Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Im on a liquid fast as usual today as once I start eating i know I wouldn’t be able to keep to my calorie allowance.

    The weather has changed here been a wet and windy afternoon so glad I went out this morning when I did.

    Im another in the two stone to lose club and when I do it will be the first time since I was a teenager that I’ll weigh under 13 stone. Looking to be around twelve and a half stone to have a healthy BMI.

    Annabelle- if you find it hard getting going, come on here, there’s usually someone about who can talk you round! Maybe try a low day instead of FD to get into it? We all struggle sometimes!

    I am around most times.I get a warning on my watch when someone posts. I am trying to watch Dracula too keep getting stuck on the first part. I have watched all the old Dracula films and Frankenstein and werewolf films👹👹👹.

    Thanks hedgehogs. I haven’t posted as I felt too negative.
    I will try to post more regularly.
    I have just done 1000 steps around the house, must help a bit.
    Anyhow thanks for the encouragement.
    Planning low day tomorrow.

    Well done everyone else.


    We have the green light from sharpei rescue uk, so hopefully you will be adding my name to the list of dog owners again!
    There is one we like but she is all the way over in Norfolk….somewhere!
    Keep you posted!

    Welcome Cath, keep on posting ☺

    Glad you are back posting Annabelle, if you have been reading over our recent posts, you will notice most of us are the same 😂

    We are only just starting to get back into it, so good time to come back into the fold!

    Well done so far todays fasters:

    Typh00, Minols, Sarah, nana, DF and Tammy…..is that right?

    Who takes over tomorrow on fasting??

    Pebbles in the jar were for my beach! A pound lost was a pebble in the jar, trying to fill it up. If anyone gains a pound, a pebble gets taken out…
    Cant remember if we declared at the beginning of the month if we stated how many pounds over the month we were hoping for, so we could work out how big our shared jar of pebbles is going to be (hopefully). It helps people try not gain any pounds, as it affects the collective jar!
    I will try and search back over the forum…
    Maybe we should use February for it….Focused February…give people time to think about achievable aims for 4 weeks.
    In the mean, Im going to try and track our progress for the next couple of weeks. I think it makes us feel a bit more accountable if we see it in black and white 😈
    But if people want to opt out, thats fine too.

    So far….
    Kay 1
    Symba Steve 1
    Typh00 Steve 1
    Hedgehogs 1
    Dave 3

    Several of us weigh in on Fridays but I know others weigh in on different days, so if I miss anything, SHOUT!!

    Im working tomorrow, doing a few hours cleaning up new Bovis homes but I dont what level they are at…lol…they go through several layers of cleaning 😂

    Kay x

    P.s. if you accidently press back before posting, try going forward again..works for me 😉

    Just finished Dracula last night. Don’t normally like modernised adaptatiosn… But loved this especially the van Helsong character – she made it for me.
    I actually don’t like horror but fread this 30 years ago when I was reading a lot of ‘classic’ literature and loved it.

    All done for food and work. Had a few sweets but not many and found a new means of portion control… Drop your fish on the floor between dish and plenty. Managed to rescue half of it – dog got the rest!


    Minols- poor you & your dinner! Dogs can be helpful with portion control…
    Kay- I’m doing the fast800 at the moment, so doing 800 cal days Sun- Thurs this week I hope…hubby has requested a takeaway Fri night! Good news with the shar-pei rescue! If you come to Norfolk give us a wave, you’ll be coming past!

    I may try and watch some more Dracula tonight when Denise had gone to bed.

    Jean and Dave, are you using your smaller plates you bought?

    Minols, your portion control is a little different 😂

    Bon Soir (still in French mode- not too much longer I promise)

    Done with eating and well under. Yippee. Tammy your mushroom soup sounds much nicer than mine just out of a carton. Def no tarragon or cream but cal counted for me. Those ryvita are very dry (tres seche).

    Welcome Cath, stick with us. And hello Annabelle, nice to meet you. We are all much stronger than we think. I’m imagining being able to get into stuff…

    Dave and Typhoo, hardcore. Well done and to everyone else fasting today. It looks like a good day overall.

    Good memory Jean. Lots of dogs. HH what is Xena? And Kay fingers crossed for your sharpei. Sometimes you just love a breed. Hope it works out soon for you.

    Dave, I don’t have duolingo but husband has had a go with it but apparently it blocks you off if you’re not very good. I did Rosetta Stone for a while but sooo expensive and too much guesswork. It just wasn’t going in. Now we both use the Michel Thomas method CDs which we totally love and I go to a proper adult ed class on Mondays. I think I’m getting better.

    I can’t believe how easy today has been. I think being on here has psyched me up for it and I have to prove I can still do it. I am expecting the next one on Wednesday to be much harder.

    Who’s fasting tomoz? Sorry if you’ve already said and I’ve forgotten.

    Peppermint tea and to the safety of bed next. Away from kitchen! X

    Kay good idea re Feb. We did take one out if a pound went on and we did share our aim at the start. I do remember it being very helpful and we lost a toddler or two between us…

    Sounds good Kay for February 👍👍👍

    Think I’m going to hit the oxo cubes, that will keep me going till bed.

    I still have the 3rd episode of Dracula to watch, but it’s not calling me, I also dont do horrors, or blood and guts, it’s not that that’s putting me off,I’m just not sure about it lol.

    Kay well done with the sharpie rescue, fingerscrossed you get your dog.
    Minols what a shame about your tea, happy dog though.
    Sarah, Dave, Steve, jean, HH, Annabelle, nana, well done on a good day.
    Like the February idea, although I have a secret 3 nights away to Edinburgh booked for me and my daughter, there will be much damage done.!!!
    Speak tomorrow
    Tammy x

    It’s my birthday 2 weeks today so hopeful it won’t do to much damage. Why do we always feel hungry after a meal on fast days😱

    Morning all!
    Sarah- Xena is a lab, but not a typical one! She’s little, very highly strung & prone to going off her food with changes in routine! But lovely most of the time 😂. Curled up with me on the sofa now… Glad your FD went well!
    Dave- it is weird how a bit of food can make the hunger worse!
    Jean- what days will you be fasting? Are you still having trouble with the neighbours?
    Cath- are you fasting today?
    Kay- hope the cleaning isn’t too hard!
    Typhoo- well done with the liquid fast!
    Lots of us to mention & page has turned to keep track of everyone!
    Fasting 800 cals again today, woke with a gnawing tummy, not a good start! Will go to dog training unless we get the bad wind & rain- it’s in a nissan hut & gets very noisy in the wind!
    Keep strong everyone!

    Morning all, lovely reading all the posts. Got through my FD okay yesterday, it was easier than last week mainly because work was so busy! Controlled day today.

    I’m up for the pebbles thing in February for sure. I weighed yesterday after a good week last week. I have quite a few lbs to get off, so anything that will keep me focused is a win for me! I’ll probably start weighing Fridays from now on, after my 2 fast days. Its quite depressing how the weight creeps on so easily.

    Have a good day and stay strong anyone fasting. Its one day x


    Beatiful calm before the next storm outside so off to walk the dog.

    Nfd for me but hoping to just eat morning and evening – although I whizzed up some peas and spinanach soup last night (very green experiment) so I can have that if I’m feeling desperate/brave!


    Morning all

    That’s the fast completed and breakfast eaten but i don’t think the porridge touched the sides it went down that quickly.


    Stay strong on your FD i hate when your stomach starts complaining as soon as you wake up try a nice coffee that is supposed to be a good way to stop the rumbling tum.

    No pebbles to put in a jar for every pound loss so was thinking about using pound coins instead and maybe having a little treat at the end of my weight loss

    Morning all.
    My you have been busy and up with the lark this morning.

    Love the idea of Focused February and also being accountable. Fast day today so hope to be able to say please add 1lb lost tomorrow. Accountability for me means writing food consumed down. Was about to mindlessly add a slice of toast to my breakfast but read you post in time and it stopped me so thank you.

    Brads I wondered how you always seemed to be on the ball, the watch has supplied the answer.

    Typhoo. Like the idea of the £1 coin. Think I will do that instead of pebbles.
    Must do my food diary now and then walk to town to get the paper.

    Keep strong everyone and thanks for your support.


    Morning All…
    A dry bright morning no wind either…

    Having a lazy day nothing planned unless the hoover jumps out of the cupboard…walking soon to the park..

    How exciting to have the green light for the Shar-pei …have a good day at the new homes…I bought my smaller plate last year I do think it helps even mind over matter, plate looks full…mine was from Asda Home £2 just white, best I could find…I will ask Steve if he wants to join February pebbles…no point for me it won’t help but hinder, just playing about with a pound or two.

    We have one like that you have to be so quick…good at helping your portion control..

    Glad the fast day went well..good luck for Wednesday..

    Tammy ..
    We have a two night away in Feb too….

    Our next fd will be Thursday…still trouble, over Christmas with lights this time, they were threatening us, then they brought the police to us Steve had a hammer in his hand doing a job, absolutely ridiculous nothing happened, just neighbours from hell..police told us to go back to solicitor.

    Well done on your liquid only I don’t know how you do it…£1 coin is a good idea then you can treat yourself…

    Anna belle..
    Well done keeping away from the toast…

    Have a good day everyone..lots of people to go through keep strong all…

    Jean x

    Have emptied a coffee jar this morning so that’s my first of many £1 coins collected.

    Hi All, and morning!!

    Hey Hedgehog , yes I’m fasting today – already eyeing the biccies up in the kitchen at work! but I will be strong – water bottle filled and busy day ahead x

    Good luck all you fasters and enjoy your day!

    Xena walked before we get the rain…Typhoo, I love the idea of the £1 in a jar, might do that.
    Jean- that’s awful with the neighbours, hope the solicitor can get somewhere with them…
    Cath, Annabelle, stay strong!

    Good morning everyone, internet is down and TV😮😮. Virgin did say it would be dodgy today,they wrote to us before Christmas saying they would be doing work. Spanish lessons soon without the teacher’s.Hope all the fasters have a good day, I will try and stay low today, not had anything yet.

    I’d forgotten just how brilliant the morning after a successful fast feels! Nfd today but going to keep it lowish. When I did this before it took me a long time to realise that you have to manage yourself on nfd too.

    Stay strong Cath and Anabelle. One day at a time and you will feel great tomoz.

    Jean your neighbours sound horrendous. Horrible!

    Morning all, so many posts I can’t keep track. Wanted to say to Annabelle, your post really resonated with me. I am not feeling strong at all, in fact feeling very negative all round and very low. I think you are doing great, not giving up, still posting. I have done one FD800 this month but not going too mad on food so staying steady. Going to be kind to myself and not fast until I really feel up to it which I think is better for me than starting and failing. Your post this morning sounded much more positive, you go girl!
    Sarah you were wrong 😂 Jodie is a pale apricot!
    Jean I cannot believe your neighbours, why are people like this.
    Kay, great news about the shar pei rescue. Hopefully it won’t be long and then the fun will start!
    Lastly I have recorded Dracula but Paul doesn’t want to watch it so I will have to watch during the day sometime. Not sure about a female Van Helsing though Minols?
    Anyway all you strong people, have a good fast day. I will join you soon I am sure.

    Morning just a quick hi
    Am away to meet friends for a birthday lunch (not mine).

    Beautiful day here, and the fence stayed up.
    Cath I find if I’m really craving food, I drink an oxo cube, it’s very savory and I like it, it just hits the spot for me.
    Right must dash, will post proper later.
    Tammy x

    Lovely to see the losses grow…in money 😀

    Keep strong and away from the biccies….

    It’s like throwing the money down the drain…..just back from our walk and rain has started.

    Enjoy your Spanish lessons…

    Well done a lovely feeling…

    You have had a unwell month..as soon as you feel fit you can start again..

    Tammy ..
    Enjoy your lunch out…

    Charlie has to declare a very bad Christmas feeling and he maybe joining your jar…3 lbs on..he doesn’t know it yet but disappointing time is brewing…..😱
    I am just adding his calories up and trying to work it out..

    Jean x

    It’s cold but dry here perfect weather for a nice walk but i think it’s going to rain soon so not going to risk it.

    I do have good ideas every ten years or so but don’t tell everyone 😝😆.

    Have been to Tesco and they have a new vegetarian and is suitable for vegans range called plant chef so my freezer is quite full now

    Typhoo- interesting to see what you think of the veggies meals- I had a shredded mushroom one but wasn’t sure…really liked the Gosh sweetcorn & quinoa bites. Trouble is they get these different ranges in & then when you’re hooked on something they stop the range!
    Mel- you did so well up to Christmas & didn’t put weight on like some of us did (me!!), so don’t worry, you’ll get back to it!
    Jean- poor Charlie, I’m sure he’ll burn it off once you go away in the caravan, don’t put him on a diet, he’ll be sad!
    Tammy- have a nice lunch!
    Dave- enjoy the Spanish- no being naughty while the teacher’s away 😂
    Annabelle, Cath- how’re you doing?
    Not too hungry today, had a weird breakfast of youghurt & ryvita! Hopefully salad tonight…


    I would normally buy quorn products but as these new ones were there thought i should give them a try. Hopefully with the vegan and plant based movement being so big at the moment the range will only grow and not be cancelled.

    Glad I didn’t go out as predicted its now raining maybe i should get a job at the met office

    Spanish lessons started before we got there, but only just. I suggested we learn the days of the week, they said we haven’t done that so I said we can get in front by learning them. They said they don’t know how to pronounce them so I got my phone or and played it on the phone. We started learning them.I said this is your homework for next week as the teachers will still be away. Had a sandwich and feel very full now Not used to eating before 6pm🥴.

    It’s very windy and rainy out there….

    I’ve eaten well today but not OTT, tuna pitta for lunch plus apple and banana and a roast Cauliflower, cumin, chick pea and chorizo thing with fresh pineapple for tonight.

    I’m quite sure it’s in my head but I do feel a bit thinner already. Pilates today and it seemed to feel easier. Oh I’m sure it is all in my imagination but I do feel more in control. If only I can get through tomorrow, I’ll start feeling an old hand again. I need to be on it all week because I have a food-challenging Friday/Sat coming up. Feeling so happy to be part of the forum again!

    Mel, I couldn’t have been more wrong! Pale apricot, how very glamorous. Almost certain I’ve not seen a Standard in that colour. She sounds very beautiful.

    Dave, you sound like you ARE the Spanish teacher.

    Hope you’re going well Cath and Anabelle, but don’t worry if you’re not. We’ve all been there and it’s not over til the THIN lady sings.

    Stay safe in this awful weather everyone x

    hey hedge hogs, Im doing okay so far the table leg is still in tact, nearly finished at work so home for tea and I cannot wait!! yay,

    friend coming tonight but have told her no snacks or alcohol!

    already planning my foods for tomorrow, I try do 16/8 during week on non fast days but swimming in the morning so will be starving by time hit work at 9!

    hope all you lovely people are dong okay!

    HH thanks for telling me about Xena. I hadn’t had much to do with labs until the granddog but he has such a super personality and is sooo good despite very little training. A little black lab sounds so sweet. I’m always drawn to black animals.

    I think today is a FAT day,had over 800 without my evening meal.Its good to have one day where I can let loose on food.I will still be way under my TDEE.I watched the first part of Dracula,then started the second the second part but when it got to a naked Dracula standing in front of a group of nuns,then chopping one of the nuns heads off leaving her stood up with blood pumping out of her body I deleted it all,bring back Christopher Lee.

    Sarah, Jodie is in desperate need of a bath and groom. Paul says she stinks like a polecat. Not very glamorous at all, although not sure when P last sniffed a polecat.
    Hmm, Dave, not sure about Dracula. I thought it was going to be more like the book, don’t remember any decapitated nuns in that.
    Not too bad a food day, roast beef tonight. No Yorkshires though ☹️

    Evening all
    Had a lovely lunch of French onion soup, with crouton on top not an inch thick melted cheese layer, thankfully and quiche and salad, so not too bad, left over curry tonight, but there might be a baked egg custard tart for after.
    Rainy here now, changed a couple of hrs ago.
    Glad your all having good days, I will be fasting tomorrow, I’ve been trying to stick to ADF, while I’m in the zone.

    Cat has the vet tomorrow for micro-chipping and a once over, fingerscrossed he doesn’t say she is already pregnant, I’m sure she isn’t, we got her at 8 weeks and she got into the habit of sucking my earlobe, think she substituted me for her mum, 6 months down the line and she is still at it, never lasts long, she gets annoyed if I try to stop her lol.

    Work tomorrow 2-8, it’s never long in coming round, but the weeks are flying in, be the end of January before we know it.
    Tammy x

    I have cut charlie back by 180 cal 50 gr on his kibble..I think he knows 😬…I don’t want him sad, still little treats.

    How long have you been a veggie..

    Well done at leading the Spanish class, the teacher will be surprised.

    You are very positive and thinner..well done..

    Charlie plays with a standard poodle, she jumps about like a lamb more scatty than Charlie, she gets so dirty, Coco is a browny colour. She is lovely and friendly.

    Well done on your day…keep strong tonight….

    All your food sounds lovely…good luck at the vets…babies would be exciting though….

    Jean x

    Evening everyone,
    Am interested in the pound in the jar is it starting in February ?
    Scales showed no loss this week but I’m not letting it get me down as I did lose 2 pounds last week. Next FD will be Sunday.
    Jean was only thinking the other day how the situation was with your neighbours – they sound a real nightmare. Bet Charlie loses his Christmas weight fast.
    Sarah my granddog Poppy is a black Labrador puppy aged eight months and already weighs 30 kgs – she’s going to be a big girl.
    Dave well done on guiding the Spanish class. Have you got your holiday sorted out yet ? Think I’ll give Dracula a miss after reading your description.
    Tammy hope there’s no sign of Kittens.
    Kay hope dog adoption goes ahead.
    Hope everyone has had a good day whether fasting or not.
    Enjoy the evening.
    Nana x

    Just had cottage pie, very full now.Told Denise to make smaller pies,still cow pie size🤪. Heidi is like a sun dial, every time I look at her she has moved.She is facing me now but will move round soon.

    We have so many lovely different dogs…shame we couldn’t get them all together 😀
    Maintaining is still good, just slowly off to stay off…you had a big loss last week..
    I am not into Dracula too scary..

    Jean x

    Don’t think I have ever seen a movie I was scared of.Most scary ones make me laugh.

    Tammy- ADF is a really good idea if you’re in the zone! Are you doing 800cals or 500? Mel did really well with ADF & so did I 2 years ago, been trying to maintain since (failing at the moment 😂) Hope you’re cat isn’t pregnant! Lunch sounded nice, you can keep the egg tart for pud, yuk!
    Sarah- Xena is a dark golden, would’ve liked a black one this time as our last one was golden, but hubby decided…I was so pleased he agreed to have another dog I wasn’t going to argue! Glad you’re feeling slimmer!
    Jean- funny that Charlie’s so fussy but still a hungry boy!
    Dave- well done, teacher! Sounds like you did a good job!
    Mel- hope that you get Jodie groomed soon! There’s a lady comes with an apricot poodle to dog trainibg- she bred him but never trained him, & he doesn’t look like any poodle I’ve ever seen 😂
    Typhoo- had the quinoa & sweetcorn bites tonight, very good!
    Cath- well done & have a good night, keep strong!
    Xena is going round & round the kitchen after her dinner looking for any bits of food, I know how she feels 😂
    Don’t know how I could forget, but we had a miracle today- Xena was quiet in the car to & from the walk, & both ways for dog training! It’s probably a fluke, but was lovely for a change! Have also ordered her an adaptil collar to try, watch this space…

    Don’t put Heidi in the car,we walk so not sure how she would be, my last dog didn’t like being in the car.

    Ran out of rice for my curry, so nipped to the shop for a microwave bag, was checking the calories when I made a discovery!, am I the only one that thought a bag was 1 portion?, I’d be as well wiring my teeth together!!!!

    Jean, Ment to say, I had nightmare neighbours, for 1 1/2yrs, they were a notorious family, whom my neighbours daughter was friends to, so she rented her mum house to them, they proceeded to trash the place, I messaged the daughter one night not long after they moved in, with an official complaint and to let her know, they were having a huge water fight and putting the garden hose through the letter box and into the house from the back door!!!!!, I got a message back saying she needed video evidence of them doing it, before she would do something. Needless to say I wasn’t too happy with this response and never told her anything else again, me and the neighbour on the other side, worked together with the council Antisocial behaviour people and finally 18 months later, the daughter turned up and had the nerve to say to me “why didnt you just tell me what was going on”, i had a snigger to myself, but they left, the house was trashed and the gardens , felt sorry for her mum, it being her house and she had taken pride in it, she at this point was an invalid and living with the daughter, but during the time they were living there, i turned into a curtain twitcher, looking out everytime i heard something, i turned into a bag of nerves, felt sick to my stomach every time the music started or the shouting etc. Worse 18 months of my life, luckily we now have an older couple, and they are lovely, you have all sympathy, I would not wish bad neighbours on anyone.
    Nana well done on staying the same, 2lbs last week was good.
    Dave I didnt go back to Dracula, it will be deleted, just not my cup of tea.
    Mel roast beef sounds yum.
    Sarah I understand when you say you feel thinner, I do too, but I’m sure with me it’s more water lose and I maybe just dont feel bloated, although i would never say I particularly feel bloated, if that makes sense.
    Cath stay strong tonight
    Typh00 I would struggle with a veggie only diet.
    HH I agree that was a weird breakfast 🤣
    Who am I missing? Annabelle, DF, hope your good
    Tammy x
    I’m away to write my own list, cant remember everyone lol

    Watching ice road truckers..my hearts in my mouth so scary…😂

    Well done Xena all quiet in the car…maybe turned a corner…Charlie just gets excited when he knows where he is going especially the park 😂

    I don’t know who’s worse, the man or woman, the man had lots of dealing with the police in his younger days for fighting …we don’t see much of them but I like to know if they are in or out…I have to pass when I take Charlie..their attitude is quite frightening…no idea what will happen, things have to be sorted or we or them can’t sell your house with it pending, just so costly, or could be.
    Yours seemed a nightmare too we have lived here happily for 17 years.

    I have a list or I couldn’t remember 😂..I think we have 16 people now.

    Jean x

    Jean we were the same, have lived here 21yrs, no issues, then bang, neighbourhood was up in arms, but all over now thankfully, I hope you all the best getting it sorted.

    Just found my old list from the last time, I had forgotten most of the people, but jean, sarah, minols and kay are there, new list written, hopefully I wont forget anyone now.
    Tammy x

    Feeling sorry for Charlie… But it’s for his own good!
    Definitely a Nfd today (she grins sheepishly!) so definitely a Fd tomorrow! Or at least, nothing until tea then a wee portion of leftovers pie.

    Fasters today seem to have done really well – brilliant people!

    Anyone else sharing the baton with me in the morning?


    Jean- I think you need to do a list on here for all of us…I’ve tried but think I’ve missed some 😂
    Tammy- those neighbours sound awful, glad you have nicer ones now!
    Nana- well done maintaining, better than gaining!
    Minols- I’ll be with you tomorrow, 800cals though- unless I wake up when youngest gets up for work at 5am…
    Dave- glad you’ve had a good ‘day off’!
    Just watched dogs behaving badly- that Graeme chap is a miracle worker! Wonder how much he charges per hour! Filled up on some diet coke so stuck to the 800 okay today.

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