Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Morning All..
    Had a good sleep except Charlie getting me up for toilet at 4am, he never does that and shaking ears, so drops put in too…

    Steve said he feels 100% better this morning after his drip, so CT scan and Doppler test today..moved to a single room as he feels better…might kick him out later 🤞…

    Dashing off doing a good walk then leave here about 12.15 to visit..

    I have read the posts but won’t go through them all commenting hope you understand….

    Jean x

    Good news Jean, but hope he can get some of the test results before he comes home. Any idea what sent his potassium levels up?
    Sarah- still a good amount to lose! Well done, hope you can be restrained on holiday!
    Mel- hope today is as nice in Wellss

    Good morning,a dull day but no rain yet. Going to the Spanish lesson in an hour then shopping. Better do some homework before I go.

    Afternoon All…
    I have not gone to visit as he is still waiting for scan, after the results are seen he could come home..as the hospital is a bit of a drive ( 1 hour 15 round trip) then coming home for Charlie walking, then going back he says it’s too much…so waiting hopefully for a pick up call …he’s very chirpy.

    Hedgehog..no idea why potassium is so high, it went up further, it did reach 5.6, at 6 it’s critical, no one has answers, back down to 5.1 so they seem to be happy now. Keep off the bananas for a bit.

    Someone must of commented on his weight he said it has to come down and he must get his head around 5.2 again properly…he is still lower than when he started but creeping up again..too much bread and too large portions of cereal in a morning!….I know why, he has to make his own choices I can’t always do it…

    Lots of weight has been moved from the group since before Christmas but not in my direction…well done to all its a hard commitment.

    Looking like rain here…cleaned upstairs ..waiting for battery to charge then I will do down stairs, just to tidy…

    Funny without him…

    Jean x

    Hope you get Steve home tonight, Jean – hectic and worrying for you and disconcerting for Charlie!

    Stuffed up at the end of yesterday’s Fd – so tired I just barely registered what I was doing. So today has been a do-over. Alright so far… But I think the cold is worse – blah! Want to be home in bed but piano lesson, tea to cook and work this evening. Oh well – I guess I must be a grown up after all!

    Was it you, Sarah, whose list a pound and a half – well done!

    Jean – of you get time to let us know if Steve gets home… It’ll save me imagining him in striped pyjamas in the ward a bit like the Likely Lads!


    Afternoon all
    Sorry I seemed to have miss yesterday
    Jean sorry to read about Steve, but glad he seems on the mend, hopefully you will get him home today.
    DF lovely to have you back, and glad your Steve is better.
    Well done to the losers, stay strong the fasters.
    We had a meeting today with welfare rights, we are appealing against Graeme’s Universal credit assessment saying he is fit to work!!!! Dont get me started, meeting went well but not holding our breath, the appeal us next Tuesday, should find out either way then, I’m dreading it.
    Anyway FD is actually going ok, I have even managed to refuse my mothers incessant attempts to get my to have cake with my coffee, I really need to try and start moving about abit more, my days in Edinburgh show me just how unfit I am, I hate that I ache just walking about, but its my own fault, i do hate walking, have never been one to just go out and have a walk and now I struggle, not helped by my beta blockers either.
    I have only had coffee today, but have some of mums, chicken and veg soup for tea,am looking forward to it.
    Catch you all later
    Tammy x

    Jean, glad that Steve has already improved. Heres hoping he gets home later, but also that he has the tests done and gets some answers too.

    Tammy, stay strong! Enjoy the soup. Im with you – doing ok so far.

    Dave, how was the spanish lesson?

    Minols, come on, get back into it!

    Sarah, when do you go away, is it tomorrow?

    Oh dear…page turned…hope everyone else is ok…nana, DF, CW, Mel.

    We are missing people…Cath? Annabelle? Typh00?

    No sign of my niece being allowed home yet. She did have pre-eclampsia but her bp seemed ok at first once Theo arrived and they re-started her on tablets. They seem to be struggling to find the right tablets and dose. I think they are taking Theo into hospital tonight so he can spend the night with her.

    Weather is yuk here again, rain and hail. Getting fed up with it now ☹

    Kay x

    Spanish lesson was a laugh again. We were trying to learn sentences,on how to order food or drink in a bar. Also family members.Was difficult so we will do it all again next week.

    Forgot to say my son didn’t get the job.They thanked him for is interview which they said was a very good one. They interviewed 100 applicant’s and he finished in the top 4, they also thanked him for his honesty mentioning mental health issues. They said there will be another job coming up in a month or so and told him to apply for it.The two jobs that went were to people who had worked in the NHS and one had actually worked at the hospital.

    Dave, sounds like your son did well in spite of not getting the job. Being encouraged to apply for next job is positive.

    You better start practicing your phrases then!

    ¿Podría por favor tener dos tostadas con mantequilla?

    Fishing club meeting tonight, so I will have to drink dirty beer, it’s an hardship I know but it has to be done. Heidi as had her fix.

    Jean- a pain waiting about, glad Steve is chirpy though. Fingers crossed home soon…
    Dave- ‘oui’?! 😂 I would not have the patience to learn any language now, it was bad enough at school! Shame your son didn’t get the job, but they sound very encouraging…so many applying for every job. The latest person my son has taken on at Subway has just graduated & he couldn’t get anything!
    Minols- hard to fast with a cold too, sounds like not much time to eat today though!
    Kay- your poor neice, will be nice for her to have Theo with her…keep strong!
    Tammy- sounds like you’re doing well, enjoy the soup.
    Xena did well at dog training, is very tired & grumpy now though. She is so weird, 2 very different dogs, Jekell & Hyde (sp?)…shopping done, raining again here, not going to bother with 2nd walk, she’s asleep anyway. Very hungry, veggie bacon & eggs tonight, not sure how filling it will be…& the boys need dinners at different times, a pain…

    Hello everyone,
    Pleased to see another half pound lost this morning. I might have lost more if I only had 500 calories on my FDs but I find 800 easier. It least it’s going the right way. Off out later for a meal at our local Beefeater with my old workmates.
    Jean hope Steve is allowed home today.
    Kay likewise for your niece.
    Enjoy the rest of your day everyone.
    Nana x

    Evening all

    Had a fast day wasn’t too bad until around nine last night when I couldn’t get warm that seems to be the hardest part of fasting at the moment.

    Awol is that absent without lunch? 😆🤣. Been busy catching up with Narcos on Netflix it’s about Pablo Escobar and the war about drugs in Colombia.

    Dave should watch it as much of it is in Spanish and wouldn’t need the subtitles.

    Hang on in there fasters. Not too long now. .feeling good. What a difference 1.5 pounds make! Need to keep it off now.

    Jean so pleased Steve feeling better and hope he gets back today. Both you and Charlie will be very happy.

    Kay very interesting article! Yes off tomorrow. Have to leave house at 6. Unheard of for me now I’m not at work! Hope your niece is home again quickly.

    HH well done fasting again. I feel for you having to prep different meals. I am very light touch in the kitchen on FDs. Apparently learning a language is one of the best things you can do for your brain after 50. Here’s hoping….

    Dave what a good boost for your son. That’s a long way up the scale in what was clearly a very competitive field. Interviews like everything else in life are about practice. I hope he always asks how he could have improved his performance, though there’s not much to work on by the sounds of it. Great to be asked to apply again.

    Minols, hope you feel better soon and cope with work despite feeling so rough.

    Nana, well done, keep going!

    Steve, we’re missing you! Where are you? Hope you’re ok and if the chocaholic won for a bit just kick him into touch and get on it again….

    Hope everyone else is going strong and staying low…..xx

    Typhoo our posts crossed. I see you’re far from chocolate temptation and going strong!


    Sadly chocolate is always my temptation but I aim to kick those evil little cocoa beans into touch 🤣

    Watching Netflix and learning to play the guitar keep me busy some days.

    Jean- fingers still crossed…
    Sarah- hope you get the packing done okay…
    Nana- well done on the half pound off, nice & steady!
    Typhoo- nice to have you back…I struggle with the cold too, FDs can be grim! Took a hot water bottle with me in the car when we went shopping 😂 like the absent without lunch 😂
    Tammy- hopefully holding on?
    Minols you too!
    Dave- enjoy your drinks tonight, hope the bus comes this time! 🍺🍺
    Eaten my dinner, tomatoes & mushrooms made it more filling but still a bit hungry…youngest going to be late home from work so will need it cooking right when I want to watch the lovely Graeme 😬😬

    Evening …
    Still waiting …..CT scan has been done and bloods again …doctor has to check it…

    Definitely not a stripe person…shorts and tee shirt PJs…how we think…😂..not amused someone took his rice pud away while he went for his scan… he doesn’t mind it cold…😱

    Hope they sort the universal credit out for you…lots of people suffering…step daughter won her appeal, about working…she has a bad back, takes morphine and on two crutches..

    They are different answers… more answers tomorrow he is on the list to be reviewed at the lung doctors meeting usually 15 different medical staff, to put a plan of attack in place 😬 definitely 🤞for that one….

    Hope your niece soon gets sorted..nice Theo is being taken in to see her..

    Sounds fun the Spanish class… all these holidays to look forward too…shame on the job for your son, he seems to have done well, maybe next time.

    Charlie has been asleep all day except for walking…lazy mutt…your kitchen is always on the go….you are good to hold out yourself.

    You are definitely a half a pound person but gently going down..well done

    Steve is following a couple of things on Netflix…something about Saul..forgot the titles..all about drugs, blood thirsty ..I will ask him when he’s home…he’s watched the series drives me mad!..you might have seen it..

    You made the weight for the holiday..hope the packing is done and ready to go…as Steve says I am ready and at the airport the day before!! Not quite 😂…have a great time…

    How are you doing..hope Steves doing well and you are managing your half days at work…

    Jean x

    Sarah enjoy your holiday
    Speaking of Netflix etc, anyone watching Outlander on Amazon prime, I definitely recommend it, especially for the ladies, but as usual the books are far better.
    Tea has been had, I’ve not struggled to bad today, but that will be because my tummy was still full of rubbish.
    Had a message from work saying the travel company organising my trip to London has a form for me to fill in, it sounded very posh, like I was going on a fancy cruise or something, I can dream 🤣,
    Weather was lovely here today, a bit colder in the afternoon, all the bulbs are coming up and a wee bit of warmth in the sun.
    Jean, I am very doubtful if we will win, the only issue Graeme has is down to his knees and his lack of mobility, we will be struggling to get enough points, I just dont know how someone who cant physically get to a job centre or work place can be expected to look for and get a job, he has just had his pip reassessment, if it comes back higher than last time, we might be in with a chance, the welfare rights lady has also said that he needs to speak up at the appeal and tell them why he cant do things, like breathlessness and pain, unfortunately Graeme has never been one to speak up, he can be quite rude in that respect, doesn’t help he’s losing his hearing and refuses to accept it, apparently if he had gotten hearing aids, he would of scores points for them, I get very frustrated with him and find it difficult to have any empathy.
    Anyway I shall stop moaning, there are people far worse off than us.
    Tammy x

    Tammy my knees have gone and I have two hearing aids,I keep forgetting to put them in, I can hear reasonably without them but are useful for the telly.The beer had turned me into a devil 😈 bought a bar of chocolate 😱about to woof it down now.

    Oh Id forgotten that Dave had a date with the dirty beer tonight 😁

    Nana, well done on another half pound!

    Sarah, hope you are sorted and packed now, ready to go. Have a great time!

    Steve, glad you are still with us. I dont seem to feel the cold when Im fasting, well no more than usual, but I do struggle to get to sleep sometimes.

    Tammy, it sounds like you have had much better weather than us down south, back to wet and windy here!

    Jean, hope the test results have been checked, ok, and you are both on your way home? Fingers crossed for clinic tomorrow. X

    DF, hope things are getting better for you too x

    HH, I cant believe you manage all the different meal times and fast too!

    Theo having a night in hospital with his mummy. See what her BP is in the morning now on higher meds.

    I finished the day on just over 550 cals, so could have left it there! But no of course I didnt! As I was hungry, I had a slice of cheese and a tiny scrap of bread! Bug#er!! Should still have been within my 800 cals though! 2 days more….

    Morning all!
    Jean- hope you got some sleep,& hope Steve can get home soon…
    Tammy- such a frustrating system, hope you get somewhere with the appeal, these people don’t seem to have any common sense!
    Kay- Hope your neice gets home today…Well done fasting yesterday! I am terrible for making sure I go up to the 800cals, although did leave it at 700 last night. I’m joining you with another FD today…
    Dave- very naughty- no chocolate until you’d lost 2 stone was it?!! Hope you had a good night out, still fasting today?
    Sarah- safe journey & hope you have a lovely time in France!
    Minols- did you manage to get through yesterday, hope that cold is going…
    Mel- have a lovely time!
    Typhoo- when’s your next fast?
    DF- are you still keeping up with your exercise?
    Cakey- hope you’re okay…any more thoughts on what to do about your hip?
    Hoping for another 800FD today, but was a real struggle to not eat something first thing! Seeing my Homestart family this afternoon- all 4 children will be there as it’s half term, it’ll be chaos 😱

    Morning all.
    Managed yesterday – phew!
    Not having breakfast this morning. May make it a porridge lunch and small portion of either curry or sausage casserole kind of day. The aim is to keep at least 4 days under 1000 and possibly 800 if I can and see if by the end of the month I’m back to where I was before the holiday… Not sure I’ll make a pebble, Kay! But we’ll see how the plan goes.

    Jean – any word on the man not in stripey pyjamas?!

    Kay – glad your niece got to have her wee boy with her last night… It’s so precious at this time and may well help with her BP, too.


    Morning all,

    Jean – thinking of you! Hope Steve got home, if not last night then today? It does feel strange when they’re not at home with you. When my Steve was in hospital it felt so strange at home. Good he sounded chirpy, always a good sign.

    HH – Yes, I’m still managing the exercise, its helping me so much right now. I’ve missed this morning though, and feel a bit guilty to be honest. Felt I needed a rest for a day.

    Minols and Kay – Sounds like you did great yesterday!

    Sarah – Enjoy the loss, I know it feels great when the pounds come off. Just a few makes a difference in how my clothes feel. Love it!

    Dave – Doing great with the Spanish 🙂 I started learning Greek many years ago with my sister, but sadly didn’t keep up with it. Of all the ones I chose, I picked the one with a different alphabet!

    So many posts to catch up on, sorry! Hope everyone else is doing well. I’m all over the place in my head to be honest, but managing work okay. Half days are great. I wish I could do them permanently! Steve’s been okay on his own at home, although I think he’s trying to do a bit too much too soon. He should be taking it easier I think, but getting him to see that is hard work!

    Have a good day all x

    DF I would love to speak Greek, I go to Cyprus more than anywhere else, but I think Lanzarote is taking over. They had a table set up at the Spanish lesson and was going to get each one of us to walk up to it and order something to eat and drink but we need more practice so may do it next week or hopefully the week after when I will be in Lanzarote 😄.Up early today as I went to bed earlish by my standards. HH your right I had to lose two stone for choccy, so I will sit outside your room and await my punishment 😬.

    Dave- 200 lines, ‘I will not eat chocolate after I’ve had beer again’…

    Afternoon all
    Back to work today 2pm start, see what the gossip is lol
    Did well on my fast yesterday, just had banana and cereal today.
    Jean hope you get steve home today
    DF hope your steve takes it easy
    Dave hope you enjoyed your chocolate
    Kay hope they get your niece sorted out
    Minols and HH good luck staying low
    Sarah enjoy the holiday
    Tammy x

    Morning All..
    A busy morning…walking then dashed to pick up Steve, we are home now, he is booked in at the lung specialist tomorrow on the medical side, not the surgeon, so no more cutting??..so we don’t know what’s been found…is it good or not, chemo?? 😬

    Hope it comes out right for you..I think it’s a nightmare..it’s so hard when you have problems and in pain, they don’t understand..Hope there’s some gossip 😂 it keeps the world going….

    Glad your night went well….chocolate too..😂

    A good article……hope your niece is getting better and she enjoyed Theo and with lots of cuddles….

    What a busy day for you…a relax when you get home….hubby to do dinner 😂

    Hope you are feeling better and getting back in the swing of fasting…glad to have my not in stripey PJ man back.

    It is strange without them, Charlie was sulky too…all fussy now sleeping on his dirty washing 😂

    Glad your Steve is managing on his own but he must rest too, frustrating for him as they always want to push on…

    Safe journey..enjoy….

    Jean x

    Thanks HH I didn’t want detention.The chocolate bar was very small but tasty. Been bowling in the rain for an hour, quiet cold too.No good so far today, will have the beef Kirsty meal later so should be under 800 calories today. And Spanish chicken tomorrow so another fast day then see what damage yesterday caused.

    Getting hungry now but will hold off eating for a few more hours. Sick of the rain, it never seems to stop. Who is fasting today?

    I am fasting tomorrow trying for a low day…raining again here…so fed up of all the mud, washing boots and clothes and dogs !!


    Lots of rain coming your way Jean

    I’ve been a little indulgent with biscuits today as well as my porridge. I’m about to make a bhuna and it says that one portion (a quarter of the whole thing) is 305 cals – which is great. I’ll probably be fine with a smaller portion than that and I won’t have rice.

    I’m starting swap out my last thing at night ch oc nibble for a ginger snap ready to give up choc completely next Weds… Don’t usually bother but I think I will this Lent.

    Glad pyjama-man is home, Jean.

    Take care everyone.


    Evening all

    It’s been a wet one here again but spring starts later next month and the clocks go forward again.


    My next fast will start in a couple of hours after I’ve had my dinner but not sure what that’s going to be at the moment.

    Jean- glad Steve is home, see what happens tomorrow, good no more surgery… I was lucky & the weather was lovely when I took Xena out this mornibg, hubby drew the short straw & had to walk her in the rain tonight!
    Minols- hope the bhuna is good, not tried that. Giving up chocolate will be good, not sure about replacing it with biscuits though 😂. I am not going to give up anything else, food is hard enough as it is!
    Tammy- glad there’s something to look forward to at work, catching up with everyone! Your trip to London should be good too!
    Dave- you can just do 100 lines if it was a small bar then! Ugh, I bet the bowling was cold…
    Kay- has your FD gone okay?
    Typhoo- have a good dinner tonight then! Hope your FD goes well tomorrow.
    DF- hope your Steve can put his feet up a bit more, will be hard for you too when you go back full time!
    Nana- have you had a nice day out?
    Had a fun afternoon with my HS family- had to play Avengers with the eldest boy, a complicated explanation but involved quite a lot of strange powers & ‘fighting’! Baby still looks very pale & not eating much, has to have more surgery in March. Did shopping on the way home, stuff we couldn’t get yesterday. Fasting been okay, enough cals left for a little bit of dark choc…
    Keep strong anyone else fasting!

    Evening everyone,
    Jean glad Steve’s back home 🤞 for the hospital visit tomorrow.
    Hedgehogs in answer to your question we didn’t get back home until half past six so it was a good lunch. Husband and others had quite a few drinks between them whilst I only had my usual two ( polishing my halo ) 😀 A very cold cycle ride back home and now husband is asleep in his chair. Had a very nice duck wrap with salad for lunch and not had anything since.
    Our usual Thursday planned for tomorrow.
    Hope everyone is doing okay.
    Nana x

    Had a very nice tea of Linda McCartney sausages beans and mash should keep me going for a while tomorrow as it’s a fast day again.

    Another 800ish day, maybe slightly over. Last one of 4 tomorrow!

    Well done HH and Nana for doing good today.

    Jean, hope tomorrow goes ok, must be an awful worry x Did they conclude why Steves potassium levels were so high?

    Typh00, good luck for your fast tomorrow. Are you going straight through or are you having a meal?

    Minols! Step away from the biscuits!! You arent on holiday now, so time to get back on track 😁
    Still a week and a bit to go before the end of the month, so still time to pull back a bit from your holiday. You know the drill, smaller portions of meals but no snacking! You dont want to end the month higher than you started after being good in January! Plus, if you put any back on, the pebbles come out of the group jar 😉

    Rachel, my niece is still in hospital. Theo at home with daddy tonight.


    Just a quick hello. Being restrained and trying hard but I already feel fatter. Grrr holidays. I so don’t want to wreck the work of 6 weeks so need to exercise more self control! I might try to get a FD in once we’re self catering on Friday. Toulouse is nice. Quite a bit of sun and actually had a salad lunch in a sunny spot outside yesterday, but still cold mostly. Hope everyone doing well.

    Sending all good wishes for today Jean.

    Kay hope your niece gets home soon and DF hope your Steve continuing to get better.

    Stay low and I hope I can too. Xx

    Morning all!
    Jean- thinking of you today with your Steve’s appt…
    Sarah- have a lovely time! It is a shame to undo the good work, but holidays are special…a difficult one!
    Kay- boy, you’re cracking the whip! Keeping Minols on track…Well done with your day 3 FD, hope today goes okay!
    Typhoo- keep strong today…
    Dave- think you’re fasting too today? Keep off the bread! You’re always very strong on your FDs…
    Nana- well done being restrained with the drink, & doing all that cycling!
    Minols- hope you feel better & stronger today!
    Tammy- hope going back to work was okay, when’s the next FD?
    DF- hope your Steve doesn’t overdo it today…
    Hopefully another 800 day for me- Xena got me up twice in the night barking at something in the garden, feeling a bit coldy too, so will power is slipping! Scales showed 2lbs off since we’ve been back so pleased with that! Not much planned for today & the weather’s looking miserable…

    Morning all!

    Jean – good luck with the appointment today, thinking of you x

    HH – I hope my Steve takes it easy too, he’s been terrible for trying to do too much when I’m not there. He has speech therapy this morning at 10am, so at least he’ll be sat down for that! It tires him out too, so I’m hoping he’ll have a sleep before I get home. He’s getting so snappy with me because he’s so tired. I know its not done on purpose, but its not easy.

    Dave – I went to Cyprus years ago to Paphos, and I absolutely love the Greek Islands. Ahh, Lanzarote is my parents’ favourite .. they came back last Saturday from Playa Blanca, they go every February.

    Sarah – Try not to be too hard on yourself and enjoy your holiday! Any weight gained is easily off again when you get home 🙂

    HH – Great 2lbs off! Love it!

    Nana, Kay, Minols, Typhoo, Tammy .. so sorry if I’ve missed anyone, have a positive day .. stay strong!

    FD for me .. might have to do an hour at a time today xx

    DF I have been twice to Paphos and about eight times to Protaras.Greek isles too.Up early today it’s the bowling club AGM so will be there at 10-30.I think the fast day has gone already, just had a bowl of porridge, Kirsty meal tonight so it will be a low day. I am allowing myself one round of bred today. Wet and windy here, horrible day. Heidi will have to wait.

    HI all

    Kay – I think you and I are twins this week – doing 4 days…but I’m the wicked twin who snacks and has ridiculously small portions to make up for it! Whip away! Like you and HH I’ll be trying to keep it sub 800 today. I figure porridge in a littel while and I’ve already got a sausage casserole I made this mornign ready for tonight. Vast portions for the boys – teeny one for me!

    Playing Avengers, eh, HH – which character are you going to be? My boy’s favourite is Spiderman. We’ve been through all the films inthe last couple fo years. Mad a bit of a change from having to ‘dragon spot’ on every walk and journey with him!

    Dave – I have a smattering of Greek…ancient Greek! Picked it up when I was in training, cos of helpoing with New Testament Studies. Actually, the best bit was that there was a ‘prize’ for it…money had been left centuries ago, and in the olden days it was keenly worked for because lots of people studied it. By my time, only two of took the courses, so they decided to just divide the money between us. Really good for me cos the other woman was brilliant at Greek! I think that money fed me for a full year as a student!

    Tammy – hope your Steve has a good day and enough rest…treatments and cures can be really hard work!

    Kay, I’m nearly down to pre-holiday weight so definitely motivated today, so I still ahve one week left to scrabble together a pebble for your pot!


    Good morning everyone

    The plan for today is to make it through to tomorrow morning without any food i can almost taste the porridge already.

    I’ve had a couple of great holidays in Gran Canaria at this time of year makes it alot easier to get through the remaining month of winter.

    Good luck to all those fasting today and remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally.

    Typhoo- some of us are having to do more than one FD in a row 😂 but not liquid fasts like you do…so keep strong today & enjoy your breakfast tomorrow!
    Minols-good that you’re determined! Can’t remember the character’s name I was, it was the baddie from the new film with his gauntlet, my eldest did explain it to me, the little boy’s speech isn’t great so I was struggling to understand him! But basically he was every other character & I had to fight him for the gemstones! Has your son seen the film? Iron man was my favourite from the Avengers Assembled film I saw…
    DF- your poor Steve, sounds like he’s been through it…hard for you though, I know what it’s like as my hubby’s had back pain for years, chronic sinusitis, as well as other stuff!
    Dave- hope the AGM isn’t too boring…hope you can keep low! Hope the rain stops too…☔
    Found out why Xena was so upset in the night- something has dug holes under the gate & fence! 😱 Stoopid dog fell into a disgusting slimy pond on our walk- she stunk so had to have a bath when we got home. Was a bit scary though as it was so thick & full of sticks etc so she couldn’t swim out properly, luckily I didn’t have to rescue her though…

    AGM was quick, no problems. The rain is horrendous and the wind makes it worst. Feeling very hungry already, not a good sign. We are not a big club but have nine teams men and women, don’t think any others have that many teams. I am in the second team on Wednesdays, the captain said I won’t be playing in the first game, will have to wait for a chance which is fair enough, I enjoy watching it so it’s not a problem.Mondays I will probably be the same so it’s wait and see. They are starting a Friday team which is a mixed team, but not sure what time it will start. There is a Friday men’s team and I probably would start in that team but we go to see Denise’s mum on Friday afternoon.

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