Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Annabelle- it was a joke, 37!
    What an evening! Have had texts backwards & forwards between sis, brother & me- Mum has convinced herself that sis had invited her Christmas day(she hadn’t!), we’d invited her Boxing day (we’d invited her Christmas day), & then when brother miraculously ivited her Boxing day she turned him down as she was coming to us 😂😂 We think maybe she was getting confused with last year…so need to have a bit of a chat with her! Joy!

    I wasn’t sure if you was 82 or 59🙄.my imaginary picture of you is someone around 30.I like all gadgets,IE smartwatch, phones,Alexa’s Google’s,smarthome.I can say Alexa turn on the telly, turn on ITV,turn on the living room light,turn on kettle 😄Pause TV,lots of other things,apart from don’t eat smarties 😵👀👀👀.

    Morning all!
    Bloomin Xena is taking guard dog duties a bit too far & keeps barking at night, woke us up twice last night…there was some shooting going on a long way off, so she had heard that, but I did get very cross with her! So am tired & it will be an effort to restrict calories 😞 We have dog training & have to go food shopping later 😬

    Quick post before going in for breakfast at the pub. Don’t know where I am going to put it! Had a lovely meal last night but for the first time in a long while I felt totally overstuffed. Slept badly. And we have two more nights. Lesson – will avoid the bread and butter, and not have the coffee and petit fours. Will have to have some serious FD800s in December.
    Page turned so can’t go back and see posts.
    I had one thought for Annabelle. Talking about 500 or 800 calories. I find if I let myself have 800 I rarely use them all, stopping just under 700 usually, but it seems to take the pressure off.
    That Xena, love her!

    Obviously I had a wee piece of cake – but when it’s homemade I’m convinced the virtue of that makes it almost good for you! Still, I will have been well under yesterday.
    Today is another omelette breakfast, I have something soup-like out of the freezer (?) and I’ll maybe have a tiny bit of chicken tonight and a whole lot of veg with the boys.
    I’m finding keeping low not too bad at the moment.

    Typhoo – like HH, I’ve switched around patterns a bit – sometimes going all day, and having all my cals at once in the evening, occasionally just fluid days…but I know now I need to stick with a pattern for a little while, and then change it to something different – hence the late breakfast at the moment. We’ll see if that can break the stalemate I’ve been in this year.

    HH – I’m about to have the Christmas conversation with my family too – Mum is visiting this week. I know how it will end – everyone will decide that I’m too busy to get involved, and they’ll do their own thing. Which is fine. The irony is that the business is now when I have to do normal life and plan for Christmas…once we get to it, it should all be written and organised and I just have to turn up and make it work! (assuming I manage to get Christmas written! So far I’ve finished the 22nd December, but haven’t even thought about Eve or Day yet!)

    Better not think about that and get on with today’s list. Enough on it to make me forget about food for a while!


    Morning All…
    Out walking early while dry, the boy full on playing with a few dogs, he was filthy all over…strange he had a do with our bedroom mirror last night, barking and growling for a while …he never barks or growls 😂
    He did end up at 10 pm walk last night to quiet him down, he was playing for over a hour…

    We are not sure on Charlie’s skin a few ?? We don’t know if the bumps are coming back you can see them, a lot of them but not feel them…watching his food closely..

    You have done your cards well before me this year I am so very late, hopefully today. What a confusing Christmas to sort out 😂

    All sorted for Christmas well done, I am very late this year, usually Houston gets me moving with a Xmas visit but not this year..my Christmas run there will be April ish…

    You had a good deal at Bella Italian. Lovely your sister is still running the day centre your mum set up, it will keep her busy.

    I am not the oldest any more 😂 I am 70…doesn’t take a lot to confuse me….nice to chat it keeps you young. It’s strange how you think of people, I thought you were early 50 s

    A lot of food to eat..I know what you mean on over stuffing yourselves….pudding, wine and chocolate and we have awful nights sleep…we really must remember at Xmas! and cut back….Enjoy your next few days away……

    Poor you a week to go working on your lists…I think you must be the most busy of us all at the moment ….a big sigh on Boxing Day to enjoy Christmas…

    Jean x

    No way am I cutting back at Christmas 👿👿.Will go for a big push in January,or maybe February 😵. It’s Denise’s and my birthdays in January.Not a fast day today, Spanish lessons soon then shopping.Had the usual rain,got webbed feet now.

    Afternoon all

    Didn’t sleep well last night so had a lie in and ended up with a 41 hour fast which I broke with some porridge and now feeling quite full.

    The smarties are still safely in the bottom drawer of the fridge unopened and i don’t think I’ll be eating them today.

    I haven’t started my Christmas shopping yet and it seems some of you have finished already but I don’t have too many people to buy for luckily.

    Afternoon All..

    How is everyone doing?

    Just shared half a toastie sandwich and finished the cherry pie and custard. A few jobs not started, popped to shops for milk and spent £40 😂, bought Charlie another collar tag it’s got lost.

    I forgot I am going to doctors for flu and shingles jab..so two sore arms later. I just run out of time for jobs….then walking…

    Expecting rain later enjoy your Spanish class..

    Goodness that’s a good long fast…this year everyone wants money and no titbits, eg chocolate things..so very easy on us..just Houston lot in April they like lots of UK chocolate and money…much better as we can’t keep up with what they want.

    Jean x

    Good afternoon all.
    Just back from the second week of weights course and have discovered muscles I didn’t know existed.
    Am enjoying course but it shows how much I need to improve. Holly was 13 minutes late this time but did not text at all. An improvement. I think I might treat myself to some individual lessons after the course is finished.
    Good news on my weight front – managed 729 calories yesterday with a small weight reduction. Am trying for 600 today but if it creeps up to 700 I think that will be ok.
    Brads keep that image of me!
    Symba and hedgehogs. I’m usually the oldest in groups but people think I am in my very early 60’s. I usually let them carry on thinking that. I certainly don’t act like an old lady.
    Minols well done on piano grade. I managed to get to grade 5 but then OH retired and didn’t appreciate the constant repetition of finger studies. It also gets a lot harder for grade 6 and above so gave the lessons and exams.
    Keep strong.

    Annabelle – it helps that I don’t own a traditional piano. When my grandad left us a little bit of money years ago, I bought a Yamaha electric piano, and to the joy of the family, it has headphones! So if I’m really annoying them, I put them on and actually it greatly improves my sound!

    Poor Xena has started being sick & not herself, so have missed dog training, it’s come on suddenly 😢

    Hi everyone!
    It seems like time and life is just flying by and I barely have the time to stop and think! Not that I’m complaining – I’m having a lovely time, but I’m just sorry I can’t properly participate in the chat here and reply to everyone. But I am still reading along and following your progress 🙂
    Had a fast day yesterday, and I’m feeling great – that extra ‘fluff’ is gradually making its way out and I feel like my waist is slimmer and the love handles are falling off, hooray!
    Plus I felt my trousers at work today were beginning to get on the looser side around the waist. So I’m feeling really really motivated, even though I have no idea how much I weigh!
    All hail the fasting gods

    Feeling hungrier today now i can eat than I did yesterday all i can say is it’s a good job i don’t have a horse 😉.


    That’s a true measurement of your weight loss and more reliable than any scales could be just keep a hand on your trousers or put another hole in your belt please.

    Not only do we have smarties, we now have mince pies 🙉🙈

    Endellion, thats the best kind of measure I think! I would much rather just see a difference in how my clothes look and feel, it kind of doesn’t matter about having no scales then!

    HH, hope Xena is ok. Its not a delayed reaction from the other day is it?

    Minols, well done on the piano grade!

    Annabelle, keep going, you will find what works for you. Are you doing 5:2?

    Dave, had to laugh at Heidi finding a new source of weed 😂

    Typhoo, thats a long fast, well done! Its ages since I’ve done anything like that. Not sure if I would be able to at the moment…needs lots of willpower.

    Jean, busy day for you. Im off today and had lots of jobs planned but done zero!! I fell back asleep this morning and didnt wake back up til after 1pm!!!!
    Well I must have needed it, been feeling so tired recently!

    Nana, impressed with you being all sorted for Christmas already! I dont have much to buy fortunately, as family have decided to stop, just for the little uns and they will get money as I cant keep up with what they are into!

    Mel, enjoy your few days away. Sounds lovely!

    We had a nice weekend 😊 Walk on the beach, lunch at pub overlooking the beach and local pub in the evening with live music.
    Sunday, I did some baking including some meringues, which Ive not made for years….sandwiched together with chocolate ganache and whipped cream 😋

    Fasting on Thursday as usual, but didnt fast yesterday and have already eaten yogurt and granola so its not going to be a fd, will try and keep it low at least. Same tomorrow hopefully.
    Last Fridays weigh in had me down a pound, but that was the pound I put on the week before..lol… so no change really and I dont hold out much hope for this week!
    Im away next week for few days at my mums, but that should be ok as hopefully there wont be much temptation!

    I have a hosp appt tomorrow afternoon, only saw GP last Thursday, but they urgently want to get me checked out. Hopefully its just hormonal changes rather than anything untoward but needs checking.

    I have loads of veg in the fridge to use up, so its cauli cheese this evening. One of my favs.

    Kay x

    Evening All…
    Good park walk and a matching set of jabs in both arms!

    No jobs done!

    You do very well with your weight training, maybe a one to one would be better…I am quite good for my age someone thought I was 57 a few months ago…my feet let me down sometimes..

    I try for 500 but if I go over I am not bothered…

    Hope Xena picks up and ok…Charlie’s bumps of this morning seem to be better but he has had piriton tablets..cut a lot of his food lower and more kibble..making a note on what upsets him.

    Well done on the loose trousers..maybe consider a belt no mishaps on the floor 😂..weight off doing well…

    Good luck at the hospital hope all goes well….have a good week at your Mums with no family do’s 😬
    At least the pound has come off it didn’t go the other way always a bonus..a lovely birthday bash and you all enjoyed it all, overlooking the beach, you make me jealous you live in a beautiful area…jobs here nil too 😬

    Jean x

    Typically I took Heidi out while it was dry,then the heavens opened,got absolutely soaked.Heidi is a pain,if we are on a main road she has to walk on the right-hand side of the road,well the pavement is being dug up so had to walk on the left-hand side of the road and had to pull her until I could cross the road.Spanish lessons were good,Olwyn who is teaching us said we are having speed dating today so we lined up chairs so we were facing somebody,then after a few minutes you move to the next chair.There are only 3 men so we have to share the women 😄

    Forgot to mention I finished off my chocolate stash with an 850 gram Dairy milk 😄but non of my chocolate will be going in the fridge,it spoils it.

    Definitely no chocolate in my fridge, I’m with you Dave!
    Minols- better for the family with the headphones! Not that your playing isn’t good, but I guess listening to someone practising the same thing must get a bit much 😂
    Annabelle- you must be in great shape for your age doing weights- thought you must’ve been 48, nearer my age!
    Jean- you do look great, definitely not looking 70 😉. Good that Charlie’s lumps are a bit better.
    Endellion- great that your trousers are loose! & good that you’re enjoying life, great if you enjoy your work!
    Typhoo- hope you don’t undo the work you did yesterday eating that horse!! That’s my downfall sometimes 😂
    Kay- good that you’re getting checked quickly- a couple of friends have had lumps that have been cysts because of hormones, a worry every time, but all okay in the end, fingers crossed for you…sounds like a good weekend with Neil! Hope next week goes okay with your mum! Would’ve loved your meringues, they sound wonderful!
    Mel- have a great trip!
    Nana- what have you been up to today?
    We have 7 boxes of mince pies we got today for a Church do! Have put them away so not tempted! Xena is a bit subdued, not been sick any more, but she keeps coughing a bit as if she’s got something stuck in her throat…she had this once before I think maybe it’s a chew she had. Getting fruit soaked to make my cake tomorrow, & will clean the main oven as I’ve got to be in…my poor Homestart family are still ill, so won’t be seeing them again this week!

    What you soaking it with HH🍾🍾🍾.My son said will I be eating the chocolate on Saturday and buy another one 😋😄😇. Football time at 8pm,so must hide the big bar out of sight and out of mind.

    Evening everyone,
    Well ended up going to Cambridge again today as husbands watch that he purchased from John Lewis a little while ago had developed a fault so took it back and a replacement was given to him. Pity it didn’t happen yesterday. Straight in and out though no lunch out today.
    The day centre is held for elderly people of the next village to where I live and only operates one day a week. The people who attend are referrals from the Drs in the village. As both my sister and I grew up in the village we’ve grown up knowing most of them.
    Jean hope the arms aren’t to sore later on.
    Dave your chocolate stash sounds good. Must get ours sorted out only trouble is if we buy them in to early we have no willpower and eat them and then have to buy them in agaib.
    Hedgehogs hope Xena is better now.
    Kay hope the hospital visit goes okay for you tomorrow.
    Nana x

    Dave- fruit soaking in brandy, & found some cointreau in the cupboard so that’s gone in too!
    Oven racks are soaking in evil chemical stuff, not so appealing!

    Nana I must admit to finding it hard to resist eating my stash but will do if I want to lose any weight.

    Love hearing about your weightloss, Endellion – and how you’re noticing it. I’m weighing monthly at the moment, but this morning my trousers felt a little looser for once, so with three days to go, I’m determined to stay good!

    A while ago I had someone think I was in my 30s – I told my OH, and typically he asked ‘was he blind?’ – when I told him it was just one of the old as the hills gents at church he laughed and reminded me that this particular old man only has one eye! I guess he only sees half my years? In whick case I’m offended cos I’m a little bit off being in my 60s!

    Old dog is getting me soaking wet regularly at the moment. I often have to walk him in the half light or even darkness, and last night I was running late so didn’t put my wellies on, just ran into the house, grabbed the lead and followed him out to the park. He wandererd EVERYWHERE. And the ground was so set I couldn’t leave the path. And of course he’s a little deaf and under these circumstances pretends to be a whole lot deafer…I was fuming by the time I got him home, and my coat was so wet I left puddles of my own. Still, at least he’s not keeled over yet. He’s 14 now and apart from being wobbley when he goes too slowly, he doesn’t seem at all bothered by the surgeries any more.


    Morning all!
    Woke at 5am, everyone was early this morning, so Christmas cakes went in the oven at 7am, & then cleaned the main oven, & took Xena out at 9am! Back now, just got the kitchen floor to wash!
    Minols- hope the scales are nice to yiu when you weigh! we were wet through after our walk too, I chose a wide path through the heather, which got narrower & narrower, legs getting wet through, a well as lots of flooded paths, we had loads of rain in the night & was still drizzling…hubby decided to come aswell & then grumbled 😂

    Morning All…
    Out walk early to miss the rain…collected some Xmas carry bags ( for Houston) and money cards too….

    Boy now asleep in his blanket it seems to be every morning thing now to catch up on his sleep and get warm 😂

    A busy day ahead the todo list is getting too long 😂, two ovens to clean, two freezers defrost and clean, cards to write..if I get then all done I will be happy…

    Thinking of you…

    Glad the stash is complete..ours goes in the fridge it lasts longer to eat….

    Sounds like a busy day for you too maybe it’s good in a good way that’s there’s no HS family help today…
    Hoping Xena is feeling better. Thanks for saying I don’t look so old, I really don’t feel my age. First job for me inside freezer!…just love the smell of Christmas cake cooking..I can’t bake one for two of us too many calories …might buy a small one…

    Nice you got the watch sorted you do miss them…arm a bit sore but better today.. I always have bother with injections and allergies with them.

    Glad the old boy is still going strong and still wants his walks….this time of the year its bad in the rain and dark nights I am feeling it ….roll on February?? I am sure you look younger it’s the sort of thing Steve would say 😂

    Tea to drink and must give myself a kick up the derrière!

    Jean x

    Jean putting chocolate in the fridge spoils the taste for me, Chocolate is best in winter,not keen on it in summer when it’s soft.Fast day today and gym,she tells us all to eat 90 minutes before we go but can’t on a FD.Usual weather here🌧️🌧️🌧️.I got up and Heidi was sat in my seat, watching the telly 😄

    Just dashed back in to the office, grabbed my tub of ‘freezer surprise’ soup off the radiator and flung it in the micor while I went and sorted something out.

    Came back into the kitchen and smelt something amazing, curry-like…was momentarily envious of whoever else had just had their lunch, and then thought – that might be MY lunch…and it was! Wonderful curry soup from I don’t know how long ago is what I fished out of the freezer this mornign. Feel so lucky!

    Who needs real food when soup exists?!

    Minols if there was only soup I would be dead within a week.Took Heidi out in the rain again,she met one of her pals, churchyard walk🙄.No weed for her today was in a rush,got to go to gym now,see you later.

    We enjoyed a curry type veg soup, a bit heavy with curry paste…but very nice..

    I can’t do with soft chocolate…

    Todo job list going well…defrost the freezer, done…two ovens, done.. sausage treats cooked, done…soup lunch now and cuppa… very dark outside it will be a wet walk..

    Charlie wrapped up in his blanket after this mornings walk..three hours later he was done!…as warm as toast..he could be a cooked turkey!…afternoon sleeping now no blanket…

    Heading into cold garage now…fridge/freezer to wash…

    Jean x

    Jean- how do you clean 2 ovens & defrost 2 freezers in that time? Obvs not as bad as mine 😂
    I made a Christmas cake for BIL, so made a little one in an old beans tin for me!
    Not as productive this afternoon; fell aleep with a cuppa after Xena’s walk! Have tried to teach myself a bit more of the techhie stuff for the website I help moderate, I’ve been neglecting that a bit, but didn’t get very far! Ham cooking for visitors on Friday & have cooked liver for Xena, plus nuggets & chips in now as a snack for youngest when he gets in soon. Not managed a 3rd FD, decided that wasn’t going to happen at 5am!

    I like tech stuff,what’s the website for?Just rang my GP for blood test results,all came back clear.I then opened a letter from the hospital telling me in medical terminology what the results of my heart scan were,then I got a text from my GP to explain (in English) I presume the letter from the hospital.It say I have a partial right bundle branch block, otherwise Normal.That was the only part I could understand 😄

    Jean I just can’t eat chocolate from the fridge,it’s too hard and tasteless compared to normal chocolate.I don’t have any in summer.

    Well last nights dinner was lovely as well. Did I say no to the bread and butter and coffee and petits fours?Did I heck 😂! Having big breakfasts too. No lunch but having two pub made shortbread biscuits with tea when we get back to our room. Managed another dry walk today, a real bonus. Very muddy underfoot though. Home tomorrow but not fasting until Friday and Saturday B2B.
    Re chocolate, we keep it in the fridge though I know the purists say you shouldn’t.
    Dave have they got to unblock your block or just keep an eye on?

    Evening All…
    Kitchen closed…fasting has started..

    Hedgehog …
    A busy day I had one oven, freezer and fridge really bad, the other oven, freezer, fridge not too bad…I also cleaned 6 drawers and one double under sink cupboard in kitchen…a lot more to do…😬

    Thinking of cards now…maybe tomorrow ..I am not real tec Steve helps me, Steve plays about we get there…I put a stone on one year I ate a full Christmas cake over three weeks, no one else liked it…it’s nice having home cooked ham, your visitors will appreciate it…

    Sounds as if you have had a good time, lots of walks and lovely food…good idea to have a back to back fast. December looms…

    I am not keen on shakes..good for some people….

    Jean x

    I have not tried the shakes ever,just put it on in case someone may like to try them.Hungry now so tea time😋

    Mel I think they are just monitoring me, I have been discharged so they won’t be doing anything.Did a bit of Googling and not much wiser.

    Evening everyone,
    Met up with our friends for our usual lunch and drinks today – just calculated calories and I’ve come in at 1100 which I’m pleased about as half a bottle of prosecco is included in that. Only had lunch today no breakfast or evening meal.
    Jean I feel exhausted just from reading all that you manage to do in a day.
    Hedgehogs must make our Christmas cake – will most probably do so on Saturday.
    Dave good news regarding the blood test results.
    Mel sounds like a lovely time away.
    Minols curry soup sounds good.
    Ely tomorrow weather forecast is for rain ☔ no surprise there. It was raining when we got up this morning and then a couple of hours later it was thick fog as we cycled to the park and ride to catch the bus.
    Have a good evening everyone.
    Nana x

    Evening All…

    Cards wrote phew!!….my list of today is done ✅

    Good news on all your results..they do confuse people the hospital….

    Enjoy your day in Ely…rain is forecast here very heavy….hairdressers for me tomorrow…your lunch today went well with the calories including the Prosecco…

    Jean x

    Dave- the bundle branch block is to do with the nerves & conduction system in your heart, making it beat in the right rhythm. They don’t treat it unless it affects your heart so much that you start feeling faint, or faint, then you’d need a pacemaker… The site I moderate is for people with rare diseases, we get lots of newly diagnosed people coming on for help & info.
    Jean- you definitely work hard! I scrubbed my oven so much my fingers & thumbs are hurting!
    Minols- glad that was soup you defrosted & not just some gravy or something!(I have lots of that in my freezer but always forget to get it out 😂) Walking older doggies is definitely a challenge!
    Nana- well done with the lunch cals! Lunch tomorrow as well?
    Mel- sounds like you’re having a good time & the only one who’s been dry!
    Kay- thinking of you, hope it’s gone okay…
    Haven’t got any further with the cards; we have 7 birthdays in Dec so have been sorting those out & wrapping some presents… Xena played with the ball & flinger at the park, but has been a naughty pickle attention seeking when we got home- she had a telling off & is sulking now! Will probably be up early tomorrow- eldest is off to Coventry so leaves at 4.30am, youngest on early shift so leaves at 5.30, eldest is very noisy! But I’ll try to do another 800cals day!

    Minols I know what you mean about walking older dogs ,Heidi is a year younger than yours, when we first got her she used to take me for a walk,now I have to wait for her unless she sees a cat or dog😄.I don’t think I will need a pacemaker, they have put my prescription if blood pressure tablets up,they want me to take a higher dose,my blood pressure is 125/74mmHg which I believe is ok.

    When you clean your oven do you turn it on low to warm it up, it helps the cleaning better..I use a metal scrubber and washing up liquid, a bit of Jiff on bad bits….you may already do this.

    We have just two birthdays in December and two in January, so I get them together too.

    Daughter is on her way back from Dubai..17 hours flight..still just seen her flight she has 3 hours left…they have had a really lovely time..different on holiday instead of living there and the children are older to appreciate it.

    Interesting about the bungle branch block..you know a lot about different things…
    Charlie is having his mad hour, I bought Steve some butchers mesh gloves to above his elbows, to save all his ripping of his arms with Charlie due to his thin skin with his blood cancer…seems to be working 😀..

    Hope Xena comes out of her sulk with her telling off 😬

    Fasting tomorrow

    Jean x

    Jean – you are my domestic goddess.. I bow before you! (of course, I might have just put myself out of a job….)

    Kay – hope all went well today.

    Another good day food wise. Small portion of fish and veg. Just heading home so I’ll have a wee bun and that’s another good day done.


    My son and daughter have birthdays in December and Denise and my birthday is in January.Got all the presents already 😇

    Dave- 😇 indeed! Your blood pressure is great as it is, crazy how low they want it these days, they always used to say 100 + your age for the top figure was fine, so 165 for you would’ve bern good 10 years ago. They push it too low, the bp tablets can affect your kidneys…FIL ended up having falls as his was too low & kidney failure from the medication! Sorry, rant over!
    Minols- you are a goddess in your own right with the hours you work & looking after your family!
    Jean- I use oven pride & leave it on overnight, they give yiu a bag to put the racks in, they get sparkly left in that! The inside I use elbow grease! But mine was probably more caked on than yours 😂 every time I clean it I say I won’t let it get too bad! Xena has had a game with me & now calming down with a chew, all happy now!

    Just bought oven pride,not used it yet,maybe I still have an hammer and chisel from my engineering days could come in handy for cleaning the oven👀👀👀.The consultant wants my ramapril to go from 1.5 to 10😵🤪🤯

    HH May have been dry weather wise but certainly not alcohol wise. I seem to remember you don’t drink at all? Did you ever?
    Dave, I have a pacemaker/defibrillator. Only way it affects me is going uphill, together with the betablockers. Heart won’t keep up with oxygen needs so it slows me down. If you had to have one, no big deal. What is ranopril for?
    Re ovens (we do get about don’t we) I inherited a ‘Everhot’ when we moved in. Stupidly expensive thing but it is sort of on all the time and everything carbonises so you never clean it. Yay!!

    Our oven is supposed to be self cleaning.Ramapril is for blood pressure,doing the fitness class for one hour twice a week without any problems,it’s my knees that are the problem,I need two new ones literally,but will hold off as long as I can.

    Torture now all my goodies for Christmas.I won’t be doing it next year until nearer the time.Could easily have half the chocolate bar right now 👿👿👿

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