Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Chocolate and chilli go well together,I like chilli chocolate bars,ahhhhhhhh thinking about chocolate again.But will resist.

    The sticky chicken went down a treat with the boys, and because I only had a couple of mouthfull swith my stirfry rice, there’s plenty left over for the OH’s lunch tomorrow.

    Unfortunately, I’ve sort of caved, though, so probably doesn’t count as a FD, but should be pretty low.

    Shoulder bad again – back to lots of rest and the exercises I did at the weekend that I think may have helped.


    HH did you try Kodi?No rain today but it’s getting cooler,might go bowling tomorrow so my hands will be cold,the women bowlers ware a glove not for me though.Turned the Dyson fan on,must be cold😄

    Jean- sounds like you’ve had a good day again, apart from the worry with your daughter! Strange…sounds like SIL might be the problem then & maybe she’s caught in the middle? Enjoy the chocolate orange, I hate them! Poor Charlie…
    Dave- well done with another FD! Not tried kodi, will talk to Technical Support team- the boys!- about it!
    Minols- poor you with your shoulder- did you overdo it because it was a bit better? You probably had things stored up to do & tried to do too much? Or was it stirring the porridge 😉. Take care of yourself…I saw the program & thought the recipe looked good too, not tried it for my lot yet.
    Mel- was it another 🍷 day?!
    Nana- hope you’re having a lovely time, good weather for you!
    Got the grass cut for it’s final time & gave the mower a good clean up- hubby would’ve done it but his back’s still too painful. Had a walk with him to stretch it out, then a short trainibg walk with Xena, then a pile of ironing, & then a park walk with Xena & youngest son-lovely to have his company! After that cooked 4 different dinners 😬😂. Youngest son, having just started in his new job/role, was looking at a car today & the showroom manager suggested he sends them his CV as they’re looking for another salesman…aaargh! They turned his head a bit with the supposed amount he could earn, but we know as other son is in the business he won’t sell that many! It’s prestige cars, which obvs he loves, maybe nothing will come of it! FD gone okay, 800cals, hopefully another one tomorrow.
    Have a nice evening everyone!

    HH – 🍷🍷

    Morning all!
    Mel- only 2?!!
    Hope everyone has a good day today!
    Not really hungry this morning but have had to fight a mental battle to make it another FD! Just the boredom of fasting I think! I haven’t been near the scales this week, scared to!

    Morning all
    HH – it’s really hard trying to wise for young people…which job is best, which opportunity to take – good job he has you as a soundng board.

    Off for a massage today – not as gently wonderful as it sounds…she’s a bit brutal, but I’ll be getting her to go easy on the shoulder a bit. I’m quite glad to be lying down for a while cos I’m feeling a bit dizzy – probably the ridiculous sugar binges this week. I really need to take that in hand. Lots of water today, and eating 3 small meals because of taking painkillers. So guess what I had for breakfast? Porridge. but not for lunch this time, I’ve got some skyr to use up so I’m having that with frozen fruit and seeds etc (porridge outs hidden in there somewhere!)

    Tonight I’m going to try a new curry recipe and just have a wee dod…portion control is the name of the day.

    HH – have a good FD.

    Afternoon All..
    A lovely day again…we went through to Chesterfield it was manic the traffic so continued on to Bakewell, lunch out and a walk around…
    Awning down and a cuppa before walk….moved fast day to tomorrow and weigh in Saturday ..

    I don’t think I have had chilli chocolate..

    I do think SIL is the problem, I wish she had married someone more thoughtful and normal…ooh last cut of the season is that wishful thinking 😂..hoping hubby soon feels better…hope you managed another fd..

    Have a good massage with gentle on the shoulder…hope the new curry recipe turns out tasty…

    Sandwich for tonight..easy…back home tomorrow morning, expecting rain…..it’s been a good 4 days…it would be nice to get a few more days away before Xmas..

    Jean x

    I love Bakewell,nice little River with trout swimming in it.Have been to the bowling club,had a bowl on my own then had a cuppa then a couple come so had a game with them.Next back in clubhouse for another cuppa then made a four up for a game of cribb.Dont really like playing cards but they were one short.Got Denise a membership,so all good now.Not had any food so a fast day or at worst a low day.

    Minols- hope she got the right balance between breaking down knots but being gentle on the shoulder! I do mine myself with a spikey ball against a wall, cheaper 😂 Hope the curry is good tonight!
    Jean- did you have any tart or pudding? I love bakewell tart! Shame about SIL…It definitely will be the last cut now, I have cleaned the mower really well! Our back garden doesn’t get the sun much now, it stays wet so mowing it churns it up, won’t do it again!
    Dave- glad you found some bowling buddies, & hope Denise enjoys coming with you…well done on the FD/ low day!
    An unexpectedly busy day- a good walk with Xena, plus escorted a lone dog back to his owner! Had to go into town for some cards, stopped off at Aldi for the weekend’s food, took Xena to the park & then popped in to mum’s…having our new dishwasher tomorrow so have to get the old one out, hubby can’t lift it so waiting for the boys to get home. And some interesting news today- because I won the volunteer award for Homestart, I’ve been nominated for another one the local paper runs 😱😱. It’s next week! Not as formal so the dress won’t get an outing, I can bring lots of guests so the family can come to this one, & it’s a buffet so hopefully hubby can find something to eat 😂. So not only will I be fasting today, but several more days too, make sure I look my best 😉

    Congratulations on another award you must be very proud of yourself..you are always so busy..booked Charlie at the vets tomorrow afternoon, we don’t want to go down skin scraping route, hoping for a course of antibiotics….he needs some help or some advice for us.

    No tart or pudding..I must be unwell 😂

    Good news of Denise has joined the club…enjoy your crib match..

    Jean x

    HH well done on the award.Had a few crowds come truck or treating,we bought a big tub on toffees unfortunately not all have gone so we have been munching on them 👺👺👺.

    Trick or treaters avoid us! Didn’t get anything in thankfully, so notjing to eat up!
    Jean- poor Charlie, I hope the vet has the answer…

    Evening all,

    Not been a bad day, but not a strict 500 cals day. Probably nearer 800 but thats ok.
    Not really been a bad week eating wise, but we will see if the scales agree on the morning, although I do have a bit of a ‘food in transit’ problem 🤣

    Jean, I think you have had the best of the weather! And nice that you’ve got out and about. I cant believe that you resisted the bakewell tart!
    Hope the vets can give you some advice. You dont want to go down the anti-biotic route unless its really necessary. Have you heard of Lintbells YuMega Itchy Dog? Take a look…natural cold pressed oils. We had Ellie on one of theirs, when we were trying to increase her omega 3 intake after it being recommended to us by our vet.

    Minols, hope your body has been ‘de-knotted’ and your shoulder soothed! How was the new curry recipe?

    HH, sounds like your son could be facing a dilemma! Sales seems to be such a hard job though, particularly in something like cars.
    Well done on the additional award! You are a local celebrity now!
    We are still hoping for another lawn cut as we havent cleaned the mower yet. Mind you with all this rain we have had, Im not sure now!

    Dave, Im glad we didnt buy a tub of sweets for the trick or treaters as we didnt get any here…lol
    Nice that Denise has joined the club too, even if it is just for the social side.
    I love chilli chocolate 😊

    Mel, has the decorating started? Cupboard doors arrived?

    Nana, Im sure you are enjoying yourselves. Hope the weather is ok for you.

    Day off for me tomorrow then in both Sat and Sun. Its a busy weekend as there is a wedding on, so its the prep before and the tidy up afterwards!!
    I need to catch up on some of our own cleaning here at home tomorrow.

    Kay x

    Morning all
    Shoulder feels soothed – thanks for all your wishes, and we’ll see if this helps settle in back down.
    Curry was delicious – had to wire my jaw shut to only have a small portion and leave a goodly dollop for OH’s lunch today!

    HH – so chuffed to hear about your award. Well done!

    So 8vve just done the monthly weigh in – only 1lb net loss… But that represents the loss of holiday lbs that appeared at my mid-month sneak peak, so I’ll take that.

    And Ivve tried a couple of new recipes that give me a bit of inspiration going into November.

    Is Friday still a day off for you and Steve, Jean?

    Morning all!
    Minols- glad the massage helped a bit, & the curry was good. And well done on the pound- that’s good with the holiday in the middle!
    Kay- a busy weekend for you- will you miss the rugby, what time do you start? Enjoy your day off today, & well done with the FD! If yiu have goods in transit issues try Dave’s chocolate cure?! 😂
    Jean- safe journey home, hope you get packed up in the dry…& hope you get some answers at the vets.
    Dave- any bowling today? If you get on the scales hope it’s good news!
    Mel- hope it’s not too stressful, or if it is you have plenty of wine in 😱
    Nana- not sure when you’re home but hope you’ve had a good day…
    Cakey- hope you’re okay?
    Yesterday was under 500 cals in the end- just couldn’t be bothered to cook for me, after I’d done everyone else’s dinner! We’re eating pretty much the same tonight for a change, so it’ll be an 800 cals day- hopefully!

    Started diet on Monday. Weighed today and 1and half lbs loss which is not too bad considering I am fighting the dreaded steroids but have to admit I had hoped for more as I have mainly had 800 to 1000 calories for 4 days in a row. Tried a soup from the 800 book and sorry but can not recommend it. It was a spicy root vegetable soup with celeriac and parsnip but the parsnip dominated and the taste of the celeriac was lost. Unfortunately I made a large pan of it so have put the rest in the freezer until such times I can face it again. Hoping to keep to 800 today and then the weekend I find is always difficult. Plan to do 800 Monday Tuesday and Wednesday next week and then I am out to a rather splendid lunch on Thursday so diet will be out of the window. Hope to have lost a bit more before then.
    Thank you all for your initial encouragement. Will keep you posted.

    Hi Annabelle, I think that loss since Monday is great!
    Kitchen officially finished! It looks brilliant. So pleased. Will take a while to sort out but no hurry. Haven’t fasted the last couple of days when I should have done at least one FD but didn’t eat a lot. Nothing sweet (apart from the red wine.) don’t know how much sugar is in red but think it is less than white and deffo less than Prosecco. One pound down in October which considering kitchen stress and being away a lot is quite a result!
    Well done HH, it will be Dame Hedgehog next!
    Jean, good luck at the vets. No trick or treat stuff in our house, we never get any callers. Very few children in our village, in fact I can’t think of any!
    Feeling damp after walking Jodie in the rain. A bacon sandwich is calling for lunch 😱

    Well done Annabelle, I have lost one pound so after the chocolate and toffees I am more than happy with that, I will take Heidi out then off to see Denise’s mum.Back later.

    Hi all!

    Im joining the 1lb loss club too! Well done all.

    Annabelle, keep going! If you are doing the 800 a day diet, try not to go too far over the 800 too often. Be strong over the weekend, plan some good meals and tell yourself its worth not giving in and eating stuff which you know will add up the calories. Its only temporary and when you switch to 5:2 you can have those treats again 😉

    Dave, hope Denises mum is ok? Anything else planned for today?

    Mel, fab the kitchen is finished. All be sorted soon. Enjoy your bacon sandwich. I had porridge for breakfast so that will keep me going for a while.

    HH, I start work at 8 in the morning, so yes Im missing the rugby 😑
    Im going to try and listen to it on radio 5 live as I crack on. Im recording it just in case, but the chance of not hearing the score before I finish at 2 is remote so I may as well try and follow it on the radio.
    Good luck with your 800 day. Im on a NFD and Im doing the keto friendly salmon in creamy pepper sauce for tea. I’ll do some spuds with it though!

    Ive had a sore throat and tickly cough last couple of days, so keeping dosed up as I dont want another cold!

    I need to get the train tickets for next month bought asap. Ive been waiting to do it on my samsung tablet but we have just replaced its battery and charging port, but now the power button is broken. So until that arrives Im stuck on my phone. I find it harder to do some stuff on a smaller screen. I suppose I could fire up the pc….but comfy here on the sofa!

    Kay x

    We need cholesterol- it’s the statins people take to reduce cholesterol that probably cause the cancer, so keep your article!

    Annabel- 1 pound isn’t bad for 4 days! Have you worked out your Total Daily Energy Expenditure? You can work it out on the site- I’m not that big so mine isn’t that high, I doubt I’d lose anything if I ate 1000cals a day. So keep strong & keep going! Shame about the soup!
    Kay- hope you can get the train tickets sorted, I hate doing that…hope you don’t get the cold.
    Dave- well done on your pound! The toffees haven’t done any damage!
    Mel- glad your kitchen is done, shame you can’t post photos! Well done on the pound down, I think you’ve done really well with the stress & trips!
    Hope everyone else is okay…
    Wet walk with Xena, still drizzling…new dishwasher is in, but one of the old pipes seems to be leaking a bit since hubby’s reconnected it, keeping an eye on it! Cleaning up done, hope the cupboard doesn’t have to be emptied again!

    Afternoon All…
    Very drizzly and wet..we had the best four days of sun….back to the washing and sorting…food all done..washer is having a no spin mode 😬

    I don’t know what the Vet will say..I think he needs antibiotics although I don’t really like using them..he is loosing fur and smelling which is a part of his problem as his skin is unwell…Dalmatians don’t usually have an odour. I may give you a PM later about Lintbells if I may…hope you sort your train tickets out.

    Shame on the rugby sounds as if you have a busy weekend at work..well done on your pound off too….weigh in tomorrow for us…

    Well done on the pound all in the right direction…good on the curry recipe..

    Well done that’s a good amount to loose..good luck this week up to Thursday…

    Brilliant news on the kitchen…all exciting to finding home for everything as you say no rush…I faltered on a red wine last night, I couldn’t bring one glass home so I had to drink it 😂 and throw the bottle!…one pound off for you too, that’s good on your busy month…

    A definitely one pound off week a new club??…well done..

    Hope your dishwasher is OK it’s a pain if there a problem…still drizzling here, hoping we can fit a park walk in without getting locked in..don’t know what time it gets locked.

    Hubby’s back still sore?..does he go to the doctors or is it steady how he goes and stretches?

    Just looked at washer and it’s spun 🤞I think it’s the micro blankets I have for Charlie, quite heavy with water at times…

    Quick ring to Houston and then to vets…

    Jean x

    Hi all
    This is my peaceful hour sitting in the car with the radio while the boy plays shinty… And now we’re into winter I get to have a coffee from the petrol station too… Oh the bliss!

    Mel – so glad to hear the kitchen en is done. How brilliant for you. Enjoy sorting out where you’re going to put everything!

    Anna elle – well done on this week. Have a great weekend being strong.

    I’m working tomorrow but unlike the other rather ridiculous month of Saturdays I’m booked to have next Friday off so we can have 24 hrs at the classic car show. Determined to get through the month less stressed.

    Hope the vet has instant wisdom for poor Charlie, Jean. Otherwise I’ll make him an overcoat from our old boy’s spare fur, and you can shave Charlie and wrap him in a grey ‘toupe’!

    Very impressed HH with all of your low and fas days – you should be due a good loss.

    Well, have a good weekend everyone… Be thinking of you all as I crack on. Kay – I won’t see the rugby either… But as the only Englander in the hoose it’s actually easier to follow it in secret!


    The vet has given Charlie a week on antibiotics and three weeks on steroids decreasing each week also a supplement of omega 3 and 6 oils for his food…he is hoping it will all calm down otherwise it’s blood tests for allergies at £400 plus which we would rather not…

    He smells sweeter he has had a shower under protest..he has lost loads of fur you can see it more when he’s wet, poor boy..

    Fasting has gone fine today…hoping for a maintain, eaten a few chocolate biscuits and a few glasses of wine this week…but not gone overboard….

    Can’t see Charlie in a grey toupe 😂…enjoy your time in the car with coffee…that time of the year again…

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Jean- hope the steroids & antibiotics help Charlie, I know when Josie was getting badly itchy the vet said allergy testing can be really difficult in dogs, so hope you don’t have to get him tested…we ended up trying hypoallergenic food for Josie, & nothing extra other than chicken, loads of other stuff upset her. She had to take a new drug called Apoquel, which worked brilliantly but maybe caused tumours long term, so not ideal but she was older then. Hope the scales are kind & the washing machine works okay!
    Kay- hope you get to hear the rugby! Sounds like you’ll be busy though…
    Minols- hope you’re not too busy too…
    Dave-are you watching thr rugby? A bit early for you to watch live 😂😂
    Mel- when are yiu away again, & where is it this time?
    Nana- are you back now? Hope it was good…
    Hope everyone has a good day!
    Was fuming yesterday- first the people organising the awards do emailed to say she’d made a mistake with the number of guests I can bring- thought it was a bit generous but then I don’t usually go to these dos! Hubby & mum can still come. So had to text family to let them know! Then the lady who job shares with my friend I took last time asked if she could come with me this time- what a cheek! I asked my friend last time because she is a friend, this woman is always undermining my friend, & I think was hoping to do out do her by networking there, as my friend made quite a few contacts last time. I couldn’t believe her cheek, I don’t want to spend an evening with her! I would’ve taken hubby before, it was only because he wouldn’t have liked to food he didn’t come!
    Weather supposed to be awful here today, hopefully can get Xena walked before the rain…another FD 800 cals I hope although Mum’s coming for dinner.

    Morning All..
    A beautiful day here…up early at the park by 7.45…back for breakfast and rugby…

    Charlie looks heaps better this morning more than usual, although he always does, it’s the evening when he’s worse ..🤞

    We are definitely not in the loosing corner, I am 1 lb up, Steve 3 lbs up…not to worry we will pull back this week…

    Food shopping later and sort more washing out..still a drying day..

    Washing machine seems ok, Charlie’s stuff in now….the lady, it was a bit of a cheek asking to come with you, I would have been fuming too….. you wait to be asked and then family comes first….shame on the number of tickets. Everybody must be so proud of you…
    Enjoy dinner tonight with Mum…we are having Steak night with wine..then pull the belts in for the week…
    I don’t like tablets at all so I don’t like Charlie taking them but after three months we need something to help. If you really need them you have no choice.
    Did the dishwasher get sorted?

    Have a good weekend everybody…we are fasting Monday…

    Jean x

    I think it’s raining all over, horrible weather.Ecetinkaya I am not interested in ways to pass the menstrual period,and I suspect nobody else on here is,please go and myther some other forum please.I didn’t watch the rugby because it will be a late night tonight, I woke up in time to watch it,but to be honest I don’t like watching rugby on TV,don’t mind going to it,it’s just not the same on the telly.

    Good afternoon everyone, somewhat wet and windy, definitely a day for staying indoors.
    Thank you so much for all your encouragement.
    Have taken your advice Hedgehogs and worked out my TDEE. It comes in at 1397 so that’s 1400 as far as I’m concerned. Like you I haven’t a lot to lose although it’s a lot to me and will take some time. It seems that I do need to try to keep to the 800 each fd and not go over the 1000 other days. Eating out will have to be compensated for by more fast days.
    I have also decided that I am going to have to write down what I eat each day as it’s amazing how the calories mount up without me realising, almost as if once I have eaten it it doesn’t count!
    Does anyone use a calorie tracker? I have been looking for a free simple one. I don’t want meals out at fast food chains I just want foods listed so I can work out my own meals. Are there any other tips that you have found from experience that you can pass on?
    Thanks Annabelle

    I use My Fitness Pal, it’s free to download..It keeps food on which you eat all the time logged in, so more you log it gets easier ….you can log your own full meals and also recipes.

    I used it a lot at the beginning not so much now, I log my weight still on it as it’s linked to my Fitbit.

    Where is your son in Yorkshire?…we sat and watched rugby, I was up and down doing jobs…we have awful rain now it was so lovely this morning…

    Jean x

    Annabelle use myfitnespal it’s free. Or if you want a good paid app use nutracheck it’s very good.My TDEE is 2619 so I try to knock 1000 off mine on non fast days.And have 800 calories on fast days,so far I have lost almost 3 stone,so going in the right direction.Still need to lose another 4 stones to be at a weight I would be happy with,that would out me at 17 stone,which the experts would say is still too heavy,but if I can get to that weight I would be very happy.I think I have shrunk in height, lost an inch so 6’1″ now but a big frame so 17 stone would be ideal for me.Heidi is giving me the take me out eyes👀👀👀.But it’s chucking it down.

    We have arrived down at our friends in Kent again. They were out when we got here, back later. Paul has taken both dogs out and I am here alone with the crisps/biscuits cupboard 😨😨. I will be strong 😇😇. Maybe!


    Turned out to be bright and dry today rather unexpectedly. Had a lovely few days with eldest daughter home but she’s gone back now.

    Have taken a brave decision and for the first time, having turned 50, have joined a gym. I want to keep up the running during the dark nights. Surprisingly H is joining me, he’s always been super fit and rather dismissive about the gym preferring football or running outside etc but thinks the gym might be good for his Achilles recuperation.

    Having a curry tonight for anniversary but I always just have a chicken tikka starter so no heavy creamy calories, then gym induction tomorrow.

    Mum & Dad popped round this morning, mum not so good today. Good days and bad days it seems.

    Had lovely cuddles with daughters friend’s 4 month old baby last night. What a delight he was.

    Might pop to a firework display at the park tomorrow night.

    Hope everyone’s woofs are ok with the bangs


    Just been out good job for wet weather gear.. torrential rain, paddling through 3” of water for quite a way.. Charlie rubbed down and waiting to eat, I still think he’s out with the hour.

    We have a power cut that’s twice today, Charlie’s dinner is in the oven not cooking!!… he looks a lot better 🤞🏻but not keen on the tablets..

    Well done on the three stone that’s good going you must be very proud of yourself…

    Have a lovely time with your friends …be strong with the cupboard.,

    A gym membership that’s a good idea and you can keep up the running through the winter, lovely hubby is joining you.
    Nice to have daughter home for a few days.
    Enjoy your curry ours is steak if the power comes back on..ahh it’s back on so steak it is 😂

    Jean x

    Cakey- what anniversary are you celebrating, wedding? Our 29th is tomorrow! Lovely to see your daughter & her friend’s baby, aww! Good that you & hubby can go together to the gym! Shame about your mum, mine tried the word ‘wone’ in our scrabble type game today, very off with her spelling😢
    Jean- a very wet walk for you, glad Charlie’s skin is improving already. Hope you can keep getting the tablets into him! Is it very windy your way & causing power cuts?
    Dave- hope it stops raining so Heidi can have her walk! Still a way for you to go with the weight then…how is Denise getting on?
    Mel- keep away from that cupboard! Have a lovely time with your friends!
    Annabel- I write everything down, or get caught out! I used MFP for a while too, but I took longer on that than writing it myself! Good luck, hope you find one that works for you…
    Rainy afternoon, got jobs done & went to mum’s with sis. Luckily rain eased up so we coukd take Xena to the park, but she didn’t play as long with her ball…won’t be going there tomorrow as they’re doing a fair & fireworks. Salad for me tonight, pizza for the otbers, then I’ll not count calories as we’ll be having an anniversary meal tomorrow!

    Evening All…
    All fun here….we had second power cut, then I started to do dinner, just ready hopefully when it went again dished up in candle light…very romantic..I was hoping the steak had rested…it turned out delicious and just right..to spoil things the lights went back on 😂 ..a lovely bottle of wine…and a brandy coffee and cream to finish…

    Charlie sulking most of the day ( I think he misses the caravan, he did this last time) came to life with steak on the go and buttery jacket potato…he is now asleep in his bed which is very unusual too but he uses his bed in the caravan..pleased on that…

    We have rain no wind..no idea on the power cuts three today…we have the park closed for fireworks too, Charlie went out barking at some tonight..hope your meal went well with Mum…Happy 29th Wedding Anniversary for tomorrow ..Enjoy your special meal…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone,
    We’ve had a lovely time away with good weather unfortunately DH was violently sick as we were packing up to come home yesterday morning so I had to drive home. I hate driving DH at the best of times but he’s even more of a worse passenger when he’s ill. He went straight to bed as soon as we got home and slept solidly until gone nine this morning. No idea what it was just hope I don’t get it.
    Have only read today’s posts as too many since Weds to catch up.
    Mel enjoy your time away and hope you were strong regarding the biscuits.
    Cakey hope the curry was nice I’m having withdrawal symptoms as we’d planned on having a curry 🍛yesterday evening. Hope the gym works out for you nice to have your husband on board.
    Hedgehogs happy anniversary for tomorrow hope Xena is alright with any fireworks that are happening near you.
    Jean a romantic meal how nice. Am guessing Charlies on tablets for his skin bless him – maybe they’re making him a bit sleepy. Horrible weather here also some of the public fireworks displays around here have been cancelled until next Sat.
    Dave you’ve done well with the amount you’ve lost so far.
    Annabel I do the same as Hedgehogs and write everything down my tdee is 1692 calories but I aim for 1400 on Nfd.
    Hope everyone else is doing well.
    Nana x

    It’s like bonfire night here lots of bang’s all the time, fortunately Heidi is fairly deaf so can’t hear it.She used to be shaking with fear.

    All quiet now, I let Heidi out,she wouldn’t go before, hockey so a late night.

    Hi all

    Anna elle – you’ve reminded me that my best weeks are when I both plan and record. The cal count can be a bit hit and miss – it’s more the deterrence I think of knowing if I’ve got to record something do I really want to eat it!

    So this week th record will begin again – aim is for 2lbs this month and hopefully recording will kick me off well.

    I’m thinking I might try a veggie thing the students cooked the other week on ‘eat well for less’ – whole lot of root veg baked with stock then uncover, add grated cheese for the last 15 mins. Quite like pan haggerty which we love but more veg. I eat so little veg it will be good for me!

    Full day of big Communion and then home communions… Then I make the boys watch yesterday’s Strictly – fasf forward through the guff and then go straight to the results show..

    Have a good day everyone.

    Was strong with the cupboard. 😇. Had too much bread yesterday though and a lovely homemade curry then too many Lindt chocolates to count. Weighed myself yesterday and was a lb down although sure it was just a natural fluctuation. Did mean I could say I had lost 26lb and just half a stone to goal. Think it will take a while though as a lot on in November. I am fine with that.

    Happy anniversary HH. It is our 38th in March. Find it hard to believe!
    Jodie very unhappy last night. Shaking and panting. Our friends cockerpoo was fine though. They had some anxiety pills they were given for Kezi a while ago so we gave Jodie a couple of those which seemed to help. It’s not so bad at home, very few fireworks but our friends live in a suburban built up area so a lot about.

    Sarah is cooking roast beef so looking forward to that.
    Have a good day everyone.

    Morning all!
    Minols- time to post on a Sunday morning? You must’ve been up early! I saw the root veg recipe, thought one of the boys might like it, but I can’t eat root veg on keto. Have a good day!
    Nana- horrible end to your trip, hope hubby is better soon & you don’t get it!
    Jean- now I think of it Josie was very down when she was on steroids, can’t remember the dose she was on though, maybe they’re affecting Charlie? Glad your meal turned out okay!
    Dave- really annoying how fireworks are spread over so many days, although not too many our way yet. Nice that Heidi can’t hear! Roast today?
    Kay- think you’re getting more bad weather today. Hope there’s not too much clearing up to do after the hotel wedding!
    Cakey- have a good day, hope you get a lazy one!
    Thanks for the anniversary wishes! Left hubby to have a lie in- I’ve not adjusted to the clocks yet & keep waking too early! Xena & I had a lovely walk. Got some cooking to do- making biscuits as having visitors for coffee tomorrow.

    Morning All..
    A lovely bright day up with the larks and at the park, had breakfast now and it will be up to shower..

    I can’t believe how much better Charlie is, although his fur has to grow back thicker a bit thin on his back and one back leg looks moth eaten..we pick his food supplement up tomorrow to strengthen his skin and coat.

    It was a really stuffed food day yesterday, I don’t feel like eating today..a gentle food day…

    Hoping hubby is feeling better today and he is keeping the bug to his self..

    Charlie has been outside barking at the bangs, he seems to be ok so far…

    A busy day for you, enjoy strictly later…

    Enjoy your break…beef sounds good later…well done on keeping out of the cupboard 😀..congratulations on 26 lbs off, you must be so proud of yourself…you can now see the end in sight…..

    Happy Anniversary have a lovely day..enjoy your meal later…and biscuits….Charlie seems to be sleeping more if that’s possible 😂, he’s ok…

    Jean x

    Bonfire night next😵🤪 Heidi was ok last night only because she couldn’t hear the bang’s,but wouldn’t go out until gone 1am.Chicken tonight but just having sandwiches.Going to Blackburn tonight for hockey,it’s a Yorkshire derby Leeds v Sheffield.Given the choice I would normally support Sheffield but Leeds have 4 ex players of the team I supported before they broke up,so quiet a few Phoenix fans are going tonight to support them.

    A good food day for Heidi,she has just had three vegan sausages mixed with Ian’s.Later she will be having chicken legs,thighs and wings.So one very happy pooch.She dragged me to the churchyard for her walk,she sat down and refused to go any other route.

    Dave- Heidi sounds such a character! Why vegan sausages? Did you buy them for her or did someone not like them?! Hope you enjoy the hockey later!
    Mel- sorry, crossed posts earlier, enjoy the beef!
    Jean- good that Charlie’s sleeping it off & his skin’s improving! Don’t think I’ve very often felt like a gentle food day, wish I did!
    Had a nice trip to Aldeburgh this afternoon, Xena was her usual scatty self when we first got there, youngest came with us & was laughing about how much training we’ve done with her while he watched her, she wasn’t that bad. He can’t remember what Josie was like at that age- she was terrible for running up to every dog to say hello & dragging me about, Xena is better in that respect! It’s so weird, on dog walks when we meet the odd person about she gets nervous & often barks at them, but in a big crowd she’s fine!
    Quick cuppa then start the cooking- not made the biscuits yet & am doing cheese souffle for us…

    Steves gone out with Charlie..I am feeling very dizzy and sickly (sorry)…I am not so bad laid down but dizzy when move…my BP is low and pulse is 59..I am always low but this is lower?? No idea why….

    I laughed at the vegan sausage….didn’t she know she was being conned…

    A lovely walk at Aldeburgh, it’s good Xena likes it busy, Charlie can get nervous in towns…not much food eaten here, don’t know if I can face any…have a nice evening with guests…

    Hoping I feel better tomorrow ..I am never ill…

    Jean x

    Evening everyone,
    Jean do hope you feel better soon. Hubby still not hundred per cent but he’s engrossed in watching the F1 now.
    Hedgehogs sounds like you’ve had a nice wedding anniversary day.
    Dave Heidi obviously enjoys her churchyard weed despite all the lovely food she’s fed.
    Another nfd for me but have come in at 1200calories so pleased about that. Meeting up for coffee tomorrow morning with my Australian friend again before she returns home on Friday my sister is joining us so that’ll be nice. Planning a FD Tuesday though.
    Nana x

    Jean- hope you feel better soon 💐 Are you very dizzy? Could be labrnythitis? Probably why you weren’t very hungry this morning…
    Nana- glad that your hubby is feeling a bit better. Have a nice time with your friend tomorrow!
    Dinner was lovely- & I made chocolate chip shortbread, keto biscuits, keto cheese souffle, normal cheese souffle & hunters chicken for youngest, all in 2 hours! Lots of fireworks, Xena barked alot at them! Didn’t put her off her food though 😂

    Hi all,

    Busy weekend working and then just been chilling at home. The weather has been too rough to even think about doing anything or going anywhere. I have started cleaning upstairs though, 2 rooms down, 3 to go..lol!

    Jean, hope you feel better tomorrow. Could be labyrinthitis/ear infection as HH said, although not sure why your bp would be lower than normal. Glad that Charlie is responding to the tablets. Im sure his fur will start growing back in no time.

    Mel, away again! 😀 Enjoy! Keep away from the biscuit cupboard!

    Nana, enjoy you coffee with your friend before she goes back home.

    Annabelle, its harder when you dont have as much to lose, but you have already done well. Hopefully the weekend wasnt too bad for you. What strategy are you doing? Remember this is all about building fasting into our diet and eating to a restricted number of calories for a certain number of days with a more relaxed approach on the remaining days. If we reduce calories every day on a regular basis, it becomes no different to slimming world/weight watchers etc and it becomes hard to sustain, and more importantly, maintain.

    Minols, hope you had a relaxed evening after your busy day.

    CW, you have really taken to the running havent you! Great that hubbie is joining you at the gym too.

    HH, sounds like you had a nice day. Baking too, yum! 😋 I enjoyed the creamy pepper sauce the other day, by the way. I wanted to do some baking today but our local source for eggs still hasnt got any for sale. Maybe the chickens are not happy with the weather! Dont blame them. I will have to succumb and buy some from our shop, they are still free range but just not from our village.

    Dave, another late night for you with the hockey. Dont get the munchies and end up making toast!

    I finally booked my train tickets, so Im all set for my visit up to Mums in December for 5 days. They had already gone up a bit, so Im glad Ive got it sorted now.
    Day off tomorrow. It would have been a FD but Neil has suggested we go up to the pub early evening to say hello, so I’ll fast on Tues instead. We havent been up there for a while and we dont like to leave it too long as its one of main village hubs!

    I best think about getting some sleep 😪😪

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