Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Dave..
    Good the casserole was tasty…

    Enjoy your meal out tomorrow…coach trip to Norwich sounds interesting kick start the Christmas shopping..all of ours is nil this year everybody wants money, all saving up for things and don’t want chocolates and bits and pieces…so strange and easy…Houston family will get their Xmas when I go in the Spring as too expensive to send…

    The park was disgusting, pizza trays, chip cartons, cans, paper, all over possibly 4 football pitches.. a few food vans at the firework display…it was Bingo for Charlie stomach ruled!
    Dinner was too dry for me..I like things with gravy…just too much now to eat.

    A Home start day, always seems to be around food 😂..hope you have some people to sign up for you….heavy rain for us too tomorrow…

    Jean x

    Hello friends

    Will someone please help me out with Halloween sweets. I bought a tub and we only had a few littlies call. Today is supposed to be a fast day and I’ve wasted 100 calories on a tiny packet of love hearts and drumstick lolly. Which means I’ve had no tea. On the plus side I managed a Pilates class and an hour at the gym plus 3 walks with hound.

    Elio Pace was brilliant, he plays lots of venues all over the country and I can’t recommend him enough. Lovely night out.

    Thank you for your lovely messages re my ‘stuck in a rut’ comment. It’s not that I’m not busy, just sometimes all I feel I do is work. Trying to explore some new interests. Truth be told I’ve never adjusted to the girls growing up.

    Haven’t started my Christmas shopping. Having a day with mum to help her get hers later this month. We do that every year but I usually end up carrying the bags and not getting any of my own shopping done.

    Off on travels tomorrow, up to Edinburgh so early start and won’t be home until 10 pm. Might not be a bad day for a second fast as there’s a buffet lunch and I’ve seen the menu. It doesn’t seem worth the calories.


    Send them to me ,just the chocolate ones though 😜🤪😋😋😋

    Morning all.
    Have had a successful 2 days on FD and scales are moving downwards.
    Am out to lunch today for birthday celebration at nice restaurant so am going to enjoy myself but hope I don’t undo the good I’ve done. Will be mindful but am not going to be calorie counting. At least any damage will be temporary.
    Writing down everything seems to work for me. I can see where the calories are and make adjustments where I want.
    One of you very wisely pointed out that this is a way of life not a diet and my life includes eating out.
    Thanks for your advice.

    Cakey- any food banks your way? Mind you they might think that the kids have had enough! No neighbours children to give them to? I keep forgetting to ask for advice on a mixer, what sort do you use for baking? I keep looking & most of them have ‘mixed’ reviews 😂
    Very wet walk, just to the park to save the car getting filthy! Time to get ready…

    Morning All..
    What a blxxdy awful day!…Charlie is drenched and cold now wrapped in a blanket….

    Must move and do jobs…thought a lot about them yesterday and didn’t do much..a waste of a day!…waiting for Charlies food to be delivered, no door bell hoping Charlie barks 😂

    We are fasting today, no breakfast for me…2 boiled eggs this evening one slice of toast, two for Steve….

    We bought a tub of chew sweets last year, only a couple of children came..I limited and ate them myself over a couple of months..we were away this year…I think you have hit it on the head, it took me years to come to term with my daughters moving on..broke me completely when Katie at 22, moved to Dubai but it sorted itself out, I am really close to her in a ‘far away’ place. Thank goodness for face time.

    It’s nice to push new interests, why not, better than moping around doing house work…enjoy Xmas shopping with your Mum, it gets you in the Xmas mood around the shops…safe journey to Edinburgh.

    End of this month I don’t know whether it’s 4 years or 5 years that I have been with this group doing 5.2….must check…..definitely a way of life now, met some lovely supporting people with 5.2 and ups and downs of life in general…even at goal when it’s the hardest time you need the support the most.
    (We did this before for two years lost all our weight 32lbs… then 2 new knees for hubby and a whoopee we are there, came off 5.2 ate the biscuits and gifts what people brought him, reverted back to our old ways..over 10 months we were back were we had started!!)

    Enjoy your birthday meal out with friends, no calorie counting just start again tomorrow or your next fast day….it’s one day of life…it fits in so well with 5.2…

    I am getting a dab hand at clean down before we hit the car…4 cheap non sensitive baby wipes, down the legs then I have a water bottle soak them again to do mucky paws even squirting the bottle water into paws, then towel dry…working well but to save environment bought 20 small micro cloths soaking them from water bottle and wiping, then just wash through…re fill drinking/washing water bottles.

    I have a cheap food mixer, I think you have to buy a expensive one, mine doesn’t do all the bowl unless you use at least 3 eggs for a cake to make it heavy…I prefer my hand held, it’s rare I use it…..a different story for my liquidiser/grater/blender it was cheap I use it loads best thing I have bought.

    Hope you wasn’t too wet…

    Who’s fasting today?

    Jean x

    Just checked back…4 years birthday on the 27th November being on the group…😂…so nearly there.

    Jean x

    HI everyone.

    Hitting mydesk this morning with a million things to do and hoping that my rested shoulder holds out until I have to do ‘person-centred’ stuff at 12.30.

    Haven’t really managed fasting this week, but have worked really hard at portion control, so I think my days are regularly low. Next week I’ll need to get really serious about adding proper FD’s back into the mix.

    Off for 48 hours from tomorrow morning – classic car show with the boys – but still need to be really sensible with the food.

    Jean – very organised with the micor-cloths and Chrarlie…why didn’t I think of that!


    Good morning, Aweful day here,I let Heidi out at the back and she come back soaking.Think it will have to be the Herr Flick coat today👀.Fast day today so no food yet,but I am feeling peckish.Should be bowling today but too wet.Couldnt find Heidi’s ball so bought her three new ones,she didn’t know what to do when I gave her all three 😀😀😀.

    Had to brave the elements,put my Herr Flick coat on,Denise giving me Nazi salutes and asking where my walking stick is(I don’t have one), checked the weather app and it says rain for the next 12 hours.Heidi shaked all the rain all over Denise when we got home😀😀😀.No food yet but still very hungry so having a coffee,asked Denise in sign language if she wanted tea or coffee 😁.

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    How about these girls,just an idea.


    Bought a new waterproof coat really for being tidy, out and about shopping quite pleased in the sale..not for now.

    A lazy day again, I got all my caravan bedding ironed, it’s a pain as mattress cover and duvet cover combined time two…green rain arriving about 3.30 onwards, Charlie wasn’t amused this morning it will be much heavier..may miss and Steve will walk him before bed…see how it goes…I don’t like to short change him….

    A good idea about the over boots, I will have a look about….her flick coat on, must be bad…we are feeling hungry the weather possibly…

    Enjoy your classic show tomorrow with the boys..different…

    Jean x

    Hi all, another FD800 for me. Should be about 700 cals. Not easy in the winter I think but has to be done. Get fed up with soggy doggy every time she goes out. Luckily we have a downstairs shower so she goes straight in there.
    Annabelle I agree, life means eating out! In fact that is what we are doing tomorrow. There is a pub about five mins drive that we haven’t been to for years as not very nice. Just heard it has new people in and is really good. Had a look at the menu and what I fancy must have about a million calories in. Will have to be very good during the day. Should do OMAD but has never appealed. I write down everything I eat, but not the calories. Only on FDs.
    Cakey, hope you had a good day in Edinburgh. Re sweets, it’s the only food that holds no appeal for me at all. Never eat them. Also fizzy drinks, I never have them either so at least that is two things I can resist.
    Jean, how is Charlie’s skin? Has he finished the medication?

    Plenty of sport to watch, football and hockey after midnight.Still pouring down so no more walks for Heidi ☹️ dosent help her limbs keep getting soaked,she is lay next to the fire,think there is a bit of cat in her.Weigh-in tomorrow,had too much bred so not hopeful, will see tomorrow.

    Evening All..
    No afternoon walk it’s heavy rain and get doesn’t seem bothered he was really cold this morning…give him a good run in the morning..

    Charlie has finished his first week, antibiotics are now finished and two weeks to go with steroids reducing from tomorrow for a week and then reducing again for a week…I think he’s more sleepy, a bit under the weather, drinking and peeing more, we are getting up in the night to let him go out.
    All his bumps have gone and he’s a lot better, just a re grow of fur on his back and one leg..we are really very pleased. Thanks for asking.

    Enjoy your pub meal and hope it’s picked up again….could quite fancy going out myself, see what the weathers like or maybe a drink at our local.

    You missed your walk too…I feel very guilty but he is not bothered. Weigh in for us too 🤞.

    Jean x

    Evening everyone,
    Just got back from our pub meal which was very nice as always and pleased that it was very busy. We’ve booked in again for next week.Not been a bad day eating wise an pleased to say.
    Youngest grandson whose in the army turned 21 today can’t believe it – he’s coming home on leave at the weekend so hopefully Will get to see him then.
    Looking forward to Norwich tomorrow.
    Jean glad Charlie is improving. Any further developments with the neighbour situation?
    Nana x

    Well it wasnt a fast day in the end, but fairly low so we will see what happens in the morning when I jump on the scales!

    2 days off now but nothing planned apart from a visit to the hairdresser to discuss hair colours and hopefully get booked in later in the month. I usually just do it myself but I fancy treating myself! Hope it might cover the greys more and last longer too 😀
    I think the weather will be staying rubbish for a bit yet. Mind you its cold out there at the moment. The weather station was saying its 1 degree outside an hour ago.

    Everyone seems ok apart from some soggy doggies!

    Ive just watched His Dark Material from sunday evening. Reminds me of the film The Golden Compass. I will have to read up on it and see if there is a connection!

    I fancy doing some cooking or baking tomorrow, but I dont know what. Will have a look through some recipes tomorrow and see what takes my fancy.

    Good luck for those weighing in tomorrow and to anyone fasting too. Although I think there are a few people out tomorrow…..if so enjoy!!

    Kay x

    Late one today possibly 30 minutes to go.💤💤💤

    Morning all!
    Weather sounds terrible for some of you, hope there’s no flooding…
    Dave- poor Heidi- I bet she takes some drying off?! Did you keep to the FD staying up that late?
    Jean- I don’t like missing a 2nd walk for Xena, but she hates getting dried off…she has extra games indoors, & play hide & seek with her, a bit of training too…sounds as if he’s more tired too from the medication.
    Minols- have a lovely few days off!
    Kay- hope you enjoy your days off too, & happy baking!
    Cakey- hope your work trip goes well!
    Mel- well done with the FD- soup needed on winter FDs I think! Think you’re supposed to get more rain today, Jodie will be wet again! Enjoy the meal out tonight!
    Nana- hope you get to see your grandson, nice he can have leave for his birthday! Enjoy your day out in Norwich!
    Annabelle- hope your lunch out was nice!
    Had a good night out last night, didn’t win this time, not sure what I was doing there really as there were so many brave people nominated for awards, Dday veterans, & lots who do loads for charity…we were on a table with a search & rescue team, & their search dog, who was very well behaved! The time they put in volunteering & training is a bit more than my 3 hours or so a week! Got a lovely trophy though, & a bottle of champagne!! Food was pretty bad, not a good advert for the venue, wouldn’t go there for a meal! The lighting near us was terrible so have no decent photos this time!
    A bit of shopping today & chilling, will probably fall asleep later as I woke up at 3am- just about when Dave went to bed 😴

    Morning All..
    What a difference a day makes…bright and sunny….loads of flooding around towns and villages starting about 10 miles away from us, looks terrible on the news also where we were in the caravan last week. Water does so much damage…our river has flooded but we are ok, our walk possibly no go at the moment but we had already decided on the park.

    Well I don’t know what happened last week, meat pies and chips, steak and a bottle of wine, a couple of muffins…Well I insist on a big drum roll ( as Audrey used to say) …Steve 4 lbs off and I have 3 lbs off…you know me 1lb is my maximum!
    Thinking of a meal tonight doesn’t sound so tempting now 😂

    How lovely you will get to see grandson on his birthday and his mum too..that’s just nice and unexpected.
    Strangely we spoke to solicitors assistant yesterday as not heard anything, paid a bill 😬 and told us he had been on leave a letter will be sent out today to neighbours, he will copy us in…

    What colour are you going, you suit the auburn colour, depending how much grey you have, as it can go too red. I loved that colour but I would look like a tomato now 😂..shame…or was it orange 😂

    Enjoy your two days off…I had a recipe which I was doing today but maybe not now with my weight loss lol.

    You are so late up…hope it was a good game…

    You must be so proud to be invited you do a lot of work and baking about for people, someone has put you forward and thinks the same as me….I am very proud of you…shame on the food but good in another way… we are popping by the park cafe this morning a bit of a slower morning, shopping for us and collect a ordered shampoo for Charlie, help his coat, oatmeal and aloe Vera.

    Thinking of you last night the boy was hungry with his steroids, I gave him some porridge to fill him up 😂
    Enjoy your car show…

    Have a good day everyone..hope everybody is ok with the flooding..

    Jean x

    Morning everyone!

    Wow, I forgot how quickly this thread moves 😂definitely a good thing but wow there’s lot for me to catch up on haha!
    I’ve just got back from a month’s travelling, and have since completed my first two FDs in years this week. And I’m down at 65kg – and was around 67.5 when I weighed before I went away. I’m pleased!
    Hope everyone is well x

    Good morning everyone.
    Weighed myself this morning and have put on 2 lbs.
    Mindfulness went out of the window as I was so busy eating,drinking,chatting and laughing with friends that I forgot all about it so will see how long it takes to get rid of it, quickly I hope.
    As a newbie there will be lots of lessons for me to learn and take note of.
    The strange thing is although I had a not excessive lunch (but will own up to 2.5 glasses of wine), at 6pm at home I was thinking about having some food. Now I couldn’t have been hungry so I think I am tied to the clock and mealtimes. Very odd.
    Next week I begin again. Can’t do diet at weekends. Will let you know how quickly the 2lbs disappears.

    Such a nice morning I decided to walk to the paper shop, 1mile. Very pleased with myself as achieved my goal although dodgy knee was protesting at the end. Discretion being the better part of valour I caught the bus back. Feel I have made a start on the 2lbs.

    Well done all you losers,and if you gained tomorrow is another day.I lost 1 lb.So happy with that. Jean excellent results for you and Steve,I think it’s good to have a few naughty things now and again,that’s the beauty of the 5-2.Got to bed at 3am,great game we won in overtime.

    Well done on your loss after being away for the month…

    I wouldn’t worry too much eating out and weighing in the next day you was bound to be up…just continue as normal…we usually have Friday and Saturday off and a very thoughtful Sunday leading into FD.. you need some high meals and then low to keep the fasting right…or are you 800 per day, just continue no problem. Well done on your walk, Steves iffy with knees I know how hard it is.

    Good news on your game…good on the pound off, all downward …

    Coffee and homemade shortcake cookie..a treat..a lovely morning, Charlie top notch this morning flying high..ran and ran all through the puddles he had a whale of a time, a mucky pup…a wash down before cafe visit…then treats too…

    Jean x

    Jean- well done to you & Steve! 🌟🌟…eating more obvs did you good!
    Dave- well done on your pound too!
    Endellion- that’s great losing while you’ve been away!
    Annabelle- well done walking with a dodgy knee…I can put 2lbs on easily in a day of relaxed eating, it’ll come off quickly!
    Had a lovely bright morning, a good walk hiding as well from Xena to get her running about alot- hubby’s back stil iffy so he can’t walk as far as usual, but the walk does him good. It tipped it down as soon as we got home, hasn’t stopped since…shopping done.

    Been to visit Denise’s mum today,she was good and out of bed for the first time in weeks.She is bright as a button and is 90 years old.I hope I never end up in a home though lots of old people all asleep in beds during the afternoon,her mum is a favourite with the nurses because she never complains,she is desperate to come home and she may be very soon.No food yet so can have a nice tea.Think it’s going to be a fullish English breakfast,with toast 😋😋😋.

    Dave I could just murder a full English and toast! Feels a long time until our meal out. I shouldn’t be hungry as (confession) I had a slice of buttered toast and marmite (you really should try it, I seem to remember you haven’t) then a buttered Ciabatta with avocado for lunch. Perhaps it’s all the carbs making me hungry?
    Endellion, well done on coming home lighter than you went!
    Lots of soggy doggies today. Fed up with this rain. Two days with hardly a break.
    Lovely thinking of Charlie eating his porridge!

    We have decided to eat out, a pub in the next village usually good..

    A good walk around the park but not near the football field kept to concrete paths, Charlie was filthy 6 small bottles of water before he could get in the car…updated my sim as phone paid off now..I got a good deal.

    Hope hubby feels better soon..at least he managed your walk…Steve did half with me and went back to the car…Charlie was running like mad again….

    Denise’s Mum is a good age..hope she can get home again if she’s well enough…we enjoy a full English…

    Hope you gave something nice to eat…no porridge tonight I don’t want to make a habit of it 😂

    Must go and get changed and get ready…Charlie is asleep now…

    Jean x

    Was going to take Heidi out again but it’s like bonfire night,lots of bang’s so no walkies for poor old Heidi,she is terrified of fireworks.Going to cook my food now, feeling very hungry.

    Morning all!
    Dave- when did Denise’s mum go into a home? Is she likely to be able to go back to living on her own? Poor Heidi & the fireworks, they drag it out…
    Jean- hope your meal out was nice!
    Hope everyone else is okay & have a good weekend!
    Frosty start, no rain thankfully…walk with Xena soon & will see Mum this afternoon- this whole next week will be hard for her, her birthday & the anniversary…

    Hi Annabelle – 2 lbs is only a little and normally only water weight if it was gained quickly – so will drop right off again in no time I’m sure 🙂
    Hedgehogs – hope your husband’s back gets better soon! And tricking Xena to make her exercise sounds hilarious – wonder if that would work on me?!
    Brad – full English sounds incredible
    Symba – oooh can’t go wrong with a pub dinner! Can you tell I’m a bit of a foodie?!

    Thanks everyone for your congratulations! I actually find when I’m away travelling I end up skipping breakfasts half the days, and even though I’m out a lot and drinking a lot, I’m always really active, so I think it works in my favour even though I don’t deliberately try to lose weight. It’s when I’m at home, with a full fridge, or at work surrounded by gorgeous free food, that it’s more of a struggle! But I’m feeling very positive that I can enjoy the free food without going crazy this time round as I can really visualise my goal.
    Going to have coffee soon, veggie brunch, and then head off to work til the early hours..
    Happy weekend all!

    Morning All…
    Very white frosty, slippy and crackly puddles but sunny…starting to clear now..

    Dinner out was lovely ate too much as a larger portion then left some….no lunch yesterday…only out a couple of hours as Charlie is needing the loo more with his steroids.

    Come back after walk with Steve covered in blood cracked his head on the garage door about 1/2 inch cut on top of head…..you know how he bleeds, I have stopped it after 20 mins so no hospital visit..no hair wash today either!

    Poor Heidi with the fire works..

    A tricky week ahead for mum, sis and you…all take care of each other..

    When you finished uni what did you end up doing…it all sounds very exciting all the travelling..havoc on the food if loads of temptation about…enjoy your day at work…

    How was the car show…are you back yet?

    Enjoy the weekend all…
    Jean x

    HH Denise’s mum has been in the home just over a month,she got out of bed for the first time while we were there yesterday.Denise told her brother that she may be coming home this week,he said he thinks she will be in until Christmas at least.Very nippy here 4°C at the moment.Jean hope the water dosent reach you,was looking at them all stuck in Meadowhall,it could have been me,I quiet like it there.Just had a sandwich and steak later so no fast day today,Was a bad boy last night had a bag of chocolate peanuts 👺.Time to take Heidi out into the cold.

    Took Heidi out and have ordered some gloves,hands were like blocks of ice, reading the reviews,all most cared about was that you could use your mobile phone while wearing them,my phone stays well and truly in my pocket when outside,so don’t care about this feature,so long as they are warm is all I am worried about.

    Hallo all.
    I usually receive the posts on this thread by email to my inbox and was surprised no one had posted since yesterday. Went on to the actual site and it seems that for some reason i have stopped receiving them in my inbox. Beats me.
    Good news is I have knocked of half a pound so am making a dent in my 2lb gain.
    Sorry if I don’t comment on any of your posts but as I am new I don’t know your back stories in fact got a bit confused early on as thought some of the dogs were people!! It doesn’t take much to confuse me.
    Was planning a walk this afternoon but it has started to rain here and looks as if it is here to stay. Might have to jump up and down indoors instead.
    Good week end to all.

    Annabelle have you ticked the little box at the end of your post,it says notify me by email follow up replies.

    Thank you Brads. I did tick the box originally but must have inadvertently unticked it. Have now re ticked it and am pleased to say that normal service has been resumed. Hurray.
    As it is still raining I have done 1500 steps indoors. May do some more later.
    Thanks for you help.

    Afternoon All…
    We have got some jobs done, sorted the caravan bedding out so that’s done, it’s a bit of a pain…a bit of shopping…Charlie showered…more washing on looking forward to ironing tomorrow ..not.

    Really cold here temperature is really dropping…walk in 30 mins or so….pork joint on to have later…

    Flooding has hit a village about 5 miles away…terrible for everyone…we are clear here.

    Definitely needing hats, gloves and extra socks and anything else you can get on!

    Good news on the downward trend for your weight…we are a confusing lot….check under the box were you write that it’s not un ticked, to the bottom left…it needs a tick.

    You gather Brad is Dave….just keep coming on and joining in you will get to know us…

    Jean x

    Hope the flooding dosent get any closer Jean.No water near me so I am safe.I should get some long John’s 😀One of the men I go to speedway with wears them. I think it will be a long cold winter this year. Heidi is beside the fire again.Denise is reading my mind again,I was thinking about something and she asked me about the thing I was thinking about,it happens a lot.

    My long johns and matching tee shirt are ready and waiting 😂..a little sexy number 😂…I used to wear them when motor biking, I fished them out for when it gets colder….

    Roast pork smells good 😀and wine…

    Jean x

    I’ve never had any long John’s, must look into them.My mate used to ware them,he was a biker,used to go on rallies all over Europe.He said he slept under a big lorry once and when he woke up it had gone😀he had a long beard and hair plus his moustache could be tied at the back of his head it was that long. I bought him some beeswax to put on it so he could shape it 😁😁😁.

    Evening everyone,
    Wow some really good losses on here for last week. Keeps me inspired.
    Had a lovely but very tiring day with my sister yesterday. Was very good with my food choices but when I got home husband had got a nice curry 🍛 for our evening meal and I guess that took me over my tdee.
    Hedgehogs as Jean says a difficult week ahead for you.
    Jean hope Charlie skin complaint continues to improve – just as he’s getting better poor old Steve has a mishap.
    Been a busy day which involved a visit to us by our niece and her husband plus there 4 and a 1/2 year old son.
    Hope you’re all having a good weekend so far. We’re going to a remembrance service tomorrow afternoon – we have to share our vicar with the next village so they have their service in the morning and we have ours in the afternoon.
    Nana x

    Hockey tonight and tomorrow 💤💤💤💤💤💤

    Hello everyone

    Spending the day catching up on housework apart from trip to they gym. Feeling a little miffed as made 4 trips to the gym plus a Pilates class in the last week and I’m up 3 pounds – heaviest I’ve ever been and I’m not eating any more. Apparently this can happen and likely water retention. I know they say muscle weighs more than fat but too soon for anything like that. Hoping it’s temporary.

    Hh I have a Kenwood, not top of the range. It’s good for the cakes I do now but wouldn’t have coped with volume I used to do. Just checked the model it’s the Prospero 280. I got it about half price as the box was damaged in Sainsbury’s so good deal. Making a sticky toffee date cake later – trying out a recipe for Christmas, no wonder I can’t lose any weight.

    Feeling reflective on Remembrance Sunday. My 20 year old nephew finished his training to join the rifles and passed out on Friday.

    Home all week this week, hope everyone having a lovely weekend.


    Morning All…
    A lovely bright day down at the park before breakfast…

    I have house things to do today, cleaning and ironing…I wanted to go to Asda Home, smashed a plate yesterday, it’s one which is a small dinner plate for size control..with all the floods not sure what roads will be open, even when rain has stopped we get it off the Pennines and Wolds for another week , TV this morning looked terrible, Fish Lake is only 5 miles away from us…

    Fancy sleeping under a lorry, you could of been run over…

    Charlie is looking good, just hope it doesn’t return after the tablets finish..that would mean a food allergy..
    No more bleeding on Steves head maybe a hair wash tomorrow, I washed round it for him in the shower, he has a 3” circle of blood.
    We are watching remembrance on TV enjoy yours this afternoon in church..

    All your hard work maybe muscle..keep going and see if your body changes shape…I do like my hand held mixer maybe it’s an age thing, my big mixer is ok on 3 egg and above mixture for cakes…James Martin did a good chocolate chip and nuts cookie recipe yesterday on TV, leave the mixture in the fridge in a sausage cut and cook as needed or freeze, eat while warm…I have a few favourite recipes for Christmas, collecting my ingredients already.
    You nephew has done well to pass out…hard for his parents.

    Have a good Sunday..

    Jean x

    Afternoon all!
    Jean- hope Steve’s head is okay, glad you didn’t have a trip to A&E! Are you going away again?
    Dave- hope Denise’s mum can get home soon, must be hard for her…I have long john’s, not so cold here yet so not needed…
    Cakey- I did have a Kenwood but it broke, use a hand held mixer but they’re not man enough & don’t last long! Shame about the weight gain, probably water retention, hopefully it’ll go soon. Hope the cake is good! Hope your nephew enjoys the army & doesn’t get sent anywhere dangerous…a worry, glad our son is settled with his job & not thinking about it right now!
    Nana- your family sound so close, it’s lovely.
    Endellion- what job do you do? Free food is hard to resist!
    Annabelle- sorry if we’re a confusing bunch! Just ask if you want to know anything!
    Minols- hope the show’s been good!
    Mel- hope you’ve had a good weekend!
    Kay- you too!
    Had a lovely walk with mum & sis yesterday afternoon, then ironibg before mum came round again- she got herself tearful over Christmas last night- I don’t want to be unsympathetic but she gets herself so worked up about things so far ahead- she’s been talkibg about this week & getting teary about it since September, & now she’s doing the same about Christmas! Popping round for a quick visit this afternoon, plus got to walk Xena & cook a roast, don’t know what time we’ll eat! Remembrance service very sad- all the names were put up from the villages around us, so many from the same families…youngest was going to help with the cadets for their parade, but he’s ill, in bed.

    Jean I am not daft,it was my friend who slept under a lorry not me, he’s got three bikes I think,an Enfield,a Bantam and not sure about the other lots of bit and pieces.Him and is wife go on rallies, he’s got a side car so sometimes they use that and other times she rides a separate bike from him.Just took heiy out for her fix and seen three dogs,two she stopped and had a play with, the other dog Bella was too far in front of us but did her best to stop her owner but it didn’t work.Roast beef tonight I will try and make smaller Yorkshire puddings tonight.My new gloves came this morning from Amazon they work if you want to use your phone but I keep mine in my pocket when I am outside.

    I realised it was your friend..I think it’s the Yorkshire way we say things..glad the gloves have arrived..Charlie likes his training treats so awkward to wear and picking up after them but mine are in my pocket…enjoy your toast beef tonight…

    I don’t think we will be going away this month, we have the caravan service, dentist and my hair cut…see what December brings weather wise…or it will be after February.
    My hand mixer is 52 years old and still going strong..my daughter complains that hers breaks all the time and re buys….
    It’s how your mum is, my sister is the same, worry’s about nothing..it’s like anxiety and lost her confidence she won’t drive now…hope your son soon feels better and enjoy your roast….we had ours yesterday so sandwiches for tonight, Steve said we have eaten too many meals…easy I am not complaining …

    Jean x

    Just wrote a large post then it wouldn’t send I was locked out😫I took Heidi out again and a good job I did, fireworks going off again 😖.The Yorkshire puddings mixture is in the fridge so watching the football then food at full time.The gloves are great for picking up things but not the warmest gloves I have ever had.

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