Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Mild and pleasant on walk…Charlie ripped his new coat on barbed wire 😬stitching needed good job it’s not him!
    Getting ready to eat another hour…

    Well done on your first pound of the year..well done..hope you hear something soon from the dog rehoming centre…

    Good job the wolf is moving if Heidi doesn’t like him…

    Goodness a dead seal carcass 😱..that’s fun…

    A tea tea sounds delicious..
    Jean x

    Very hungry now but will hang on until the football is over, about 6-15.Yorkshire pudding mix is in the fridge 😋😋.

    Evening everyone,
    Been a lovely mostly sunny day here but very breezy weather forecast for the rest of the week is for ☔every day until Friday 😞
    A lot of you keeping food low today – I’ve not done to badly but definitely not a FD that will be tomorrow.
    We say breakfast lunch and tea here although there is also another word for lunch here in the fens it’s Docky which is what the farm workers called it in days gone by and their lunch was packed in a Docky box to eat when out working in the fields and they also had a glass bottle with a stopper filled with cold very sweet tea. Can smell our tea cooking so looking forward to eating it in a little while.
    Well done to those of you who’ve had a good result in the scales. My next FD will be tomorrow and then a weekly weigh in on Tuesday morning.
    Have a good evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Evening all
    No luck at the bingo, oh well no change there then.
    Was bad had a couple half pint of lager shandy at the bingo, went down too well and opted for hotdog and chips, but wasnt sitting too well, so only ate about half, stomach kicked off just at the end of bingo !!!!
    Breakfast, lunch and tea for me.
    Mum made us curry for tea tonight,and I wont be able to resist, hopefully the stomach is done for today. FD tomorrow lol. I will need it.
    Dave your staying strong
    Sorry page has turned and my memory is so bad, well done on losing the 1lb kay(? I think), sorry if it’s not.
    Hi to everyone else, i need to take notes.
    Tammy x

    Breakfadt, lunch & dinner…if I eat all 3 I don’t get any thinner 😢😂

    Must be the breakfadt HH 😄.

    Just checking on whos here….

    Jean & Steve (symba); Dave (Brads); Steve (typh00); hedgehogs; minols; nana; dragonfly; Tammy (caspdexy); cakey; sarah; mel; annabelle??

    Who have I forgotten….

    HH, definitely need to blame the ‘breakfadt’ 😁

    So those who have had weigh ins already…

    Dave: -3 lbs
    Steve -1
    Steve(jean) -1
    Me -1

    Hopefully can add a few more to the list soon 😀

    Keep strong fasters!

    Ive had 109 cals so far and dont feel that hungry to be honest, so may just continue with tea and squash!

    Ah confusion over !!!!! Thanks Kay, there are 2 men, sorry Typh00 (steve), I thought you were a woman.

    Just had the curry, yum, but also had a carrot cake cupcake, my daughter made at school, does the carrot count as 1 of my 5 a day?!!!!
    And this is why I need to fast, cause as soon as I start eating I dont stop !!!!
    Getting really cold here, frost coming down.

    Tammy x

    Hi all, did a post yesterday and I could have sworn I was logged in but it disappeared ☹️.
    Sarah, I am in Lincolnshire, originally London, then Manchester when I was a child, back to Kent. Then Keswick in Lake District. Settled now in Lincs. I googled your dog and they look lovely, very furry! Can’t remember the name of the breed and can’t look back cos I will lose this post too! I know yours is Gretel. Hi Jodie is a small female standard poodle, the light of my life, 10 years old next week. Tammy I like cats too but we are both very allergic. Would have loved one (or two!)
    Bit mixed on the food front, cancelled yesterday’s FD, now cancelled today too but keeping carbs and sweet stuff low. Chicken and radish in lettuce wraps for lunch 😇.
    Everyone seems to be doing well. Where is my mojo?

    Hank Marvin now.Just about to eat😵🤪🐽.Don’t think it will last long but will try to chew it lots of times instead of a couple.

    Long time since we had lists….

    We need everyone to talk about themselves too….to check them in 😂..our group getting busy again…😀

    Pebbles about soon too…the good old days…..


    Kay- I lost 1lb last week, probably put it on again yesterday 😂.
    Mel- I’ve found it hard to get back into after Christmas, but you’ve been poorly, maybe your body wants the energy! You’ll get back into it…there’ll probably be lots of us fasting tomorrow!
    Tammy- I’m a bit like that on nonFDs! Can’t stop eating…
    Am pleased with the willpower today though- & hubby has just eaten chocolate in front of me!

    HH – And I’ve eaten chocolate in front of me!

    No more talk about chocolate,I can’t have any until I lose 28 lbs,so another 25 to go 😄

    3 fellas include the silent other Steve…Jeans husband..lol

    Dave: -3 lbs
    Steve -1
    Steve(jean) -1
    Kay -1
    HH -1

    Ive not eaten anything else so 109 cals done and kitchen closed!

    Yes jean my apologies, I did realise that after I re-read, i of cause was referring to the active posting men 😊

    I remember the lists, they help me.

    Kay I am hoping to avoid weighing for as long as I can, it might help me initially if I can (hopefully), see a decent loss instead of a small one, that being said, I will probably cave, but wont go longer than a month, hahaha like that will happen.

    Tammy x

    So we having a league table?Kay it might make us all try harder, could be a good thing.

    Good Evening all

    Just back from Jojo Rabbit. It’s fabulous!

    We are quite well spread geographically.

    Congrats on all the 1lb losses and Dave with 3!!

    HH The lab is very food motivated. We had to call him nine-cakes-Frodo for a while after I misjudged his reach on the kitchen counter, but seriously he has nothing on Gretel. She is currently whining to go into the garden. Not for a wee but because she thinks there might be a few minute bits of the fat balls I hang out for birds left on the patio. Hope those ferreros now gone. I’m very partial myself.

    Minols, we can’t beat a whole seal (!!!!) OMG. There was an unpleasant incident with the carcass of a sheep’s head once. I stomped off in a hissy fit after 40 mins and left OH to it.

    Kay 109 cals. That is impressive. I remember doing pretty well zero cal fasts with you a while back. The weird thing was it was actually better than eating. It’s once I start. Well I am going to have to do it differently this time but hearing about all those losses is inspirational and I know how good it feels. If we ever got another dog I’d definitely go for a rescue this time.

    Mel, standard poodles always seem so majestic to me. I’ve never actually known one but often admired them. I’m probably wrong but imagining her as black. Hoping no more choc choc (as grandaughter would say) in front of anyone.

    Jean I should think it will take a while for Charlie’s trust and true character to properly come out after his past life. Hope you had a nice chat with your grandaughter.

    Best wishes to all. Finding it tricky to differentiate everyone at the mo.

    Fasting tomorrow (yikes).

    Hockey tonight so could be a 3am bedtime 💤💤💤

    Morning all!
    Lots of fasters today?
    Kay- very impressive, haven’t done a liquid fast for a bit!
    Lol, talking about the worries with grown up children- youngest, a friend, & my nephew were out yesterday & got followed/ harassed by a known fraudster who’s trying to get money from the friend’s dad, then this chap called the police & said they had a knife, so they were pulled over by 3 police cars, hancuffed, searched etc! Luckily the police looked into the chap’s record & realised they were innocent, but it was very scary for son! Police were very impressed with how clean son’s car was 😂 I don’t know why, they’re all good lads, but things often seem to happen to them!
    Hope everyone has a good day…stay strong!

    Morning all
    Up way to early,and on a fast day as well, boiler getting serviced, may need a snooze later.
    FD for me, hopefully I last, tea is a long way away.

    Your all probably out walking the dogs, hope it’s not too cold, it was a hard frost here last night, but seems to have lifted this morning.

    Have a good one catch you later, boiler man here.

    Tammy x

    Morning all,

    I’m joining the fasters today. I think work should be busy enough to keep me occupied.

    Good luck everyone!

    Catch up later, just arrived at work to tonnes of emails and instructions! Trying not to feel overwhelmed with it all.


    Have a good fast day all…

    We are on the road catch up pm..

    Jean x

    HI everyone
    FD for me, too. I’ve been working in a coffee shop so far this mornign – love it when work is like this and there is the time for reading to happen off-site. Just arrived at the office having walked down the hill – it is cold out there today, so I’m starting with my chorizo soup…yum! Then that will be it except for regular decafs, before I’m home to be domestic, and then make salmon for tea. I’ll have a small portion again, but trying to keep it ‘normal’ and load the boys’ plates with more. They can fill up with banana bread afterwards, and hopefully working this eveign will keeep me away from the munchies.

    Trying to remember what the pebbles were – Jean?Did we start with a stack of pebbles and remove one every time we lost a pound? Or was it the other way round? I think I may put seven pebbles in a small pot to represent the current half stone I’m working on, and move them into a bigger pot one at a time (making assumptions of success here!) and then start on the next 7 pebbles…but keep the ones in the big pot to represent the big total achievement (again – vast assumptions of success!!!)

    Tammy – hope all goes well with tthe boiler.

    Good morning all

    Looking a little wet outside but not sure if it was raining over night.

    Growing up meals were always breakfast dinner and tea and sometimes supper if still hungry which was usually just a sandwich.

    It’s a fasting day for me too so hopefully with two fast days this week will be looking for a two pound loss but any loss would be great.

    Good luck to all the other fasters out there and keep strong

    I am fasting too,didn’t get to bed until gone 3am.Watching the hockey, but unfortunately lost 8-4😖.Gym later, I am supposed to eat before I go but it’s a fast day and I am not hungry at the moment. Denise is starting a diet,so a bit of competition but she won’t do the 5-2.

    Keep strong fasters….

    Tammy, DF and Minols

    Getting very windy here and rain coming in.

    Just waiting for Neil to come out of the dentist then we can go home. Just bought a couple of cheap rugs for our bedroom floor, keep the feet a bit warmer!
    Nothing else planned for the day, might see if I have enough left over veg to make a bit of soup.

    HH, I bet that shook your son and others up! Crikey!

    Tammy, hope your boiler gets sorted.
    Neils mum phoned us yesterday to tell us her heating had packed up – hopefully will be fixed today.

    Dave, did you stay up til 3?

    I do have to admit that I ended up having an options hot chocolate last night…and a few skittles! Still ok on the calories though!

    Kay x

    Kay I quiet often have options hot chocolate, I had one last night at about 2-30am.Yes went to bed at three.Windy here now so will take Heidi out in case it rains.

    Stay strong fasters! I’ve not had anything as yet, work has been SO busy which has kept me occupied. Bit quieter now thank goodness.

    Minols – I remember the pebbles thing .. I’m sure we added to the jar for every pound lost. Anyone correct me if I’m wrong though. I think its a really good idea! Good for motivation.

    Have a good afternoon everyone xx

    Still food free, going well, fitness class at 3pm.Got wet takin Heidi out. No pebbles around here to use. Stay strong fasters.

    VERY hungry now…contemplating putting a little salt on my arm and eating that off!

    Will go and make a coffee instead!

    Nearly done with deskwork for today, then domestic stuff for a few hours –


    Salt does help and of course coffee .. stay strong Minols 🙂

    Dave – I managed to dodge the rain earlier, but was so windy! Enjoy fitness class … stay strong, as I know you will 🙂

    Afternoon All…
    We have had a lovely time out..A river side walk for Charlie, dropped the caravan off. We then headed to Clumber Park, to use our new National Trust we gave just joined, a hours walk through the forest and onto the cafe ( total disappointment) it’s a new dog cafe needs some improvement although they are trialing it. We then continued walking onto an enormous dog friendly fenced in area leading us to the forest, some dog walkers pointed us in the right direction, humping started so ended going back to the car. He is a tinker!
    A good place to go to a couple of times a month..

    Don’t worry about the Steves it’s very confusing, I have gone back calling Typhoo his name…hope your boilers sorted and you can have a snooze..

    Glad the film went down well…

    What a upset with the police and your son quite frightening…we have had it here with the neighbours very upsetting, back to the solicitor.

    Hoping you are busy at work and it’s passing quick….

    I never did the pebbles but yes each one was a pound lost, I think Kay kept the total of everyone’s and updated a monthly total….

    You have a plan…not two liquid days are you, that’s hard….

    Good luck to Denise…what diet does she do?

    Hope the rugs look good and keep you toasty…have a lazy afternoon..

    Keep strong everyone…I am finding it strange not fasting with you all but will be a low day due to the crappy cafe.

    I had two gammon steaks in the freezer for tonight, looks like someone has pinched them they have disappeared, so bacon instead!…I have told Steve to keep the garage locked!! He is in bad books….

    Jean x

    Bonjour (just back from French class)

    Lots of us fasting today. It makes a big difference to my first fast knowing I am going to be back on here telling the good or bad news.

    So far so good and feeling positive. Just annoyed I have to lose some it again rather than maintain. Think I’ve been helped by slightly dodgy tummy today, as not feeling more than peckish at the mo.. Had a yogurt this morning of 82 cals. It was a bit small LOL. Going to wait as long as possible to eat tonight. Then small mushroom soup, 4 dry ryvita and satsuma. Comes in at well under 500, even allowing for a bit of milk. Feel today will work and I’ll be off.

    HH what a horrible thing to happen!

    Tammy, I think I will weigh Thursday morning (pre-tea and post wee). I will only have done 2 fasts but even a small loss will make me think I’m on my way.

    Jean, hope caravan repair and NT went well. Must have been hard fasting on Sunday but nice today.

    DF I think you’re right about the pebbles we added our combined total for a month for Nail IT November or suchlike. It did actually help us I think.

    Thinking of my fellow fasters today. We KNOW this works. Stronger together. X

    Bonjour…you look as your day has gone well..

    Caravan will be away two or three weeks, a pain as we were going away today 😬

    I now have to grovel to Steve…gammon found, fell at the back of drawers…so all back on for tonight’s meal..

    Jean x

    Back from fitness class,she made us work hard 🥵today,she wasn’t happy when I said I will be bowling on Wednesday, she as lost a few to bowling.Come April she will lose me permanently to bowls.It raining again ☔☔☔. Denise dosent follow any diet,she just eats sensibility.It worked last time she lost three stone to have her knee operation.Feeling a little peckish now, still not had any solids,just a few cuppas.

    Sounds like we’re all doing well!
    Dave- think your gym instructor is punishing you for hooking off to bowling on Weds?! Hope Denise does well too, nice to have some competition!
    Sarah- I’d hope to maintain too, but Christmas blow-out has set me back! Tres bonne with your FD so far!
    Jean- oops, you’re in the dog house! Clumber park sounds nice, shame about the cafe, especially as you swapped FDs!
    DF/ Kay- pebbles before my time, sounds a good incentive!
    Minols- hope you get the work done okay, & can avoid biscuits if you have an evening meeting. I think you definitely won the grottiest dog competition with your seal story 😂😂
    Tammy- is your boiler sorted?
    Nana, Mel- hope you’re both okay?
    Have I forgotten anyone, sorry?!
    Been quite hangry today! Trying to not snap…hubby wanted to go shopping today instead of tomorrow so we ended up rushing around & then rushing about to take Xena out before it got dark. had some porridge for lunch, with nut milk- that’s lower in calories than skimmed, which is weird! A couple of nibbly things & then just soup & ryvita for dinner.

    It is weird the nut milk being lower. I have been watching the masked singer and think of you HH every time hedgehog sings. 😄. Horrible weather tonight,poor old Heidi only got one walk today, don’t think she minds, she is asleep next to the fire. Typically she opens her eyes when I said she was asleep.

    Hello, I’m Cath and i’m from Yorkshire also! I have just signed up to this and am on my second fast week, with my fast days hopefully being Tues & Thurs, and hoping I wont be chewing the table leg off!

    Aarrgghh, just wrote a great big post and accidentally pressed the back button and lost it before I could post.🤦‍♀️ try again
    Evening all
    Boiler all serviced for another year.
    FD went well which is a surprise as I really wasnt feeling it today, but had to change my old shower screen for a curtain, thought I could put the pole up myself, but ended up getting my dad, hubby is useless, this totally took my mind off my tummy, just had a crispy chicken steak and baked beans, all within my 500.
    It is blowing so hard here it’s scary, have heard glass breaking and the usual March of the wheelie bins. Hope my wobbly fence stays up overnight.
    Dave I too was up till 3, catching up on the new Dracula series, not sure what I think, they were raving at work about it.
    HH how awful for your son and friend, alls well that ends well.
    Kay yes I think it was one pebble in, like DF said, I was always in awe that you could keep track, my head is mince these (and back then) days.
    DF how has your day gone.
    Jean, hope the grovelling worked and does cost you too much lol.
    Minols, nearly there, you can do it.
    Sarah I love !!!! Mushroom soup, with tarragon and cream of cause. Enjoy
    Typh00 Jammy piece for supper yum.
    I think and hope that’s all, enjoy your evenings, soon be breakfast time 😊

    Tammy xxx
    (Now quick press post)

    Hello Crispsandwich, you must of posted when I was typing, welcome, and I love crisp sandwiches, no wonder I need to lose weight lol.

    Tammy x (caspdexy)

    Evening everyone,
    Welcome Cath everyone on here is very friendly with lots of helpful advice.
    Jean naughty Charlie with his humping guess he just gets really excited bless him.
    Hedgehogs scary for your son and isn’t it annoying when the husband upsets your planned day😏
    A lot of us have done a FD today myself included managed not to eat all day and have just had my evening meal so my calories for today are 550. Will weigh tomorrow morning.
    Nasty weather here this evening windy and raining.
    Have a good evening everyone nice that the forum is growing.
    Nana x

    Evening All..
    Kitchen now closed quite a low day…

    You enjoy your bowls nice to be outside…the nights wild here…

    Clumber is nice just like your forest..it’s funny Charlie was asleep as we went down the long straight road into the forest he woke up saw the trees and started crying, he must of remembered it or the smell…we take the caravan here sometimes..
    Keep strong this evening after all your nibbley things…

    Hi Cath..
    It does get easier after a couple or three weeks keep with it…keep with us for chatter and support, a few new people have returned to our group from the past..come on each day, get to know us, it really helps a lot.

    Really bad here tonight..hope it soon blows out…good you got the shower curtain up, dads come in handy 😂

    Keep strong everyone..

    Jean x

    Cath- welcome, hope you get on okay!
    Sounds like we’ve done okay, hope everyone can keep strong tonight…
    Not got the bad weather yet, it’s on it’s way!

    Well done on your fast day 560 very good…our posts crossed..

    Jean x

    Hallo everyone.
    Have been very quiet and subdued and not getting anywhere. Tried for a whole week to stick to a FD but although started well everyone was a disaster. The only glimmer of light was yesterday when I managed to keep the calories down and lost a pound but think today has undone that.
    Have been very slack about writing food down so tomorrow will start in earnest.
    On a different note very glad I am way down South weatherwise although it is quite windy here tonight and raining hard. Thinking of those of you in the far North.
    Tomorrow looks very wet in the afternoon/evening when I was thinking of going to see Little Women at the cinema.
    I’m old enough to have seen the original version with Elizabeth Taylor and Margaret O’Brian!
    Have not been exercising as have had lots of aches and pains, feet particularly bad. This hasn’t helped weight plus still some chocolates hanging around.
    I made myself walk into town to get paper today, very painful so bussed home.
    Going to walk around the house now for a bit to use up some calories, hopefully.
    You all seem to be a lot stronger than I am but in my case it is definitely a mental thing. Got to get my mind in gear and stop being so wimpy. It’s getting started. I did it 2 years ago without too much of a struggle but that time I wasn’t on steroids.
    Will work on posting better news. BE POSITIVE is my mantra.
    Still haven’t worked out the dogs v owners but think there are 3 dogs.


    Welcome Cath good on here,come on every day if you can. A good fast about 800 calories.Will try for a low day tomorrow then another fast day. Spanish lesson tomorrow, no teacher there so we have to do it on our own. Sarah have you got Duolingo on your phone?

    A good idea to write down all the food..don’t get too disheartened, we did it for a year, stopped fasting, tried again and failed then a few months later Steve and I talked it through and decided enough was enough with increasing weight and tried again, the last 4 years we have been fasting with the support on here we have succeeded, well still ongoing …you will too, try and get your head around it you have done it before you will again.

    Quite a lot of dogs on here..
    Jean with Charlie
    Hedgehog with Xena
    Dave with Heidi
    Minols with the old boy
    Mel with Jodie
    Cakey Wakey with Golden Retriever
    Sarah with Gretel
    Nana with Poppy Granddog
    Tammy with Beanie the cat
    Sarah with Dora the cat

    Goodness what a lot…have I missed any 😂

    Jean x

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