Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Hedgehog..
    Haddock and chips were nice and half a chocolate orange…his bleeding seems to be slowing down, not really his nose now his back of throat…it’s not good, about 30 hours now, we couldn’t go out…

    Sounds like chips on the menu 😂…sounds a nightmare…what about chocolate cheesecake?…dark beige 😂….recipe please …

    No salads in our chippy’s 😱…..

    A good idea on making a list of foods you eat and their calories …helpful.

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Jean- hope Steve’s nose/ throat stops bleeding & both of you can get sleep…
    Was it the dally rally this weekend? Will give you the recipe for cheesecake, just a quick post now.
    Out with Xena soon, doing my Church prayer thing this morning, need to do some cleaning this afternoon, & possibly a walk with mum, sis & Arnie.
    Have a good day everyone!

    It’s another wet and miserable start to the day and would be surprised if it gets any better later.

    Going to have breakfast soon so at least that’s going to keep me warm and full for a few hours.

    Morning quick one again before work
    Well I decided to weigh this morning as I’m not going to fast this weekend, I’m out at bingo with the girls on Sunday, and I dont want my dodgy after fast tummy to stop me enjoying things.
    Anyhow, I’m In the naughty corner with Dave 4lbs on, as i would expect, but on the up side, that’s weighing in after a non fast day (excuses excuses)
    Jean hope Steve’s better
    HH your up early, stay warm, i think it snowed a bit here last night
    Typh00 enjoy your breakfast
    Have a good day everyone else
    Catch up soon
    Tammy x

    Morning All..
    Bright, windy cold morning… doing a river walk Steves coming this morning…Dally rally tomorrow so he needs quiet walk time…I think we will walk 5 miles, Steve will sit in the car…Oreo is coming with us, it will be interesting if they stay together or separate, first time for Oreo he may stay close.

    Batch cooking Charlie’s meals later, it’s worked quite well lasted about two weeks..

    Get wrapped up feels cold, have a good morning..a bit of a clean around for me too…car needs sorting a bit, it needs a fuse so going in garage Monday..must get rid of Charlie fur 😂

    Looks snowy all your way keep warm…

    It will soon come off…enjoy bingo and the girls..a big win 😀….

    Fingers crossed and hope you get one of the dogs, they all look lovely…sending hood vibes to you..

    Have a good weekend what ever you are doing….

    Jean x

    Morning Everyone,
    Welcome Lou – a friendly bunch on here. Well done to those of you who’ve managed a weight loss this week.
    Jean hope Steve’s a bit better this morning.
    Hedgehogs a busy weekend for you. We had a Thai takeaway last night as it’s sold from a pub that serves Thai food to eat in or takeaway so we can order our food and enjoy a drink whilst waiting , however, it was really busy last night so our food was almost an hour late !. I was so hungry especially watching the diners eating theirs.
    A lovely sunny morning here at the moment so getting all the washing up to date.
    Am doing a b2b FD Sunday and Monday as we’ve got friends around this evening and Tuesday the car is going in for a service and Mot and as the garage we use is in Cambridge we’re going to be having lunch out whilst it’s in the garage. Hopefully the XR will have finished their demonstrations by then.
    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or not.
    Nana x

    Windy and bitter this morning but no rain later I think….

    How lovely you can get a Thai meal in or out, something different..a drink or two while you wait…a fuse blown in our car we are going Monday…shame they usually have nice cakes to eat with coffee..will power needed as fasting….

    Well I must get on with Charlie’s food before this evenings meal starts…

    Jean x

    Good afternoon, rain close so I will take Heidi out hopefully before it starts. Denise is catching up on coronation Street so a very good reason to take Heidi out.

    I took Heidi out and while she was having her fix I got annointed again, I was stood waiting for her when a sudden gust of wind blew water off the church all over me, I didn’t half jump.I hope everyone is well,fasters stay strong.

    Bought nutracheck again for another year. Will start using it after my holidays. You don’t realise how many calories are in a cuppa, about 16 in a mug with milk. I must drink at least 8 a day. That’s 128 per day. That’s a big chunk out of my daily allowance.I don’t like water so don’t know what to do about it.

    Goodness it’s so windy here maybe no walk later unless it calms down…

    Downstairs housework done….just to blitz Charlie’s food and then bag portions up for the freezer…pork chops dinner for us tonight…

    I think calorie counting is good once in a while you soon seem to over eat without thinking…you have shocked me with cups of tea, it soon adds up…I think we have about 5 so that’s about 80 cals..
    Are you using your small plate…what do you think about it…we use ours all the time…

    Steve faffing in the garage tidying it up….

    Jean x

    Jean if you use whole milk 5 cups is 110 calories, I use semi-skimmed.

    Hi all

    Dave -phone is samsung a40…very happy so far. We strutted for 6 months last year as a delaying tactic for the boy’s s phone so I knew this was the level of price and gadgetry I was willing to go for. He has the same so I have a ready made expert on hand! Hot mine second hand though from cex…you can’t tell it’s s not new!

    Caesar salad from our chippy is amazing – creamy dressing, loads of bacon and cheese…and the odd strand of lettuce! Boy gets pizza, oh gets kebab. Sometimes I get chips but it caters for everyone!

    Ate off a big plate tonight…had the same amount of salmon and chorizo crumb as the boys – yum. Back to my small plate tomorrow and tiny portions ready for a strict week again.


    Always whole milk and full fat…much better for you…keeps you fuller longer….keeping well away from NHS crap of 1950…..still it has to be counted…

    Always the little ones what show you what to do…my 20 year grandson looks over my phone to see if I am up to date…he says I am quite good, shows me new things too.

    I shall be strong next week, I have really felt the need of naughtiness tonight..Charlie has missed his walk with the weather …goodness we know about it, a playing head on for two hours!!…I think my caravan has to go too, a bit upsetting….but I think it’s time….😥

    Jean x

    Jean- what games does Charlie play? Xena likes to be chased around alot which is hard work…good at the park with her flinger & ball though. I totally agree you need some comfort food right now…what do you mean the caravan has to go? Are you having to give it up, is it too much for Steve now? That will be a wrench, more hugs for you…
    Minols- maybe that takeaway salad wasn’t as healthy as we all imagined it! Enjoy being relaxed tonight!
    Dave- I have quite a few cuppas in the day, have skimmed milk, does add up still. When it’s warmer you could go back to your Coke zero. Glad you were annointed 😂
    Kay- are you going to go & see any of the dogs?
    Tammy- oops, but you did have a holiday! Did you have any snow?
    Typhoo- hope the weather did improve, I think you get better tomorrow & we get the rain!
    Nana- the Thai meal sounds nice, shame you’ve got to do B2B FDs, hope the car isn’t too expensive!
    Busy day, not too cold this morning, been quite a nice day here. A nice walk with mum, sis & Arnie- he’s a bit of a thug with Xena though- he pinched every stick, pine cone, treat & water we gave her! She didn’t seem to mind though & went all flirty with him! 😂💏
    My house is now nearly sparkly- will never be that clean with boys & dog! Son’s girlfriend is slightly less nervous than last time, & Xena adores her! Her family have 3 huskies so she’s well used to naughty dogs!
    Eaten well today, but not a total 🐷

    HH I can drink coke zero anytime, so maybe will have that more often.I would love to drink more water but prefer it with hops in🍺.Tea with skimmed milk is 12 calories,I have arla milk(Bob) so it’s fairly low. Got to do more planning in the future.

    Jean- chocolate cheesecake recipe ( with optional salted caramel sauce!)
    It makes a 22cm spring form tin, which is supposed to feed 14- doesn’t go that far here!!
    Base- 250g digestives, crushed.
    100g melted butter. Mix biscuits into butter, press down into the tin & chill.
    Filling- 200g plain chocolate, 200g milk chocolate, melt over hot water, leave to cool a little.
    250g mascarapone, 400g light cream cheese, 1 tsp vanilla, 300ml double cream. Whisk together until smooth. Gradually whisk in the melted chocolate. Pour inti tin, smooth top & chill at least 4hrs or overnight.
    Salted caramel sauce- 85g soft light brown sugar, 150ml double cream, 25g butter, salt to taste. Combine all the ingredients in a non stick pan, heat on low, stir until disdolved, turn up heat & boil for 3-5 mins until golden & syrupy. Leave it to cool quite a bit before pouring it over the cheesecake.

    Can it be done without the cheese?

    Charlie is a puller and tugger, nearly takes your arm off so strong……chasing around, milk bottle with treats in keeps him amused for a while, even steals out of the kitchen and brings it to be filled with treats, just a few. A walk is far easier. 😂
    The caravan..Although we are feeling positive, being realistic, we haven’t used it properly for two years, also getting the house in order, sorting things out for me…another year of hospitals…it costs £1000 a year for insurance, service, storage, green flag. We may do as you do three/four days here and there as we can. Upset to see it go but maybe it’s the right time…

    Jean x

    Ok I am back, and so is the four pounds (pebbles) that I lost. Will make an effort to get a few out by the end of the month. Not what I planned but a bit ambitious when going away to foody Norfolk for a week.
    I see we have a newby, welcome to Lou!
    Jean, sorry about the caravan but think of the lovely memories. Make sure you get breaks though when you can, I know you love getting away, like we do. I have so much respect for you still getting in the fast days with all going on, it only takes little things to derail me.
    Re drinks I have to have my tea, but with semi skimmed, full fat is too creamy for me. Don’t like any fizzy drinks, just water and wine. The self catering left us a lovely bottle of sloe gin which hit the spot too.
    Was going away again Wednesday but have to stay in for kitchen men. We have sprung a leak but have horrible feeling it is the chimney- only after rain. Won’t know till they get cupboard out ☹️. My lovely new kitchen 😨😨. Anyway trying a low day today and a FD800 tomorrow.

    Morning all!
    Jean- a shame about the caravan, didn’t realise servicing etc was so expensive…depending on the treatment they decide on for Steve, hopefully you’ll get chances for short breaks last minute…I know what you mean, it does seem easier to take them for a walk, I can imagine Charlie’s very strong!
    Mel- you do seem to lose quickly so hopefully the holiday pounds will come off quick! A shame about the kitchen, hope they find the leak quickly…
    Hope everyone else is okay- Nana, is it just you fasting?
    No Church for us- hubby has laryngitis & coughing well, don’t want to share that! We can watch something online.
    Doing a roast chicken tonight for meat eaters, Mum’s coming too, hope she can remember Courney’s name 😬! Xena is beside herself every time Courtney comes in the room😂

    Morning Everyone, a good evening with some friends last night. FD meal which is a slow cooker sausage casserole today is cooking. Horrible weather here today so we’re planning on binge watching a box set this afternoon – not sure what yet.
    Jean we used to own a static caravan on the norfolk coast years ago and had many happy times there but we started using it less and less and it was quite expensive site fees so we let it go.
    Hedgehogs – cheesecake recipe looks good and will definitely be giving it a go. Hope sons girlfriends visit is going well. Daughter said Poppy wants to play all of the time – her Kong filled with carrot and peanut butter is a particular favourite.
    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or not.
    Nana x

    Afternoon All..
    A good National Dally Rally, about 50 spots there, no rain but very muddy. ..tired boy wrapped up in his blanket…£186 raised for charity for re homing of Dallies…

    I was fiddling in the car while Steve popped in a shop, and everything is working again so we will cancel the garage tomorrow we thought it was a fuse gone…no idea what I did just turn the radio on…?

    We shall look at pubs and houses for a few days to get away…I think Steve will be happier if it sold, change to a smaller car…we had his bad back for a full year leading to his surgery and tests last year, now again. We have got to find someone or caravan place to buy it yet….lots of memories but time moves on…

    Red wine and tea for me no fizzy..never tried sloe gin…like it with tonic when hot in an afternoon..hope they soon sort the leak out without doing any damage…

    Charlie is a very strong…..came back a very black boy today all fun..hope hubby soon gets well without spreading it about…thanks for the recipe, I will make it when people visit sounds a bit large don’t want to be a 🐷…How’s the visit going?

    Oreo came inside our house today to see if they would be fine or fight, In case she needs a sitter or to help out any time….they were so fussy together maybe more in the summer and in the garden….could be a nightmare 😂

    Sad to see it go but the times right..I hope….Steve was in the good 20%.. now looking at 50/50%..hoping it stays on the better side, you have to be positive but realistic too…I will go with flow on what he wants…I don’t want him worrying.

    Enjoy your binge watch hope you find something nice …enjoy your fd we will join you tomorrow..

    Chicken and bacon salad baguette tonight just a small one each, more than enough…and easy..

    Jean x

    Roast chicken tonight for us, just had 45 minutes bowling on my own. Getting worried about our cruise now, we pull in to Italy two or three times and the Coronavirus is spreading there. Must make the Yorkshire’s although I don’t always have gravy with chicken.

    Dave- it is quite a worry, some (probably more realistic) stories online about what things are like in China, I don’t believe the official figures, seems to be very infectious…cruise ships are bad for diseases spreading anyway. More of the passengers from the Japanese trip have tested positive now. You’ve been really looking forward to it too.
    Enjoy your chicken tonight.
    Jean- the rally sounded great, lovely for dogs!
    Nana- well done with your FD! We used to have a static caravan too, we loved it & would love to have one again, but the fees are just too much. Xena loves her kong too!
    Visit going well, girlfriend very nice, still a bit nervous around us though! Son is going to work tomorrow, so she has to stay here with us, then they’re both going back to hers for a couple of days.
    Not sure what to do next week, whether to do another week of 800cal days, or whether to do ADF with 500cal days 🙆

    Just popping in for a quick hi to everyone, no luck at the bingo, might fast tomorrow not sure, suppose to meet a friend but will depend on what the weather does, will decide tomorrow, hope your all enjoying your weekend
    Catch you tomorrow
    Tammy x

    Evening everyone,
    FD done total of 750 calories counting in a choc options drink before bedtime.
    Now just have to manage tomorrows FD – will be having sausage casserole again as recipe serves four.
    Ended up watching some of Pirates of the Caribbean box set we have but OH slept through quite a bit due to a few 🍺.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Never seen Pirates of the Caribbean and only one Harry Potter film.I must admit if I have beer and come home I do feel tired. No problem while drinking it just when I stop.

    Morning all!
    Hope everyone had a good weekend!
    Jean- how’s Steve? Hope his nose bleed has stopped? I bet Charlie was shattered after the rally? Did your car stay okay, still not need to take it in? I guess you’re fasting today, as usual?!
    Dave- hope the roast was good! Has your son had any more interviews?
    Tammy- shame you didn’t win on the bingo; will see if you’re fasting today!
    Nana- well done for yesterday, hope you have a nice lunch out today!
    Minols- back to 800cals today? teeny portions?
    Mel- hope you’re back okay & can get back into fasting, big girl pants on & find that strength!
    Typhoo- how was your weekend? Are you fasting today?
    DF- how’s your Steve? Are you joining the mass Monday fast?
    Kay- hope you can get back into fasting after your busy weekend! When will you hear anything about the rescue dogs?
    Cakey- hope your lazy weekend in that lovely house was good!
    Sarah- hope you’re enjoying your holiday!
    We have Courtney here during the day while son is at work, she has quite high anxiety, so will tiptoe about, & try not to harass her too often about needing food or drinks! Forecast is grotty so not sure if she’ll want a walk. I’ll be fasting today, will see how the cals go as to what I do, 500 or 800…was very bad last night & finished the last piece of keto cheesecake off after Mum had gone home, so it wasn’t left to tempt me today!

    Morning all,

    I woke up to snow today! Not sticking though and raining now I’m at work.

    Yes – I’m definitely joining the mass fast today. Last week I only managed one FD, so hope to be back properly this week. Exercise done, which always helps. I’m more likely to stick to it because I don’t want to undo that! I think because my routine at home is a bit different at the moment, its thrown me completely. Must stick to my FD’s though, the weight goes on immediately when I deviate from this.

    Steve doing okay, apart from his speech, to anyone who doesn’t know you can’t tell anything has happened. He’s done amazing really, definitely because the ambulance got him to hospital fast and he was able to have the medication he needed. So, so lucky. He does get tired late afternoon, but otherwise each day is getting better 🙂

    Hope everyone’s okay .. sorry for not responding individually, so many posts now .. which is great!

    Lets stay strong today x

    Morning All..
    Raining heavy here but will walk out…wellies will be on as river is very high flooded at bottom of street quite bad but normal and we will be paddling down the old river road, Charlie can walk on the bank….

    Fasting today but not much planned…may go out to look for cars but don’t know what we want and what we can afford..going smaller.

    Steve said he owes you a pint, the couple of links you sent gave some different information which worked..cotton wool out and all ok…hoping he doesn’t sneeze again!!…fingers crossed for the cruise touching in at Italy my daughter has the same problem but July..

    I agree with you, I think things are more worse in China, they delayed in saying and then realised how bad it was and started to release things, hospitals up in two weeks!!…says it all…our car cancelled all is well??

    It was a good rally the boy only moved for his dinner last night..still asleep and no breakfast yet…hope Courtney is ok it’s a long day for keeping people amused..dog walking would kill a hour or so, raining she possibly wouldn’t do that…

    Come on let’s have you fasting today….

    Keep strong we are with you today fasting…

    Lovely Steve is holding his own….quickness is the best thing glad the ambulance came and gave the proper drugs…take it easy with yourself, give yourself some time..we are fasting too..

    Have you watched…Breaking Bad on Netflix, the follow on series is Better Call Saul? My Steve says it’s addictive …too blood thirsty for me…

    Have a good day all….

    Jean x

    Good morning all

    It’s a very wet morning here not sure if it’s from rain or snow but there’s no white stuff on the ground outside.

    Forgot to weigh myself yesterday so after my shower I jumped on the scales and still the same weight so I’m thinking I must be eating too much on non fasting days.

    As usual I’m on a FD today so no food until breakfast tomorrow.

    Good luck to all those fasting today and remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

    I have watched Breaking bad and Better Call Saul which are both very good and the next series of Better call Saul started on Netflix today so will be watching that.

    Lots of fasters today and I am one of them. Yup, big girl pants on to stop big girl pants going on. I feel I am teetering on the verge of putting a lot on again, how can I let that happen? But we all know it does, all too easily.

    Good news about the nose bleed Jean. Yes do not let him sneeze!
    Haven’t seen Breaking Bad, haven’t got Netflix. Heard it is good though. I had a free trial on Netflix a while back to see The Night Manager which I had missed, loved it. We don’t watch enough stuff to bother paying for Netflix though.
    DF good news on Steve. It’s all down to catching things quick. Like my cardiac arrest 20 years ago, paramedics getting their lunch two minutes up the road!
    Steve (Typhoon) have never done a food free fast day, maybe something to think about. Or maybe not. 😂
    Not sure really!
    HH have a good day with the girlfriend. I am not brilliant with people staying unless I know them really well.
    Generally just let them get on with it. After a while I do relax. Dogs help.
    Fasters all have a good day.
    Got to go deal with a soggy doggy.

    Hi all
    Off north east for ‘ mentoring’ today…actually an excuse to talk with two lovely colleagues about how they’ re doing, and enjoy a few hours in the car with the radio or audiobooks-lovely!

    Samsung a40 working a test- synced fine with the car so having occasionally conversations with Google…who regularly obliges me with a compliment or joke whenever I ask!

    Not really fasting today but it will be well under 1000cals. Just having a wee snack on the road, may or may not have soup / lunch and I’ll just have a spot of pan haggerty with the boys tonight.

    HH – sorry your oh has laryngitis…sore. Still fighting my cold. Watching cironavirus carefully…have a couple of people suggesting I should stop people who have been on holiday to affected areas coming to church. Just keeping an eye on nhs advice just now and conscious not to shake hands myself yesterday…no-one needs my common or garden cold! Dave…do cruise companies sometimes change itineraries because of weather / other risks?

    Take care everyone.


    Minols I am not sure if they Chang itineraries or not. You can get an app on the play store that keep you updated on Coronavirus.Fast day for me and I am going to use Nutracheck to make sure I stay within the limits.

    Out and about, dentist for Steve, looking at a few cars and picking up some hair colour for me..
    Keeping a busy and away from food…

    A good paddle this morning about 6 inches water.. river really high but had started going out..

    Steve can’t wait to start watching it again, usually when I am busy… drives me crackers!

    We are lucky we pick Netflix from my daughters account in America… Amazon my Grandsons account here.. you are allowed so many so we tagged on…😁

    Have a good day.. hope your soggy doggie is warm.

    Have a good travelling day, keep safe, enjoy your talking book and meet up with colleagues..

    Jean x

    Jean I don’t know what make of car you want but Doncaster airport is full of Renault cars that are classed as second hand.Mine had done 19 miles and was a few thousand cheaper. It’s not even a 1 litre engine but it as a turbo mode or an eco mode, it’s really quick in the turbo mode.The do all size of cars.Fast day going well, I have had 76 calories so far, I am always told to eat before going to gym so had one Jaffa cake.

    It just been on the news, a giant sand storm over the canaries 😱,planes grounded😱😱,hope it’s clear for next week 🤞🤞🤞.

    That’s a good deal…looking at VW but not sure…sell the caravan and put that money to the car….trying to sort that out first…

    Fast day going well just having a cuppa…

    Jean x

    I hope your a good driver Jean, the worst drivers on the road all drive German cars great cars but bad drivers, everyone I ask all day the same 😄BMW worst followed by Audi and Mercedes.

    Dave- lol, my son who got caught speeding was driving his mercedes, but has since changed to an Audi!! Next will be a 🚲 😂😂 Seems like there might not be many stops on your cruise?
    Jean- don’t like VWs, my sis has had lots of trouble with theirs! We love our Peugeot! That’s good tagging on with Amazon & Netflix! Eldest pays for our Netflix, don’t watch it that much though.
    Minols- hope you’re not tempted on your journeys, enjoy the mentoring! Good idea to have less hand shaking & more washing!
    Mel- keep strong, hope the day goes quickly for you!
    Typhoo- shame about the scales! Do you count cals on nonFDs? Might help for a bit?
    Courtney seems to be getting more comfortable which is nice. She has reading to do for her course so is getting stuck into His dark materials. Xena is a big help too! She understandably opted not for a wet muddy walk! I’ve kept busy & finally shortened a pair of jeans for hubby- I think he bought them in the autumn 😂 Repaired a couple of Xena’s toys too, so she was happy! No food yet…

    Back from gym, she was upset that I was leaving and tried to get me to go on Thursday to a different including my tea which I haven’t yet had I will have consumed 392 calories.So Spanish chicken to come😋.Leaves lot of room for cuppas and apple plus yoghurt.I bought some Hovis nimble bred only 50 calories.

    I changed from Spanish chicken to egg and bacon,so more calories.so far though I have had 673 calories.Its really helpful using the app for counting calories. I have yoghurt to eat up and will change to smaller yoghurt when they have gone so I will go over today and Thursday but still very close to 800 calories.And will do a low day on Wednesday.

    Sounds like you’re doing well Dave! Haven’t added up mine yet but it’ll be low…

    It’s been easy today.But will do it all properly the week after I get home from holiday.

    A 500cal day for me!
    Courtney delivered to son’s work, they’re off to hers now, had a really nice chat with her on the way, she seemed to be getting more confident! Xena will miss her…

    Evening everyone, another good FD of 650 calories just hope I get a loss tomorrow. Husband is going to be watching Masterchef later which will be hard as I’m still hungry. Think I’ll pop my headphones in and do some codeword puzzles whilst it’s on.
    Jean absolutely love Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul so will be watching also loved Dexter series but I think that wouldnt appeal to you. Glad Steves nose bleed stopped.
    Hedgehogs lunch out tomorrow whilst car is at the garage not today am looking forward to it.Glad the girlfriends visit went well.
    Dave some friends of ours are on a 100 day cruise aboard the Queen Mary 2 and left on the 10th January and have spent 14days just going around the Indian ocean as the itinerary included lots of stops in Asia and due to the coronavirus the visits were all cancelled so they’ve included extra visits around Australia instead. Not sure if there’s going to be any compensation but the cruise cost an awful lot of money.
    Well done to everyone who has fasted today.
    Hope everyone else is doing well.
    Pancakes planned for tomorrow.
    Nana x

    Well done fasters!

    Im aiming for 3 x 800 cals, so need to dig deep Tue – Thu!

    Just watching Masterchef 😄

    Morning all!

    Had to chuckle at the dislike of VW/VW drivers! Me and Steve are VW fanatics lol. Not so much the new stuff, but the classic style. I’m actually thinking of downsizing my own car soon, and was thinking of a VW Up, but not sure now 🙂 We have a VW camper and recently sold our MK1 Golf 🙂

    FD went well for me, so glad I managed to get through it. I had some melon when I got home from work and then a low cal dinner. Feel better for it, next one will be Thursday.

    Weather is horrible again here, snow at home, and pouring down in Sale! Roll on summer, I can’t wait!

    NFD for me .. phew! Good luck anyone fasting today.

    Catch up soon xx

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