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  • Evening all

    I am very sorry to report that the smarties i had in my fridge are no longer with us they decided to commit a group suicide by jumping into my mouth and forcing me to eat them.

    Rip dear smarties your sacrifice will never be forgotten.

    Hockey at midnight,won’t have any choccy but probably toast 😈

    Oh dear, Typhoo… Every smartie has it’s day!

    I just succumbed to toast and honey. The first truly bitey/chewy thing since the tooth extraction. Not convinced it will keep me satiated like omelette or skyr.

    Off to clean the bathroom – mum comes this afternoon. She ‘s not overly tidy herself, so I know she won’ t judge the state we live in, but wevve at least made sure she won’t trip over things and I do like a nice clean bathroom myself.


    Morning all!
    Minols- hope you get everything done, lovely to have your Mum with you! How long for?
    Typhoo- oh dear!
    Dave- you have made it hard for yourself with a big stash 😂
    Mel- glad that you can still do all the walking you do with your heart problems! I did use to drink, loved wine! But with the medication I’m on now for neck problems I’m not supposed to drink, I had some champagne the 1st new year after starting the tablets & I had a horrible headache, not worth it! It’s been 5 years now, I don’t like the smell of alcohol now, makes me feel sick! Page has turned, can’t remember when you were doing your B2B FDs? Stay strong if it’s today!
    Jean- hope your FD goes well!
    Nana- enjoy rainy Ely!
    Kay- let us know how you are…
    Annabelle- hope you’re having a good week?!
    Endellion- you too!
    Should be an 800cal FD, but have some baking to do for our friends coming tomorrow, making cheese scones, sausage rolls & mini victoria sponges. They said they’d like a light lunch- I’m not good at that 😂 Maybe I should give them a packet of seaweed, that’ll be my light lunch today!

    HH not fasting today as have got a last full breakfast (and croissants) in the pub. B2Bs Friday and Saturday then will try and get some ADFs before Christmas.

    I would be very distressed if I had to stop drinking my wine, it’s like a bonding thing between Paul and me 😂😂. Don’t drink anything else really, says she forgetting the Baileys she had last night. 😨😨

    Morning All..
    A bit late up, so late walk…hairdressers this afternoon…Xmas tree coming in and putting up moving furniture a bit…dress it tomorrow….daughter maybe coming Saturday so she can see it…possibly not see her to the new year..( SIL and families!)

    Enjoy having your mum up that’s nice…how long is she staying for…will you be going down for Boxing Day?

    I just use elbow grease, like you 😂 Lots of lovely baking for visitors is there enough room for a plus two?…everything we like.

    Enjoy your lovely breakfast and safe journey home…I do enjoy a red wine maybe a whiskey or brandy after a meal with ice…you do well walking with your pacemaker..

    Put all your chocolate upstairs out of the way…just shown Steve our stash he says that’s more than enough.

    Poor smarties…a man after my own heart all in one go!….I don’t share !

    Must move…

    Jean x

    Morning all

    Its a cold but dry day so far which i don’t mind you just need to wrap up and keep your head warm too.

    Luckily the smarties were eaten the day before a fast so hopefully will keep me going a bit longer today.

    I think i need to move in with some of you with all the baking going on but feel i would need more fast days if that happened.


    What is this sharing you speak of i don’t think i’m fully understanding this strange concept.

    Definitely with you…I do share er occasionally …I work on the theory if I make sure I have covered other people on their chocolate then I don’t share!..it’s a good plan 😂

    Jean x

    Nope sorry no sharing of chocolate,it’s all mine👺.Resisted the smarties but I think they may disappear over the weekend.I have moved the tub of choccy’s but the trouble is I know where they are. Fast day today, think it will be poached eggs, bacon and tomatoes at 6pm. Should be bowling but rain stops play 🌧️😫.Typhoo plenty more smarties in Tesco,just buy extra incase they become suicidal again.

    Hi all!
    Second fast of the week today. Back on the life admin – some boring things to do, and some fun (booking a flight to Argentina!!!). Yesterday was my birthday and I had an amazing day 🙂 Felt in the mood for a quick workout in the morning, and even accidentally fasted til lunch. Although that fast was well and truly broken with a Christmas sandwich, one of the Costa Christmas drinks that I’ve had my eye on for weeks (Irish cream latte) and half a mince pie. My boyfriend then took me out for a matinee performance of Death of a Salesman in the West End which was incredible, and then for a cocktail and dinner up the Sky Garden. And on the way home, popped into the bar I sometimes work in for some more (free) drinks. All in all, a fabulous day!
    Typhoo – don’t worry, I’ll be keeping tabs on the trousers in case of mishaps! The Smartie party sounds incredible too haha
    Kay – your weekend sounds lovely! As do those meringues… Save me some? Fingers crossed for your checkup..
    Dave – your stash of chocolate sounds glorious and so dangerous…
    Hedgehogs – as do all of those mince pies! I’m an absolute sucker for them.
    Minols – hooray for your looser trousers too! Monthly weighing sounds good as well. It’s very motivating to see big jumps on the scales, I think. And hooray for being mistaken as 30! I’m only 25 now but people often think I’m around 20. Hopefully the trend continues…
    Mel – your break sounds to die for! Enjoy all the delicious food and drink while it lasts. You’ll walk most of it off anyway!
    Jean – you sound permanently busy! Love having a tree up too.

    Sticking it out with black coffee until a quick bowl of soup before work this evening. I’m still working through the vat of broccoli soup I made last week! In case anyone is interested, here’s what I did:
    I got one big oven tray, chopped one whole broccoli, the stalk of another, leaves and stalks of a cauliflower I’d already used, scraps of other green veg, about 8 cloves of garlic in their skins and half an onion in wedges. Drizzled with 2-3 tbsp olive oil, lots of salt and pepper, and roasted it for about 30 minutes until it was slightly charred and all cooked through. Then blend it all with vegetable stock and more seasoning, squeezing the soft garlic out of its skins. I also added a few pinches of nutritional yeast, which has a sort of nutty, cheesy flavour.


    Endellion- belated happy birthday to you! Sounds like you had a great day! Thanks for the soup idea, sounds yum, I like soup on FDs.
    Dave- get Denise to hide your chocs & you hide hers? Being short, I’ve put the mince pies & stollen which is just for me up on a high shelf, I’d have to get steps out, & make more of an effort to sneak it! We do share most of our chocolate; if it’s for sharing it’s safe until it’s opened!
    Jean- shame about SIL if you’re not seeing the family over Christmas. Is other daughter back safely? Good that they had a good trip, do they celebrate thanksgiving today, a bit of a rush for them!
    Typhoo- noo don’t let them tempt you into buying more! I would love to have an extra one to bake for, I love it!
    Mel- enjoy the breakfast & last day!
    Have done all the baking, the fun bit, now housework left to do! Haven’t managed to stay very strong, nibbled a bit, but will still be a low day!

    HH send me some sausage rolls and cake, I don’t like cheese so non of them please.Non stop rain here so will have to get wet, not heavy enough for my Herr Flick coat, so better get Heidi’s towel ready for when we get back.

    Lost out on the freezer surprise today… Opened the tub to discover a noxious looking green soup the tasted just about alright but felt gritty. Note to self – don’t put sand in soup.

    Happy late birthday, Endellion.

    Taking the boy for afternoon tea and book before mum’s train arrives.

    Yes happy birthday Endellion,the youngster of our group.I have a shark steamer and for months the screwcap would not budge, I thought back to my engineering days and came up with a solution,it worked first time.So the big clean begins,it will take my mind of food, starting in the bathroom,next the kitchen so I will be busy, working up an appetite, don’t think I need to do that though.

    Happy Birthday for yesterday it sounds like you had a great day and deservedly spoiled as you should be.


    I have noticed that Tesco have a very well stocked shelf of smarties and the temptation is there to buy the mixed tube and a tube of orange but so far im being good.

    The fast has been pretty good so far but need to drink plenty of tea or coffee to keep warm as that seems to be the main problem with not eating.

    Yes I drink lots of tea and the odd coffee, I feel the cold more since I had an heart attack,but saying that I am roasting at the moment,the fire is turned up to full,can’t seem to turn down the flames,but Denise is always cold so she is happy.Got our cold weather payment so making use of it.Having a break from cleaning to take doggie out before it goes too dark.

    Evening All…
    We have the tree up and decorations around the room, Christmas ornaments, Elf, etc…tree not dressed yet….a blxxdy mess Christmas tree all over the floor. Having a change of colour I usually go gold and red my favourite but this year silver and white a touch of duck egg blue, always fir cones I have collected..I may regret changing colour but matches the room better.

    Hair cut short I quite like it, it’s east to manage..chin length bob.

    Fasting has gone well..2 poached eggs on toast for us tonight…

    Well done on moving the chocolate better than watching it 😀….All dry here..very unexpected…..forecast very heavy rain, some poor soul will have it….nice to see all the men cleaning, Steve needs a push but he doesn’t mind.

    Happy Birthday for yesterday, what a wonderful busy day doing lots of exciting things.

    Katie is back home, possibly with jet lag…..yes they celebrate Thanksgiving hoping hubby remembered to pick up a turkey..I will speak later to her or tomorrow …we never seem to see my other daughter he always has his family around, he doesn’t like Charlie!..it’s a wonder they are stopping by Saturday..

    We have invited our best man to stay over for a few days at Christmas, he would be on his own, his daughter hasn’t invited him, families, and he is very unwell at the moment, Steve will go over to Manchester to collect him as he can’t drive at the moment….if he is well enough to come…it means buying extra naughties 😂

    Enjoy your visitors tomorrow is it a Xmas visit? Or your Dutch friends with naughty things 😂 have a lovely day and catchup…

    Enjoy mums visit, the boy will be excited…and afternoon tea, reading??

    Well done on the fasting..we drink lots of tea too..

    Poached eggs calling…Charlie is grumbling because he’s had his walk and there’s no food..we are walking a hour early..try telling him that 😂

    Jean x

    I will be doing my poached eggs soon,had to thaw the bacon out, feeling very hungry now so I will have it now I think.Got United on the telly they was winning one nil and missed an absolute open goal to go two up, paying the price now losing 2-1.Food here I come.

    Evening everyone,
    Firstly Endellion a belated Happy Birthday 🎂 for yesterday.
    Been a miserable cold in off rainy day here today – the market in Ely was very small not many stalls at all but not surprising considering the weather. Lots of real Christmas trees for sale though along with door wreaths.
    Jean I sympathise with you regarding sil – our daughters ex partner would never involve himself with the family if we went to visit he would take himself off out as soon as we arrived in fact one Christmas he refused to come to ours for Christmas day so we ended up collecting her and our grandsons and taking them home later on as he drove off in the car so she couldn’t drive over herself – she no longer drives now as he was for ever telling her she was useless at driving . New sil is the opposite thank goodness.
    Hoping to put our🎄up on Saturday – it’s a real one that we got last year. Also had my hair cut by the daughter yesterday morning and a short bob for me too much easier to manage.
    Hedgehogs all that baking sounds good.
    Dave getting our chocolate stash in on Monday but will get husband to hide it away as he’s really good and won’t cave in before Christmas.
    Minols hope mum has arrived safely.
    NFD for me today but have totalled calories and it’s 1200 and kitchen is now closed.
    Meeting up with my sister ,brother in law and another couple for an early Christmas lunch tomorrow so no FD again. Will weigh myself tomorrow morning to see how I’ve done for November but I don’t think it’s going to be good.
    Nana x

    Nana- great nonFD total! Your exSIL sounds really awful, glad your daughter is happier now.
    Minols- enjoy your time with Mum…when’s your birthday, I thought it was Dec or Jan?
    Dave- Denise would love it here, too hot even for me, & that’s unheard of, think it’s the oven being on so much the last 2 days! Hope you didn’t get too wet! Very impressed with all your cleaning, are you competing with Jean 😂Enjoy your dinner…
    Jean- new xmas colour scheme sounds nice, we’re red & gold here (ish!) Nice you’ll have Steve’s friend at Christmas, more food needed!
    Don’t think we’ll put up our tree until Monday maybe. We have a very realistic real one, every year Mum asks if it’s real 😂. Had to agree to an artificial one when we had Josie, hubby hates the needles, that was our compromise! Think hubby is turning into your SILs Jean & Nsma, he doesn’t want the big family get together Boxing Day we usually have, not going to argue about it this year!
    Have had a productive afternoon, lots of cleaning, even did the inside windows…our Dutch friends have an immaculate house 😂

    I don’t like going out on Christmas Day myself,but this year we are going to Denise’s mum on Christmas Day.I won’t be able to have anything alcoholic so maybe have something when we get back can’t leave Heidi on her own all day.The absolute only times I drink in the house are Christmas and New year’s Eve,so only twice a year.My back is aching now bending over to clean near the ground in the bathroom.

    Evening All..
    Christmas all up and done…a few silver and white baubles to go on the fire place garland to buy…I am pleased with the colour, I have only had it this colour up a couple of times ages since…feels quite modern. Goes with my grey decor.

    I was putting it all up Saturday but with them coming pm, I thought I would do ‘xmas’ for them 😂..we have a Dally Rally at York Race Course at 11am we are looking forward to that.

    I get upset about daughter but there’s nothing we can do, I feel much closer to Katie in Houston. Your ex SIL sounds quite similar if we just talk about him everything is rosy….I am still waiting for grandson (18)to ask after Steve, only had a couple of sentences off him since July before his op! Other Grandson (20) is so different, he was ringing up, going to hospital sorting Wi-fi wires out for Steve, visiting here too. I could get so cross but she is controlled like I was, so I do understand really.

    You have a bob too..we must be quite ‘in’ 😂..enjoy your Christmas lunch tomorrow…good luck on the weigh in too…

    Ours is a realistic real one, we have them up so early so we have too..one or two branches with sellotape on near the trunk, after 17 years, still looks good..

    Thought you said it was your Dutch friend visiting, you will be spoilt again..have a really lovely day…you have been busy but I think they are all immaculate in Holland …still you will be sorted and clean for Christmas…

    It’s the driving at Christmas what spoils things…I am sure you will enjoy it…

    Jean x

    I am not sure Denise wants to go but we definitely will be going,Denise’s brother and sister Will be there too,so not much room,it’s a small bungalow and I doubt she has enough chairs to go round.I am not too bothered about not having a drink,Denise’s brother will have one drink,I won’t have any when I am driving so a nice cuppa for me.

    Bad scales day gained 2lbs☹️but lost an inch,don’t know how this works out 😄. Almost December so don’t think I will lose much before Christmas,but will keep trying.Going to visit Denise’s mum later,not often I am up before Denise.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes!
    Dave – sorry about the scales… I guess all I can stay is stick with it. Sometimes bodies fluctuate and you might end up with a sudden ‘whoosh’.
    Jean – decorations sound fabulous! Fancy coming over and doing my flat too? My hair’s in a chin-length bob too but I find it a nightmare to look after! I always had long hair which I didn’t have to do a thing to, but recently had this cut which does look great but only after some very aggressive blowdrying!
    HH – I’m team real tree all the way because I adore the smell, but you’re right that the needles are a bit of a hassle. Sounds like you’ve found a decent compromise there. Just get in some pine scented candles…?!
    Typhoo – yep, if I’m not super busy on an FD I get through so many hot drinks – black tea/coffee, sugar-free hot squash or even a teaspoon of stock powder with hot water if I want something savoury.
    Nana – very impressed with how low you stayed on a NFD! I am always up in the 2000s (luckily I have a high TDEE).
    Minols – definitely skip the sand next time! Haha

    NFD for me and I’m delighted. Was a really hungry one yesterday so was delighted to have beans on bagel this morning and a few nibbles of dairy milk with some tea.

    Happy Friday! x

    Bet your TDEE is lower than mine.2623 mine.I try to stay 1000 below that on non fast days.

    Good morning all

    Its a cold but dry morning here but have no intention of going out especially as its black Friday.

    Ended the fast this morning with a very nice and warm bowl of porridge perfect for a cold morning, if little red riding hood tried to steal my breakfast she would have been shown the door very quickly.


    The only positive is utd have already qualified and it was a very young side they put out last night.

    Morning All..
    Blues it must be cold out there…

    Scales showed 1lb off for me…Steve 2 lbs on, I must admit his FDs have been ‘loose’ shall I say this week, Christmas head looming!

    Men club 2lb on and Christmas head on 😂…you must behave both of you…still 1” off I never understand it either.

    Enjoy your eating day a bit of chocolate start..I could eat it any time…

    Good way to end a fast….a plateful of porridge..

    Enjoy your trip to your mums….

    Hope your mum arrived safely…lots of chatting I should imagine to catchup with…

    Everyone else have a good day….

    Jean x

    Steve not unduly worried about United, I am a City fan.Wife is a United fan though.Just had to clear the windscreen of ice, first time this month. I think I will change bred, go for nimble only 50 calories per slice. Jean it must be a Mancunian thing 2lbs on +Christmas head🤪. Lovely sunny day today but only 1°C, I don’t mind the cold so all good, Heidi been out so off to Denise’s mum now.

    Morning Everyone,
    Posting this morning as a busy day and evening ahead. A beautiful morning here also but chilly. Well the scales showed half a pound gained so total loss for November as one and a half pounds overall which I’m okay with – don’t think December will be the same somehow.
    Endellion and Hedgehogs only way I can keep calories low on a NFD is because I never eat breakfast my tdee is 1647 calories at the moment.
    Have a good day everyone whether fasting or not.
    Nana x

    I had breakfast today which is rare, normally I don’t have it.At Denise’s mums now,she is going to be bed bound from now on so she won’t fall again.She seems happy with that.It wild kill me being stuck in bed.I said to my son if it happens to me I want uthenasia, would hate to be bed bound.

    Firstly, the last to wish you a happy birthday Endellion!
    All the talk of Christmas decorations makes me feel a bit lazy. In all our 42 years together we have never had a Christmas at home so never bother. We always went to Paul’s mum and dad in Kent. They never drove so couldn’t come to us. When we had the shop we had to drive down from Lincolnshire to Kent after the shop shut Christmas Eve, have Christmas Day with them, for which I took and cooked the food (very unfestive in the end, back to back EastEnders and coronation street), take them to brothers house for Boxing Day then take them home and drive back to Lincolnshire that night for work the next day. I hated it, so exhausting. Now we still drive down to Kent but for four days, all relaxed. We stay with two friends and I cook Christmas lunch. Christmas Eve with friends. I really relax and enjoy it now.
    Anyway, fast day today. Going ok but I am so cold! Paul assures me the house is warm and toasty so it must be me. I’ll walk Jodie this afternoon and have a hot bath.

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely toasty wrapped up walk, a cafe stop, bought my extra baubles and Charlie’s food.

    We are putting him back on the original food which I bought when we brought him home, see if it helps his rash…although I hope it works I will be so cross with myself as I thought I was improving his diet with sensitive food especially for Dalmatians…I will give it 6 weeks or so and hope he improves…

    Steve said they played a young team last night…

    Your weight is going in the right direction…it just goes up and down with water weight..enjoy your day…

    I could of done without all the Xmas decorations but Steve wouldn’t let me….still outer bestman is joining us so it will be more like Christmas, if his health is up to it.

    Your Christmas sounds lovely with friends…last year we did that for the first time and it was really nice.

    Enjoy your day, you will be very busy but very nice…

    Jean x

    HI all
    The mother has landed safely!
    I went and did assembly dressed as an angel this morning – you had to be there!
    And the windows are beginning to get decorated in the church, and the tree is up for Advent on Sunday, and I have chocs for my santa advent that goes on my office door…for anyone who gets in to work before I do!
    But otherwise, I would put up decorations at home as late as possible if I had my way, and the OH as soon as possible. Our compormise is usually around about the 15th. I have no colour scheme or theme (drives OH mad!) but have decorations from when I had my first tree in my own place nearly 30 years aog. I celebrated the council flat I’d been given by having all my friends round to a ‘help decorate my tree party’ – they each bought me a decoration and so each one reminds me of them. Then over the years, they have sent me other ones, or we’ve made ones, or the Sunday School have given me one…so a whole mish mash of loveliness!

    Tomorrow I’ll put up the posters around the halls, I’ll put up Advent prayers on the notice boards, and I’ll do one final thing…bless the marriage of a couple celebrating their 35th anniversary in our beautiful Sanctuary…then I’ll forget about Advent and work for a few hours and remember that I married a Scot, and go off and celebrate St Andrew with stovies and scottish band for the evening – my Mum does not know what she’s let herself in for!


    Jean they played a very young team I only knew a couple of them. I am still in Warrington but just checked in on Heidi,she is day in my chair looking out if the window and watching the telly 😄

    The Christmas decorations always went up after my birthday which is the 10th of next month when I was younger and I’ll probably stay with that idea but I will need it up as my daughter who turns nine on the 23rd usually stays with me on boxing day.

    I live alone so I will have total control of the tv remote for Christmas not that there’s much on usually.

    My daughter’s birthday is the 29 December.I have created a monster as far as the remote goes I hide it and Denise just says Alexa turn on Universal or Granada or whatever she wants🥴.I suppose I could unplug the router 😄.Back home now,done the shopping and Heidi was so pleased to see me she jumped over the bags on the floor and did a Bambi,she was yelping with all four legs spread out.I managed to get her up slowly and now she is running about.

    I would of liked to see you dressed as an angel…the mind boggles 😂…all things flash through your mind..you or your helpers seem organised for the church hoping the latter for you…enjoy St Andrews bash, hoping mum enjoys it as a southerner of the border….

    Hoping Heidi is ok after the fall and slip…

    Must make a effort for your daughter a lovely day together…have you anything planned….I agree TV is usually repeats over Xmas whoever sorts the viewing needs the sack!

    Haddock and chips calling off to the chippy…treat of the week….

    Jean x


    Oh yes alexa has alot to answer for if you can’t even watch your own tv in peace.


    I’ll be watching my daughter opening her presents then spending the next few hours trying to cut whatever I’ve bought her out of the packet or box lol

    She will keep you on your toes ..😂..

    Hi all
    Apparently I’m getting a goat and an eye operation for Christmas… Which I love the idea of – especially as someone else has to look after the goat and someone else will deal with recovery from surgery! Seriously chuffed not to have more stuff and have someone else benefitting.

    Today has been a real nfd – feel a little ill at what I’ve eaten, and I’m supposed to be picking up take away on the way home!

    It’s probably good to have a wee break, and then I’ll get back to the strict regime when mum goes.

    Hope you all have a good weekend.



    I need to lose the weight so I can try and keep up with her i wish I had all that energy i don’t remember having that much at her age



    Hockey but thankfully it’s almost finished,started at 9pm,pity they don’t always start that early.

    Minols- charity presents are so good, like you say, less stuff! Hope you managed the takeaway, & enjoy St Andrews day.
    Typhoo- good you’re trying to keep up with your daughter! Good luck with that 😂
    Jean- the colour scheme of your decoratiins sound nice! Mine is more like Minols’- a mish mash & sentimental stuff! I do stick to just gold tinsel though…hope the fish & chips wrte good!
    Dave- glad you didn’t have to stay up too late 😂 . Will you have dinner with Denise’s Mum on Christmas day? Sound like it’ll be a squash…! Hope Heidi is okay today.
    Mel- hope your FD goes okay.
    Nanns, Endellion, Annebelle, Cakey, Kay- have a good weekend!
    I did post yesterday, but it’s disappeared…operator error?! Had a lovely time with our Dutch friends- can’t believe we’ve not seen them for year. Unfortunately quite a few of the goodies they brought for us the rest of the family don’t like, so it’s down to me…& several things with short dates need eating soon 😂 Lots of cinnamon biscuits & almond/ marzipan, yum! I stayed the same weight last week, I think it might just go up this weekend 😂.
    Might do our decorations today…

    Yes we will be going for dinner at Denise’s mums.It will be a squash and I have to have a table to sit down to,can’t do what Denise does sitting on the sofa eating,plus she has her own built-in table,don’t ask😄.I ordered a big reindeer head that you out up on the wall,it’s motion activated and sings blue Christmas,not my choice of song but should be funny,ordered it yesterday and it’s just arrived 😆

    Dave- dodgy decoration choice 😂
    Don’t think we’ll get ours done today at this rate- hubby has bad sinusitis again & not been sleeping well so he went back to bed after we walked Xena, still fast asleep! I’ve done a pile of ironing & been picking at food 😱…think this might be an epic face stuffing day as you put it Mel!

    I have had a cuppa and a lemon and ginger biscuits from WW.Thats it until sirloin steak at 6pm ish.Watching football then I will take Bambi out for a walk. Next up to Argos to pickup Christmas present for grandson.HH interesting your website,my daughter had henoch schonlein purpura, I had scarlet fever and my dad had polio,any of them rare?

    Afternoon All…
    A late post…
    I did river walk this morning before going to York Racecourse for the Dally Meet…lovely crispy and sunny a really lovely walk around about 15 dogs…lots of running, Charlie is shattered..looking at him now for his walk but I think I will miss it…he’s not bothered…a night off for me…

    Daughter and SIL have been, stayed for two hours, longer than I thought..all went well…

    What lovely gifts they bring, I was thinking about you glad it all went well….calories growing this weekend for you, I love marzipan and almonds, maintaining is good too, I think it gives your body a rest….hope hubby soon improves….enjoy your feeding day…

    It will be nice going to Mums, you never know how long she will be about…I like a table for dinner, don’t mind a sandwich off my knee..enjoy your walk with Bambi 😂

    Minols and Kay enjoy Mum time..

    Hi to everyone else

    Jean x

    Had two walks with Heidi,she seems ok,it’s 2°C now but feels very chilly.Heidi just had two small easy peelers,she likes oranges,and a few chews.There is a picture in the Manchester evening news about a park that was flooded on Thursday,it’s really bad floods not to far from where I live.Thankfully it’s been dry today and tomorrow is looking good too.

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