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  • P.s. not heard one firework go off yet. Bliss! The bonus of living away from towns 😊

    Not a late night,I went to the hockey in Blackburn,was home just turned 8pm.I got the vegan sausages for me,they were ok but going out of date so Heidi finished them off.Denise has just gone to bed so give it a few minutes and Heidi will start staring at me,then bark at me until I find her ball, she is a little weasel.

    Morning All..
    Drizzling here and up and out and we both walked early in the park..we thought early walk then earlier tonight with it getting dark…

    Strange I feel find today, I felt much better about 9.30 last night..felt quite off for 7 hours ???

    Fasting today and out shopping this morning and collecting Charlie’s food supplement…he looks so good he could go in for a beauty competition 😂 hope it holds after the medication stops…

    Two hours of sorting food ..glad all went well..sounded a good Anniversary 😀

    Enjoy your catchup with your friend, shame she will be flying home on Friday …

    Weathers not good here at all…keep busy only three rooms to go 😂…something to look forward to in December, hoping the family visit you 😬…enjoy your pub visit nice to keep to to date….only one lot of fireworks here in the distance , Charlie went outside barking at them, he seems ok 🤞

    Vegan sausage? Would of thought you a definite meat man 😂..we are very meat eaters…

    Jean x

    Hi everyone.
    Have heeded your advice and am writing everything down. Started yesterday which was supposed to be a careful yardstick day but life got in the way. I started well by going to the gym early and expending 200 calories, or so the machines said. Snap decision to take the bus to Brighton for a walk along the front but when we arrived there it started to drizzle with rain so after a short walk caught the bus home. Saw lots of veteran cars both ways which was very interesting and enjoyable. Had a cappuccino in Marks as missed lunch and just couldn’t be bothered to cook when back home so had a pizza. All wrong I know.
    Calories came in at 1536. Weighed this am and am down, not much, 4oz, but a surprise nevertheless. Maybe it will catch up with me.
    Kay and Brad thanks for advice.
    Have changed TDEE as am not sedentary and am now 1600. Tried to get a kick start last week with a few days at 800 but didn’t work out so FD today and careful on NFD.
    Had a look MFP but didn’t want to sign up to information being shipped to USA.
    Writing everything down, concentrates the mind wonderfully.
    Have dusted of step counter and found site which give a rough estimation of calories to steps ratio.
    All systems go here.
    Wishing you all well on a new week of being strong.

    Annabelle try nutracheck it costs a few pounds for a year but is very good, especially with British foods.Also forget about how many calories you burn, totally discount them or you will fall into the trap of eating more because you have burned of X amount of calories.Raining here, suprise, suprise, Will take Heidi out soon,I wonder where I will end up.Fast day today and gym.

    Myfitnesspal is free, I don’t pay for it…I think it’s one of the best…have another look….shame about Brighton and pizza life happens, weather not good here yesterday and today…newspapers are saying we are in for a very cold snap -4 😬…good luck with the planning I think it’s worth it…

    I agree with Dave don’t count anything you burn, treat it as a bonus to weight loss…I always work out at sedentary although I walk 17,000 plus steps a day…

    Going to the cemetery again 😂…hope it’s not too rainy…very hot spicy chilli chicken tonight for us..fasting going well a cuppa now…

    Spent a load got lots of top up shopping done, last us till January at least… and a few Xmas treats for us, shopping as cranberry sauce, mince meat, dates, marzipan, choccie etc…garden bird food..

    Jean x

    Jean I do love meat,the vegan sausages where made by Richmond’s, so I thought give them a try,they are less calories,they didn’t taste too bad but not as good as the pork bangers.I think Annabelle is worried about the permissions on myfitnespal.When we went to the churchyard it looked like a real drugs deal was happening,so kept out of the way,no fix for Heidi.

    I don’t understand permissions??..I have used it for at least 5 years with no problem…goodness drug deals, handy to have Heidi with you 😂

    Jean x

    Dave- send in the dogs, should’ve shouted ‘stand still or I’ll release my dog”😂
    Jean- glad you’re feeling better today, very strange…glad Charlie is looking good too!
    Annabelle- I’m a technophobe, I did try MFP but it took me way too long! Brighton must be a lovely place to live, I love the sea…it can take a while to get into the swing of fasting, hope you have a good week 👍
    We got a soaking on our walk, the sun came out when we got back to the car & it’s been dry since 😬 Nice time with visitors, Xena was perfect- for a change 😂 Then got shopping done, only a few days worth, not getting ready for Christmas like Jean 😱 FD going okay so far…walk no.2 with Xena in a minute, going to go to the park with sis & Arnie, hopefully they’ll enjoy playing ball together!

    Winter is definitely here dark at 4.45…got my skates on went at 3.50…daughter rang while I was walking, I don’t usually talk to anyone like to keep an eye out for cats and an odd couple of dogs who are not very nice..she is off to see the school teacher on open night (day) for Charlotte 7…

    Definitely not good for walking, wrapped up warm, wet and muddy…sent for some Muck Boots, Steves fed up of me talking about them, free delivery and returns…good reviews but I have awkward feet..glad Xena was perfect with your visits, I do think it makes you feel good…hope the dogs had a good play with the ball and you had a chat……I am only dropping bits and pieces in for Xmas it’s going in the bedroom out of the way…

    Chicken cooking having 30 mins sit until ready…All well here then kitchen is closed….e-mail just come boots on their way 😀

    Jean x

    Done the gym session knee aching a little.Its dark now so Heidi will have to go my route tonight,not had anything to eat so a good fast day,got no yoghurt or apples so definitely a good FD.Will have chicken later maybe some beans.

    Jean- I think with hindsight mine have less welly & more soft top than is good, the mud goes right up on the material bits, but it does brush off! They’ve had plenty of use aleady! Hope Charlotte gets a good report!
    Dave- hope Heidi doesn’t mind going your route! Well done with the gym today & the FD!
    Haven’t worked out the calories in the keto biscuits- I’ve had a couple but nothing much else so pretty low. Don’t like what I see in the mirror though 😱😂 Walk was lovely with sis- Arnie is lovely, much bigger than her but she outran him! And teased him running off with the ball, good exercise!

    Took Heidi out my route but a rocket went up in the sky luckily she didn’t notice it,then another one which she did see but didn’t hear but the third rocket sent her into overdrive,she pulled me in a direction away from it so I turned to come home and she pulled me all the way home.Dont think she will go out until late tonight but I am at hospital at 9-20am so not a late night tonight.Having a check-up on my heart.

    Evening everyone,
    Had nice time catching up with my Australian friend no breakfast as usual so had a nice bacon sandwich with my coffee. We met in a place about five miles away – husband dropped me off and then I caught the bus back to the next village to us and then as it was such a nice day I walked home which is between one and a half and two miles husband would’ve picked me up if I’d asked though. Nothing else to eat until about an hour ago and we had some lentil curry that was in the freezer – husband is obviously getting back to his old self.
    Spoke to daughter this afternoon and she said that Poppy doesn’t bother about fireworks – she was in the garden yesterday evening and a house that backs onto the garden were letting of fireworks and she just stood still and tilted her head from side to side as they were making the bangs.
    Dave hope you get on okay at the hospital tomorrow also that your knee pain eases.
    Jean hope new boots are what you want and glad you’re feeling better a very strange set of symptoms.
    Hedgehogs sounds like you’ve been busy again.
    Kay we’re planning on going to our local pub for a meal on Thurs as like you we don’t want to lose it.
    Nana x

    Nana- a nice day out for you! So sweet Poppy watching the fireworks! Xena barked alot, but at least wasn’t scared!
    Am hungry now but won’t eat anything else…but have to do lots of cooking tomorrow, baking for a coffee morning in aid of the hospice where Dad died, will be a year ago soon. 😢


    Happy anniversary for yesterday HH. It was our 28th so you just have been married a year before us I think.

    Hoping the fireworks are ok tomorrow as we are going to a concert so have to leave woof at home. Will leave the radio on. He’s heard a few bangs over the last couple of nights and has looked up but not made too much fuss so hoping he’ll be ok.

    2nd gym visit tonight and loved it. Ran full 30 mins without stopping. I don’t think we’ll be able to go again until Friday but hopefully I’ll get to Pilates on Wed. Bread intake very low and have also not had any fizzy drinks for a month. Always drank sugar free so not an issue with calories but always knew they weren’t good for me. So health wise things going in the right direction, hopefully the fasting and then the pounds will follow too.

    Hope it was a nice walk Nana; lentil curry sounds good and healthy too.

    Dave be careful in that graveyard. I’m sure you can look after yourself but you never know these days. Although I imagine Heidi is a good deterrent too, even though she’s a senior citizen.

    Interested in the muck boots Jean. I hadn’t heard of them but since they’ve been discussed here, they’ve started appearing in messages from Amazon. That always spooks me and convinced it’s not just coincidence.

    Hello Kay, Mel and Minols too and welcome Annabelle. I used MFP, it’s quite good how it can sync with my phone so pulls through the exercise. There can be some wide variations in calorie estimation where people have added their own foods and recipes but branded stuff is accurate I think (I think they have a green tick)

    Going to see Elio Pace tomorrow who sings Billy Joel songs. Really looking forward to it. Have signed up for a few different things as was feeling a bit stuck in a rut. Some a bit random like a stargazing evening – you wrap up warm and have a rug whilst someone points out the different stars and planets. Hot choc during the star bit then a ‘hearty stew supper’. It’s hosted by a very good restaurant so am sure it should be lovely. I also fancy an intro to bee keeping. No idea why, just interested to find out more.

    Def a midlife crisis or as my daughter says – I’m way past mid life. Made some cupcakes on Sat, they turned out well. Choc cakes with bright orange icing then decorated with chocolate matchmakers to look like a fire. They were really effective and simple. Hh – one for you? If you google bonfire cupcakes you’ll see what I mean. Also managed to send them all away with my daughter so no calories consumed.


    Ps apologies if I’ve told you any of this already, I have a terrible memory and can’t remember what I’ve shared. Hope it’s not a sign of things to come xx

    Go steady with your knee…good luck at your check up…..poor Heidi with the rockets, I really think they should be public displays only…all quiet in our village…an early last walk tomorrow night….

    A busy day tomorrow always busy cooking and baking…I seem to have gone off the boil a bit 😂…I can’t believe it’s a year since your dad died…lovely you can help at the hospice coffee morning..

    You caught some lovely weather for walking better than here…you must be sad at seeing your friend leave, have you ever visited her Australia?…….good Poppy doesn’t mind fire works…tomorrow will be a testing time for the animals…..we try and use our pub, we have a new landlord, they are trying hard and cleaning it up, I believe they are going to start curry nights and see how it works…..nice Charlie is allowed in too…no food at the moment….a few coffee mornings..

    Jean x

    Cakey the stargazing thing, I would like that,My dad always watched The Sky at Night and sometimes I watched it with him.I have started watching it again now,but too much light degradation in Manchester so can’t see much at all.Up at the unearthly time of 7-30 am tomorrow 😩😖😴, Heidi won’t know what to do,she has a bowl of iams and a tin of tuna mixed together but not had it yet.She comes alive at midnight but I will be in bed then.

    I noticed people talking about muck boots and I just thought I would warn you that they have hardly any grip. I bought a pair but can’t wear them as they are dangerous on our muddy slabs. Very disappointing! I run an animal sanctuary and thought they would be ideal, but I can’t affird a broken leg. Of course they may compare better to wellies than to my professional crocs designed for restaurant floors. But crocs don’t have heels which is a pain when the mud gets deeper.

    Morning all!
    Hifatrabbit! I had a pair of muck boots for dog walking which I used for a few years, they seemed to be okay, & the new ones look like they have a reasonable grip too, better than wellies anyway! I gues maybe different brands vary? Use mine mainly for walking round field & woods…
    Dave- hope your check up is all okay- a very early start for you! Hope the shock doesn’t affect your blood pressure!
    Cakey- it didn’t sound to me as if you were in a rut at all with your work & travelling,the woof, running & pilates, plus you have older parents too…sounds more than enough to me! But the star gazing evening sounds really interesting, I can never see any constellations it all looks the same to me, I could do with a lesson! Hope the weather’s good, & the concert too! I’ve made bonfire cupcakes for the boys when they were little.
    Jean- hope your FD went okay, have a good day today! Your local pub sounds promising!
    Kay- I think I missed your post, page turned, but gather you’re supporting local pub, that’s good, wish we had one to support! Are you off work now?
    Minols- hope you’re doing okay…
    Nana- hope you have a good day, & Mel too.
    Going to do dog training this morning, then I think Xena will keep me company in the kitchen! Planning on making mini carrot cakes, & probably chocolate cupcakes, maybe some salted caramel ones! That’ll be challenging, I’m hungry already! And hoping for a couple more 800cal days before Thursday night…😬

    Mine are the proper branded Muckboots and the grips look good but it feels like walking on ice skates on wet paths. They are probably better in actual mud where you sink in so alright for walking in fields but if you are going to be walking on any sort of paving I would avoid them. Maybe the old ones were better, but these new ones felt dangerous.

    Good morning everyone.I survived getting up early, I am in the hospital now.Spent over 20 minutes hooked up to a machine which scanned my heart,now I have just had a ECG don’t know what is next sat waiting.

    Morning All…

    Rainy start but it stopped as we got out at the park…lots of dogs this morning to run with …it’s strange how you can miss them all and empty another time…

    Staying in today a few jobs to do and the car wants cleaning inside and out depending on the weather..

    Post crossed last night..
    Enjoy your concert tonight and the star gazing sounds quite different, I know a few constellations if I look hard..bee keeping that’s another good one…you work really hard but you seem to do quite a lot, fitting the gym in too…

    Hope all goes well at the hospital today…

    There are lots of boots for all types of weather from light summer boots to heavy -40 degrees arctic conditions maybe it’s choosing the right ones, I walk the fields more…the reviews are fantastic only odd ones not good.

    You do get me in the mood for baking when I am trying not too..you are naughty…
    They all sound lovely when is the coffee morning will you be helping or just helping on the baking side..

    Kay, Minols, Nana, Mel ..all have a lovely day..

    Anyone going to firework displays?…we will be in with the boy…

    Jean x

    What time are the dogs being walked today?
    Jean x

    Jean- first walk was at 9am, stupidly explored some new paths, it was quite foggy so nearly got disoriented! Found our way back luckily! Dog training done, Xena good again apart from when we had to do a weave through not cones but tennis balls 😬 a bit too tempting! If weather stays dry will walk her before it gets dark, hopefully not too many fireworks tonight.

    Goodness I could easily get lost, foggy area no good…glad you are ok….thinking on the walk this evening might go a bit early about 3.15..we were early this morning..then it will have to be garden..children will still be at school…
    Hope the baking is going well…I ended up making meat pies, Steves chuffed….


    Hospital was ok,I had to be weighed and my height recorded, I have shrunk even more,only six foot now.I took Heidi out at 3-30 so that’s her for the night.The hospital discharged me, the consultant said I have a slight drop in the pumping of my heart but it’s good enough to run a marathon no problem.And he told me to stop another of my tablets,so two stopped in a week.He said my blood pressure was good but he said because I am on the lowest tablets for blood pressure he will increase the dose.Also said my chest is clear so was very happy with me.

    Good news on hospital appointment…all sounds good..

    No fireworks here yet 🤞

    Jean x

    Lots of fireworks here but heidi is snoozing so all good.She opened her eyes then when she heard a loud bang but doesn’t look to worried.Hockey tonight if i can stay awake.

    Evening everyone,
    Had a really good FD today which I’m pleased about – will see what the scales have to day in the morning.
    Dave glad hospital appointment went well.
    Not heard any fireworks here at all tonight maybe they’re planning on letting them off until next Saturday night instead.
    Collecting husbands new glasses tomorrow but not meeting up for our usual lunch as the friends have other things on so will be giving lunch a miss. No alcohol since last Thursday a record for me so will hopefully help with the weight loss.
    Hope all doggies have been alright this evening.
    Nana x

    Dave- glad your hospital trip went well! Good they’ve cut some tablets down, but strange they want to put your BP tablets up if it’s okay?! They did that with FIL, he kept having falls cos his blood pressure was too low then!
    Nana- well done with the FD & no alcohol- hope the scales are kind…
    Jean- we usually walk Xena 3.30-4pm, get back as it’s getting dark. Didn’t tonight as she’d done the training & didn’t settle all afternoon while I was cooming, think she’d done enough!
    No fireworks here at all! One neighbour used to let off big rockets in his tiddly garden, that was always scary 😬
    Have made mini carrot cakes, salted caramel cupcakes, & chocolate cupcakes, hope they all get sold! Have had a good FD except for the whisks 😉 Lost a pound over the weekend.

    Gone quiet at last, Heidi is asleep now stretched out so difficult to get past her.I gave her a good brush while the fireworks were going off,got loads of fur off her😄.

    Dave, glad you got on ok at the hospital, apart from getting shorter! 😂

    Nana, well done with the FD and no alcohol. Wish I could say Id been as good!

    Jean, glad you are ok now and also that Charlie has responded so well to the medication.

    HH, all that baking. Love the sound of them. Is the coffee morning tomorrow?

    CW, well done on the gym and the running. I would have thought you were too busy to be worried about being in a rut! Stargazing sounds good though.

    Annabelle, I use MFP but I dont think I have it linked up to anything or have it accessing my personal info. Writing things down definitely keeps you focused though!

    Not one firework here, great!

    Nice evening chatting with people at the pub yesterday.
    Quiet at the hotel until the weekend, so its deep cleans of the rooms…joy!!

    Just catching up with Dublin Murders before bed.


    Morning All..
    A chilly start for our early walk…

    Only one lot of fireworks…shame Charlie decided to go out for his pee as it started ..he just finished as it went off, I am glad I waited for him to direct him back in as he was going the other way…it unsettled him for a while….

    Boots have arrived although they fit, Steve pulled his face at them and said he thought I was after a tidier look…back to looking they are going back….

    Hoping the glasses fit and are ok, maybe lunch out together?

    Good news on a weight loss. Hope the cakes go down well, is the coffee morning today…

    Good idea on the brushing and she was calm…

    Keep busy always something to do at hotels..maybe more leisurely…I think the tablets are making Charlie more sleepy, we cut them down on Friday and antibiotics are finished then..fingers crossed nothing comes back…

    Jobs to do here where do I start?

    Jean x

    Cakes, was Elio Pace good? I have not heard of him but loved BJ back in the day. Stargazing sounds good too. Dave, good result at the hospital. Onwards and upwards. Or in your case, downwards 🥴!
    Kay, I have recorded Dublin Murders as I loved the books, do you recommend it? I like to record whole series then binge watch.
    HH all that baking, sounds lovely. I haven’t baked since dinosaurs roamed the earth! A good job I think. That way lies many food ‘incidents’!
    Hi to everyone else, hopefully that is the end of the fireworks for another year. Our local pub fooled us, didn’t have it on the Saturday, so we thought Tuesday 5th, but they did it on Monday. Horses right next to the pub, in a right state.
    I managed a FD yesterday, 760 cals. Another one tomorrow,.

    Good morning everyone.Heidi as a great bladder,we went for a walk at 3-30 yesterday and she didn’t go outside again until 2-15 am.I think once she can smell the smoke she won’t go out.The deaf person didn’t come yesterday so we finished the last session,each one of us had to do the entire alphabet on our own, everyone did it ok.Next week it will be Ola,that’s my entire vocabulary in Spanish 😄.Gym this afternoon, will take Heidi out now,it’s very nippy here today.

    Hi everyone

    Beautiful but freezing today, and having to work from home because the engineer is supposed be coming to fix the fire.

    Just dropped briefly into work cos we’re having some pews shortened…lovely carpenter has done a great job. That’ll give us room to have a choir in the run up to Christmas.

    Still taking things easy with the shoulder – computer work really plays it up, so giving it as much rest as possible, but need it to be up and running soon.

    Right – heading back home for an omelette.

    Hope everyone having a good day.

    Took Heidi out and got soaked ☹️.Cold too only 5°C.Bad weather for my knees, I think the gym will either kill or cure them.Heating on,well the Dyson fan anyway.It soon warms up the room.I think the bowling will be off tomorrow,more rain predicted 😟😕☹️.

    Poor horses and on the wrong night…the owners should of been informed….I used to do a lot of baking, I have just thrown two bags of flour out gone out of date..first time ever….

    Sorry your shoulder is still playing up…it is cold you need the fire mended…

    Deaf and now Spanish there’s no stopping you…hope the weather improves, ours this morning was very cold but dry..getting your rain later it will be a wet walk…

    I bought a flat grill sandwich maker last week…we are enjoying toasties for lunch…..very tasty.. ..thrown some shoes into a charity bag, see if I can add anything else later….caravan bedding in the washer…cuppa now..

    Jean x

    I have a Tefal grill(line a George Foreman)can do toasties on that but they are addictive.I have sent the rain to you Jean,get too much hear😄.Fast day today no food so far.Went mad yesterday too much bred 😟😕,so hope that the scales are kind in Friday.

    Afternoon all!
    Minols- hope that shoulder gets soon, & the fire!
    Mel- those poor horses…they could’ve told the owners 😢 I understand noe baking, cake incidents do happen, luckily not this time 😂 Well done with the FD, are you still doing ADF around trips?
    Ola Dave! Have fun…hope it does stop raining some time!
    Jean- I don’t care what footwear looks like, as long as it’s comfy, practical is the way to go for me! Hope Steve liked his meat pies yesterday. I dither if I have too many jobs to do & end up doing very little, but you’re more organised than me!
    Kay- hope the deep cleaning goes well, suppose it has to be done some time!
    Coffee morning went well although there were loads of cakes so some left. I think they made quite alot so that’s good. Just brought home a couple for my youngest. & I didn’t eat any 😇 Eldest has been away, has had a stomach bug, hope he keeps that himself! Lovely afternoon, will take Xena out while it’s nice, although she’s asleep on my lap right now!

    I agree with HH, I buy shoes for comfort and practically,if they are only getting covered in mud does it matter what they look like. I used to ware wellies when I went fishing but can’t get in them anymore, high instep.I am waiting for some new shoes from Clarks,size 13😜.Just for taking Heidi out in winter,I don’t go near mud so should be ok,just worried about the fallen leaves,can be slippy as I found out to my cost a couple of years ago.

    Glad the coffee morning went well and you resisted…I hate waking them when snuggled to you, I like a good cuddle..I think Steve is thinking there are three in our relationship 😂..I know there is!

    I really don’t know what I want…I have checked in my wardrobe I have a pair of 3/4 waterproof boots which I wear for cold/snow.
    I shall continue with my ankle walking boots what I am wearing, they are waterproof strong heavy wear…..I put the soles under the hosepipe after a walk and they are ready to go again…comfy now too…..I might be jumping too soon… I think I wore my boots 4 times last year as weather wasn’t too bad….

    As jobs like you, I dither and think and never get started….I have done just a few but more to do …I think it’s the weather summer you are up and moving…hope you don’t get the stomach bug round the family.

    Jean x

    Back from the gym, still alive so doing ok.Raining again so will see if it stops before I take Heidi out again.Chicken caserole tonight so not many calories in that,don’t know how I would measure them.

    Afternoon all,

    Its so dark and miserable 😟
    If it carries on like this, it will feel like a long winter.

    HH, well done for resisting the cakes. Sounds like the coffee morning was a success, so thats good.

    Dave, enjoy the chicken casserole, it cant be that many calories.

    Neil was at home today and made some soup. So I had a bowl when I came home from work. Lovely. Fish and veg for tea.

    Jean, it,sounds like you need to stick with the boots you already wear for now and see if you really need something else as the year rolls on.

    Mel, we enjoyed the Dublin Murders. We watched 2 back to back each week. It will be interesting to see what you think, seeing as you have read the books.

    Minols, hope the engineer turned up to sort the fire out. I think its quite chilly out there, so important to get it done.

    Feeling quite snoozy at the mo, but I must resist. It will be an early night anyway, with Neil on earlies for the next few days. I will catch up with Masterchef after tea then head up!

    Fast day tomorrow ahead of weigh in on Friday morning.

    Hope the dog walkers dont get wet on the evening walk.


    Too late got soaked again⛈️just switched the casserole on, Pressure King pro.So once it gets to the correct temperature it takes 30 minutes.Instead of hours.Football on the telly tonight,I watched the hockey until 2-20 then went to bed so recorded the last hour.

    We got wet too..Riverside walk…

    Charlie was very naughty this morning he was scavenging all the bonfire rubbish which was all over the field..taking no notice of me….in very bad books!…..so he ended up half the walk on his lead..

    Chicken casserole hope it’s better than my meal tonight..hunters chicken left most of it..I like things with gravy….enjoy footy..

    I quite agree, It is so miserable and has been dark all day….see what the winter weather brings to wear different boots, then think again if I have too…enjoy master chef…fasting for us tomorrow and weigh in Friday….

    Jean x

    It was beautiful,white hot because of the steam,it’s 576 calories for a breakfast bowl full(360grams)Denise was stood over it stiring it saying “eye of toad and wing of bat”I told her she was too late.If there is any left it will be chicken casserole pie🤪.

    Evening everyone,
    Weighed myself this morning and realised I’ve not logged my weight since 9th October 😕 anyhow my weight today showed a loss of one and a half pounds since then.Must remember to write it down weekly from now on.
    Husbands glasses had damaged lenses when he went to collect them so they’ve been returned to the manufacturer,hopefully, won’t be to long before they’re ready. Popped in on daughter on the way home to see youngest great grandson as the eldest is now at school full time bless him. We’d also bought Poppy a new squeaky toy which she loved.
    Eating wise today nothing all day then husband decided he’d like a donor kebab so I chose a chicken one but only are the chicken and a bit of salad so hopefully I’ve come in fairly low for today.
    Dave chicken casserole sounds lovely like your description of Denise stirring it.
    Jean naughty boy Charlie – hope FD goes well for both of you tomorrow. Also hope tomorrow goes well for everyone else doing FD.
    Off to Ely as usual tomorrow morning and then pub meal in the evening. Coach trip to Norwich on Friday with my sister for a spot of early Christmas shopping.
    Nana x

    Dave- glad the casserole was good- wouldn’t make my mouth water, but Jean’s hunters chicken would, I cook that quite a bit for the boys. Rotten getting soaked again!
    Jean- ooh naughty Charlie! Were there lots of bits of food left? Our park was okay. What was wrong with your dinner?
    Kay- enjoy Masterchef & an early night!
    Minols- did you get the fire fixed?
    Nana- spoiling your grandpuppy! 😂 Lovely to be able to see great grandchildren! Enjoy Ely…I love Norwich, we often go Christmas shopping there 🎁🎄
    We had nice weather for our afternoon walk, but heavy rain forecast tomorrow from 5am onwards, so will be wet then! Busy day tomorrow, early walk, then helping at a Homestart volunteer recruitment event (with a free buffet lunch!), afternoon walk & then the evening do! Did well with my FD today, better not eat too much at lunch tomorrow or my tummy will be sticking out by the evening!😂 Friday will definitely be a day off!

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