Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Evening everyone, sorry to report FD cancelled as husband decided to cook us a steak meal this evening as we weren’t going to be meeting up with our friends as usual for a drink and a takeaway.
    Jean I was really surprised to see the half pound loss. Think it must have been all the walking we did.
    Mel enjoy Norfolk and hope Paul is feeling better.
    Hope everyone else has had a good day.

    Ok sorry Kay

    Just a quick post to say good morning! We’re packing up to go home, have to do shopping on the way, pick up Xena after that & Mum’s coming for dinner- just pizza though!
    Hope everyone had a good day, the jar’s slowly emptying Kay!

    Hope you had a great time HH.Wet and windy here,if you haven’t got it yet Jean it’s coming. Storm Dennis or “Denise”as I call it much to her displeasure. Took Heidi out and kept well clear of any trees, so she is going cold turkey again 😬🥴.Next FD is Monday.

    Afternoon all

    It’s a very wet and miserable looking day here so think I’ll stay in the warm.

    Not feeling too hungry so far so possibly going to be eating just the one meal today but that’s not so bad especially when I weigh myself tomorrow

    Good luck with the weigh-in Steve.

    Afternoon All..
    Sorry a bit late..
    Daughter was coming at 10.30 on her way to the airport for coffee, then rang and said they would be on their way, we were just getting up…I told her to come at 10 as I had to take Charlie out and get ready too..so missed breakfast….just had some lunch.

    I took Steve out to look at wellies for dog walking, ended up with Arita Waterproof River Boots, £180 down to £100, good buy…but no wellies 😂…I feel they are too good for walking Charlie…Steve said get them worn…

    Hope you had a good steak night, our turkey was lovely too…cold turkey for tonight with chips, my favourite too.

    You should be home, good before the storm hits..hope the boys were fine..enjoy mum tonight she will have missed you…

    A bit of drizzle no wind yet, just a bit dark….

    Enjoy your day whatever you decide…good luck hope the scales move this week….

    Going to play with different sock thickness with my boots 😂 see which are best…

    Jean x

    Afternoon everyone

    Managed to get Gretel out early before the rain started. At the moment just heavy rain and a bit of wind rather than an actual storm here. Just so fed up of constant rain and mud, mud, mud. Hope anyone travelling is back safe and sound and that you had a great break HH.

    Ok fast yesterday and ate the hot cross bun this morning. Not eating through the day as going to cinema then to our favourite fish and chip place. My plan is to have grilled fish and salad rather than my usual medium battered cod and chips. I won’t be forgoing the large glass of pinot and I cantWhether I will resist remains to be seen! But I really want to hit my planned target for this holiday on Weds and I still have a 1.5 pounds to go….will weigh on Tuesday to see if I’ve made it and can have a NFD with my daughter on the Tuesday.

    Jean, reckon Steve has the right idea. Wear those lovely boots.

    Good luck on weigh in Steve and anyone else braving the scales.

    Stay safe everyone xx

    Jean- hope you had a nice time with daughter, & the boots are comfy!
    Mel- safe journey & hope you have a good time when the weather settles!
    Dave- keep warm & stop upsetting Denise 😂
    Sarah- have a good time tonight, fingers crossed you can be restrained!
    Typhoo- keep strong, hope the weigh in is good!
    Tammy- hope you had a good break, are you still there?
    Nana- hope you’re having a good weekend & the meal last night was good?!
    Kay- keep safe!
    Cakey- enjoy your weekend (with daughter?)
    Safely home, picked up Xena & then took her straight out- partly because she was hyper from the excitement & to avoid the bad weather. Only got a bit wet…luckily she was good while we were away! Would love to go back to the same place, it was beautiful! The lady said we could book direct with her to save on booking fees another time- we’d locked up & put keys through the door as instructed, then realised I’d left hubby’s spare coat still inside 😱 the lady came down & unlocked for us, luckily she lives nearby! She said one couple went home with the keys, she had to go & meet them half way to get them back!!
    Youngest has quite enjoyed being at home on his own, & kept it tidy. Bored from having a week off enforced quarantine from the german measles! Eldest is still in Winchester, he’s driving home tomorrow when the weather will still be bad…

    Just back from second walk, very windy it stopped me in my tracks, so must be strong.It had stopped raining but typically it started while I was out. Ribeye for tea so looking forward to it.

    Evening everyone, hope you’re all doing okay with storm Dennis- very windy with lots of rain here at the moment.
    Hedgehogs steak meal last night was very good.
    have kept it fairly low today though but looks like it’s going to be a FD for tomorrow and Monday as I’m meeting up with my old workmates on Tuesday night.
    Keep safe everyone.
    Nana x

    I will be out Tuesday, rejoining fishing club so a few pints 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺.Will have to do three FD’s to make up for the beer.

    Hi all

    Hope you’re all well – missed you!

    Back home and getting back on tech. Remarkably tricky week for all of us without mobile signal, wifi or TV! But still good to have been away.

    Quick post now to state my intention to get back under control…so not going to eat until tonight, and I’m going to put some time into planning the food for this week.

    I’ll look back over theposts and try and catch up with how everyone is.


    Morning all!
    Glad you’re home safe Minols!
    Very windy here & was in the night, not sure if we’ll go to Church as it’s a 15 minute drive through the forest! Hope everyone takes care today…
    Going back to keto now, have 6 weeks to get into the swing of it before our next trip…having a low day to get used to it & then back to fasting on Monday.
    Keep strong Nana, & anyone else fasting!

    Morning hope everyone’s surviving the stormy weather. Pouring and strong winds all night and continuing this morning. There were some good lulls last night though so we were able to get from car to cinema to fish and chip shop back to car remaining relatively dry. I was expecting some drowned rat moments at least.

    Stuck to grilled sea trout and salad last night but did pinch some of husband’s chips….I almost hate to admit this but the thrill of cold wine hitting an empty stomach when I got to the cinema was almost worth the not eating all day all by itself! Then I had another large glass with dinner. Confessions of a wine drinker!

    Today we have a crowd for lunch so will eat but not throw caution to winds and will be fasting tomorrow. We saw Emma last night. So sweet and funny and later tonight we are going again to see Parasite. We are nearly coming to the end of our cinema going season as we rarely go during the better months.

    Good luck with the keto HH. Have never tried that. Will be interested to hear. Good luck to you and Nana fasting today.

    Glad you had a good time Minols despite the lack of tech and back safe and sound.

    Hope everyone else ok x

    Morning All…
    Very windy blowy night with heavy rain…looks like it’s past now stopped raining…our river will flood in a few days when the water comes down to the sea….

    A couple of good meals and wine the last two days…I will be pulling back today…daughter flew out to Spain this morning it was touch and go with the weather but she was on time at 6.15 am.

    A lazy day for us nothing planned…just washing on…

    Hope the cinema was good and the meal plan worked out….or not?….just read, well done I couldn’t do that haddock and chips for me 😂…..I did have wine last night there was a need 😂…I buy things and save to wear when going out, shoes, boots all in boxes 😂..now I feel like I am an all day dog walker hairs and all, just taking my over trousers off…not like me at all…I do dress up to go out but the boy comes with us…..

    Glad hubby found somewhere nice and you might go back….is your son better and ok to go out now?

    A good late night for you…hope the ribeye was good….pints to look forward to with your mates..

    You too up very late…

    A couple of fasts for you, I will join you Monday….very calm here now…walking shortly..

    Glad to have you back…as a busy person it must be lovely to pull the the plug sometimes…

    Keep safe everyone…

    Jean x

    Calm before the storm returns….beautiful out and mild, coat left open…as getting close to home, the wind is coming back….

    Daughter has landed in Seville, Malaga airport too windy….sat on runway for the last hour waiting……

    Charlie was crying for Steves porridge this morning, so I made him about the same as Steve has with mainly water and a bit of milk, he has left some…he isn’t asking for his dinner so I think he is full??…dallies are allowed porridge, it is filling see how we go.

    Jean x

    Good morning all, welcome back Minols.Had sausage on toast for brunch, didn’t get to bed until 3am.My son’s been busy in Berlin,he went to watch Berlin play football then a women’s ice hockey game.Today he is going to watch mens Ice hockey.He get home tomorrow then in just over a week’s time he is off to Prague for ice hockey.He may find out the result of his interview Monday or Tuesday.I have decided to get Kaspersky antivirus, I have got a month’s free trial then I will buy it.It covers 20 different things, laptops PC’s phones and tablets.Its called Kaspersky cloud family.

    Managed to get drenched with Xena- wasn’t too bad & then a torrential downpour for 5 mins. Went to Church in the end as it eased off… wet here again though!
    Jean- I don’t think I’d have wanted to fly in this, pity your daughter! I definitely think you need the wine at the moment…son just has a little bit of rash left, he’s not felt ill at all, itching to get back to work (pardon the pun!)
    Sarah- sounds like you were restrained yesterday! Have a nice lunch, what are you cooking?
    Dave- hope your son enjoys his break…
    Minols & Nana- hope the fasts are going okay…

    We have had blue skies very nice..been to the garden centre and bought 2 planter bottoms ( which catch the water) to put my boots on to keep the floor clean, a quick coffee..bought ribbon for Charlie for the dally rally next Sunday in bright orange.

    Daughter has had to catch a provided coach to Malaga airport, possibly took her another 6 hours..she is frightened of flying not like her sister 😬..she wouldn’t have been happy.

    Busy son lots of flying to catch the games…hope he has good news on the job…

    A long time in quarantine bless..not as long as some in China on the ships 😱..I have been naughty made some flapjack, the best I have ever made, so thrown all my old online Pinterest flapjack recipes out.

    Goodness the sky is getting black 😱 and its nearly walk time…been out in my boots they are ok a bit of softening needed.

    All your washing done?…are you back at work today….

    Jean x

    Roast lamb tonight Yorkshire’s done, drooling now🤤🤤🤤.Any minute. It’s done 😄

    Evening everyone, hope you’re getting on okay with storm Dennis . Managed to come in to just under 800 calories today and hope it’ll be even less calories tomorrow. Not had much exercise this weekend – must try and get out for a decent walk tomorrow weather permitting.
    Hope everyone has a good rest of the day.
    Nana x

    Managed to stay dry on our 2nd walk- except for the sloppy kisses I got from a little staffy puppy we met in the park! Hope the weather’s better in the morning so we can walk in the woods, the park was very muddy! Eldest home safely.
    Enjoy the roast Dave!
    Well done Nana!
    Hope you hear soon that your daughter’s there- is she just going for a week?
    Mel- hope Norfolk is good!
    Hubby watching a horrible film, am pretending it’s not on!

    Well all good things must come to an end
    Back to reality
    Had a really good few days away, even if it was freezing, ate way to much, but also walked alot, for me anyway, maybe it will help balance things out.
    Hope everyone is well, and look forward to being back on the forum, will need the encouragement, always find its difficult getting back on the horse.
    Not fasting tomorrow but hopefully Tuesday sees me back to fasting.
    Tammy x

    Having a lovely weekend with my girls

    Left the boys at home with the woof and headed into Birm for bit shop and lovely long lunch together. Bought a couple of new things to wear. I like to fast on Mondays but supposed to be out for dinner so will move to Tues. It makes sense but it throws me all out. Me and you Casp for moral support on Tuesday.

    Welcome back – all the holiday makers, sounds like everyone had a good time in spite of the weather.

    What was the film Hh? We watched the Joker last night. I can see why it’s classed as a good film but too dark and depressing for me.

    Well done on your 800 Nana and hope you have a lovely walk tomorrow.

    Good idea Jean re the planter bottom. We had something similar until I relegated the wellies to the shed. It was better when they were handier though. Has your daughter arrived in Malaga?

    How was your roast Dave? We are having chicken but late for me to eat.

    Welcome back Minols, hello to Sarah, Kay, Typhoo


    Welcome back holiday makers!

    I was back to work proper today, but off tomorrow 😃

    Still rough weather here, but I dont think its too bad down here, hope everyone is ok!

    Lamb ummmm delicious

    Dennis has been back again tonight and now he’s gone….hoping it’s all calm again….

    We have had two good dry walks…our park is horrendous wet and muddy, flooding in parts, had to stay on the concrete path, went round four times….Daughter is away for a week, she’s just rang, they tried to land at Malaga touched down and took off again and circled and then went to Seville…She’s arrived and settled now.

    Glad to have you back and nearly back on board….get back in the mode….

    Lovely to have shopping time with the girls and buying a few new things..my boots and things, I don’t usually like things about, trying to get organised, think they may fit under the cupboard under the stairs.

    Enjoy your day off tomorrow…will you be fasting, I am….all calm here now.

    Jean x

    Jean it was delicious,Heidi enjoyed the bone, with quiet a bit of meat on it. I chucked all the sharp bits away. Gym and fast day tomorrow, could well be my last gym session.

    Morning all!
    Cakey-sounds like you’ve had a lovely time, how long are you staying? Enjoy the meal tonight!
    Tammy- hope you had a good time, back to earth with a bump now?!
    Jean- I have accepted the mess now- towels down by the back door, have a boot tidy thing by the door, but not all the boots fit on! We seem to be in & out alot & it takes long enough to get ready so like to keep some stuff handy! Glad your daughter is safely there…
    Kay- have a good day off!
    Nana- hope you have a good day!
    Mel- enjoy Norfolk…
    Sarah- hope yesterday wenr well!
    Typhoo- did you brave the scales yesterday?
    Dave- enjoy the last gym session! Don’t misbehave…
    Did try the scales this morning; 4lbs back on 😬😡 It does seem to come back very quickly, & please don’t say it’ll go quickly as it doesn’t seem to for me! So I will go back to at least 5 days of 800cal fasts, & sticking to keto.
    Dentist for a check up & then seeing a friend & her girls as they’re off for half term.

    Morning all,

    Been absent for a while, Steve’s been ill so its been a bit crazy for us. Fingers crossed we’re on the better side of things now, and I’m back at work today, although just half days for a few weeks. Also, back on the forum!!

    Its funny, despite everything I’ve managed to keep going with 5:2 and exercise and have lost some weight, albeit just a few pounds. For the first week I’d lost my appetite anyway which helped, although I’d rather the circumstances were different.

    Hope everyone’s okay .. I’m glad to be back with you all again.

    Speak soon xx

    Morning everyone

    Welcome back DF. Glad things are better now and huge well done for sticking with 5/2 and losing weight too.

    Cakey I agree re Joker I can see why he got best actor but I didn’t enjoy it and neither did OH. My son on the other hand thought it was sensational.

    We saw two films over the weekend. Emma which was lovely and Parasite. Don’t be put off by the subtitles. It’s an amazing film. Hilariously funny, perceptive and wonderful. It is also very dark in places but it’s just a must see. We saw 1917 a while ago and really liked it but I can see why Parasite won the Oscar. Not usually an Oscar junkie but this time the choice of Parasite as best film was on the nose for us.

    Jean, we are both the same as regards to living in our scrubs. We start off in our dog walking stuff and rarely come out of it. It’s a bit better in the summer but even then unless we’re away or doing something that isn’t allotment or dog related we are the same. On Thurs/Fri I go into granddaughter stuff which is pretty similar as it needs to withstand playgroup, painting etc.

    HH commiserations on the 4lbs but we do have to have holidays or what’s the point and you will deal with it. Yesterday I cooked a couple of chickens with cranberry and caraway stuffing, cauliflower salad, red cabbage with sausages, harrissa roast potatoes and chocolate and tahini brownies. It all went and i gave away the remaining brownies except one for OH. Did eat plenty though…lucky you with licks from a staffie puppy. I love them.

    Fasting today. Was going to do tomorrow too and might but having a day with daughter and two of the grandchildren so may or may not. Good luck to anyone fasting xx

    Morning All…
    A riverside walk this morning….then it’s hair colour after….Steve has a hospital appointment, mans things, so he is going on his own.

    He is feeling quite rough today, breathing not good…..we are thinking his surgeon will be on half term holiday and has gone back home to Greece…ringing McMillan nurse later see what’s happening.

    I am fasting today.

    I like your thoughts, I am trying to have a tidy mess 😂…holidays lovely but a weight a pain!..like you it comes back on easy and stays..I am 4 lbs up from my pre Xmas weight…I am trying to have a strong low week, it’s now more difficult as Steves mind isn’t on it….
    Hope dentist checkup goes well and catchup with friend.

    Lovely to have you back and things have settled down a bit. I have been thinking about you. Things not so good with my Steve too 🤞. Glad work has been understanding and you can slowly get back to a normal…good news on the weight front not the way you want but a bonus…

    I laughed at the dog clothes leading into painting and granddaughter stuff…mine too big now..I try and make an effort if visiting people but the dally glitter follows you everywhere …looking forward to summer, shorts and trainers…more easy..

    I am with you today fasting..

    Up late again….oh lamb….

    Jean x

    Back at work, and the lbs back on!

    Just had a fabulous, late bowl of porridge today, and resisted a seriously considered bar of chocolate, so trying to stay positive. Yesterday my cold hit with a vengeacne and my world was actually spinning faster than everyone else’s. Dizziness is not normally my thing (no comments please about my management style!) A couple of meetings today to get me back int he swing, but hopefully the porridge will keep me until tea, when I’m planning ribs for the boys and pan haggerty for me. Shoul dmake it a sub800 day. Going to try and do quite a few of these this week to make up for last week.


    My son’s just texted me,he’s landed so should be home in an hour or so.Fast day today and gym.HH three of us men are in the naughty corner as Ruby says 😄. Still windy here but dry for the time being. Time to take Heidi out.

    Everybody is eating except for me ☹️.Heidi found a new patch of her weed so she’s been eating too, that reminds me I better give her some tuna.The sun is out now so roll on spring.

    Jean- poor Steve, thinking of you. Maybe another infection? Hope that you can get to see someone…
    Minols- hope you feel better soon, not good being dizzy. Well done resisting the chocolate!
    Dave- hope your FD goes okay…
    Sarah- dog clothes rule here too. Is it far to your allotment?
    Dentist was fine- she grabbed me as I got in the door & I was out before my appt. should’ve been! Lovely to see my friend’s little girl, we made some buns but didn’t eat them 😇
    Just had seaweed for lunch & a few tiny squares of 99% chocolate my son bought me, yum.

    HI all
    Got through the day, with just some nuts added. I’m about to go and start the pan haggerty and to add to the enjoyment of the food prep, I’ll maybe treat myself to a bit more of Pride and Prejudice on the audiobook…it’s my go to comfort reading, and while I could get nothing else at the cottage, this still worked because it’s actually downloaded onto my phone. I love falling asleep to it…but obviously mustn’t while I’m prepping food with sharp knives!

    Nice to have you back on DF…and especially because it marks a turning point for you and your OH.


    Evening All…
    A hectic day…Steve was sent into hospital by his cancer nurse he felt quite unwell this morning, they are doing bloods, X-ray, another CT scan and a Doppler test..looks like they may keep him in a couple of days…I shall be going back shortly just having a cuppa now…

    Charlie walked…

    Speak later..chasing time

    Jean x

    Oh Jean, what a shame for you both. Sending loving thoughts from sunny (today anyway) Norfolk. Hope he is back home soon after they get him sorted.

    Jean so sorry to hear this. What a day for you both. Physically and emotionally so wearing. I hope with these extra tests they can work out what’s going on now.

    Go easy on yourself re food for a bit. You can always fast a bit later.

    Sending hugs and the most positive wishes through cybersoace xxx

    Jean- thinking of you & sending hugs for you both…such a worry; hoped all that was behind you. 🙏 again…wish we were nearer so could help.
    DF- so sorry I blanked your post earlier- lovely to have you back, hope things are better for your Steve. Let me know if you want to join the WhatsApp group…
    Minols- enjoy the audio book & cooking- are you a picker when you cook like I am?! hope it stops that if you are…
    Sarah- Hope you’re managing the hunger now? Was getting a bit hangry earlier, took it out on the ironing!
    Cheese omelette eaten- with a measly 25g cheese! One more cuppa in a bit & I’m done!

    Sorry to hear about Steve, hopefully he will be fine.

    Evening everyone,
    Jean so sorry to hear about Steve hope things are getting sorted.
    Welcome back Dragon Fly and hope your Steve is on the mend.
    Mel hope you’re enjoying Norfolk.
    Had another day of just under 800 calories but I’m still hungry. Will see what the scales say tomorrow morning.
    Well done to everyone whose completed a FD today.
    Nana x

    Just back from hospital…his bloods show his potassium levels extremely high at 5.5, he has a drip to wash it through his body. He has had a X-ray. More bloods to be taken in the night, tomorrow CT scan and Doppler test.
    I shall visit at 1 pm…he looks better than this morning.

    I am feeling shattered going to bed soon…Thanks for all your wishes…

    I will dip in and out as I can…

    Jean x

    Jean, sorry to hear about Steve, hope they got him sorted and feeling better quickly. Hopefully you will get scan results too so you know where things are at. Thinking of you x

    DF, glad to have you back and that things have turned the corner for you both. Thinking of you too x

    Minols, sounds like a great holiday. Back to the portion control and 2 meals a day, I will be rattling the pebble jar!

    Mel, hope you enjoyed the sun today. Not much of that here unfortunately! Dont forget to be mindful though 😉

    Nana, well done with the 800 cal day. Good luck for tomorrow’s weigh in. I didn’t count cals today but I think I was around 800 too.

    HH, you’re a braver person than me having a cheese omelette on a FD! How on earth did you manage to stick to measured amount??!! I’m a picker whilst cooking too, which is why I let Neil cook a lot, especially on FDs!!

    Sarah, you are still sounding strong. Does looking after your grand daughter provide a distraction from snacking or does it put temptation there?

    Dave, has Heidi found a different part of the graveyard to sniff out her weed?

    A loose 800 day today but Im aiming for 3 days of counted 800s leading up to Friday weigh in.

    My niece who had the baby 2 weeks ago is back in hospital as they cant get her bp under control, its really high. Theo is fine and at home with daddy but he was due back at work tonight, luckily managed to get another day off. Her twin sister is off work so staying there this week to help out with 10 yr Sophie and nanny is just round the corner, although working nights. They have it covered but obviously not brilliant.
    She has a high BMI which Im guessing, together with the pregnancy, is causing the high bp. They are trying different medications but none working yet.

    Work tomorrow, so should be asleep! I need to shift my sleeping pattern back to normal! Going to sleep late may be ok when nothing planned for next day but no good when alarm is set for 7am!



    Jean, thinking of you and hope Steve’s managed to get a good nights sleep and potassium levels under control.

    Take care of yourself and have lots of cuddles with Charlie



    1.5lbs down which means I’ve hit the little target I set myself for going away tomorrow. The next week might ruin it a bit! I won’t weigh now until after we get back and I’ve done another FD. Have decided not to do any fasts while away but just try to be sensible and not eat three meals a day as OH will. I will simply put on quite a bit if I do that and I just don’t want to. In total I’ve lost 10lbs since Christmas and restarting 5/2 and I’m 29lbs down from my overall 5/2 start weight from 2016. It works but I just need to keep doing it!

    Jean hope you got enough sleep last night and that you get some positive news from these tests on Steve very quickly. A very close friend of mine went through absolute hell with breast cancer a few years back, then with liver problems caused by tamoxifen and etc etc. It went on and on for her and she was in and out of hospital and it all seemed very bleak. The point of this story is that she is well now and living life to the full again. Please take care and be kind to yourself through all this.

    Nana, Dave, HH well done on fasting yesterday and go for it Tammy and today’s fasters.

    Mel, enjoy your holiday in lovely

    Typhoo Steve, where are you?

    Kay, GD is both a distraction and temptation. I’m not really a big snacker though nuts with a pre dinner drink have gone. I just have to accept that I can’t have toast for breakfast, a lunch which may include bread, pre dinner drink, glass of wine with dinner and possibly a pud which wasn’t always just fruit plus the odd slice of cake thrown in when I’d made it or we were out somewhere. That’s how I’d like to eat but I can’t and I don’t suppose many people can. Also I’m probably better off than some in that although I am older 60, I’m also tall so I think that means have higher tdee. 5/2 does give a reality check! Hope your neice stabilises quickly. Very tough leaving a tiny baby. Have a good day at work and hope you’re not too tired.

    Morning all!
    Jean- thinking of you, hope you managed to get some sleep…such a worry, good you have Charlie to keep you busy. Hope they get some results soon for Steve…
    Kay- hope you got some sleep! A worry about your neice, is it related to preeclampsia? Hope they get it all controlled soon…I was impressed with my willpower yesterday, with the cheese, it was the 1st day though, it might slip! Hope you’re not too busy at work…
    Tammy- hope your FD goes well, keep strong!
    Dave- was is your last gym session yesterday?
    Minols- hope you’re feeling less dizzy? Keep strong?
    Sarah- were you seeing your daughter today? Have a nice time, lunch & cakes was it?!
    DF- did you fast yesterday?
    Nana- well done yesterday, was that your last FD before weighing?
    Typhoo- have you gone Awol again?!
    Another FD, dog training & shopping. Got to plan some meals, mine aren’t a problem, but seems to get harder sorting the others, with their funny hours & all being difficult with what they eat…

    Morning all,

    Jean, sorry to hear about your Steve. Hope he’s feeling better soon, I know how tiring it is with hospital visits, appointments etc., so take care of yourself too!

    Thanks for the welcome back everyone.

    I’m enjoying working half days, wish I could do that permanently ha!

    Exercise done, and will keep it a low day if at all possible.

    Speak soon, sorry I’m not replying individually at this point, my head’s still a bit all over the place, but I hope you all have a lovely, positive day!

    Stay strong if you’re fasting xxx

    Boo miscalculated. It’s 8lbs off since Christmas LOL!

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