Fat Busting Brits!!

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  • Dave…
    Well done a good number…3 lbs off…chocolate rules 😂

    Might do a Jean now and have haddock and chips 😋😋😋😋 for tea.Sat with Denise’s mum in care home.Think we will get stuck in traffic on the motorway coming home,we have to go past the airport.

    Hi all
    Well done Dave.
    Shame about the boots, Jean…stopping at Dobbies tomorrow to try on some new boots, too.
    Today was the boy’s choices – aquarium and birds of prey followed by ‘lunner’ (his word for lunch and dinner combined – ie big feed at about 3ish!) of fabulous pizza and eton mess.

    Beginning to go round and gather everything up ready for tomorrow.

    I’m on a promise of one more ruin on the way home. Then it’s back to real life.


    Evening everyone,
    Been a busy couple of days – our friends that we go to Norwich with suffered the sudden death of the wifes father so we went to visit them yesterday and took a meal over to share with them. Very sad even though he was89 years old it was still a shock.
    Been busy today also as we’re buying new garden furniture so the daughter asked if she could have our old furniture so we took it over today. Poppy is now six months old and getting to be very large – she’s always pleased to see her Nana and Grandad. The training seems to be working well apart from jumping up which is a work in progress.
    Takeaway this evening – a chicken tikka Bhuna which was very nice plus a couple of glasses of White wine beforehand.
    Dave well done on the weight loss and Jean for staying the samw.
    We’re going to a 50th birthday party tomorrow evening – bring your own drink. Will be nice to get together with the family and husband volunteered to drive 🚗 😉

    Dave- well done with the 3lbs off! Hope the meal was nice & traffic not too bad from the MIL’s.
    Jean- well done maintaining, especially after your holiday! The boots I’ve got are just called puddle boots. Worn them indoors so far, very comfy!
    Minols- glad you’ve had a good holiday! Have a safe journey home…
    Nana- shame for your friends…89 a good age though. Our last dog used to jump up alot, we gave her a little squirt with a water pistol & that stopped it. I bet Poppy is gorgeous! Your meal sounded lovely! Hope the party is good tomorrow!
    Had a good day keto-wise today; tried a new recipe, salmon in a creamy red pepper sauce, son loved it to so will do that again. Resisted biscuits at our neighbours, put the world to rights with them. Hubby ate some birthday chocolate tonight- he has loads but lots of it I don’t like- had my 100% cocoa chocolate, can only eat a little of it! Son had his interview, which went well, but the other person isn’t being interviewed until next Friday, so he won’t know anything for a while 😬

    Morning all!
    There’s an autumn show on in Ipswich today, so we’re taking Xena, lots to watch & doggy events too. Slightly longer car journey than we usually do, that’ll test our ears!😱
    Have a good day everyone!

    Morning All.
    A early walk and late on here..

    Meeting daughter in a hour at a garden centre, we will have a look around then have a snack lunch…they usually do good Xmas things and grotto a bit early I think….

    Had a talk with Steve he is now thinking to be back on 5.2 next week…we will see… timing was good after haddock and chips, beer and chocolate he is feeling ill this morning 😂…

    Snap on the haddock and chips ours were lovely…

    Hope you find more ruins before returning home..safe journey back….

    I looked at the puddle boots..I really don’t know what I want…my leather ankle boots are waterproof and I found some longer waterproof snow boots ( I would like to keep these tidy!) in my cupboard..do I want some more??..enjoy your show hope Xena is ok for the journey 🙉..

    Good news on your sons interview, a bit of a time to wait…well done on resisting the biscuits.

    So sad on your friends news but a very good age..nice you were there to support them…
    You might get a bargain at this time of year for garden furniture maybe a bit of a discount….so lovely Poppy loves to see you, the jumping up she’s still a baby….

    Must move and get changed running late…Charlie was cold and he needed a cuddle 💕

    Jean x

    Everyone’s very quiet today! Hope you’re all okay & busy having a good time!
    The show was good, Xena came 3rd in the prettiest girl class, alot more dogs in this one so we were very pleased! It was just a fun charity one though. Lots to have a go at- scent work, agility & chasing a lure. Unfortunately lots of food stands, so willpower didn’t last- it was very cold, so tea & the hot donuts called me! We are all worn out now!

    Hi all, the concert was very good and the seats weren’t too bad. Travelling to the Royal Albert Hall was a trial though.

    Food intake very bad now. Indian meal out shortly. Home on Tuesday and I think FDs must recommence whatever state of kitchen. Will post regularly for accountability. Not sure if I will weigh myself though!

    Haddock was lovely, having steak tonight, fireworks going off already 😵😵😵, Heidi heard it so must be loud.

    Evening All.
    I had a lovely time with daughter lots of Xmas music and Xmas things to buy but expensive..scones and a couple of coffees a good chat and catchup..she is so busy at work I never seem to see her these days, just school holidays.
    SIL is frightened of Charlie possibly an excuse as they have a dog..we come as three take it or leave it!

    A third well done for Xena…food sounds good..😀

    Hope you can get back on board when back home…do your best…glad the concert went well..

    No fireworks here..I think Charlie would be upset…haddock and steak sounds good….chicken Sunday dinner here tomorrow…Yorkshire’s too…😀..big fasting next week and low meals….

    Jean x

    Beef and Yorkshire’s today, hockey on now so looking like a 3am bedtime 😬🥺😲.

    Good Morning…
    A 8am early walk at the park before the footballers arrive…a few house jobs to do, Yorkshire’s to make for the freezer, iron bedding…hoping to relax later and read…

    Fasting tomorrow..

    Hope the hockey was a good game…enjoy your beef later….chicken for us…

    Have a good Sunday everyone..

    Jean x

    3-30 when I got to bed💤💤💤.It went to overtime but we we won in the end.Not having breakfast or lunch so a fairly low day today.Watching rugby then will take Heidi out.

    Jean- has Steve’s weight stabilised a bit- you said he’d lost before, but presumably not now if you’re getting him back on 5:2?! Nice to catch up with your daughter, but I guess she’s pretty busy even in the holidays…hope you get to read later!
    Dave- glad your team won! Enjoy the rugby…& hope it’s a nice dry day for Heidi. Enjoy the beef as well, cooking that for my lot later.
    Mel- Glad the evening out wasn’t as bad as you thought, enjoy the rest of your break! Will crack down with you when you’re home!
    Had Church, earlier service so a quick game at the park with Xena first. It’s cold but sunny here, might take her somewhere nice later. Mum’s coming for dinner- roast beef & then chocolate fondant puds, keto one for me. Then I’ll be fasting tomorrow!

    Cutting right back so you can enjoy your dinner…

    Must look at the book to see were Steve fits in with his weight, he did loose some but put a bit back on…I just said go back to fasting or a battle to get down again…I think he will be about what he was before op.
    Enjoy your walk, somewhere nice?? Where will you go…we will just have a river walk from the house with me cooking and have to be about…all the grass has just been cut so it’s looking good…your chocolate pudding sound delicious 😋

    We have got a lot of jobs done so a productive day…

    Jean x

    Watching Songs of Praise,it’s about the Monastery which is about a mile from where I live.

    Afternoon all!

    A couple of days off…today we finally got round to tidying up the garage by putting some shelves up and getting rid of some stuff.

    Actually got round to throwing away some of Ellies stuff, like her old beds, had to keep a few things, still was hard and its been 10 months now.

    Not done much here, just the usual.

    Still chasing that dreaded pound, off one week, back the next!! Mind you Ive not managed to fast much, probably 1 day a week, which I guess is helping to maintain. This would be good if I wanted to maintain at this weight…lol

    Hope everyone is ok x

    Definitely a nip in the air, woolly hat on don’t know about gloves,don’t like wareing them.Yorkshires mixture in the fridge ready for use.Must buy some smaller moulds for little puds.United v Liverpool next on the telly,Not sure who I want to win😵😵😵🤯

    Evening All…

    Lovely chicken dinner it hit the spot and cracked a bottle of red…

    Charlie seems to think as soon as I get pans out it’s for him 😂..he had eaten his dinner he has had a spot more 😬…the smell he was beside him self…..

    I am fasting now…

    You are still with us, one day is better than no fast day…just keep maintaining maybe when you start walking again if you get lucky to find a dog, it will help….I think it’s helping me.

    I use muffin tins for my Yorkshire’s not big and not too small….enjoy the footy…

    Jean x

    Morning all!
    Minols- is it back to work/ school today, or is the half term still on?
    Jean- hope your FD goes well! Does Charlie try to go in the river, do you have to keep in on a lead? If we do a river walk we have to keep an eye on Xena as the banks are gentle slopes & very muddy! Glad your chicken dinner was good…
    Dave- hope you enjoyed your beef & the football! I’ve been wearing my hat for a week now 1st thing in the morning.
    Kay- good that you’re maintainibg at least, as Jean says maybe you’ll be walking more soon. Very sad clearing out Ellie’s stuff, big hug for you…
    Nana- how was your weekend? Have you got your usual busy week?
    Mel- enjoy your last day of your trip…& your last eating day?!
    Had a nice meal last night- although the beef looked very well done, that’s how hubby likes it- mum certainly cleared her plate well! It’s weird- she’s eating loads more than she used to, but not putting on much weight, I think she spends alot of time up & down stairs looking for things! Weather grim here, will get to try out my new boots! Fasting day for me…

    Morning All…
    Definitely dark and grim here…decided on the wood walk, as with the driving there it takes longer, a hours walk and 20 mins each way but worth it…..it getting darker on an evening but gives me extra time for getting food ready too….

    Steves joining me fasting today, he needs to be getting back into it, even on health grounds.

    Hat out for me too but not always, thinking of getting scarf out too 😂 and gloves!….I have Charlie off lead near the river, wary when it’s flooding. He listens to me and I try and keep him on the concrete path as sometimes the grassy bank can be very muddy, we then have a flood wall off the path, which is a 6’ drop to the road, again I have to watch him for cats!…I try and keep a look out before he sees things…he has only jumped off once when we first got him. We walk 5 mins before I pick up the old village road with the grassy river banks but he keeps away from the river side then it’s much better…he likes mud, puddles and ponds but not deep water 🤞hope it keeps that way…a drop of 15’ tide and fast flowing at times.

    I feel for your mum I walk about up and down stairs forgetting things too!!…she’s enjoying her meals, no wonder when you are doing the cooking, always nice to have a good meal cooked…your boots look good, I will see how I go..I might need a tad longer, thinking of snow…..still looking being tempted.

    Have a good fast day to all…anyone joining Hedgehog, Steve and me?

    Jean x

    Morning Everyone,
    What a busy weekend it’s been the party Saturday night was fun lovely catching up with family that we’d not seen for a while.
    Spent most of yesterday at daughter and son in laws helping with a bit of diy – well husband did as son in law has been advised got to do any heavy lifting or straining due to an hernia. Might have to have an operation to sort it out. Sat and chatted with daughter and had fun with Poppy whilst the work was being done. Didn’t have anything to eat until we got home ( daughter did offer us food) then husband cooked Steak with homemade chips in the air fryer but then made a delicious cream and mushroom sauce to go with the steak.
    Off out for a meal at my cousins today and she is a fantastic cook so won’t be able to have a FD with you Jean and Hedgehogs but am planning on doing one tomorrow.
    Have a good day everyone.
    Nana x

    Damp walk turned into a soaking one- just as we turned for home it was torrential rain, all the way back! The boots were comfy, but not made for rivers! Would’ve worn uncomfy wellies if I’d have known! Xena hates being dried & went loopy & stressy when we got back- gave her cream cheese on her lickymat to calm her down! Boots, lead & my bag are all in the airing cupboard drying- it’s still tipping it down, I think she’ll have to just manage with 1 walk today!
    Fasting okay though.

    A good walk in the wood, car park full just got a spot, every man and his dog walking in the wood this morning for Charlie..9.30 seems to be the time…..

    Popped to the wholesaler for my hair colour, I always like some in….bought a new hairdryer, my Baby Bliss blew up and can’t get on with an old one which has come back in to play….

    Fasting going ok ..a cuppa at the moment …..then Birthday cards need sorting out and posting for Houston…

    Party sounded good and with all your catch ups…steak night for you very tasty…you are always a busy bee enjoy your meal at your cousins …

    The weather so bad…we are suppose to be dry but it keeps drizzling…hope you get everything dry, did your boots get wet inside?…Charlie is a pain for drying too, he will have to get used to it….I have a square bowl of soapy water and micro cloth if very mucky or a small basin for a paw clean, the muck what comes off his paws is unbelievable!! Even on a clean paw wash!…I text Steve to say what we need and it’s on the door step or in the garage with his towel waiting……good luck later if you can manage another walk….

    Jean x

    I am fasting today too.Took Heidi out to the church yard,is it harvest festival?the entire school came out of church last week so I had to walk around the outside of the church.Weather is dull here but dry at the moment,going to the gym in an hour,driving down to Leicester on Wednesday for speedway,no coach available so I will drive there.I asked my mate to come with me so I won’t be on my own.

    Back from gym,only had two cups of tea so far,might be egg and bacon for tea.I have left my gilet there so will have to drive back🙄🙄🙄. Hockey tonight so a late night💤💤💤

    Dave- oops, hope your gym instructor doesn’t see you when you go back, might expect an extra session out of you!
    Jean- very organised texting Steve! It was rainibg so hard today I couldn’t have got my phone out! Hubby usually makes sure towels are laid out if I’ve forgotten! Everything’s still wet & it’s still drizzling, so I’ll do some scent work inside with Xena later, we played hide & seek earlier, & some training!
    Nana- have a lovely day & enjoy your meal!

    Heidi loves hide and seek,her nose is too good though.German shepherds have the third best nose for tracking on the ground but are one of the best for tracking a scent in the air.Good fast day I had poached eggs and bacon.Got my coat back somebody found it and handed it in.

    Liquid FD so far, kitchen not closed yet though, son will be home from work soon so will do his dinner, & there’s leftover puddings too…

    Morning all!
    Minols- hope yesterday went okay if you’re back into work…are you going to weigh at the end of the month? Hope that there wasn’t too much damage done on holiday!
    Jean- hope Steve survived yesterday’s FD! Must’ve been a shock for him! How are Charlie’s paws & hives, hope it’s all healing?
    Dave- I don’t know how you stay so cheerful with all the rain you get, I went into hibernation mode yesterday!
    When’s the next Spanish class? Did you keep to a FD yesterday?
    Nana- hope you had a lovely day yesterday!
    Mel- are you back home now? Hope the kitchen problems are all sorted, & you’re able to get back on track!
    Kay- how’s the dog search going? You’re much more patient than I would be…
    Brighter today thankfully, not to hungry so will keep the fast going for a bit longer, & hope to do some 800cal days. Need to shift a couple of pounds gained last week! Dog training later & then shopping- eldest has been away, he’ll be back tomorrow so need to re-stock the fridge!

    Hi all
    Back to normal today. Yesterday was in-service for the teachers so had the boy with me. I worked 3-7am, did shopping, chores, book with the boy until lunch, met with the guy redoing the website for 3 hours😱 and then got domestic so there was good for dinner. Not a great food day unfortunately.

    So today is for getting things back under control. Porridge. And I have soup made for lunch. I’ll either have more soup tonight or a beef olive with the boy before I had back out.

    Two months left before ‘C’ and I’m struggling to lose at a rate of 2lb a month just now. But as Steve always says, think what would be happening if I wasn’t even trying!


    Morning All..
    Dashing a bit this morning..a quick cuppa, then walk and get ready to leave house at 11….meeting up with sister for lunch…seems hard to get moving to fit things in…

    A brighter day here…

    My fasting went well, Steve a bit hungry but managed.

    Just bought some special shampoo for Charlie it’s arrived at the shop today, a shower 😱every two days I think…..he won’t like that….I think it’s ‘short hair folliculitis’ a thing what dally’s get….

    Have a good day..a full family back..

    All home and getting your mind to fasting again….nearly.two months and it will be all over!

    Jean x

    Minols- poor you, what a long day yesterday! I think I’d have definitely needed chocolate or cake (or both!) to get me through! Don’t mention C, but I guess you’ll have to start planning it soon?!
    Jean- have a nice lunch with your sister, & hope Charlie’s shampoo works!
    Xena did a roly poly in the mud chasing her ball across the park, luckily it’s brushed off so no bath!

    HH – I’m behind! Nightmare! Tried to get some planning done before I went away, but my ideas keep running into the sand. Think I’ve got a bit of something to start on now, but need time to develop it! Need to quickly prep some of the simple things to give me time to ringfence prep time for more complicated stuff. The hardest part of this job is that there are some things that can only be done slowly…and it’s really hard protecting slow time from seemingly urgent ‘just do this quickly for me now’ jobs!

    …and breathe!

    CHRISTMAS IS IN 64 days☃️🎅🛷🤶🎄🌲.Good Fast day yesterday and maybe today too not had anything to eat yet.I think the Spanish lessons are not going to happen,but we did do sign language today,so I can say to Denise do you want a cup of tea or coffee with or without sugar but milk included.😄😄😄.Got to learn how to ask her to put the kettle on,it seems to be my job that 🧐.

    Caserole pie for tea, looking forward to it,not had it before.Did forty minutes bowling this afternoon so aching a bit,no rain today.Hope it’s dry tomorrow for the speedway in Leicester,no gym tomorrow because of speedway 😀😀.I could eat Heidi now very hungry.🌭🌭🌭.

    Evening All..
    I had a lovely afternoon with my sister much better than a few years ago…Steve got the grass cut, a small extra walk for Charlie, set the table and prepared potatoes..a productive day 😀

    We have got the shampoo for Charlie..thinking cradle cap baby shampoo may help too…the antibacterial powder for his paws seems to have helped a lot too in the last two days 🤞

    Glad Xena has come clean after the mud incident….

    Dave …
    Sign language..Steve doesn’t hear me he definitely wouldn’t see me!….I have told him he needs his ears checked!!!..he would be like Charlie..Biscuit…yes please 😂…just started thinking of Xmas…

    Enjoy your casserole tonight ..hope it turns out tasty…

    Hope your day has been productive ..hate going in circles when there’s too much to do….

    Jean x

    Evening everyone, Meal at my cousins was excellent as I knew it would be – she’s such a good cook. Luckily I drive so saved a few calories by not drinking.
    FD didn’t happen as we ended going to St Ives today as husband has been having problems with his new glasses so we popped into the opticians and they tried adjusting the fit but didn’t make any difference so an appointment for early tomorrow morning has been made so they can investigate further.This means we’re still going to be able to have our usual Wednesday lunch out. Only problem is the opticians is very close to Wetherspoons so we ended up having lunch there today. Have come in at 1100 calories for today so not to bad😏
    Dave casserole pie sounds good – hope it was.
    Jean hope you enjoyed lunch with your sister.
    Hope everyone else has had a good day.
    Nana x

    Pie was excellent,didn’t last long,I was like a Tasmania 😈,I have hearing aids but rarely wear them, I just asked my son if he wanted a cup of tea or coffee,also did he want sugar and milk.He understood and said tea with milk and sugar.

    Dave- you’re doing better than me- can’t remember much sign language from the course I did- I can say thank you & good morning everybody from helping at school! I think it might be makaton rather than British sign language. Glad your pie was good- I guess it’s not much different to steak & gravy pie!
    Minols- sounds like you’re in for a fraught time! Hope that you can stretch time & get extra done!
    Jean- glad you had a nice lunch out! Will you be having yiur sister to stay again?! Sounds like Steve was busy while you were out!
    Nana- you do so well eating out & keeping calories so low! Hope your hubby can get his glasses sorted, another lunch at Wetherspoons?!
    Mel- we want to hear about your kitchen!
    Xena was fairly good at trainibg, but the star of the class was a spaniel pup who’s just moved up from the puppy class, he was so good! There’s a couple of new dogs just started who a real handfuls, even Nick is struggling with one! The other one he got walking beautifully, but the owner doesn’t do what he does so it was still being a pain for her 😂 Did our shopping, traffic jams everywhere, then straight out with Xena for a play at the park- a 12year old collie cross joined in & kept going as long as she did, so we were at the park for quite a while! Dinner eaten, enough calories left for 2 squares of chocolate while I watch Bakeoff…

    Hedgehogs no breakfast and no evening meal is the only way I can get to keep the calories low – an hungry now but won’t give in. Not going to Wetherspoons tomorrow were going to a village pub instead.
    Not expecting to show much of a loss this week though.
    Nana x

    Charlie showered..very faffy…two shampoos with a 10 min leave on the last wash…not a happy bunny at all..

    Next one Saturday…😬


    Hi all
    Managed a FD today, well, ish!! Probably just over 800.

    I see the C word is being banded around already ..how rude 🤣
    Almost as bad as the B word!!!

    Jean, I hope the shampoo works for Charlie, although I can imagine he’s not too impressed.
    Glad your catch up with your sister went well. Ive not seen some of my family for 12 months now but Ive lost the will to be bothered about it now!

    Nana, you still manage to keep the cals down in spite of being out and about!

    Dave, Im glad you ate the casserole rather than Heidi!!

    Minols, straight into busy for you after your relaxing break, which is a shame. I dont know how you manage being awake so early though!

    HH, Im still on the look out for a woof but it has to be right, so being patient.

    Im working 3 days one week followed by 4 days the following week, so its averaging out about 21 hours a week now, so not too bad.

    Last week I finally got my hair cut, monday I went to the dentist so now I need to make an appointment at the opticians. I only wear off the shelf reading glasses but due to my mum having glaucoma, and now my brother, I really should keep up with 12 month check ups….its been 3 years!

    Might have to go to bed early and read. My usual tv programmes have been recorded as Neil is on lates.

    HH, what went into your salmon and creamy red pepper sauce? I think it was something like that…

    What a lovely day its been, bright and sunny. Going to be chilly tonight I think.
    We have succumbed to the heating now 😑

    NFD tomorrow and then a FD again on Thursday for me. Time to get back into 5:2 proper. Not much longer of October left. I think most of us need a kick start of motivation and willpower!!

    Kay x

    Hockey yesterday so didn’t get to bed until 2-30and guess what hockey again at midnight🤪🤪🤪. Heidi hasn’t had any good today, I will have to get her ball out,that usually does the trick.Time for a cuppa.

    Morning all.
    Woke with a headache – grrrr! Would love to eat some toast and honey but Ivve got ab thing this morning where one of the participants is almost certain to bring cake and as there are only 4 of us it looks rude to refuse! Oh how I suffer for my calling😔🙄😁

    Enough of this sitting around in my goonie feeling sorry for myself… The dog needs walked and the boy’s lunch needs doing.


    Morning all!
    Kay- sounds like you have enough hours…well done with the FD! A fun week with all those appointments! The salmon with sauce was keto- fried garlic & roasted chopped red pepper, wilt spunach with it, then pour in double cream & parmesan- so very low fat- not! Cooked the salmon first & kept it warm, then finished it off in the sauce…yum! Shame you have problems with your family too, we have definitely got to that point with hubby’s family.
    Minols- poor you, having cake at today’s meeting! Hope the headache goes…how is your back now?
    Jean- no way would Xena cope with all that shampooing! A wipe down is bad enough😂. Anything nice planned for today?
    Dave- hope Heidi is okay? Another late night for you…
    Nana- have a good day, are you out today?
    Mel- hope everything’s okay?
    Hopefully a lowish day for me- needed painkillers so had to eat something with them, neck playing up again! Seeing my Homestart family this afternoon, they’re all better.

    Morning All..
    A bright cold one I think…

    Charlie had his PJs on last night, very cosy…instead of tight in a ball he was sprawled out…the shampoo seems to have worked well 70% better…🤞..hope it continues..

    Park and brunch at cafe as a treat..

    Families!!…sister seems a lot better but still has problems helping her son on a break up, the girlfriend was a alcoholic he helped her a lot but it was just too much…if it’s not one part of the family it then moves to another!…my daughter now, SIL doesn’t like Charlie so we are not invited up now and they don’t visit, I have had the grandchildren, her cat, and her dog on loads of times while they have been on holiday, it’s quite sad really.

    Hope yours sorts it’s self out…21 hours work sounds quite nice you can fit other things in and it helps with all the house duties and cooking…😂

    Good the casserole turned out well…

    Hope you soon feel better…have only one piece of cake !

    Hope you feel better too…have a good HS family afternoon..

    Lovely when you have something cooked nice for you….hope the glasses got sorted out, they can hurt later again when home…enjoy your pub meal today…

    Getting the look to move from both boys…

    Jean x

    Ok I am back! Got home last night feeling very stressed. However kitchen worktops have been fitted and look beautiful. I chose it, kitchen man thought it was a bit bling. Think Paul did too really but it really works. Just got a few cupboard doors to come plus a fancy bit with a shelf over the cooker. Decorator comes later next week. While we were away we had the lobby tiled. Everywhere very dusty.

    However no excuses now. More or less – ADF (starting today) plus 16:8. I can feel my stomach saying “oh thank goodness!”

    Kay, get thee to an optician pronto, glaucoma is not to be ignored. They thought I had it a few months ago but have changed their minds!

    Re families, I have an aunt and uncle in England and many cousins etc in New Zealand and Australia. We are not a close family, in both senses of the word. I share Paul’s many relatives. Jean why does SIL object to Charlie? He sounds a lovely dog. You say she had a dog so it’s not just a general dislike then.

    Right, today is soup day (not homemade I add). Waitrose rules. 😂😂

    We had a lovely walk this morning, chatting as we go, I think Steves breathing is much better and coughing much less…saw plenty of people to chat too and dogs…cafe was lovely, change of menu to a winter feel all homemade and very cheap..😀

    We going to have a lazy day…a couple of washes going on, I will dry on radiators 😬..a must….

    Glad all is well on the kitchen front and it’s all coming together, must be a surprise each time you come home from your breaks..a bling top that’s different but why not…AFD started getting ready for Christmas before the next blow out…..we are staying at home and having a family threesome Christmas 😂..making my chocolates as I usually do, plain chocolate and they keep weigh gain at bay…at least the last couple of years they have….I will have full control on what foods here and what we can have without Steve realising it 😂

    As SIL!! …frightened of large dogs, Charlie is such a softy, I can go down his throat, in between his toes the vet can do anything he doesn’t bat a eyelid….I think it’s an excuse….I am getting to the stage do I say something or leave it…shall I say I am watching it all very closely…..they used to visit us with their dog Oscar, we had Symba the cat then and had to put her upstairs, also had him for three weeks holiday quite a lot which was a nightmare with Symba it was one in and one out, shuffling them both about.
    I don’t mind visiting sometimes without him but he usually comes everywhere with us, it’s a hour and a quarter round trip before the visit….daughter doesn’t seem to ring me like she used to, from every day to twice a week, one which may be my call to her…I can’t read the situation which isn’t me, it’s a waiting game I feel sad about it…her hubby is very controlling…it’s not her it’s him.

    Enjoy your Waitrose soup…it’s getting to winter soup time…we will be fasting tomorrow..

    Jean x

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