Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • I’m hungry too! Just realised that I’ve got the wrong stuff out for dinner, was for a nonFD, think I can still rescue it & make it a FD dinner…

    Hat to tell you, Typhoo, the porridge was particularly good, when I finally got round to making it! Fortunately, a rush of stuff came in, so I’m not long away from it and still feeling good. Like HH – impressed you’re doing fluid days!

    HH – any food can e FD food if you just cut the portion size…no, less than that…no, less than that…no, even less than that…that’s right, that speck is all you’re allowed tonight!


    Afternoon All…
    Raining here and play date at the park for Charlie…lots of running around, wet through and hail stone..straight in the shower for his legs he was muddy and black…

    Keep off those biscuits..when does Lent start?

    Clocks going forward what a lovely thought you made me smile…

    Sorry grandson has called delayed me but lovely…….off to hospital…continue later….


    Well I caved in, just to hungry, had a sandwich. So no FD today. Hope I am not getting the holiday feeling.12 days to go 🐽🐽🐽πŸ₯΅πŸ₯΄.

    Lent starts Wednesday next week…!

    Dave- too early…don’t do a Christmas & start already!
    I have to confess, there has been a peanut butter incident again 😱😱. Was mixing some up for Xena’s lickimat, couldn’t resist 😬 I think I can still keep under 800cals though, like you said Minols, a speck for dinner πŸ˜‚
    Thinking of you & Steve at hospital, Jean…

    I thought pancake day was this week for some reason but even though it falls on a non fasting day for me I’ll try to be good πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡. Hands up if you really believe that lol.

    Just having liquid fasts is easier for me as once I have some food that kicks off the need to eat and its hard to stop

    Yes Steve I did a liquid fast and like you say once you eat you want more. But I found liquid days to difficult. I will still do two fasts next week, I won’t start holidays early. I can pretty much guarantee I will gain a few pounds this week so need to try next week before my holibobs.

    I was walking around tesco the other day and as I passed the cadbury creme eggs I was sure that they were saying eat me please buy and eat me.


    Yes you want to look your best on the holidays so you can enjoy yourself and not think about fasting.

    If I didn’t eat for twelve days I wouldn’t look any different. Creme eggs, would prefer a proper Easter egg, don’t get me thinking about chocolate.

    Less talk about food when fasting the better I’ll keep drinking the water to take my mind off it

    If you was on WhatsApp group you would be inundated with pictures of food SteveπŸ˜„πŸ˜„πŸ˜„

    That’s just cruel when you can’t have anything to eat, feeling hungry as it’s usually tea time for me but will stay strong until breakfast tomorrow. πŸ€£πŸ˜πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

    Evening All..
    It’s not good news on Steve, he has a different cancer in his next lung lobe and a lymph node. Hoping for a PET scan next week maybe a biopsy then a plan will be put in place. They can’t operate so it will be chemo, radio, tablets or there’s about 3 other things similar…
    Taking one thing at a time…I think is the easiest way…

    Jean x

    I am so sorry Jean, but have faith all can still be ok, a similar thing happened to my mate and he is doing fine now. Xx

    It is Jean, one day at a time. Not the news you were hoping for, we are all here for you, not much I know but healing thoughts heading your way. Be kind to yourself. And lots of love to Charlie. They are such a comfort in times of need.

    Jean – am so sorry to hear this not what you wanted to hear but hopefully it’s been caught early. Sending hugs to all of you xxx

    Jean- so sorry to hear that, must be very hard right now…thinking of you & sending you both hugs, wish there was more we could do. A challenge for Steve- my Dad put weight on with his chemo, the staff were shocked, unheard of! He loved his food, even when he was feeling rough!!

    Jean, so sorry to hear that Steve has something else going on in his lungs xx

    Hope things start being organised soon so that plans can be put into place and treatment can be started asap.

    I’m with the others, Jean. Really sorry you both have to go through this with all the worry. But you’ve been this way before and you are wise enough to know that each day is enough to deal with. You also know that sometimes it doesn’t matter what you ‘know’ – feelings can still trump everything! So you know you’re both in our thoughts and prayers.


    Evening all
    Been at work, catching up on posts
    Jean, so sorry to hear you news,stay strong for each other, and trust in the treatment.
    Minols, I think you have confused me for DF.
    Dave I feel like caving in today and actually thought I had ruined today’s fast, but I actually came in just under 500.its always bread
    Am really cold tonight, have just made a cup of oxo.
    Hope everyone else is good.
    Working 10-7 tomorrow, it’s going to be a long one
    Catch you then
    Tammy x

    Thats the last of the 4 x 800 fds done. Hopefully that will have sorted out the pound gain from last week.
    What the plan is for next week, will depend on this weeks weigh in 😐

    Hope you have kept strong Steve. Your porridge awaits you tomorrow!

    Well done on your fasting today Tammy.

    HH, did you manage to turn the wrong food into a fasting meal?

    Kay x

    Morning all!
    Jean- I guess you & Steve didn’t get much sleep, hope you can take comfort in the fact that it’s been picked up quickly & things are being done swiftly..
    Kay- well done with your FD! I did keep the meal low enough, but sadly lost it later, son announced his girlfriend is coming for the weekend, was having to do a shopping list & plan food, cook his dinner later, tummy rumbling…
    Typhoo- hope you did better than me, & enjoy breakfast today!
    Tammy- well done to you, kept very strong! Long day for you at work…
    Minols- hope your day goes okay today, did you manage a teeny dinner?!
    Nana- are you having your usual takeaway tonight?
    Dave- your bowling schedule sounds good for the summer! Hope son has enjoyed his trip, & hope MIL is okay if you’re visiting today.
    Cakey- hope you’re doing okay?
    Mel & Sarah- enjoy your holidays!
    Really cross with myself last night, but today’s another day & will do better, one more 800 day & then the weekend off. Shopping today again, can’t avoid thinking about food 😞

    Morning all,

    Jean – I’m sorry to hear about Steve. So important to stay positive, a day at a time. It’s hard to know what to say, testing times. Sending lots of love to you xx

    Hope everyone’s doing okay, I’m glad its Friday. My FD was a disaster yesterday, so trying again today. I’m not being to hard on myself at the moment.


    Morning All..
    Rain expected and a play date at the park for 9.30…

    We did a good fast considering the day…

    I have moved 1 lb down…i am finding it hard to move the Christmas weight…Steve is holding his weight..

    Thanks for all your wishes and thoughts…

    Enjoy seeing your sons girl friend, have you met her before?…you get used to one and they move on, it can get difficult. Try and have a steady food weekend.

    It happens…try again today…you have lots going on it mixes with your head…a day at a time 😘

    Sorry I won’t go back on posts as too many…started from this morning.

    I think we are going out for a meal tonight early evening and the boy may come with us…it was discussed earlier in the week, we will see…

    Have a good day everyone..

    Jean x

    Morning just away to head to work
    Non fast day today, had boiled eggs for breakfast, they normally sit well after a fast.
    Jean hope you all manage out for a meal.
    Kay welldone with your 4×800, I would find that harder I think, just a bit too much food, kicks in my eating monster, 500 seems to keep it at bay.
    HH and DF as you say, today is another day, we all have our weak moments.
    Hi to everyone else, I wont list you all as I would leave someone out.
    Catch you later, at break time
    Tammy x

    Hi all
    Managed my last of 4 yesterday, but like Tammy, I was COLD!
    Kay – I’m back to my pre-Feb weight, so relaxing a little today, and then i’ll press on for the pebble for the end of the month.

    HH – how often have I managed the day and caved right at the very end…so so frustrating. But today is a new one.

    I have enough to do today, but not the too much of every other day this week – thank goodness! So I’d better get on with it.


    Well as expected I put on for pounds ☹️.Beer chocolate and too much bred. Last week of fasting before our holidays, need to lose some before the big gain on holiday. After my holiday I must plan how to cut down on bred, especially toast, it’s my downfall. Just took Heidi out before we go to Denise’s mums.My son has another session for his depression.

    Good Morning Everyone

    I hope you don’t mind me joining?

    I flirted with the idea of 5:2 last year, but never really got my head in the game, I usually naturally IF from 6pm (Evening Meal) until 10am next day a good 16 hours.

    2 Years ago I lost over 6 1/2 stone by calorie counting, and whilst I recommend CC to anyone, as it really opens your eyes to portions and how much you are really consuming, I don’t think its a way to live for the rest of your life, especially when cooking for a family (Try weighing every ingredient in a stew!) and it also became obsessive for me.

    So hear I am 1 stone 10lbs heavier than where I want to be, I have re-read the book, and currently on Day 1 fast day, so far only consumed black tea and water πŸ™‚ I have lunch planned as a packet of porridge made with water 100kcal then dinner will be chicken and mushrooms with a bag of steam veg, this will take my total today to 470kcals.

    I do know its recommended to eat protein and fiber on a fast day, but for me on day 1 the above food seems good, i hate limiting carbs and as soon as I’ve tried that in the past i crash and binge πŸ™ so I’m hoping as long as my kcal count it correct and i stick to 500 i will be okay?

    I hope you don’t mind me asking a couple of questions?

    1. Do you count cals on non-fast days? I really don’t want to, but im also scared about over eating and not seeing results, but is the whole point to be more relaxed on non-fast days? at least then i can see it being a lifestyle that i can adapt. What do you guys do?

    2. Can I drink Fresh lemon in hot water?

    I think that’s it for now πŸ™‚ I am sure I will be back later, when hunger strikes! πŸ™‚

    Thank you x

    Hair cut and blow this afternoon for me, I don’t think it’s grown too much from last time so just a tidy and re shape …

    Steve did shopping at Tesco and Lidl while I walked saved us a hour later..that was a job well done…

    I would say I am a loose 500 but not 800…I feel better with a hard two days instead of stretching it to 4 days..although I do try a few low days if I can…we always have Friday off, the carrot to work too..
    Hope you are busy and time passes…

    Well done on your four fasts straight after your holiday…I am never cold, sleepless nights after fasting sometimes, a lot better than when I first started fasting….hope you manage a pebble…

    The link you sent through about re thinking fasting through…I picked up on missing breakfast, I think I shall give it a try, maybe more of a brunch eat as I feel like it…definitely after walking and closing the eating window.

    Jean x

    Dave, time to moderate the bread again!

    Minols, well done to getting back to pre-Feb weight. All systems go for the final week of Focused February. Definitely need one pebble for the jar from you, seeing as you pledged 2 pebbles 😁

    Tammy, long day for you today, hope it goes quickly.

    Jean, amazing job on the fasting yesterday. A meal out tonight sounds spot on (haha pardon the pun, I know you would take Charlie)

    DF, never mind, today is another day!

    HH, so you get to meet the new girlfriend this weekend! Must be hard not knowing her and cooking for her all weekend.

    Steve, did you succeed with your fluid only? Porridge this morning?

    Nana, did you enjoy your usual Thursday meet up?

    Sarah and Mel, Im sure you are enjoying your holidays. When are you back Mel?

    Sending you a wave CW!


    Oops forgot my news!

    2lbs down πŸ‘Š

    I think I am the last one to weigh in from the FF group for this week, so heres the update.

    Kay (4) -1 +1 -2 So far -2
    Nana (4) +0.5 -0.5 -0.5 So far -0.5
    Sarah (4) -1.5 -0.5 -1.5 So far -3.5
    CW (4) -1 -2 So far -3
    Tammy (4) -3.5 So far -3.5
    Mel (4) -4 So far -4

    Minols (2)
    Charlie (2)

    As a group, the jar should be full of 28 pebbles by next Friday.

    It currently has 16.5, so 11.5 left to go 😫


    Come on group, concentrated effort for one more week! That includes me!

    I am determined to achieve my pledge, but dont think I’ll be able to do an extra pebble to compensate for others Im afraid!

    Come on…ONE WEEK!

    Our posts crossed..
    Welcome to our group all very supportive…well done on your weight loss a great amount…I am thoughtful on my calories on a NFD but as calorie counting for 50 years I have a good idea, as I am sure you do..sometimes it’s nice to count properly again for a few weeks to remind yourself as re starting again. I do use a small dinner plate to help with portion control.
    As lemon juice they say it’s good but it gives me cystitis so I would say go carefully on that, you might be ok.

    Good 2 lbs down 2 pebbles for the jar πŸ˜€..Definitely back on board with a good mind set …

    Jean x

    Welcome Lou,great bunch on here. I drink lots of tea every day, not keen on water. But it does count as water. I try to stay around a 1000 calories below my TDEE on non fast days and do 800 on fast days, I do have a lot to lose though. Sat having a cuppa at the therapist my son as just gone in. Motorway was horrible,rain and big trucks is not a good mixture.

    Quick hi, break time
    Kay well done!!!, I am going to weigh on Sunday, see what the damage was from the hol.
    Dave bad luck, I love bread as well.
    Louowens,I personally am not to particular about what I eat on fast days or non fast days, but I have a huge amount of weight to lose, so at the moment any reduction in calories is a bonus and working for me, if I am lucky enough to lose a lot of weight ,I will probably need to re-gig this, I also dont cc on non,fd’s. Welcome to the forum, they are a great supportive bunch.
    Got to go
    Tammy x

    Morning all!
    Jean- hope you still go out tonight, might not feel like it but getting out will be good…well done 1lb off & fasting yesterday- have some 🍷 later…
    Kay- well done with your 2lbs, those 4 days did the trick! Keep cracking the whip…
    Dave- oops…hope you can keep strong until your holiday! Hope the session was good for your son.
    Tammy- hope your FDs help with the weigh in later…
    Lou- hi & welcome! I used to count cals on nonFDs as well as FDs, otherwise it would probably creep up & end up more than I thought! I used to keep cals between my BMR & TDEE. It’s a personal think though, if it gets obsessive then maybe best not, & if you’ve counted cals alot you’re probably more aware than most about what yiu’re eating. If it’s going to be long term then it’s not so important, I’m impatient so wanted to get the weight off quicker! I guess lemon & water’s fine, I do have coffee or tea, with milk & count that in my cals, technically it’s not a true fast, but you’ve got to do what you can manage or you’d give up!
    Shopping done, fridge is very full, but still got cheesecakes to make! And a lasagne to cook for eldest’s dinner tonight. Better get on!

    Son still in the therapist so not had anything to eat, possibly a fast day today, definitely a low day.I am thinking I might do one fast day per week and five days of around 1200 calories and one higher day, what do you think, answers on a postcard πŸ˜„. Would have to do some planning first and see what I could eat and drink.

    Hi all

    Thank you for your replies, they are really helpful. Im hoping my fast days become cleaner as time goes on.

    I work in an office and usually at this time we have Coffee and Chocolate πŸ™‚ I know its not perfect but I’ve just had a bottle of pepsi max cherry 4 kcals, i know its not great, but its getting me through the afternoon!

    Thank You

    I drink coke zero,no calories in that. Homemade pie for tea so that will be quite a few calories, will try and work out how many there are in it.Could do with working out the calories in all my good then see where it takes me.

    Hope your son is still finding it helpful….this plan is it for holidays?…if so a good idea..

    Good luck for Sunday weigh in…

    I must have your cheesecake recipe you are always doing it….when is the girl friend arriving..I would be panicking feeding for the weekend…😬
    Looks like haddock and chips tonight, he’s on a 24 hours nose bleed and won’t go anywhere, it’s all going on his chest..😬…a sneeze started it at 1 pm yesterday…

    Try and not make it difficult looking too deeply, try your 500 cals then as you say clean it up with protein at a later time if you want too…do it to suit you…you will do changes as you go..

    Jean x


    Like everyone else I’m sorry about your news just need to try and stay strong and positive so you can both get through this.

    Didn’t make it through to the end of my fast was feeling quite light headed at about eight last night so had some porridge which is still under the 600 calories allowed.


    Welcome to the group we are all a very friendly bunch here so feel free to ask questions.

    Jean, all here for positive thoughts and best wishes for you and Steve as you head into the round of treatment.

    Much love

    Jean.No it’s not for holidays it’s for after, A few pints would soon put me over on holiday.If I do what I said above I would be over 1400 calories below my TDEE every day and more on FD.It just a thought. Maybe with a try for a week or two. Still not had anything to eat yet.

    Hi all
    Easy going day today, food-wise, and I’ll have a salad from the chippy tonight.
    I’ve been setting up my new phone in spare moments -swither between delight and frustration!
    Lovely to have you on board, Lou.loys of advice and help on here…as well as quite a bit of ‘flexing’ of the rules…and forgiveness thereafter!

    Well done, Kay! And…you’re a bit of an obsessional number-cruncher! Where would we be without you?!😁 (yet…found the emojis)

    Have a good night everyone…off to walk the colour parties through their paces ahead of Thinking Day parade.


    Which phone you got Minols, I like messing around with a new phone to see how it all works πŸ˜¬πŸ˜„. Belly full now. Didn’t get chance to measure the calories so will do it next time.

    Cakey and Tyhpoo..
    Thanks for your wishes and thoughts…just one step at a time…

    Re read what you said…you only can give it a try and see if you can manage it…

    Enjoy your evening…a blast from the past for me with the colour parties..very hard carrying the flag, quite heavy, as guide.

    Jean x

    Don’t know what colour parties are, I did carry a flag when I was in the cubs. πŸ˜„

    Jean- hope Steve’s nosebleed stops, don’t need any more hospital trips…shame you couldn’t go out, enjoy the haddock & chips. Have met the girlfriend once, but she was very nervous & didn’t speak much 😱 Son has given advice about food she likes- her family call her a ‘beigetarian’- she’s vegetarian but likes mainly beige food! I think conversation will be hard though…
    Dave- the fast800 worked well for you before, maybe you could do that again for a week after your holiday?
    Typhoo- still a good FD for you, better than I did yesterday!
    Minols- salad from a chippy? Nooo you can’t! Top marks & gold stars for you if you can do that! πŸ‘ΌπŸ’ͺπŸ‘‘β­πŸ† Hope the parade goes well…
    Lou- hard at work if everyone’s eating! I wouldn’t worry too much about what you eat & drink on FDs, whatever helps you get through the day!
    Cakey- hope that you have a nice lazy weekend!
    Tammy- I guess you’ll be working at the weekend?
    Kay- hope those pebbles get sorted!
    Lots of cooking done, was much better than usual & didn’t pick, so managed to keep to 800 cals today.Xena has done well for titbits instead!

    Yes I have never heard of a chippy that does salad. I must make a list of foods and the calories in them for future reference.

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