Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Where is everyone,hello, I Will take the register.HH just to prove I am not a wuss I got on the scales 👀.Right Mel is here, I am here who else???

    Morning All..

    Still not good, very much like morning sickness now earlier today…..a very much a blast from the past 😂

    Charlie had ear ache last night, I sat massaging it for a while he did get to sleep, walking lop sided…so vets this morning his usual vet saw us, then a update on his allergies £129 later ouch…three weeks of antibiotics, ear drops and a body shampoo…see how we go.

    Happy birthday for next week a cake is definitely a good idea…I think as you are on your own if we all bought our own cake we could join you having a birthday tea 🎂 😀…er which day?

    Steve and Jean joining you….second day not eating for me, just had a very small chip butty, took my fancy…I may regret it 😬

    Hold the baton high and keep strong..

    Keep an eye on Mel she’s struggling…you are both fasting…

    Lazy day again …

    Jean x

    Afternoon Everyone,
    Jean sorry your still not better and now Charlie poorly also. How’s Steve doing.
    Mel I’m struggling also – just had an Oxo cube dissolved in a mug of hot water. Doesn’t help that husband recorded James Martin’s Saturday Morning and has now decided to watch it😕 We’ve got this though👍
    Nana x

    Jean, Denise said she wouldn’t wish morning sickness on anyone,we never needed a pregnancy test for her,she would rush to the toilet and throw up and she did this for the full 9 months hope things improve during the day still a few missing the register, will have to appoint prefects.

    Afternoon all! Dave- sorry I’m late sir, been very busy! What did the scales say?! I laughed at Denise’s improved tech skills, amazing that shopping has been learnt quickly! Sorry, didn’t like tge sound of son’s cake, hope he enjoys it!
    Typhoo- happy birthday for next week as well! I would happily make you a cake if you were nearer!
    Jean- poor you, hope you feel better soon, funny it’s just in the morning! Poor Charlie too, hope his ear soon improves. Is he still wanting his usual walks? When Josie had an ear infection once she ran off & rolled in something disgusting- the vet thought it was a good natural poultice but can’t say I was impressed!
    Kay- hope visit at Mum’s is going well!
    Mel- keep strong, it’s only one day, we’re all cheering you on!
    Nana- same for you, hope the cooking program hasn’t scuppered you!
    Annabelle- sounds like a nightmare with the plumbing problems, hope it all gets sorted! Don’t blame you not fasting…hope you can reduce the steroids soon; Nana just has the one meal if she’s out for dinner (very impressive, I’d struggle with that especially if it was lunchtime!), maybe you could do that some days instead of fasting?
    Minols- hope the market was good!
    Had mum & my aunt over yesterday, had a really nice evening! My aunt might go to New Zealand next spring, Mum’s always wanted to go so she’s trying to persuade mum to go as well! Early walk with Xena, came back & hubby had done all the clearing up we’d left, 🌟 for him. We went to a couple of craft/ farmers markets but didn’t buy anything- there’s usually lots of lovely looking cakes but none today, I would’ve had one! Been cooking since we’ve been back; Christmas pud made & steaming, buttercream made as I have to do cupcakes tomorrow, & making a pudding for tonight. That 3lbs is probably back on already 😂

    I’m having an afternoon slobbing out after the water debacle. Have done walk of 4983 steps so will call it a day.
    Keep fighting the flab everyone, I will resume tomorrow – maybe!

    Steves holding up….I am ok just under the weather..not me at all…I have just watched a few of James Martin moved on to Gino now…all safe nothing taking my fancy..

    Just this morning thank goodness …all good at the moment..

    I think Charlie is feeling off..I came in and got a blanket out for me feeling chilly although heating is on 23 degrees, he left Steve and joined me under it..we are going to the park soon I shall see how he is nearer the time…he was fine this morning..
    It’s a long way to New Zealand do you think she could be tempted. Busy with all your baking all sounds lovely…I have things to do…

    Jean x

    HH I am giving you lines,write out I must not be late 100 times Amazingly the scales say I have lost 1pound🤪. Heidi’s had a nibble at her weed in the churchyard and met up with one of her pals a Jack Russell,they are normally not friendly dogs with other dogs but this one is, Heidi just gets on with all dogs.

    Clinging on by fingertips! Came back from a two hour muddy walk with Jodie 😇 and had my hand on a pack of Nairn’s coconut and chia oatcakes. Put them back and came on this site. Read all your encouraging comments and so glad I didn’t eat them. Don’t know why I am so finding it so hard at the moment, presumably because Christmas is coming and I don’t expect to lose anything this month. I am in danger of putting a lot on though if I don’t pull myself together. Anyway, think 🙏 today is ok. Will try another one on Monday.
    Poor Charlie, it’s one thing after another. He sounds such a sweet dog though. Paul met Karen from next door with Tilly, their new rescue dog (the one who bit Jodie). After talking a while Tilly’s hackles went down and then Jodie went into play mode with her! Obviously forgiven her. Tilly seemed ok so Karen let her off the lead and they all walked happily together. A small step but an important one I think.
    Nice that Heidi gets on with all dogs. Probably because she is high all the time 😂.
    Annabelle good luck for tomorrow!
    HH I am in awe of all your cooking. New Zealand is top of our list after the inevitable happens (🐩). Not for a long time I hope.
    Nana – keep going, as you say we have got this! Early night perhaps!
    Jean, hope you are better tomorrow.
    I will report in in the morning, Jean I think you can put the gun down….

    Dave- well done 1lb off! Bring on the smartie diet! Will don my lines later…
    Mel- well done on the oat cakes! (They do sound nice, lock them away!!) Well done on the walk too. NZ does look good, what about a dog boarder for Jodie? The ones Xena goes to have dogs for 6weeks sometimes while people are away! Good that the neighbour’s dog was friendlier to Jodie, & surprised she wasn’t scared!
    Jean- hope Charlie is okay, & you too. Is Steve a good nurse?! Mum’s always wanted to go to NZ, but dad wouldn’t fly that far, I think if she says yes she’ll do nothing but stress about it until they go! She has said she’ll go with my other aunt to Minorca next year, & away with a friend on another trip too, it’ll be really good for her, & they’re all aware of her memory problems!
    Annabelle- lots of steps, enjoy putting your feet up!
    Park walk & game with Xena, just washed the kitchen floor- I’m a messy cook! Have to wait for it to dry before I can do dinner, luckily just pork leftovers, eldest is out as well so less to do!

    Well done at keeping strong it’s hard if the mind and mood are not right….gun away now……I would say Charlie is lovely but he had his naughty head on tonight, barking at everyone in the park no idea why….he usually is 98% good all the time he was in the 2% tonight 😂…shower time for him soon with his vet shampoo he has to stand for 10 mins before washing off…fun..he will not be amused. I have had the look because I have warned him on his shower.
    Lovely Jodie and Tilly are getting on better, it will be much nicer as summer arrives and you can walk together.

    Have a good day tomorrow..

    It’s lovely Heidi gets on with all the dogs…well done on the pound off….

    It would be nice for your mum to get away maybe closer would be better….NZ is so far….Steves been looking after me he is quite good.
    Snap on the messy cook…when I cook with chocolate I have chocolate everywhere on all the handles, down cupboards, kitchen and utility 😂..vanilla slice for me tonight I seem desperate for sweet stuff 😱it will settle me or not..trying a cup of tea too.

    Jean x

    Good evening all

    My Birthday is on Tuesday the 10th for anyone who would like to join me in having some cake.


    That’s very kind of you just a shame i don’t live closer home made cakes always taste better.

    Weather hasn’t been the best here again but it’s December so can’t really expect glorious sunshine at least not here in Scotland.

    You did say before I remember my step daughters birthday too…it’s an age thing…..we will join you with a cake.

    HH is a good baker everything sounds so nice, chocolate cheesecakes especially 😂…our day has been quite dry and mild, rain tomorrow I think…..

    Jean x

    Evening all,
    FD done and dusted but boy it was hard. Next one planned for Monday.
    Dave well done on the pound off – I’ve not been brave enough to step on mine.
    Jean good to hear Steve is looking after you so well.
    Nana x

    Hi Nana, we did it! And we did it today so we can do it Monday. We will share the baton!

    We will join you Monday….well done..

    Poor Charlie had his shower…out of friends with me..now sat with Steve..

    A hour later Steve pushed a pipe down his ear and squirted it with oil..out of friends with him…sat back with me! 😂

    Funny onions….


    Pets are so funny i remember a cat of ours if you left him alone in the house all day he would sit with his back to you and completely ignore anything you said a very sulky cat.

    My weigh in is tomorrow morning just hoping i can lose at least a pound would be happy enough with that

    Good luck Steve 🤞



    Thank you I’ll probably lose a pound and gain four with the birthday cake but such is life you are only 53 once.

    Morning all!
    Nana & Mel- well done with yesterday’s fast! Saturdays are tough days to fast I think…
    Typhoo- hope the scales are kind!
    Jean- aww poor Charlie, swapping allegiances 😂
    Dave- did Denise enjoy the footie yesterday? Am I right she’s a City fan?
    Hope everyone else is okay & the weather’s not as bad as forecast for you northeners!
    Helping with teas & coffees after Church today, there may be a biscuit eaten this time, especially if there’s any broken ones 😂 Will take Xena out for a walk as soon as it’s light!

    Good morning all

    The scales have been very kind to me today and after the week I had where I wasn’t too good i managed to lose that pound i wanted.

    Its been a wet start to Sunday so far but I don’t really mind as I have no plans on going out just a typical lazy Sunday

    Morning All..
    Out to the park before the football starts..football isn’t the problem parking is…goodness very very windy with light icy cold rain…

    I shouldn’t of eaten the vanilla slice, not a good night again..feeling so drained and tired…Steve looks like he’s joining me, he feels strange and not right….(quite normal really 😂)….I have managed to eat a small bowl of cornflakes and blueberries, strangely I enjoyed them maybe turning a corner…house looks a mess maybe wait till tomorrow…

    A wee babe at 53…I wish..😂..well done on moving the pound….

    I think you are the city fan…united for Denise..and Steve…he was very pleased..

    Enjoy your morning….no breaking biscuits on purpose 😂…

    Lazy day for us…cancelled our Christmas visit and lunch on Tuesday to Manchester …can’t take the bug over, have to plan another day…

    Jean x

    Jean you are correct Denise is the red and I am in mourning.I didn’t watch the game my heart wouldn’t take it.I have just found out the score so I will delete the recording of it.I will be miserable all week now☹️☹️☹️.It will be difficult not to gain weight this week.Going to a buffet lunch at the bowling club on Tuesday then going for a meal later the same day for my son’s birthday.Thursday going for another meal with the fitness class,so two pub sessions🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺🍺.Time to take Heidi for her fix😵🤯.

    Afternoon all!
    Typhoo- enjoy your lazy day! Very well done on the pound going!
    Jean- poor you, these bugs can linger on…hope Steve doesn’t get it. Rest up as much as you can & don’t worry about the house!
    Dave- not a good week for you foodwise! I look like having one of those too 😂
    There were quite a few broken biscuits, & a few left over, so had to help eat them! Have cakes to make this afternoon for a Christmas craft thing for Homestart tomorrow, then got to make cake for a Christmas get together at Church on Tuesday, & then nibbles for another do on Weds, no keto or fast days in sight 😂

    Some of you may find this of interest.

    Heidi is going cold turkey,she had a sniff at her weed but then ignored it.Very blustery outside and according to weather forecast it’s going to be snow this week especially in Scotland.

    Afternoon All..
    Under protest we both have gone out and emptied the caravan ready for taking on Saturday for it’s service, weather dry at the moment and if Steve gets the bug and doesn’t feel like it.
    I think I am coming round, just had three biscuits for my lunch..it’s a good treat as we never eat them now. The two packets have been in the tin for ages as not many visitors these days …

    I think it was a good game, Steve watched some before he lost the picture on his stick then listened to the radio maybe a good idea to delete it…you have a busy week ahead feasting any planned fasting or will it be a miss….I don’t want snow ☃️ Still the boy might like it…after the caravan service please.

    You have loads on this week too, plenty of cakes to make too…shall you manage to fast? Just noticed maybe not…so cold here and windy…a wrap up warm for next walk.

    Enjoy your lazy day…do you like footy and sport?

    Jean x

    Heidi likes snow she jumps into the deepest snow,not that we ever get deep snow here, don’t always get snow, some years no snow at all.I will try a fast day tomorrow and Wednesday, will be happy with a small gain this week. I have just made the Yorkshire pudding mix and put it in the fridge to chill.I make smaller puds now,but they all go in one sitting.

    Glad I didn’t consider going out its been raining pretty nonstop and not looking too nice outside.


    I like watching most sports and been a Liverpool fan for over forty years but never had the opportunity to see them play live boxing fan too so happy Anthony Joshua won last night.

    Yes I watched the fight last night,he won easily.I have two mates who watch Scottish football one is a Rangers fan the other Celtic.The Rangers fan lived in Glasgow the Celtic fan just outside in Hamilton.It a cold wind outside, I don’t know what part of Scotland you and Minols live but expect snow this week.

    Im not too far from Glasgow so hopefully the snow if it arrives will be more in the north can do without that type of weather.

    Fingers crossed 🤞🤞🤞.

    Good morning everyone, couldn’t sleep so up early.Had Weetabix so don’t think it will be a fast day , going to struggle for a fast day this week.Looks miserable outside so I will have a cuppa then take Heidi out.

    Morning all!
    Dave- you’re up?!!😱 shame on the FD, it’s hard when you’re up early & hungry.
    Jean- hope that you get tge caravan sorted & that you & Steve feel better! Good luck fasting today.
    Mel- did you plan to fast today? Hope it goes well if you are!
    Hope everyone else is okay, no fasting for me, wreath making (the family have already decided mine will be rubbish & it won’t be going up on our door! 😂), & there’ll be food there.
    A lazy start, will take Xena out shortly.

    Took Heidi out,no weed again think she must be letting it grow.A lovely sunny day now, Denise is going to have her eyes tested in an hour,so I expect it will cost her a bit,she’s not changed them for a few years.

    Morning All…
    A very cold wind today….up early and out…a bit of shopping and wreaths bought.

    I am feeling much better and the bug seems to have passed Steve by….we will be going up to Manchester tomorrow as 24 hours has passed and it should be fine.

    We are fasting today, a loose day no lunch, possibly nearer 800…I have really not eaten in 4 days and feel it, so need to be thoughtful and healthy.

    I am cutting Steves hair, then shower and making more mince pies for the freezer…then some housework 😬

    Hoping the wreath making goes well and enjoy the pick of food..

    Good luck on the eye test could prove expensive 😬

    You live in Minols area she is around Glasgow…Charlie my Dalmations was from Cumbernauld a 4 hours drive from where we live…

    Having a cuppa then must move…

    Jean x

    Having a coffee,very rare for me it’s usually tea.Denise has just gone to the opticians so it’s me and Heidi.My car ran out of screen wash so just filled it, I had to search for the lever to open the bonnet,it was on the passenger side, I hope I filled the right one there was two or three choices.Will test it when I go to exercise class.A bit nippy outside but to be expected it is winter.

    Fasting again today. Nana, are you doing it too? Just had a nice soup (Glorious! Butternut squash and carrot) about 180 calories the whole pot.
    Jean, take it easy and if you need more food today think you should eat. Health first.
    HH think it was you mentioned boarding Jodie. It is a good idea but she is 10 in January and has never been apart from us apart from the odd couple of nights with close friends. If you start early I think it would work. Also I wouldn’t be happy with six weeks or so away from her, I would miss her too much. So NZ will have to wait!
    Anyway, last fast today until Saturday. Social few days coming up!

    Yes I am the same,lunch and dinner tomorrow then a meal out again on Thursday.Its getting near to Christmas 👺😈👿.Will hold out as long as possible,the chocolate keeps calling me.Done very well to resist so far,next year if I’m still going I won’t buy choccy’s until much later.

    Evening All..
    All going well here, must call it a loose fast, we did have a very small mince pie, made 36 and Steve had to do a test to see if they were up to standard…they passed the test…all in the freezer now.

    Second run in the park tonight..I think it’s raining for the next 4 days…lots of runs and play with dogs so it was a good idea.

    Hope Denise’s eye test goes well could prove expensive…😬enjoy your meals out…

    I would be so upset on leaving Charlie, he would have to go into kennels if we go to America to see my daughter but Steves insurance is so high at the moment it’s not an option. He was passed around for 18 months to different houses before he came to us, I think kennels would be the best if I could cope with it 😱

    Enjoy all your social do’s in the next few days….

    Jean x

    Denise’s eye test good no new glasses needed.The mince pies would be safe with me only Denise likes them in our house.Denise is trying to book a table for tomorrow night but is struggling at the moment.I may have a go myself in a minute.Heidi has been in kennels a few times,she used to pull like mad to get out.

    Good evening everyone

    The weather here has been pretty much the same as the weekend but at least there’s no snow or storms.

    Fast day is going well before the cake tomorrow and I put back on the pound loss at the weekend plus a couple more.

    Hi everyone!
    Still here and busy running around manically! Still going with fasting and receiving a few more comments from people saying I look slimmer which feels great. I’ve had a few rather indulgent NFDs recently so going to try and dial that in this week, but I’ve kept up fasting and working out so think I’ve probably maintained.
    FD today and have enjoyed a bowl of very silky, garlicky homemade cauliflower soup. And gin with diet tonic! Probably have room for a small glass of wine too.
    Hope all is well x

    Evening everyone,
    Mel yes a successful FD here for me today – it was such a lovely morning that we decided to walk to the next village and collect my repeat prescription and also hand deliver some Christmas cards to friends and family – ended up walking eight miles and as it was half past two when we eventually got back home decided to wait until half past five before eating.
    My last FD for the week as like others of you a lot of social events this week to go to.
    Jean glad you’re feeling better and also that Steve’s escaped.How’s Charlie’s ears now?
    Hedgehogs hope your wreath turned out well.
    Nana x

    Good news on the glasses…you can buy more chocolate! 😂

    With the jobs you are doing it will be manic leading to Christmas…..good people are noticing the slimmer you …your mums scales will be smiling at you…

    Well done on a good fast day and all the extra walking…enjoy your social events this week….
    Charlie is good having his ear drops, they seem to be fine now but he has to finish the bottle. His bumps improving again too hoping the low dosage antibiotics will work this time.

    Was there a drum roll for your wreath ?….I am sure it is lovely and hangs lovely on your door…

    We will be away tomorrow in Manchester area, I will try and pop by or back Wednesday…

    Jean x

    What a great idea Jean🍫🍫🍫. The Christmas feeling is getting stronger 🤯🤯🤯.Can almost taste the chocolate 😋😋😋. Denise is making the cake for tomorrow 😋😋😋.I should go to bed now,I would be safer there 🤤

    Well done all you fasters!
    Dave- still 2 weeks to go, keep away from the stash!! Probably a good idea to have an early night, & avoid too much temptation!
    Jean- well done aw well, & doing baking on a FD, great willpower! Have a good trip!
    Mel- well done! I forget Jodie is 10, so it might be a shock to leave her for long…where we leave Xena they’re lovely people & she stays in their homes, I’d not leave her in kennels, don’t think I could leave her for 6 weeks either. It’s a shame if it’s somewhere you’d love to go though, life’s short!
    Nana- well done to you & loads of walking!
    Typhoo- have a great day tomorrow, I’ll have a cake with you 😂
    Endellion- lovely that you’re getting compliments! Soup sounds nice!
    Wreath looks pretty good, it’s up, boys not noticed as it was dark when they came home! Mum’s was really good, she enjoyed herself. Friend’s hubby had made vegan sausage rolls, they were really good, had 3 plus one of my cakes 😱. It was my lunch though! Had a big pile of ironing to do since I’ve been home, eldest is going away for 10days. Youngest came home very chuffed as he’s been asked to be manager of the bakery as well- he thinks they’ve earmarked him for future potential assisstant manager! No more pay though!

    Good morning all

    Can’t believe its raining again I’m going to have to build an ark if it carries on.

    Breakfast was very nice this morning after yesterday’s fast so hopefully shopping later for a cake and try to stay away from the smarties I could crack today and eat a whole tube 😃🤐🤐

    Morning All…
    Dark and dreary here..raining…

    Leaving shortly to go to visit won’t be back till 9 pm a long day three visits, it’s like packing for an army making sure I have everything for the boy….

    Happy Birthday have a lovely day…crack open the smarties and enjoy your cake…I will be having one later I will think of you 🎂

    Glad the wreaths up if no one has noticed it’s a good sign it’s very nice..you must remember ‘men’ 😂
    Good news on your son too you must both be proud.

    You must wait another week at least to keep off your stash…Denise’s cake looked very good..we are declaring Christmas on the 19th!…hopefully.

    Must fly…

    Jean x

    Quick post as I have to go and get gussied up for my girly lunch out. About 10 of us, we get a minibus to Cleethorpes. Used to be more of us but most are older than me and we are beginning to die off!
    Anyway, just wanted to post that after yesterday’s FD800 (which amazingly I didn’t find too hard) I have officially lost two stone! A different story tomorrow though no doubt 😂😂


    Thank you so much im sure I will have a great day and think cake and smarties sounds like a great idea maybe not at the same time though.


    Two stone is a fantastic weight loss you should be very proud of yourself for that.

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