Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Evening everyone,
    Had a fantastic time last night and won a couple of Dartington large wine glasses in the raffle. Our neighbours that we went with also enjoyed themselves and the husband was very merry walking back home. Sarah57 glad you enjoyed your evening also – I do enjoy a couple of glasses of wine but anymore and I’m quite poorly and as I knew I wouldn’t be able to monitor my intake I took my own alcohol free.
    Kay 65 think I’ll aim for four pounds my last January weigh in will be Tuesday – we’re going away for three days to celebrate husbands birthday on February 9th but we will be doing lots of walking.Well done with the custard slices.
    Hedgehogs we’ve got snowdrops in our garden and the churchyard that we walk by on a Wednesday morning on the way to see our daughter was absolutely full of them last week. Hope Xena has forgiven you for washing her bedding.
    Cakey how’s your poorly dog getting ?
    Typhoo well done on your two pounds loss.
    Tammy hope you’re feeling a little better – nothing worse than a dodgy tum.
    Dave they’re planning on year long roadworks for one of the major routes into Cambridge – it’s going to be awful.
    Jean just eaten our evening FD meal today was not to bad and am going to do another one tomorrow. I don’t like doing B2B but we’re going out for lunch on Tuesday.
    Enjoy the rest of your evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Typhoo- when I said I might put pound coins in a jar, my hubby said straightaway are you going to buy a box of chocs with it?!
    Tammy- hope your tummy is better, is it your gall bladder?
    Jean- you should have the wine with the ironing, improves it!! Very good with Charlie’s meals- Xena has all the rough bits of beef & kidney, I trimmed the stewing steak generously to give her plenty 😂
    Dave- gym on your birthday?! Suggest to the class leader you all have cake?!🎂
    Enjoy the roast beef!
    Kay- enjoy your evening out 🍷
    Dinner eaten, lots of veg to hopefully fill me up…although I think Xena swiped some kale while I was out the kitchen, she obvs didn’t like it, found it spat out on the floor 😂

    Beef was good, I will give the cake a miss. With getting up early the day really drags. Roll on getting up late again. Cricket tomorrow so up for 8am💤.

    Well done on the jar…what are you saving for…any idea 😂

    Glad the night was a success and well done on no alcohol drinks..we will fasting tomorrow …

    The meal plan is working for him and he’s enjoying it…I don’t think he’s lost any weight, try and get him to vets for a weigh in next week.
    Hubby after a box of chocolates 😂 naughty Xena eating kale…

    Enjoy the cricket…shame on the cake…

    Jean x


    That sounds like something i would have said before I started doing this way of life.


    I was thinking i would probably spend it on some clothes as hopefully mine will be a little loose by the time im finished.

    Hubby got his own chocolates- had a box he’d got for his birthday back in October, he’s started them tonight, couldn’t resist 2 😞. Maybe 900 cals instead of 800? 😤

    Evening all
    Tummy kinda settled now, it always happens after I fast, if I eat too much or anything with fat it just runs right through me, I should learn by now, but sometimes I just want to eat, but it ruins my day and then I have to watch if I go out, I dont think its connected to my gallstones, my tummy just doesn’t seem to cope after a fast.
    I had my Chinese, nothing fancy and to be honest it didn’t hit the spot as was out with my friend at the beach eating in the car and I was so worried my tummy would kick off, I ended up taking most of it home, it’s all gone now, and am having a wee vody or 2.
    Will be fasting tomorrow, have even refused breakfast with friends tomorrow, I must mean business lol.
    Mum says her rose Bush has buds busting,sure it will all be in vain, ment to get snow on Friday.
    Nana glad you enjoyed your evening, good win the raffle .
    Not sure if I said, the doctors have been trying to get in touch, so results must be in from my scan, will phone them tomorrow, see what’s what.
    Tammy x

    A roast dinner in pub this afternoon, no pud, G&T and one glass of wine. Did spoil it tonight with too much cheese and crackers. Have son staying as he has an interview in the morning locally and felt I had to do supper. And then of course I ate it! Ah well. Looking forward to fasting tomorrow.

    Nana, glad you had a good night and I love Dartington glasses. My parents lived in Dartmouth for a bit and I remember going to the then Cider Press in Dartington for seconds many years ago now.

    Kay I love a custard slice with icing on…

    I’d definitely be keen on a whatsapp group as I could see and share photos, largely of dogs obvs!

    Night night all x

    Morning all,

    Hope you all had a good weekend, I need to catch up with posts!

    FD for me, although not sure how I’ll get on. I’ve been really ill all weekend with a sore throat/swollen glands. Hardly slept last night. I’m at work, so will give it a go though.

    Stay strong anyone else fasting.

    Catch up later xx

    Good morning, up for cricket again, could be last day today if we can bowl out the Proteas.Dry but cold here.Out for a meal tonight so looking forward to that.

    Morning all!
    Dave- happy birthday! 🎂🎉🎈🎁
    DF- hope you feel better soon & get through the working day…lots of hot drinks?
    Tammy- I’ve had spells of that too, especially when I did an extended fast. It’s sometimes a matter of finding a food that doesn’t upset you. Hope you can get in touch with the docs for your results.
    Sarah- sounds like you were still pretty controlled over the weekend, compared to me anyway 😂
    Jean- are you & Steve fasting today?
    Minols- how was your weekend? Are you fasting?
    Kay- hope you had a good night out!
    Nana- keep strong doing another FD! One more day…
    Mel- I need to find some big girl pants too I think, not managing to do IF on FDs at all, although I am in the 800cals…
    Cakey, Typhoo, Cath- hope you’re all okay & anyone else fasting?
    Have been out already with Xena, but just for a car ride, not a walk, still working on that one! Still getting very hungry in the morning, I used to do without breakfast okay, but not at the moment…another 800cals day for me.

    Morning All..
    A bright day..
    Fasting today but not much planned….

    Happy Birthday, enjoy your meal tonight.

    Have a good fasting day…work on progress with the humping, think we are getting there 😀 seems to be clicking. Up and out early this morning for you…

    Hope you soon feel better it sounds nasty …

    Well done on the pud.

    Glad you are feeling better..well done on bringing some food home.

    Dashing off walking speak later…have a good fasting day or NFD.

    Jean x

    Going bowling at one for an hour then gym at three🥵.All go today.Weather is good so I will get some practice in before the snow comes(if it ever does)

    FD for me, my lentil soup for later, they are having haggis,neeps and tatties.
    Dave happy birthday 🎂🍰🍾🥂
    Symba enjoy your walk
    HH thanks, doc phoning next week, no rush then !!!
    DF feel better soon.
    Any word on woofy yet?
    Tammy x

    Gym cancelled so I can bowl longer😁. Thanks for all the birthday wishes.

    Ooh Tammy I would love some haggis, neeps and tatties right now!
    HH i saw the diet programme, would really struggle with the Israeli diet, particularly two days of apples. Think his partner got the better deal with the Russian army one. Bet they put all the weight back though!
    Happy birthday Dave, enjoy your meal. You deserve it after bowls and the gym.
    We had some lovely steak yesterday with lettuce, tomato, avocado, feta and olives. Really nice. Then a little bit of Lindt chocolate. FD800 today, think I have made a dent in that 5lb. Tempted to weigh myself this morning but resisted.
    Worried not hearing about woof.

    Happy Birthday Dave! Have a great day, have a lovely meal later 🙂

    Hope everyone’s holding strong with the FD. I’ve managed to keep going so far!

    I went for my usual walk, so cold, mind you I’m struggling to get warm inside today too. One day, I can do this.


    Afternoon All…
    A lovely morning out went to a different town to visit their park, different smells and dogs…then to vets for weigh in…drum roll 1lb off for Charlie…at least my change of new menu, a reduction on kibble is working, treats are still about, a sausage at cafe on a Friday….a pebble in the jar?

    A very busy day for you…

    Tammy ..
    Keep strong…are you working today?….very hot spicy chicken wings for tonight for us…..

    Your steak sounded lovely, must get it on our menu again…Still I do like a few chips too…hoping you have made a dent with your weight..which is your weigh in day.
    Just got a pork shoulder joint out for tomorrow, some pulled pork in a baguette and another day a dinner.

    Keeping busy, car needs a sort out inside, Charlie seat carpet needs a vac and his covers needs washing…
    Get a better smell in there…

    How us the woof ?……thinking about you.

    Keep strong…quite mild this morning for our walk…I am feeling hungry, drinking a cuppa must move…

    Are you keeping to 800 days …enjoy your walk with Mum…

    Jean x

    Birthday boy- enjoy the extra bowling!
    Tammy- glad the doctor’s in no rush, hope the soup is good!
    Mel- well done, hope it shows on the scales! I bet the weight went back on after the crash diets too, especially if they went all out on holiday! I couldn’t do the chicken days, I guess fish might do?! I’d love the cheese days, wouldn’t mind apples, do you not like them?
    Jean- glad things are improving with Charlie’s humping, it’s quick!
    Hope everyone’s doing okay?
    Going for a walk with Mum & sis shortly, actually not too hungry so will skip lunch!

    Hi all (and happy birthday, Dave!)

    Freezing up here today. I’m going for a run of 800 days this week, to see if I can lose my 2lbs by the end of the month. THe OH is away for quite a bit of the week, so I can keep portions small for me and give the boy double. Veg curry tonight, though, so looking forawrd to getting my ear bent!

    Had a disturbed night – a report came in late at night and I stupidly ‘just glanced’ at it! Finally fell asleep on the sofa about 2am. Oh well.


    Happy Birthday Dave, enjoy the extra time bowling and your meal out tonight!

    CW, worried about the woofer 🙁

    Back from bowling traffic horrendous where the road works are 😵🥴😠.Came home a different way and it was further to travel but half the time.

    Dave- so annoying, going to be a long time for the roadworks… Have a good meal out!
    Nana- how are you doing? The Huntingdon/ Cambridge road works have been terrible, can you dodge those?
    Minols- your poor son! Does he like his meat, or just not too much veg?! I’ll be with you on the 800cals until Friday, sounds like a good chance to do it.
    Jean- how’s your FD?
    Kay- any work on this week?
    Had a lovely walk- out for 2hours, normally takes me 1.5hrs max, we walked slower, a bit worried about Mum slipping, & the dogs were charging about & getting in the way! Mum liked the snow drops too. But even after all that Xena has gone loopy & done zoomies now we’re home! Just had some diet biscuits with a cuppa now.

    Symba no off till Wednesday.
    Got a bit hungry earlier but stripped the bed and put away my mountain of washing, I dont mind Washingt or drying it but how I hate putting it away, but time had come, ran out of undies 🤭
    Am really looking forward to the soup later.
    My husband is eagerly waiting on our copy of the Downton abbey film to be delivered, we do like it.
    Tammy x

    Woke up feeling pleased to be fasting and have had less than 100 cals so far. Cauliflower biryani tonight which will bring me in under the 500. Feeling it’s a bit tough going right now. But we can do this. It’s just a day, tomorrow we can eat normally. I really want to float in my clothes again rather than rocking the overstuffed sausage look. Just back from French but no walk for me today. Thoroughly horrible wet weather today. I am so over January but want to see another pound down before it disappears entirely.

    Happy birthday Dave, enjoy your dinner with a clear conscience.

    DF and Tammy hope you’re both feeling better and hanging on in there. Good that the doc is not in a rush to speak to you Tammy.

    Jean, well done Charlie. A pound for a dally even better. A good use of a pebble!

    HH hope you had a nice family day and still thinking of the baby.

    Mel, you probably described my ideal salad. Sounds delicious. Hope you will see a good change on those scales when you weigh.

    Minols, good luck on the veg curry…..

    Hope everyone’s having a good day and if you’re fasting remember we CAN do this and we will! Just for a day.

    Ps Cakey hoping good news on the woof and that you’re too busy rather than too upset to post.

    Evening everyone,
    Husband is busy cooking our FD meal of chicken and I’m so hungry so thought I’d come on here to keep my mind off food.
    Dave happy birthday 🎂 sounds like you’ve had a busy day enjoy your meal tonight.
    Hedgehogs roadworks are not a problem for us fortunately as we can use local roads to get most places unless we want to Tesco Extra at Bar Hill which has a lot of the A14 roadworks going on around that junction. Feel sorry for drivers not from around here.A good walk today for you and mum. Spoke to daughter earlier and she said that Poppy had a good walk first thing and then spent three hours in the garden.
    Jean well done to Charlie for losing one pound bless him and also improvement in the humping.
    Caspdexy have seen Downton Abbey film really enjoyed it hope you do as well.
    Minols enjoy your curry.
    Will have my weigh in tomorrow – hope I’ve been able to manage a small loss.
    Hope it’s been good day for everyone whether fasting or not.
    Nana x

    Denise loves Downton Abbey but definitely not for me, I could rent it now on virgin but will leave it to Denise. Today is the first day of traffic chaos only another 10 months to go 😱😵.I have to go down the road for bowling and shopping, Spanish lessons too🥺.

    Evening All…
    Walking at the park, just did my two rounds when Oreo arrived another dally, so another two rounds with him, they played very hard running like mad well worth it. Steve was in the car he went dizzy twice so he didn’t walk. He has had to wear a BP machine for a day last week and doctor wants him on BP tablets for a month to see how he goes we collected them tonight.

    So busy not thought of food and chicken now running late..made some chocolate granola buns ready to take away next week…

    Hope your new plan helps at 800 days…hope the curry goes down without too much problem..

    Good your walk went well..I have slower walks with Steve…it must lift her spirits..

    Lots of work done kept you busy….enjoy your soup.

    Hope your floating clothes start coming before the summer…keep strong..

    Lovely hubby cooking for you…does he do all the cooking?….Steve used to do it when we were working if he was in first..he now says I do it quicker 😂..pleased with Charlie another 2 lbs to loose.

    Enjoy your evening out..

    Jean x


    Happy Birthday Dave, hope you’ve had a lovely day.

    Thank you for all your good wishes about woof. Been so worried about him but he seems to be on the mend. He hasn’t been able to keep anything down, not even water and wouldn’t look at food. But just as worrying he was acting completely spaced out. He just kept staring into space or if I managed to coax him outside he would just stop mid step and wouldn’t go forward or back as if he couldn’t remember what he was doing. Anyway at lunchtime today I managed to persuade him to eat a little ham and he seemed to be more alert this afternoon. It’s been so hard to know what to do for the best as didn’t know whether he’d just eaten something he shouldn’t and felt really sick, had some kind of bug or whether it was a blockage. Just making him a little mashed potato now to see if he’ll have that.

    I’m not liking 2020 much so far. With my poor MiL, the house, the woof and now I seem to have found a cold I’ve not been running or to the gym much either.

    Kay I’d like to aim for 4lb in Feb! Ever the optimist.

    Will catch up on posts soon


    Glad you popped by we were all worried..pleased he seems to have turned the corner, nice bit of butter in his mash….
    Jean x

    Cakey that’s the best birthday present that your doggie is improving.I worry all the time about Heidi because I know she probably dosent have long left.

    Cakey so pleased to hear your news that your woof is showing signs of improvement.
    Jean yes am very lucky husband likes to cook – when we were both working full time it was always me that did the cooking but since he retired he’s taken over from me. Shouldn’t complain but if he using anything up he doesn’t tell me so I have to keep an eye on the food cupboards.

    Cakey- hope woof is over the worst & improves now, such a worry…you have had a rotten start to the year, hugs to you.
    Jean- more worry with Steve! Do you know what his bp is? If he’s having dizzy spells & they lower it too much it could make it worse?! It’s a bee in my bonnet, bp tablets! Pretty much finished FIL off!
    Nana- nice hubby cooks, I like cooking but do get a bit fed up doing the same old stuff! Just told my hubby off tonight, he gets very crabby even helping out with simple things, he hates it 😱😂
    Sarah, DF, Tammy- hope you’re all okay?
    Just had a veggie schwarma for dinner, very nice!

    His BP average was 153 over 90…over the day….before he went to doctors he was 170 over 110 at home doing it his self…it’s been high for three months ….with it being a fd I gave him more water to drink in case he was dehydrated…he said he still feels strange but ok!!

    What’s a Schwarma??

    It would be nice if Steve cooked sometimes..he does help with housework but not ironing, goes shopping with me, if I ask him to do things he will help.

    Jean x

    Evening all

    Happy Birthday Dave and enjoy your meal tonight.

    Why is it when you’re fasting every second advert on tv is for food but i will stay strong and maybe have a custard slice or custard creams tomorrow 😝.

    Stay strong all you fasting and remember it’s only for one day and tomorrow we eat normally.

    Watching a programme on Auschwitz that was on channel four last night not easy viewing.

    CW glad woof is feeling a bit better…let’s hope by morning he’s back to normal.

    Curry was much maligned, but went down alright in the end – OH put his determinedly cheerful face on!

    Jean – hope Steve’s BP stabilises…the numbers are something I really don’t understand, but I hope his come just right.

    Just did a funeral visit with a family – sad but fortunately not tragic…but really frustrating. The family seemed to have thought so little about how they wanted their mum remembered, they didn’t switch the tv off, so we had 80s videos playing constantly int eh back ground, they spoke really indistinctly…big sigh. I’m covering for her minister, so really hoping some of the old dears can fill me in a bit better.



    Keep strong tomorrow we can eat…..

    Very hard funerals….how you can do it without getting upset…very stressful …

    Glad the curry when well….

    Jean x

    Had a lovely evening,5 pints of Thwaites best bitter.Steak chips peas mushroom and onion rings.Treacle sponge and custard.Too many calories so it will be a miracle if I don’t gain weight this week.But I will try.

    CW glad woofer a bit better
    Minols I hate it when people keep the TV on when they have a visitor, that’s not a friend,family etc, my hubby does it and I find it so rude, I always make him turn it off.
    Dave hope your enjoying your birthday meal.
    Symba what a worry for you and your hubby, it does seem quite high his BP,sure the tablets will work quickly.
    Nana my hubby used to do all the cooking, but he cant stand long enough to do it any more, so it all falls to me now.
    Well am still hungry, was thinking of more soup but may just have a black coffee see if it helps, my will power is still strong enough that I dont want to ruin things this late in the day, soon be tomorrow and I have lunch out with my mum and stepsister. Maybe try boiled eggs for breakfast.
    Downton abbey film was good, was a bit disappointed how they ended things with granny,but don’t want to post spoilers.
    Tammy x

    Jean, Denise and I are both on Ramapril for blood pressure, we are both great.Never nice to be on pills but a normal thing once you are a certain age, for quiet a few people.

    I’ve found it quite tough today. The first couple of weeks it felt pretty easy really. Today has been anything but. And to add my cauli biryani wasn’t great and just too hot cor me. Obvs I forced it down. Oh for a custard slice. Pleased to be going to bed. Need breakfast now!

    Jean, Gordon has been on amlodopine for quite a few years now. High BP runs in his family. He is quite a few other medications since 2003 when he developed epilepsy after a misdiagnosed encephalitis. He has been ok for some time, touch wood. There was a big thing recently on the news about taking BP meds at night making them more effective and he does this now. Doctors just don’t trouble to tell you about any updated research and simply treat whatever it is in front of them provided they can work it out, which isn’t always the case as both he and I have found. Wondered if taking it at night might help with any impacts for Steve while his body adjusts to it.

    Glad to hear the woofer is possibly on the mend.

    Hope everyone has had an ok day and stayed strong if fasting. Roll on tomorrow eh?!

    Night night x

    We both take Ramapril for blood pressure, on my packet it’s saying take at night, on Denise’s package it says take in the morning.So which is right???.

    Sometimes I think they make it up as they go along…

    Just looked out the window and it’s snowing here so im going back to bed 🤔

    Morning all!
    Dave- a nice birthday meal, it’s only one day, you have to enjoy it & the food!
    Typhoo- snow, lovely if you don’t have to go out! Don’t think we’re supposed to get any.
    Minols- sounds like you had a rough day, not getting to sleep until 2am & then trying to plan the funeral, a difficult job you have! Hope today is better…
    Jean- schwarma is a middle eastern dish, thin slices of meat (or ‘plant based protein’ 😂), in spices like coriander, cumin, cardamom, & smoked paprika, cooked a bit like meat in kebabs. The higher bp reading is a bit high, the average one is pretty good.
    Tammy- well done staying strong! Hope you have a nice lunch out today!
    Sarah- well done keeping strong yesterday, shame about your dinner! Glad your hubby is better now…
    Nana- hope your dinner was good, enjoy your lunch out today!
    Kay, DF- how did you get on yesterday?
    Enjoy eating, those of you who fasted yesterday! I shall do another 800 day today, dog training planned, but also shopping which is hard when fasting 😂 I shall get down the chocolate & bakery aisles as quick as possible!

    Morning all!

    Dave, your birthday meal sounded wonderful! You have to make allowances on your birthday 🙂

    Cakey, so glad to hear woof has turned a corner, hope he improves now. Always such a worry.

    Well, not sure how but I managed to stick with my FD yesterday. I was feeling so ill though, lots of warm drinks helped I think. I was in bed really early, and feeling a bit better this morning, fingers crossed the worst of it is over. Its that time of year!

    Snowing where I live too, although dry when I got to work! Wish I was still tucked up in bed.

    Have a good day everyone x

    The morning after a fast day just feels wonderful! Good wishes to those fasting today. You will feel great tomorrow. Amazing to go from being v hungry last night to not hungry at all this morning.

    No snow down here. Cold but not raining at last.

    Pilates and shopping for me. OH bowling and he’s going to a birthday lunch for a fellow bowler. It’s one of those days requiring a bit of arranging as when I retired we went down to one car. I’m also determined to cast on for my granddaughter’s shrug. I’ve had the gorgeous yarn for ages but been delaying because it’s the first top down garment I’ve attempted.

    HH good luck today. You seem to do so many 800 days. #willofiron

    Have a good day everyone.

    Hope you’re feeling a bit better DF. Well done on sticking to it even when feeling so awful.

    Hi Everyone

    HOpe your breakfast is worth the wait, Sarah – I felt your pain!

    So many good fds yesterday. I had a teeny portion of veg curry with minimal rice and my new favourite friend – poppadoms. I can’t be precise on my count, but I’m happy I was under 1000cals, and may have been at 800.

    I’m still trying for about 800 again today. I’ve had just few nuts so I can take something for a headache, and I’ll keep the fluids up. I have some veg soup for after I pick the boy up, and then I’ve bought freezer fish as a treat for him tonight, and it boldly claims to be 222cals per piece, so I’ll just have the one adn a few veg. If things get bad, I’ll have a little bit of porridge, knowing I’ve got the spare cals. I’ll weight either Friday or Saturday, and hopefully I’ll have lost 2 pebbles this month!

    Jean – the funerals things is sad, but we’re so lucky in this country…most of the services are for people who have had long and full lives, and helping their families understand and express their value and love is just a privilege…I ‘meet’ lots of really amazing people in the stories and voices of their families. The absolute worst are for young people – tragedies…Those are fortunately rare, and we try to support each other if one of us has something liek that to help a family with.

    Right, a day at the computer awaits…better open something up and write!


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