Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • You can have crab when you get there HH.As for the socket,it’s a new one that was out in when we had the kitchen done so I will have to check how to turn off the electric, I think it’s on a separate box. If I can do it I might put a smart socket in myself.Jean if your daughter or sister have an echo(Alexa) you can speak to them using it, I bought my daughter one for Christmas and she tried it out calling us using it.

    That’s where I go Sainsbury’s.

    Evening everyone,
    Just a quick post as we’re going out shortly to have a curry evening with some friends who live near Newmarket so I’ll be coming into your county Hedgehogs 😉
    Pleased to see a loss of two pounds this morning so that’s four pounds this month so far.
    Hope everyone is okay.
    Nana x

    Well done Nana good loss.Waiting for the pie too cook😋😋😋

    It’s my first 48 hour fast without any food and just wanted to see if I could do it now my stomach knows it will be getting food very soon its starting to growl like a rabid dog.

    Not something I would want to do every week but still a good experience for me

    Don’t you have pickled cabbage…thought that was a Manchester thing….sister has a clockwork mobile phone so no Alexa, daughter is in Houston so face time…

    Labs are known for putting weight on, so it’s good to keep an eye on her…still she does a lot of exercise…we shall weigh Charlie on Friday…

    Take care and rest up…glad lunch went well…

    I will give your meal a miss…

    Our pie went well I had a small portion…Steve finished the lot off!!..enough said!

    Jean x

    Posts crossed
    Have a lovely evening with your friends, enjoy your curry..

    Well done on 2lbs off…

    Well done on your long fast enjoy your meal…

    Jean x

    My mother loved pickled cabbage.But not me yuk.My dad had a big allotment and grew almost every vegetable.He used to get me and my mates round when it needed tidying up so he had a big bonfire to burn all the rubbish we collected.I loved sitting in the greenhouse the smell of the tomatoes growing in 100° heat.He made me laugh if he put the fork through a potato when digging them up.

    Nana- well done 2lbs off! Enjoy the curry night, I’ll give you a wave!
    Cath- like the schwarma ‘meat’ too, but tesco have changed the brand I like, will be trying a different one soon.
    Dave- love tomatoes, but never like the smell of them in a greenhouse, I used to help out in a farm kitchen for a Saturday job…
    Jean- well done on a small bit of pie! Sounds like Steve enjoyed it!
    Tammy- hope you feel better soon, sounds a worry. Take it easy tonight…
    Just found out from my Homestart family that the baby’s in hospital, may need an op. Poor things, they’ve had so much to cope with. So no visit this week, did ask if I could help out while mum goes to visit but it’s up in the air at the moment as he may have to go to another hospital.
    Dinner eaten, think I might have gone a little over, did pick a bit when I was cooking 😂

    Hi everyone
    Away helping at a conference for a couple of days. Staying at the old country house hotel. It’s so beautiful here but this time I only know that from memory… It’s been busy. No chance of fasting but I’ve been trying to keep to small-is portions! No chance with the breakfast this morning, though!

    HH – your poor HS family… Hope the wee one is alright.

    Really need to try and go back to sleep – no TV here so it’s not like I can just get up and watch the news!


    Hope you managed to hit the snooze button Minols!
    Early start for me but looking forward to foods today! Packed lunch and meal out with my dear friend to look forward to yay
    Hope you all have a fabulous day x

    Morning all, hope everyone’s okay. Really not in the mood for work today, feel its going to be a long day, but at least its an eating day. I’ll keep it sensible. Had a lovely healthy tea last night, plaice with peas/carrots and a few potatoes. I’m finding I get full a lot quicker now since doing 5:2 again, so all good.

    Not sure if anyone’s fasting today, but good luck if you are .. its 1 day, no problem 🙂 Tomorrow is my day.

    Now to get motivated, I’m really not feeling it at all at the moment. Hopefully coffee will wake me up.

    Have a great day guys x

    Morning all!
    Minols- hope the conference goes well & the food’s not too appetizing! Maybe hubby will fix the tap while you’re away?!
    DF- hope your day is better than you think! And goes quickly!
    Cath- have a nice meal out with your friend!
    Tammy- hope you’re feeling better & AF settles down…
    Hope everyone else has a good day!
    I am hoping to do another 800cals day, but we might go out somewhere with Xena, & there might be a cafe, my will power is not very good today! Son has brought home some choc chip brioche hot cross buns, they are calling…about 200 cals so might have one later for lunch!
    Anyone else with me today?

    Morning All..

    A lovely day here…..it’s Charlie’s Birthday and we will call at the Park cafe for a sausage!…he’s 4.

    Photos posted…you look amazing….I forgot to say how much Xena has grown she is beautiful…hope the little one is ok and they shout if they need your help. Enjoy your cafe day…my weight is up😬 hope it pulls back.

    Enjoy the conference and don’t work too hard…enjoy the food.

    We don’t eat pickled cabbage…

    Crisp ..
    Enjoy your meal out…

    Hope your day improves and it’s not too long..

    Have a good day all….

    Jean x

    Good morning everyone,it’s raining here,that very fine mist so hopefully the bowling will still take place. Not decided yet if it’s going to be a FD or a low day. Nothing to eat so far.

    Good morning all

    It’s quite a nice morning here so far dry but chilly though prefer that to it pouring with rain its perfect weather for a nice walk.

    Not a FD for me so had a good bowl of porridge which hardly touched the sides.

    Good luck to everyone who may be fasting today and stay strong

    Happy birthday Charlie 🎉🎂, hope he enjoys his sausages! Have a good time out! Thanks for putting the photos on for me!
    Dave- hope you get to do the bowling, & do well!
    Typhoo- hope you get a good walk in!
    Persuaded hubby to go a bit further with Xena, to the Orwell river, there’s a nice wood walk, & we got Xena into the water as it was very calm! She had a great time chasing sticks & running about- wasn’t great in the car going but good on the way home. And no cafes there so that was good for me, am sticking to my FD!

    Lovely here ….hope the bowling takes place…

    Are you off out for a walk, is it a thing you do?….I have been having porridge too, possibly not how you have it….sugar and jam 😂

    Oh dear she likes swimming, I try and avoid that as we are near our river with good tides, he goes ankle deep just sometimes 😂..freaks out with a bowl of water….Xena looks very good, grown a bit now…
    He got his sausage but the cafe was busy and a shambles this morning, orders got mixed up…all staff are under training before taking up other jobs..it’s how it is..we don’t mind…might just have soup tonight.

    Soon off to blood clinic 🤞for lower results…they went so high after his operation…

    Jean x

    Been bowling, the women didn’t want to play me because I bowl it to far, I didn’t bowl far when I played them but they still said I did I won one lost one and drew the other. It’s just practice for when the season starts. Not had anything to eat so it could be a FD.Who is holding the baton today?

    Oh bum was just halfway through a long post and it’s vanished. It may appear but will check in later, need to go to get hair done now. Stay strong fasters, me included!

    Was still feeling a bit off this morning, but since coming to work my “dicky ticky” has returned to normal do feeling much better, although I am wondering if my taking a water pill and fasting may be too much, as in I’ve piddled all my excess water out, and I no longer need it, Its not essential that take it, so will see, what happens.
    FD today and weigh in tomorrow, eeeck fingers crossed, it’s been nearly 3 weeks I think.
    Absolutely beautiful day here, sun is shining.
    Minols hotel sounds lovely
    Jean enjoy your walk
    Dave glad you got to bowl
    Crisp enjoy your meal out.
    Typh00 enjoy your food today.
    DF, hope your day goes ok
    Sarah hope your post turns up, its annoying when that happens.
    HH enjoy the walk.
    Hope that’s everyone sorry if it’s not, see on my next break.
    Tammy x

    I have been out for a nice walk so that’s my exercise done for today and it stayed dry which was a bonus.


    Ive been enjoying every mouthful of food today everything seems to taste so much better after the fast.


    I do sometimes have strawberry jam in my porridge so glad its not just me and i always think it’s a bit healthier than sugar. At the moment I’m having a squeeze of lemon juice and sugar.

    Steve do you ever put salt in it? Porridge that is. Still not had any food so doing ok. A man just walked down our street and he is about 3 foot tall, Denise said she likes him because it makes her feel like a giant 😁. There is bowling on telly from Norfolk.

    Yesterday I finished on 775 cals.
    Today is Day 2 and Ive had 167 cals so far and a homemade soup for tea so should be under 800 cals again.
    Last one tomorrow!

    Well done Kay.

    Afternoon All…
    Still a lovely day just getting a chill in the air…

    Good news on bloods, they have gone down by a third, back to two years ago when we first went to the specialist …

    Good bowling ready for the new season…

    It’s so annoying I think we have all gone through loosing posts!

    Glad you have improved and feel better…

    Unfortunately I have both sugar and jam…when we were on holiday in India they put cut up banana at the bottom with porridge on top, Steve enjoyed it..a bit different…well done on your walk..

    You are doing really well…you should see a good weight loss…I am up again, I might have soup tonight to pull back, fasting tomorrow….

    Jean x

    Jean- great news on Steve’s bloods! I think you should be celebrating that, not having soup!
    Kay- well done, & keep strong!
    Dave- there was a time when all the ladies at bowling liked you 😂😂 Is it going to be a FD?
    Typhoo- we used to have butter & sugar on porridge when we were kids! Good you got your exercise in!
    Tammy- glad you’re feeling better, maybe salt/ potassium levels getting out of kilter taking the water tablets & fasting?
    Sarah- frustrating about the post…hope you’re pleased with the hair!
    DF- how’s work going?
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Just got back from taking Xena to the park, felt really shaky, maybe blood sugar levels, needed a snack so hopefully will feel normal soon so I can get on with the cooking!


    That’s the proper Scottish method of making porridge with a pinch of salt and water with a generous amount of milk on top after being served in a dish but I always have half milk and half water.

    One good thing about porridge is it gives you plenty of energy for a walk and was too good a day not too as it stayed dry.

    It’s misty and merkey here,can just about see the top of the church steeples.Absolutely starving now so definitely a fast day, I will hang on until at least 5pm.Good pictures HH on Facebook, I don’t think you or Jean need to lose weight. I still have a long way to go ☹️.But slowly getting there. The women still like me, they just don’t want to play me 😁.

    Steve my father in law used to do it like that, his dad was from Glasgow.I must try it,always had just milk, and no salt.

    Hi all
    Home safe.
    Jean – good news about bloods… That’s brilliant.

    Porridge… Cook it with a tiny bit of salt, half milk half water. Top it with demerara and wait to see my OH’s face of horror!

    Made curry for tonight – I’ll have a little. And then hopefully fast again tomorrow.

    Happy birthday to Charlie.


    Just got back from our walk getting dark about 4.45 here…noticing now..it helps with a later walk.

    Decided on veg soup for me…..Steve bacon butty….Charlie’s already eaten chicken, veg and kibble.

    Sounds like an unbalance…maybe lacking in water, me who says who never drinks enough 😂..pleased with his bloods, still lots going on with him.

    I always do half water and milk..it does fill you.

    I am about there 2 lbs more off for wriggle room, I was there before Christmas …it’s hard keeping it stable…

    Glad to have you back home..enjoy your curry….

    Jean x

    So many posts now, I have lost track a bit so forgive my lack of joining in.
    Just got home from Kent, a lot of food and drink taken, but I searched for ‘last year’s woman who can’.
    Think I might have found her and dragged her kicking and screaming into the car. (I know I do talk a lot of rubbish!). So tomorrow we pick our socks up and put our big girl pants on and just Get On With It. Got to brave the scales tomorrow first thing and see where I stand. While on the red wine last night I seem to have joined my friend on the 30 day plank challenge. It’s an app you get from the App Store. Apparently I have to start tomorrow!
    Just wanted to say to Jean, first brilliant on the blood test. Second we went to a lovely country park near our friends which has a lot of dogs. Met a gorgeous Dalmatian and made a lot of fuss of him. Apparently there is a dally rally there in a couple of weeks time and they expect a really big turnout. Would so love to see that! Shame it’s a bit far for you to go.
    Will start posting regularly now and keep up with events.
    Love to all – I feel I am back!

    Think it’s going to be golden vegetable rice and Linda McCartney fishless fish cakes for my tea and then the fasting begins again but just the usual fast not an extended one.

    While I was out i popped into tesco and bought some golden syrup so may treat myself to that on the porridge Friday morning.

    Sounds as if you have had a really lovely time…breathe in when you jump on the scales tomorrow 🤞

    We have a National Dally Rally on the 22nd February, it is supposed to be on the same day for everyone, collecting funds for rehoming of dally’s, sometimes helping with vets bills. We were the largest last year in Yorkshire 120 dally’s eek goodness hope we don’t loose Charlie. ( we didn’t have him last year)

    Good luck for tomorrow..

    Fishless fishcakes ?? What’s in them 😂…like the idea of golden syrup yummy…

    Jean x

    Great results for Steve.I had egg and bacon, didn’t touch the sides. Not sure if I will do another FD tomorrow, maybe. Will go bowling again tomorrow, need the practice. Unless I ache to much.

    Evening all

    Fasting today and going strong though OH out at bowling match tonight and being home alone with an unlocked kitchen seems slightly risky. Still I will be strong I hope. Pleased with hair. I was a bit cross with hairdresser as too dark last time. I can muck it up myself for free.

    Jean very impressed you do your hair yourself. I am so cack handed and don’t dare but I do use one of those root kits to prolong the life of the colour. Jean such brilliant news re Steve’s bloods! 🤙🤙🤙That must be a relief. Long may it continue. Gretel doesn’t like water either, just a tiny paddle, but Frodo the granddog lab loves it obs and hilariously tries to get her in sometimes.

    Nana very well done on 2lb loss and 4lbs over the month. Great stuff!

    Mel, you go girl! And HH hope you avoided the brioche or counted it in and savoured it if not. As they say, ‘nothing tastes as good as being slim feels!’.

    Tammy, your lunch yesterday sounded good. Love a prawn cocktail. I wondered if a bit of salt is needed when you are fasting. I was reading in the Jason Fung that can cause problems esp if you go from quite high salt to low salt through fasting. I’m quite high salt because I have low BP and they recommend water and salt.

    Steve, I love porridge but only with maple or golden syrup. Partial to cream on it too. Best to stay away for me. My OH has half milk, half water and salt only.

    Kay, HH and anyone else fasting keep going. B2B very impressive.👐

    Dave my OH is in an indoor men’s league. I think for outdoor quite a few women find it hard to get up there when the ground is heavy. I have no problem getting it far enough, it’s proximity to jack that’s the issue. 😥

    Minols, hope conference is ok and you enjoyed that breakfast.

    Cakey, DF, Crisp and everyone I’ve forgotten hope your day is going well

    Still not done any batch cooking for FD meals so having jacket potato of 200grams plus some low cal cheese in it. The first potato I weighed was 400 grams and even that wasn’t massive. 😫

    Onwards and downwards guys x

    Ps Crisp, hope you enjoyed your meal out and your day off.

    I have never tried indoor bowls, I didn’t know there was one near me but there is. Not going to buy more bowls though. I struggled to reach today when I played a man called Mark,he was almost going corner to corner, I was losing 7-0 but managed to get the length about two inches from the jack and bowled short for the last two ends which I won but still lost 7-4.its just a round robin with today 4 men and 4 women.We just bowl 7 ends.The proper season starts in April.

    Dave you sound as if you’re doing really well. I enjoy it even though not very good. I’m not really sporty or well coordinated. You don’t need different bowls to play indoors. My OH does and some people prefer a heavier weight indoor but plenty of people play indoor/outdoor with the same bowls. Down here we wouldn’t be allowed on the outdoor green but keen bowlers play indoor in winter.

    They have four woods though on indoor, only two for outdoors.My woods are heavy 2lb 14 oz.I have some lighter ones too 2lb 8oz.Today the grass was very wet and it’s quiet long so it’s very heavy.The main green we usually play on is being repaired,it was like me bowling on the moon last season lots of grass missing.

    Full up on soup! Kitchen closed until tomorrow!

    Jean, great news on Steves blood tests.

    Mel, welcome back that woman! Dive back in.

    Steve, Ive not tried those fishcakes, are they soya or tofu or something else?

    Minols, hope you enjoyed your small portion of curry.

    Tammy, glad you are feeling better.

    Anabelle, are you any better?

    HH, hope a snack helped and you still managed to keep to your 800.

    Dave, glad you managed to bowl today even if you did bowl long for the ladies!

    Cath, DF and Sarah, hope your days have been ok.

    Caroline, are you still with us?

    Nothing planned for me tomorrow, just some pottering around here at home and staying away from the kitchen for most of the day!


    Typhoo- golden syrup, that’s yuk!
    Sarah- I did have the bun, counted it in my cals for today 👍 I did enjoy it! Sometimes don’t get very adventurous on FDs either, don’t want to think about food too much so just have the same things! Although I did make some chillis & a thai veg curry when I first did 5:2 for the freezer.
    Jean- not much of a celebration! The dally rally should be great, have to put a bright coat on Charlie or something to ‘spot’ him!
    Dave- sounds like you’re doing really well with the bowling, & fasting, how many are you doing a week?
    Mel- sounds like you’re back!! Hope you can get back into it okay tomorrow! 30 day plank challenge should be good- I’ve done a 30day squats one.
    Been murky here all day. Xena has been tired & grumpy tonight- snappy with one of the boys, I think we need to call that very nice Graeme Hall in!

    Hello fellow fasters, hope you all have had a great day x
    I had steak pie n chips and veggies but left most of the pastry and chips. Enjoyed it muchly
    Not a day off today sarah!! Was in at 7.30 and been a mare of a day but slide to weekend!
    Fast day tomorrow and might weigh friday maybe
    I hate planking but my friend is trying to persuade me to do some 7 min exercise challenges. I cant do impact due to bad knees x
    Hope you fasters are feeling strong and non fasters enjoyjng the freedom!!! Xx

    HH and he does have such lovely shoes…

    Dave, that’s different for us. We have 4 bowls for each

    Cath meant a day of fasting not work, though I’m sure you would have appreciated both!!

    Hope anyone fasting still ok. I’m done and feeling ok. The thought of weighing tomorrow adding an edge

    Nightie night everyone x

    Kay I didn’t play the women today and the one who beat me was really bowling long,I struggled to reach.would be ok on a summer green but not on a wet winter green.I watched a bit of your bowls on BBC today,If I used my woods they would never come close to the jack.so much difference on a crown green.

    Hope you are being good with a kitchen to yourself tonight..we are trying to eat some things out the freezer then to batch cook again to gain space..pleased on the bloods, one thing after another…Good luck for weigh in🤞

    Fasting with you tomorrow …have a good day at home.

    Definitely something bright for Charlie at the rally but not sure what yet…hope Xena has calmed down tonight…Charlie’s on a mad flurry tipple tailing over Steve..he’s crackers!!

    Steve loves pasties, he would of been round and joined you….some tough exercise ahead maybe change your friend 😂only joking….

    Night night…

    Jean x

    I need to start exercising i think even if it’s just a half hour or so walk just to help with the slimming down.


    The fish cakes are soya and have a very nice lemon after taste to them Linda McCartney makes exceedingly good fish cakes ok I’ll get my coat 😃😉.

    Morning all!
    Hubby woke up having a choking fit an hour ago, & neither of us can get back to sleep! So an early start, although nothing planned for today so a nap later I think! Thankfully not a FD for me today.
    Sarah- never noticed his shoes 😉

    HH what can have distracted you from his shoes…

    Steve my children used to take Linda McCartney pasties in their lunch boxes many moons ago. Very nice too.

    1.4lbs off. Pleased with that especially after last weekend.

    Looking forward to a piece of wholemeal and rye with peanut butter this morning.

    It’s first day of the 2 year old today. No doubt she’ll be singing waffle doddy today. She can’t do her ‘g’ very well yet so it’s dod or pid or frod.

    I’m handing on the baton now. Go well fasting buddies x

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