Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • This is what we’ve got so far

    – Maintain weight
    – One Jigsaw
    – 1 new dinner recipes per week
    – Read 1 book
    – Wash & vac car weekly

    – Lose at least 12lbs (v close to goal)
    – Significant improvement in French (hard to quantify but be confident in all 8 cds. – Confident in 4.75 at the mo, understand rules round regular verbs and learn some irregular ones). General improvement.
    – Finish Granddaughters ‘easy’ shrug (hard and have abandoned twice)
    – Learn how to download music and stream through Sony

    – Lose a stone
    – increase daily walks by 2500 steps
    – stop biting nails

    – lose 12 lbs

    – small declutter – drawer or cupboard etc- or extra clean each day

    – Lose the few pounds I have put on.
    – Give house a more thorough clean.
    – Help husband in garden.
    – Limit iPad time.
    – Cook more from scratch

    – online yoga 20 mins x 3 pw
    – clean one kitchen cupboard per day
    – lose 1.5 stone
    – get rid of all DVD’s to next charity bag that will take them (don’t even have a DVD player anymore)
    – finish the on-line calligraphy course that I started
    – have beautiful lawn in front garden

    No idea how we’ll track all that but can figure it out later. Any more?


    We have a Spanish WhatsApp group and some of them live in Spain,they are pleased when we go on because they have been in total lockdown for a while.They are saying on it not to send videos because it’s blocking the internet,photos and message are ok but not video.I am fasting today too so a mass fast.

    Afternoon All..
    Bleeding now 7 hours, I think it’s slowing down still bleeding but not like a tap!

    My daughter has rung giving me grief of going out to the shops, I should of organised the milkman but haven’t, as I haven’t needed too.

    Feeling hungry…time for a cuppa I think…

    Good you have started decluttering…..pots and compost sound a good idea as we won’t be going anywhere, that sounds useful.

    Glad you are sorting things out and your zoom sorted…keeping the boy amused too.

    Lovely to speak with your Spanish group…long time in isolation must drive you crazy…it will be a tester for us…

    Jean x

    Them in Spain have been locked in for a while. I had two chocolate eclairs and a strawberry tart,gave them both away 😇😇😇. Hungry now, Denise just had her dinner 🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤🤤. Having a cuppa l will take Heidi out again soon. Fast just about going ok.

    Minols how about a link for your Facebook services, it might cheer us all up.Fast day going ok, I can eat in a few hours. Very impressed with Aldi, just been and loads of toilet rolls (I didn’t get any) lots of bred fruit and veg.

    Jean- glad that Steve’s nosebleed is easing…not surprised your daughter’s giving you grief, I would if you were my mum & going out as much 😂 Is your daughter offering to get you shopping though? Has she got alot of children in school still? Heard quite a few schools are having to be firm with parents as lots are trying it on about being ‘key workers’…including the local vicar’s family 😱 She is grannie; son, his partner & grandson live with her, son doesn’t work, partner works full time, & Grannie now working from home quite a bit too! Not really in need!
    Cakey- thanks for doing the inspire list! Mine looks pathetic compared to everyone else’s, but I am a serious hoarder so it will be a big job!!
    Dave- well done giving away the eclairs! You need to cut down the shopping trips too, go as little as possible, I’m worried you’ll catch it the more you go out…
    Finding fasting harder today…it won’t be 500 but 800 hopefully although have to guess the cheesecake cals! A lovely walk with Mum, her other friend seems to have realised they shouldn’t meet up now so that’s a relief, they’ve spent a long time on the phone to each other so that’s good. Tackling my new book now 😂

    Sainsbury’s tomorrow then will stop in until Friday. I could eat Heidi now, starving.

    Well done Dave but pls don’t eat Heidi!

    Hope Steve’s ok Jean and re the shopping – it’s hard to know what to do for the best. I’ve been determined not to panic buy but also thinking if we had to be self sufficient for 14 days isolation then I wouldn’t have enough in. Mum and dad are still going out once a week to the supermarket during the times for older folk, they’ve also been getting out for a walk each day and keeping their distance from everyone which I thought was ok but not even sure about that now.

    Hh – no justification needed, decluttering is immensely satisfying. I think when this is over we are going to have the most organised households across the country. Taking a little pleasure from having the time to do all the jobs I’ve been meaning to get round to. I’ve cleaned 2 kitchen cupboard doors today as well as clear through the DVDs. Hoping to get in the garden tomorrow.

    Is anyone else being much more frugal about using up leftovers? It’s making me feel so guilty that I normally throw so much away just because I didn’t fancy it. There’s definitely some positives out of all this.

    Stay well my friends x

    Rare we have leftovers,we usually eat it all unless it’s chicken then Heidi sees it off.

    Cakey- I am nagging my family that they have to eat what they’re given, & did cook less yesterday for the roast so less left, the odd bit of veg went to Xena. Will do cold chicken another day, do that anyway, but it definitely makes you think…
    Hope your parents are okay 💞

    Sorry but Ive failed my fast 😭

    Im feeling so tense and anxious! I even struggled to be patient with my mum on the phone as she wasnt taking on board what I was saying 😒

    I take medication for depression and anxiety anyway, but this is testing me! Its the stupidity and ignorance of some people 😡 People who dont understand the seriousness of this. Why dont people listen and heed advice. Will it only be when someone in their family dies that they start to believe things…


    Im going to join in with the challenges as I need a focus!
    And I need to get back with the 5:2!
    I’ll keep trying!

    Sorry Cakey- meant to say well done for the clearing out you’ve done already!
    Kay- it’s so weird, my friend was saying the same the other day- people with older relatives etc are all really worried & doing all they can to be careful, & then the rest of the country just serm to be oblivious & are carrying on as normal! Son overheard some ladies talking in the shop the other day & one of then hadn’t even heard of coronavirus!?! I’m sure you’re doing all you can to keep safe, & having a couple of tasks to do will keep your mind off things…keep.busy in your garden & enjoy the good weather. Have you been to the beach or was it too busy? You have good walks on your doorstep, hopefully you can get out every day to clear you head…sending you a hug, take care of yourself…

    Cakey I actually love having leftovers and generally use them or freeze them to turn into something else. To me leftovers are half way to another easier meal.

    Kay, it’s so stressful but we will get through it. I know exactly what you mean so frustrating when people are just being ridiculous. I’m digging not for victory but sanity at the moment. Because people are still popping into town for a browse or for a couple of unnecessary items or to crowded parks for a walk and not observing distance. Try to focus on you. You’ll get back to it. One day is nothing. X

    Evening All..
    An interesting day..must put on list clean up after nose bleed no more than one month…blood up the wall on the floors, mirror, toilet, toilet seat utility units, kitchen units then into the bathroom…all good fun 😬 …definitely tests the patience..I am trailing about after him all day….

    Up early tomorrow at hospital for 9am pre chemo treatment assessment..

    Some jigsaw done quite tricky…lots of cleaning and decluttering done by you all and lucky with the shopping..I agree no waste food…a quick sandwich after hospital..I would think 500/600 calories for the day…

    Have a good evening…just going to see what Boris has to say..

    Jean x

    Well that’s it were have to stay in as much as possible. Shops closed apart from food stores.Hope the police arrest anyone not behaving correctly.

    Morning all!
    Jean- hope that the appt goes okay for you, & people keep their distance…
    Sending hugs to everyone else & hope you can all keep motivated in these difficult times…
    A little bright spot for me- I lost another pound!

    Morning all,

    Times are so bad, I’ve come into work, surprisingly saw more cars on the road today than yesterday!

    Jean – hope all goes well today, thinking of you xx

    HH – well done on the pound down!!

    My FD went okay, I was so hungry though. Will be nice to eat normally today.

    Be well everyone x

    Morning fast yesterday went fine. It’s def harder to feel motivated about it though.

    Well done HH another pound is fab!

    Cakey you were wondering about tracking. Could get difficult for you if we all give updates at different times so how about we all give a monthly update against our targets on the same day last/first of the month?

    Jean fingers crossed for today and hoping no more blood.

    Hang in there everyone and go for it fasters! Xx

    Morning all

    The shops are crazy here like every where else so I have only managed to get some of the things I wanted minus the toilet roll and even the chocolate is disappearing now.

    Have enough books to read to keep me busy for a while and have one of those languages apps so am trying to learn some Spanish.

    Still need to lose around two stone but if the food shortage keeps up that shouldn’t be a problem.

    Stay strong and safe everyone

    Steve use Duolingo I am learning Spanish too.Going shopping when I get dry from shower.Will take Heidi out this afternoon, just the one walk. Will see if the shelves are empty again 🥴.Minols give us a sermon on here or a link to one you do on FB.Dont know what kind of day it will be foodwise today.Not had anything yet, having a chicken breast and baked potato for tea.

    Jean- hope you’re back now & it’s all sorted to start tomorrow?
    Dave- hopfully Minols will get back to you with a link, if not I can post one for our Church if you like. Been getting texts with a thought of the day & prayer requests from a number I didn’t know, I asked who it was & found out it’s from a Church in Ayreshire, so that’ll give me something to do! Hope you get shopping done- remember we’re not supposed to go often, do a big shop!
    Typhoo- no chocolate, oh no! Worse than no toilet tolls! Hope you can get some food soon, although good for fasting…
    DF- well done with your FD, will you work from home more now?
    Sarah- well done to you too, quite hard like you say to be motivated at the moment, but think of summer weather & fitting in summer clothes!
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Still quite a few people out when I walked Xena this morning, tried to go early to miss people but I think everone thought the same! Have done lots of clearing out paperwork so a good job done, some gardening this afternoon.

    Afternoon All…

    All back locked in! 😂….nose stopped bleeding about 4am, didn’t move his cotton wool till about 7am and it had stopped…no sleep last night just dozing downstairs.

    Hospital went well, took us 30 mins instead of 75 mins..car parking a breeze 😀..walked through the door first ward on the right. 10 foot between everyone and not many people in.
    Steve can go out for a small walk with Charlie a couple if times a day but keeping his distance, it would benefit him. I have to isolate myself as much as possible. I may contact the milkman and see if I can go on his books. Told to keep on top of cleaning door handles/ light switches in house and car..wear disposable gloves if I have to go to the shops.
    Treatment starts at 10am tomorrow a very good time for us and Charlie it takes the pressure off..
    Lots of questions and answers, which were very good.

    Good news on the pound off, you really keep focused…cheese cake did the trick..

    I was hungry too yesterday back so late from hospital we had a sandwich tasted good but not the best thing to have …Steves been given the go ahead to eat what he likes, so his leash is off!!

    I was thinking the same, each make our own chart/list …it’s nice to have something to keep us a bit busy if we get bored.
    Would you believe it, Steve has just had to spit some blood up….nose bleeding again!!….not pouring as yet! Stuffed up with cotton wool again..

    Chocolate 😱 oh No….hope you get your food things shortly..

    Enjoy your tea …jacket and chicken….

    Jean, I was just reading your post, thinking oh good all sounds pretty positive. Then came to “nose bleeding again”! Hopefully not too serious, he will run out at this rate.
    My step dad has just sent me a shopping list, it’s about a mile long! Going tomorrow or Thursday.
    Been cleaning the house and re reading Wolf Hall to tax my brain a bit. Not feeling any inclination to fast and I have got meals planned for the next few days. Will pull socks up and fast on Saturday though.
    Will cook some lamb on Thursday – 38th wedding anniversary. Break out one of Paul’s ‘good’ bottles of red.
    Keep well everyone, I will keep reading posts to gee me up for fasting Saturday.

    Sainsbury’s was a waste of time.Shelves empty,worst than ever. Heidi will still get 2 walks my son and I will take her out at different times. The roads are clear so pretty good and the streets seem empty too so people are listening.I noticed the tube was jam packed again, London will never be free of it.

    Jean- does all sound as good as it can be…just hope his nose settles, poor Steve must be so tired.
    Dave- you’ll be fasting for a few days if you can’t get any food, or go back to Aldi? Glad Heidi will get out twice 😀
    Mel- does stepdad not realise you may not get much of his food?! Hope the shopping trip goes well & you can get something nice for your anniversary!
    Eldest had to go into work- should be a day off- & organise stuff so he can work from home now, not alot he can do but they’re having a conference call at 8.30 every morning so he’ll still have to be up!! He got back just in time to help with the heavier stuff in the garden & he’s worn Xena out playing with her, so all good. Hubby will take her out later, he’s trying to get in touch with the holiday agency as holiday’s cancelled, out short break in May to Yorkshire has been too 😞. We could rebook but can’t see the point at the moment in case it doesn’t clear up as quick as we all hope…

    No idea how long it will take to clear, but don’t think it will be quick. I did buy 4 Kirsty meals so won’t starve,time to take Heidi out now.

    Evening everyone, what a lovely day it’s been – we took advantage of it and put teak oil on some self assembly garden furniture garden furniture we got a little while ago. Also took our daily constitutional walk. Not a bad day eating wise found a couple of homemade mini cheese & onion pies so we shall have that with a bit of salad shortly.
    Been in touch daily with Grandson and his Fiancee and am pleased to say that they are improving slowly. Her mother has been leaving them food parcels at their door.
    Jean poor Steve and you with his nosebleeds. Hope all goes well for his first Chemotherapy tomorrow.
    Just want to say that I’m so pleased to have found this forum and all you lovely people – if not I’m sure during these trying times I would have thought b****er it and not carried on with 5:2.
    Thank you all.
    Nana x

    Took Heidi out, didn’t see anyone until I was almost home then a small boy who was scared stiff of Heidi ran up to her and stroked her,I couldn’t believe Manchester is like a ghost town I am pleased to say.Chicken is cooking so ready to eat.Had too much today but under TDEE.

    My fridge and cupboards are quite full will easily keep me going for at least another week so don’t panic im not going to waste away any time soon 🤣.

    At least with no chocolate the temptation has been taken out of my hands but there is always the Easter eggs.


    Im using duolingo for my Spanish lessons but thanks for the recommendation we only have time at the moment so I could be fluent by the time all this ends


    Well done on the lb Hh. I have some strange logic that says a lb off is better than a lb gained. So my head thinks it’s 2 lbs.

    Good plan Sarah re logging progress. Maybe I’ll share again on the first of April and we can see what progress we’ve made on our first week of lockdown.

    In the end between gardening, my hula hoop and out with Woof for a walk i managed 10km. I haven’t got a big garden, just lots of backwards and forwards. Might attempt to cut the grass tomorrow. Although just found out there’s going to be no garden bin collections for the whole year. Ours is already full and so is the compost bin. Hmm, will have to see what can go in the chiminea, I think you’re allowed to burn garden rubbish but not sure grass cuttings will burn unless dry as straw.

    Hope Steve’s has a better day and glad you got in and out of the hospital quick Jean.

    I told H I would be fasting tomorrow but decided to then today into one. Haven’t had more that 500 cals today and feeling rather motivated so will take the chance whilst in the mood.

    Take care


    Bien hecho Steve, sin embargo, no comas ningún huevo de Pascua.I enjoyed my chicken and baked potato.Watching the news and it’s depressing.Younger fit people are getting it, will try to limit shopping to once a week.

    Jean- hope no more bloody dramas…have you got it all cleaned up yet? Hoping all goes ahead tomorrow as planned, are the side effects the usual chemo ones, sickness & hairloss? Poor Steve…
    Cakey- sounds like you’ve had a productive day- is this the week you were going away? So your holiday & no working from home? I like the logic with the pound off! But sadly it’s probably already back on as I found some more peanuts which needed eating up; can’t waste food at the moment! Was just going to have a few but that didn’t work!
    Typhoo- glad you won’t starve!
    Dave- that the little boy was brave enough to stroke Heidi. Enjoy your chicken…
    Nana- glad that grandson is getting better. Glad that you’ve had a good day too, & sticking with this!
    Rang my aunt today who was wanting to come up, she’s obvs not now, but feel very sorry for her as she’s on her own & shouldn’t be going out. She has got a big garden though to keep her busy & is like one of these hoarders you see on TV, so maybe she’ll have a sort out too!
    Dinner eaten, made a banana crumble pud for the others, didn’t make my mouth water at all, but peanuts, now they would 😂

    Keep your chin up, try and push a fast in if you can…the lamb sounds lovely and the bottle of wine too. Goodness a big shopping list hope you get it all…

    Keep to Aldi yours sounds good and full…absolutely stupid in London how many can you pack into a tube!!

    Nose just a small bleed and stopped ..he’s tucked up in bed shattered he went about 8 pm..he can’t get warm possibly loosing too much blood..hoping bloods are fine to proceed tomorrow..yes lots the side effects nausea and hair thinning?..see how many he gets not everyone gets everything..

    Shame on all your holiday breaks being cancelled possibly better to rebook when all clear..a good gardening day for you both keeping busy..sad on your aunt on her own, lots of people will get lonely..

    A good garden day too with your furniture ..a lovely day for walking..we have been out twice keeping 12 foot distance…morning walk saw one person and a park walk meeting up with Oreo, no one at the park.

    Glad your cupboards are full..all nice and sorted..

    A good garden day..everybody seems to be out doing things…well done on fasting…

    Glass of milk and join Steve…early night early up…

    Jean x

    Eaten too much today. My fasts are fine but I know it’s the NFDs I really have to sort out. At this rate I’ll start to put on weight on 2 good fasts a week. Grrr.

    Digging and hoeing most of the day except for dog walk. Back of neck and shoulders really achy now. Getting the deep beds ready for planting. Will do me good! Was pleased to hear Chief Med Officer say working allotments is fine and I know it’s safe as very quiet and we dont get within 10 ft of anyone else.

    Dave, yes it is all so very depressing. Trying to limit listening/watching news but that’s hard. I see a bbq of 20 was broken up in West Mids. Selfish idiots. Nice story about the little boy stroking Heidi. Little happy moments mean everything.

    So missing my grandchildren. George phoned a couple of times about his English work and when I spoke to my daughter she said Iris had said she’d been to Grandma’s! Then I could hear her in the background saying, ‘let me speak at her’. Funny but sad. Ah well a lot of people can’t see their grandchildren and there’s a lot worse others are having to cope with.

    Jean, glad hosp went well and so pleased Steve allowed out a little bit with Charlie. That will make such a difference. It must feel so surreal going through both these major things at the same time. Thank goodness for our dogs!

    HH sorry about your breaks being cancelled. We so look forward to these things. Hope son copes with wfh ok. My son now wfh so is now down here staying with gf in Brighton. She’s now wfh in brand new job and knows no one and we haven’t been able to see her. Hoping they stay together.

    Cakey, Nana good jobs in garden. This is how we stay sane. Will you be able too see your children Cakey or are they back. So difficult all this dislocation of families.

    Nana do you think your grandson and gf have IT? Was it bad? Pleased they’re recovering.

    Mell enjoy wedding anniversary and Wolf Hall.

    Typhoo good you got food in ok. Avoid the choc if possible. But today I had the remaining 2 freddos, small piece simnel cake, a bendicks bittermint (last one!) And a florentine so take my advice, I’m not using it!

    Kay, Tammy, Minols and anyone else not coming to mind, hope you’re all coping

    Hoping to have a NFD tomoz without being a porker!

    About to watch last This Country to cheer me up hopefully!

    It’s very difficult to fast at the moment, just feel as though we are waiting for something to happen, and probably not good. Will do my best, just wish it all come to an end soon.

    Morning all!
    Jean- hope all goes smoothly this morning, thoughts are with you & Steve…
    Dave- I know what you mean, it all seems surreal & fasting doesn’t really seem to be important! But it’s good for us, we don’t want to finally be allowed out & not get through the door 😂😂
    Sarah- glad you can keep busy on/in (? which one!) the allotment, hope hubby isn’t too much of a slavedriver…such a shame to not see the grandchildren, but at least with tech it’s easier to keep in touch. Hope you can keep the eating down a bit, I know how you feel!
    Typhoo- enjoy your reading, what sort of books do you like?
    Minols- how’s it going, have you got much school work to try to do with your son?
    Cakey- enjoy another day in the garden!
    Tammy- you’re very quiet at the moment, are you fasting at all? It’s hard with all the worry, but try not to undo the good work you’ve done.
    DF- keep safe if you have to go into work still. Hope Steve is okay?
    Kay- is your work totally finished now, big debate about building sites?
    Mel- enjoy quiet walks with Jodie; are you going out once or twice?
    Nana- you must be missing all your social stuff? Hope you can keep busy outside too…
    I think that’s everyone?
    I’m fasting, an 800cal one though not 500, anyone with me? Going out soon with Xena, letting it warm up a bit as there’s a really hard frost this morning!
    Keep strong & safe everyone!

    Morning all

    Jean – thinking of you today. Hope all goes well.

    Hope everyone doing okay. I’ve been given a laptop from work, so maybe home working is imminent. The majority are at home, but my laptop at home wasn’t great, so didn’t have the option. Now I do. I really wanted to keep coming in just for the normality of things, but there’s no one else in yet, and usually there is. I’m sat here on my own!

    Its all so depressing, I can’t wait for things to get back to normal again. This is horrible!

    Good luck to anyone keeping up with FD’s. Sarah, I think I’m eating too much on my NFD’s too. Everything seems chaotic at the moment.

    Steve doing okay, although his speech therapy has been cancelled, no home visits. They say they can do telephone sessions, but not sure how that could work. We’ll go with it and see what happens. So many people having to make adjustments.

    I have to brave Tesco early one day this week as I need toilet roll! Makes me anxious just thinking about it.

    Keep strong everyone, better times will come soon I hope!


    Morning All…
    A Charlie walk this beautiful morning, going a little bit extra…

    Leaving shortly to hospital then I will return home and do some housework jobs…collect him about 2..

    Everyone is so worried I think the younger generation its now sinking in..my daughter quite stressed about it all and us oldies…a nightmare at school, mothers ringing in constantly, only 5 children in school says it’s better with 450!…they made 135 free lunch boxes, 39 collected first day, second day 17 they now have Tesco vouchers…she gave them all away to a charity !…mums couldn’t be bothered to collect them.

    Must ring the milkman and see if he will deliver to us or he may be too busy..it will be better I won’t be chasing milk and bread…

    Must dash…take care everyone jobs are little and often….jigsaw is coming along but no jobs are getting done 😂

    Speak later..

    Jean x

    Had another long walk with Xena but had to keep stopping to let people padt as the path’s narrow in places, so took longer coming back. So weird talking to people I know so far apart!
    Fd going okay, been busy but nothing tackled off the to do list yet…seeing mum in a bit.

    My post disappeared,Ah well.Fast day going ok.A little hungry,not sure what I am having for my one meal, could be a kirsty meal or beans on toast.

    Back from Mum’s, now panicking as I’m getting a sore throat 😨. I get it alot as I get dry mouth & throat, if I talk much it gets worse, hopefully that it’s all it is! Sorted Mum onto WhatsApp, not sure if she’ll manage it, she can’t understand that she can use her home broadband on her phone, we went through that quite a few times!
    We are despairing of our neighbours! One normally takes her dog out on the same walk every day, round here where it’s quiet, for some reason she rang yesterday to see if it would be okay to drive to a busy park a little way away, given that over 70s should go out as little as possible! Hubby said no, but she sais she’d go anyway! Then other neighbour, again over 70, when hubby asked if he was okay for food said he’d been popping to the local shop for stuff…but his poor dog couldn’t understand why she wasn’t being taken out for walks! Just why…?!
    Oh well, keeping busy & cleaned the fridge out too, another job crossed off the list. FD going well 😀

    Perhaps someone could take their dog out. We are not going to see Denise’s mum,if you have a sore throat you should do the same HH.

    Evening All..
    What a beautiful day so lovely..

    Steve done and dusted ..lots of things to continue for the week chemo tablets, sickness tablets, injections, steroids. Then two weeks off….he’s fine..

    Two good river bank walks for me today, one walk a chap insisted to walk 4‘ away, I like to do 10’, I wasn’t happy I shall say something if we bump into each other again…the park has the space to move away.

    A full clean up downstairs then a bit of the jigsaw…sit and have me time…I was getting stressful over the nose bleed the other day, I seemed to be cleaning up after him every hour or so!

    Hope your throat is just that..it’s a worry, take your temperature that’s the guide. Milkman hasn’t got back to me unless he rings later…a big problem with your neighbours getting all mixed up with the advice…Steves best man said his daughter is travelling a couple of hundred miles to stay with him, he is vulnerable too, so stupid.

    Jean x

    Eaten too much again but not as bad as yesterday. Still not had dinner yet and the night is young. No choc anyway and fasting tomorrow.

    Jean hope today’s been ok. Hoping that the milkman will add you anyway when he knows the circumstances. Shame about those packed lunches.🙄

    HH hope throat thing doesn’t develop. Honestly the neighbours sound clueless!!

    DF it’s all so worrying but it will go and life will get better. Might actually feel better when you’re wfh.

    So how’s this for stockpiling: was talking to my friend in Wales. Her neighbour’s ancient freezer died so she went to Currys (couple of weeks ago) for a new small replacement to be told no feeezers to be had. All bought up and one man had bought 3 chest freezers for his garage. Now we know where all the food is going.

    More allotment today but actually sowed a couple of rows of lettuce as a break from constant digging. Allotment tomorrow too. Nothing getting done in house or garden!

    Evening everyone, a busy day assembling our new garden furniture just need to sand down a little tomorrow and then another coat of teak oil.
    Jean glad Steve’s first treatment went alright. Annoying about the other dog walker don’t people realise. We liveon a small cul de sac and we we’re chatting with two other lots of neighbours in a very large circle observing the distancing rule.
    Hedgehogs hope it is just your usual throat problem. The problem is at the moment with the hayfever season starting I suffer with a dry throat and sneezing.
    Can’t remember who asked if grandson and his Fiancee had been tested for the Coronavirus and they haven’t but when they contacted the 111 helpline with their symptoms they were told that they were presenting or showing signs of the virus and to self isolate.
    Been naughty and had a takeaway kebab delivered tonight don’t know how much longer they’ll be operating for as our favourite Indian takeaway has closed down now ☹
    Almost forgot to say no weight loss this morning on the scales.
    Keep safe everyone.
    Nana x

    Jean- hope that you can work out everything for Steve, when does the radiotherapy start? I think with the 3 week cycles you tend to feel really bad 1st week, not so bad 2nd week & then better 3rd week, then it starts again…know a few people who’ve been through that, but different chemo drugs have different effects. Hope you don’t bump into that chap on the walk again…shame about the school lunches, I guess maybe it might be hard for families to drag all the children out to pick them up, thinkibg about my Homestart family, it’s impossible for her to get all the children out together…
    Sarah- hope that you don’t ache too much after all the hard work…I think I’ll leave planting my lettuce until after the weekend, forecast not too good. Love the story about stockpiling freezers, that’s prepping on a huge scale, no wonder there’s nothing left! 😣 I think Mum’s regretting getting rid of her extra freezer a month ago, one of her whims!
    Nana- if you’ve maintained then that’s not bad given the current stresses! Shame you can’t get your Indian takeaway 😞
    Dave- glad that Heidi’s leg was better & you had a nice walk. No reason why our neighbour hasn’t walked his dog, it’s quiet enough around here, he’s just being derpy 😬. He’s been out to get a paper every day! I think that he & his wife are both getting dementia, they have a little patterdale terrier, but I think they’re feeding her the same amount as their German Shepherd they had years ago, poor little dog is terribly fat 😞 We’ve tried talking to them about it but they can’t see it…
    Hope everyone else is okay?
    Salad eaten, enough calories for a little bit of chocolate…

    Morning all!
    Definitely won’t be a FD as not had much sleep & was up at 5am. Feeling fine today, so obvs was just my usual sore throat with talking! It makes you paranoid all this talk about the virus 😬.
    Will take Xena out extra early as we’re up. Hubby will attempt shopping trip later, at son’s shop, quietened down a bit now but they’re restricting numbers in the shop at any time. It would be nice to get some more fresh fruit & veg, meat for the carnivores!
    Hope everyone else is okay- Jean, thinking of you & Steve at the moment.

    Morning all

    Awake at stupid o’clock this morning so got up and made a coffee as there was no chance of me getting back to sleep.

    The positive thing with being up early is i managed to get to the shops after they opened got a few more bits of food and finally found some toilet roll 😝😝.

    Good luck to all fasting and stay strong and be careful everyone


    Another sunny day.

    Fasting today, will make do with a coffee until lunch then have a banana and some raspberries. Home made soup made last night so that’s for tea later.

    Project Butterfly Day 4 – we will all emerge from this fitter, leaner, with tidy organised home, lovely gardens and some enjoyable new hobbies.


    Hi all

    So sorry to have been awol…a whole lot of new learning to do! We’re REALLY lucky cos now everything at the church has stopped, the boy and I isolate there, leaving the OH free reign of the wifi at home. Schooling is tricky…sometimes the school site works better than others, so I’v e dug out some old materials (death by worksheet!), and on Monday I set him a piee of writing based on a literary quote – ‘It was the best of times, it was the worst of times…’ (source, anyone???!)

    Zoom is a bit of a nightmare at times and a dream at others…depending probably on how manyothers are trying to use it. But also, I think I’d put my laptop on a bit of a dead wifi spot. Whatsapp is also good, though, and I’ve found I can fairly easily vidi-chat with 2 or 3 people that way.

    This week has felt really manic a lot ofthe time…I’m really looking forward to settling down a little next week? Maybe building some sewing time into my day. Certainly I’ll be takig Saturday off as usual and getting into the garden.

    Dave – you’d asked about fb link to our service – be warned…it’s nothing fancy. I’ve fought shy of video stuff there because so many others are doing that and a lot of people can’t access it, so be prepared to read! Tbh, there will be some really good services put on through the BBC, or other churches that are more tech than we are, so you might like to check them out. Ours is really low key! So, with that all said…you’re looking on facebook for St Leonard’s Church – and it looks like it doesn’t need anything more than that!

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