
    Hope everyone else is okay?
    FD was a real struggle, very hungry & lots of food being eaten by everyone else, so might’ve been a bit over…not fasting today! Still nice here, will make the most of it. Going to see Mum later too- sis saw her yesterday as Mum was really worried, Mum came out with some weird stuff 😬
    Have a good day all & keep safe!

    Good morning all

    Have been out for a little shop but had to queue up before I could go in Tesco’s which is very unusual but I guess that’s a sign of the times.

    Finding it difficult to fast at the moment even though i know I should even if it’s just to make the food last longer.

    Hope everyone stays strong and safe in these strange times and look after each other.

    Good morning all.Sunny again but think it’s a little cooler, windy. Might go for a shorter walk today change the route, Heidi won’t be pleased. Not been told off by the ladies on WhatsApp so I presume they all have good eyesight 😃.Saying that I haven’t been on to check yet. Denise is watching neighbors,ahhhhhhhh.She is 2 weeks behind.☹️☹️. Think I will have sausage on toast for dinner. Next fast is on Monday. Let’s be careful out there.

    Morning All..
    A bright day but chilly out…a good three rounds of the park a tired Charlie fast asleep now…only about 6 people about…roads very quiet.

    Watching James Martin on TV just gone off, ironing and a few jobs to do…handle wiping again….

    Half a pound is half a pound all in the right direction…Nana lost that a few weeks in the row it soon adds up…what side is Friday Nights Dinner on, never seen it…

    Our Tesco was up to 16th April with no slots available…it’s nice doing a few jobs around your house even when rented you like it nice….it’s a shame you can’t get a dog I suppose it’s all on hold, not very good on poor dogs needing homes.
    Looking at the extra hospitals and mortuaries things don’t look good..I think we might get a total lock down at some stage.
    I seem to be eating a bit more on chocolate and chocolate biscuits because Steve is allowed anything it makes it hard for me..I don’t want to put my weight back on like last time a few years ago..

    Steve feels much better this morning and the bleeding has stopped, his chemo tablets have finished now must be something to with them…finish some more tablets today..then injections start tomorrow for 5 days…we have a chart it’s all very confusing with different times and days.

    Wine and chocolate last night made me feel off through the night..I never learn!!
    Hope your mum is ok, nice you can both catch up with her…I think the fasting days are harder when you are inside all the time…

    Have busy weekend everyone..

    Jean x

    A bit down and tearful this morning, this all feels a bit too surreal. 😦

    My brother drove over to my mums and left a food package on her doorstep, just things she running out of, before online shop on 13th april gets delivered.

    Neil is still working and sent me a photo of the A30 completely empty. Fantastic that people are finally heeding advice but looks eerie.

    My birthday on Wednesday but I guess it will be low key! First I was going away for a few days, then we were going to settle for a circular walk and picnic, now it will be just a meal and drink in.

    Its daft but I feel too anxious to go out shopping, as though its wrong and I shouldnt. Luckily we have lots on at the mo to be able to put meals together.

    I need to fast!! But I cant find the will power!! Arghh

    Oh Kay I know, it’s hard. I went for a walk yesterday afternoon, spoke to my neighbour (also friend) and came away feeling I had upset her. Then walk past the pig farm (one of the horrible ones) and all the pigs were screeching away, much noisier than usual. All too much so had a bawl on my own. You must try to enjoy your birthday, have a nice meal. Wish you had a dog too, they are a comfort. Our 38th anniversary last Tuesday, not how it should have been (Scotland). I have a few self pitying moments then think of all who are so much worse off and pull myself together. Must admit fasting is a no no for me at the moment but keeping a good eye on the weight.
    Dave I know what you are referring to on WhatsApp but I didn’t get it at first – I am an innocent 😇!
    Thinking of you all, even though I am not posting so much at the moment.

    It’s a nice pussycat on WhatsApp. Just took Heidi out, churchyard walk and she had her fix. But she didn’t want to go that way, had to drag her to start with. I am finding it very difficult to fast at the moment too, comfort eating.Denise as turned off neighbors and out Midsomer murders on, she as it on every day 🙄.Going stir crazy.Totally fed up.Lots wearing masks now, don’t know where they are getting them from. Shopping is a bit of a white knuckle ride every time I go.

    Afternoon all

    I read a brilliant article this morning from an Italian writer, writing to us from our future as we are a couple of weeks behind them. Wish I could post a link but don’t know how to that as I am such a luddite. It was in Guardian online today. It was funny as well as chilling. Several times she tells us we will eat as it is the only thing left to do. She also tells us that married people will go to sleep sometimes thinking the first thing they will do when we get out of this is file for divorce. In Italy and Spain now no exercise is allowed. I wonder if we should start thinking about how we can exercise dogs in our gardens just in case, teaching them to do agility or something.

    Kay I really understand your anxiety. I went up to our farmshop today which had no flour or eggs (didn’t need them) but otherwise well stocked. Some people just were not observing the 2 metre distance which made me cross and anxious. There weren’t even loads in. I wonder could you liaise by phone and just meet half way to pick up a shar pei on a foster basis rather than adoption. At the very least a dog gets to be fostered for a bit.

    Jean FND is channel 4 at 10 on Fridays. I really like Tamsin Greig and find it all very amusing but…

    HH that might mean I have an incredibly juvenile sense of humour 🤷‍♀️

    Mel, just because you know you are fortunate doesn’t mean the whole thing doesn’t get incredibly worrying and upsetting. Little things are making me well up too at the moment.

    Not seen grandchildren obvs but did a zoom family meeting last night. They were all gathered round the firepit in the garden. All happy and I know it’s only week 1 but they’re structuring days and actually daughter was saying it’s ok, a chance to get off the hamster wheel and they seem to have settled into it. The boys getting on well and playing and the two year old generally causing havoc. They have small house and garden but woods directly behind them. At the moment it’s working well. There will be so many children for whom that is not the case….

    Son is wfh and is down with gf in small but nice flat in Brighton. They are both wfh, her v busy in new job, he will handle the cooking etc as usual. He is a fabulous cook. This will decide whether they will stay together I am sure.

    My teeny tiny loss has made me more positive about trying to use this time to lose the remainder of my weight and emerge like Cakey’s butterfly image instead of a lolloping great porker. And through all this it is something we CAN control and I want to celebrate any tiny positive…

    We will get through this and hopefully get out unscathed. We just need to keep going and try to stay sane in the meantime x

    Jean- sounds complicated, hope the chart makes it clearer! I know you want to keep an eye on the weight but you need a bit of treating too.
    Dave- my eyesight is good enough thank you 😉 It is a worry going shopping, can you give your son money to get some- do they have lockers to keep stuff in at work? I know they’re not allowed to keep money on them on the shop floor where son works.
    Mel- sorry, I forgot all about your anniversary 💞 . Hope your meal at home was still nice. I think it’s starting to get to us all, I was really meh yesterday, better today…but try to enjoy time at a slower pace & opportunities to do new things if you can. Good that you can still walk Jodie.
    Kay- I don’t want to go out shopping either- how much can you get at your village shop? Glad your brother got your Mum stuff- had a text from my brother saying that ‘he would observe social distancing rules’ & that he hoped we were being sensible when visiting mum! Families! A shame that the rescue people didn’t get more of a move on with your application, you’d think that they’d want to get dogs sorted with new homes asap. Enjoy the neighbours cat…do they have a FB community group in your village; just wondering if any older people might need dogs walking if they’re nervpus of going out?
    Sarah- will be an interesting time for son & gf, cooped up together! Obvs I’m not the only one with juvenile humour then! I think I’d have said something to people not keeping their distance, although I’m quite wimpy so would probably have simmered in silence! Glad that your daughter’s managing, hope it lasts!
    Been good food-wise today, made a chocolate tiffin cake for youngest, resisted that! Mum was okay today although getting confused with the bins as our garden waste is not being collected, & she keeps thinking she can’t go out for walks. Watched some tutorials on YouTube for cutting son’s hair- he has it in a fade style- & did not too bad a job! Better go & cook dinner…

    Evening everyone, well today has been like any other day doing the usual things. We are very fortunate to have a lovely young couple live next door to us and as we came home yesterday from getting our shopping she was outside and asked how we were doing and was there anything we needed and husband said that we hadn’t been able to get any strong bread 🍞 flour and pasta – this afternoon our doorbell rang and there was some 🍞 flour and a packet of pasta shapes left on our doorstep. So kind of her.
    Son in Law is still feeling poorly but he said he’s a little better today.
    A very cold wind today on our walk a few more people about walking their dogs not from our village – think they’re coming from the next village only problem is they drive here and block the entrances to the farmers fields and access to the droves with their parked cars. I read somewhere today that in Ireland people are only to walk a distance of 2km from their homes.
    Been a good day eating wise again I’m pleased to say and be strong and not have any alcohol this evening.
    Keep safe and well everyone.
    Nana x

    HH you’ll get the hairdresser job permanently now, much cheaper if you do it. Seems funny eating white bred, always used to have it but I know it’s not so good to eat on a diet.

    Morning all!
    Have woken up with a motivated mind to do an 800 FD today! So will run with that, & would like to finish March with at least one more…but we would’ve been going away tomorrow, I think hubby is wanting to have a holiday at home & eat some of the goodies we would’ve taken, so will see…
    Hope everyone doesn’t miss that hour we’ve lost & has as good a day as possible! Foul weather here, windy, cold & heavy sleet, joy!

    Good morning all

    Welcome to British summer time hope everyone remembered to put their clocks forward an hour, I prefer it in October at least we get an extra hour sleep lol.

    My will power regarding fasts has gone out the window sadly but will try harder this week.

    It’s been so quiet here compared to a normal week it’s almost eerie as there’s not as many people out and about and less traffic.

    Good luck to all those fasting today just remember it’s only for one day

    No fasting at weekend.I must admit it’s getting more difficult to fast. Just the depressing times we live in at the moment.Keep stroking you dog or cat of you have one, it’s supposed to be good for depression. Works for me. Sunny yet again here, can’t believe it, definitely brought the weather home from Lanzarote 😆😆☀️☀️☀️.

    Morning All..
    Lovely day but chilly…meet up at the park with Oreo keeping 12’ apart…no one was there, a few more came before we left…..it’s nice the cold keeps people away…

    Jigsaw coming on nicely but it’s very tricky or is it us not used to them…we got mixed up in three areas but back on track now….apples to cook making some apple pies…veg to cook for Charlie’s dinners….not started my book yet, need to find one off the shelf to read.

    I will be fasting tomorrow….it’s really hard at the moment but if we don’t watch ourselves all our weight will go back on..try limiting ourselves with treats or food over load…it will pay off in the long term….

    It’s worrying times and I think everyone is anxious, it’s just normal. Just try and keep yourself busy and be as normal as you can…keep the fasting going as we always do it…be slim when we come out of this time.
    Have a lovely birthday meal and a drink and a lovely evening..

    Keep strong and try to keep fasting…it gives you positive thoughts and something to do….shame your trip was cancelled it’s going to be a long summer…

    I agree TV on all day drives me batty…rather have a bit of radio on…I think white bread is much better than it used to be, so it’s ok…

    That article is so true…you can see it starting to happen already…I think we will come to total lock down at some point unless it all eases off…poor dogs…
    It’s keeping doing things little and often..I have never sat so much in ages…lovely pictures of my daughter and family in a hot tub last night looked fun and a lovely evening, she in isolation too in the States. The wood sounds lovely for the children, a bit more space…

    Tiffin has been on my thoughts..I have the ingredients in and one which I do from time to time…calories !! but it is tasty..I think the ups and downs are hitting us all…it’s not nice..good luck on the sleet this morning…we are just cold…

    I think a few people are coming to walk the riverbank from elsewhere to our village..I feel safer at the park where I can move away…a worry on SIL hope he soon feels better..
    Lovely people about helping us oldies…

    Hope you get back on track…it seems to be getting to everyone…no alcohol for me now for the week, get back on track eating low ish today…

    Enjoy your day whatever you decide….

    Jean x

    Kay- Chocolate Cheesecake recipe (supposed to serve 14, it does 8- 10 in this house!)
    Base- 250g digestives, 100g butter.
    Filling- 200g milk chocolate, 200g plain chocolate, 250g mascarapone, 400g cream cheese, 1 tsp vanilla essence, 300ml double cream.
    For the base, crush the biscuits, melt the butter & mix together. Grease a 22cm spring form tin, & press the biscuits in, chill.
    For the filling, melt the chocolates together in a bowl over hot water, remove from heat & cool a little. Beat the mascarapone, vanilla, cream cheese & cream together, until smooth. Gradually pour in the melted chocolate & mix until combined. Chill for 4 hours or overnight.
    My family like salted caramel sauce over it too- for that I heat on low 85g soft light brown sugar, 150mls double cream, 25g butter & 0.5tsp salt in a nonstck pan, until dissolved. Turn up the heat & boil for 3-5mins until golden & syrupy. Cool before pouring over.
    Hope you can get all the ingredients; I usually use just extra cream cheese instead of the mascarapone.
    Jean- not bad being in isolation with a hot tub, but hope your daughter & SIL get on okay if they’re used to him working away alot! Shame the river walk is a bit busy, our path down to the forest is getting like that now so drove to another part…good you’ve been able to get fruit & veg still!
    Typhoo- must be hard to keep motivated, especially on your own. Have you been able to have your daughter to stay recentmy?
    Dave- Lanzarote must seem a long time ago now! Xena isn’t one for being stroked alot, especially if she’s tired 😒
    Sarah- that article was interesting, made me laugh with the eating though! Although seeing the stuff on the news about people in the south not having enough food, I guess they’re not eating so much…very hard.
    Nana- nice neighbours, my mum’s have offered too.
    Youngest came with me to walk Xena, that was lovely & we had a good chat. He’s really enjoying work, he’s been given the keys so will be opening up & locking up some days on his own. Watched our Church’s service & the Church in Hawaii that we often watch too. Fasting going well, strange that some days you feel stronger!

    Afternoon All..
    I am feeling a bit bored today….river walk soon, just heard they may close the car parks at the park to stop you travelling there…they are talking about it…it’s barmy the park so empty no ones going….

    Just cooked the apple make my pies tomorrow and Charlie’s vegetables lasts for three days…jigsaw coming together…blue sky to do now and sea 😬..it all looks the same!!..is it Cakey, I know what you mean now!!

    Veg looking low now…looks like a top up shop milk, butter and bread will try the shop delivery …it’s nice you can still get to the forest even a different one…are the southern people not eating or can’t buy the food…it’s so easy to pick at home when bored…

    Jean x

    I think the people in Southern Italy can’t get the food, maybe they’re short on things, if alot of people are ill or quarantined then maybe the factories aren’t producing enough & not enough delivery drivers…I guess that people are running out of money too?
    Just had a message from my SIL- she’s fed up with the ‘over-reaction’ to the virus?! Does she not watch the news!! I am leaving it for a few minutes to calm down before I reply anything! & my brother is fussing because we’re still seeing Mum?! Oh dear…

    The police were checking the car parks near me. Seeing who is driving there I suppose. Not gone for long walks this weekend giving Heidi a rest and me 😆. Chicken for tea, watching a carry on film 😁. My smartwatch as packed up, won’t even turn on, will have to search for the receipt is still under warranty of I can find it.

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