Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Just a quicky
    Minols I’m surprising my daughter and taking her to Edinburgh for 4 days next week , but must admit, I cannot wait, not long now.
    Smiling at the granny stories, when I had my daughter my mother insisted she be called nanny apple, because she didnt want to be a granny Smith!!!! Lol.
    Catch you later, I’m still staying strong.
    Tammy x

    ***** Focused February *****

    Nana 4
    Sarah 4
    CW 4
    Tammy 4
    Kay 4
    Charlie 🐕 2
    Minols 2
    Mel 2

    ☆☆ 26💰 by end of the month ☆☆

    1st week update (so far)

    Kay -1
    Sarah -1.5
    Nana +0.5

    POT = 2 💰

    Managed to lose 1lb, so not having to do another fast today! Will be careful though.

    HH, happy to hear HS baby is better. The family must be so relieved.

    Jean, looks a lovely place you are staying, and walking before the wild weather comes in.

    CW, glad that yesterday went ok, never easy.

    Enjoy your Friday everyone x

    Kay- well done 1lb down! Sorry I missed your post last night- hope you do get away & have a nice week with Neil.
    Sarah- Grandma sounds old, I’d want to be a Nanny…have a lovely day with granddaughter! Well done with the weight off & not having to do another FD!
    Dave- maintaining is better than gaining, but did sound as if you’ve been good this week! If it’s any consolation I have to do lots of FDs to lose!
    Jean- glad you’re having a good break, have a nice walk! Charlie doesn’t like window cleaners either?!
    Tammy- keep strong, I’m fasting again too! Hope the time goes quickly before you trip!
    I’ve lost 2.5lbs, a bit frustrating how many FDs I have to do for that! Going okay today though, but very cold again… Haircut done, seeing my friend shortly, she’s Scottish & hardy so her house is always cold, no chance of getting warm then!

    Tammy – love the nanny apple idea!

    HH – I’m similar…so much effort for a tiny number! But we’ll get there – just feels a little bit British Rail like sometimes!

    Last difficult meeting done and now just emails to do and a plan to write so when I come back, everything is ready for the next week…will be out of here and into domestic goddess planning mode by 3pm!


    Good afternoon all

    It’s been a very cold and misty morning here but it’s not too long now until spring arrives.

    Enjoyed my breakfast after yesterday’s fast but as usual didn’t seem to touch the sides 😆.


    I know this time you have nothing to show for your hard work this week at least you haven’t gained anything either.

    Afternoon All…
    We have had a good run around till 2 pm.. back at pub sat by the lovely fire having a read..Charlie has had three walks up to now.. a bit naughty on the hills he wouldn’t get back in the car having too much fun.. I can understand but got a bit cross.

    Absolutely so bitter out now, so mild this morning.

    Tammy ..
    Love the nanny apple, so sweet..

    Any snow yet or wind ?

    Well done on the pound off.. a few people missing off the list…

    Good loss well done 2.5 lbs….a good haircut then 😂
    I hate going to houses when they don’t do heat.. we have a couple of houses we go to fleeces and coats stay on or I sometimes refuse to go..

    30 mins to go home😁😁😁😁😁😁

    Jean x

    I’ve just set the auto-responses on the email accounts (too long between holidays – I have to re-learn how to do that every time!), I’m abotu to leave the new mobile in the pigeonhole for my part-time colleague to pick up so she can cover for me – although with no signal where we’re going, I’d liek to see anyone try and disturb me!. My desk is tiday, and ‘set’ for when I come back, so I can just pick up where I’ve left off…

    Just need to go home and set the answerphone there to give people a dozen ohter numbers to call round and get frustrated with (secret joy!), and then I’m hanging up my collar!



    Thankfully there’s no snow or wind here to report and fingers crossed it stays that way.

    I’ll be very happy with a pound loss this week but will have to wait until Sunday to see.

    Minols- happy holidays! 👍 It’s frustrating with the weight loss, I get quite panicky sometimes & wonder what it’ll take to lose- complete starvation probably, but then I think my body would get used to that!
    Typhoo- shame breakfast wasn’t filling! Hope the weigh in Sunday goes well!
    Hope everyone else is doing okay…fasting going fine for me, hungry but determined!

    Really hungry now (well was), had omelette and cheese and some sneaky salami, I might be over 500, why do I always feel guilty when I say what I’ve eaten lol, I absolutely love eggs, cooked any which way, except omelettes, dont know why, I get very “egg sick” when I eat too much of it, maybe it’s when it’s all mixed up, its peculiar.
    Minols, I get the feeling you were rushing your last message lol, enjoy your holiday.
    HH 2.5 down is brilliant, I’ll be lucky to loose half a pound.
    Kay well done as well, fasts done for the week.
    Jean it bitter here, weather about to turn.
    Dave frustrating when you work hard and dont loose.
    Typh00 fingerscrossed for sunday
    Right better dash, taking mum shopping
    Tammy x

    Tammy- hope your mum is easier to take shopping than she is to take out for lunch! I’ve done FDs from Sunday til today, a couple of 500 & the rest 800, so had hoped to have lost a decent amount!
    I thought Minols’ post was done with a Scottish accent- ‘ohter’, ‘aboht’ & ‘tiday’ I can imagine all those comi g from a Glaswegian mebbe? I can’t talk, I’m always mistyping with my stubby fingers 😂
    About to do dinner, waiting for eldest to get home…

    Some good losses this week, well done to you all. I came a different way home and it was quicker, so happy with that. Heidi the guard dog was fast asleep when we came in 😬😁.Pie and mash for tea. Very hungry now, had porridge this morning.

    Dave- glad you had a better journey home, enjoy the pie & hope that your son’s okay, & MIL.
    I am hungry too, but I’ve had my dinner!

    Hello everyone

    Kay – pls put me down for 1lb so far. Hard fought and only a meagre pound but it’s a start.

    Minols glad your out of office is on and the lack of WiFi signal etc means you can’t be contacted whilst away. It’s too easy for people to say… I know you’re on holiday, but…

    Have a lovely cosy relaxing break.

    Jean, sounds like a lovely weekend and good that Steve is enjoying the fresh air. Hope it’s uplifting for guy both pending hospital tests.

    Well done Hh on 2.5lbs – you are top of the class this week.

    Enjoyed sharing the study with my daughter today, that was special. Planned next weeks meals after work the popes to Sainsbury’s. Gym first tomorrow then a nice day planned out and about, including lunch then back home for rugby.

    Hello to Dave, Tammy, Nana, Typhoo, Crisp, Sarah – oh gosh my page has turned, who have I forgotten.

    Watching hockey so going to be a late one.

    Morning all!
    Have to go out early with Xena, then go round to Mum’s for someone to pick up her freezer as he couldn’t make it the other day. Mum’s coming for dinner tonight, but has still been fussing about wanting me to come round in the afternoon as well 😬.
    Another FD, will have Mum nagging me to eat chocolate etc tonight after dinner, will offer her some instead of pudding!
    Any one else fasting?
    Hope everyone has a good weekend!

    Last shift for a week and a half yippee
    3.5lb down very happy with, such a pity it will probably go back on next week
    Wet and a bit windy here, but supposed to pick up.
    My daughter is playing hockey today in Stirling a good 1.5hrs drive from here, kinda hoping they cancel it, for her sake, the weather’s not good.
    Right quick cuppy then off to work
    Tammy x

    Morning all.

    Dyslexic fingers, I’m afraid, no Scottish accent here, even after nearly 30 years!

    Trying to be determinedly calm about packing stuff… So little space, but no deadline so we can take our time.

    8’ve made a curry to take for tonight, and need to cram in a few food basics so we can survive if the storm is too bad to get to the nearest wee supermarket tomorrow.

    Have a great weekend everyone.


    Good morning

    Well done to everyone on great losses and 2.5 and 3.5 are fabulous. Non fast day for me today and plenty of outdoor and indoor jobs planned. We need to get over to the allotment before we get the storm, though I noticed it was both windy and raining in the night so the ground might be very claggy.

    Coping better on NFDs though want to reduce it a bit further. Planning how to cope with a week France. Think I am going to do b2b just before and just after and try my best while there to hope not to do any damage to what I’ve lost and be able to weigh in at the end of focused feb. I’m getting in the zone but not so comfortably in there so as to make it easy to step outside and back easily. At least it is just a week.

    My daughter gave me a clementine from some she had got from her local greengrocer which was absolutely amazingly good, full of flavour and really tangy. I have a sour tooth and it was so delicious as desert last night so off to get some today. I don’t know what happens to the supermarket ones, so insipid I can’t be bothered to eat them. Now totally sworn off supermarket fruit and veg.

    Have a great day all. X

    Cakey- well done with your pound off, you, Minols & myself are all the same age I think & all having to work hard?!
    Tammy- well done with your 3.5lbs, that’s great! Hope your daughter’s okay, the forecast isn’t great…& hope your shift goes quickly!
    Minols- happy packing, hope you get it all in! Safe journey, hope you don’t get too windswept, & have a good break!
    Jean- back safely with lots of washing to do?
    Dave- are you having a lie-in, or busy?
    Sarah- sounds like a busy day for yiu, enjoy the clementines!
    Fasting going okay, Mum’s freezer collected, ironing done…

    I had a lie in because there is another game tonight.It helps having a lie in on fast days, I don’t have breakfast any day unless I am starving.Probably my downfall when on holiday plus all the beer 🍺.But considering its virtually the only time I drink alcohol on holiday it’s allowed.Heidi is back on her weed today after not having any for a few days.

    February update for the jar:

    6.5 💰 out of 26 💰

    Been busy repotting orchids and sowing seeds 😀

    Now off for a shower and then Ireland and Wales rugby game to watch.
    Going up to the pub to watch the England game!

    I have just been out in my Sale Sharks coat, usually get a few funny looks, being that is not football. I made beef toasties, one for me and one for my son, big mistake they are gorgeous, did them on my Tefal grill(similar to George Foreman).As soon as I had it I wanted another, but won’t have another one 😭.

    Afternoon All….
    Back home, unpacked and having a cuppa….
    We have had a lovely time away, weather surprised us better than thought, blue skies and cold yesterday afternoon generally good. ..pub very good lovely staff, clean and comfortable, lovely food.

    CT Scan appointment on Thursday, so I would think a week Wednesday we will be back to see surgeon.

    Early walk later before the winds start.

    All under control…get away and enjoy the break…enjoy your curry tonight.

    Good luck at tomorrow’s weigh in…

    A good pound..well done. Enjoy your weekend and the rugby.

    Hope the hockey is good and worth the late night….beef toastie sounds strange!

    Have a good day with mum and hope you can get away with no chocolate…we have had a couple of pieces of cake to finish it off which we brought back with us..line drawn not much else today….

    A great weight loss..I am never have been a big looser…well done…hope the shift passes quick 😀

    If it was me I would fast on the travel days it usually works well when travelling with the caravan…depends how you eat as you go 😬…have a lovely week away…fasting starts when you are back…

    Good pebble count….enjoy the pub and rugby game…

    Jean x

    I suppose it’s the same as a steak toastie,it’s a slice of beef instead of steak.Like a steak Canadian. It makes you want more that’s the problem. If you have a George Foreman grill or similar you butter two rounds of bred,out the first slice butter side down then you put the meat in then add the second slice butter side up and close the lid, dosent take very long.

    Jean- I don’t think I could fast if we’re travelling, I always feel extra hungry on car journeys 😂 It seems part of the holiday for me- when we were kids we’d always have a picnic on a journey, couldn’t afford to eat at the services, now we can affors to I love it 😂
    Dave- good to enjoy the steak sarnie! Well done just having one!
    Kay- enjoy the rugby! The pebble count looks good, might not look so good next week, depends how much people put on on holiday! 😂

    I haven’t had a toasty with beef or steak…maybe one I should try…

    We never eat at the services, maybe a coffee and flap jack…if it’s a long way I would pack up…the prices are always so expensive for what you get unless they are much better now…

    Taken the boy out early seems to be a bit windy and a bit colder..managed without my hat but only just.

    Jean x

    Jean they are gorgeous with onion,just buy a few slices of beef at the supermarket or shop.You don’t need a sandwich maker just butter them and make sure the butter is facing the grill on top and bottom.The only danger is you will become addicted 😁, they are so good.

    Jean, pleased the appointment is through. Hope you get the answers you want very soon.

    We try never eat to at services in UK either. Just expensive and not great, both hate it. I pack something and tend to have a big bag of nuts and fruit in case of emergencies. Fasting on the way back home might be an option though. We usually take the ferry and drive, taking two days, but flying this time as it’s just a week. On the way it’s an early morning flight and then staying in Toulouse for a couple of nights before picking up a car and going further south. I know I’ll be starving by lunchtime and all that French food will seem new and exciting. Coming back though might be possible. If I do get in the jeans to go they will definitely limit my eating….

    HH it’s weird how our childhood and past lives define us so fundamentally now, as with yes or no to services and also with Grandma/Nanny thing. Nanny sounds so alien to me. No one in my family has ever used it, always Grandma or Granny. Didn’t want to be Granny, despite my much loved one. It felt weird thinking of myself as a Grandma to start. Now they call Grandma to me across a crowded room and I’m all ‘that’s me!’ The Grandma of these wondrous children! I so adore them and don’t understand how people don’t just faint in the street at the sight of their beauty. Grandmas eh?! LOL. You’re amazing fasting on a Saturday btw.

    Been a gorgeous day here. Quite warm and very sunny. Did get a bit chilly at the end but lots of jobs done. Making ottolenghi sweet potato chips tonight to go with chicken schnitzel and salad. Followed by clementine only, but there will be wine. Have a great evening everyone x

    I don’t mind services but only go to Gregg’s don’t waste my money on a meal in the services.

    Evening everyone,
    Have had a busy day today with lots of family popping in at different times today dropping off birthday presents for the husbands birthday tomorrow as we’re due to go away tomorrow morning but might not go away until Monday now. Will see how it is in the morning.
    Haven’t been able to keep up with the posts today but hope everyone has a good day.
    Nana x

    Had a lovely Chinese for tea and having a couple drinks now, have steak in the slow cooker for making steak pies tomorrow one for us one for mum.
    Blinking rain is dripping in through my window surround, wind must be driving it in, will need to check the sealant, must be needing replaced, hopefully I can get it done tomorrow or Monday if its dry.
    Jean, thanks ,I only loose big because I have so much to loose, these new scales tell me too much, half my body is just pure fat and I really need to drink more, my water percentage thing is only at 30 %, not very good.
    Dave what time is your hockey on, I’ll be up late tonight as usual.
    Hi to everyone else, so many posts to comment on, see you tomorrow
    Tammy x

    Just starting now

    Morning all!
    Keep safe in this storm everyone…
    Nana- happy birthday to your hubby! I hope you do get to go away, but better safe than sorry! Lovely to have so many of your family around yesterday too 🎂
    Sarah- I am not only brave fasting on a Saturday , I am 😇, as they all had chocolate & I didn’t (green & black selection of mini bars too!) How did you do your sweet potato thingies? Lovely that you’re so close to grandchildren, very lucky! My very old paternal grandmother was Grandma, & my MIL who was very old in her ways wanted to be called Grandma to our boys, so I think of grannies as being really old & stuffy! Whereas my Nanny was lots of fun, & Mum (Nanna) was to our boys, so Nannies seem much younger 😂 Like you say childhood influence! Lovely to have an allotment, we grow quite a few veggies in our garden but it’s only small! What do you do with Gretel when you fly to France?
    Jean- Xena is just 20.5kg, seems a bit low, she was 22.5kg when we had her speyed last summer, so we’re keeping an eye on her! Josie was 33kg & not fat! We like the big services where there’s lots of outlets, quite often just have coffee & cake, there was a great salad bar at one so had a very healthy lunch there!
    Tammy- have a lovely break! Hope you don’t get too wet, & get the window fixed 😬
    Dave- good result for the hockey? Are you cooking a roast today?
    Kay- hope you had a good night!
    Minols- have a great break…
    Cakey- hope you have had a lovely weekend with daughter!
    Typhoo- how’s your weekend been, hope the scales are kind today!
    Mel- not sure how much longer you’re away, but hope the weather isn’t too bad there & you can still get out today.
    Cath- are you home or away this weekend?!
    Very windy here, no rain yet so will take Xena to the park soon! Another FD for me, not sure what to do after that, maybe 2 more FDs or low days before our trip…

    Wet and very windy and dark house lights on….will try the boy out after my cuppa…

    Sneaky look on the scales and I am 2 lbs up, Steves birthday tomorrow so no fast, so pull back after then ..for Friday…

    I have a sandwich maker so maybe a try at a later date….

    Go enjoy your holiday fasting can wait ..maybe miss odd meals out if you can or go light at odd times.
    I do enjoy France..

    Happy Birthday to hubby…hoping you get away ok today or tomorrow..enjoy…

    Enjoy your pies I know someone here would be soon at your house very quick…😂..those scales are a nightmare, for BMI, water, fat, I used to log ours I have given up now just weight now …still I should maybe have another look.

    I think Xena is better under than over, she will develop as she gets older…we met a male lab the other day 10 months and 28kg, he looked heavy for his age gave Charlie a run for his money, played quite rough.

    I never had any grandparents, so maybe I always wanted a grandma…nana to me is too modern, granny so old. It’s funny how we think.

    Food shopping and a big clean up, with being away very dusty, it should have been done before we left but with the bad news it never got done….( surprise for Steve tomorrow shh) clean back bedroom and weather permitting..😂

    Blow hair dry and get blown in the wind…hey ho..

    Have a good day everyone, can’t remember what everyone’s up too…enjoy if you are away….or going away…safe journey

    Jean x


    Very wet and squally here. Youngest daughter just set off so will worry for 3 hours until I know she’s home safe.

    I’ve always wanted to be Nanna but I like Grandma too. We lost my Nanna about 5 years ago, she was the loveliest person I’ve ever known. She never had a bad word to say about anyone and was always cheerful.

    Need to pop out today and get some coffee in for the week. Nowhere to park near the coffee shop where I buy it so will have to get wrapped up. Umbrellas will not be a good idea but as my daughter says – first world problems. Will pop up to see mum and dad later I think.

    Lots of holidays and birthdays coming up in here. I think me, Minols and Hh all had our 50th last year, if I remember right and have definitely noticed it’s got harder to shift the pounds.

    Hope everyone’s roof tiles and fences in tact.


    Windy here but doesn’t sound too catastrophic out there. Got to keep it low today. Having globe artichokes which I found at the clementine greengrocer plus ham and pea soup which is half made. My son had been recommending The Joker film which we missed when it was on at our local cinema. He went on and on about it so I paid for it on Sky. Bloody hell what a bleak film! If anyone’s in need of light relief, I’d give it a miss.

    Tammy homemade steak pies how very gorgeous. They are so special in Scotland too. I remember my FIL making them. Congrats on last shift, now for your lovely holiday. We used to go to Edinburgh a bit when the festival was on, years ago now. We’d stay with my parents in law in Paisley and get the train across. Thank goodness my scales only do weight.

    HH I only had the sweet potatoes because I thought they might be low cal, but they’re not so was using them up. Cut into chips and mix in bowl with olive oil sweet paprika, cayenne peeper, garlic and salt. Roast on baking parchment, sprinkle with sumac. Very nice. Ottolenghi is very precise about measurements and methods. Consequently nothing ever goes wrong. I love the balance in his recipes. The seasoning is always perfect. I always used to think of him as very complicated with loads of different ingredients but his new book Simple is just that. I got a couple of his other ones for Christmas. I think you’re veggie or I may have got that wrong, but anyway his veggie recipes are amazing. He’s a total genius. The sweet potato chips might be online but if not and you want to do them I can do the full recipe. Grets goes to kennels if we’re away without her. It’s a brilliant kennels with virtually unlimited exercise in a paddock and woods. They know her well and she goes in without a qualm but I’d still rather have her with us. We do like cities sometimes and it’s harder with a dog.
    Best to have dogs slim, the amount of very fat labs round here is shocking.

    Jean, 2lbs is nothing but you’re so good checking right away rather than letting it drift. I guess that’s the trick to staying in maintenance.

    Dave, according to Dr M not eating breakfast is a very good thing to do. You’re very restrained on your alcohol. I’m back now to weekends only but my natural predisposition is not that!

    Cakey and everyone else in your early 50s, (The new 30s) you’re babies. Seemed all I did throughout that whole decade was work consistent 12 hour days and constant emails on holidays. It’s not sensible. In fact it’s bonkers. Still at least I was able to finish just before 60 which I am sure won’t be the case for our children or for many today. Hope you all have more balance in life.

    Everyone have a good day and hope this storm finishes soon xx

    Sarah I used to drink like a fish.I would be more than 100 units per week over the normal amount, probably double that. Now I am not worried about it at all.I still like a pint or two but just don’t bother.I never drink in the house apart from Christmas and New year.Its terrible weather here, Couldn’t get the fire to lite Denise was going mad. I got the vacuum out and moved some of the fire and Heidi’s hair was there so cleaned it up and it’s working again. We have a leak in the roof in our bedroom 🥺😟.So I don’t think Heidi will be going out today, would be dangerous near any trees.Got to bed at three am again. On the granny front I always called mine Grandma,never liked nanna.But then I called my mother mam, Denise calls hers mum.Its different depending where you come from.

    Safe and sound at the cottage although currently having soup out and going to do a bit of a food shop – hence the Internet access!

    We need to pick up one or two DIY bit as well, but looking forward to being back and tucked up by the fire in a couple of hours. Movie marathons and jigsaw puzzle – wahey! Oh and really enjoyed playing the out of tune piano for an hour this morning… And another ‘oh’ really chuffed to discover that the knives we left in the kitchen here when we kitted it out are either really good quality or the tenant has kept them super-sharp. Hate blunt knives on a holiday!

    Aahhhh… Beginning to relax? Maybe.!

    Dave, you’ve given up smoking, heavy drinking and now you’re doing 5/2. You must have incredible will power and determination. All power to you!

    Minols, have a lovely, relaxing and well earned rest.

    Stay safe everyone!

    Stopped for a crumpet and cuppa…most of work done just kitchen tops and cupboards to wipe down..shopping to do soon….

    Absolutely awful here so windy and bouncing rain…we were lucky on our walk just a bit of drizzle but blowing me all over…strange going ons down our old river road, which is closed off by gates…5 men and three white vans messing with a motor bike..no bike gear on or helmets..watching me walk away…took the van numbers and passed on to police.

    Hope your daughters safe she should be nearly home now…hope you manage to get out to get your coffee, I poked my head out to empty hoover not a good idea had to re blow and dry hair….so wet.

    I have water blowing in through the bathroom window, never had that before..Steve doesn’t seem bothered, just so windy and wet.

    I would be so upset to leave Charlie but it would be kennels if I had too..no houses as he was passed about too much in his previous life…better with other dogs….you can’t always do dog friendly and cities would be out….

    Gone out of maintaining now must pull back quick…it’s a worry how the government pushes the work age..I am a great believer of everyone finishing at 60 and give the jobs to the young ones leaving school.

    We don’t drink much maybe one bottle of wine at the weekend or if eating out I like a drink.

    Wet gear on to go shopping not looking forward to it…it will have to settle down a bit for pm walk or it will get missed..

    Keep safe everyone..

    Jean x

    Dave- not good having a leak, at least you’ve got the fire working!
    Sarah- will have a look for those recipes, I do sweet potato wedges for the boys with smoked paprika. Doing that tonight I think.
    Cakey- yes, we’re the nifty fifty girls 😂 Hope you’re daughter gets home okay & you can relax…
    Jean- 2lbs is not to bad! Don’t worry about the dust, relax today! I’ve had a bad hair day too!
    Tammy- hope the pies are good!
    Nana- shame about the holiday, where were you staying, hotel or self catering?
    Very windy here, not too much rain, will have to see what it’s like later whether Xena has a 2nd walk or not! Fasting going very well, not too hungry!

    Morning errr afternoon
    For all that its blowy here, is actually a lovely sunny day, I will get out and check my window, sure it’s just the sealant 🤞
    Have got my pie filling in its dishes cooking before I finish them, might put pics up on what’s app unless , you say otherwise.
    Nothing planned for today, washing up to date, will nip to my mums with her pie.
    Mine was always Nan, not nanny, nanna or anything similar, was a nightmare getting personalised cards etc. So we know my mum was nanny apple, but my nan was great gran to my daughter, no rhyme or reasoning to it lol.
    I will need to tidy the house before we leave, Graeme has his pip reassessment on the Wednesday we are away, and he is a total slob, wouldn’t even think of doing any tidying for people coming to the house, drives me daft!!!!
    Right I had better get motivated, stay safe everyone, c u later
    Tammy x

    I checked my weather app and there was a break in the rain so took Heidi out. I don’t know if the storm is here, passed or yet to come. The football as been called off at City due to the bad weather, think it’s a safety issue. I met a lady in the street I always talk to she has 3 dogs, she’s had breast cancer, I never know her name so asked her before, she’s called Jane.Her dogs are called Rooney,Rashford and Bella,no prizes for guessing what team she supports 😆.Had all her hair cut off,it’s growing a bit now but she keeps it very short. Heidi let her stroke her which is unusual, but I think dogs have a good sense of people.

    It’s a very windy day here too but so far no rain have to keep going out to pick the bins up does that count as exercise? 😉

    Weighed myself this morning and very pleased to find i haven’t gained anything still the same as two weeks ago.

    Quick inspection of the window, shows 2 small arrears where the sealant needs replaced, so glad it’s just that.
    On another note, my daughter was complaining a few days ago that the cat kept trying to get into her cupboard a few nights ago, she has goldfish in an open top container in there (it’s a big cupboard and a long story!!!)I went into check on the fish today and found a dead mouse floating in it !!!!!.
    Tammy x

    We’ll done Steve on maintaining.The sun is out here now looks so different.Heidi may get another walk. Still windy but not as bad. Might be an early night tonight, oneish💤. Still trying you work out the microwave for using as a normal oven, think I may need to be a rocket scientist to understand it.

    Dave- if you can’t work the microwave, no hope for anyone else 😂 It’s a lovely sociable thing, walking dogs! Nice that Heidi let the lady stroke her 😀
    Steve- well done maintaining! Managed to wedge our bins against the shed so they’ve stayed put so far, keeping hearing bangs regularly though so I think others are blowing about!
    Tammy- the joy of cats! Hope the window sealant holds! Hope hubby keeps his pip money…
    Wind & rain started up again here! No 2nd walk for Xena, so have had a game of tug, hide & seek & some scent work to keep her busy! Getting very hungry now…

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