Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • I’m fasting again Sarah – my third day so pleased with myself. No chocolate frogs in this house!
    Jean, thinking of you both today.
    Worry about the dogs, advice to keep away from mud not too useful in rural Lincolnshire. The mud daddy is good in that you can really rub between the pads with the brush.
    HH have a great holiday. Me and Paul travel really light now, I can make just a hold-all last five to six days. The car is taken up with Jodie, Jodie’s rug, Jodie’s bed etc etc…….
    Sarah, Dave and anyone else fasting with me let’s make it a good one!

    Morning All…
    A much better day, blue sky…walk at the park while Steve goes to Argos.

    NFD for us trying to keep it lighter, fast day went well yesterday…

    Have a really lovely time, are you staying at something unusual as you do sometimes…forget the food enjoy…

    We will be fasting tomorrow it fits in nicely as Steve is having his scan and he has to fast..thanks for early thoughts…

    Well done on three fasts…it’s a hard one….I will be interested on your thoughts on the Mud Daddy…I shall be washing Charlie’s feet after every walk mud or no mud…we will be seeing the vet early March for his annual checkup see if he’s had any through the surgery…

    Same here with Charlies travel, he definitely doesn’t travel light!…

    Hoping you get out somewhere today…it seems to be a not bad day…

    Hope everyone is enjoying there breaks…

    Jean x

    Off to Eden Project. Still raining but forecast is better for the rest of the day. At least we can stay indoors if need be!

    HH enjoy your break. I always try and travel light and start off ok but then think that seeing as I am going by car and have plenty of room, I may as well add some extras for a choice 😂

    Mel, keep strong on day 3! Good luck to all fasters…Sarah? Dave?
    Half way through week 2 of focused February!

    Jean, when is Charlie getting weighed next? I’ll be fasting with you tomorrow.


    Jean, got my days wrong, thought the scan was today 🤪. My hairdresser just rang to see where I was for 10 am appt. had it in my head it was 1.30. Not doing too well. Lack of calories maybe!

    No worries ..all will be well when you can eat 😂

    Enjoy the Eden Project…have a nice lunch 😁..🍷

    Charlie will be weighed on Friday… hoping for a pebble 😁

    Jean x


    Kay we went to Eden Project last year and really enjoyed it, have fun and the glass domes will be lovely and warm.

    Casp, hope you’re having fun in Ed, looks a little cold, hope you’ve got your thermals on.

    Safe travels Hh, I’m in the packing light category, usuallly but same re most of the backseat taken up with woof paraphernalia.

    Is it results today Jean, hoping for a good outcome. Much love to you both.

    Hope the travellers are having a lovely break and the ones are home are staying cosy. I’m attempting a fast after aborting on Monday. Looking at photos from a couple of years back for inspiration.


    Good afternoon,been bowling today and fasting, think it’s going to be a salad for tea, so not many calories there. Blue skies here now but we have had rain. Hope all goes well tomorrow for Steve.

    Afternoon all!
    Jean- thinking of you, I thought it was the scan today too, is it results?
    Mel- hope day 3 is going well for you,& hope the haircut was good!
    Dave- hope your knees don’t ache too bad today, a good fast by the sound of it!
    Kay- have a good day out! Took the boys there when they were young, all eldest remembers was the cake he had in the cafe😂 takes after his mother…
    Cakey- keep strong, I have a ‘slim’ photo of me on my fridge for reminding!
    Sarah- hope you”re having a good day!
    Nana, Tammy- happy holidays!
    It’s windy but bright here in Cromer, the place is lovely with amazing views, feet up here looking out to sea! Hubby has done well finding this one, not as expensive as some places we’ve stayed in either.

    I did it, fast day under my belt. Well I know it’s only 16:43 but when I was successful with this wol, if I could get to 4 o’clock I never failed.

    Will deduct 100 calories for the couple of coffees I’ve had leaving me enough for some tea. But at the hairdresser tonight from 6:15 so that will keep me out of mischief.

    My worst time is always 11-12, if I can get through that I’m usually ok but if I have the slightest thing to eat in that window then I fall off the wagon. Those pangs always pass but need a strategy to get through.


    Fast going ok just put boiled eggs on, Denise is having a salad too.Should be under 800 today.Another fast day tomorrow,last time I did three I stayed the same weight. Would settle for loosing a pound this and every week. No bowling tomorrow, taking my son to Christie’s hospital for his interview.

    Well done Cakey. I am going well too. Tbh i find fast days ok. I don’t dare fail one as I’m not sure I could pick it up again. It’s the NFDs that can scupper me. Hoping I’m not going to be penalised as I have been quite strict apart from yesterday but if I am…well I know the drill.

    Hope you’re also doing well today Kay, Mel and Dave and maybe Steve??

    HH hope you are having a nice time in Cromer. I like an angry sea as long as I’m not in it. Love sea/lake/river swimming but only in the sun! Yes the frogs were for granddaughter who would be shocked as she’s only allowed one after lunch 😏

    Sorry Jean, got day wrong. Makes sense to be fasting when Steve has to anyway.

    Hope those away having a well earned break from fasting.

    Fast day ok for me too. If I get to this time of day I am usually ok. Having chicken in lettuce wraps this evening, looking forward to it. Had a delicious soup for lunch (did a photo to Dave’s disgust)!
    Pleased with myself doing three in a row, but so looking forward to meal out tomorrow night and some 🍷🍷.

    Has anybody been watching lose weight save money on ITV?All different diet’s.

    Dave I haven’t but I figure nothing can be cheaper than fasting. My hugely overweight sister has done every manner of wildly expensive diets including Cambridge SW WW and a gastric band!

    When I think of the money I put into SW’s coffers 😨😨. Sarah did your sister’s gastric band not work?
    I wasn’t a fan of them but wish my best friend had had one. She died at 56 from a heart attack in her sleep. Always been overweight but just got so she couldn’t function. She was nearly like the ones you see on the TV. Think she was about 24 stone at 5 ft 2 ins when she died. She was the best.

    Mel, unfortunately she kept eating through it despite it causing a lot of pain. It had to be removed in the end. I think it’s a sort of compulsion for some people. My sister is a lot heavier than that but also taller, not far off 6ft. I am the shortest of 3 sisters at just over 5ft8. I tried to support her to lose weight constantly over 40 years since she was 15, but without success. Last time I did 5/2 she did try it for a bit but no good.

    Mel- so sorry about your friend…lost my best friend 6 years ago to cancer, miss her lots, still think of things I’d tell her 😢. My sis did really well at SW, lost 4 stone but put it on again & more now.. Well done for 3 FDs!
    Sarah- your poor sis, that’s tough going through a gastric band & still being big. Must be a worry for you. I guess fasting must be the cheapest diet, good point 😂.
    Dave- I’ve missed the programs, hope to watch it at some point. I’ve seen some of the how to lose weight well ones.
    Cakey- well done to you too- it’s 8-9pm I find hardest, often the boys & hubby snack at that time!
    Jean & Steve- hope you’re okay…

    HH yes it’s a massive worry. Amazingly she doesn’t have high BP and is not prediabetic. She does have sleep apnea though and has to sleep wired up to a machine.

    Mel and HH very sorry to hear about your friends.

    Evening everyone

    It’s been quite a nice day here been cold but dry just hope we miss the snow and storms that are forecast.

    The fast has now begun again it soon comes around again but will be nice to give my body a rest from food.

    I’m going to just eat one meal tomorrow instead of a complete liquid fast to see how if I feel any difference.

    Morning all!
    Sitting in bed with a cuppa, looking out over the sea! Unfortunately grey & miserable though!
    Hope all the fasters keep stay strong!
    Jean- how was yesterday?

    Grrr only half a pound off. It’s not really enough. Have granddaughter today and don’t feel like fasting….

    Good luck to today’s fasters.


    2 pebbles pls Kay (3 in total for Feb).

    H walked woof in the squally rain so I’m just savouring my coffee, glad to be working from home.

    Hope the holiday makers get some drier weather to do some exploring.

    Thinking of you and Steve with the scan Jean.

    Well done on your 1/2 lb Sarah, it all helps. Am sure running around with your little granddaughter will burn off plenty.


    Morning All…
    An early walk to meet with Oreo…goodness we were pack walking , three huskies, two dallies, a whippet, spaniel…a relaxing walk err No..goodness running riot enjoying themselves but kept us very busy keeping an eye on them all…a mild morning…Charlie so black and muddy like them all but fun….

    Hospital at 1.20…no results today..expecting an appointment for Wednesday clinic….hoping he is not radioactive too long.

    I like the looking at old photos…thank FB for that..I think goodness me!..even on the phone as you flick back…good luck on your fast day…well done on two pebbles….Charlie’s weigh in tomorrow hoping for a pebble😂

    I think we had a lot of rain over night the football field was very muddy….I have watched the loose weight save money….programmes

    Sneaky frogs..I always like children’s sweets….it’s a shame you can’t get your sister on board but they have to it for themselves…my daughter (UK) did a diet for two months didn’t loose anything and gave up, possibly not doing it right, a good two stone to loose, she gets grumpy if you pass comment, so I don’t now..it’s up to her but I worry.

    Half a pound off is still good all in the right direction..enjoy granddaughter day 😀

    Chicken wrapped in lettuce sounds good..not for Steve he likes his bread, too much bread!

    Looks really lovely where you are watching the sea, all snuggled up….cuppa in hand…enjoy your day…

    Good luck today..a different plan might help kick the weight loss…good luck on storms and snow…

    Jean x

    Miserable weather 🥴 going to take my son to Christie’s for his interview so fingers crossed. Going to try another fast day, but if I get too hungry it will turn into a low day.

    Good luck to your son …🤞🏻

    Jean x

    Jean- the walk sounded fun! Hope you’re not waiting about for too long, does Steve have to keep away from Charlie?
    Cakey- well done 2lbs off 👍 Enjoy working from home…
    Dave- good luck to your son, hope his interview goes well. Hope you can fast!
    Typhoo- keep strong!
    Sarah- have a good day with your granddaughter! Keep away from the Freddos!
    Mel- hope your meal tonight is worth the wait!
    Kay- hope you have another good day, whatever you do!
    Tammy- enjoy your day too!
    Weather cheered up so have been out for the morning. Tide’s going out now, so will go & walk lunch off on the sand shortly, cream cakes bought for tea before we go to the theatre in Sheringham. Very naughty!

    Peter said the interview was ok, which is good by what he normally says, therapist must be doing some good. The sun is out for a change will take Heidi out again in the sunshine, she had a quick nibble at her weed before. Fast day gone,had a sandwich so aiming for 1000 calories today.

    Afternoon All…
    Back from hospital…just dye so not radioactive this time…awaiting appointment now, in the past a phone call Friday or Monday, they don’t do letters….Wednesday is clinic day

    Enjoy your beach walk and show later…cream tea too..just enjoy fasting can wait….quite mild here..calm before the storm, rain expected.

    We will be having a turkey dinner tomorrow for Valentines night, wine, pudding? candles etc…set the dining table up…

    Fingers crossed on your sons job…sandwich looked quite large but nice…calm here…

    Jean x

    I like the crust on that bred, normally I cut it thin except for the crust. Kirsty meal tonight so it will be a low day.

    According to weigh loss resources I need to lose 7 stone,12.7pounds to be in a healthy weight for my height. Hell will freeze over before I am that weight.Once I am under 20 stone I will be happy.


    Started ok as waited until 11 for porridge. But as usual things started to go downhill and I thought I’d blown it with my 6 chicken nuggets from McDonald’s oops and a kitkat.

    But actually did you know only 105 calories in a 2 finger kitkat and 260 in chicken nuggets. Not recommended and I’m sure it’s the most unhealthy lunch I’ve eaten. However I’m only at 800 calories so far and not at all hungry for any tea.

    Maybe the day isn’t a write off after all.

    Gym closer though, no power apparently


    Cakey, well done on your 2lbs. Great stuff.

    Sworn off Freddos but feeling a bit aggrieved because aside from a half day lapse I had been very strict plus my clothes are def looser this week so disappointed but hey ho. Going to do another fast before the Monday one. Haven’t quite yet decided but possibly tomorrow. I do remember weeks like this from before. The trick is just to keep going. I’m looking at it that I have lost a quarter of what I need to in five weeks.

    Jean at least appointment today is done. Everything crossed for results. Your walk sure looked fun.

    HH that’s such a cute little theatre. I remember it from when we stayed that way in blistering heat I remember. Have a great evening.

    Dave how much are you down in total to date? You seem well in the zone and doing so well. Keep going and I reckon you’ll get into the healthy weight at some stage and this is an eating plan for life so why wouldn’t you get there. Just keep on keeping on as Alan Bennet would say! All good wishes to your son. I hope he gets his job and that it works for his confidence too.

    Mel enjoy your meal out and hope Nana, Tammy and Minols are all having lovely hols.

    Have got hubby a range of dark chocolate bars all 85% or above for valentines. I don’t like anything above 70% so no temptation for me and anyway Freddos are more my style 😂🍫🍫🍫🐷🐷🐷

    As Steve would say ..if you was 8’ 7” you would be the correct weight…so it’s not the weight which is the problem but your height!…😂

    After 50 years on diets yes I knew 105 cals for a Kit Kat 😂…you really haven’t done so bad, not too healthy but about there😂…have a relaxing evening without eating….

    Well done on the loose clothes even if the scales don’t move…I think everything is strange and you can never understand your body and what it’s doing…..just keep going is the trick…..I eat any sweets!

    Weigh in for us tomorrow, not looking to have lost, staying the same would be good…too much food and drink eaten away and Steves surprise birthday meal…..Charlie’s two week weigh in too…🤞for him….

    Jean x

    Sarah I have lost 30lbs on the fast diet so far.I did lose another stone before I started on here.But I think to lose almost 8 stone at my age is totally unrealistic.And I wouldn’t want to lose that much.

    Well done Sarah and CW, 2.5 💰 added to the jar between you.

    Mel, well done with your 3 x FDs, did you weigh in this morning? Enjoy your meal and wine this evening!

    My weight this morning was up, Im really annoyed with myself for not being more careful on my NFDs 😠
    Today I have eaten nothing yet, just black coffee and squash. I think I might hold out and just stay on fluids, seeing as Ive made it to almost 6pm. I will struggle when Neil cooks and eats but its only today…..

    Jean, heres hoping Steve gets an appointment for next weeks clinic.

    HH, enjoy the theatre this evening.

    Tammy, hope you enjoying your break too and keeping warm!

    Dave, sounds postive for your son. What is the job?

    CW, all is not lost, if you can refrain for rest of the day, then job done! If you do eat something else, it could still be a low day.

    Steve, did you have your meal or was it fluids only in the end?

    Nana, are you back now? Or are you back tomorrow?

    Sarah, hows your day been with your grand daughter?

    We have been planting chilli and tomato seeds today and have bought a heated propagator to hopefully get some better success than last year!


    Evening everyone,
    Got back home yesterday evening after a lovely but blowy few days away. Did lots of walking over 16 miles and am pleased to say the scales showed a half pound loss since last week. Doesn’t sound a lot but it’s downward and it does add up.
    Hedgehogs glad you’re having a nice time can recommend The Lobster or The Two Lifeboats pubs near to the Sheringham Theatre if you fancy a meal or drink afterwards.
    Dave hope your son is successful with his job application.
    Jean 🤞for Steve.
    Well done on the weight losses reported so far this week. We’re not meeting up with our friends tomorrow evening so am planning on having a FD and then another one on Monday.
    Have a good evening.
    Nana x

    Sorry everyone, been a busy day! Have looked at posts but no time for a proper post.
    Kay, I did weigh myself and have lost 4lb. You can take the pebbles out but with so much going on I am sure you will be putting them back soon. I will keep you busy. 😂. Out for my lush meal soon. Oh for a glass of the red stuff! Hee hee very soon…..

    I’ve finally eaten after 23 hours of no food something I have been looking forward to all day but funnily there haven’t been any cravings.


    Love the dark chocolate myself ok who am I kidding I just love chocolate im a chocoholic and can’t help myself 😆😇.

    Who makes up the names for these storms i see we are expecting Dennis to hit this weekend what’s the next one going to be storm Gnasher?


    Well done on your 23 hours Typhoo.

    Mel – 4lbs, what a superstar and 1/2 lb for Nana too.

    Kay you’ll need to get to the beach again for more virtual pebbles.

    Hh – what are you going to see at the theatre? It all sounds very lovely. I had 3 days off over Christmas but really feeling like a break, although trying to keep my hols for later in the year. I think it’s cos H is on hols now until a week Monday. We are going to stay with daughter and she’s a teacher so will feel like I’m the only one working.

    Good luck with your chilli & tomato seeds Kay, you’ll have to post photos. I bought H a new pot and some rhubarb and asparagus to plant. He’s set his summer seedlings off already and has diligently been keeping the putting shed warm with a little heater. I think he’s also doing potatoes and onions. We don’t really have space in the garden for rhubarb but apparently it can be grown in large pot which might be fun.

    I did have some tea – enchiladas that I’d made but I gave H 3/4 of the dish and I had a small portion to keep me within TDEE. Aiming for 1500 on a NFD which is just under.

    How was your Kirsty meal Dave? What type did you go for? Does D and your son eat them too?

    Hope Charlie has a good result tomorrow – how do you weigh him? I couldn’t possibly lift woof up, mind he is 6 stone. He only gets weighed when he goes to vet. Talking of which his booster is due and his nails need clipped. Does anyone else need to get their woofs nails clipped? He’s 4 and it will be his first time, they must have just worn down naturally up until now.

    Feel like I’ve got a bonus night off due to power cut at the gym so an early night I think.


    Well done on the 30lbs off a great amount….you must be very proud…

    I would love to grow a chilli plant but I think they are quite delicate to grow….we are still being quite loose on NFDs we need to pull our socks up 😬

    How can you go away and come back down in weight…..a really good well done..I need your secret….glad all went well and you had a good time…

    Well done 4 lbs lost, you have done really well…enjoy your lovely meal out and 🍷🍷🍷🍷

    I thought you was going to have a small meal…a change of plan….you can eat tomorrow..

    Enjoy your visit with daughter for a few days…Charlie will go to the vets on their scales…he is 31 kg so too heavy to lift up…I have cut front paw nails tonight and filed them around the edges….back paws hopefully tomorrow 😂

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Jean- have a nice romantic meal tonight 💞
    Cakey- do they not have scales on the floor for Wadds to go on? Most vets do. Have done Xena’s claws occasionally, they do seem to wear down quite well. Hope you have a nice time with your daughter, shame you have to work…
    Kay- hope all the seeds grow, must start planning mine…
    Dave- you’ve done really well so far, I’m sure you’ll get to a weight you feel comfortable with…holidays get in the way though!
    Mel- well done with your 4lbs off, & hope your meal was great last night! Looking forward to hearing what you had!
    Typhoo- hope your breakfast is good!
    Nana- well done coming back from holiday weighing less!
    Sarah- hope you had a good day yesterday, are you going to fit in another FD? Good that clothes are looser!
    The theatre was very good last night- saw Taking Steps by Alan Aykborn, very funny! Sunny here today, don’t think it’ll last! Going out for breakfast soon…
    Have a good day everyone, hope you’re all feeling romantic 💏

    Two pound loss this week, so very happy with that. I will have a cuppa then take Heidi out before we go to see Denise’s mum. My son just sent me a text, he has landed in Berlin.

    It was a lovely meal, a small fishy appetiser (forget what fish) then I had mackerel and then an artichoke and date tart with crispy green beans and other bits (sound odd but was absolutely delicious.j I can feel Dave and Jean cringing. Didn’t fancy meat. A lovely pud too.
    Our last poodle never had his claws clipped, lots of rocky walking in the Lake District when we lived there.
    Think Jodie’s groomer has done Jodie’s very occasionally. Jean I have a lovely mental image of Charlie lying back in a chair while you kneel at his feet filing his nails. Would sir fancy some pink nail polish? Would go beautifully with your black and white coat.
    Right off to Norfolk, Paul woken up with a cold ☹️.

    Heidi’s claws are well worn down, I don’t take her on grass very often,the vet said to me keep her off grass most of the time and her claws will be fine. You are right Mel I am cringing😬.Not a big fan of fish unless it’s in batter from a chipy 😁.

    So sorry Focused Feb people!! The pebble I put in the jar last week has to be taken out as Ive put the pound back on 😱😱

    Got my work cut out for next 2 weeks now 😢

    Mel, glad you enjoyed your meal last night, sounded lovely to me!

    Never used to clip Ellies claws, just walked her off grass mainly.

    Off into Bude for a brief wander around before the rain comes in. I have a feeling we will housebound from this afternoon 🌧🌬

    Fasting today and serves me right. Need to get serious. My little target for myself is a pound and a half more before we go away on Weds! Husband unaware I was fasting and bought me a hot cross bun which can be toasted for tomorrow breakfast.

    Mel 4lbs is fab! Well done and Nana too half a pound despite a holiday. I’d take that anyday. Your meal sounds great. I love artichokes esp globe. We grow them on our allotment too.

    Never mind Kay. Could be all manner of things. Get that pebble out again!

    Dave your loss is brilliant plus another 2. Wherever you decide to get to your life and health must be so much better.

    Steve well done on the liquid fast. If i have 70 percent one square does it. If it’s frogs, well sky’s the limit…

    Cakey, Gretel’s claws aren’t ever clipped as she does quite a bit of pavement walking. Our cat’s another matter. She’s a couch potato now and has to be done regularly.

    Jean and Steve enjoy your lovely meal and vino tonight.

    HH love Mr A! Enjoy the sun today.

    Iris having a nap. Gorgeous as she is, this is quite welcome!!

    Afternoon All…
    Up early at the park..to vets no pebbles for Charlie he has put on .2 of a kg 😬 mummy ‘s fault..

    I have put on 1 lb…I have suspended Steve as his mind isn’t on it, his FDs haven’t been good, extra bread and bits..see the out come of his appointments…

    Glad the play was good, different to go to…hoping I remember to get the turkey on, think we need up lifting.
    Enjoy your day, hoping breakfast went well…safe journey home tomorrow…

    Well done on 2 lbs off….enjoy your visit to MIL hope she’s ok..

    I have joined you 😬…enjoy Bude today hope the weathers holds tight..I will try harder this week…

    Hope you get a little off before Wednesday…hubbys!! large pork pie for us and a vanilla slice each as he passed the shop 😬..I wasn’t doing lunch today!

    Jean x

    Back home and front door locked as wont be venturing out again today! Raining here but nothing bad.

    ****Focused Feb update****

    Aim is 28 💰
    12.5 💰 in the jar
    15.5 💰 left to go

    Kay (4) Wk 1 (-1) Wk 2 (+1)
    Nana (4) Wk 1 (+0.5) Wk 2 (-0.5)

    Sarah (4) Wk 1 (1.5) Wk 2 (0.5) 💰💰
    CW (4) Wk 1 (-1) Wk 2 (-2)💰💰💰
    Tammy (4) Wk 1 (-3.5)💰💰💰💲
    Mel (4) Wk (-4)💰💰💰💰

    Minols and Charlie (2)

    Don’t forget me Kay😱

    Not forgetting you Dave, and HH, and others!

    Im only keeping track of those signed up for the pebbles in the jar 😉

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