Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Afternoon All….

    Caravan now in service collect Tuesday…
    A few shopping bits bought and another toy for Charlie….going out to do a proper list tomorrow….

    Really cold out you will need a hot drink…

    Quite right one birthday …draw line and move on…..a big push in January for us all….

    Hope Denise soon comes round..life’s to short to not talk…..

    Enjoy easy time before Xmas…

    Jean x

    Had a downpour now it’s dry will take Heidi out again while it’s dry.
    My son’s team list the first game 5-1 he is the reserve goalie,he is still new to playing in goal.The team was losing 5-0 then my son came in and didn’t conceed a goal,so he is doing ok.He won’t start the next game but may come on again hopefully.

    Snow predicted early Sunday morning,hope they are wrong.Got all the decorations up now ,just waiting for Christmas. I will try and do a fast day on Monday and possibly Thursday, will leave my choccy stash until the 21st if I can.

    Will probably put my tree up later or maybe tomorrow ready for Christmas but no chocolate as I know what will happen to that and doubt it would live to see the 25th.

    The mince pies i had in my cupboard have now been sleighed sorry I couldn’t resist the Christmas joke 🤐 so will be out shopping for more next week. They were Tesco’s own but weren’t too bad at all

    Get some more smarties too😁😁😁

    Hi All

    Put the tree up this afternoon – feeling festive! Started on some orange smarties! The rest are for Strictly final later.

    HH – only two things in common with Maggie – both from Lincs, both bought underwear at M&S…oh, and when I was 11 I could do a pretty good impersonation of her! Definitely need more than the 4 hours of sleep she survived on!

    I’ve had a lovely chilled day off today, just down at the office cos the kids Christmas party is on, so I may as well just check things over for the morning.

    Jean – loved hearing your story – and well done on being back to where you were…just brilliant.


    Evening everyone,
    Had a really good FD but we’ve just started on the Christmas chocolates – will power is zero. A lovely Christmas meal out with friends yesterday evening which helped the FD as I was still feeling really full for most of the day. Visiting Grandson and his fiancee tomorrow to drop off their Christmas 🎁 as we won’t be seeing them over Christmas. We are however having Daughter Son in Law and Army Grandson not forgetting Grand Puppy Poppy around for Christmas Day.
    Dave hope things are thawing out for you 😏
    Have a good evening.
    Nana x

    Tut,Tut Nana, starting the Christmas chocolates.I am trying my hardest to resist them. I will report you to Hedgehog’s.There is no going back now you have started.

    Evening All…
    In the naughty corner…wine and Christmas cake 😱…two days on the trot!!

    Glad the decorations are up and you are joining in Christmas 😂….snow soon??!!..how’s frosty the snowman 😂

    You are joining in too…mince pies…..ummm

    I am falling slightly…😀 tree up for you too 😀..my smarties are still upstairs…

    We both have to start Christmas for the rest of the group 😂..lovely having daughter and family for Christmas.

    Jean x

    Things are thawing out, I will have an apple 😇😇😇.Hope that the snow dosent come.HH will be out with the strap later. Or did you have the cane at your school 😀

    I never had either 😇

    We used to have a teacher in primary school who used to give out the strap very often,if you spoke in his class he would make you stand at the front of the class and if you caught someone talking you had to tell him and they got the strap and you sat down.The boys never said anything but the girls always reported someone to save their skin.

    Morning All..
    A later start and walk….feeling quite tired….food shopping to do…

    Schools were quite cruel when we were there…if we didn’t eat school dinner we had to stand on the chair in the dinner hall, the food was blxxdy awful….I think all my past food problems were due to this.

    Have a good day.

    Jean x

    Jean I never had school meals,always came home.I was a terrible eater so would have starved if I had school meals.Dads taxi was out again today, dropped him of at the Etihad stadium and had to pick up some presents for the girl he is meeting there,she has come up from London and not allowed to take them in the ground,so that means I have to pick him up and give her the presents back after the game,just checked and City women are winning 2-0.I keep telling him it’s time he could drive.Just took Heidi out, weather is dry but rain isn’t far away.United coming on telly now and City are on later.

    Afternoon all!
    Anyone got snow? My nephew in Yorkshire had to drive to work in snow this morning- even the main road was bad!
    Glad decorations are going up! I have to confess that although all the Christmas food hasn’t been eaten, I have still eaten well this weekend 😂. I’m hoping to do a few Fast800 days next week…have a few social things on, but not involving food, just one lunch out with hubby planned.
    Had a nice evening with Mum, & pleased with Strictly result, lovely walk with Xena this morning to the park, she played with another dog for ages, Church this morning (& a mince pie!), a walk next with Mum & Xena.

    Afternoon All…
    Tesco and Lidl shop all very busy…just to do fresh stuff on Friday…dates on food not good yet…

    Yorkshire puds being made for the freezer, a bit busy this week and running out of days to do things but I will be ok…

    Charlie was playing with a German Shepard puppy this morning he was a big boy for 15 weeks….

    We had snow at 7 am at the park didn’t see any in the village..all gone by we got there….I was pleased with Strictly result he did well from the beginning stood out from the rest ..although it was a close call at the end.

    Chicken dinner for us tonight and I will be fasting tomorrow ( Steve??😂)

    Jean x

    Chicken dinner for us too, Heidi’s favourite,she gets the legs and wings.Got to pickup my son now.

    Evening everyone,
    Another good day eating wise – nice and low calorie wise. Christmas chocolates out away we must be strong. Was brave and weighed myself this morning – A two pounds gain which wasn’t unexpected😏
    A lovely visit with grandson and fiancee and then after being home for about half an hour our sister in law turned up unannounced but it was nice to see her.
    Jean we’re planning on doing a Christmas shop on Tuesday if the dates are okay if not I’ll be doing one on Thursday by myself as husband and son in law are off to the cinema that afternoon to see the new Star Wars film.
    Dave busy being a taxi driver today.
    A friend is coming to see us tomorrow for lunch which I’ll do then it’s shopping Tuesday and our usual lunchtime meet up on Wednesday.
    Nana x

    Had a good walk- didn’t see much of Xena as she disappeared off in the woods! Had some hard frosts, think that should’ve killed off the seasonal canine illness, so varying where we go a bit! Then made my nut loaf that I have at Christmas, & after that cooked dinner- nice to sit down! As hubby has some taste I made a pudding tonight- chocolate sponge with a chocolate toffee sauce- not fattening at all!
    You’re all doing shopping early- I’ll probably brave the crowds & go on the Monday for all the veg etc. I like to go really early!
    Don’t know what day I’ll fast yet- hubby is being a pain & chopping & changing his mind about what we do & whether we go out for lunch 😬. At this rate Dave won’t be the only one not speaking to spouse 😂

    Too close to Christmas not to talk, although I had Denise shouting at me today because I threw away her strawberries,they were 15 days out of date and white fur on some of them 😁so I went to Tesco and bought some fresh ones.Just had a chocolate and orange pudding from Sainsbury’s with custard,no calories in this either HH.Could very easily start on my stash now,but will try and resist.

    Evening All…
    A lovely meal with some lovely wine not our usual…a good Italian…

    My daughter has invited us to her house on Sunday, going out with friends Thursday lunch and Steves daughter coming to stay over Wednesday night…so have to re organise my plans!

    Dates were to 24 th today just a bit early.. you should be fine on Tuesday ..everything seems to be so busy…catching up with people…in Tesco today their specials on veg, parsnips, sprouts, carrots, potatoes 29p a bag I thought good value..I shall check them out again in the week.

    I am glad you mentioned the woods we were wondering ..maybe a trip to Clumber Park in January if weathers ok…Xena is a monkey disappearing into the woods..you do do some lovely puddings how do you resist them…

    I am fasting tomorrow and that’s it too many people about then and meals 😬

    Jean x

    Hello lovely people

    Been following the chat but no time to post. Hopefully this week I can start to ease into Christmas, still a couple of gifts to buy but more or less there, few more cards to write and post too. Oh and Christmas cake not yet made. I’m less organised this year than ever. On the other hand have had some lovely festive trips, events and concerts so feeling very sparkly. Carols at the Cathedral last night and enchanted forest walk tonight.

    Few pounds have crept on with the Christmas dos and fighting hard to keep them off to maintain at my highest weight and not try to set a new high! Maybe next year will be better.

    Going to need a new hip through the arthritis, which is ironic in that I’m actually fitter than I have been for years with running and joining the gym. But physio says it would be better sooner rather than later as my fitness levels would help a speedy recovery and why put it off when quality of life/pain could be so much better. I just can’t get my head around electing for surgery whilst still able to go the gym 3x per week. Not rushing in to make the decision.

    Have persuaded H to go and look at a cottage that ticks all the boxes and is only a mile away from mum and dad. Darent even think about it as the chances of selling ours for the one perfect home is just too slim to wish for. But I can try.

    Hope everyone has a special, festive and peaceful week in the lead up to the big day. And no more smarties.


    Really struggling to resist choccy.Will have a cuppa and hope that changes my desire for chocolate.

    I am not impressed with all the adverts for chocolates😠😠😠.But still resisting 😇😇😇.

    Although i haven’t lost anything this week surprisingly I didn’t gain either so very happy with that.

    I have a very nice viennetta in my freezer waiting to be eaten after the Christmas dinner as I don’t like Christmas pudding,I’ll eat half of it or that is the plan at least.

    Morning all & a happy Monday!
    Cakey- that’s a tough decision to make about hip surgery 😱, I thought they don’t like doing it too early as they only last so long? But having it done younger so you can recover makes sense too. To move nearer your parents would make sense; hope if that’s right for you it does happen! Sounds like an awful lot going on for you right now, thinking of you & sending you a hug! Are you having both the girls over for Christmas? I’ve not finished decorating my cakes yet, but they are made…
    Jean- a busy week for you! Nice that daughter has inviting you round, does it include Charlie? Stay strong fasting today & hope that Steve doesn’t lead you astray 😉 Xena comes back okay, she was just enjoying having a good run & sniff yesterday. & I didn’t resist the pudding 😱
    Dave- oops, fancy throwing away mouldy strawberries! Hope you stayed strong with the chocolate temptations!
    Steve- well done staying the same on your birthday week- that takes some doing! 👍
    Minols- thought of you this morning, cooked porridge for my son! Hope you’re not madly busy this week, when does your son break up?
    Nana- have a good week, nice to have such a close family!
    Mel- are you at home? Hope you have a good week too!
    Still not sure what we’re doing, hubby having a lie-in, so will take Xena out in a minute. No breakfast in case it ends up a FD!

    Morning all,

    Still cant get back into the swing of posting!!
    Sadly lost my mojo in fasting too, so Im scared of the scales!

    Need to get back on track as there is still time before christmas!

    Hope everyone is ok x

    Morning All…
    A bright cold day..
    Steve walking this morning as I need to colour my hair and get started early…

    We are hoping to do a loose fast maybe more 800 cals…then we are finished till the new year…too many people visiting and meals out it won’t be possible….throw some low days in if we can…..

    Lovely to hear from you …you are such a busy lady…the Cathedral and forest walk sounded lovely..we are going to the village church on Monday to do the Christingle service, it’s usually on Christmas Eve but our vicar covers two churches so it’s a day early….

    I wouldn’t bother with a Christmas cake it will be too late to mature, save the calories 😂..good luck on the cottage if you go for it…what will be will be..give it a go…..

    I have a special cold chocolate pudding for Christmas, I don’t like Xmas pud…..still no one wants mine until they try it and it’s gone! 😂..last year we were at a friends house, he had it for breakfast including me on Boxing Day 😂

    I didn’t ask if Charlie could go..but he is!!..all my plans gone astray this week with step daughter coming to stay, then have to get ready for next visitor…getting too old for this…still baking to do…

    Have a good day whatever is decided..cakes to decorate, is the marzipan on yet?..I should send you my special pud recipe, if you like chocolate and fresh cream..it’s from a food college at “Get ready for Christmas” course…everyone seems to like it.

    Last week for you and you can have a breather..and break..

    Hope all is ok now the strawberries are replaced 😂

    Nana, Kay and Mel busy time..

    Jean x

    I braved it! Replaced the battery and jumped on the scales!

    Up from the last time I weighed myself, which was 22nd Nov, so Im going to try and be good this week, until weigh in on Friday, then I may as well declare it christmas!
    I need to reflect on what has happened over the year as Im still not at my goal!

    Right off to work!

    Have a good day all x

    Sorry haven’t posted for a few days. Saturday’s planned FD800 didn’t happen. Woke up feeling anxious. Not uncommon, since I was ill many years ago. Usually it goes off quickly but didn’t this time, so I was thinking, um not sure about this fast day. Then my best friend in the village came round and told us she had been diagnosed with breast cancer. So bye bye FD. Doing a B2B today and tomorrow, then plan one on Thursday and Saturday. That will be it for Christmas. Know I will feel so much better if I do these.
    Jean, I am with you on taking Charlie! I never really mention it to anyone, we just come us a family. But all my friends and family love Jodie so it has never been an issue.
    Kay, know what you mean about lost mojo – mine hasn’t been so bad since I started this in May.
    Hi to everyone else, fasters unite! Those who aren’t, enjoy!

    Going for a fast day today then will see what happens the rest of the week.I almost resisted the choccy, I had two purple toffees😋.Gym later,it’s a lovely sunny day here today but still cold.Will have a cuppa then take Heidi out.

    I am fasting; Kay, like you I braved the scales & it wasn’t great, I’ve overeaten this weekend 😱
    The shopping’s done, hopefully can do the 800 cals fast for the next 3 days at least!
    Mel- shame about your friend, hope they’ve caught it early, understandable that you’re upset…hugs to you.
    Dave- just 2 chocs is very good willpower! Hope the gym goes well, enjoy the sun! My eldest is staying in Manchester for the next couple of days- be careful on the roads, might be a lairy driver about 😂😂
    Jean- you’ve got more energy than most of us (put together!!) , I’m sure you’ll get everything done! Enjoy it while you have the visitors! I have iced the cakes, but need to do the decorations- can’t decide between making robins or rudolph!

    Hi Everyone

    Mel – sorry to hear about your best friend…hope treatment is successful, although it’s always tough.

    CW – we do ‘wear out’, don’t we! Choosing surgery is always a tough thing…much rather not, but if it works it’s amazing!

    HH – I had porridge with your son this morning…if you know what I mean!

    Busy day yesterday – Advent services are always ‘extra’ – asked one wee boy to light the advent candle for me, even got him steps so he could reach, only to discover that his finger isn’t strong enough to work the lighter! Another slightly bigger wee asked if he could help with the lighting bit, but it would still be his friend’s ‘turn’ at the steps!

    And then in the evening we had a candle-light service which is always special…even though now everyone in the pews has battery tea-lights – the anxiety of pony-tails and scarves ablaze got too much for me last year!

    And actually this week is now blessedly quiet! I help one school with their rehearsals, but the performance is tomorrow, so when that is done I have another school that invite me to their nativity but with the strict instruction that I’m to come and enjoy it and not feel I have to do anything…it’s their gift to me! And then we have our own mad-cap nativity on Sunday which – quite frankly, I can do very little towards now – what happens, happens! Oh, except I have to sew the ‘continents’ onto the ‘earth’ costume (the earth is narrating…don’t ask!). Apart from that, everyone is encouraged to come in costume, even if they don’t want to ‘take part’ at the front. I hear rumours that the older ladies on the back row are coming as ‘wise’ personages this year – last year they were stars!

    Apart from that – I’ll do some visiting, but no meetings, so as long as nothing tragic happens, the hard hard work for me is done! I just need to try and get my head into New Year, because by the time everyone else wakes up and discovers it’s 2020 (gulp) someone (me) has to have worked out what happens now 2019 is gone! Alright…not just me. There are probably a few politicians starting to panic. And I’m professionally bound to say there is also a ‘higher authority’ on the job, too…

    …and of course, I’m still supposed to be trying to lose a couple of pounds every month!

    The very thought of it all leaves me needing a coffee…better put the kettle on (please note, the nice lady who usually keeps the tin filled up with things to tempt me…she’s really feeling the pressure of the season, and there hasn’t been anything tempting for days!)


    Good afternoon
    It’s been a cold morning here i thought it had been raining over night but I think it was more sleet than rain.

    The mince pies and smarties have been replaced today and hopefully will see the lights of Christmas morning i will try and be good this week but make no promises.

    Good luck to all fasting today

    Had a sandwich so FD has gone, will be a low day instead.I am always getting told to eat before I do exercises.I will get weighed on Friday then that’s it until January the first.Next year my target is to lose two stone,holidays get in the way but they have to be done.Going to Lanzarote in March and a cruise and stay in June.Then we normally go away in September so will see how we go.The cruise is to celebrate 45 years married.

    Afternoon All…
    Fasting abandoned…just had two shortcake biscuits and a lick around a chocolate bowl…Steve put pressure on 😂..have to blame someone…

    Christmas has been declared but we are still supposed to be reasonably good 😇

    Just made my muesli buns, a good standby as they they last a couple of weeks so no dash to eat them and something to offer people.

    Just filled the car with caravan stuff for the collect tomorrow and bring back to storage…

    We will all have weight to move in January I wouldn’t worry…just enjoy Christmas..

    Sorry to hear on your friends breast cancer hoping they have caught it early, lots can be done these days hugs to her.

    I agree Charlie comes with us both or not at all….he’s a good boy…we take his bed and he settles in it..

    I like Robins on cakes…I feel as my heads whizzing with all the things you have to do, much better when you are younger……I have kept away from the scales at the moment…

    You will be Christmased out by the weeks finished at all the plays and carol concerts…I think my daughter has two plays this week and of course the Christmas party…love the idea of everyone joining in and getting dressed up…

    Just a thought …you must of looked in the tin to know it’s empty 😂…good job your lady is busy….

    It’s hard going keeping things at bay..hope the pies and smarties see Christmas…

    You have a goal already well done…some lovely holidays to look forward too..mine will be to get back to this weeks weight 😬

    Jean x


    My target is to lose around two stone too i really need to so I can hopefully keep up with my daughter.


    You should have used the shortcake biscuits to clean up some of that chocolate but don’t worry about the fast day you can try again another day.

    I should be all smartied out by the start of next year which will definitely make it easier for fasting.

    Afternoon Everyone,
    Our friend who came for lunch has just left – always feel for her this time of year as she’s a widow and never had any children but she never complains – she’s fortunate that her niece lives nearby and always spends Christmas with her and her family.
    Having steak for our evening meal tonight as I need to keep my iron levels raised ready for blood Doning on Friday. Am planning on a FD tomorrow even though we’re going Christmas food shopping and that will be my last FD until the New Year.
    Cakey weird situation regarding the operation am sure I’d struggle deciding.
    Typhoo well done considering it was your birthday last week.
    Kay well done on overcoming your fear of stepping on the scales – your not alone.
    Jean you’ve been busy as usual.
    Dave well done on only having two chocolates – once I start I can’t stop.
    Minols enjoy your winding down time.
    Hedgehogs I’m another one who likes to see Robins on a Christmas cake reminds me of my childhood.
    Nana x

    Cakey I am in the same boat as you but it’s my knees.I need two new knees but I am going to wait until the pain becomes unbearable.The doctor asked me if I wanted to go on the list but I said no.I am going to try harder next year to lose weight.Need to formulate a plan.Back from gym and took two pain killers.Have Been getting pain all over with only taking two tablet’s per day so had four today.

    That’s it for us now..Thursday 2nd January our next fast day…too busy with people/lunch/dinner now…try and keep some low days…

    It’s sad when people are on their own, all the TV stuff happy people getting together, parties and meals, it’s so far from the truth…enjoy your steak meal tonight…I will be interesting on the dates on things tomorrow, please.

    Are you doing too much at the gym?

    Jean x

    No ,not overdoing it at the gym,had this problem before I started going there.Going to gym Wednesday then that’s it until the 6th of January.

    I’ll be all alone Christmas day just me the tv remote and a tub full of sweets which I have to eat the lot I tell you the sacrifices I have to make are terrible.

    I am holding the baton high then! 😇 I have managed an 800cal FD, been busy enough to take my mind off food…& had some chest pains this afternoon, a bit worrying but it went off! If I get it again I would go to the doctors…
    Just read all the comments on robins vs reindeer- sorry but I opted for rudolph- the robins would’ve needed matchmaker or flake twigs & that is too tempting…one for the cake, one for the cook! They look good, & nearly done!

    Wondering wether to declare Christmas now😃.I must see off all the goodies before January 1st.Which won’t be a problem 😁😋😋.Well done HH.

    Morning all!
    Awake early ugh! Makes for a long FD!
    Nanna- I think you were fasting too?
    Dave- never mind seeing all the goodies gone by Jan 1st, if you start now they’d probably be all gone by Christmas 😂 And don’t you have birthdays in Jan?
    It’s tipping it down, so will be a wet walk, dog training after that, & then seeing a friend this afternoon. She’s been through dementia with her mum, will be nice to have a chat with her, we’re quite worried about mum…

    Morning All..
    A foggy and icy start..

    They have forgotten to do the caravan service, they said someone was ill but ours was in on Saturday..first in the queue?..a pain hopefully collect early in the morning a pain as car us full of stuff and can’t go to the park and step daughter is coming tomorrow …

    Enjoy your catch up with your friend and she can give some help/ideas with your Mum…have a good training morning…a free day for us so flick around and tidy up before daughter arrives see what happens later…make some food lists……a low food day for us today …

    Hope the dates are good and you will be finished 😀

    Jean x

    Jean- that’s a pain! Hope it does get done soon…my friend is poorly so no visit this afternoon, but we’ll have a chat on the phone, & can get presents wrapped up too this afternoon.

    Hope your friend soon gets better…there seems to be lots of flu expected over Christmas..🤞for all of us…

    Caravan place we can collect at 9.30 in the morning..

    Cleaning finished, it wasn’t too bad…debating whether to make some shortcake biscuits, having some lunch first if we are having any 😂

    Jean x

    Well that’s the big school nativity done – they were wonderful. The only one left isn’t here at the church, so I’m not so involved…in fact, when we were planning earlier in the year, the head said to come to it and just enjoy it – so I’m going to!

    Having another 800 day today – no breakfast, a small lake of porridge for lunch, and I’ll have cauli mash tonight. Feeling really full just now, so let’s hope it lasts.

    Going to finish soon, do some visits on my way into town, and then my piano lesson. BTW – the new cover is now on the church piano (aka the wedding ring quilt) – it’s not perfect, but with a little respect it should last a good few years.


    HH yes it’s Denise’s and my birthdays in January.But if I don’t eat all the goodies by January the first it will cancel out any fast days, so they will all be gone by then. Done the shopping at Sainsbury’s,they had Christmas music on,in Tesco they have banned Christmas music for health and safety reasons 🙄.I think Christmas as been declared in our house now,but won’t be scoffing all the choccy until next week 🤤🤤🤤.No weigh-in until January 1st now😬.

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