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  • Afternoon Everyone,
    Just got back from a trip into St Ives. We’ve managed to register at an Nhs dental practice as our old dentist practice was Nhs until taken over by a new private dentist who changed us from Nhs up to semi private but having to pay Β£60 each for a check up and clean is just to expensive. Grandsons fiancee works there which is handy. Then went to order myself some new glasses at Specsavers.
    Jean we went to Waitrose but the dates on the vegetables were only the 22nd so will have to go back later on in the week to get the last bits. Did manage to get a lot of the nibbles though.
    Just had a mug of low calorie soup but now husband keeps on about having a kebab delivery this evening. Have to admit I’m tempted.
    Nana x

    Nana as far as junk food goes kebabs are at the bottom of my list.Chippy is best followed by KFC or a burger.Just having a cuppa then will take Heidi out again.Just over a week to go to crimbo.Probably start on my stash Saturday.Heidi looks so comfortable on her bed looking at the fire, I wonder if she wants to go out but she will be πŸ‘€.

    Nana- you can do it, stay strong, last fast!
    Dave- chippy or pizza, plus Chinese, they’re my favourite takeaways…I love Indian too but only eldest likes that so rarely have it! We’re lucky that it’s a bit of a trek to get any takeaways & delivery charges expensive so not too tempting!
    Dog training was a laugh- we were the only ones who came! So Xena had a play & lots of fuss from Nick,then hubby & Nick chatted while I did some stuff whith Xena! Nich has lots of ‘tails’ to tell, he says he’ll write a book one day πŸ˜‚. Presents all wrapped except for the boys’, got a couple of little bits to get still. Fasting going well, it’s much easier if I’m not doing keto & counting carbs!

    Afternoon All..
    A bit of a lazy day, a bit of washing and shortcake made..chat to American daughter….

    Glad all the plays are coming together with one left to watch…good fast for you too..enjoy your piano lesson.

    Your Christmas has been declared…a few biscuit bits eaten but no chocolate here yet, it’s all on the dining table…Only haddock and chips no other takeaways for us….

    Thanks about the dates…. you are lucky to get a NH dentist all are private around us…I would like to change my dentist but I have had no recommendations..must look in the New Year not keen on my new one who took over from my retiring dentist.

    Is it going to be a kebab tonight? Any decision yet…

    Fancy having Nick to yourselves, good for Xena..glad everything nearly done for you always busy when you have children ( if you can say that) are at home…

    Going for the caravan in the morning…speak possibly late on here…

    Jean x

    Yes haddock and chips is my favourite and pretty much the only one I go to. I don’t know about delivery charges,if you got charged round here nobody would ever order anything.Homemade pie for tea πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.

    Minols I had a look online at wedding ring quilts, would love to see yours on the piano. I have done many cross stitches over the years and have just picked up the one I am supposed to be doing. Haven’t touched it this year. Thought it would take my mind off food on fast days during the long winter eves.
    Dave I have decided not to declare Christmas until Sunday, with a last FD800 on Saturday. This is the plan but who knows! Weighed myself today and seem to have got away with murder. Have managed my B2B fast days yesterday and today. Mind you it’s not bedtime yet πŸ˜‚
    HH keep an eye on your chest (if you know what I mean)! Any more pain, off to the doctor.
    Nana did you manage to fast today? Looks like most of us are tailing off now for Christmas.

    Eldest has climbed Snowdon today, as far as they could, it was very icy! He’s sent me some amazing photos.That’s one on my bucket list!

    HH do it in the summer, I never think it’s safe to do it this time of year.In for another cool night,just about freezing.

    Watching hockey so going to be a late one. Not had any choccy though, but did have toast.

    Good morning all

    As i write this i have no idea what the weather is like outside as it’s still dark 😝 but will be going out for some food shopping and goodies for next week.

    Im considering calling it Christmas already as I’ve been nibbling on Christmas cake and pringles and just enjoy the festivities.

    Will be the same as Dave and trying to eat everything before the first of January so there’s no temptation to over eat.

    Morning all!
    Hope everyone has a good day today, whether you’re declaring Christmas or not πŸ˜‚
    I am doing another FD, 800cals; 2lbs off already this week, but if I go back to eating it’ll go back on!! Debating having a small breakfast, feeling quite hungry, & hopefully busy enough to not have time for lunch- sering a friend this morning & Homestart family this afternoon.
    Horrible weather here; thick fog, damp & cold!

    Horrid here too HH. Nearly 10 am and just got up. Was going to make an early start as I am going to Boston (what a treat!). Will still go though. Think I have changed my plan for FDs tomorrow and Saturday. Think I will just have one more on Friday and call it a day. I have somehow managed to lose another pound so am only four pounds from goal. Steve, yeah let’s call it Christmas! Dave quite often I find toast much more tempting than chocolate.
    HH I would like to climb Snowden, never done it and I think too late for me now. I would like to get the train up and walk down though, I could manage that.
    Have a good day everyone, fasting or not!

    I would climb Snowden if it had a lift or escalator not sure how i would feel doing it at this time of year when it can get covered in ice and snow.

    I wanted to eat the pringles yesterday morning but had porridge instead which was sooo good and warming too i think im either turning into one of the three bears or goldilocks

    Morning All…
    A very freezing frosty foggy morning…glad Steve offered to walk Charlie as I was getting ready to go out…caravan back in storage..bad news we have some damp, just getting it passed through warranty and then empty and back again to get it sorted…😱..they say they have seen worse …

    See what time step daughter arrives….she has a watch with no hands, could be any time 😬

    Christmas called here, no chocolate yet it’s more pies and biscuits….good luck for fasting today…

    We usually have loads left we will eat till June at least …I had one box left I ate in October!…we take them away to eat in the caravan as treats….

    Well done on your 2 lb off…you are being very good πŸ˜‡..have a good visit…

    Just 4 lbs to go you can see the finishing line …well done….I will possibly back to loosing 7 lbs or so..it’s Christmas πŸ˜€

    Jean x

    Well done HH 2lbs offπŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡.Not a bad day here 5Β°C rising to 8.Santa just spoke to us on my echo show, then started singing a hymn.All the Christmas goodies must go by the first of January or I would never manage a fast day until they were all gone. I will be like a Tasmania devil 😈😈😈 when I start🀀🀀🀀. Going to gym for the last time for three weeks,hope Ruby is kind today.

    Dave- I’m the same, hard to fast if there’s something opened! Hope it’s more fun than hard work at the gym as it’s the last session!
    Jean- shame about the damp, hope they can fix it okay? A pain to keep having to empty it…enjoy the mince pies & biscuits!
    Mel- hope Boston is good & you have a successful trip if shopping! Don’t blame you on the FDs, well done with the loss & being so close to goal weight; a shame Christmas might interfere with that! Although you seem to do okay still on EFSDs!
    Steve- pringles vs porridge for breakfast, now there’s a choiceπŸ˜‚ We do seem to get bought loafs of boxes of chocolate for Christmas, but if they’re not opened they can last til the summer!
    Minols- glad that your nativities are done, hope you enjoy the one you’re just watching!
    Nana, Kay, Cakey- hope you’re all okay!
    Good to catch up with my friend this morning, we’re both the same at the moment, putting a few pounds on at the weekend & fasting in the week to get it off again! She gave me a present which feels like chocolate…
    My poor HS family have a stomach bug now, so definitely not visiting! May well have to drop a hamper to them at some point as we get donations for the families. Don’t seem to have done anything productive with my free afternoon though, Xena’s had an early walk & have another lot of forms to do for the accident I witnessed- they lost the 1st ones!
    Fasting going okay…

    Back from gym halfway through she came round with a tin of chocolates and a tin of biscuits, I took one chocolate and no biscuit, then she came round with cake, again I declined πŸ˜‡.She worked us harder than the class before, they only did 40 minutes, we did the hour. Took Heidi out when I got back, nearly fell on the leafs but managed to stay upright.

    Hallo everyone.
    Sorry I have been silent for a while but have not been well. Hopefully I will be better by the weekend in time to enjoy and indulge Christmas.
    Nothing to report on weight front. Have not done any fasting but have weighed and that is the same so I am counting that as a plus.
    I had kept this week clear so that I could get well ahead for next week but instead have spent my time with hot water bottles clutched to stomach plus very early nights.
    Reading all your posts and seeing how busy you all are is making me feel very tired. I have cancelled all gym plus classes so feel I am sinking into a decline.
    Hopefully things will soon improve.
    Best wishes for Christmas to everyone.


    I hope you are feeling better soon Annabelle.Hopefully in time for Christmas. Heidi’s not seen any of her friends for a while, don’t know where they all are. Perhaps they are all having Christmas nibbles 😁

    Annabelle- thought maybe you’d abandoned fasting for Christmas & not been on, sorry you’ve been ill…hugs to you, hope you feel better soon!
    Jean- have a good time with SD, I’m sure Charlie will enjoy seeing her!
    Dave- well done resisting the treats at the gym! Shame about Heidi’s friends- Xena saw a couple of hers today, & made a new one yesterday- a gorgeous Doberman!
    Nasty people- have just seen on the news that dogs are being deliberately poisoned on the set aside fields in the village we used to live in, & where we used to walk Josie 😀
    Just under 800cals again, I have a firm grip on the baton!

    Hedgehogs πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡. Thinking about chocolate now but not had any yet. My resolve is weakening🍫🍫🍫🍫🍫.Might have a cuppa and cakeπŸ₯πŸ°πŸŽ‚πŸ₯ž

    Evening everyone,from a merry Nana lunch ended at half past six oops! Last time we see each other in to the New Year.
    Was strong yesterday as that was my last FD for this year.
    Annabelle hope you feel better soon.
    Nana x

    Chocolates been broken into chocolate orange three ways…brandy coffee with cream a lovely night with step daughter….

    Keep away from the bugs!! Nice you can get hampers to them. Charlie has gone barmy with SD he does so like her…

    Hope you soon feel better and well for next week…good the weights stable..

    A long lunch but it sounded very good and worth it….πŸ˜€

    Jean x

    Still hanging on 😬πŸ₯žπŸŽ‚πŸ°πŸ₯🍫🍺not had any of theseπŸ˜‡

    Morning everyone!
    Dave- keep strong! As it was your last gym session, does it feel like you’re on holiday now?!! I think Saturday could be acceptable to start, I wouldn’t tell you off thenπŸ˜‚
    Jean- sounds like you’re having a good time, & doesn’t sound too naughty!
    Nana- glad you’re merry! & well done on the last FD!
    Annebelle- hope things are getting better for you…
    Mel- you as well…
    Steve- is Christmas on, or any more FDs planned?
    Minols- how’s it going for you, have you managed any more FDs?
    Woke up when youngest got up for his early shift 😬, makes it a long day! Not too hungry yet thankfully! My last FD, we’ll be having lunch out tomorrow, a few things on over the weekend, but may do one more on Monday…
    No plans for today, not got much else to do for Christmas until last minute, so probably should do some cleaning!
    Hope everyone has a good day!

    Thank you all for your good wishes. I am a little better today so hopefully on the mend. A lot of catching up to do. Have not done the tree yet so that is a job for this weekend. Then will come some cleaning which has been sadly neglected.
    Apart from some mince pies have not been tempted with chocolates so think there is a plus in there somewhere.
    Well done to all those who have done FD’s. I really admire your determination.


    Mornign all

    Sorry you’ve been so ill, Annabelle – nice to have you back on.

    HH – I’m fasting today…an 800 hopefully. The friend I married in the summer is coming round this evenign and I’m making a curry recipe I’ve been perfecting recently – I only have a very small portion, so I’ll eat all my cals at once!

    All quiet here at the office – did visits yesterday and will do more tomorrow, but for now I’m going to hit the creative button and write for the new year (hopefully!)

    Still desperately hoping for the 2lb loss this month, so have to keep at it, keeping things really low tomorrow and probably Sunday, too.


    Hi all, yesterday’s NFD was quite good, two meals, no snacks. Had some chocolate but have it with the meal rather than on their own during the afternoon say. I find this helps. Another NFD today then last 800 tomorrow.
    Hi Annabelle, sounds like you have had a rough time. Don’t go mad now, s*d the cleaning!
    Dave, proud of your restraint! Don’t go mad when you start πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.
    Minols, have a good fast day!
    Hi Merry Nana, your new name!
    Jean – brandy coffee and cream, yum.
    Have a good day everyone.
    HH you cleaning as well…. I shall just live in my squalor πŸ₯΄πŸ₯΄

    Good morning all

    Well breakfast this morning was the usual porridge and because I have bought too much chocolate for my daughters Christmas stocking i had to eat the white chocolate coins i bought that’s my story and I am sticking to it.


    I may do one more fast and then call time on it until the new year but will have to wait and see how i feel.

    Steve the white chocolate would be safe with me, don’t like it. I am tempted to check my giant bar of Dairy milk,just to see if it’s one bar or a few smaller ones.Not had anything to eat today but no doubt will do soon.Going to Denise’s mums tomorrow,we are not going round on Christmas Day,just not enough room, hey brother is going Christmas Day, and I think her sister is going boxing Day, so we will go next Friday to see her, that way she will have someone every day.

    Dave- sounds like a good idea to spread out the visitors for Denise’s Mum. So will you be cooking Christmas dinner at yours?!
    Steve- I can easily resist the white chocolate too…but well done to you managing it if it needed eating πŸ˜‚
    Mel- I’m sure you’re not living in squalor! Not with your gleaming new kitchen! Hope you can keep things low today!
    Minols- keep strong! Hope the scales are kind to you- when are you braving them?
    Annabelle- glad you’re feeling a bit better, I’m with Mel & leave the cleaning!
    Jean- hope you’ve had a good morning with SD!
    Off for more cleaning, just a small cereal bar eaten so far…

    Only had a cuppa so far, don’t really feel hungry yet.HH Saturday seems a long way away, not sure I can last that long. Took Heidi out all we saw was a couple of magpies,a big crow and a few gulls, non of her pals also seen one sparrow,they are extremely rare these days.Dry at the moment but rain is on its way, I nearly went flying yesterday on slippery leafs.

    Dave- not sure how you can avoid slippery leaves- have you got a good tread on your shoes/ boots? Have lots of sparrows our way. The stupid starlings I think are nesting next door- they’ve been going in & out under the eaves!
    You’ve been very restrained with all your chocolate- maybe start Friday night then?!
    I am actually warm on a FD! It’s quite mild here & have been mopping etc. Not impressed with a cleaning tip I used from Pinterest- vinegar, lemon & bicarb, is supposed to get floor tile grout clean, but didn’t work in the boys’ bathroom!

    I bought some stuff for cleaning tile grout bin the bathroom,it was absolutely amazing how white the grout came up,it looked brand new,but it was overpowering the smell for a couple of days then it was ok.I can live with Friday,that means just tonight to get by.I only had training shoes on with little grip, I changed shoes today, still trainers but with a very good grip.I have a couple of pairs of boots but don’t like wareing them, only use them if we get any snow. I have more shoes than Denise 😁.

    I have succumbed to temptation….I have started a book I was saving for after Christmas!

    I said to Paul that I was only four pounds from target. Then I said I could probably afford to go a little lower. He said β€œno don’t, you will find it harder to maintain. That weight is fine for an elderly lady”! Tongue firmly in cheek I hasten to add. Love that man!

    Mel I am only four stone from target,or there about πŸ€ͺ😱 probably fiveπŸ™‰.If I can loose 2 stone this year and 2 next year I will be very happy. HH I thought you had started the chocolate for a moment. It’s pouring down now, I said it was on the way. It was dark at 1-30 pm☹️.

    You can do that Dave easy. Your knees will thank you for it!

    Afternoon All..
    Raining now…walk soon..

    We had a good evening and morning with step daughter..then went out for lunch a three course meal all very lovely and too filling..lovely to see our friends they are off to Australia and New Zealand in the New Year for 8 weeks holiday we won’t see them till March …

    Hedgehog ..
    Hope you got all your jobs finished..I think we are out shopping later three days free to clean up and do a few last minute things..enjoy your lunch out tomorrow…enjoy your book…

    Pleased you are feeling better..don’t dash and do too much when not on top form..

    Have a good catch up and enjoy your curry night…rest up a bit before next week…good luck on the scales.

    Like you I like wine ( not chocolate) with food, I enjoy it much more…well done on your 800 days…

    Good idea on the white chocolate children are not keen πŸ˜‚..I like Any chocolate…

    If I am getting a large bar of chocolate I don’t want loads of small bars!!…have you looked?? Good idea to share visiting…

    Charlie is messing with his food not wanting it, me hand feeding and generally messing about…he has told me he wants it….he has just got kibble he is definitely not amused…and not eaten anything!…

    Have a good evening ..

    Jean x

    Heidi as days when she dosent eat then the next day you can’t stop her. Took her for a walk in the rain then rubbed her down with her towel, she loves that. I will look at the giant bar and see if it’s all one piece πŸ€€πŸ€€πŸ€€πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.I must really knuckle down in January, got to shift some weight.My problem with checking the Dairy milk is if it’s in sections instead of whole I would be tempted to have a nibble 😬

    Forgot to say I think I have a couple of messages on my phone which are scams. One telling me to put antivirus on my phone, I have bitdefender on it and the more serious one is telling me my direct debit didn’t go through, and is asking for details,I have not opened any of these and I won’t do,I will try and send the direct debit one to my bank of I can.

    The spams are annoying I never answer anything..on the phone I tell them to write to me..
    Don’t open the chocolate it safer πŸ˜‚


    Agree with the dairy milk being in pieces i would definitely be more tempted every time I went past to have a few pieces.

    I have about two stone or so to lose just wish we could lose it as quickly as its put on.

    I have just sent the text to Vodafone to check out. Hopefully they will sort it out.

    Jean- hope Charlie behaves & eats his dinner! Don’t have that problem any more with Xena, she hoovers it up in seconds! Would like your chocolate pud recipe please, I keep forgetting to ask!
    Dave- keep away from the Dairy Milk! Hope you don’t get any more of the phone scams…
    Minols- hope your FD is good & you enjoy the curry tonight with your friend!
    Have tempting stuff here- son has brought home doughnuts & chocolates 😬 He has a bit himself & leaves them laying about in the kitchen!
    Hubby is declaring Christmas tomorrow- we’re going shopping & he wants to get some goodies from M&S…no doubt he’ll think better of it in the morning! & he wants to open a box of chocs tonight! 😬

    I checked the giant bar of dairy milk,it’s all one piece,no calories thoughπŸ€₯well just under 19,000 calories in reality 😱.More than a week’s food in one bar.Nice menu though.

    Not declared christmas yet, although the batch of mince pies baked havent made it into the freezer!

    Went to Lidl and Morrisons for some more stuff off the list. Still a few things to get although not gone overboard with extra stuff….apart from the cheese mountain in the fridge!

    Neil is on lates today but hes texted to say he’s managed to finish early. Today is 12 months since we had to say goodbye to Ellie so a bit sad and I think he wants to be at home with me rather than me sat here on my own.

    Off for a couple of days now, then just Sunday to work, then off til Boxing Day.

    Fed up with this weather, its dire! Flooding everywhere and gale force winds, set in for several days….

    Soon be winter solstice!!! And the slowly increasing daylight!!

    Kay x

    Seeing that the chocolate is all one piece, I will leave it alone πŸ˜‡.I am trying HH to leave all goodies alone,so far so good. Will have an apple later πŸ˜‡πŸ˜‡.

    Kay- hugs to you, can’t believe it’s a year…nice that Neil can be with you. How did it go with your Mum?
    Dave- well done πŸ˜‡. I have stayed strong, even with hubby opening a box of chocs! Roll on tomorrow, ready for breakfast already!

    Still got a few hours to hang on yetπŸ™ˆπŸ™‰πŸ™Š.Apple time, Heidi is having one too,she’s alread had a Clementine 😁

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