Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Quiet on here.

    My doctors is closed at the moment so have phone appointments saving going out in the rain at least.

    People still panic buying in the shops for hand soap, toilet roll and kitchen towels and tins of beans soup but luckily can’t be too many vegetarians around here as the freezers still seem quite full.

    On the bright side with the lack of food i guess more people will be doing the 5:2 or some kind of fasting.

    Same here Doctors closed, phone appointment only, all the shelves empty,no bred,milk soup beans soap disinfectant. What’s wrong with people,all the tissues have gone too but you don’t need them even if you get the virus, well only as you would normally use them.

    Evening All..
    I don’t seem to be getting emails of posts,I am ticked so don’t know why…

    Had a very lazy day, all the housework and being productive seems to have gone out of the window…we did clean and sort the car out…two river walks don’t we know it the boy is after playing all the time..

    Hope the scales prove reasonable when you jump on…

    We have people walking around the village who we never see, lots self isolation now…your daughter will be young though…

    Lots to sort out in all different directions..no call from Jacqui I will leave her be tonight…hoping your neck and shoulder soon feel better it’s hanging about a bit..

    You seem to be keeping busy or will be …summerhouse and gardening…hoping Gretel is ok after eating the plants..naughty!…do you know about chilli plants for windowsills?..post some summer house pics..

    Jean x


    I think a lot of telephone appointments even from the hospital..

    Jean x

    Sarah- glad that you’re feeling better & it’s nothing nasty…sounds like you’ll be very busy in the next few weeks! Xena growls when she gets crabby; she’s possesive over her bedding, or where she’s laying. She sort of snaps but not at us, she’ll snap & grab something near so she’s got something in her mouth! Weird, having her bedding washed sets her off, she can’t cope with changes very well, & finds the boys energy a bit much, she loves to play with them & adores them, but sort of finds them threatening too, even though they’re obvs kind too her. She’s just a weird dog 😂
    I heard an expoliceman on the news saying he thinks that domestic violence will soar, very sad…
    Jean- how are you & Steve? Alot to take in recently…
    Dave- have you found enough to do?
    Car done okay. Shopping delivered early, main stuff we’d ordered came okay. Silly old neighbour we help hadn’t bothered getting shopping or doing an online order- hubby spoke to him a couple of weeks ago about keeping their shopping up, they can’t get a delivery until April! Son is going to try & get them stuff from work. All this going on plus the delivery while I’m trying to dish up dinner! Saw Mum, trying to help her get her phone connected to the internet & on WhatsApp so she can keep in touch easier, not sure she’ll manage it. She’s not used her Hudl for ages & now it doesn’t work 😂. Her internet’s pretty bad but can’t face changing that right now!
    Think we’ll all be losing weight at this rate if the shops don’t get more stock & ration what they have!!

    Evening everyone, another quiet day apart from our usual walk. Neighbours across the road went to Asda to do their usual weekly shop it took them three and a half hours one hour of which was queuing to pay. They said a cage of toilet rolls was wheeled out and everyone rushed to get a pack – just crazy.
    Just heard younger grandson and his Fiancee are showing symptoms of the virus so are having to self isolate for 14 days.
    Hope everyone is doing okay whether fasting or not.
    Nana x

    Funny moods for Xena about her bed and bedding..like people they are all different…Charlie has been more aggressive with dogs after having his steroid injection, I don’t like him like that…
    Step daughter was talking to a policeman he was saying the domestic violence was up quite a lot…It really hasn’t even started yet the isolation..
    We are up and down a bit..waiting for phone call to go to see the leading nurse to go through things, I have to go to the meeting. She will give us the appointments to start treatment..
    Hope you sort mums phone out and she can use it…my sister wouldn’t cope she only uses it as a phone with everything else taken off..

    A worry about grandson and girlfriend hope they get on ok…a nightmare for your neighbours what a long time…

    Jean x

    Jean, glad that there is a plan in place for Steve. Fingers crossed and one day at a time.

    Dave, you seem to motivated with your fasts, keep it up.

    Nana, lots of walking and cycling. At least the weather its too bad at the mo.

    Mel, frustrating about the car. At least it happened there rather than on route.

    HH, hope you manage to get your mum sorted out with some internet. At times like this Im glad my mum is internet savy. Neils mum wouldnt cope with the internet at all.

    TyphOO, I think all surgeries are the same now. Mind you I went into mine the other day to collect my prescription from the attached pharmacy and the surgery just seemed the same as usual. Apart from some people waiting in cars outside rather than coming in with the patient.

    Hope everyone else is ok, the page has turned.

    Im shattered. Been at the local Bovis site today, more builders cleans. Back in tomorrow. Not complaining though, the money I get saves me from dipping into savings for car insurance etc!

    Still not got my head round fasting, and eating far too many carbs. This month has been a write off!

    Kay x

    Eating day tomorrow 😋, next fast day Monday. Weigh in a week tomorrow. Going to see mother in law tomorrow,hope she is ok and virus free.

    Morning all!
    Kay- sounds very hard work, good to have the money though. I think the pebble jar might need to be self isolating this month!
    Jean- hope that you hear soon about the nurse, hanging over you…did your FD go okay yesterday? Wouldn’t blame you if it didn’t!
    Dave- hope MIL is okay, a worry if she’s dependent on carers & if they get ill…enjoy your food!
    Sarah- lots to get sorted in the garden, hope the weather holds!
    Nana- good you’re keeping up with the exercise!
    Just seems so weird at the moment- such a contrast between those taking this seriously & being very worried, others just carrying on as normal, thinking it’s just flu! Lots of stuff on the news/ social media from Italy- appealing to people to understand that it’s not, even for the young, & to be more careful…
    Hair cut for me, don’t know when I’ll gat another one! Still doing 800 days too.


    Kay, I feel the same about March being a write off. Weighed this morning after second proper fast and stayed exactly the same second week running. Obvs what I am doing is balancing out NFD eating with the FDs. You’re working hard. Hope the hotel work resumes as we get to the end of this. Saw This Country episode about the chickens last night. Both of us hysterical. So sad to see only one more left. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a mockumentary before. It’s genius. So funny but so poignant also.

    Jean, sorry we don’t know anything about chillis. Even OH could only come up with turn them regularly. Do you eat a lot of them? I can’t think what I’d do with them. You can freeze them though I know. The only edible thing we grow in garden pots is herbs. My tarragon from last year is coming well into life. I use it quite a bit but only in small quantities so before I’d buy a pack then only use a teaspoon. This year we’re trying sorrell, super easy in a big pot as spreads like mad. It’s the red veined leaf one which you can put in salads or cook a bit like lemony spinach apparently.

    HH re xena, I get what you mean now. Weird I agree. Many of them are weird and it’s heart warming that we love them so much anyway. Down at the allotment yesterday: Gretel tied up on our plot. Nice man with off the lead lab saunters past with chilled choc lab whereupon Gretel starts her growling, jumping on the spot act, hackles raised. I think it’s that she’s v territorial and protective. And embarrassing! You’ve a lot on at the moment. So public spirited to help people but it must be trying when they don’t help themselves.

    Nana, if it’s the virus I hope it’s mild and they recover fast. Well done on your loss btw. A little loss would be music to my ears at the mo. Whatever you’re doing keep it up!

    Everyone, have a good day esp if fasting. X

    Morning All..
    A lovely bright cold morning…

    Park this morning to burn some energy off 😂

    5 week on the trot I have weighed the same, 2 lbs under goal…still would like 3 lbs more off maybe my body is happy…not bad on a funny week…

    Long hours and days for you but nice you can pick up bits between the hotel….did you grow a chilli plant last year?…if so was it easy?..with being about home I could try.

    Hope MIL is fine if she is isolating she should be…

    Fd went well a bit hungry as up early….hairdressers for you, we normally go together…I have another two weeks yet…interesting to see if they are quiet, I am concerned about going not made my mind up yet.

    Nice you can get on the allotment and outside, I tie Charlie up at the front of the house if doing jobs, he can wander and gets territorial at times….

    Have a good day…haddock and chips for us if chippy is open..

    Jean x

    Hi all, car fixed and made it to Wales yesterday evening. Lovely and quiet, no people! Staying until Sunday then home to hunker down. Our wedding anniversary trip next week is cancelled. The little hotel has just shut. Finding I can’t think about fasting at the moment, but must try to maintain.
    Hope this goes through, internet a bit dodgy here.

    HI all

    Really can’t remember when I was last on here – this week has been a bit of a blur. I think I’ve managed some low days. I KNOW one evening I made the most amazing beef casserole! I confess I’ve rediscovered custard creams…

    Finished work and left the church at 11.30 last night having posted the service on fb to roll through from 10.15 on Sunday morning. I was up at 5am to make a sign to drape over the main sign outside to show when the church is open…if the sign isn’t there, the Sanctuary is closed!

    Now I’m jsut going to make sure a whole load of isolated people have my mobile number…and then I’m taking 24 hours off!

    Take care of yourselves.


    Minols- you need to take care of yourself too…sounds like you’ve been really busy, hope it’ll quieter for you now. But naughty, naughty on the custard creams!
    Jean- I think you’ve done very well maintaining in the circumstances, good that you’re under target. I think my hair was last done 5 or 6 weeks ago…
    Sarah- understandable that Greta was defending her territory! Shame weight just the same!
    Mel- enjoy Wales, hopefully not too much wine!
    Nana- sorry, forgot to say earlier that I hope your grandson & fiancee are okay.
    Dave- at least the traffic should be better today!
    Youngest went into work on his day off, they’re closing Subways now, he went in extra early to get neighbour’s shopping organised, then had to go out to another store to help, flying about he lost his very expensive phone, all a worry but thankfully it was handed in. Poor hairdresser having a difficult time- she’s got to move house on Tuesday, has a difficult family, & was then getting near suicidal texts from her brother as his business is going under, poor lady, put any worries I had into perspective!
    Good news though- 1lb off!

    Afternoon All…
    A lovely day and a good two morning park walk, lots of dogs playing ..although Oreo got a big jealous of another dog getting to close to Charlie, a bit of growling twice but settled down not like him at all.

    We have got a pre chemo meeting which I have to go to on Tuesday at 9am, then treatment starts Wednesday 😬…so all is moving now..

    Glad you made it to Wales have a wonderful time…shame on your anniversary…

    Manic for you, hoping you have sorted everything out that needs doing…enjoy your 24 hours off…custard creams!!

    Shame subway is closing, did your son expect it…is it just while the virus is about…thank goodness he got his phone back, he would have been upset…
    Pleased with your hair ….it always makes you feel good to have a good cut…good a pound off too..

    We got to the chippy at lunch time…all very delicious as usual…snack this evening…

    Jean x

    Mother in law has to self isolate she is bed bound.The traffic was great,soon got home.Just had a beef toastie, delicious.We said to Denise’s mum hope to see you next week but not certain.

    Evening everyone, we went and collected a take away curry at lunchtime from our favourite Indian – ordered and paid online and they came out and put in our car for us. Did enjoy it. Have messaged Grandson and his Fiancee today to see how they were and they’re about the same as yesterday.
    Jean things moving quickly for you – good in a way.
    Hedgehogs well done on your loss.
    Mel enjoy your time away.
    Minols take it easy.
    Keep safe everyone else.
    Nana x

    Jean- that’s good news, all very quick, will be good to get going with Steve’s treatment…good for you both to have an eating day! Son’s being saying all week that they should close the Subway, it’s been quiet. He’ll be on the shop floor as they’re busy, & several of the older/ vulnerable staff are going on leave- full pay, they treat the staff better than other companies!
    Dave- what does Denise’s mum do if she’s bed bound, just watch TV?
    Nana- glad you could still have a takeaway! Hope grandson stays okay…
    Not too hungry at the moment, not like me! If it continues I’ll do another 800cal day, but not Sunday.

    Yes she watches challenge TV all day 🤯 all the quizzes.

    Watching the news, all the kids upset because they can’t go to school, I would have been over the moon.

    Morning All…
    A bright morning, the sun does lift you cold I would think…

    Taking Charlie down the river bank, I don’t always want to walk with Oreo, give them space then there is excitement when they meet.

    We have been going through the plan of the day…Steve a garage hour or two depending how he feels this morning. Charlie walk for me then clean upstairs windows in and out when back, meat pie to make, it’s been ordered 😂😱……then we are going out to buy block paving sealer, to use at a later date. Planning to buy kitchen paint maybe next week to use at a later date. In case shops close. No TV especially about the virus maybe just Boris and 6 pm news.
    Little and often jobs instead of all at one go…

    Is it still safe to go to MIL..are doing shopping for her it’s a hard balancing act…

    A good idea the take away curry, glad you enjoyed it….hope all goes well for grandson and girlfriend, it’s a worry..we have had a confirmed case of the virus in the town where we shop and also a village where I go to dentist about 20 mins away…it’s creeping closer.

    Will your son stay employed and continue when it’s all over…I had Natalie (Oreo mum) very upset yesterday, she lost her three jobs in a day, although she has been lucky for a job interview today so 🤞for her…she 25 and just bought her first house on her own, so she is so worried…as most people are.

    Keep safe and make a list of jobs to keep you busy…keep off the the tv virus reports!!..they are depressing!

    Jean x

    Jean- be careful doing your shopping for DIY stuff, best to get it over & done with quickly & then stay in, wouldn’t spread it out…it’ll keep in the garage for when you need it. Son is fine, they’re so busy in the shop that they need all the staff they can get! Several of the older staff are now classed as vulnerable with health conditions so they’re down on staff anyway. The Subway will reopen when it’s all over…although son was hoping to be a Team Manager on the shop floor anyway, it’s good experience. Rotten for Oreos mum, hopefully she’ll be able to have a mortgage break & help from the government…
    Dave- hope MILs carers don’t have to go off & isolate, a worry when she’s dependent on them.
    Very cold here but sunny…going for our 2nd walk with Mum & sis later. Making cheesecakes for pud tomorrow, Mum’s coming for dinner as it’s Mothers day. At this rate it’ll be the last one I make, can’t get the stuff. Even our little local shop is getting empty now, no internet slots until April! My waistline won’t mind!

    Good afternoon, will see what they say about going out as far as mother in law is concerned,she has 6 carers per day,a bottle of hand sanitizer as you walk into her room. She is 90 so will really miss us if we don’t go. Denise’s brother goes to see her on Thursdays,he come from Preston and her youngest daughter dies her shopping but dosent come in her room.Her mum say she was a mistake 😱.We took her a mother’s day present yesterday.Heidi is fast asleep with her tennis ball between her paws😆.

    Afternoon all…
    Good for planning out the day so you are not bored…Charlie walk and pie made…got watching James Martin he’s my sort of chef…I forget it’s Saturday …..a bit of hand washing done…..still it’s all on the list to cover the next year so no rush 😂..Too cold for Steve in garage his mind wasn’t on it….

    They think a lot of your son..new things for him when they go back, a little older too. Have a lovely Mother’s Day meal tomorrow …I haven’t been to the shops for 5 days but they seem as bad as ever…B &Q possibly bad too….I went to buy ear wipes from our large pet store, yesterday, no pet food in at all and no idea when deliveries will be in!!….a worry if you are not organised…..I am ok for three months with kibble.

    All a worry with MIL with her age..nice she has carers lots don’t.

    Jean x

    Had enough doom and gloom, went out and bought cake and chocolate, having a mad weekend then back to fasting. Not seen any news today will look after.

    Had a nice walk to start with, til Mum kept trying to fall over…she finally managed it 😱 on the road bit too having walked for over an hour round fields, luckily she was okay. Like we don’t have enough worries in the world at the moment! The dogs were funny, Arnie picked up a broken ball & they played with it all round the walk, then he lost it on the last little bit!
    I think I’m finally ‘fat adapted’ with keto, feeling less hungry & lots more energy…ironically may not be able to stick to it if shopping situation doesn’t improve, can’t get the fresh veg, although have plenty of cheese 😂. Got back from the walk & steam mopped the kitchen, hoovered, did ironing… Salad for dinner, everyone else had pizza 😒

    Morning all!
    Lovely bright morning here, hope everyone else has some 🌞 too! Will take Xena out shortly. Had a lovely soppy card & flowers from youngest, he was up early too today.
    Have a good day all!

    Happy mother’s day everyone (and Denise). Jean, I think you were right when you said best not to overdo the news. There’s a balance between being informed and being obsessive. I’ve overdone it a bit and so depressed. What’s happening in Italy is so awful.

    Sorry to hear about your mum falling over HH. Scary when you’re elderly. Well done on your loss and on sticking to salad while others have pizza!

    Lots of talk of not fasting and choc and it’s so hard when all around us feels insane but the issues are the same for us as they ever were. We want to be healthy and 5/2 is a way of exerting a bit of control in an otherwise uncontrollable world. So I’m continuing to fast. Just not losing though….but I’m on the cusp of looking better and I don’t want to get worse.

    We won’t be seeing our grandchildren and daughter today. Decided to go til next weekend which will be over 14 days from their last contact with the person with ‘flu’.

    Missing our 2 days a week with grandaughter. It used to be a bit tiring and sometimes not very convenient but we loved it and did so many lovely things. Her little ways and affectionate nature always so funny too. Missing the laughter. I know it was due to end in July cos of nursery but it feels an abrupt end. I know it’s a very little thing compared with the big things so many others are or will go through. Feel selfish just writing that!

    Weird thing going on with us though. I was sinusy and headachy, slight cold type symptoms, very slight cough. Blocked sinuses very unusual for me. Didn’t feel ill and feel fine now. Hubby has earache (sinuses?) throat pressure and headache too. Doesn’t sound like IT but strange. We’re away from other people just in case. Thank goodness for allotment digging!

    Anyway our local neighbourhood has arranged a whatsapp group where we can deliver supplies to people who need it.

    Stay safe and separate everyone and let’s try to limit that choc choc as a certain 2 year old would say.

    Morning All..
    Charlie and I have had a good river bank walk further than usual..a lovely morning, hat was took off and Charlie’s coat…as the weather improves I think that’s the way for us to go and further, it’s quite isolated but Charlie will look after me…I hope…
    Someone was staying they are closing council parks…anyone heard on the news?..maybe got it wrong and heard National Trust parks.

    Poor Steves back is really bad with sciatica as if he has not enough to cope with…

    Jobs today…
    Wipe all hard surfaces, door handles and bannister..bathrooms..car handles, keys and steering wheel…I suppose it needs doing daily if not more..Ironing to do to…see how I go…washing my outdoor dog walking things.

    Hoping your mum is fine after a fall….good the keto is kicking in and it’s suiting you…do you not eat any fat?..I am still fasting don’t think I could stop now it’s part of our life, Steve still is but not so perfect.

    It will be strange not having the grandchildren around at the house, I know what you mean lovely to have them but you can get quite tired.
    My chocolate and wine is only on Friday and Saturday my usual treat days..as normal the rest of week. I really want to stay around my weight now..not putting it all back on as happened before!
    I cough slightly in a morning but often throaty first thing, I feel fine..you get paranoid ..

    We have a group on WhatsApp ..doing things for neighbours too in the village..not quite sure how it works..I suppose you ask on the group and they will get back to you.

    Daughter went to Aldi on Saturday and did a normal weekly shop, got everything except toilet roll..everything chocca full.

    Well jobs need a start I have a full year for completion 😂…hope more done then yesterday…I have never sat for so much time maybe a reading book may appear 🤣

    Have a good Mothering Sunday.

    Jean x

    I had a healthier start to the day, half grapefruit and all bran with sultanas.

    Lovely and sunny today, might head down to the beach for a walk, as long as everyone else doesnt have the same idea.

    Jean, nice you found a longer walk with charlie. Is it still very muddy?

    We are getting a coordinator and central phone number to mobilise volunteers to respond to requests for help in the village. Im also helping 2 afternoons in the shop, to ensure it keeps open.

    Sarah, I know what you mean about too much exposure to the news. I need to stop following the news every minute.

    HH, have a lovely walk with Xena.

    I wonder if they will still be able to arrange dog adoptions 😕
    I have loads of time available now so it would be ideal time to get a dog.

    Right need to get off my backside and do something! x

    Kay, grapefruit! you obviously don’t have any heart problems or arthritis.I might try Aldi later myself only need yoghurts but worth looking around, don’t go there very often. The sun is out yet again,typical when we are supposed to stay in 🥴.Will take Heidi out if I can wake her up.

    Jean- I think it was National Trust parks, everywhere was packed yesterday apparently! Seen photos of Snowdon. Good you can take Charlie out somewhere quieter. Hope you get phone calls from your girls…And poor Steve with his back again, hope it improves quickly…
    Sarah- I’m sure you must miss grandaughter very much, sad to have to stop. How’s your daughter’s friend doing, does it seem like that person had it? Good to keep up with fasting.
    Dave- you need to be careful, go shopping as little as possible…
    Kay- I guess maybe the charity won’t want to be meeting people at the moment, asessing homes etc, nor encouraging people to travel to see dogs? A shame when you’ve got more time…
    Nice that so many places have groups to help; our village already has one so they’re doing more. We’ve offered to help twice in the past & they never got back to us, so won’t be offering again, we’ll just do our own thing for our neighbours.

    Afternoon All..
    Second wash in…was it a good idea wiping handles!!..20 door handles, 26 kitchen handles, 6 car, 12 light switches, two fridge freezers, two bathrooms..well it got the morning over !!…phew, lunch….

    It is a lovely day..I was all wrapped up but it was warm..my winter coat is very warm, need going lighter in another but still keep on the warm side…shall I say the river bank wasn’t dry but not muddy, as I go further there’s standing water what Charlie tends to goes in, that is thick mud a large pond which is the over flow off the river. We need to go through a gate there to continue so I decided to turn round..I could lead him on that bit more on drier weather.
    Hoping the dog adoptions can go ahead..dogs will still be waiting whatever happens.
    Our village helpers are going through the village council, I think from safety issues. I think it’s just being organised I may need it as Steve starts his treatment. You are very good helping at the village shop, if I had been younger I would of liked to do something.

    Hope you find some yogurts..not my thing 🤮..lovely poem put it on here..

    Jean x

    Hi all

    Second wash in here too thanks to the boy…that’s one of his chores. Set him up a wee old laptop in my office for home schooling, along with hotter etc, although most day’s he’ll come to church with my and work on the spare computer there to give OH peace and quiet to work at home.

    I’m hoping to walk with him most days to local shops for food. Everything I cook that is spare portions will stock the freezer for if I get sick. But we will need the fresh air and the local shops need money going through them.

    Then there will be scout badges to work for, shinty drills being posted online and BB projects to do. And somewhere in the mix I’ll get my work done!🤔

    It’s certainly going to be a year to remember!

    Take care everyone.


    In these days of uncertainty and to keep me sane
    I have started to write my poems again
    It’s Mother’s Day and the sun is out
    But there’s no one here out and about.

    Strange times indeed but time for thoughts
    Of our doctors and nurses who are holding the fort
    The government too for their sound advice
    For keeping us safe I think that’s nice.

    If it means twelve weeks to keep us safe
    Then we should stay home it’s the safest place
    Learn new skills and patience too
    and keep online talking all of you.

    Thank god for Facebook and Instagram
    I can see the grandkids so I’m a happy Nan
    Send some notes to all your friends
    and read some books right to the end.

    The garden is sprouting new leaves it’s spring
    Get into the fresh air and do your thing
    We all can cope we have to be strong
    Help each other that can’t be wrong.

    I shall be thinking of you all out there
    and sending love and a special prayer
    To keep you safe and patient too
    With love from my house just for you.

    This is by one of my Facebook friends on quiters reunion.She used to do this all the time when we were giving up smoking.

    Just tried Aldi, I have to say I am impressed,only went in for yoghurts,and managed to buy 4 at 32p each, very cheap, let’s hope the taste good. The shelves were much better than any other supermarket I have been in They even had toilet rolls 🤯.I took my son so he bought Denise some flowers and choccy.

    Evening everyone, what a lovely sunny day it’s been made the most of it by having a lovely long walk. Our pub has started doing a takeaway service so we treated ourselves to fish & Chips for our tea and now sharing a bottle of 🍾🥂with the husband as it Mothers Day. Daughter was very naughty and came to see us today because it’s Mothers Day but didn’t give me a hug or a kiss. Grandson who’s unwell messaged me to say Happy Mothers Day bless him said he’s feeling a bit better now think he must be as he’s started using his phone again.
    Hope everyone has had a lovely day and I intend making tomorrow a FD.
    Nana x

    Tomorrow is FD for me, also nana, who else is with us?

    Monday tomorrow and I will be fasting…anyone else?…Nana and Kay I have just seen…

    Early start at Tesco at 7.30 for milk and a few oddments 🤞loo roll??

    Naughty but lovely to see your daughter…glad grandson and girlfriend are feeling better..

    Night everyone 💤💤💤💤


    I am fasting tomorrow too.Go to Aldi lots of milk there and they’re was even toilet rolls.

    Morning all!
    Fasting today as well, but will eat my calories in keto cheesecake as it needs eating up 😂. Weather bright & cold again, we will take Mum out for a walk. Really worried about her, the lack of routine has already affected her, she ‘lost’ quite a few hours yesterday & forgot to have breakfast, she would normally be up early for Church.
    Keep strong fasting everyone!

    Morning all,

    Hope you’re all keeping well. I’m joining the FD, I definitely need it!

    Tesco near me has been completely crazy, I’m getting so tired of it to be honest. Queuing to go in when it opens, and shelves empty by the end of the day. Yesterday, security were only letting in people 10 customers at a time. I wish people would just shop normally, like they usually do. It’s their actions that cause the panic, when really there is no need to panic. When I need my loo rolls at the end of the week, I’ll have to go before work and wait for it to open, I did this last Friday but actually felt guilty for being there at that time. I only got my loo rolls and left!

    Felt for a young lad on the till in Iceland at weekend who was getting a hard time from a customer. My son works in retail, so I had a nice chat with the lad and told him what a great job, and risky job, their doing by being out there serving the public! Generally people are pulling together, but you get the odd ones who are horrible, no need!!

    Jean – so glad to see the treatment is to start this week, stay positive!

    Most of the people at work are now working from home, which is great for me, the office is quiet, numbers are down, and the traffic has been AMAZING! Worth coming in just for that. I have an option to work at home on a rota with another colleague, but as long as I can keep coming in, I will do. I want things to feel normal.

    Have a good day everyone, few of us fasting, GOOD LUCK, STAY STRONG!



    I’m fasting too today so that’s DF, nana, Kay, Jean, HH. A lot of us.

    Cakey, I think your isolation challenge has really spurred me in so thank you!

    Anyway ARMAGEDDON as hairdresser has closed. Jean I’m going to have to do my own colour as I refuse to end up looking like a badger. Any brands you recommend?? I’ve tried it before and it was not a success. I like wearing hats so….

    Daughter didn’t visit. She phoned and we both got slightly teary. But they are still isolating because of a friend.HH he is still unwell and in bed, not seriously though but it has the hallmarks of IT.

    One good thing is we’ve signed up for zoom as a family so we’re thinking Friday night chat and wine. For anyone who doesn’t know of it. It’s video conferencing, free and very very easy. So a few of you can chat together. Might be good for you Jean and Nana and some others maybe.

    DF I completely agree. There is absolutely no need to be nasty to anyone and esp young people doing their best. Some times people just bully young people because they think they can get away with it. Both OH and I have stepped in on occasion because we just can’t not!

    So come on fasters, Let’s do this! X

    Morning All..
    A lovely day…

    At Tesco for 7.30 very quiet, shelves quite empty lots of things missing…I needed about 14 things, I got loo roll 😀..I couldn’t get Charlie’s chicken thighs..I got the rest…continued on to the park, breakfast, a cuppa now…….then a few cook jobs for Charlie and us…hoover round down stairs….

    I am fasting but up at that time it’s going to be a long day…..we are into the first hour of a nose bleed!!😱

    It’s a worry with Mum, everyone on their own it must be awful and lonely…you have to balance it out keep the 2 metre distance may help…cheesecake sounds like my meal of the day 😀

    Our Tesco is so empty later in the day…we are going shopping about every 8 days, still this morning I had to get one milk less so I might have to go sooner now, which is hard when we shouldn’t be mixing…someone was giving grief as he had to give a few things back to staff…

    Always good things when your roads are empty, a happier start to the day.

    I agree our positive list will help us keep sane!! and busy….

    Sorry I can’t help you with the colour mine is from the wholesaler..my cut of two weeks is cancelled, looks like by a few months it will be like a blxxdy ponytail!!..I will ask my daughter for you she did hers last night….I only know keep away from reds/auburn colours as they go orange on grey hair.

    I have not heard of zoom..usually face time…I will have a look..

    Have a good busy day…started our jigsaw 😀

    Jean x

    Boris says the tide will turn in 12 weeks…. we’ll see! but it’s got me thinking.. I can either wallow for 12w, eat all the snacks and put half a stone on (or more), or I can emerge like a butterfly in 12 weeks fitter and leaner than ever.

    If anyone fancies setting some goals (we do like a challenge to aim for) then I’m happy to save them to track progress. We did so much better in Feb when Kay kept us focussed.

    I appreciate we are all in different phases with weight loss and it doesn’t have to be weight related, just something positive eg

    – Lose a stone
    – Do an online yoga/Pilates class 3x per week
    – read a new book each week
    – conquer that goal to drink more water
    – new skin care regime (you too Dave)
    – increase daily walks by 2500 steps (no matter what you do now)
    – phone/message a different friend every day to see how they are
    – complete an on-line study course
    – something gardening related?
    – learn to bake a cake
    – hand wash the car every week
    – try a new recipe every week (subject to ingredients 😂)
    – join a virtual book club
    – stop biting your nails
    – if you’re at your goal, maybe just to maintain or give yourself some wriggle room

    These are just some random ideas that could be done whilst safely social distancing, I’m sure you can think of lots more.

    If you fancy doing something positive and hopeful, let me know.

    Hi all

    Everyone’s sounding pretty positive – lvoed your friend’s poem, Dave.

    I’m at the church dividing my time between ‘home schooling’ and continuing the setting up for a very different way of doing things.

    Sarah – I’ve been experimenting with ZOom, too, for my leadership people. It’s so much easier than microsoft teams.

    UP with the lark today as the boy was up wantin gto play Scrabble – some great words! and then we walked round part of the parish with helpful fliers, so lots of exercise.

    Catch you later.


    Doing my bit for panic buying- got another 3 bags of compost on offer at a nearby garden centre 😂 2 huge pots as well so will grow more potatoes & beans, in case we can’t get to the shops in 3 months! Good excuse to get out in the garden really…limited veg patch, so more in pots.
    So weird walking Xena- very quiet everywhere. No children about but I think our local primary have signed up to Google classroom or something so maybe they’re all doing online lessons, don’t know how it works…
    Minols- sounds like you’re keeping son busy, day1 sorted, 90+ to go 😱
    Cakey- I have already done my challenge for today & have ‘decluttered’ a folder- found all my hospital letters & appts I had from my tests & neck surgery, 2013-1016!!
    Sarah- Nana’s daughter is a hairdresser, she might be able to pass on advice? Am very glad mine was done last week! Glad daughter’s friend is not too ill…
    Jean- if you can get enough milk I think it does freeze? Cuts down on how often you shop…it is a worry every time you go out. I’m glad Charlie is okay! If you get too hungry his looks pretty edible! Nice that you stand up for the shop workers, son says that it’s been a bit nasty at times at his shop…
    DF- hope you can get your shopping done okay, I guess it’s such a drama at the moment to get anything maybe people are doing a big shop every time to save having to queue every time? Will Steve be on the vulnerable list?
    Keep strong everyone fasting!

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