Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • I can use the microwave for normal microwaving,but it as a grill and fan oven too, that’s the part I am unsure about. There is a knob with about 8 settings on it then another for timing plus another for power and temperature 🥵.It’s now raining very heavily,bed will float away or become a water bed 😣

    Evening All…
    Went to the park just a light shower but very very windy…Oreo was there to play with Charlie they had a mud bath, so mucky glad they both had coats on…the puddles were enormous we stayed on the concrete too bad to walk the fields ….got my micro cloth went to a deep puddle and he had an open air bath!!…good idea worked well…😂

    Missed you had a roof leak hope it’s not too bad…and it can be sorted.

    I did start looking ok after my shower…slowly got worse…S D (Wales) may be coming tomorrow to surprise her dad..I think depending on weather…housework all done and tidy.

    Will you change the hip assessment appointment for Graeme ?..Steves pretty good he had nearly finished upstairs while I was walking, he left me to do down stairs…he does need a direction sometimes 😂, he doesn’t think about housework but he doesn’t mind me reminding him what needs doing….your poor fish…

    Glad you managed to get out between showers we did well too…

    Still holding your own..see how you go this week if no change you need to mix things up a bit, different food etc…missing a meal, smaller plate…

    We have big red hooks, (what you hang spades on in garages )…on the outside wall stops the bins flying, hook over the handles…fed up of picking stuff up….

    Have a busy night playing with Xena…one shattered boy here phew…

    Jean x

    Dinner eaten! Managed to resist the leftover wedges, they went straight in the bin 😇
    Dave- hope the roast beef was good!
    & Tammy, glad your pies were good! Does your hubby bother cooking for himself when you’re away?
    Jean & Sarah- sounds like you’ve been busy, Sunday is my day off housework!

    Evening everyone,
    Thank you for the birthday wishes for the husband. We decided not to go away today due to the weather and are planning on going tomorrow. We’d booked two nights at a Premier Inn so thought we’d try to book Tuesday night and have an extra day away.
    Hope everyone has survived the stormy weather. The wind has eased a little here but is raining heavily now.
    Jean hope Steve has a Happy Birthday 🎂 tomorrow.
    Enjoy the rest of the evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Morning all!
    Jean- happy birthday to Steve 🎂🎁🎉 Hope SD can visit, explains the housework yesterday! Charlie will be happy! Have a good day!
    Nana- safe journey, hope you can get the booking changed okay!
    Dave- are you bowling today if the weather’s okay?
    Tammy- when do you go away, are you off today? Hope you have a good trip & daughter enjoys it! Hope snow doesn’t wreck your plans!
    Mel- not sure when you’re home, hope you’ve had a good trip!
    Sarah- are you fasting today? Can’t remember when you go to France?
    Typhoo- are you in line for snow too?
    Cakey- hope if you’re travelling it’s not too disrupted after yesterday 😬
    Awake early, so will be a little more relaxed & aim for a low day, lost another pound over the weekend, but I know it’ll probably go back on when we’re away, we still have goodies from Christmas to eat up!
    The really good news is that I’m visiting my Homestart family today! Back home with their baby!

    Awake early this morning and feeling very hungry but only another twenty five hours until I can eat breakfast not that I’m counting think I need a good cup of coffee to help.


    Hopefully there’s no snow coming this week but I wouldn’t be surprised if it did. Well done on your pound loss this week.

    Good luck to all those fasting today and remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we can eat normally

    I an home, journey yesterday from Kent was not too bad. Our friends didn’t want us to go, thought we were mad. Being 20 Years younger than us they worry about the old folk! Mind you Sarah did a 13 mile run yesterday in the teeth of the gale and rain so who is the mad one. Having done the London marathon last year she is training for Brighton this year. This a woman who is 41 and has never run before she got in to London.
    Right – a pledge! Three FD800s for me from today then posh meal Thursday and away to Norfolk Friday. If I don’t do these three days I might as well give up now. But I can and will.

    Morning All..
    Still windy but bright…..our river at a full time high our river walk would be flooded…we are going to the Park and having brunch at cafe….daughter surprise there, she is on her way…..

    Safe journey and enjoy yourselves ….

    Charlie will go berserk it’s his very favourite person….he will have to go out the cafe 😂..to fuss..

    Good news on baby..enjoy HS day…

    Have a good fast day…you can soon eat in 25 hours 😬…keep busy..

    Glad your trip was a success and you got home safely…three fast days that’s good going, the carrot..a posh meal and away again …lovely…

    We have decided to fast Tuesday and Thursday this week…meal out tonight…

    Have a good safe day

    Jean x

    Morning everyone

    Sunny a just a bit breezy here. What a difference a night makes.

    Happy birthday to Steve. Have a lovely day.

    Jean if you decide to use kennels for Charlie it was a good idea for us to build it gradually for Gretel. We started with an overnight, then a weekend before anything longer so they understand you’re coming back for them. Gordon went to lots of kennels before settling on this one and I wouldn’t send her elsewhere now. We always book kennel before flights. If it’s in school holidays you have to book months in advance.

    Nana hope you get away today and have a lovely time.

    HH yes fasting today and feeling a bit more in control of NFDs at the moment. Mind you we’ve had a quiet time so no particular temptations other than the usual. Don’t go to France til a week Weds so will do 4 fasts before then.

    Glad you’re back ok Mel. Yes you can!

    Good luck fasters and have a great day all.

    One pint of water later which I have every morning to rehydrate myself and a coffee later and feel much better not hungry now 😃.

    It’s looking a little white outside now not sure if it’s sleet or hail.

    I seem to have missed a couple of birthdays so happy belated birthday to Mr Nana and a happy birthday to Steve for today. Think it was Charlie’s around now too so a very special happy birthday to you Charlie. Is it five I think?
    Great news about the home start baby, lovely for them to be home together again.
    When I was on the wine with our friends I agreed to go to her Pilates class with her. Did enjoy it but blimey I felt it yesterday. It was much tougher than when I did yoga.
    Fitbit informed me I had walked the Trans Siberian railway since I started. 5,772 miles. Even over three years it sounds a lot!
    Are you there Dave?

    I’m here, fast day today, I ordered a lumberjack padded shirt and it’s just arrived, when I get dry from my shower I will try it on.Happy birthday to Steve,tell him to stop a few going sour tonight 🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺.No bowling today but going to the gym. I think I only have three sessions left to do then I was told that they would kick me off and find me a public gym to go to, I won’t be going to one though, don’t like them. I was a member for a couple of years but mainly went for the swimming.Dry at the moment but not a good forecast.

    Jean, Happy Birthday to Steve x

    Sarah, Mel, Typh00, Dave, Im fasting today too, need to after the weekend!

    Sun is shining and it seems to be less windy, so we are going to brave the weather for a walk along the beach. Didnt set foot outside yesterday so some fresh air will be good.

    Nana, hope you get away today.

    Stay safe everyone if its still bad where you are x

    Took Heidi out, a few branches on the floor but no trees.Going to gym in 20 minutes, just been on to Renault, I should have a dash cam but just got the wiring and no camera,also no logbook so the man who sold it to me as been off for months so I spoke to another salesman and he said he would sort it out🤞.

    It’s snowing here now but that’s ok im not going out again today. Sat here with a freshly brewed coffee in the warm.


    Will you now be singing I’m a lumberjack and I don’t care from Monty Python? 😃.

    Probably going food shopping tomorrow so will have to be very good and stay strong so keep away from the chocolate and sweet aisles.

    Grrr just lost my post
    Busy day packing bags etc, will tell daughter when she gets home from school but she is suspicious as hubby opened his gob and all but told her, she probably thinks we will go Thursday when school is off.
    Happy birthday to steve, Jean
    Not caught up on all posts yet
    If I’m not on a lot the next few days,its because I’m having too much fun ,we leave at 10 tomorrow, just had a few snow flurries, so shouldn’t have much weather problems (fingerscrossed),will put some pic on what’s app
    Right ,catch you all soon
    Tammy x

    Gosh it’s chilly out there. Quite hungry today but drinking quite a bit of water over the last few days, helps a little bit. Have calculated the cals for my two egg omelette, salad and satsuma, which I am soooo looking forward to. Will be pleased to have completed today as quite hungry already.

    Gretel in doghouse and me too! Gave her the hamhock bone which was quite big and of course instead of just gnawing on it like a normal dog she chewed the whole thing down with predictable consequences of sick on carpet and horrid 😬 unmentionable on lawn to pick up. Hubbies jobs obvs 😃 so I am not popular. That’s the very last time she gets a bone from me.

    Great news in HS baby HH.

    Come on us fasters. Not that long now and we will have successfully completed another fast!

    Heidi just been sick,can’t be the weed, she’s not had any for a few days. We had a loud bang and lighting, the wind is howling too.So a thunderstorm is imminent.Back from gym so not had time to think about food, so FD going ok.

    Steve I put the video on WhatsApp group and have been singing it ever since, my son is singing it too 😆.

    Jean- hope it’s been a good day, & have a lovely meal!
    Dave- you don’t work all day & sleep all night though, you’re up watching sport all night…hope Heidi’s okay.
    Sarah- if you fed Gretel the bone it should be your job to clear it all up 😂 lucky you got out of that one!
    Tammy- have a great trip!
    Kay- shame about the beach walk, good facial exfoliation! Sand blasting…
    Mel- keep strong, you csn do it 💪👍
    Typhoo- good you’ve not got to go out in the snow, I hope you’re not too hungry!
    Sorry if I’ve missed anyone!
    Lovely to see HS family, baby is quite weak & still got a bit of an infection, but they’re pleased to have him home, & Norwich hospital have said he can go back in if they’re worried. They will make a formal complaint to Ipswich hospital though as they were totally negligent…good news on one of the boys with autism, as he’s finally been given a place at a specialist school.
    Got home & youngest was squealing at me as soon as I walked in the door- he’s covered in a rash, looks like German measles! So he’ll be off work while we’re away & will have to stay in, have already got shopping done so will have to get some more food, he eats tons when he’s bored! Not sure how his work will cope, they’re short staffed this week, & he does lots extra too! Had a little bit of chocolate, couldn’t resist, but it’s been a very low day.

    Evening everyone,
    Just a quick check in from Lowestoft- we’ve managed to book in another night so away until Weds. Beautiful sunny weather when we arrived but mid afternoon it started to rain and hail for a short while as we were walking back to our hotel from the town centre.
    Tammy have a good time away.
    Jean hope Steves birthday is going well and he enjoyed his surprise.
    Dave hope Heidi is alright now.
    Hedgehogs your poor son – remember the husband having it a few years ago and Dr came out and said where’s the poor little chap thinking it was a child 😉 Turns out I’m immune to it.Enjoy your time away.
    More walking planned for tomorrow. Off out for a meal shortly so will close now.
    Nana x

    Afternoon All..
    Busy up to now, daughter arrived had brunch and a lovely chatty afternoon..afternoon walk joining up with Oreo, lots of running again….going out to a birthday dinner shortly.

    Thanks..That’s a good idea breaking him in at the kennels…I think at the moment Steve wouldn’t get insurance so no worries at the moment in that direction…
    My vet says no bones at all raw or cooked…you all feel different?

    Lots of water I wish I could remember to drink it….

    Enjoy Edinburgh hope your daughter is excited to go…hubbys!!

    Charlie was 4…hope your aches have eased…..well done on walking on the Fitbit the railway…😀

    Definitely a couple of pints tonight..don’t get the daughter up much she from South Wales…

    Hope you managed a beach walk..lovely if well wrapped up…

    Hope your son is ok..sometimes not good when older…a bit of TLC I am sure will be needed 😂..good news on the baby…

    Jean x

    Fast day done and dusted.Took Heidi out again, she’s lay on her bed looking at me.We have had some hail and rain but no snow. Next fast Wednesday.

    Well done fasters!
    Jean- if dog’s are raw fed they need some raw bones. Some cooked ones- chicken & lamb- can splinter. You do see cooked bones in the pet shops though, so I guess they must be okay, I think most of them warn you to watch the dogs though! Xena’s not had any, other than antlers. Won’t be able to spoil son, only for 2 days as we’re away, he’s looking forward to having the house to himself as eldest is away to Winchester too! Hope Steve feels he’s had a good birthday,I bet he was pleased to see his daughter!
    Nana- hope the weather improves! Have a good break…
    Dave- well done fasting! Hope Heidi couldn’t hear the storm?
    Sarah- hope your fast has gone okay & you’re not too hungry!
    Avocado & poached egg for dinner.

    Morning all!
    Hoping for a low day, but was up at 5am again, makes it so hard! Lots to do today to get ready for going away, & dog trainibg for Xena. Walking her shortly, will stick to routes I know today, went exploring yesterday & nearly got lost, been walking tge forests here for years, but they’re so big there’s lots of bits I don’t know!
    Keep strong whoever is fasting- Jean & Steve, anyone else?

    Morning everyone. Hope all fasters managed ok yesterday. I was a bit hungry but coped. Looking forward to sourdough toast with peanut butter yhis morning but trying to stretch it out as long as possible.

    Hope you had a lovely meal out last night Jean and that Steve had a great birthday.

    Have a lovely holiday Tammy and Nana and hope the weather is kind for you both.

    Good luck with your holiday prep HH. How much have you lost in total and how far to your target?

    Have a great day everyone x

    Morning All…
    We have had a very wild night, things blowing about, Steve and daughter checking..me well I was asleep 😂..

    Park walk this morning….river walk absolutely flooded, planes flooded……

    Fasting today …..feel very fullllll…the meal last night was gorgeous, pudding too and extra glass of wine…change of venue a bit more expensive but well worth it…rather go there once a month then the cheaper twice a month……Charlie has a doggie bag to eat of braised steak this morning …

    Well done fast fasting…

    I think raw fed are ground up bones…our vet is big on no bones, he says he has done too many emergency ops to remove them…I was going to buy raw to help clean the teeth..but no…still each to your own…
    Buddy eats antlers but Charlie’s mouth bleeds so I don’t do them either..

    Goodness I think I would get lost in your wood…keep to your usual paths..still very tempting to do different and explore…Clumber forests I have a usual walk from caravan site, left, right, right, right, left 😂..still Charlie knows his route….Steve goes different and confuses me…you are up very early up but lots to do…enjoy yourself while away, when do you go?….

    Thank you, Steve had a good birthday and chatty catchup time with daughter …the meal very nice glad we changed usual venue…well done on your fast yesterday…

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone,up early today. The sky looks very bleak and it’s cold outside, just above freezing. Not looking forward to taking Heidi out but got to be done.Not fasting today, Spanish lessons then shopping at Sainsbury’s. It’s absolutely chucking it down now so will have a cuppa.

    Up at 5am – pure torture! Much too long a day.
    Glad you enjoyed your meal Jean. We are looking forward to our meal out on Thursday, again more expensive but worth it.
    I’ve never tried raw bones with Jodie, but when we were in spain I couldn’t get her chicken so I cooked up some pork chops which she loved. I checked about cooked pork bones first. She ate the lot.
    Fast day ok yesterday, bit hangry. On to day two. I posted a nice soup I had last night on WhatsApp.

    There is no nice soup,yuk.we have had a hail storm a minute ago.Brrrrr.My son possibly has two interviews this week so fingers crossed.

    Good morning all

    Not a nice morning out there today keeps coming over dark and not sure if it’s raining or hail stones.

    Breakfast tasted so good this morning after yesterday’s fast day and feeling quite full now.

    To all those fasting today keep strong and remember it’s only for one day.

    Took Heidi out in an hail storm, fortunately it stopped almost as soon as we got out. The sun as come out now. Very hungry now so I think breakfast will be taken today, that’s the only problem getting up early.

    Mel- keep strong, not long til Thursday! Love those soups, I think it was a lentil one I used to have alot.
    Jean- glad it was a good day yesterday! I like to find new walks, but there’s a couple of bits of new areas I can’t get the hang of! We go tomorrow, to Cromer, back Saturday.
    Dave- hope the weather improves, very cold & windy here, but bright. Enjoy your Spanish lesson.
    Sarah- enjoy your NFD! I think I’ve lost about 6lbs since Christmas, had hoped it would come off as quick as it went on, but no! About another 5lbs would be nice…Trouble is it always goes on so easily while we’re away!
    Typhoo- glad your breakfast was good too!
    Minols, Nana & Tammy- hope you’re all enjoying yourselves!
    Done some cooking & lots of washing, dog walk & off to training soon.

    Afternoon All…
    The park walk was so cold, worse walk I have had.. a different fleece under my coat later ..

    Step daughter has just left it’s been nice having her..

    Enjoy your Spanish lessons.. hope it’s warm.

    It’s not long before your lovely meal and going away..keep strong, I am a bit hungry..

    Awful here, hail, sleet so cold.. a bit bright at the moment.

    I enjoy Cromer.. love the crabs but you won’t..safe journey and enjoy your break…

    My weights up a bit trouble with holidays 😂

    Jean x

    Dog training fun- Xena got jealous as some of the new dogs & owners were getting more of Nick’s time, instead of staying she kept running to him! She did really well on some things though- had to get them to stand still while we walk round them (harder than it sounds, easy if they’re sitting, but standing they can keep turning round to look at you), she was the only one to do that.
    As son is at home & bored, he’s eating loads & getting me to cook for him- all a bit tempting for me- just a small lunch but did have a bit of chocolate, oops! Waiting for kitchen floor to dry…

    Swapped fast day to today, not decided what to have for tea yet.

    Sunny here but cold. We had some hail showers, but it seems to have calmed down a bit for now.

    We have decided not to go away anywhere this week, just planning a day out tomorrow as I think its the best day of the week! We wouldnt be able to get out and walk much, so seems little point.

    Keep strong Mel and other fasters!

    Xena does really well..I like the jealous touch ..I suppose she sees the coming and going of dogs, owners possibly get fed up…

    Hope you have got most of the jobs done ….

    Enjoy tomorrow..and rest of the week….it’s very wild out here and another storm due on Saturday as Dave said…walking in 20 mins or so getting a bit hungry, I am sure it’s worse if you have over eaten as we have..

    Jean x

    Hi all, fighting a headache today so not doing much, sent Paul out with Jodie. Will have to give her a good clean up when they get back. Just purchased a Mud Daddy so will give that a go. Paul’s brother has one and swears by it. Amazon sells it, bit expensive we thought but if it does the job. Jodie hates the shower or a bowl.
    HH enjoy Cromer, that will blow the cobwebs away!
    We have just booked four days at our favourite little hotel for later in March to celebrate our anniversary. Before that have Norfolk holiday (next week), down to Kent again, then to Wales to Paul’s cousin’s small holding. End of March to Reading to friends, then friends up to us for Easter. Very few days to squeeze in fast days but will get some in when I can. After December and January being so quiet for us, it’s going a bit mad!
    Keep strong fasters, Kay and Jean I think, and me. Anyone else good luck.
    Steve, Dave enjoy your non fast day.

    I am enjoying👿👿👿🐽🐽🐽.

    Grrrr back to behaving like a total 🐷🐖🐽 on a NFD, incuding 3, yes 3, chocolate frogs! When will I learn. I thought I was doing so well too. If I have to do a third fast on Thursday it will jolly well serve me right!!!

    I am no better,Jaffa cakes 🐽🐽🐽.Plus homemade steak pie for tea 🐽🐽🐽.

    Ooooh jaffa cakes 🐽🐽🐽

    Step daughter swears by her Mud Daddy, I keep looking but haven’t bought…
    What a lot of trips you have booked and to look forward too..you will have to fast as and when…

    Sarah and Dave..
    No talk of food…..our kitchen is shut…

    Jean x

    Mel- hope the headache goes soon, keep strong fasting…sounds like a hectic time coming up, you will have to be very restrained! Looked at the Mud daddy- can’t see that Xena would be very impressed! We’ll make do with a wet cloth & towel; can get a lot of them for £40!
    Jean- did you get out again? Have been a few floods in roads around here although we didn’t get that much rain?! I find FDs harder if I’ve eaten a lot the day before too, so well done!
    Sarah- naughty! Met too, was so hungry this afternoon I had a couple of (large!) biscuits! Were the freddo’s ready for granddaughter?!
    Dave- enjoy your pie!
    Hope everyone else is okay!
    I think son will have eaten all the food we bought him before we even leave! He hasn’t stopped all day, won’t do him any harm as he’s so skinny, already been to the local shop twice for more icecream & bread!
    Just a small dinner, hopefully can avoid the chocolate cupboard tonight…
    Jobs done now, Xena being very silly, she knows something’s up! Sis sent me a pick of a lab needing a new home; looks very much like Xena, says you’ll need a lot of patience, it’s probably one of her cousins!

    Safe journey tomorrow have a nice break…take warm clothes…we are hoping to go away in the caravan again before Steve gets grounded from driving…just clear the two appointments and then try…

    I did the walk down the riverside road..all water gone but so very cold, worse day of the year for my walking…river still running very high, it will come over again when tide comes in fighting with flood water. Lots gone over to our flood plain on the other side of river…We are quite safe although very close to river.

    Feeling peckish 😬..I will be ok…watching Graeme with the brown shoes shortly 😂

    Jean x

    For all doggy owners, our dog training newsletter had warnings about 3 illnesses to watch out for- the vomiting bug that Waddington had (?), Haemorrhagic Gastroenteritis- which is sickness & the runs, but losing blood aswell, & then Alabama Rot, seen in the Rutland area, which causes skin lesions & leads to kidney failure, thought to be picked up in muddy fields & woodland, only advice is to wash dogs off after a walk.


    Thank you for the doggy advice. Convinced Woof has the sickie bug and a few people at work (in completely different parts of the country) describe the same symptoms in their doggy. I’ve also read another case just a few miles away go Alabama rot, it seems to take hold within hours. Recommendation is to stay away from anything too muddy and wash paws down.


    I have just been reading on my dally site..

    Alabama Rot…Sunderland area…dog well and running about this Sunday has died today….advising wash feet after every walk, to get mud and sand out of paws ..the photos were horrendous it’s like raw flesh eating bug the poor dog…started in between toes…

    I shall be doing it every time.

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Awake at 5am again 😬 Will take Xena out on an early walk & then she’s off to the dog sitter, hope she behaves 😱
    We seem to have alot of stuff packed- only 3 days but we don’t travel light!
    Hope everyone has a good day, & keep strong whoever is fasting!

    HH Have a safe journey and a great break. Lots of people on holiday. Hope you’re all having a wonderful time.

    Jean, sending positive thoughts to you and Steve today.

    Fasting today. Pleased after yesterday! Dave I think you’re fasting too. Anyone else?

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