Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Morning!
    Typhoo- πŸŽπŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸ·πŸŽ‚ have a great day!
    Mel- well done, 2 stone is great, especially with all the holidays you’ve had! Have a lovely lunch out!
    Jean- have a good day too, enjoy your visits & hope Charlie is good!
    Dave- happy birthday to your son! Hope the cake is good…
    Hope everyone else has a good day!
    Dog training, & then a ladies group carol service & tea for me.

    Well done, Mel – that’s BRILLIANT!
    And happy birthday, Typhoo.

    I’ve been dipping in and out of the thread over the weekend, but no time to actually write. It was a hectic old weekend, with Bacon rolls for the BB before they went out round the parish delivering Christmas cards. And Sunday – well, I got here at 8am, left at 4.30 to do a quick food shop, have something to eat with the boys and head out again at 6.00. As the OH commented – I finally did a full day’s work!

    The market was great on Friday – we got there early enough for it to be manageable, but late enough for the dark/light thing to make it feel magical.

    The boy was off yesterday, though, with a cough he’d been nursing over the weekend so I …sewed! Binding is now on, just needs turning and hand-sewing, and then the knotting can begin (not doing traditional quilting – want people to be able to ‘tie the knot’ when they marry!). I like to stay up for election nights, so I figure I’ll sew the binding then! If you want to know what it looks like, just google ‘double wedding ring quilt’ and you’ll see!

    Right, must type up the choir words for the data projector…we’ll enjoy the music much more if we can understand the words, and we’ll understand the words much better if we can read them for ourselves!


    Happy birthday Steve,have your cake and smarties and anything else that’s going, it your birthday your allowed. Going out now for lunch at the bowling club,sounds posh dosent it,in reality it’s just a smallish hut with a snooker table and dart board plus a few tables and chairs.And a few kettle’s 😁

    Thanks for all the Birthday wishes ive been out and had a little splurge with cake and smarties.

    I would love to know who these six people the cake is supposed to feed as theres no way they are the average person i can only imagine its six very small people or children πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜†

    Jean – enjoy Manchester! Horrible and rainy over here too today. Having to hide inside until work. Re scales I actually think I’m at my initial goal weight, so I’m keen to see and set myself a new target for the new year.
    HH – mmmm vegan sausage rolls sound so incredible! And I love a Christmas wreath – we just have a very tiny Christmas tree over here in Wandsworth.
    Typhoo – smarties AND cake sounds brill. Have a wonderful day πŸ™‚
    Mel – 2 stone is so impressive – huge congratulations! Lunch out sounds really fun too, so enjoy that celebrating your success!


    Dog training fun- only 2 of us again & so extra cuddles with Nick. We did some different things, trick stuff, so it was fun.
    Sounds like we’re all treating ourselves today, enjoy!

    HH – sounds great! Love a properly trained dog. It’s so important but I see so many dogs that have clearly never been trained and it’s such a shame.
    Can you tell I’ve had three and a half days off work in a row and actually have some time to catch up on things?! Most active on here I’ve been in weeks. Although I’ve been doing my tax return so I’m not sure it really counts as proper R&R. Haha!
    Treating myself a bit today too – I made a chocolate birthday cake last week so had a slice of that after lunch with some homemade baileys ‘cream’. Did I ever say I’m mostly vegan? A vague vegan, or a vaguan, as I’ve seen it in some places! I love to create delicious versions of things that taste just like the real thing. Delish!

    We had a nice lunch at the bowling club,lots of food and cakes.We then did a Spanish lesson.Thats it until the 7th of January,but the lessons will continue so pleased about that. Not took Heidi out all day the rain is just to heavy and the wind is so strong.If it stops soon I will take Heidi out.

    Evening everyone,
    Hope you’ve had a Happy Birthday so far Steve and a happy birthday πŸŽ‚to your son Dave.
    Mel way to go well done.
    Looks like everyone has been busy today. Husband has been out today for a meal and meet up with his old work colleagues so took advantage and Had my Christmas music 🎢on and wrapped up the presents.
    Am picking husband up but he’s just messaged me to say he’s not sure which bus he’s got on from Cambridge ( think a few 🍺 have been drank ) so I could be going to the next village or the guided busway park and ride πŸ˜•
    Have a good rest of the evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Soup for lunch and porridge for tea…plus a few extra little bits and pieces – just spent the day dashing through the rain…and you can tell it now from my hair – it’s got that ‘I give up’ look!

    Just mugging up on some stuff for a meeting tonight, and beginning to think ahead for the new year – otherwise I’ll have a panic on as soon as Christmas is over!

    Cub Christmas party happening through the wall – had one person put their head round the door to say ‘good luck working with this row’, another asking about the praciticalities of a polling station on Thursday, another asking about sewing, another asking about presenting some DofE awards…the noise is the least of my worries – it’s all these heads popped round the door that cause the problem!

    Still – nice to be at the heart of things.


    Taxi booked for 7pm then I will have a pint or two plus a nice juicy steakπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹.Still pouring down otherwise we would have got the bus.Heidi stood on the front door step and the rain fell on her nose and that was enough for her πŸ˜€.

    Evening All..
    The weather appalling took us an extra hour to get home, stationary traffic and bouncing rain…Charlie has been really good in the car possibly 4 hours round trip.
    A lovely meal at Sister in laws, a coffee stop at a beautiful garden centre at Bents it’s well known in the area, a new pets cafe and reasonable, main restaurant is pricey…last stop at our best man, he is not well at all messing with hospital appointments since June, another one yesterday a scan put back to February again.

    I decided on flapjack for your birthday and wished you a good day πŸŽ‚…smarties and cake sounded about right.

    You must be very proud of yourself 2 stone off..Well Done…when you go out and away a lot it’s much harder.

    Enjoy the Carols and tea out tonight…a good start to Christmas..good training with Nick nice to have no one turn up..πŸ˜€

    In this busy month how do you find time to sew?…I shall look up the quilt….you are so so busy but must be lovely to have all these people around you….

    It does sound posh..you should of let us think on πŸ˜‚…well if that’s the rain you have been having you can keep it!…non stop all day…enjoy your steak meal tonight…

    A lazy few days that nice for you..make the most of it…

    Hope hubby’s is ok and he had a good time..and you found him ….good you got your presents wrapped sounds relaxing with Xmas music on πŸ˜€…..🀢🏻

    Jean x

    Nana- hope you find hubby πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
    Minols- hope you can get some work done with all those interruptions, nice to be needed & have people seek your wise counsel!
    Mel- I think I will put on 2 stone by the time Christmas is finished!
    Endellion- nice that you’ve had a few days off, but not nice doing tax forms…did guess you were maybe vegan.
    Dave- a busy day for you, hope you enjoy your steak…
    Jean- glad you got back okay, presents all delivered?
    Steve- sorry, I missed your post so had still been calling you typhoo…hope the cake was good, did you eat all 6 tiny portions?!
    Carol service was lovely & ate rather alot…oh dear! An Italian lady had made the most yummy chocolate & cherry cake! Did my bit & did all the washing up!

    I did laugh…you did your bit…what ate half the cake πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

    Well done on the washing up…..


    Didn’t have to pick husband up in the end as he had caught the bus to the next village (we only have a bus service twice a day here in to Cambridge at 7:00am and back home at 7:00pm) and decided to walk home – he’s quite merry so am amazed he managed to walk home 😏
    Now sleeping in his chair πŸ˜”
    Nana x

    Men are so funny nearly as good as dogs πŸ˜‚

    Back from meal had a 12oz rib eye and chips,peas, tomatoes and onion rings,followed by melt in the middle chocolate pudding with single cream,but there was no calories in itπŸ˜—πŸ˜—πŸ˜—plus four points of Coors Light,same again no calories.

    Good morning everyone couldn’t sleep so up early, still dark at the moment, I will take Heidi out when it goes light.I have give up fasting this week. Will try again next week before Christmas arrives.Gym this afternoon, according to Alexa it’s 3Β°C and raining, too dark to see if it’s raining but does feel cool

    Morning all!
    Dave- not like yiu to not be able to sleep in! Hope that your knees hold up to the gym…
    Jean- rude! πŸ˜‚…yes I did do my bit making sure there wasn’t too much leftover πŸ˜‚
    Nana- glad hubby got home okay! Hope he doesn’t have a headache today!
    Mel- how was your lunch out?
    Endellion- enjoy another day off if you’re not back to work now…
    Steve- back down to earth after your birthday!
    Minols- hope son is getting better? And you can get some work done…
    Kay, Cakey, Annabelle- hope you’re all okay! Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone!
    Have to do shopping today, & out this evening, more food, then will be able to fast Thursday & Friday.

    Morning all.
    In a little later than usual and couldn’t settle last night so up a little later – I think we’ve swapped, Dave!

    Didn’t end yesterday well as I found a leftover slice of pizza… Heated it up at 10.30😱

    Off to help make christingles in primary school this morning the it’s the boy’s show…

    Have a good day everyone.


    Morning All…
    Bright and cold…two good walks today before heavy weather starts tomorrow…

    A big clean up today!! and that’s it…see how much I get done….and ironing….

    Have a good day everyone….lots of meals and and busy people this week…enjoy all your meals, fasting can wait….

    Jean x

    Back from a walk with Heidi,brrrrr it’s cold out there. Denise gone to GP for a review of her tablets,and asked her to book me an appointment at the doctor’s to explain the letter I got from my consultant at the hospital.

    Really cold for us this morning….we have got half the house cleaned, we will do the rest tomorrow …pastry to make for a school fete and coffee afternoon later it can rest in fridge, mince pies to be made tomorrow …

    Hope Denise can sort you an appointment out so you know what’s happening…had some biscuits and a piece of Christmas cake, someone gave it to us…it’s not from the stash but Christmas is starting to call…hoping to wait another week 😬

    Jean x

    No appointments available πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ™„, will have to try again Friday.Very quiet on here today.No change for Denise bp 130/80.

    Been locked out!

    Ooh, I’m allowed back on! I had tried posting earlier!
    Dave- Denise’s blood pressure is very good! Hope you can get an appt soon to talk through your results…
    Jean- busy day for you! You’re brave if you’re making mince pies tomorrow again on a FD!
    Usual game at the park for Xena in the afternoon, another pile of ironing- it’s never ending 😬 Out tonight, another craft thing & more food! Made a table decoration this time. Took Mum again, she was getting very confused & going the wrong way to find everything & fell over as she was looking at what other people were doing, luckily only hurt pride 😱.
    Fasting for me tomorrow, hopefully!

    Morning all!
    Have a fun day non-fasters, & keep strong those of us who’re fasting!!

    Morning All..
    A damp morning, we are being dropped off at the park while Steve goes to a hospital appointment ( men’s things he doesn’t want me there)

    School pies to make when back and vote…

    We are fasting today…

    I was locked out too on Tuesday!….hope you Mum is ok and not too bruised and shaken….didn’t really think on fasting and baking πŸ˜‚…ironing and more cleaning possibly that will be more tomorrow…

    A good BP for Denise πŸ˜€

    Have a good day everyone hoping all the meals are going down nicely and a good time too…

    Jean x

    Afternoon all

    Still have plenty of cake left so unfortunately it’s not going to be a fast day for me its a terrible sacrifice i have to make.

    Been out for a little shop and put my mark on the election paper.

    Glad I wasn’t the only one to have trouble logging on here yesterday and very happy to be back.

    Good luck to all who are fasting today.

    Afternoon All…
    Raining and very cold here…

    All my pies made about 38 β€” 2 😬… ( otherwise fasting going well!) we will take them up to school in the morning.

    Finished my windows in between waiting pies to cook just two outside windows to wash, raining now so tomorrow for them. Both boys asleep so looks like ironing to do, get the hoover out later.

    Lots of cake left thought you would have eaten it by now…Christmas is looming here doubt if we will make next Thursday. My Steve is getting his eating head on….πŸ˜‚…before our fasting life 1st December was our declaring Christmas start date!..

    Voted here too, seemed to be a lot of people about more than usual….

    Jean x


    Been locked out again!
    Fasting okay, not so worried about keto at the moment so have been drinking plenty of tea(milk has too many carbs to have much if I do keto!)
    Jean- well done getting mince pies done with only one eaten each! Hope Steve’s appt went okay? Don’t need details πŸ˜‚
    Steve- you’ve done well to make the cake last that long πŸ˜‚
    Had one dry walk with Xena & extra playing as it’s too wet to play ball at the park…might take her round the streets later so we don’t get muddy. Going to vote when youngest gets home from work, he wanted to go with us. Have a proxy vote to do for eldest as he’s away, shall grit my teeth very hard as I do his cross, not a party I would vote for!!

    Raining raining raining…stops about 8 pm, a late street walk I think…I will join your thought…this morning at the park, Charlie had a good play under protest from his Dally puppy friend who is nearly as big as him, Oreo so loves him licking his face and tormenting him into play..it was a good fast walk….

    Steves appointment went well, tablets for 6 weeks then some tests….I only do small pies so not too bad…Steve complaining all the time while I was baking, all wrapped up now as he was eyeing up for eating again 😬..house all clean now, ironing not done yet.

    Must ring my daughter in America and see were she is up to in Father Christmas buying…πŸ˜‚

    Jean x

    Evening everyone,
    Been a busy couple of days usual Wednesday lunch yesterday and today was a Christmas Meal with the Day Centre that my sister helps to run. We went to a lovely pub in the middle of nowhere it was very good and I’m still full. Walked back home and met husband at the village hall to vote. Horrible day here also weather wise.
    Am planning on having another FD on Saturday and that will be it until after Christmas as a lot more social occasions coming up next week.
    Have a good evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Had a lovely meal at the pub in levenshulme, Roast chicken with loads of veg plus Yorkshire pudding.Had a few pints,tried to get a bus home but it didn’t turn up.Rang Denise and told her. Said I would get a taxi which didn’t turn up so got home late had an argument and told Denise I am sick of being told off for me coming late,it was totally out of my hands,so we are not talking now ☹️☹️☹️.

    Morning all!
    Dave- such a shame you’ve had a bad end to your night, hope you patch things up soon…😟
    Jean- hope you stayed strong with your fast? Glad his appt was okay. Hope the school fair goes well!
    Nana- glad the day centre lunch was good! Hope your fast tomorrow goes well, shame you can’t fit in any more, but you’re very good at just having one meal when you eat out so I’m sure you’ll be fine!
    Minols- did you stay up to watch the results? I do like to but was too tired, up at 5am to see though. Hope you’re not too busy today?
    Steve- are you planning any more fasts?
    Mel- hope things are going well for you!
    Endellion- guess you’re back to work now, must be a busy time for you!
    Kay- are you home yet; how was your visit?
    Sorry if I’ve forgotten anyone…
    Am trying to do another 800cal FD, feel quite hungry already! Will hopefully see my Homestart family, & need to get a few bits of shopping on the way home.

    Morning All..
    Dark and dry…watched the election till 12.30 but it was so slow with a larger turn out I went to sleep.

    Taking my pies to school and then a Country Park walk which is under the Humber Bridge, just different hoping not too muddy…popping to church to take mum and dads wreath and seeing sister for lunch. A busy morning.

    Steves weight the same and I have lost 2lbs…so very pleased the bug has helped πŸ˜‚

    Have a good HS family day..what was the comments from the boys for your wreath…

    Hoping the house isn’t so frosty…good you enjoyed the meal out …

    Steves getting itchy feet for Christmas see if I can talk him round today πŸ˜‚…enjoy all your social event this next week you are so busy…do you get pulled in to help at the day centre dinner? Glad it all went well….

    Steve will walk Charlie while I dry my hair…

    Jean x

    I was locked out too!

    A long day as I’d woken at 3am. Got a nap at 44.5 for 20 mins, worked the evening, and stayed up until 4.15 this morning! Didn’t get as much sewing done as i’d hoped to…I’d forgotten how tiring hand sewing can be …when you’re already tired! And I need to cut my nails.

    Anyway, treating myself to a slow day – some bits of work, but mainly tidying and sorting downstairs so we can get the tree up this weekend.

    I think I need an audio book on while I clean…if I put the radio on it will just be endless political speculations and I think I may have ‘od’ed on that in the night!


    Good morning everyone, Didn’t watch the election,but looks like we will be out of Europe just after my birthday.Going to Denise’s mums soon.Must get on the scales, definitely will have put on weight this time. Will take Heidi out before we go.

    Minols- poor you, some very long days, are you like Maggie Thatcher & can do with only a few hours sleep?!! Hope you can have an earlier night tonight…
    Dave- hope things are better with you & Denise & that her Mum’s as okay as she can be. Fingers crossed we’ll be out of Europe on my birthday, that will make my day! πŸ‘
    Think the site’s spam detector might need some tweaking!!

    Afternoon All..
    A good busy morning…pies delivered…the walk we wanted didn’t come off under 6’ of water!!, so had a walk on riverside of the Humber, still nice but a bit more restrictive for Charlie just up and down running.

    A lovely lunch out, well more cake and a couple of coffees but still nice to catchup..sister seems a bit low, her son is not putting a tree up, ( they live together) she is saying she might not have a lot of Christmas’s left shes 76.

    Park walk and a chippy dinner tonight, look forward to that…might be wine in an open bottle too….

    Is that birthday on 31st January?….at least we are not moving to France it was a thought if Corbyn got in…very much a big worry……get my Jack out and fly it high when we are out.

    Is everything ok today…do things get back to normal quick….enjoy your visit…good luck on your weigh in…

    You could have had a chat to Steve he was up and down all night!!…hope you get your stitching done.

    90 mins sit before walking again….

    Steve has declared Christmas..although we may try for another FD Monday and not a too heavy week food wise.
    We will be back fasting Thursday 2nd January….hoping not too much weight to move in the New Year.

    Jean x

    Update on us..

    We started fasting in 2013 we both lost 33 lbs over a year and got to goal..it was a Hooray we have got there..fasting stopped, coming on here logging also stopped.

    Steves 2 new knees, no exercise and back to normal eating over the next year we piled all the weight back on, every single pound!

    A second start to fasting 2015 to 2019 much harder this time and maybe too many holidays, although feeling very positive we wanted a slow weight loss and a definite new way of life. Steve seems much slower this time but he has had two years of bad health, he maybe has another 7 lbs to loose.

    This morning sees me back to 33 lbs off and over my goal. This is a lovely end to the year. The hardest time is now to stay within 2 lbs of wriggle room…we shall still stay with you all. We have too!

    I want to say a big Thank You for all the support in all directions you have given us both, especially Steve these last 6 months. I think we are a great bunch of friends.

    All our journeys continue in the New Year, good luck to everyone.

    Jean and Steve x

    Quick post.
    Dave, hope all is well again. I hate confrontation, cannot deal with it.
    It has taken me a while to realise that the longer I go without an FD the worse my eating gradually gets. Today is an EFS day. Social life over now though until 23rd so an FD800 tomorrow then hopefully a few ADFs until Christmas.
    Jean and Steve, it has been a pleasure to follow everyone’s lives since I joined in May. We have been rooting for you all the way. As you say, we are friends, and I look forward to sharing 2020 with you all.

    Back from Denise’s mums,she is ok,she got out of bed for a couple of hours on Wednesday but said she now prefers to stay in bed.I gained 4lbs but expected that, no fasts all week and two meals out plus beer.It goes to show how much difference it makes fasting.Still very frosty here, I went to bed early last night and Heidi came with me😁.The motorway was a nightmare coming home took us an hour and a half, normally it’s just over 30 minutes.

    Jean- Well done to you shifting all the weight again- it shows how hard maintaining is! & you’ve had a difficult year…I think when we get to a certain age, if you ever want any treats then you need a couple of FDs to keep maintaining! But I don’t hold with declaring Christmas next week, far too early!!
    Mel- I’ll be with you next week, hoping to still do some fasting!
    Dave- at least you still get a cuddle from Heidi, even if Denise is ignoring you! A long car journey to be not talking 😬 I think with my nonketo last week & some EFS days I probs put on a similar amount, I think some’s gone with the last 2 FDs though.
    Very hungry now, dinner’s in the oven! A lovely visit with my HS family, but felt bad leaving them as it was going a bit haywire!

    Jean I like Steve’s thinking about Christmas,HH won’t approve though. Will see how it goes. My son will begin Sheffield tomorrow, he is playing in a tournament,ball hockey,he is the goalie. We bought him a bag for all his equipment it’s so big he climbed inside it πŸ˜ƒ.

    Morning all!
    Dave- I don’t approve! Too early…
    Hope your son does well!
    Have a good day everyone…Nana, stay strong if you’re fasting!
    Doing the Church prayer thing this morning so might treat myself to a festive hot chocolate! And looking forward to the Strictly final tonight, Mum’s coming over for dinner & to watch it together.

    Up almost as early as you HH.Got to drive my son to his mates house so a thirty minutes drive, otherwise i would be fast asleep now.πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€πŸ’€.A flood alert as just appeared on my Echo Show,think I will build an Ark.

    Morning all

    It’s a wet and dark morning up here so far but never mind it can only get better.

    Not looking forward to the scales tomorrow after the week of cake which has now been eaten and the smarties but i have no regrets you only have one birthday.

    I’ll be fasting Monday and maybe Thursday of next week which will probably be the last for this year so I can enjoy Christmas and New Year

    Morning All…
    A very early walk…taking the caravan for yet again for service, all empty could really do without it…a bit of food Xmas shopping on the way back…getting things together…

    I have been strong I was hoping to put sweets out but thought better of it…wait till Steve asks.. pushing for as late as possible πŸ˜‚

    We will be fasting Monday, we are out for a festive lunch Thursday so Monday will be last one…

    Have a good day everyone….a busy time…

    Jean x

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